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Mutant X Websites: There's A Genetic Conspiracy (TAGC)

From 2001-02, Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X faux websites as part of the Mutant X official site, in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot's storylines, but they vanished in early 2005. This site has archives of the faux website, TAGC: There's a Genetic Conspiracy, prior to its disappearance. I'm saving this material here in case this archive vanishes as well, but none of the following material is my own.

You are being LIED to!!! Forget left-wing right-wing voodoo governmental policy and fanfare. The truth - the reality of it all - is they've been experimenting with genes, OUR genes, since WWII! Don't believe me?

MISSED ME?? I'm in! If you wondered where I've been, don't. I got tired dodging those trenchcoat wearing baffoons they call agents and decided to turn the tide. Now I got my nifty little gray name card and even niftier little gray ball cap. And I got the perfect manila envelope going on the on the biggest nut in the party bowl.

Ding Dong the Breedlove's D E A D ! This is the guy who started it all. He's toast. Ashes to ashes. Literally. He must have stepped on the wrong toes. Like the big honking concrete stompers of Genomex...

I have Proof! GENOM-freakin-EX. See for yourself what these psycho gene butchers have in store for you, for US. Straight from the source. THEIR OWN EMAIL!!!! ... I have MORE Proof! Her name was Liz Leyendecker. She worked for a news magazine.

I am NOT alone in my beliefs! Someone unnamed, some anonymous source is lampooning these genetic shinenigans in a comic called Splice Splash...(would the anonymous author PLEASE contact me?!) Just joining the ranks of those with eyes wide open to the TRUTH? See how far I've come. Read the continuing story in my journal.

They're Everywhere Don't think there ISN'T proof elsewhere? Think again! Look closely at the headlines in YOUR town. It's there if you dig deep enough. I have ... Nothing to Hide: Letters Have a question about these TRUTHS? Email me and I'll answer your questions. I don't know everything, but I know enough to be aware...

Eyewitness Interviews You think I'm the only one with proof? Guess again! It is all around us, if you only know where to look, how to look, what to look for... I pick up where the bastions of journalism have dared not go. Read for yourself these reports from eyewitnesses and decide for yourself.

I created this website because I'm sick of the lies they feed us. There is obvious evidence that more than one type of human being now exists on this planet. Take a good look at your neighborhood. Notice a high number of over-achievers around lately? Any pro-league athletes in the local high school? In the line for a movie, do kids stare at you like they can read your mind? Is there a flux of news items about spontaneous fires, freak flying objects or vanishing teens in your local papers? And most important: Is there a gene-tampering Breedlove Foundation outlet or a Singer Clinic near by? It all adds up to a repulsive picture, which has been covered up and denied on every level.
The truth can't hide! I've spent years of gathering data, reading between the lines and connecting events, I can state, without a doubt, that we are about to be submerged in a generation of DNA-mutated freaks. Most look like average men and women, but they possess abilities that allow them to do the unimaginable.
Created in the Breedlove labs worldwide and implanted in unsuspecting patients who thought they were receiving care, these scientific spawn live among us to do the bidding of the power-hungry moguls who pose as our government and protectors. They have engineered an inhuman race. A threat to mankind.
I'm here to make you aware of them and prove the "unbelievable". With the mainstream press refusing to acknowledge the obvious evidence and possibly being a part of the conspiracy, there is little choice than to spread the word in this covert style.
I ask for your trust and cooperation. In return, I pledge to be honest, uncensored and unedited. I carry on the tradition of Nostradamus, Cassandra of Troy, George Orwell and the Chicago Eight voicing the ugly truth and facing possible consequences.

Who is Eckhart?
The plasticene face that is evil. The man I think I should know more about is Mason Eckhart. CORRECTION: The man I think the world should know more about is Mason Eckhart. (pictured below) He wasn't happy his computer was busted and even less thrilled to see me. What a freakshow he is. He's in charge of GENOMEX now and his tactics make Ol' Dr. Breedlove's look like the "Donna Reed Show". Eckhart came on board nearly two decades ago as Security Chief. To say he abused his power is a no-brainer. He abuses everything he touches. Not that he can touch much these days.

Let me explain. Following some highly classified incident known only as "X", pretty-boy Mason has to wear a latex body suit or he'll die. It's supposed to be a secret- but come on! The guy's got shinier skin than a Hollywood Blvd Wax Museum display. I would give plenty to find out exactly what "X" was, but the files are protected by some serious encryption. If I can't crack it, I doubt it's ever going to be public knowledge. Whatever the truth is, I'll bet that smarmy Adam was involved. Smug, GQ, mutie lover. Seems he worked in these labs until the very time Eckhart started wearing his saran suit. Proof there is no coincidences. To even mention Adam's name in Genomex territory can lead to getting canned…or worse. Yeah. That's how it is here. One nervous tic from Eckhart and you're a Popsicle.

