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Mutant X Websites: (Part 1)

From 2001-02 Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X faux websites as part of the Mutant X official site, in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot's storylines, but they vanished in early 2005. This site has archives of the faux website,, prior to its disappearance. I am saving this material here in case this archive vanishes as well, but none of the following material is my own.

Genomex Part One: Research & Security ~ Genomex Part Two: Personnel & Emails

Securing a better tomorrow for humankind

Use of this site is strictly limited to Genomex employees and members of Genomex affiliated organizations, but we appreciate your interest.

We and our affiliate organizations exist to monitor and serve the growing field of genetic sciences for the public's benefit. In an age where technological advances race to replace each other, Genomex is looking out for the welfare of tomorrow's men and women. We are working, step for step, with the science community to insure a smooth transition to the complex environment of what is yet to come.

Your inquiry has been noted and will be explored by our information bureau. Thank you.


Research Section: Department Announcements

Notice to All Research Staff Re: New Mutant Status
TO: All Medical & Science Researchers RE: New Mutant Status

It is Mr. Lockhart's expressed wish that all New Mutants in the Genomex facility be released from constriction by noon today. Every stasis pod, hallucinogenic cell and inquiry room is to be unlocked and cleared out. Any harm incurred to the gifted men and women contained within will bring about a severe reprimand delivered by Mr. Lockhart, himself.

The chief surgical crews have already begun removing all subdermal governors. This procedure is to continue until every unit is accounted for and destroyed. Any medical care a patient requires due to prolonged use of the power inhibitors is to be instantly administered with a kind and gracious demeanor. If any part of this directive is not followed to the letter, a personal visit from Mr. Lockhart can be expected.

Finally, all research projects, DNA experimentation and field-testing have been permanently cancelled. All data is to be surrendered immediately and the scientific staff is directed to wait in their respective cubicles or offices until a Security Escort arrives for them. All terminated individuals will be released from the Genomex facility following one-on-one interviews with Mr. Lockhart. As outside communication lines are cut, family members will be notified of your whereabouts.

Reserved Spaces Schedule: Current schedules for LEVELS AA, A & B.
You may now access meeting room and lab space reservation schedules online. Check the schedules for available rooms and times BEFORE requesting use of a reserved space facility.

LAB 004 & 005 (AA)
Medical research on all available Psionics.
Project Head: Dr. Lorraine Mickelson.
Surgical teams requested on Thursday and Friday for investigative procedures (005 med-amphitheater will be used. Stadium seating as always). Morgue and Stasis Chamber attendants are advised to schedule overtime shifts.

LAB 003, 008 & 009 (AA)
Temporary Botaniplex headquarters.
Project Head: Dr. Kenneth Harrison.
Class A security clearance only.

LAB 018 (A)
Feral chemistry research.
Project Head: Unassigned (formerly Dr. Richard Saunders).

LAB 019 & 020 (A)
Biogenetic Engineering facilities (permanent status)
Project Head: Dr. Xiang Cho Chen.

STASIS PODS (All levels)
Routine maintenance as always.
Department Heads: Rogers, Fabray & Neumann.


Lunch & Learn regarding subdermal governor modifications.
Mondays, 11:45. Mr. Eckhart in attendance.

Saunders Protocol Notice
TO: All Research Teams FROM: Dr. Kenneth Harrison
New procedures are being instituted following the discovery of Dr. Richard Saunders as a feral mutant. DNA testing will be conducted on all Genomex Research personnel.

The laboratory space formerly occupied by the late Dr. Richard Saunders is now available for use. All applicants with feasible projects are to submit their proposals to my department by the end of the week.

Per a direct request from Mr. Eckhart, Dr. Saunders' work on feral mutants will be collected and incorporated into the knowledge base on the Genomex mainframe. Any personnel who collaborated or consulted on the cited material are to submit the data to my secretary (hard or soft copy) and expunge their own files of originals and copies. Use DOD approved electronic document destruction procedures.

In a related announcement, Security's failure to detect Dr. Saunders' mutant status until after his death has prompted a mandatory genetic sweep of each related department. DNA scrape appointments will be posted and scheduled by group and are slated to recur infrequently.

No excuse will be accepted and no staff member excluded from these procedures.

Thank-you, K. Harrison

Research Memorandum : IF076 Insect Feral Reassignment
TO: Drs. Morrissey, Xao, Cobb, Cameron (and their staffs) FROM: Dr. Kenneth Harrison

New information has surfaced regarding the abandoned Insectum Feral strain. research associates are strongly encouraged to review the documents provided by Dr. Harrison.

Doctors, We have all seen the nightmarish files chronicling early attempts to breed Insectum Ferals. The ghastly swarms hatched and mercifully exterminated upon delivery left the late Dr. Breedlove with little choice than to abandon the strain.

As you know, there was one exception: arachnids. For some reason, the infants born with this particular DNA fusion all appeared to be normal human babies, as if the insect genetics never took. Records indicate they were deemed a happenstance, returned to their families and raised as non-new mutants. Upon review, I feel this might have been a premature judgment.

My extensive work in the field of botanical genetics and its recent applications to Ferals (see Research Files #TBX007 on the Dark Star Unit and #GB949593X7 on the Rafflesia Pricei) has taught me that obvious conclusions about this type of New Mutant are often overlooked. Their animal characteristics usually remain beneath the surface of an average human veneer only to emerge in situations of stress, passion or fear.

