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Mutant X Episode Synopses: 101-114

Official Mutant X Episode Synopses

*The following episode synopses were taken directly from the Mutant X official website prior to its disappearance in early 2005; none of this material is my own.

Episode Synopses: 101-114 ~ 115-122 ~ 201-210 ~ 211-221 ~ 222-308 ~ 309-316 ~ 317-322

101 The Shock of the New Terrified young Emma deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith) rushes through the crowd at a chic nightclub. As she collides with the handsome Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster), their eyes meet and Brennan immediately senses something extraordinary about Emma. Before he is able to speak, however, she disappears. Outside, Jesse Kilmartin (Forbes March) mysteriously materializes out of nowhere and guides Emma to safety as a black sedan chases her down a dark alley. As the vehicle races towards him, he takes a deep breath, alters his body density and phases out, allowing the car to pass straight through him. When the agents in hot pursuit emerge from the car, the striking Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt) pounces from above and beats them unconscious. Jesse suddenly sees two more agents rushing towards Emma and alters his body density again, this time becoming impervious and blocking the bullets meant for her. Utterly confused, Emma turns to run. A calm mysterious stranger, Adam (John Shea), blocks her path. Adam takes Emma's hand and tells her she is among friends and that all her questions will soon be answered. He then leads her, along with Jesse and Shalimar, to a Stealth VTOL aircraft and they fly off into the night.The aircraft lands inside Stormking Mountain and the group enters what is called Sanctuary, a Zen garden and high-tech wonderland. Adam informs Emma that her assailants are security agents for Genomex, a biotech firm where he used to work as chief biogeneticist. Adam tells Emma that she, like Shalimar, Jesse and hundreds of others, were unsuspecting subjects of covert experiments in human genetics that went awry. As a result of this genetic engineering, these new mutants produced by Genomex have extraordinary powers. Adam explains to Emma that the agents were after her because of her "telempathic" powers, which allow her to sense and influence the feelings of others. The next day, Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus), the security chief of Genomex, visits the head of Genomex, Dr. Paul Breedlove (Cedric Smith). Knowing that Breedlove feels guilty and is ready to expose their covert operation to the press, Eckhart and he discuss the possibility of making reparations for the atrocities they've committed. That night, as Breedlove prepares his speech for the press, he's confronted by Eckhart and his right-hand man, Frank Thorne (Douglas O'Keeffe), who is himself a Child of Genomex. Telling Breedlove that he should have kept his mouth shut, Thorne uses his mutant powers kill him. Meanwhile, Brennan and his two longtime buddies, Tony Reese (Matthew MacFadzean) and Michael Azzarello (Sean Bell), secretly meet with Brad Carter (Kevin Hicks) who has hired them to steal $10 million in treasury certificates. As they enter the Hickman & Wrightson Securities Agency, Brennan zaps a bolt of electricity that surges from his fingertips to short out the cameras and alarm. The three pull off the dangerous and complicated heist and narrowly escape. Emma is now at a safe house for new mutants where Adam has taken her, but is in denial about the fact that she has special powers. When Shalimar arrives, she hands Emma new identity information. Another new mutant, Allison (Ingrid Hart), then drives Emma to the marina where she is to take a boat out of town. But when Emma sees two agents approaching her, she flees in Allison's car, prompting Adam to initiate an immediate search. Back at Genomex, the unscrupulous Eckhart assembles the staff and blames Breedlove's death on the genetic "anomalies" their experiments have produced. He proclaims that for the safety of the world, he's instituting the Genetic Security Agency in order to hunt down and capture them. In the meantime, Shalimar spots Emma on a holographic map grid and sets out to find her as Emma makes her way back to the nightclub where she and Brennan met. Finding him there, Emma joins him for a drink and they begin to confide in each other, revealing that they each have special abilities. When Emma goes to the ladies room, Thorne arrives and approaches Brennan, telling him he's about to make him the offer of a lifetime. When Emma returns, she has a telempathic vision of Brennan being strangled, which he's able to pick up. Brennan and Emma race out of the club with Thorne close behind just as Shalimar arrives. Brennan is able to stop Thorne temporarily with an electrical bolt, but he and Emma are soon surrounded by a group of agents. Suddenly, Shalimar and Jesse burst on the scene and struggle with the agents, but it's not until Adam appears that Thorne and his men decide to back off.

