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Mutant X Websites: The Breedlove Foundation

From 2001-02 Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X faux websites as part of the Mutant X official site, in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot's storylines, but they disappeared in early 2005. This site has archives of the faux website The Breedlove Foundation, before its disappearance. I'm saving this here in case this archive vanishes as well, but none of the following material is my own.

Welcome to the home of the Breedlove Foundation. We invite you to explore a world of better living through genetic advancement.
Get familiar with The Breedlove Foundation. Read our mission statement and see what our former clients say about us.
On the subject of mutations, our founder, Dr. Paul Breedlove offered this information in a lecture presented at major medical universities across the country.
The Breedlove Foundation proudly recognizes our Employee of the Month.
This site is dedicated in loving memory to Dr. Eleanor Singer Breedlove.

Mission Statement
The Breedlove Foundation exists to develop the advancements of genetic sciences and hone them to improve everyday life, general health, nutrition and ultimate energy/environmental conservation. The more efficient the human machine of the future becomes, the more we'll give back to Mother Earth.

Dr. Paul Alexander Breedlove, 1980

Quotes & Testimonials
"The President fully endorses Dr. Breedlove's efforts and looks to genetic science to unlock the doors kept closed from humanity to unite and strengthen us all in a world without disease and hunger. It is the cornerstone to a limitless universe." White House Staff, 1981.

"Without the Breedlove Foundation…and all their hard work and courage…my daughter would have been just another statistic. Now she will live, thrive and love…and other children need not face the pain that she did." Mrs. Monica Sundlow, mother & contributor, 1989.

"Watson and Krick might have provided the keys, but Paul Breedlove has put in a revolving door and is giving the tours." Dr Chadwick Blanc, NIH consultant, 1992.

"I owe my career and I owe my life to the Breedlove Foundation. Every cross-court shot I make is a goal for them." Lamont "LT" Thomson, star center LA Lakers, 1992.

"I look at the beautiful faces of these fortunate children and can only thank God we have Dr Breedlove on our side. He will our support, and create more with it." Senator Barbara James-Gillis, 1995.

"I can walk 'cause of the Breedlove Foundation. My friend, Jerome, doesn't have to get medicine from machines anymore either." Campbell Petersen, age 9, 1997.

Who We Are
The Breedlove Foundation staff is a vibrant and diverse team of individuals from various disciplines in science, medicine, research, charity and business. We employee thousands worldwide, and are constantly growing and evolving. Our staff are active members in the community; volunteers, leaders, coaches, and philanthropic contributors. In the last year alone, more than 10,000 hours of community service were invested in all parts of the country by Breedlove Foundation employees. The Breedlove Foundation fosters and encourages our staff to set the standard for community involvement. Thank you for your interest and support of The Breedlove Foundation.

Our Founder ......................... Dr. Paul Breedlove
Co-Founder .......................... Dr. Eleanor Singer Breedlove

Employee of the Month ......... Dr. Barbara Turner

Founder: Dr. Paul Breedlove
A hero of modern science and the spiritual father to countless children, Dr. Breedlove's tale is one of triumph and generosity in a frontier few have had the courage to face.

Born in the midst of war-torn Europe, Paul Breedlove was orphaned at a young age and adopted by a famous philanthropic scientist who took the boy with him on research pilgrimages around the globe. Under the elder Breedlove's tutelage, the promising student earned degrees from the world's finest universities, excelling in the groundbreaking field of genetics. Keeping in step with such notables as Francis Crick and James Watson, Dr. Paul developed his own theories on how to apply DNA therapy to prevent and cure prenatal diseases and many types of birth defects. Perhaps the experience of witnessing the effects of Atom Bomb radiation in the late 1940's were his inspiration to ensure every newborn was as healthy as possible.

"Europe might have educated me, but America made me a doctor." Dr. Paul always acknowledged that gaining citizenship to the United States in the 1950's was the key to unlocking his greatest breakthroughs in genetic engineering. "Of course, falling for Eleanor helped as well." The Breedloves' wedding in 1961 not only united the lovebirds, but also brought together the resources to form the Breedlove Foundation. "We never had children of own," Ellie would claim, "But, in some ways, we're parents to thousands." The Breedlove Foundations of New York, Sarasota, Minneapolis and Dallas, Singer Fertility Clinics worldwide and the St. Nicholas Centers for Difficult Births in Westchester are all testaments to the couples' mutual dedication and love. Even "man's best friends" were not forgotten with the creation of the Singer Society for Animal Care in 1970.

