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Mutant X Websites: My Friend's Bookstore

From 2001-02, Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X faux websites as part of the Mutant X official site, in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot's storylines, but they vanished in early 2005. This site has an archive of Tribune Entertainment's faux website, My Friend's Bookstore, prior to its disappearance. I'm saving this here in case this archive vanishes as well, but none of the following material is my own.

Welcome: My Friend’s Bookstore
Located at 13th and Old Maple Street, My Friend’s Bookstore always has its shelves dusted off for the browsing mutant. Owner Ruby Bishop is not only a well-read intellect but reads intellects well. In other words, he’s a telepath (call him “esper” when you first meet and it will make his day). He’ll see to your literate needs, especially those you cannot voice aloud.

An all purpose facility; you will receive special attention by asking Ruby (verbally or mentally) for a copy of Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend”. It’s a title he will always have in stock. He will counter with a reply asking if you’re interested in rare additions of James Hilton he has just received. If your situation is pressing, request, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”. If you are merely paying a casual visit, request “Lost Horizon”. From there you will be cordially directed to the section of the shop that most suits you.

To help Rudy and his staff, be prepared to describe yourself through a literary reference. If you are Feral, express a fondness for London’s “Call of the Wild”. Psionics will get good results stating a preference for Poe’s “Telltale Heart”. Shakespeare’s “Tempest” will tip you off as an Elemental and Ovid’s “Metamorphosis” will tell them you’re a Molecular. Any non-mutant friends can cite Saroyan’s “Human Comedy” and get instant, cheery feedback.

If you need a solid read or just want to be read, do your homework, know your quotatibles and start turning the pages of “My Friend’s Bookstore”. There’s a title for everyone. Poetry night every Tuesday, Book-of-the-Month club (Ruby’s choice) on Fridays. Don’t be shy. Remember, as Ruby says, “For every non, there’s a fiction.”

Card Catalogue

ORWELL'S "1984"
Genomex is a government-sanctioned facility that has the official purpose of monitoring the field of genetic sciences for the good of mankind. In truth, it is the laboratories that created all New Mutants and now operates as a force to subdue them into living weapons against enemies of state.

Dr. Paul Alexander Breedlove, European DNA genius and former Nazi protégé, was recruited in the mid 1960's to head a team of scientists that would create an army of super-beings. Under the guise of a worldwide chain of medical clinics specializing in the care of birth defects, the Breedlove Institute, (subsidized by federal funds and grants from the Eleanor Singer Breedlove trust), gene-spliced thousands of embryos in unsuspecting mothers with both organic and radiated material that resulted in a new race of humans. Four species were developed: Ferals (animal fusions), Elementals (nature wielders), Moleculars (breaking the laws of nature from a molecular level) and Psionics (mentally enhanced).

It was the original intention of Genomex to keep a tight rein on all its "children" as they grew to usable age. This plot was crushed by the defection of one of Dr. Breedlove's inner circle, known only as Adam. Heroically he destroyed Genomex's data and tracking base, sabotaged their current techniques and formed the underground Mutant X to combat them in future acts of malice.

Genomex and the government responded by fashioning the Genetics Security Agency or GSA, a deadly task force unit designed to hunt and capture New Mutants and return them to the mother center for conditioning or scientific dissection. Headed, since the death of Dr. Breedlove, by security expert, Mason Eckhart, the GSA is based out of Genomex's main compound, a highly guarded citadel with a labyrinth of laboratories and "cold stasis" chambers. Ironically, some of their top agents are New Mutants who, for one reason or another, have chosen to turn against their own kind.

GSAgents all carry hi-tech weaponry and official credentials that allow them to operate Carte Blanc in a federal capacity. They can police and investigate all situations they deem a threat and detain any suspected New Mutant or associate for questioning. It is a near guarantee that any one apprehended and brought to Genomex will not be leaving. The only line of defense against these foes is Mutant X and the Underground.

Current information on the GSA, their agents, superiors and associates is available and continually updated on this site. Reports of any kind will be taken seriously and posted. "Knowing your enemy will keep you a step ahead of them."

Bigelow, Michele. Psionic (cyber kinetic).
Berkley, Aldous. Feral (canine). DECEASED.
Blake, Lena. Feral (reptilian).
Fries, Pamela. Elemental (thermal).
Lancaster, Harvey. Elemental (combustion).
Lynch, Eli. Elemental (wind).
Mac Envoy, Kendra. Psionic (strength-augmented).
Marlowe, Charles. Molecular ("Untouchable"). DECEASED.
Porter, Calvin. Molecular (super-hearing).
Renfield, Nick. Molecular (stasis inducer).
Stone, Wendy. Molecular (gravitative).
Thorne, Frank. Psionic (telekinetic). Currently a fugitive.

"Who are you?" said the Caterpillar.

Indeed, who are any of us? Are we mutants or genetically altered humans? Freaks or advanced beings? Should we be peaceful and secretive or rage and try to control?
These are questions that can take a toll on our mental health unless we find ways to answer them. "Alice's Adventures" is a 24-hour service staffed with New Mutant counselors, therapists and trained volunteers. It is designed to help the lost find themselves and get out of the tangled, personal hedge mazes we often find ourselves in.

Alice replied, rather shyly, "I-I hardly know, Sir, just at present-at least I knew who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."

Ever feel this way, Empaths or Telepaths? Have trouble sorting your own thoughts and personalities from those you absorb? Many do. Don't handle it alone. There are sensitive, professionals on line to talk to or weekly group sessions with other Psionics scheduled across the country. Just ask Alice.

"If you knew Time as well as I do," said the Hatter, "you wouldn't talk about wasting it. It's him."

How about it, Moleculars? Feeling more like an it than a him (or her)? Having complications with the unnatural state of your abilities or juggling combined powers? Is your identity being impaired? Talk it out. Let this site be your shoulder and help bring you back to the person you truly are inside.