102 I Scream the Body Electric Brennan (Victor Webster) finds himself trapped inside Genomex after risking his own safety to rescue Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) from the agents pursuing her. Emma escapes, but Brennan is left racing through the corridors and ends up trapped in a large lab. Thorne (Douglas O'Keeffe) and Eckhart (Tom McCamus) appear, capture Brennan and inject a subdermal governor into the back of his neck. This device will connect them to Brennan's DNA, allowing them to control his thoughts and movements as they try to exploit his special abilities. Eckhart informs Brennan that he will now work as an operative of the Genetic Security Agency and assist them in capturing Emma. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea), Emma, Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) learn that Thorne and Eckhart are holding Brennan captive. Later, Shalimar and a dozen other new mutants try to get all the new files up and running. They put finishing touches on the new safe house that Adam has ordered, making sure that new mutants will have the ability to disappear on a moment's notice. Meanwhile, following an order from Eckhart, Thorne captures Ruby (Chuck Bryn), whose bookstore doubles as a safe house for new mutants, and brings him to Genomex. Terrified, Ruby reveals that he is an "ESPer" with the ability to read minds, including Eckhart's. Ruby becomes so frightened by Eckhart's thoughts that he ends up disclosing information about the new safe house to protect his own safety. Brennan is disgusted by Ruby's betrayal. Back at the new safe house, Jesse realizes that everyone but Ruby is accounted for. Suddenly, there is an explosion and Thorne steps in with Brennan by his side. When Brennan is ordered to take Jesse down, he hesitates before creating an arc of electricity that shoots straight through Jesse, who has altered his body density to be permeable, and knocks out the two agents standing behind him. In all the chaos, Jesse is able to drop through the floor and escape. Returning to Sanctuary, Jesse informs the rest of the group about the attack, and Emma vows she will use her abilities to find Ruby, who is under Eckhart's control. On the VTOL aircraft, Adam takes Emma through an analysis of her DNA. She attempts to connect telepathically with Allison (Ingrid Hart), Vince (Lorne Hunchuck) and other new mutants, but fails, unable to see them being held captive at the GSA holding pen. On her second attempt, however, Emma is able to find Brennan, who is with Thorne at the Genomex lab. Back at the GSA holding pen, Eckhart tells the captives that Ruby was the one who sold them out. The new mutants are devastated by the news. Meanwhile, Thorne and Brennan search the streets for Emma. When Thorne captures her, he takes her to the holding pen to meet Eckhart, who is very pleased that she and Brennan have both been apprehended. Accompanying Eckhart are three security agents, the third being Jesse, disguised in a GSA uniform. Shalimar suddenly explodes into action, knocking all of the agents unconscious, while Adam deactivates the subdermal governors. Jesse informs the other new mutants that their subdermal governors have also been disengaged. They begin attacking and fighting off Eckhart's men as well. When Adam finds himself face to face with Eckhart, he informs him that he has uploaded a virus into the Genomex computer system that will disintegrate all files, one by one. Eckhart trembles with rage and takes off running. The new mutants return to Sanctuary, where Brennan and Emma receive their Mutant X Comlink Rings, officially making them part of the Mutant X team.