"Mother Breedlove" (Dr. Eleanor Singer) passed on in 1989. Dr. Paul continued his work with the foundation in her memory, nurturing genetic caregivers and "curing the children" until his own death this past year. Presidents of eight White Houses and the entire science community have honored him, but it was the health of tomorrow's infants that was his proudest achievement. "May they be everything we wish them to be and more."

In Constant Memorium: Eleanor Singer Breedlove
Eleanor Singer Breedlove, MD
A daughter of one of the most influential families in America, Ellie Singer was a renowned pediatrics specialist in an age when there were few lady doctors.Wed to Dr. Paul in April of 1961, her lifelong vision of a children's hospital and anti-birth defects clinic became a reality three short years later. "From there, all we could do was grow." By spreading the Singer fortune and letting Dr. Paul's genius flourish, Ellie made possible all the miracles that became The Breedlove Foundation. Though her hands-on involvement and medical practice ended in the 1970's, she was always a cherished presence. Ever demure, Ellie was quoted before her death as saying, "I have only now realized what I have brought into the world." May her legacy multiply. "Mother Breedlove" (1934-1989)

Employee of the Month

Barbara Turner MD, Ph.D.

A member of our staff for nearly twenty years, Dr. Turner specializes in enzyme therapy and gene mutation containment at the Breedlove Institute in Sarasota, FL. Barbara received the Dr. Paul scholarship while in pre-med at Boston University and was a favorite pupil of the genetics maestro. "I was just lucky," she humbly chuckles, "Born with sharp DNA." Like so many in our organization, Barbara strives to reach a day when all babies can be born with an intellectual edge, free of illness and deformities. "Mankind deserves perfection," she relays to her own interns today. The proud mother of two grown children, Barbara spends her few free days walking her purebred whippets on the beach with Ken, her husband of two years, a Breedlove clinic baby himself.

Dr. Turner is currently on staff at our Breedlove Institute in Sarasota, FL

Dr. Breedlove on Mutation
(The following exerpt is taken from the lecture, "Tomorrow's Canvas" delivered at Stanford University by Dr. Paul Breedlove on May 29, 1980. This portion of the lecture followed a lengthy discourse on the nature of DNA and genetic engineering as it applied to medical treatments of the day.)

"We might all pause here to consider the effects of mutation. (The auditorium reacts). Ahh, there's the response one always gets. Perfect. You're all playing your roles well.

I suppose I have just conjured images in your minds of Hollywood monsters rising from the ocean to destroy mankind. Well, this needs to be adjusted. If you wish to see a true mutant…look in the seat next to you. Then look in a mirror. That's correct. By definition, we are all mutants. (More reaction from the audience).

Yes. (Chuckling). Yes. Allow me to expand. Mutations are random genetic accidents…spontaneous changes in DNA. They are the definitive foundation of every genetic variation. Eliminate them and we would have no diversity and, hence, nothing would evolve. Our world would be populated by a phalanx of indistinguishable molecules. A boring gray mass.

Think of it more as alteration. And consider, if you will, the limitless possibilities if we could control such phenomenon and dictate the final results. Mankind's journey has always been one of growth. The metamorphosis from fish to ape to upright man to modern thinker has not stopped. We can continue to blossom, only now we have the tools to aid Mother Nature in her task.

The abilities to replicate all types of mutations are at our fingertips. Any manner that disrupts an original DNA sequence can be pinpointed. What have we? Substitution, deletion, insertion, duplication…. Help me out, Adam. (Referring to his associate). Oh, yes. Inversion. Thank-you. And you see? It's just that. A strong memory would not have to only be for the young if a defective genetic mutation could be isolated and replaced with another that was useful. An improved DNA pattern that would forever rid our future generations of inherited diseases and flaws. Changes that would insure strength, health and mental abilities we can only begin to fathom in this day and age.

Such wonderful advancements are taking place, and I'm not just talking about the work in my own institutes. It is fear, however, and ignorance that hold this progress back. My disputes with the National Institutes of Health are well known. Of course mishaps will occur. They always do. But the only way to make the unknown known is to let mutation run its intended course and help it do so. Now, onto the subject of synthetic sequences…(Lecture resumed from this point).

Get to Know: The Breedlove Foundation
The Breedlove Foundation has been overseeing miracles for close to half a century. Using the latest advancements in genetic engineering, we're working to ensure and enhance the health of tomorrow's children. The Breedlove Foundation was founded by Dr. Paul Alexander Breedlove and his wife, Dr. Eleanor Singer Breedlove, with support of the United States Government and generous donations from the private sector. Since its inception, The Breedlove Foundation has made landmark contributions to reducing birth defects, correcting genetically inherited diseases and spreading hope to countless families across the globe.