By now, you've probably put together that I'm operating out of a Breedlove/Genomex facility (if you haven't, you don't deserve to be on my site). It's the only way I can bring everything out. We're living among monsters and these bloodsuckers are responsible. Especially Eckhart. You should read his memos. They're a step away from mind control. He passes you in the hall (always with a different bodyguard or assistant) and it's like a snake crawled across your foot. He keeps the room temperatures cold and the comfort zone even colder. It's like working in Siberia!

Yet, I have to move slowly. This guy has no sense of humor and strikes at a whiff of suspicion. Take Breedlove, for instance. He was Eckhart's supposed mentor and the white toupee-wearing ice pick had him rubbed out. It's in the Emails I grabbed between him and that psycho mutant Frank Thorne (my good buddy ... NOT!). They talk about gardening but it's really about offing the old Nazi whose conscience was finally kicking in (AWWW…). Maybe they'll do in each other and take the mutants with them. We can dream.

The TRUE Dr. Paul Breedlove
Following the footsteps of Liz Leyendecker, I have tried to recompile, as best I can, the true and indisputable biography of Dr. Paul Breedlove. I will post any reference documents in their original form as soon as I can get a scanner.

The man who came to be known as Dr. Paul Alexander Breedlove, genetics guru and the Colonel Sanders of DNA was born Kurt von Schuler in Salzburg, Austria, July 4, 1931. The youngest of three children, his father manufactured harpsichords, a family business for over a century. Scientists of the rising Third Reich recruited Kurt, a child prodigy at eight years of age, to study in Berlin.

As a teenager, Kurt was exposed to the soulless experiments conducted on those imprisoned in concentration camps. Kurt was allowed to participate in many of his own experiments as well. A high-ranking German geneticist known only as "the Purist" mentored him in these efforts. The corrupt genius believed heredity traits could be artificially altered and guided Kurt through the bloodiest and most torture-based of his human experiments. When the Allies crushed the Axis powers in the mid 1940's, Kurt was still young enough not to be held responsible for any atrocities he had a hand in. Now sixteen, he was returned to Austria to live with his surviving older sister, the rest of his family having perished protesting Hitler's regime.

For the next few years, it appeared that Kurt had been reformed to a quiet life of building harpsichords in the von Schuler tradition under his sister's strict influence. It was then that the Purist re-entered his life in the guise of biology researcher/missionary, Alexander Breedlove.

The aging Nazi was still working for submerged factions of the Axis forces and needed an apprentice. Either brainwashed or simply waiting for the call, Kurt responded. A devastating fire conveniently destroyed the von Schuler workshop and home, killing his sister. From that point on, a handsome, studious nephew called Paul always accompanied the elderly Dr. Breedlove on his worldwide travels.

The next decade was a blur of activity for the Breedloves. Their privately funded missionary work took them all through Asia, Manchuria, dark Africa and South America. The old biologist and his ward were seen at various times giving care and extensive research to radiation victims in Japan, starving Aborigine tribes in Australia and troops of UN soldiers stationed as far away as Iceland. The exact purpose and agenda of this work has never been revealed, but the genetic knowledge gathered by the two men is presumed to have been far ahead of discoveries that were later made by Crick and Watson.

What is known is that in the 1950's, a secret agency of the US government brought down the Neo-Nazi regime that the Breedloves worked for. Now operating out of a laboratory in northern Canada, the elderly Dr. Breedlove was handed over to these agents with the help of Paul who had turned over to their side. As a result, the young Dr. Breedlove was allowed to emigrate with full status and immunity to the U.S.A. forming a relationship with government factions that still exist with his corporation to this day.

Dr. Breedlove eked out a humbled existence teaching in ivy-covered universities when he met Eleanor Singer, an attractive pediatric specialist from a prominent "old money" family. They married in 1961 and co-founded the Breedlove clinic in upstate New York, focusing on the prevention of birth defects. While appearing to be a benevolent enterprise, it was in fact the beginning of The Breedlove Foundation. Sponsored and protected by a handful of venture capitalists, influential politicians and visionary government scientists, Dr. Breedlove was allowed to apply the twisted genetics research he had accumulated over the last quarter of a century once again on human subjects. It is estimated that between 1964 and 1982 nearly 2,500 expectant mothers were "marked" with Breedlove techniques. In branch clinics that dealt with infertility and difficult pregnancies, an additional 13,000 parents of both sexes received some type of treatment during the same period. There were also unusually close ties to the Singer Society for Animal Care. The exterior results of the Breedlove Foundation were healthy babies, happy parents and praised advances in obstetrics. The true products, however, were a breed of mutants: genetically altered human children.