"That's nothing to what I could say if I chose," the Duchess replied, in a pleased tone.

Get tongue-tied, Ferals? Are you a lot brighter than your wild exteriors let on? Feel that you've been treated more like an animal than you deserve? We can help you work through that frustrating rage. Show the world the true soul you see in the looking glass.

The Mock Turtle sighed deeply, and drew the back of one flapper across his eyes. He looked at Alice and tried to speak, but, for a minute or two, sobs choked his voice.

Feeling down more often than not, Elementals? Due to the tremendous forces many of you conduct through your bodies, manic-depressive tendencies are not unusual. Soaring highs and crashing lows with no in between. Balance can be achieved, however. Just take the first step and we'll be there to meet you.

She hastily put down the bottle, saying to herself, "That's quite enough-I hope I sha'n't grow any more-As it is, I can't get out the door-I do wish I hadn't drunk so much!"

Substance abuse is not the answer. If you have found yourself with an addiction and have the courage to deal with it "Alice's Adventures" will be there for support. You are not the only one to fall into this trap.

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

Mad, maybe, but not incurable. Call the hotline through My Friend's Bookstore or give us a visit. No one will make you feel small.

"It was much pleasanter at home," thought poor Alice, "when one wasn't always growing larger or smaller, and being ordered about by mice and rabbits. I almost wish I hadn't gone down that rabbit-hole-and yet-and yet-it's rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

Curious and inspiring, if you let it be. Unlock the doors to Wonderland and let yourself in.

Take an adventurous bet and travel the globe. The following are job listings in obscure places that require the talents of a New Mutant. The areas may not be mainstream, but the respect and salary are guaranteed to those who wish to take the chance. All advertisers have been thoroughly screened and submitted to Psionic sweep to insure legitimacy. Resumes should be forwarded to “MY FRIEND’S BOOKSTORE” care of this page with description number clearly marked. Advertisers are to use the same venue. Good luck.

ATW#001 LOCATION: Micronesia. WANTED: 3 Canine Ferals, ages 21 and up (either sex) to join archaeological dig in ancient city ruins. Must be physically fit with no felony record. Education a plus.

ATW#002 LOCATION: Australian Outback. WANTED: Psionic with people skills to serve as interpreter for native tribes. Benefits and (if desired) spouse supplied.

ATW #003 LOCATION: Siberia. WANTED: All heat-creating Elementals. Full benefits, luxuries and top salary perks included. MINIMUM 2-YEAR COMMITMENT MANDATORY.

ATW #004 LOCATION: Bermuda (triangle). WANTED: Psionics (telepaths, empaths and psychokinetics) and any Amphibian or Piscis Ferals for rescue and salvage missions. Must like water. Top dollar and percentage in lost treasure discoveries.

ATW #005 LOCATION: Worldwide. WANTED: Intangible Moleculars to locate and disable vacated mine fields. Must pass stress and psychic evaluations. Full insurance and benefits package. Danger factor: 10. Pay scale: 10+++. Much travel involved. Heroic types, this is your chance.

ATW #006 LOCATION: New York or Los Angeles (home base). WANTED: All New Mutants with degrees in journalism and/or literature (sorry, Ferals) to serve as freelance field reporters for the Midnight Press. We know you’re out there, so we might as well work together. Bylines negotiable.

ATW #007 LOCATION: London. WANTED: Female Psionic, age 18 and up, to serve as nanny to feline Feral quintuplets born to upper class family last winter. Telekinetic would be preferred, but a solid telepath with sleep-inducing mental bolts will also do. Levitation might also benefit. Full coverage and hazard pay included. Parents eager to negotiate all terms.

ATM #008 LOCATION: Toronto. WANTED: Cold thermal Elemental to maintain hockey and figure skating facilities year round. Passes to all events included. Lots of free time.

ATM #009 LOCATION: Paris. WANTED: Molecular with resistant stomach and taste buds to serve as food and recipe taster at top culinary academy. WARNING: Not as glamorous as it seems. Extreme courage required. Top pay. Confidentiality contract a must to protect tasting results.

ATM #010 LOCATION: Sahara region. WANTED: Heat tolerating Elementals or Moleculars wanted to serve as desert guides. All training provided. Must like sand and camels.

Welcome Ferals. This is your den. A place to tame all senses. Prowl, browse and sharpen skills here. No need to hide instincts. We're all the same species on this site.

NOTICE: Dr. Ira Eldridge, Optician and Reptilian Feral, is offering free eye exams next month. Dr. Eldridge has made a name for himself creating contacts and eyewear that adjusts to a feral's special needs. Glasses that balance out expanding retinas, block sun glare for nocturnals and counter color-blindness are all available under easy payment plans. Seven clinics nationwide are at your disposal when you carry in your copy of Jack London. For location and appointments call 1-800-FERALEYE or use the 24-hour connection through the Bookstore.

Maia Stoller, feline feral from Tacoma, WA, emails:
"Dear Call of the Wild, I'm finding it harder and harder to conceal my hunting instincts in public. Do I need tranquilizers or some other form of sedation?"

Medication is not recommended, Maia. It could serve to loosen the grip on your inner-wildness, not subdue it. Adam of Mutant X has always advocated intense meditation, three times a day if you need it. Knowing your mind and keeping an eye on its weaknesses will improve your restraint. The Bookstore has many volumes on techniques available.

TO ALL URSINE FERALS: Personal Security Positions available at Taragem Studios in Burbank, CA. Size not a problem, in fact the bigger the better. Contact Mac Cameron, Lot Security Head (and fellow ursine) at Gate BB, just left of Pass Ave or through My Friend's Bookstore under his listing in Nathanael West's "Day of the Locust" (Mutant/Hollywood information).

The annual Canine Convention in Duluth, Minnesota is taking reservations. Lupines welcome. Book rooms at the Nelson Sportsman's Lodge under the "Moon Bayers Club" moniker for the second weekend in February.