The Breedlove Foundation has grown from a modest clinic in upstate New York to a network of caregiving that reaches over five continents and continues to grow. In addition, The Breedlove Foundation has established scholarship programs in association with several prominent east coast universities, and supports the education of talented physicians and researchers in the field of genetics. Each generation of doctors enrolled in our scholarship programs also completes an extended internship at one of The Breedlove Foundation facilities worldwide. Many, if not most, remain with us after their schooling is complete.

Ever evolving, the body of The Breedlove Foundation is made up of three branches:

Breedlove Institutions
The Breedlove Institutions are four state-of-the-art hospitals and research laboratories devoted to curing and eliminating birth defects. Dr. Breedlove's personal input and training has insured a different, better future for the world's children.

Singer Fertility Clinics
Efficient and nurturing, the Singer Fertility Clinics are outpatient health centers that tend to the needs of prospective mothers and fathers from ocean to ocean.

St. Nicholas Centers for Difficult Births
The St. Nicholas Centers for Difficult Births is our premiere medical birthing facility for troubled pregnancies, located in Westchester, New York. Breedlove techniques have given life in the face of once impossible odds behind these doors.

In addition to prenatal and post-natal childcare, the Breedloves also remind us that men and women are not alone on this planet. A sister organization, The Singer Society for Animal Care, is dedicated to bringing the benefits of genetics medicine to virtually every domestic breed of living creature. Its shelters, clinics and stables are located in most major cities and rural communities around the globe.

"Our only sin would be not to share and move forward."
Dr. Paul Breedlove, 1979 from Westchester.

An Introduction to Genetics: Genetics Q&A
There are many unanswered questions about the science of genetics, yet there are also volumes of information we do know. To help you become acquainted with the field, we asked Dr. Paul to answer some of the questions received through letters to our organization and from visitors on our website.

"What is genetics?" Tiffany, Seattle WA

An excellent question, Tiffany. Genetics means the study of heredity or where we come from. Every living creature has its own unique genetic code, and passes pieces of it on to the next generation.Your mother and father, your grandparents, even your grandparents' grandparents have passed traits down to you. The color of your eyes, the curls of your hair, if you're tall, if you're not so tall. These are all things you get or inherit from the genetics of your family.

"What is the history of genetics?" Scott, Grand Rapids MI

Genetic discoveries have been taking place for nearly 150 years, Scott. In fact, so many milestones have occured with genetics, that there is no short answer to your question! So I asked a few of my friends to come up with this: a brief history of genetics.

"Who made up genetics?" Garrett, San Diego CA

Well, Garrett, genetics were not made up. They were always here. But a man named Gregor Mendel discovered them way back in 1864. He did experiments with pea pods that proved the laws of heredity.

"What is DNA?" Brian, Hartford, CT

DNA is a huge part of genetics. It stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. That's quite a mouthful. What is it? It's you. It's your friends. It's the building blocks of a gene. It's the stuff that living things are made of. We also have something called RNA, but let's save that lesson for another time.

"Is there just one kind of DNA?" Amber, St. Paul MN

Glad you asked, Amber. Actually, they're four kinds, or bases, of DNA: Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. Scientists and doctors just call them A,C,G and T. These combine with sugar molecules and phosphate molecules on a stringy ladder, and make what we call a chromosome.

"What do chromosomes do?" Julia, Chicago IL

Chromosomes decide who we are, Julia. Each one has its own code of DNA, like AGTTCTAGAATC. Because there are so many variations and they all add up differently when put together, no two persons, plants or beagles are exactly the same. We all have our own genetic codes.

"Can I change my genetic code to get more muscle?" Dennis, Orlando FL

I'm afraid not, Dennis. You're stuck with the code you're born with. But that might be different for future generations. Places like the Breedlove clinics work hard to prevent diseases in babies that are not born yet by treating the DNA in their parents. Some day you might be able to shop for all the things you want in your children, including everything from eye color to height, not to mention resistence to disease!

"What is gene-splicing?" Greg, La Jolla CA

Gene-splicing or genetic engineering is artificially changing the nature, location or activity of genes. New medicines have been made this way, as well as new plants and new mice.

"Can X-Rays or radiation make mutants?" Jana, Portland OR

Yes they certainly can, Jana.