His legacy: So Ding Dong, the Breedlove's dead. Why do I still have cold sweats? Because the threat he created is still out there, that's why. This isn't some poetic Shakespeare drama where the greedy king is beheaded and a glorious new age replaces the dark one. This is real life and bloody science. The head man might be gone, but Genomex is still going. Nothing's going to stop them until we rip off their cover and expose them for what they are.

The old guy's demise didn't really surprise me. Check out the inter-office memos about him (u:pseurver-admin/p:genomex). Dr. Paul's late-in-life pangs of guilt were obviously getting in the way of Genomex's new security regime. His tragic accident was anything but. I only wish I could have snapped the look on his vivisecting face when they gave him the permanent pink slip. Must have hurt more than his dead wife's will…or the screams of the countless souls he mutilated.

In case you can't tell by my carefully worded tribute…I'm not letting up. If anything, I'm stepping up. Breedlove was only the cause, not the effect. I'm not resting-or letting you rest-until it's a slab on a platter.

Like Dr. Paul.

The Story So Far
four months. four months and i'm finally in. i got a grunt job in the freak factory at genomex. this place looks like like something straight out of a tv show. you know the one. no, not that one. anyway. they gave me a clever outift and id card and keys to the network. what fun this is going to be. i already got in and snagged a picture of the chief nutcase. have a look. click here.

in the pool of genes, some fish got it, some fish ain't. there's only one strip worth reading if you care to know the truth. seen it underground. seen it on telephone poles. now seen it on line. here.

mutants have been contacting me. some for help. some to condemn. whether i believe these so-called specialized people, mutants, mutants, mutants, i cannot say. but what i can say is this. i will speak my mind. i will not join the conspiracy of silence and denial perpetrated by those who choose not to tell the truth, share the truth. they live the lie. and as for mutants - specialized people - who would rather remain anonymous, i say this...

If the bridge you walk on every day is on the verge of collapsing, you have the right to know. If the ground your house is built on is home to a deposit of nuclear waste, you have the right to know. If the database your fingerprint goes into when you get a driver's license is shared with movie rental places and libraries so they can track what you read and profile you when you haven't done anything wrong, you have the right to know.

Likewise, if someone with the ability to walk through your walls in the middle of the night and steal your memories or plant nightmares in your head lives next door, you have the right to know.

they fixed the hole. the login changed. i got the new one though:
go to:
username: pseurver-admin
password: genomex

i suggest any serious reader of this site start combing the online pages of the Midnight Press. i know, i know. on the surface it's cheesy tabloid crap. hyped up mutant propaganda for grocery line speed-readers. it has to be. that's the only way their message can slip through the censors.

you see gang, in order to survive and ring out the facts that there are mutants among us, publisher Del Hey and his well-informed employees have to mask the truth beneath a shallow front of show biz pizzazz. it's like the blonde bombshell with an IQ of 180: she'll only get ahead playing the bimbo. get it?

read between the MP's lines of yellow ink and take in each article. i get every issue they put out and research whatever line of potential mutant info it has to offer, big or small news. the rest i use for toilet paper. either way, i win.

spent a couple weeks in the midwest. lots to do. lots to follow up on. lots of crap. one nugget of undeniable truth tho. i did some dumpster diving with a friend. we go way back. we came up with an url, a login and password. some poor sap email admin is going to lose his pension over this one. if not more. better you than me, bud. so you want a hot, steaming pile of truth? grab a shovel. instructions below:
go to:
username: mail-pseurv
password: genomex


and now they want to put it on tv!!! some sort of reality show but they are calling it fiction, they say they have actors, but they're all mutants. watch and see. watch and see.

been on the road hunting clues and witnesses and following the trail. a friend i can't say anything about, but a friend, gave me evidence of a cover-up; a murder. liz leyendecker is dead. that's all i can find of her. ghosts in the jungle. i have her notes though, i can't say how i got them. i have them now. it's all in there. all of it. it makes so much sense to me now. i'm vindicated! you will know the truth too. soon as i post it. .sleep.

woke up in a sweat. dreamt of man in plastic wrap and a woman w/clawed hands. saw a shadow on the wall. theire in my head now, i know it. it's not safe.

tried to confirm info about dr. paul breedlove. there's nothing. the man doesn't exist. he's a fake. he's made up. he's fiction. BUT. i know he's not. he can't be. who is the man in the pictures then? who is the man behind these people?

there's too many incidents to keep straight in my head and YOU need to know the TRUTH of it all so i'm putting it on the site and if YOu see ANYTHIng strange or weird or paranormal. The Breedlove Foundation.

a friend of a friend told me these guys aren't what they seem... i'm digging. The Breedlove Foundation.