Memorials are still being accepted in honor of the late Dr. Richard Saunders through an account set up by Adam and Shalimar Fox of Mutant X. Funds will benefit the feline feral branch of the New Mutant Youth Acceptance Program (NMYAP) sponsored Mutant X Lives. Please do not send checks to Ms. Fox but to LaWanda Jones c/o NMYAP.

Craig Haim, an Amphibian from New Orleans, LA. writes:
"Call of the Wild, Skin Rowena manufactures a body cream that is perfect for most amphibians' daily use. The product, "Silk Drops" moisturizes without harming pores, gills or fins and is odorless. Pass it on."

Thanks, Craig. Skin Rowena also makes the grade by not testing their products on animals.

Claw and fang maintenance advice (including retractables) is available in the pages of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" through the Bookstore. Also check out the new recipes and supplements for raw meat carnivores.

NOTICE: Feline ferals. They are more of you than you realize. Tune in to WKAT out of Chicago or toy with the Feral Femme chat line (ladies only). We know where you're at…and won't judge

It seems ironic that in a day and age where most New Mutants need to hide their existence that there would be so many opportunities for employment in the visible field of show business. However, as anyone who knows the workings of this infamous industry will tell you, there is just as much camouflage as open display on the various film sets, stage doors and box offices of Hollywood, Broadway and the West End. Deception and misdirection has always been an axiom of the greasepaint crowd. So, if you have a flair for the dramatic, check out the job opportunities here in the site named for Nathanael West’s famed novella of stardust and broken dreams.

FILM PRESERVATION: Historical motion picture society looking for three qualified Cold Thermal Elementals to sort flammable film stock for restoration. A Film Arts degree is desired but not a deal-breaker. Editing duties also a possibility. Help save the classics. Contact Joan Tenzel @ the OP Society via this site with resume and barometer readouts.

STUNT MEN & WOMEN: Canadian producers union put out a recent call for stunt work on a syndicated series that shoots in Toronto about a well-dressed team of twentysomething action heroes. As they contacted the Underground in person, it seems unlikely mutant status would be an issue (and probably preferred). Ferals, Impervious Moleculars and Thermal Elementals are encouraged to apply. Matches for the lead actors (all non-mutant names with physical limits written into their contracts) are especially desired. Send pictures and resumes via this site.

GOSSIP MONGERS: Noted Hollywood columnist seeks high-level Telepath for item verification and fact gathering assignments. Good pay. Handsome Psionic men between 18 and 27 preferable. Contact Randi Reese of “Golden Dirt” via this site.

SECURITY: Ursine and Cervine Ferals wanted to fill guard positions at Taragem Studios in Burbank. This mutant-friendly company has hired many of our own to fill their ranks so it won’t be lonely. The studio has also posted a position for personal bodyguard to Kevin John Elliot on the “Dustin” set. Large Ferals or high powered Telekinetics only. Interviews by appointment only (via My Friend’s). If over 7’0”, they will be conducted at night.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: F/X house in London looking for Moleculars to advise and participate in movie magic. Intangibles, Stealths and Transmuters wanted. Excellent pay and benefits. Travel expenses paid if qualifications met. Contact “Doc” Kelsey @ Wonderland Farms via My Friend’s.

DANCERS: Feral females (5’8” and over) for Cirque du Noir act in Las Vegas. Must work in heels. Fur a plus. Five shows nightly. Good pay and benefits package. Four weeks rehearsal. Contact Franz or Dolf @ “Festival Festival” on the strip via this page.

KILOHERTZ: “Dude, if you’re still out there, please contact Walt D. at Eizner Productions. We’re talkin’ prime time, man. The nets are really interested. Babes, bucks, books. Whatever you want. Just let us exploit you. Cool?”

Good evening, Ferals. This is a site dedicated to daily maintenance of our particular needs as animal hybrids. Exterior and interior issues are covered. So recline, snack on a rare roast beef sandwich and prowl through these pages. We know how to stroke you the right way.

Felines. Sharper is not always better. Latest research shows that those of you with finger or toe claws (even retractable ones) stand more risk of infections, disease and nail breakage by over-filing yourselves. Razor-like sharpness may have its surface advantages, but ultimately, it is the force behind any swipe that determines its effectiveness. In other words, work your biceps and let nature punch the holes for you.

Ursine Males. Trimming seems to be a recurring problem here. The bear in your bloodstream just doesn't adapt well to this grooming habit, resulting in stump-like ends or neglected spikes. Give your macho egos a rest and invest some money in regular manicure appointments. There is a list of New Mutant friendly veterinarians and industrial manicurists nationwide available through this site. They are all discreet. Check them out, big guys. We'd like to be able to shake your hand without drawing back a bloody stub.

Reptilians. If venom sacs keep you away from a dentist's chair, here is good news. Adam of Mutant X has developed a temporary detoxin that will safely "dry up" your poisonous ducts for approximately four hour periods (ala a commercial sinus medicine). These tablets are available through this site or any Mutant X Lives outlet. So, get your teeth cleaned without taking the life of your hygienist. It's your right.

General. Most of us have some type of fang to deal with. Regular brushing and dental checks are not only sound but also a health must. Oversized and specifically curved toothbrushes, anti-germ/saliva controlling paste polish and gum flossing (especially for retractables) need to be implemented from childhood. It is our animal nature to ignore these regiments so our human sides take charge. Detailed instructions and even personally designed fang care routines have long been a stable of "Dracula". USE THEM. Do not let your teeth tip off Genomex to who you are.

Felines. See sharpening notes in CLAW CARE. Same rules apply. Leave the bloody predator punctures to the average human and rise above them.