After reviewing all available data and applying my own considerable knowledge of the insect world (acquired while dealing with plant life), I am making the educated guess that spider, scorpion and other arthropod DNA productively exists in the (now grown) test subjects who were released from Genomex some twenty years ago. Their mutations probably lay dormant and did not manifest until they reached puberty (a factor curiously overlooked by Dr. Breedlove). Features such as stingers, venom sacs, web spinnerets and antennae may stay submerged within their bodies and can be materialized at will. I need not mention how valuable such subjects would be to our organization…or how dangerous.

I have requested that Mr. Eckhart utilize the GSA's resources to retrieve these lost Children of Genomex, particularly the females who I believe (as in nature) would have had the best chance of surviving and perfecting their Insectum abilities.

Procedural instructions will follow after their arrival. In the meantime, please brush up on the noted files and existing studies applicable to this topic.

NOTE: Of course, all action in this matter hinges on Mr. Eckhart's response to my proposal.

Thank-you, Kenneth Harrison

Mutant Classifications
The generally accepted classifications schema proposed by Chief Biologist, Dr. Law, has been made permanently available for your reference and MANDATORY review.

The Children of Genomex possess non-human abilities. All known abilities belong to one of four categories:

Feral | Elemental | Molecular | Psionic

Subject's DNA has been spliced with that of an animal. They possess many characteristics (mental & physical) of the creature.

TYPES (from most common to rarest):
Feline - Cat, Lion, etc…
Ursine - Bear
Canine - Dog, Wolf, etc…
Porcine - Boar, Hog, etc…
Cervine - Deer
Reptus - Lizard, Snake, etc…
Amphibian - Frog, etc…
Piscis - Fish

As of yet, no successful Aves (bird) ferals have been achieved, but the formula is continually being refined.

Subjects have the ability to channel elemental/environmental energy through their bodies.

Thermal - Heat or cold related
Botanical - Plant related
Geological - Earth related (EXTREMELY RARE)

Categories in this mutation constantly increase and expand with research.

Subjects possess attributes to defy physical science.

Intangibility - Able to move through solids
Imperviousness - Withstands physical penetration
Propulsion - Accelerated motion or speed
Gravitative - Able to alter weight in self, others or objects
Chromatic - Effects color, light, etc…
Stasis-suspension - Effects time
Replication - Self-cloning, etc…
Elasticity - Able to alter size or shape (EXTREMELY RARE)

As with Elementals, this breed expands and varies with time. It is not uncommon to find a Molecular with two or more of the listed abilities in combination.

Subjects possess heightened mental capabilities.

Telepathic - Mind readers
Telekinetic - Able to move objects with the mind
Telempathic - Able to read and adjust emotions
Precog - Able to see future events
Illusionist - Projects unreal visuals or attitudes

This variety of mutant is considered most difficult to monitor and control.

Report is updated on a regular basis. It is mandatory that all research associates continually review this document for additions and changes.

Research Documents

Notice to All Research Staff Re: Classification of Charlotte Cooke
TO: Research Staff Members FROM: Dr. Kenneth Harrison
RE: Mutant Classification of Charlotte Cooke
Doctors and Colleagues,

I would like to adjust your thinking on the genetic coding of new mutant, Charlotte Cooke (security file #EOG998CC). Although this subject is no longer available to Genomex, I find the case a fascinating study. It aligns with my recent exploration on variation within the mutant species and merits further attention from our science departments.

Upon initial analysis, many of you labeled the female Cooke as a Molecular. She excreted a toxin from her pores that seemingly altered the moral compass of her opponents, causing them to rage, despair or degrade themselves beyond their normal limits. In a sense, the contaminant acted like a cocaine derivative, twisting the victims' nervous systems until it extracted unnatural behavior.

In retrospect, I suppose the Molecular classification was a likely one. The subject did seem to bend physical laws, a characterization that defines the group. There are blaring aspects of the female Cooke that do not line up with a Molecular profile, however. Calling her such was an unreasonably rash diagnosis, the kind of which will not be tolerated in the future. Any additional examples of such shoddy work will be reported promptly to Mr. Eckhart for disciplinary action. For now, no specific names will be put forth. You know who you are and are expected to increase the quality of your work.

Genomex psychologist Dr. Varady worked up a composite of Cooke as a potential Psionic (subcategory: Empath). While I have only the highest regards for our esteemed colleague, I cannot agree with her conclusions. Cooke's powers are transmitted physically, not mentally, although they do affect thought processes of the brain. Thus, a Psionic label is also incorrect.

Having been forced to take matters into my own hands, I have come to the only obvious conclusion as to Cooke's classification: Feral. Many reptile and insect females secrete venom that can paralyze or confound their victims. Such is the case with new mutant: Cooke. Examination of her DNA samples as well as her family history support my findings.
I find it particularly discouraging that your departments missed the same deductions. Mere weeks ago I sent out a mandatory memo in regards to Insect Ferals. Apparently the entire personnel overlooked it. I need not point out that correct identification of Cooke's abilities might have facilitated Genomex's detaining her. Instead, she is now a GSA priority capture. You may all consider yourselves on a probationary status of employment until this error is redeemed.