The Liz Leyendecker Story
Liz Leyendecker was a young investigative reporter for Point/Fact magazine in the late 1980's. She was working on an expose of the Breedlove Foundation when she was abruptly reassigned to cover a South American coup during which she went missing and is now presumed dead. Some coincidence. Her notes on Breedlove survive and were passed on to me by a source I can't reveal at this time. Absorb.

Jan. 14, 1987. Westchester, NY. 4:30PM. -- Just returned from my personal tour of the Breedlove's "mother center". This is the original institute of the genetics empire, built with Singer money in the early 60's to research and treat the causes of birth defects. And what a shining edifice to the miracles of modern medicine it is. I didn't know whether to pray or get in line for a roller coaster. In other words, they really took me for a ride.

My guide was one Dr. Matt Ribby, a second year resident specializing, he said, in mutation study. Smooth, good-looking. Potential creep. I suspect he was chosen to distract me, the ditzy girl reporter, from going too deep with my questions. At this point, the Breedloves still think we're doing a showcase piece on them, similar to dozens of brown-nose ones done over the years, but ever since Point's hatchet job on the Challenger, no one is letting us roam without a leash (thanks, guys!). So, I get young Dr. White Teeth 'N Tan Biceps steering me past the wonders of gene-splicing in a slick, purple golf cart. I had to plaster a smile on my face and undo a few buttons just to distract him so I could peek behind the picture perfect front they wanted me to see. My journalism professor was proud of me, I'm sure.

It was all pretty much what I expected. A series of gleaming labs with worker white-coats buzzing around test tubes; wards of adorable children attended by Stepford nurses; walls and walls of framed photos of Paul and Ellie Breedlove on missions of mercy or schmoozing with world leader/movie star types. Like that's going to do it for me. I even was subjected to a 20 minute animated film with that annoying "Splicey" character explaining Genetics 101 with songs and oh-so-humorous anecdotes. Between the harmonizing of Mendel's peapods and Dr. Matt's wandering eyes, I could barely keep my lunch down.

Got two breaks, however. The first happened in the children's ward. A lunch tray sailed across the air, nearly clocking me. It came from a corner where a lone boy lay completely restrained in his hospital bed. There was no way he could have physically thrown it. Caught his eyes before a flurry of nurses surrounded him. The look said, "Yeah, it was me." The second break was when the golf cart broke down in the main facility. Dr. Matt decided to impress me by shuttling us in a restricted elevator. Hyper-fast, yessiree. I was even more interested by the number of sub-basement levels listed on the button panel. Enough to reach China and definitely not part of the tour.

Tomorrow I get to see a limited view of St. Nicholas' Hospice. Oh, joy. No word yet if I get to interview the Breedloves. Dr. Matt hinted he could pull some strings. I'm meeting him in an hour for drinks and what I'm sure will be a discussion about his misunderstanding bride. What I do for a lead.

No scruples. No idiot, she. Read on.

Jan. 16, 1987 Westchester, NY. 1:45PM The creep came through. Got 20 minutes with Paul and Eleanor Breedlove, two of their attorneys and several nondescript types who stayed in the background. It was held in Dr. Paul's office at the "mother center". Circular desk, two Monets and a Klimt, gorgeous view of the courtyard fountain, the works. Their words gave me nothing. They seemed to be working from scripts, even down to the moment where they reached for each other's hands. "Genetic codes as medicine blah, blah, blah…tomorrow's children blah, blah, blah…perfection and pioneering blah, blah…" She was more of a zombie than he was. Pretending to use the bios provided, I asked Dr. Paul of his European heritage and got a song-and-dance of travels with his dearly departed adopted father that I could have read for free. He even played a tune on an antique harpsichord to the room's canned appreciation. I did detect a slip up. He asked a trivial question to one of his entourage and his accent seemed to slip from the acquired American snob-ese to what sounded like my Uncle Freddie. The one from Vienna.

Got back to the hotel and found a message taped to my room door. Only two scribbled words: the Purist. Eat your hearts out, Woodward and Bernstein!
Looks like it's research tomorrow and I suspect I'll be putting in for a travel voucher to Western Europe. Dr. Matt's coming by at 5PM. Got to work on my "you're great, let's just be friends" speech, if he doesn't beat me to it first.

I'm skipping the next couple of weeks and getting to the real dirt. Her notes just lead to it any way.

March 1, 1987 Munich, Germany 2:30PM On the train, waiting to get the hell out of here. Everything I learned in Vienna, Salzburg, Auschwitz and my east connection in West Berlin adds up and it's ugly. I'm recapping for my own sanity.

The Purist was definitely a high-ranking Nazi geneticist in Hitler's regime. We're talking a real Frankenstein, here. Slicing and splicing his way through the concentration camps in search of a recipe for the "master race". I'm still sick from the photos. I only wish the psycho himself had been caught on camera, but no such luck. Not even a real name.