Cervines. REMOVAL IS NOT THE ANSWER. There is a recent disturbing trend among Cervine Feral youths to remove their antlers. While we sympathize with the visible liability of having horns, the hazards of this self-mutilation cannot be over-emphasized. Not only is lethal infection assured but also permanent damage to equilibrium, balance and mental health. Embrace your deer heritage and trust that some day a solution will be found that allows you to be seen. Holo-bands worn round the forehead have had promising results. They render most antlers invisible and allow a measure of public interaction provided contact is not too close. This is but one method being perfected by dedicated New Mutant scientists. We will not rest until we get you out of the woods, Cervines. Do not harm yourselves in the meantime.

Renowned Scottish chef Angus Cameron has recently put out a collection of recipes entitled, "A Taste of Red". It is packed with meat dishes that should satisfy even the bloodthirstiest of Ferals (many prepared with raw ingredients). Copies are available through this site at a discount or, if you can't wait for delivery, check out the cooking section of your local bookstore. Cameron's Black Clot Pie (pg. 104) could sate a month's worth of temptation alone.

Our sister site, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" offer 24 hour consoling to all Ferals who feel the pull of the moon a bit too strongly. Carnal carnage is a common concern and can be controlled (or at least tempered in the case of most Canines). Don't be lost in lust. Give Alice a try.

All input from veterinarians, dental technicians and New Mutant experts is welcome and will be posted. Please keep subject matter to the physical categories listed and post all other Feral concerns to "Call of the Wild".

Being born with extraordinary powers does not make one immune to being overweight, stressed out or generally unhealthy. In fact, many New Mutants are more susceptible to these conditions than average human beings. The Underground and Mutant X Lives offers exercise and health programs for nominal or (in some cases) zero fees in their safehouse facilities. They are specialized to each class (and often subclass) of New Mutant focusing on their special needs. Take advantage of these courses. We can let you know you're not alone, but only you can keep yourself fit.

MON-FRI, 4:30pm to 6pm: "FERAL FITNESS" at the Guanine Center (contact MUTANT X LIVES for address). Aerobics, gymnastics, racing, high jumps, prowling, berserking, tracking, shadow-mauling and distance freefalls all covered. Brett Lawson (canine) and Mia Taggert (feline), instructors with guest classes taught by Shalimar Fox of MUTANT X. (Claws must be trimmed for mat exercises).

TUES & THURS, 7pm: "TELEKINETIC AEROBICS" at the Guanine Center. Allison Turner, instructor. Must bring three sets of jump ropes, six 5-pound weights (juggling size) and a jigsaw puzzle. Sweats also required.

SAT. MORNINGS, 9am-1pm: "MOLECULAR BODY BUILDING" at the Cytosine Center (MXLIVES has the 411). Get away from the computer screen or the chem-lab and chisel those pecs. Chemical reactions are not a way to put on muscle and intangibility is not a solution to weight loss. Bring physical contact back into your life and focus on flesh and bone. NEW INSTRUCTOR: Former "Playgirl" Man-of-the-Year Christopher Armbrister (Elasticity. "Look out, girls!").

SAT. MORNINGS, 8AM-NOON: "ELEMENTAL 4-K RUNS". Based out of the Guanine Center. Be one with nature and join the trek. Dennis B. Harold (wind-wielder), coach and instructor. Some runs will be thermal oriented pending weather conditions.

SAT. AFTERNOONS, 3pm to 4:30pm. "FITNESS MIXER" at the Cytosine Center. ALL New Mutant types welcome to join in this mid-level aerobics, martial arts and weight-training session. Various instructors.

MON, WED & FRI, 7pm: "PSIONIC KICK-BOXING". Guanine Center. Get out of your head and join telepathic fitness guru, Peter Astaire, for this exhilarating class.

TUES & THURS, 7pm: "NEW MUTANT MARTIAL ARTS" at the Adenine Center (MXL for locale. This one changes frequently). Also taught by Peter Astaire with guests (Brennan Mulwray and Jesse Kilmartin from MUTANT X). All types welcome.

WED, 6pm: "TAIL WORKOUTS". Cytosine Center. If you got 'em, Ferals, you might as well use 'em. Taught by Wendy Lehrer (reptilian). All lengths okay.

SAT. MORNINGS, 9am-11am. "NEW MUTANT TOT TROTS" Guanine Center. Ages 2-7. Start your young ones out right. All types encouraged to join. Monthly jamborees and annual cookie sales for parent/child camp weekend. Allison Turner and various guests lead.

BI-MONTHLY WEEKEND SURVIVAL WEEKENDS. Based out of Guanine. Military style excursions led by former Dark Stars Lt. "Beau" Longstreet (ursine) and Sgt. Angel Dorne (feline). ONLY FOR THE EXTREMELY FIT. Physical required.

SUN. EVENINGS, 6:30pm-9:30pm. "MODERN DANCE FOR ELEMENTALS". Guanine Center. Continuing in the popular tradition of PSIONIC BALLET, FERAL HOE DOWNS and MOLECULAR JAZZ, Peter Astaire once again takes the baton. R. Dworsky (empath), piano accompanist. Recital optional.

It is important we acknowledge our fallen brethren. New Mutants from all walks of life, regardless of heroics or alliances, have too much in common to be laid to rest without recognition. This obituary site is devoted to our comrades, our foes and, most importantly, ourselves as human beings.

Corporal Clark Randel (27) One of the Dark Star Elite Task Force units who was mutagened into a canine Feral. Before succumbing to the flaws of his transformation process, Randel participated on the successful raid of TRICORP BOTANICALS, assuring that their disastrous splicing experiments ended. His parents, Glenn and Patricia, and two younger brothers survive him.

Caleb Mathius (presumed mid-20’s) An unfortunate Elemental who chose to prey on fellow mutants than to seek their help. May his actions be forgiven.

Rick Bellamy (26) One of the many victims of the Mutant virus. Rick, a wind Elemental, was a trusted member of the Underground whose contributions will not be forgotten. He is survived by his wife, Cherise.