Incidentally, I have been informed that several research heads felt I would be interested in Cooke's associate, the plant Elemental "Skeet" Vosburg. Despite my background in botanicals, let me assure you the existence of an unbathed, under-educated low-class new mutant whose sole talent is to defoliate does not inspire me. The vile being is to be reduced to full stasis level if there is available pod space or disposed of in the usual method. I trust such insulting assumptions about my taste will not be made again.

Thank-you, K. Harrison

The Emma DeLauro Split 1 2 3

To: All Technical Staff and Abstract Statisticians From: Dr. Kenneth Harrison

Gentlemen (& Drs. Varady and Mickelson), Mr. Eckhart has requested that focus in your departments be diverted to studying the recent electrical phenomenon that divided the right/left hemispheres of Mutant X activist Emma DeLauro's brain (see security file #MX999PDE) and manifested itself in two distinct living bodies. Although the actual case did not profit Genomex, the possibilities it presented for future maneuvers cannot be ignored.

The defining accident, which caused the molecular/biological replication, occurred during a clash of energy waveforms produced by two mutant Elementals. One of the subjects was Mutant X terrorist, Brennan Mulwray (security file #MX999EB), who generates bolts of electrical energy. The other was former Genomex employee Matilda "Matty" Conlan (security file #GX825ECM), a laboratory-enhanced Magnetic. A combination of Elemental forces, stress and numerous probability abstractions managed to cleave the Psionic DeLauro into two distinct entities: one aggressive, one passive. Mr. Eckhart wants to know why.

It is his ultimate desire that Genomex scientists dissect the incident, pinpoint how the "split" happened and then create a weapon that can artificially induce the same effect. Test subjects will be made available from the stasis banks of Section Nine upone request.

Thank you, Kenneth Harrison

Personal Data Journal Dr. Kenneth Harrison

Dr. Harrison: perhaps by providing you this direct link to your personal journal, you will learn the importance of following established procedures when interfacing with the technical services group.

Varady/Ashlocke Discovery
Retaining copy of email thread involving Dr. Varady and her recent findings related to GSAgents, 1.0 and dreams.

NOTE: Dr. Varady, while often easily dismissive and apathetic, can be rather observant and tenacious. This situation is to be monitored closely. Copying this file to personal journal from the mail pseurver and will request deletion of the original copies from my mail account.

>FROM: Ken
>TO: Laura
Of course, you're right. Mason shouldn't be bothered.

I'll take you up on your offer and we can discuss the details off the company clock. Thursday, perhaps?


> TO: Dr. Varady
> FROM: Dr. Harrison
> My Dear Laura,

> You were right to bring this to my attention before going to Mr. Eckhart. It is indeed a curious phenomenon, but nothing I feel we should disturb him with at this time.

> Instead, I will look into the matter personally. It may be some kind of empathic invasion from Mutant X (please note security file #MX999PDE on DeLauro, Emma). I feel, between the two of us, the matter can be handled discreetly without wasting Mr. Eckhart's resources. After all, it only involves dreams at this point. Nothing tangible.

> As for Mutant 1.0, I am afraid I know even less about the subject than you do (Gabriel Ashlocke, correct?). Security on Stasis Pod #21801 is a tight CODE RED as always, so let us just trust everything there is under control.

> Your diligence, dedication and sense of ethics are always appreciated, Laura. Why don't we have dinner soon?

> Kenneth

> TO: Dr. Kenneth Harrison, Biology
> FROM: Dr. Laura Varady, Psychiatrics
> RE: Confidential Report

> Kenneth,

> I felt it my obligation to break patient/doctor confidences and report to you a disturbing trend I have recently discovered in several female GSAgents. After reviewing the latest round of psych evaluations, I find five (Cornell, Hennessey, Fortier, Stein and Liddell) have had similar recurring dreams. They all involve a tall, handsome man named Gabriel who woos them and promises a utopian future at his side. Of course, I instantly thought of mutant: 1.0.

> While I do not have many details on the subject (Ashlocke, G), I know he ties into Stasis Pod #21801, which is vital to Genomex security. In my opinion, it is no coincidence that all five agents have had the same figure wandering through their subconscious thoughts. If 1.0 is a powerful enough Psionic, he may be communicating with them even though he is technically comatose.

> Of all the haunted employees, only one is a New Mutant (Morgan Fortier, telekinetic, GSA file #GS0069PTF). Ironically, she is the most stable of those involved, so I do not detect a pattern except for age, physique and gender. They're all in their twenties, all attractive and all female.

> I am tempted to feel that Mr. Eckhart should be alerted of the situation. As his time is always at a premium, however, I am conferring with you first. Do you think we should we put this to Mason or would it be wasting his time?

> Please respond as soon as you can.
> Laura

Caleb Mathius Assault Survivor
Copy of service request delivered to surviving victim of an attack by a vampiric psionic new mutant.

FROM: Dr. Kenneth Harrison TO: Agent Pamela Fries

Agent Fries, I am requesting that you donate a week of your time to my personal Research Task Group so we may further examine you in both physical and mental venues in order to extract what evidence there is to be found concerning the deceased Elemental (or possibly Molecular), Caleb Mathius. Being one of the sole pair of victims to survive his life-feeding attacks (and the only one readily accessible to Genomex) I'm certain you can see how valuable your participation in this matter would be.