He did have an apprentice, however. A boy prodigy from Salzburg named Kurt von Schuler. The kid was a freak genius born to a family of harpsichord makers. The Nazi scientists let him run wild through bloody labs supervised by "Uncle Purist". I'm almost 100% sure that little Kurt became Dr. Paul.

When the Allies broke the Axis in the 40's, Kurt von Schuler was considered a young, victimized puppet and spared Nuremberg. The Purist was never apprehended. After laying low back in Austria a few years, tuning keyboards I imagine, Kurt vanished after a fire burned down the family business. This was just the time that elderly Dr. Alexander Breedlove, legendary biologist and missionary appeared on the scene traveling the globe and healing the deformed with his handsome, adopted son, Paul. I matched news clippings with the surviving von Schuler family photos. The younger Breedlove is definitely Kurt. I'd bet my mother's soul that his new daddy was the Purist.

Library time was limited, but I could find no records of where Paul Breedlove actually received his multiple degrees, even though his official bio claims they came from "the world's finest universities". This proves zilch, I know. Record keeping over here is worse than the mob's.

I'd love to follow the Breedloves' trail through Japan, Africa, Greenland, South America…but that's not the real story. Their brand of care giving always seemed to involve a second agenda of research. Ancient tribes, radiation victims, army experiments… all dealing with DNA mutation, primitive gene-splicing and photo ops with beaming brats. A Dr. Krieg in West Berlin told me, off the record, that they were way ahead of the discoveries later made by Crick and Watson. The work had nothing to do with healing, (surprise, surprise) and everything to with carrying on the curriculum of their WWII horror show.

The conductor's making his way down the aisle. Got to close.

Nazi! Breedlove is a junior Nazi! Brings a whole new light to the marvels of genetics medicine his empire practices, doesn't it? One last noteworthy entry before Liz got her yanked from the story and sent to her death in the rainforests.

March 21, 1987 Toronto, Canada 3:15AM Back from the usual with my Secret Service contact. Not as good as my Interpol guy, but he confirmed what I already knew. The Breedloves were apprehended here by an American Special Forces Unit that bought down the entire Neo-Nazi regime that our "missionary saints" were connected to. I guess sweetheart Paul was "turned" and ratted out the others, including his Purist pop. That explains Paul's painless immigration to the States in the late 50's and the connections to U.S. officials that started me on this story in the first place.

The marriage into Dr. Eleanor Singer's old money (would I like another shot at her now!) and the multiplying clinics also fall into place. I just need to know what the Breedlove Foundation actually does in all those sub-basements before I can turn this in. I can guess. My knowledge of gene-splicing, controlled mutations and altered DNA in embryos has greatly increased in these past months. But could it be that evil? That fantastic? It's like pulp sci-fi.

Using innocent souls and unsuspecting parents, treating them for medical purposes and at the same time creating a super-race. "Perfection," Dr. Paul mumbled. Can it be that awful? When I think of the number of patients that have filed through a Breedlove facility in the last few decades, I want to heave. All those healthy babies. What are they?

Got an urgent message from my editor. Must be off.

That's where it ended for Liz. And where it begins for us.

Eyewitness Interviews!
The mainstream press is either blind, bought-off or both. Everywhere you look there's a genetically engineered mutt making news. Only no one has the guts to call them what they are or draw the obvious conclusions. We're being denied the truth and right to defend ourselves against it.

The links on the right will show you interviews I conducted about people or scenes that the noble relics of journalism have not deemed significant enough to follow up on, despite the evidence.

It should be known I always altered my appearance and used fake i.d.'s for these dialogues. Even at this early stage, there are too many people who would take me out for what I know.

Also, I have made no alterations to the texts. The full and complete transcripts are presented. All of it!!

Remember. Read between the lines. The answers are all there.

Interview with the Carlsons
Blairsburg, Iowa -- August 14 Interview with Dwayne and Velveteen Carlson, one-time neighbors to the Morris quintuplets.
Mrs. Carlson: You sure I can't get you a lemonade, son? Your hair isn't sweating, but the rest of you sure is.

TagC: Okay. In a paper cup, if you have it. Now, you lived next door to the Morris family for how long?

Mr. Carlson: Not next door. We told you that already. Couple of blocks down. But we were real close to the Patchetts, whose house was just across the street from them.

TagC: Right. And they noticed unusual things about the Morris children?

Mr. Carlson: Oh yeah. All the time. Those kids was just different.

TagC: Different how?

Mr. Carlson: Well, they looked all right, I guess. Normal kids and all. Two boys and three girls…

TagC: Actually, the Morris quints were three boys and two girls.

Mr. Carlson: Sure. Anyhow, the five of 'em was always dead quiet. Never talked, less spoken to. Never played with other kids. Never got dirty.

Mrs. Carlson: Which for kids around here isn't regular.

