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Mutant X Cast: Lauren Lee Smith (Emma deLauro)

Lauren Lee Smith played the psionic Emma deLauro. Click here to see what she's been up to since Mutant X.

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Contact: You can send fanmail to, Lauren Lee Smith, "The Listener - Season 3" (Until Feb 15 2012), Shaftesbury Listener III Inc., 601 The Queensway East, Mississauga, ON L5A 3X6, Canada
Lauren Lee Smith, Kirk Talent Agencies, 134 Abbott St., Suite 402, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 2K4, Canada

Lauren at 7 years old

Biography from Lauren's official site and various interviews: The blonde blue-eyed Lauren Lee Smith was born June 19th, 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia. As the stepdaughter of a documentary filmmaker, she became well acquainted with a public lifestyle at a young age, and her exposure to filmmaking ignited her desire to act. Lauren traveled the world with her family until they settled in Los Angeles, California when she was 14. There she was approached by a fashion scout and quickly began a professional modeling career of several international fashion shoots. At 19 she went back to Vancouver, signing with an agent in August 1999. Shortly thereafter, she was cast for her first professional acting job - a featured role in "Get Carter" starring Sylvester Stallone. She then appeared in MTV's boy band parody "2Gether," James Cameron's "Dark Angel" series for FOX, and the three part mini-series "Christy" in which she played the lead character. Though she's not really into science fiction herself, Lauren does have an older brother who is. Lauren was nominated for a Gemini Award in 2002 for her role as the psionic Emma DeLauro in the Mutant X episode "Double Vision." One of Lauren's main goals as an actress is to never play the same type of character twice. On the stage, she's played Olivia in Twelfth Night and Immogen in Cymbeline. Lauren played the lesbian sous chef Lara Perkins in Showtime's "The L Word," but she is straight in real life; she married her boyfriend, photographer Erik Steingroever, April 2009. Lauren's special skills include snowboarding, (novice) ice skating, rollerblading, basketball, swimming and horseback riding; she also enjoys painting, reading, hiking. Being Canadian, she is a hockey fan. Lauren's favorite colors are blue, purple and red. Lauren is a dog lover; at one point, she had a Dalmation named Casper and a Jack Russell Terrier named Coby. She currently has two dogs named Wilbur and Benjamin. Lauren has an obsession with ants: her favorite science fiction movie was "Them," and she has an ant ring and a tattoo of an ant on her hip. She also has a tattoo on her back which reads Nil Desperandum (Latin for never despair). One of Lauren's favorite movies is The Sheltering Sky, and her favorite book is Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth.

Lauren in I Want to Marry Ryan Banks. Pic courtesy of Nannyboo.

Acting Credits
The Listener (2010 - Present) .... Sergeant Michelle McCluskey
If I Stay (2014) .... Willow
CinemaNovels (2013) .... Grace
They Wore Pink (2013) .... Emily
Hunting Season (2013) .... Samantha Davis
Three Days in Havana (2012) .... Grace
Ring of Fire TV Mini-Series (2012) .... Emily Booth
Good God TV Episode "One Station Under God" (2012) ... Claire (uncredited)
Business Ethics (2011) .... Veronica
Good Dog TV Series (2011) .... Claire
Hindenburg TV Movie (2011) .... Jennifer
A Night for Dying Tigers (2010) .... Karen
Psych TV Episode "Feet Don't Kill Me Now" (2010) .... Lillian
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Deadly Intent Video Game (2009) .... Riley Adams (voice)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22 TV episodes (2008-09) .... Riley Adams
Helen (2009) .... Mathilde
The 11th Annual Leo Awards (2009) .... Winner
Up Close with Carrie Keagan TV episode (10/7/09) .... Herself
Can Openers (2009) TV Pilot .... Susan
The Anatomy of Hope (2009) .... Cynthia Morgan
Entertainment Tonight TV episode (10/7/08) .... Herself
An American Carol (2008) .... Voice of Reason #1
Pathology (2008) .... Juliette Bath
Trick 'r Treat (2008) .... Danielle
Late Fragment (2007) .... Lea
Normal (2007) .... Sherri Banks
One Way (2007) .... Angelina Sable
Intelligence 10 TV Episodes (2006-07) .... Tina
- "A Champagne Payday"; "Don't Break Your Brother's Heart"; "Jimmy's Got a Money Machine"; "Where There's One There's Another"; "Pressure Drop"; "Clean and Simple"; "Cleaning Up"; "Things Change"; "Not a Nice Boy!"; "Down But Not Out"
Dragon Boys TV miniseries (2006) .... Kath
Blade: The Series TV Episode "Hunters" (2006) .... Bethany
The L Word 20 TV Episodes (2004-2006) .... Lara Perkins
- "Let's Do It"; "Longing"; "Lies, Lies, Lies"; "Lawfully"; "Losing It"; "L'Ennui"; "Loyal"; "L'Chaim"; "Lacuna"; "Labia Majora"; "Lost Weekend"; "Lobsters"; "Light My Fire"; "Lifeline"; "Lifesize"; "Lonestar"; "Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way"; "Losing the Light"; "Last Dance"; "Left Hand of the Goddess"
Art School Confidential (2006) .... Beat Girl
The Last Kiss (2006) .... Lisa
Lie with Me (2005) .... Leila
The Dead Zone TV Episode "Total Awareness" (2004) .... Bonnie Gibson
The Survivors Club TV Movie (2004) .... Meg Pesaturo
I Want to Marry Ryan Banks TV Movie (2004) .... Lauren
The Twilight Zone TV Episode "Sunrise" (2003) .... Eve
Mutant X 44 TV Episodes (2001-03).... Emma DeLauro
The Wedding Dress TV Movie (2001) .... Hannah Pinkham
Christy: The Movie & Christy: Choices of the Heart TV Movie/Miniseries (2001) .... Christy Huddleston
Get Carter (2000) .... Girl #2 (as Lauren Smith)
Dark Angel 2 TV Episodes "Pilot: Part 1 and 2" (2000) .... Natalie (as Lauren Smith)
2gether: TV Movie and The Series 11 TV Episodes (2000) .... Erin Evans
- "Lorelei: Pilot"; "Crying"; "Bunny"; "Rage"; "Solo"; "Hotties"; "Waxed"; "Boss"; "Dead"; "Awesomeness"; "Dumped"
Homewood P.I. TV Episode - "Pilot"
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction TV Episode - "Murder of Roy Hennessey" .... Michelle Lambert
Twelfth Night .... Olivia
Cymbeline .... Immogen


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