Please understand I am not unsympathetic to the psychological torment you would have to endure by reliving an episode of what was (for a better term) pure vampirism. Dr. Varady will be on hand to administer therapeutic aid if necessary and a certain amount of "leave time" can be negotiated after the exams if required.

I would imagine, being an Elemental yourself, you would like to learn all you can about your attacker as a method of closure to the trauma. Trust that all findings would be disclosed to you, a rare privilege in any circumstance. Also know your position in the GSA would be secured, an act that has not befallen most of Mr. Eckhart's New Mutant "Seconds" who have failed in their duties.

Mathius was a rare specimen whose regenerative abilities would be invaluable to us if they could be replicated. The slightest trace of his DNA may still exist in your body and mind. By volunteering for this "biological sweep" you would favorably up your current Genomex status, improving your recent "reassignment".

I need not mention that I could have gone through other channels to insure your cooperation, Agent Fries, but felt this way would be most beneficial to both of us. You strike me as a sharp personality (New Mutant or not) who is capable of recognizing a choice opportunity when it presents itself. Please take a day to consider my suggestion. Response to my private secretary by noon on Thursday will be fine.

Sincerely, k. Harrison

Personal and confidential journal entry regarding the medical condition and ongoing mental aptitude of Mason Eckhart.

I find Mason Eckhart's reserve of inner strength remarkable considering his medical condition. Most men in his state of health would have been invalids after the first few months of infection, but he has survived years and barely missed a beat. In fact, after scanning Dr. Varady's bi-annual psychiatric report on Mr. Eckhart, he seems to have increased his productivity. There must be a personal drive within him that bypasses modern science. It would not be the first instance of inspiration, positive or negative, fueling a failing vessel to conquest.

Eckhart's precise biological situation is this: he has no immune system. Additionally, as the result of "Incident X," his cellular structure is permanently damaged, leaving it incapable of regeneration. If not for Dr. Breedlove's intervening genius, Eckhart would have aged and decomposed within hours of the biological attack.

I've viewed the security tapes on record of "X". There is no doubt it was brought on by the confrontation with Adam, but the actual damage done to Eckhart appears to have been a freak accident that could not be replicated. Hence, no remedy. In fact, Adam is fortunate he did not share the same fate but, from what I understand, this kind of outrageous luck is typical for him.

Eckhart must wear an exodermis body suit of translucent, bio-treated latex at all times and replace it at least once a day depending on the physical strain of his activities or environmental conditions. His own sweat can be an enemy to his health. The hair follicles on his body have been entirely removed due to the hazards oil and dirt particles could cause him not to mention any type of abrasion or laceration (from shaving, etc…). He must limit his contact with water necessitating laser bathing and all food and external intake must be purified. A heavy regime of nutritional supplements is administered three times a day orally and any waste from when he does partake in a meal is dissolved before it can reach the intestinal tracks through a separate (and certainly painful) x-ray/laser procedure.

The cost of this care giving is astronomical but has been budgeted and approved by Genomex and the federal bureaus involved unanimously. I suppose this is a testament to Eckhart's character and performance. He has taken devastating vulnerability and turned it into a reserve of cold steel and efficiency. I cannot help but speculate, however, that Mr. Eckhart operates in a state of denial of his illness fueled by hatred he keeps under his surface. Dr. Varady's reports do not back this up, but I suspect she is a victim of his mesmerizing hold like so many others on the Genomex staff. It would be fascinating to explore whether Mason Eckhart's source of effective power is also his Achilles heel but, of course, I'd have to proceed with utmost care investigating this theory.

Feral Security Force Opinion
Archived record of Mason Eckhart's approval for training a security force comprised of feral mutants.

FROM: Mason Eckhart TO: Dr. Kenneth Harrison

Dr. Harrison,

While I am not pleased you have not arrived to work yet this morning, I am giving you the nod to proceed with Project Bloodhound. Canine ferals have proved to be unreliable in the past, but your reports and preliminary testing show promise.

According to records, Genomex has fourteen such subjects in stasis. I will release six of your choosing to unfreeze and train as a task force. The success or failure of this venture will determine the fate of the others (and your own future, as you well know).

I should tell you that the aspect of this project that appeals to me most is the tracking potential of the dog unit. If it goes as planned, this could be a tremendous aid in curbing Adam's activities and those of his annoying quartet (Fox, Kilmartin, Mulwray and DeLauro). It will also smoke out the Mutant X safe houses with increased efficiency.

Most vital to me, however, is the tracing of New Mutants who for one reason or other have fled our supervision. I am compiling a list of those individuals, prioritizing their recapture by importance with Genomex. Of those you will recognize Frank Thorne no doubt, whose inclusion need not be explained. There is a name that many will not know because she predates the majority of this regime: Danielle Hartman. She was a molecular, popularly called a "stealth", who used her invisibility to evade our hold nearly sixteen years ago during the height of the Breedlove era. Netting this particular individual would not only secure Bloodhound's role in the GSA, but also benefit you personally, Dr. Harrison, in ways you cannot fathom.

I've already made the clearance necessities so you can begin with the ferals immediately. Daily updates will be expected, promptly by 6PM.