Mr. Carlson: And, get this, Ben… Mr. Patchett…says they was always looking at each other and smiling sly smiles…then go off and do their chores or play a game of hopscotch without ever being told.

TagC: So it was as if the children could communicate with each other telepathically.

Mr. Carlson: Sure. Like in something out of a tv show or something.

Mrs. Carlson: And they did real well in school too. Skipped ahead all those grades, every one of 'em. Our youngest, Tracy, was in the 9th grade and had two of the Morrises in her class…and they were only 11 years old at the time.

TagC: Of course, their academic achievements are why they made the news in the past months.

Mrs. Carlson: Isn't that something? The five of them making all those break-throughs in science and at NASA. Finding out so much about the universe.

Mr. Carlson: That was a proud day for Blairsburg, I'll tell you.

TagC: What were the Morris parents like?

Mr. Carlson: Cold fish. Not friendly.

Mrs. Carlson: Well, Dwayne, they had their hands full, having five kids in one batch. He commuted all the way to Fort Dodge for work, so he was gone a lot. She stayed in the house most of the time.

Mr. Carlson: Folks said she drank.

Mrs. Carlson: Dwayne! We don't know that for sure. They aren't of our church, didn't go to the PTA and missed most of the community picnics so we never got the chance to chit chat.

TagC: How did you find out about their connection to the Breedlove Foundation?

Mrs. Carlson: That was Clarene…er…the late Mrs. Patchett. Mail got sent to their house by mistake. Happens all the time here. Once it was a letter from those clinic people. Mrs. Morris told Clarene that's where she an' her husband went when they were trying to have a baby. Got five rugrats instead. Imagine!

Mr. Carlson: You'd have to be drunk to admit that!

TagC: Thanks for your time. Good lemonade.

Interview with Dennis Barber
Atlanta, Georgia -- October 5 Interview with Dennis Barber in reference to the "flaming crossing guard" incident, which occurred two weeks previous.
TagC: Mr. Barber, news accounts have told us that Cleavis Vinton, the victim, was smoking a cigarette, the ashes of which touched off a toxic chemical used to clean his uniform and cause the combustion.

Barber: No way, man. It didn't happen like that. There wasn't any cigarette. He was on duty. The dude just went up in flames after yelling at those kids.

TagC: Take me through it.

Barber: Yeah, okay. First off, I was about ten feet away from the whole thing. Didn't miss a thing. Now the guard, he was always in a bad mood. Every day he'd be there and bark out at everybody like a pit bull. Real drag. Well, that day, these teenage dudes were cruising across the walk on skateboards and he blew a gasket! And they yelled back. Bad scene, really. In the middle of the street and all. I was right behind them. One of the skateboard dudes just started staring at the guard. His friend yanked him away and then…FWOOSH! The guard was covered in fire. I hit the deck. It was over in a few seconds. All that was left of the guy was a charred heap with lots of smoke.

TagC: Did the police question you?

Barber: Yeah, on the scene. Newspapers too and a television reporter. No one used my statements, though.

TagC: What do you think happened, Mr. Barber?

Barber: I'd have to say the skateboard kid started the fire.

TagC: With a match?

Barber: No. With his eyes.

TagC: Thank-you, Mr. Barber.

Barber: Hey. Am I going to get paid for this? I'm 32, trying to go to film school and living off my parents.

TagC: How's fifty?

Interview with Mitchell Greene
Rogers, Arkansas -- Feb. 9 Interview with Mitchell Greene, high school track coach of record-breaking Geneva Lamont.
TagC: Mr. Greene, how can a high school student break all existing Olympic records in track and field in a single season?

Greene: Pure talent. Geneva was just born with it. Hey, that's some get-up you've got on.

TagC: Umm, designer wear. About Geneva. Is there anything unusual about her?

Greene: Unusual? No. She's a regular kid. Who let you in here? Campus security?

TagC: Do you know what a mutant is, Mr. Greene?

Greene: I'm think I'm looking at one.

TagC: What would you say if I told you that Geneva Lamont's parents had gone to the Singer Clinic in Little Rock nine months to the day before she was born?

Greene: I'd say so what? My own kids were Singer kids …and that's supposed to be confidential information! Who the-

TagC: Are your kids exceptional athletes too, Mr. Greene?

Greene: Get outta here before I bust your jaw!!

Interview with William Colt
Tacoma, Washington -- December 17 Interview with William Colt, former employee of the Breedlove Foundation.
TagC: It's cold here.

Colt: Had to meet outside and away from the city. They can't pick us up here.

TagC: Mr. Colt, for the record, you responded to an early version of my website…

Colt: A friend told me about it. I'm wearing a disguise too, in case you try to identify me later.

TagC: You worked from the Breedlove Foundation?