Alice Robins (34) Another New Mutant who succumbed to the fatal virus. A heat Elemental who had successfully been relocated in integral society, Ms. Robins will be missed by her pupils and fellow staff of the Brookstone Library.

Charles Marlowe (39) His sacrifice ended the Mutant virus forever balancing his misdeeds. The only known “Untouchable” Molecular, may he join his wife and daughter in peace.

Aldous Berkley (25). A canine Feral who made regrettable choices. Survived by a brother.

Donna Villard (22). Feline Feral. “Donna. We loved and accepted you as you were. If only you could have done the same. Your loving parents.”

Dr. Richard Saunders (30). A feline Feral and genetics genius. He could have brought about so much change if only he had not tried to cause it. “Thank you for my life. Shalimar.”

By requesting this title you have placed yourself in the care of the New Mutant Underground. Follow the instructions given to you by any agent who identifies themselves as THE WHITE RABBIT (codename changed twice daily) and prepare to be immediately placed in a local safehouse until relocation can be arranged. As of this moment, your former life no longer exists. All loose ends are no longer yours to tie.

Good luck and move forward as smoothly as possible.

My name is Adam. I sponsor this page of the "My Friend's Bookstore" catalogue. Like you, I am not a New Mutant but one who believes that all forms of people are human beings. Only together can we progress as a race into the chaotic future.

By being admitted to this site, you've expressed yourself as a friend to both the outcasts of the world and the unknown. I want to congratulate you on having an open mind and a tremendous amount of courage. Ignorance is the ultimate enemy we are dealing with. Denying the existence of New Mutants or the abominable idea that they can be exterminated will only serve to send mankind back to irretrievable depths. The Children of Genomex are here and cannot be uncreated. We need to embrace them.

There is much you can do to support mutant kind. Do not think that because you lack extra senses or super-abilities you are any less powerful than they are. If anything, you are stronger. The freedom to move and act without observation or suspicion makes you a priceless ally. Pledges of support and understanding are also true gifts to New Mutants that have grown up with no awareness of security. Finally the risks you face (on any level) by taking the stand you've taken are a force beyond any DNA enhancement or the potential of most men. You are true heroes.

There are many ways to contribute to the New Mutant cause. Mutant X, the Underground and My Friend's Bookstore all have branches to use your various talents. I am told that requesting a copy of Samuel Coleridge's "Kubla Khan" on this site accesses financial aid channels but do not think money is the most important element needed in this struggle. Time, intelligence, humor and the ability to share far outweigh a bank statement. I feel that is true in any allegiance.

Incidentally, you might want to check out the Saroyan work this page is named for (I believe there is a film version). It is an excellent illustration of the traits that make us all human. It has very little to do with basic genetics.

Stealths are a rare type of Molecular New Mutant. They project auras around their bodies that negate light rays and render them, their attire and whatever they carry invisible to the human eye. This rare ability comes at a tremendous cost. To date, no Stealth has survived to the age of forty-five and most succumb to chronic health degeneration while in their twenties.

Created in the laboratories of Genomex during the mid-1970's, these men and women were born from experiments that attempted to control the patterns of their embryonic DNA to achieve the desired invisibility. The procedure, which had been successful with Ferals, proved hazardous for Stealths. Unstable factors in Molecular genetics resulted in New Mutants with compromised immunity systems and often mental imbalance that would manifest in adolescence. Only a small percentage of the original Stealths made it to adulthood and then, only two managed to escape the confines of Genomex.

The fugitives have kept low profiles in the outside world, keeping themselves out of contact with the branches of Mutant X, the Underground and even each other. They have both parented children, all of whom inherited their invisible powers and health risks that come with them. There is also evidence of "natural" Stealth Moleculars, born without the influence of the Breedlove labs. Regardless, all appear to suffer the same debilitating physical defects and are in need of help. Control over their fading worsens each year after sixteen and is often accompanied by respiratory or cystic ailments. All of these symptoms contribute to a fragile mental state as well.

Mutant X founder Adam along with fellow sympathetic and trusted scientists have learned that Ephenol, a new and relatively untested synthetic, can have a stabilizing influence on an adult Stealth's deterioration. Results, however, are unpredictable, as is the potential for dangerous side effects. Further testing is needed before the drug can be applied as medicine. The expense of this endeavor is, to put it bluntly, "out of sight".

We here at "The Invisible Man" ask that all readers with means and a heart for this cause to donate time, resources and funds so these much abused New Mutants can finally surface and join the rest of us. Help us refine Ephenol or develop viable alternatives before Stealths become a vanished race. The only thing we know for certain is that they are a part of our family and need visible attention NOW.

Contact us through this site or any Mutant X Lives outlet. Any form of contribution is appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to the New Mutant Financial Aid page. If you are over eighteen years of age, unemployed and a child of Genomex, you may be eligible for funds or loans from the Aunt Ellie trust. This foundation has existed since the inception of Mutant X and continues to provide a monetary bridge to span the many gaps a new Mutant can stumble upon.

Cases will be considered on an individual basis by a rotating board of peers (with at least one Telepath in attendance), Underground personnel and top-rated financial consultants. While it is not possible to help all applicants, a resource team will also be on hand to advise, job-consul and train those in need of an increase in income.

We ask all pending claimants not to abuse this system. The truly needy (disfigured Ferals, single parents of infant fire Elementals, medicated Psionics, etc…) will always be considered over capable mutants who have merely run across hard times. It is not our function to "pay" an individual, but to narrow the odds making independence and dignity possible for all. "Xanadu" is not guaranteed.

Click here for a Starter Application (Coming Soon)

You have entered the world of Mutant X, a society dedicated to the protection, acceptance and advancement of the genetically different. Please feel free to browse the available titles. There is bound to be one that speaks to you, as is true with all great literature.

My Friend’s Bookstore owner Ruby Bishop and his staff are always on hand to help locate hard-to-find or rare editions for you. They can also take orders and suggestions for books you feel should be in stock.