-M. Eckhart

Security Section: Departmental Bulletins

Priority Clearance Only
Genomex's association with the demagogue known as Adam begins long before his formation of the criminal Mutant X. At one time, the youthful genetics prodigy was an integral part of this organization. His scientific genius brought forth many of the breakthroughs in New Mutant development and control that are still applied in practice today (see files on subdermal governors, stasis pods, Subject 1.0, Section Nine, etc…). These contributions must all be disregarded in light of the fact that Adam grew into a maniacal, power-thirsty betrayer to the entire Genomex cause. His actions beginning with "Incident X" (file classified as TOP PERSONNEL ONLY) have been a destructive threat not only to our own security, but the human race in general. This factor coupled with his considerable knowledge of operation modes and upper echelon staff makes him Genomex's NUMBER ONE ENEMY (PRIORITY RED).

Due to working procedures (since reversed by Mr. Eckhart following "X") Adam's background, like many of the early Genomex staff, was deliberately obscured. What can be pieced together is the certainty that he was brought to Genomex by Dr. Breedlove as a teenage phenomenon who had already obtained several advanced science degrees. Whether he was a blood relation, mere recruit or even early clone of the doctor himself has never been determined. No records of actual surname, parentage or schooling exist. Mandatory mental health exams by then staff psychologist, Dr. Peter Van Hobson (since replaced by Dr. Varady) indicate that Adam himself might not have been aware of his true origins; a victim of chronic amnesia or brainwashing. Mr. Eckhart has since stated, however, that Adam's intelligence was completely capable of deceiving the most astringent of psychic evaluations as well as any lie-detecting devices incorporated at the time.

During his time at Genomex, Adam grew close to many of the New Mutant subjects he treated. Security tape archives have revealed that one of these relationships was of a romantic nature. The female involved was Molecular Danielle Hartman (see Security file #XS668X), a Stealth being trained for espionage assignments. This short-lived indiscretion seems to be an isolated incident and as Hartman has since gone AWOL it is doubtful whether she can be used as leverage against him.

Among the staff only Dr. Breedlove and Mr. Eckhart gained any true confidences from Adam, trusts that injured them both. No other strong Genomex alliances were formed during his tenure.

Many GSAgents have speculated that Adam himself was some kind of mutant, possibly a natural Psionic. Mr. Eckhart would like it made clear that this theory is dangerously incorrect. Adam's gifts (and weapons) are of a freakishly evolved human brain and cannot be diminished or treated as a New Mutant variant. This is exactly the reason he is so lethal to the patriotic community and why he and Mutant X must be brought down dead or alive.

"Weaknesses of character, such as compassion, guilt and generosity towards the unhuman are the sole chinks in Adam's armor and must be exploited to end his menace to mankind." (Eckhart, permanent directive. Undated).

This mandate remains in place UFN.

Priority Clearance Only
UPDATE: All GSA personnel may regard Mulwray as a CODE BLUE capture. It is NOT mandatory that he be brought in alive. Note: He is the ONLY associate of Mutant X that this flexibility of policy applies to. Agents are advised to use their own discretion when confronting him.

The subject profiled is a member of the outlaw faction Mutant X.

Mulwray is an Elemental in his late 20's/early 30's. He channels electricity through his body and can wield it as a weapon. In addition, the New Mutant is tall, agile, proficient in several forms of martial arts and a crack shot with most weaponry (including self-generated voltage). He is often placed in the front line of attacks and has taken down many an agent. A secondary use of his powers involves reducing current to a small enough flow to disable electronic locks, encoded computer systems, etc…

Once a GSA recruit, Mulwray hailed from a criminal background and seemed a natural candidate for the position. With no surviving family, few ties to civilian life and a inclination to womanize, he fit the GSAgent profile perfectly. In addition, he has accumulated a long, incriminating police record that dates back over a decade beginning with multiple juvenile offenses. Adam (see file #MX999AAA) either brainwashed or blackmailed Mulwray out of the fold. He has been a destructive force for Mutant X ever since.

Like all Electric Elementals, Mulwray can be short-circuited with water. It is his primary weakness. GSAgents are advised to use this advantage during confrontations. Rubber and wood have also been effective materials in battle against him.

BE WARNED: Mulwray is a confident fighter, ruthless in regards to whom and what he harms. There is a street smart, hair-trigger quality in his assaults that make him more lethal than his fellow terrorists. He has a history of deceit and robbery and is not above substance abuse. Consider him a TOP PRIORITY THREAT to all Genomex staff and activity.

This mandate remains in place UFN.

Priority Clearance Only
The subject profiled is a member of the outlaw faction Mutant X.

This is the most recent recruit to Adam's crew of terrorists (see file #MX999AAA). She is a Psionic in her early teens/late twenties with the power of telempathy. DeLauro can read emotions and plant or manipulate them in others. While there are many in this classification, her abilities surpass the majority.

DeLauro is the child of two college students who were paid percipients in Genomex DNA experiments (via the Breedlove Institute). The result was a New Mutant offspring that neither had the responsibility to raise. Fostered or cared for by relatives, the Psionic was carefully tracked by the GSA throughout her youth and approached as an agent candidate when her empathic condition had matured and could be honed as a weapon. Once again, Adam's intervention kept her from becoming part of Genomex's security force and instead one of its more prominent foes.