Colt: Eleven years. Publicity. Minneapolis division.

TagC: And what do you have to tell me about them?

Colt: They're evil.

TagC: How do mean?

Colt: Evil, man! Baby brokers. A whole different kind of baby, too.

TagC: Different?

Colt: Little demons! They're filling the world with them. Do you know how many thousands of patients and expectant parents go through their doors each year? And they all get the treatment. It's the devil's workshop, I tell you.

TagC: You mean genetic engineering as medicine?

Colt: You want me to rip out your tongue?

TagC: No.

Colt: Then watch it. All those perfect, over-achieving children out there, they're the ones to watch. My team is doing just that. The government won't help us, so we're taking it on our own. We're angels.

TagC: Why did the Breedlove Foundation let you go?

Colt: I just told you. I'm an angel. They knew I'd bring them down and they tried to silence me. First they dismissed my ideas. Drive-thru fertility clinics, trade-in booths for birth-defected children, a whole third world campaign…Brilliant, huh? But they shot me down. They knew I knew too much. Thought I was trying to muscle in on the stuff behind the scenes.

TagC: What stuff?

Colt: That tongue of yours is inches away from a bloody yank.

TagC: Sorry.

Colt: The more I talk to you, the more danger we're both in. Just thought I'd encourage you a bit. Keep on the trail you're on. And know who your heroes are.

TagC: Thanks. You too.

Colt: So, how much?

TagC: Fifty.

Colt: Thanks, my child.

Sightings Reports!
The facts are in our faces every day. They just aren't called what they really are. Here's a sampling from my personal database, clipping out items from mainstream papers, magazines and mass media that indicate a growing mutant population and/or a conspiracy to cover them up. These all appeared within the past year.

July 31st, New Orleans, LA. An entire police task force has been assigned to bring in the bank robber nicknamed "the Invisible Man" whose spree has lasted two months. No description has ever been provided of the felon and he remains at large with an estimated 18 million dollars in stolen savings.

August 20th, Paris, France. The National Academy of Scientific Arts announced today a partnership with the Breedlove Institute of the United States. The American pediatric and birth defects foundation has been trying to establish a clinic in France for nearly 30 years.

September 19th, Atlanta, GA. Cleavis Vinton, 45, a crossing patrol guard, burst into flames and was burned to death in the middle of a busy intersection in downtown Atlanta. The incident was blamed on a lit cigarette igniting flammable material, but varied reports have stated the victim did not smoke. Witnesses have stated he was seen arguing with a teenage boy who fled the scene.

October 9th, Omaha, NB. An eleven-year-old girl, missing for two years, suddenly appeared at her sister's school classroom, alive and well. During the rejoicing, the sister, her twin, claimed they had always been together.

November 1st, Ontario, Canada. While on a hunting trip, American Ned Riley, 24, survived an attack by a rampaging moose. The raging female took down two trees and mauled Riley numerous times in the stomach, but he apparently escaped with only minor injuries.

December 25th, St. Paul, MN. Numerous accounts of an actual Santa Claus appearing in homes flooded the local police stations. The red hooded sage reportedly did not use the chimney but gained entrance walking through walls like a ghost.

January 5th, Billings, MT. Two out-of-work construction workers, Will McNulty, 31, and J.R. Johnson, Jr., 33, lost control of their truck and smashed into a thrift store window after being distracted by what they claimed to be a glowing man on the sidewalk. The incident occurred shortly after 2am, when both men were leaving a local bar. There were no injuries.

March 12th, Pasadena, CA. A seven-year-old Asian American girl is documented as being able to speak 11 languages fluently. Neither of her parents speak more than Korean and broken English.

April 17th, Rogers, AR. Geneva Lamont, a 16-year-old freshman, broke four world records in track and field at her local high school meet. She is expected to go even further next season.

April 20th, Billings, MT. Two out-of-work construction workers, Will McNulty, 31, and J.R. Johnson, Jr., 33, were arrested for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. The men claimed they were chasing down a glowing man they say caused them to wreck their truck last winter. Their arrest occurred shortly after 2am, when both men were leaving a local bar. Bail has been posted, which neither has paid.

May 1st, Wichita, KS. Emily Froebel, 29, won the annual May Day award for her prize rose garden. Judges were amazed at the variety and size of the flowers, which normally do not bloom in such abundance at this time of year. Ms. Froebel has won multiple gardening trophies over the last four years.

June 6th, Hannibal, MO. The bodies of three teenage boys were discovered in a community park early in the morning. They had apparently been scared to death. Reports from friends and families say the boys were going to play a "harmless prank" on a fourth teenager the previous evening and never returned home. The surviving boy was questioned briefly by police and released into the custody of his parents.