As a starting place, may we recommend: a vintage volume of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” for new Psionic readers; a handsomely rugged copy of London’s “Call of the Wild” for Ferals; the new trade paperback printing of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” that should appeal to all you emoting Elementals; and an annotated textbook edition of Ovid’s classic “Metamorphoses” that no Molecular should be without. Mr. Bishop would also like it known that facsimile screenplays of Saroyan’s “Human Comedy” have just been placed on the shelves (in Drama: Film Arts). This has been a much-requested item by our many non-New Mutant clients and we are happy to finally have obtained it for you.

Purchases not necessary, but appreciated. Reading time unlimited, but “sign in” is essential.
Again, welcome.

My name is Jesse and, like you, I'm a Molecular. We are the most unpredictable of New Mutants. Our powers defy the laws of nature and constantly alter or combine. It's important that we band together with support and understanding. I maintain this site through My Friend's Bookstore for that very purpose. Please feel free to use it to learn and share information, insights and inspiration.

Unlike Ferals, Elementals or Psionics, we Moleculars are hard to pinpoint. New abilities seem to emerge with each generation that has followed the original Children of Genomex. Specific powers are not always handed down from parent to child but the Molecular gene always is. Some have deemed the instability of our DNA to be vulnerability, but I feel it is our strength. We adjust well to diverse situations because that is a part of our very personality. Moleculars also appreciate the here and now better than most. There is an awesome live-wire spirit that runs through many of us. We are the least likely to get bored or stagnated. It's just not who we are.

Well, as this is the official launch of this site, let's jump right in:

My own power has to do with density. I can make my body intangible or impervious for short periods of time. In words of my buddy Brennan, I'm a double threat. I've met or heard from many other Moleculars who have combined powers. We are the only New Mutants this phenomenon occurs in. Sometimes we are born this way but more often a second, complimentary power surfaces long after the original. Thus, a heat inducer will also be able to create coldness or a light chromatic could start producing dark shadows and so on. This mix of abilities is becoming less and less rare. It takes major balancing, both physical and mental, to handle. I can testify to this personally. There are special gymnasiums and counseling staffs available at most Mutant X Underground facilities. For specific information on these ask for Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" through My Friend's. It's a "book" devoted to the illogical aspects of the New Mutant experience. I'm often there myself.

Some Moleculars are more fortunate than others. Despite flip-flopping insides, most of us are healthy. This isn't the case for Stealths, however. These are New Mutants who can turn invisible. For some reason most do not live to see the age of forty-five. Their physical condition deteriorates over decades and is the source of much pain and humiliation throughout their lives. I have it on reliable information that this descent is because the first Stealth embryos were purposely designed in Genomex labs, not unlike Ferals. But where Feral DNA is a mix of organics, Stealths were charged with unnatural components to control the mutations. A freak show on top of a freak show, in other words. Whatever the reasons, Stealths need our help. Hospices and research labs are being set up (my boss has made this a particular priority). Donations and volunteers are always needed. Ask for a copy of H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man" at My Friend's. We can't let our invisible brothers and sisters fade away.

I don't know about you, but I'm a real cyber geek. I love correspondence and hope to meet and exchange ideas with all of you over this page. Send me some Email at this site and share your thoughts. I promise I'll always find time to answer or pass on your words to others. Just don't send "singles" info. Let's leave the love matching to "Wuthering Heights", okay? I may be Molecular, but man, I'm only human. Hope to hear from you soon.

Jesse K.

Here is a page devoted to questions and answers that any New Mutant (or human friend) may have. Something on your mind? Ask away.

What is a New Mutant? Are there Old Mutants as well?
A New Mutant is a race of genetically altered humans created in the laboratories of Genomex, a covert government facility that is now defunct. “Old Mutants” are the natural changes of evolution that have occurred in living beings since the beginning of time. If you are an average human man or woman, you may consider yourself an Old Mutant.

Is there more than one kind of New Mutant?
There are four classifications: Ferals (animal hybrids), Elementals (nature wielders), Psionics (brain powers) and Moleculars (unnatural phenomenon).

Do any New Mutants have more than one power?
Yes. Although rare, multiple classifications do occur. Psionics appear to have this potential more than others. Several Psionic/Moleculars are known to exist, as well as Psionic/Ferals. Thus far there is only one New Mutant who crosses over into all four categories, but he is the result of laboratory experiment and not “natural birth”.

How did Genomex create the New Mutants?
Dr. Paul Breedlove, a brilliant but corrupt, geneticist founded Genomex under the guise of the Breedlove Institute nearly four decades ago. While posing as health clinics that prevented the threat of birth defects, the Breedlove facilities actually tampered with the DNA of thousands of unborn embryos, resulting in the birth of a new race of empowered humans.

Why was this done?
It is thought that the motives behind Dr. Breedlove’s actions were to create an ultimate army (or human weapons) to bring the rest of the globe under a single dominating force.

How was this stopped?
A young Genomex scientist, known only as Adam, had a change of heart and turned on Dr. Breedlove and the others. He single-handedly destroyed Genomex’s database and formed Mutant X and the Underground to fight for the New Mutants’ freedom.

Is Adam a New Mutant?
No. He is merely a genius.

What exactly is Mutant X?
They are a team of New Mutant heroes under Adam’s guidance who battle the foes and obstacles that threaten their race.

How many teammates are there?
The current “Alpha crew” is composed of four members: Shalimar Fox (a feline Feral), Jesse Kilmartin (a Molecular with phasing and density powers), Brennan Mulwray (an electrical Elemental) and Emma DeLauro (a Telempathic Psionic). Other New Mutants have fought along side the team on occasion and many who run the Underground are considered associates.

Is this the only line-up Mutant X has ever had?
There are rumors that other versions of the team existed but none of them achieved the progress and renown this one has. Regardless, Adam has always kept the number down to a select few.