Unlike her cohorts, DeLauro is not characterized as being aggressive or a dangerous physical threat. She is often employed in the background of an attack or as a tracker. This aside, HER MENTAL CAPABILITIES CANNOT BE UNDERESTIMATED. Many a GSAgent has fallen prey to this misconception and allowed themselves to be controlled by her psionic invasions.

Research has shown that the best method of felling a Telempath is to assault where they strike. Diseased images conjured in one's head should cause a ricochet effect, crippling them emotionally. There is a known vulnerability in all Psionics that causes them to tread a line thin between sanity and madness. As the subject has already demonstrated an inclination to separate contrasting aspects of her personality (see Dr. Harrison's file on the "DeLauro Split") it is suggested that a psychological counterattack may be the most effective way of subduing her.

DeLauro has little or no contact with her immediate family and use of close friends to turn her (see Personnel file on deceased GSAgent Michelle Bigelow) has proved futile. As it appears the Psionic's strongest emotional ties are with fellow Mutant X activists, injury to any of them should prove to be a powerful way to strike and disable her.

Mr. Eckhart has ordered that, above all Mutant X members, DeLauro is the most valuable and should be brought in with as little damage as possible.

This mandate remains in place UFN.

Priority Clearance Only
The subject profiled is a member of the outlaw faction Mutant X.

A Molecular in his early twenties, this New Mutant's case is unusual in that he comes from a high-profile east coast American family. He is the grandson of famed industrialist Noah Kilmartin. His father, Noah Jr., is a known soldier-of-fortune and corporate saboteur (see file #EOG21HKN and the CODE ORANGE jacket on Nexxogen & Martez). Yet, despite a level of public visibility, the powerful Kilmartins have proved an inaccessible GSA route to apprehending their son. In light of many failed efforts, ALL PLANNED CONTACT OR NEGOITATIONS WITH THE FAMILY SHOULD BE ABORTED.

Jesse Kilmartin's mutated DNA enables his body to physically fluctuate between states of intangibility and imperviousness. GSAgents have yet to find weapons that can hold or pierce him, respectively. Mutant X will often incorporate the Molecular as a defensive guard or a spy in subversive maneuvers. Possessing an above average intellect, he serves them in a diagnostic capacity as well.

Known vulnerabilities are the limited amount of time Kilmartin can maintain each unnatural state of density (timed at 7-12 seconds). Overindulgence can be fatal. He also has a psych work-up that marks him as being overly sensitive, naïve and immature. These vulnerabilities and a romantic link to Psionic Telekinetic Toni Quintana (file #EOG73PQT) have been effective in handicapping his advantages in past confrontations.

As with all members of Mutant X, Mr. Eckhart wishes Kilmartin be brought in alive, although he is to be handed over to the Research branch immediately after surface interrogation. SUBJECT IS A PRIORITY RED and DANGEROUS.

This mandate remains in place UFN.

Priority Clearance Only
The subject profiled is a member of the outlaw faction Mutant X.

Fox is a Feral in her late twenties. She falls into the classification of Feline, most common of the New Mutant breed. Her heightened senses, strength, agility and prowess are all on par with a female cougar or lynx. If she possesses cat claws or fangs, they are retractable and have not surfaced in any recorded GSA encounter (making their existence unlikely).

Raised by her natural parents in the American southwest, Genomex lost track of the subject when the Agency's original tracking database became corrupted during Incident X (SECURITY RED FILE, no general access). The current location and status of her family have yet to be retraced, although it is an educated deduction that their true surname is not "Fox".

History files on this Feline begin with police records as a teenage runaway and then an accomplice to petty theft with fellow New Mutant Zachary Lockhart, a Psionic Illusionist (file #EOG62PLZ). Located by renegade activist Adam (files #MX999AAA, #EOG85AAA and #0154A896, among others) before Genomex could apprehend her, Fox descended into a deeper life of criminal activity as part of his terrorist task force. To date, she has the longest tenure of any New Mutant he has employed.

While the Feline has considerably honed battle skills and a highly developed aggression, she does fall victim to the most common of Feral vulnerabilities: a fear of fire. GSAgents confronting Fox are recommended to employ this weakness against her. Like all Ferals, she may be highly susceptible to hypnotic influence or suggestion, although it is presumed that Adam has taken measures to counteract the flaw.

Fox is always to be treated as a HIGHLY DANGEROUS ENEMY; however, the directive from Mr. Eckhart's office is firm on her being captured alive and reasonably unharmed.

This mandate remains in place UFN.

Security Notice: Administration Shift

Effective immediately, all Special New Mutant Agents will assume controlling status over the Security Force. Agent Morgan Fortier has assembled a directory of reassignments, promotions and dismissals. Each Task Force head is expected to report to her within the half hour and receive new postings. If necessary, the Canine Feral Unit will serve as escorts to Ms. Fortier's office. Any resistance to this directive could result in punishable consequences.

All Security Codes from the previous administration are null and void. Accessibility of new passwords and programs will be released to individuals on a need-to-know basis. Simultaneously, all Armed Units are to remain on call should a confrontation with the recently severed government bureaus arise. The Arsenal is advised to secure all necessary supplies.