June 21st, newspapers worldwide. The Breedlove Foundation celebrated another anniversary of service and achievement in the field of genetics medicine. The President of the United States placed a wreath on the Westchester, NY memorial to late co-founder, Dr. Eleanor Singer Breedlove, and followed with a speech saluting the health organization.

July 5th, Sarasota, FL. The local branch of the Breedlove Foundation was reportedly vandalized in the early morning hours. Witnesses have claimed to have seen a pack a wild dogs fleeing the grounds, but authorities blame the incident on a young gang. The Institute will re-open on Tuesday.

Letters to TagC
I am always open to response and the influx of new ideas, as long as it's understood I won't be moved from mine.

What issue of Point Magazine was Liz Leyendecker's expose' on the Breedlove Foundation run?

Response: It wasn't. All that survives are the notes I reprinted here on the website. The editorial staff of Point/Fact refuses to acknowledge such an assignment ever existed. The Leyendecker's family is equally tight-lipped on the subject. In my eyes, this attitude just adds to the notes' authenticity. Why be so defensive about mere rumors? They've all been reached. Bought or scared off.

I'm impressed by the data you've collected, but at the same time, dismayed by your conclusion. This evidence clearly points us back to Roswell and the government's involvement with the alien technology that crashed there in the 1940's. There is no way our primitive level of science could manipulate DNA the way you suggest. I too have noticed the growing amount of accelerated athletes, boggling academics and strange phenomena and can only conclude they are extra terrestrial hybrids, not mutated humans. Of course since duplicate robots have replaced all officials and authority figures, this form of breeding could have been easily accomplished right under our noses. It's alien technology that's destroying mankind. No other.

Response: Whatever, freak.

Sir. Dare I mention the Illuminati in conjunction with your theories?

Response: Why not? Breedlove was a Nazi. Any of those underground, European dens of power-wielders could be connected to this and other plots out to control us average Joes. They always are.

I would like to congratulate you on making the Breedlove connection. I have long suspected them of a second agenda. Genetic engineering is an instrument of the Devil. At the same time I wish to warn you of the dangers of dental work. It is common knowledge among the enlightened that tracking devices are implanted in fillings to keep a marker on any one who is a threat to the factions of evil. I am certain this includes the DNA designers you have exposed.

Response: I have no fillings, having been hip to that plot for some time. Never rule out the innocent. Even milk cartons. Ever wonder if the snaps of lost kids on the side are really wanted posters for the few who can read their encrypted codes? Mutants on the run.

I am not necessarily a subscriber to your theories, but I do have a disturbing incident from my past I wish you would investigate. Years ago, I attended a prestigious prep school with a boy named Jesse Kilmartin, son of Noah Kilmartin the industrialist. He was a loner, an oddball. Far from top drawer. I think now I know why. There was an incident, highly publicized at the time, when a fellow student was nearly kidnapped off the campus. I remember during the chaos I saw Jesse Kilmartin plunge into the middle of the fray and at one point he actually seemed to sink into the ground, like a ghost. I could never prove it, although I tried, or get anyone to believe me. Shortly afterwards, he left for another school. Since that time Kilmartin has dropped off the map. No one has seen or heard from him. Was he was one of the mutants you go on about? Provide some peace of mind on subject that has haunted me for years.

Response: Sure. Just mail me a check for a couple hundred thousand of your blueblood bucks and I'll get right on it. Get real, Ivy League! There's no way a high profile family like the Kilmartins could keep a mutant kid a secret. The candidates for these Breedlove projects are all average, lower to middle class types. Ones with low profiles. You sure you didn't just lace your milk with some of Dad's vintage scotch that day in private school?

Response Ammended (8/07): Looking into it.

I heard from a reliable source that there's a breed of monster dog running wild in the Balkan Mountains that was developed by one of the Slavic armies in the recent conflict there? Any connection with your theories?

Response: Genuine werewolves in Transylvania at last. Yes! This fits right in there! My guess is they were ferals: human/wolf combo jobs. Grown in the sublevel of a Singer Society for Animal Care. Probably a made-for-hire job for whoever paid for them with a batch of fresh virgins. Good eyes, Grimmbro. Could you pass on the specifics of that info to me? Need more clues? Check out the Breedlove jobs in that part of the world. Connection? Confirmed!

What is Genomex? Their name pops up everywhere, always in small print or at the bottom of a page (ala GenomeCities), but I seem to see it more and more.

Response: There's a billion dollar question, if ever there was one. At this point, it's only safe for me to answer that the Breedlove Foundation and Genomex are not strangers. Do not investigate this connection on your own. It's almost impossible anyway. All listed phone lines for Genomex give you automated services or receptionists hired for their run-around skills. The Breedloves will also provide nothing solid. You should know that even a low level inquiry will be recorded and tracked. Trust me. It's all part of the big, ugly picture. I just can't draw it... not yet.

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