What is the Underground?
The New Mutant Underground (also known as Mutant X Lives) is the largest faction of Mutant X. They help, place or hide New Mutants until a time arises when they can integrate with society. Their safehouses and bases of operation exist all over the globe. By being on this site, you are a part of them.

Is Genomex still a threat?
For years Genomex and its leader, Mason Eckhart, have been the major foes of any New Mutant and their supporters. That appears to have changed in recent months. Brought down from within, Genomex is no longer a menace to mutant kind. It has been replaced by a more benevolent government agency whose functions are yet to be defined?

With Genomex out of the picture, can Mutant X retire?
Unfortunately no. Genomex’s takeover was chaotic and left the future of New Mutants in a state of flux. Mutant X is needed now more than ever to battle the ignorant, the evil and often their own kind now twisted with ideas of revenge.

Just as James Fenimore Cooper’s Natty Bumppo could track a lost soul in the wilderness, so will this site in the chaotic world we endure. Listed are missing New Mutants followed by a brief description (photos available by request). Any information volunteered to us about their whereabouts will be thoroughly investigated and acted upon.

Tina Denning (15) An amphibian Feral who disappeared from her Underground-placed foster home following an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Zach Lockhart (25-30). A rogue Psionic illusionist wanted for theft, fraud and several other felonies. A motorcycle enthusiast with a slick manner. BE WARY.

Michelle Bigelow (Early 20’s) A gifted Cyber-Empath (Psionic). Believed to have been recruited by Genomex. (NOTE: Please forward all information concerning Ms. Bigelow to Emma DeLauro c/o MUTANT X).

Barry Sterling (28) Particle-wave Elemental. Thought to be a Genomex captive, but not confirmed. Also known as “Kilohertz”. EXTREMELY UNSTABLE. DO NOT APPROACH.

Marc Griffin (24) Amnesia-inducing Psionic. Missing since the mysterious death of his girlfriend, non-New Mutant Megan Alexander. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Charlotte Cooke (20) A reptile or insect Feral with venom that induces extreme behavior in her victims. (NOTE: All information should be reported directly to Adam at MUTANT X). Not believed to be hostile but approach with caution all the same.

Sean Kienle (16) Missing from his southern Washington high school since the murder of his father. The teen is not thought to be responsible for the death, but a victim of the GSA. A Feline Feral, he is thought to be on the run with his younger sister.

Elizabeth “Beth” Kienle (14) Sister of the above. A Molecular with heightened and X-ray vision. All the same stats apply.

This is a record concerning the life of the first Child of Genomex. It is also a warning. Gabriel Ashlocke may be the most powerful New Mutant ever born. He is also the greatest threat to our existence.

Dr. Breedlove, the mastermind behind the genetic manipulation that created Ferals, Moleculars, Psionics and Elementals, overreached his initial unnatural goal of a superior race of beings. Having identified and designed the quartet of New Mutant classifications, he implanted embryos with all four strains together. Of the preliminary subjects, only one survived to be born: a boy named Gabriel Ashlocke.

Unlike later New Mutants, Gabriel's parents were both Genomex scientists and fully aware of the experiment that was to bring the new species into the world. Donal Ashlocke and his wife, Ava de Winter, were both gifted European geneticists who did the bidding of an underground remnant of surviving Axis Powers. Dr. Breedlove was also allied with this evil regime and came to know the young couple through their associated DNA research. They had a similar drive to his own and a complete disregard for moral consequences that impressed the impressario to no end.

The Ashlockes became NATO security targets in the early 1970's and were forced to flee their homeland. Breedlove pulled strings and arranged for them to receive asylum in the United States, in exchange for their incorporating their nefarious laboratory skills into the evolving nightmare known as Genomex. At the time, it was masked as an institute to genetically cure and prevent birth defects when, in reality, it was engineering a new breed of empowered infants.

Hungry with power and wanting to advance the entrance of the new race, the Ashlockes eagerly volunteered to be among the first to parent the implanted embryos. Paternal desire played little or no factor in their decision. The couple's knowledge of potential mishap and Dr. Breedlove's constant presence enabled Ava to carry the infant to full term. Patient Zero (Gabriel) was born at the Genomex facility on the 6th of June and appeared to be a normal, healthy baby boy. For years he was watched, guarded and analyzed like a priceless commodity.

All four strains of mutated DNA ran through Gabriel's bloodstream but made no appearance until he reached adolescence. He was a handsome, highly intelligent and charming youngster despite his parents' cold, clinical approach to childrearing. By this time, Genomex had brought forth each class of New Mutant separately with unmeasured success. Dr. Breedlove reluctantly began to consider "Patient Zero" to be a failure assuming the multiple gene mix had cancelled each other out.

This opinion drastically revised when, in an uncharacteristic fit of teenage anger, Gabriel molecularly caused a nuclear flash that disengrated his overly disciplinarian parents to ashes. He then proceeded to disembowel a task force of Genomex Agents with Ursine Feral strength and shut down the entire complex's power grid by absorbing the electronic waves elementally. Both Dr. Breedlove and Security Head Mason Eckhart became Gabriel's thrall-like pawns through Psionic manipulation. It appeared that the fourteen-year-old was about to takeover the entire government operation with a mad agenda to lead his brother and sister mutants into war for global domination. He had possessed the four ranges of mutant power all along but, even as a toddler, had the uncanny inspiration to conceal them. There had never been anything normal about Gabriel Ashlocke.

For weeks Genomex appeared to do Gabriel's bidding. Only one staff member, Adam, was immune to the young mutant's influence. In a courageous move, the scientist planted an untested invention called the subdermal governor on the back of Gabriel's neck. This negated his powers and allowed the boy to be subdued.