Finally, any bodyguard allocated to former Executive Mason Eckhart may consider themselves relieved of duty, as Mr. Lockhart does not require protection. Personnel will reassign every agent after reviewing each one's performance record.

SECURITY UPDATE: Martez Cloning Incident
Noah Kilmartin, Nexxogen, GENOMEX SECURITY FILE #EOG997KN
SUBJECT: Noah Kilmartin, Nexxogen & Martez Incident

CODE RED status has been removed from the Nexxogen/Martez mutant cloning case as all evidence connecting it to Genomex is now destroyed.

Mr. Eckhart does not extend congratulations to the GSA, however, as it was a maneuver of the outlaw team Mutant X that disposed of the linking data. Unit Chiefs are advised to up their departments' productivity this coming period to counter the incident without further reprimand.

A CODE ORANGE alert remains on rogue soldier of fortune Noah Kilmartin II, age 49. Although no longer in possession of the incriminating Nexxogen file disk, he retains damaging knowledge of our agency and various personnel which are considered a viable threat to security.

Kilmartin's capture would also valuable due to the identity of his son, Jesse Kilmartin, a Molecular New Mutant and member of Mutant X (see security file #MX999MKJ). Mr. Eckhart feels a certain amount of leverage could be used to either excise information on Adam's crew from the father or incite defection of the son to the GSA fold. In either scenario, Noah Kilmartin is to be brought in alive. His physical state must allow him to be able to speak. Agents are advised to use their own discretion in this matter.

WARNING: Although Kilmartin is NOT a New Mutant; he is a highly trained, covert guerilla operative and should be considered EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. An updated security file will be available on him at the end of day (tentatively, #EOG997KN).

ADDITIONAL NOTE: All existing data on Nexxogen and the Martez cloning explosion are to be expunged from the Genomex network systems. Hard copies and photographs are to be handed over to department heads immediately. Any mention of the incident after this time will be considered a punishable act of insubordination.

Refer to section H. Nondisclosure and Consequence in your employment contracts for further details.

Priority Clearance Only UPDATED 4/4
Charles Marlowe was the result of an early experiment by Dr. Breedlove to influence the DNA of Molecular embryos. Of the three species attempted (see security files XS668X and XY0000 on Stealths and Morphs, respectively), Marlowe was the only infant of his classification (Untouchable) to be born alive.

Thought originally to be impervious to injury, it has since been revealed that the New Mutant actually had regenerative abilities that instantly repaired all wounds and ailments.
By the age of four, Marlowe's powers were evident enough to attract unwanted attention (he never got sick, could not be vaccinated and was completely unharmed following a minor auto accident). The decision was made to take the child from his family and raise him at Genomex. Training as an elite agency operative began at the same time.

Before reaching adolescence, the young Molecular was considered a promising success. He was obedient, physically superior and extremely attuned with his invulnerability. At age thirteen, however, Dr. Breedlove noticed a rapid decline in Marlowe's psychological state. A manic strain of instability had manifested resulting in what was termed "tiger/lamb behavior".

After a series of tests, it was determined that average growing pains and parental separation were not the primary cause of these fits, but that they stemmed from previously undetected defects in his manipulated genetic code. As medication would have had no effect on the Untouchable, he was put on a regimen of daily mental conditioning and returned to agent training, albeit under a reduced priority status.

Both Security Chief Eckhart and then-Genomex science head Adam [word deleted] championed Marlowe's development and did much to secure his future and personal growth (a rare measure that Dr. Breedlove approved of at the time). Field tests and early missions in South America, Eastern Europe and the infamous "Blood Bay" were deemed extremely productive. With every success, however, the teenage Untouchable became more unpredictable in his temperament. The very abilities that made him so effective as an agent also made him more elusive to Genomex's control. He could not be effectively disciplined or terminated.

By age twenty, Marlowe was deemed too dangerous an element to be kept "in house" and with Adam's recommendation was allowed to move out into public life under a highly monitored existence. He maintained a love/hate relationship with Mr. Eckhart for the next fifteen years, partaking in the occasional covert assignment (at both high risk and pay) between bouts of hostility and resentment. He refused Adam's offer to join the terrorist faction Mutant X but wanted no larger role at Genomex either. Instead, the Untouchable attempted to achieve a "normal" existence.

Marlowe secured non-government employment, married at twenty-seven and fathered a non-mutant daughter two years later. As Mr. Eckhart predicted, such integration could not be sustained. After walking away from an airplane crash that killed both his wife and child, the Untouchable returned to the fold with a radically revised mindset to eradicate all new mutant independence. Quickly rising to second-in-command, Marlowe seemed to be finally fulfilling his potential as the ultimate Genomex soldier. Once again, the performance was misleading.

The advent of the New Mutant Virus (see research file GRMXMX2) and renewed contact with the traitor Adam combined to unhinge the Molecular's mental state once and for all. By donating his restorative DNA as a cure for the disease, Marlowe proved he was a permanent liability, security-wise. Advantage was taken of the rare vulnerable state the genetic transfusion left him in and he was eliminated. Rather than a custom autopsy, Mr. Eckhart ordered the Untouchable's remains disintegrated, lest they regenerate again. He then ordered all experiments to duplicate and improve Marlowe's DNA sequence aborted.