"What are mutations?" Leslie, Boston MA

Mutations are spur-of-the-moment changes in DNA. It's when the code gets scrambled and results in something new. But don't just think about deformed monsters from TV. If not for mutations, we'd all be alike. Every one of us is a mutant in some way. It's what makes us special.

"Can mutations be controlled and put into human babies?" Charlie, Dallas TX

That's a complicated question, Charlie. Mutations can be induced. We know how to do that, and in some cases, we can predict the results, as with gene therapy for certain diseases. But what you may really be asking is about gene-splicing, which we have talked about already.

Genetics in the News

Working at Breedlove
At The Breedlove Foundation, we are constantly seeking the brightest, most talented, and dedicated professionals interested in making a contribution to the advancement of the greatest human endeavor of our time: improving the genetic code of humans and animals alike. Top of the line talent is the secret to our success. Our ranks include some of the most renowned minds in the world. If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the field of genetic research and genomics, with a philanthropic research organization ready to make use of your individual strengths and abilities, then we're looking for you.

We offer benefits and training programs comparable to research corporations in the commercial sector, including paid vacations, medical and dental insurance coverage, a competitive 401(k), pension and retirement plans, as well as a full range of continued education assistance. Employees based at any of our Breedlove Institutions may also take advantage of on-site daycare and health club facilities.

The working environment at The Breedlove Foundation is one that encourages creativity, flexibility, and intellectual independence. We are a fast paced, dynamic and teamwork-oriented organization, which recognizes, and rewards, strong contributors to the cause. Each of our facilities is organized to maximize interaction between disciplines to help cultivate new and innovative ideas among employees with complementary skills and interests. If you think you have what it takes, we invite you to explore the opportunities listed on this page.

Applications for employment are available at any of our worldwide locations. Serious candidates only, please. No phone calls or recruiters.

Open Positions

The Breedlove Foundation currently has need for a wide range of education and experience level employees in various disciplines and locations around the world. We are actively seeking to fill the following positions (arranged by geographic location). Please note the Job Reference Number. You will need this information when applying for a position:


We're sorry. There are no open positions at any Breedlove facility in this category.


Assistant I - Exploratory Biology (ref.#: A309GT787)
We are looking for a qualified Assistant to participate in research involving gene products in animal systems. Candidate should have a working knowledge of application strategies and discovery research with experience identifying gene functions. An understanding of transgenic knockout techniques is preferred. Must be capable of evaluating advanced molecular biological discovery tools. Candidate should possess a B.S./M.S in molecular biology, genetics, or related fields, with academic research experience with mammalian cell cultures.

Senior Scientist - Exploratory Biology (ref.#: A309GT765)
We are looking for a scientist with extensive experience in bone biology to lead a team of technicians in developing therapeutic applications for animal bone augmentation and connective tissue research. Previous leadership experience is a must. Candidate should possess a Ph.D. in genetics, bone biology or related field and have prior experience working with animals. A working knowledge of computer modeling and biomechanics is required and will be tested. The ability to work well with animals as comfortably as humans is desired.


Warehouse Utility Operator (ref.#: A40SY2030)
We are looking for a licensed Warehouse Utility Operator to work in our central distribution center in Sydney. No prior work experience is required. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and work variable shifts. Some nights and weekends. Drug test required.


We're sorry. There are no open positions at any Breedlove facility in this category.

North America

Data Entry Clerk (ref.#: U543NA945)
We are looking for entry level candidates to serve as data entry clerks, responsible for submitting patient medical histories and pathology data into a proprietary database. Basic data entry skills and an understanding of medical terminology are a must. Attention to detail is essential. Proficiency with standard office administrative software applications is preferred with previous data entry experience desired, but not necessary. Typing speed of at least 60 wpm and basic familiarity with PC based hardware are also desired.

Security Officer (ref.#: U900NA326)
We are looking for multiple entry to veteran level candidates for numerous security officer positions at Breedlove facilities nationwide. We will train and assist with obtaining proper licenses and permits as required by state and local laws. Applicants must have reliable transportation and be able to pass rigorous physical tests. We take our security seriously, and so should you.

South America

Lab Supervisor (ref.#: L876CF648)
We are looking for multiple experienced and motivated Lab Supervisors to oversee operations at new facilities throughout South America. Candidates should possess a B.S. in medical technology, genetics or related field. Candidates with prior leadership or supervisory experience in a laboratory environment are preferred. Must have the ability to train and lead others. We are seeking someone with 3-5 years of professional lab work in their background. This position will oversee teams of scientists in various disciplines. The ability to be diplomatic and make decisions in a fast-paced and strenuous environment is a must.

External links: More about Genetics

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