Regaining his senses, Mr. Eckhart ordered Gabriel's execution, but Dr. Breedlove intervened. If controlled, Patient Zero could be Genomex's most valuable asset. Since Adam and staff psychologist Laura Varady had diagnosed Gabriel with an irreversible God complex, the teenager was kept in a state of unconsciousness, frozen in the first of Genomex's stasis chambers until an effective method of restraint could be devised.

Gabriel Ashlocke remains under glass to this day under top security. He ages slowly and appears to any witness like a tranquil sleeping pharaoh. But underneath the calm, attractive surface still exists a corrupting power that could devastate mankind.

The first New Mutant is the best and the worst of all of us. We owe Gabriel our existence, but must always remember his lack of humanity could cost us our souls and any future for happiness. Let the dark prince sleep.

Being Psionics, we don't need to speak much. However, there is much more to convey. Pass on your thoughts, verbally or otherwise. All will be received.

Every new idea is an old dream.

Even a Precog cannot predict love.

TO S.W.: "Read your mind. It needs editing." J.B.

Any telepaths interested in Taos retreat check out Homer's "The Odyssey" for travel arrangements. You already know the dates.

Pyrotechnics always have a light.

Illusionists are often lonely souls.

Empaths need a break from stray heartbreaks and random rage? Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" provides sound advice from wise caterpillars to help you sort it out.

Levitation isn't all sets off to be. Stay grounded.

I met a man who read my mind, yet never knew my face.

TO H.H.: "See you at you-know-where for you-know-what on you-know-when." FROM: You-Know-Who.

Telekinetics: Gaining weight because you don't need your muscles? The Mutant X exercise programs in Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (actually, in any Hemingway title) will keep you in shape.

Is it love or is that just a gun in your pocket? If you don't wish to know, don't empath.

TO J.G.: "***************" FROM: M.R.

I sensed Joy. It was not mild on my hands.

To all Cyberpaths: Remember to unplug and do the flesh-and-blood thing occasionally.

Telepaths give good mind.

She wasn't a saint. She was just psionic.

Telekinetics never need keys…but the good ones use them any way.

Remember the fallen. Check out Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind". (Was Scarlett O'Hara a Precog? "Tomorrow is another day.")

Blind dates never blind enough, telepaths? Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" can help keep the mystery in Psionic romance.

For Astral Projectors there is never an edge.

I don't see, I know. I don't know, I feel. I don't feel…I'm dead.

Meditation always applies. Don't get sloppy, Joe.

Got it bad? You could always be Feral.

CLOSING NOTE: Great minds are rare. Try reading a good book. Peace.

Yo there, temperature-tamperin' dudes an' babes. If you're an Elemental, this is the place for you! Kick back and let the sparks fly. We're all nature-benders on this page so just chill out…or get toasted.

WATER SHORTIN' YOU OUT? Common problem for Electricals or Heat Thermals. Didja know a thin layer of latex can keep your flow goin' strong? In 85% of all cases, it's true. Johnson's Surgical out of Ohio makes the ultimate peel-on bodysuit (sold in 20-packs @ 15.99 per). It seals on so one knows it's there unless you go for the fuchsia, goldenrod or teal shades. Also available in ethnic or suntan. So hit the waves, zappers! Swim, fish or do a Gene Kelly an' go singin' in the rain. With Johnson's it won't be a shock! (Go to www.latexans or phone toll-free 1-800-NOLEAKYS for orders)

BOTANICALS! How does your garden grow? Linda Seely, TV's Domestic goddess and proven New Mutant friend would like some tips for her gardening segment. Promises to pay healthy greens if they blossom. Browse West's "Day of the Locust" if you're budding with news.

Got a personal request here: Monica, a foxy wind elemental from the San Fernando Valley, is lookin' for a dude who whirls things up as much as she does. Wants to take long walks on the beach with him…and whatever else hits the breeze. Guys, trust me, she is one picture-perf sample of DNA. So if you're a sturdy Zephyr, 20-40, with abs, gab and a need to grab, throw caution to the wind and send a 3 minute vid-disk to My Friend's requesting Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" (New Mutant Lonely Hearts). We'll see if there's a twister in your future.

Another personal: Zachary Eton, your folks want you home. The ice powers were never a problem and they love you. Sounds like they mean it, Z. Give 'em a break. Mutant X Lives will pick up the call.

MAJOR GUEST STAR: Brennan Mulwray, the Electrical from Mutant X, is givin' a talk to wayward juvenile elementals and their parents at the X Center in Chicago on Sat. March 2nd at 6PM. If anyone knows how a nature-bendin' delinquent thinks, it's this former hood. He'll scare your kids straight an' maybe make 'em heroes out of 'em. Check it out.

Ernie, a Chemical from Vermont, is selling his prime condition '68 Thunderbird complete with gas-masks. Browse H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" for details.

MEGA-JOB OFFERS FOR COLD THERMALS in Juno, Alaska. Many positions, will train if necessary and excellent benefits. In other words, if you can dig the wind chill factor, they'll dig you. Browse Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days" for specifs.


New Mutant romances can be as difficult as Heathcliff and Catherine fumbling on the moors. Many give up rather than face another rejection in life. Using this page will hopefully help lonely souls meet others like themselves, making connections that mean they will no longer have to face the world alone.

It is important to understand that "Wuthering Heights" is not a setup for one-night stands, but a way to find lasting relationships of the heart, whether they are passionate or platonic. Anyone searching for quick physical or lewd couplings will have to do so outside of the My Friend's Bookstore realm. Life is complicated enough.

So, if you're a lone lupine Feral in Quebec who can't locate a mate with similar fangs, if you're a Stealth Molecular from Kansas who doesn't stay visible long enough to meet a nice heat-generating Elemental or if you're simply an isolated Psionic in Rio who'd rather talk to a friend than read his or her thoughts…THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN TRY TO DO SO.

Email your heart's desire to: and let us play matchmaker. Complete confidence guaranteed. Remember, true love is never easy to find, whether you are a New Mutant or not.

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