This mandate remains in place UFN.

Security Notice: PUSHKA H5B7
Effective immediately any tests, plans or mention of the device known as the Pushka H5B7 are to be terminated without question. All revision designs and schematics will be handed over to department heads for permanent disposal. Anyone failing to comply in these actions will face a similar experience with their own employment. Computers are to be expunged of any records pertaining to the flawed apparatus. (CODE: OBIT)

Forthwith, all references to Pushka H5B7 in document or discussion will result in instant castigation.

This policy also applies to the Pushka's advocate, Sonya Barovsky, whose guest consultant status at all Genomex facilities has been revoked. Any communication with Ms. Barovsky or her associate, Yuri Pogrebin, will be considered a serious infraction against the agency and punishable at the highest level. The exception is, of course, the GSA who have been directed to locate and apprehend the Russian pair within the earliest possible time frame. Any assistance they require in their search will be cleared through my office and relegated on a need-to-know basis.

The Pushka H5B7 failed to perform its designed function of tracking and neutralizing mutant DNA. This disappointment nails the lid shut on consideration for any similar piece of equipment developed outside the Genomex arena. Let it serve as a warning to all sections dealing with foreign input before they present future ideas. Of all resources, time is one I refuse to waste and will not do so without swift and appropriate reprisal.

The sooner this policy is absorbed, the less a cause for occupational vacancy.

SECURITY ALERT: Hartman, Danielle
SUBJECT: Danielle Hartman & the Stealth Experiment

In the early days of creating New Mutants, Dr. Breedlove attempted a procedure that went a step too far. Having had success in controlling DNA mutations with Ferals, he attempted to do the same with Moleculars. The desired outcome was to produce three varieties of "super-agents": shape-changers (Morphs), self-healers (Untouchables) and subjects who could make themselves invisible (Stealths). It was thought by the hierarchy that children born with these select abilities could be engineered as ultimate soldiers for covert operations across the globe.

Dr. Breedlove's procedure failed to take into account the instability of Molecular genetic material. Wherein with Ferals the fusions were organic (i.e. feline DNA for cat mutants, canine for wolf, ursine for bear, etc…) the components to influence cells of Molecular embryos were all comprised of unnatural radiations.

Results were not impressive: the Morphs were all stillborn monstrosities and the sole surviving Untouchable was plagued with permanent mental instability (see Security file on Charles Marlowe, ref. XX669MX). Initially, the Stealths seemed to be the experiment's sole success.

Twelve were born without complications but, within a year, it became obvious their immune systems had been severely compromised. Five of the subjects died before the age of two. An additional three were lost before they reached thirteen. The remaining four (three males and a female) were vigorously trained as espionage agents and assassins. By this time, the prodigy scientist known as Adam had come on board at Genomex. He did much to prolong and improve the Stealths' general health (files indicate Adam was not made aware of their intended purpose).

Progress was encouraging enough to put the invisibility agents into field assignments. The males (Walker, Donahue and Paulson) performed adequately but the female (Hartman) surpassed all expectations. Her control over her powers was masterful and her intellectual resources ideal. Both Dr. Breedlove and Security Chief Eckhart took select care with Hartman's guidance from this point on. Adam also paid her close attention.

The initial flaw in the Stealths' fragile physicality proved to be an Achilles heel. Succumbing to chronic pain, Donahue was killed on a botched mission (Security file #XX660DX) and Paulson deteriorated into an invalid state until his life support was finally terminated (Security file #XX673PX). Walker became belligerent and managed to go AWOL (Security file #XX675WX). Hartman eventually did the same, although her attitude was never recorded as being insubordinate.

Of the two fugitives, Security Chief Eckhart only expressed interest in retrieving the female. It was assumed that since Walker's physical condition would be fatal in a short amount of time, he posed no threat to the agency. The case of Hartman was different. Though her immune system would eventually fail her, it had not begun to do so at the point of her escape. Her retrieval has remained on Mr. Eckhart's GSA Priority List (Security file #X00000X) ever since.

When last seen at Genomex, Hartman (full name: Danielle Elyse Hartman) was twenty years of age, a slim brunette with attractive features. She would now be in her mid-thirties and is probably struggling with health disorders of a cystic or respiratory nature.

Her return status is CODE RED.

GSAgents should be alert to the Stealth's invisibility powers and the difficulty they may present in taking her into custody.

If captured, Hartman is to be unharmed and brought to Mr. Eckhart IMMEDIATELY. Failure to carry out these instructions TO THE LETTER will result in acute reprimand.


All Genomex systems are being set to track and apprehend former GSAgent FRANK THORNE. A telekinetic with an impaired psychological disposition, Thorne has been AWOL since the events of 10/13. He is believed to have a vindictive agenda towards all members of the agency and will strike at any level.

Although plugged with a subdermal governor, it is appears to be deactivated or malfunctioning.

Mr. Eckhart has advised Thorne be eliminated on sight. Capturing Thorne alive is NOT a necessity.

This directive extends to all attached internal and relevent governmental departments and authorizes agents to act as GSA deputies in this exclusive circumstance.

Data, visual composites, psych-profiles and psionic mutant analysis on Thorne to be forwarded to all departments and posted here, as it becomes available.

(Priority X)

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