103 Russian Roulette Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster) and Jesse Kilmartin (Forbes March) come to the aid of Tina (Laura Vandervoort), a teenage mutant being followed by two Russians. While Jesse whisks the girl to safety, Brennan confronts her pursuers, Sonya (Dylan Bierk) and Yuri (Alexander Pervakov), who open fire with the "Pushka H5B7," a gun that neutralizes Brennan's electrical powers, leaving him doubled over in pain. As the Russians flee, Jesse and Tina drive up and rescue Brennan, bringing him to Sanctuary. Brennan immediately begins to receive treatment for his injuries in the lab at Sanctuary. Adam (John Shea) informs the team that the gun used on Brennan is intended to detect, neutralize and eventually control new mutants. In addition to undermining Brennan's powers, the weapon has caused his internal organs to begin disintegrating. Adam is certain that unless they find the weapon soon and utilize its ability to reverse the damage, Brennan will die. With this in mind, Jesse is determined to retrieve the Pushka from the Russians. At Genomex headquarters, Sonya meets with Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) who has hired her to round up and capture new mutants. She tells him that although she wasn't able to apprehend Brennan, he has been neutralized. Meanwhile, Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt) visits with Tina's family and learns that the girl's father is also a mutant with telekinetic abilities. When asked, her brother Daniel (Ross Hull) insists that he does not share any of the rest of his family's special powers. The next day, the Mutant X team monitors a phone conversation in which Daniel informs Eckhart of the whereabouts of two new mutants, his father and sister Tina. Eckhart has Sonya arrange a meeting with Daniel to find out more about these new mutants. Adam, Emma and Shalimar are shocked that Daniel would turn on his own family and betray them. After eavesdropping on Daniel and Sonya's conversation, the team realizes that Daniel wants to use the Pushka against the new mutants, and Sonya is apparently the woman who controls the weapon. Adam and the team ruin Eckhart and Sonya's plans by abducting Daniel, putting a disguised Jesse in his place. Posing as Daniel, Jesse meets with Sonya and Yuri and accompanies them to their hideout, where they are fine-tuning the Pushka. Jesse's true identity is exposed, however, when the gun's detection system reveals that he is a new mutant. Rather than shoot him and risk losing the opportunity to nab Daniel's father and sister, Sonya implants Jesse with a "subdermal governor," effectively making him her prisoner. Back at Sanctuary where the real Daniel is being held, Emma deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar are shocked to discover that he is actually a fellow new mutant, but is still in denial about the telekinetic powers he possesses. When Adam arrives, he convinces Daniel that his rebellion against his father, sister and other new mutants is misguided. Jesse leads Sonya and Yuri to Daniel's home where they expect to apprehend Daniel's father and sister. Instead, they find Adam, Shalimar and Emma posing as Daniel's family, and a brutal fight breaks out. As Yuri takes aim, the Mutant X team attacks and overpowers the Russians. While the others rush back to Sanctuary with the Pushka in an attempt to save Brennan, Jesse allows himself to be taken prisoner by Sonya and Yuri in order to return to their hideout, which he plans on destroying. Jesse gets more help than expected when Daniel and the rest of the Mutant X team, including Brennan, show up and Daniel uses his telekinetic abilities to scare off Sonya and Yuri. With his powers now fully restored, Brennan sends an electrical charge into the lab's computers, obliterating them in a massive explosion.

104 Fool for Love Adam (John Shea) assigns Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) to meet new mutant Donna Morse (Monique Ganderton), also a feral, to ease her transition into the underground for protection from the GSA. When Donna arrives, she informs Shalimar that she's changed her mind and rushes off to meet her date for the evening, Jack Mitchell (Jake Simons). Later that evening, Donna is suddenly overcome by a wave of sickness. Jack becomes terrified and confused as he watches her face transform into a mask of feral rage and pain. With a lightning-quick swipe, Donna sends Jack sprawling before bounding over a high gate nearby. Meanwhile at Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) is approached by Karen Bell (Claudia Besso), an auditor. She informs him that she has come across several anomalies, indicating unauthorized research is being conducted in Genomex labs. She assures Eckhart that she will be able to close in on the culprit by monitoring Genomex's computer activity. When Shalimar tells Adam that Donna has taken off, Adam sends her to Donna's apartment. Finding nobody home, Shalimar slips inside through an open second story window and comes face to face with tall, dark and handsome Richard Saunders (Yannick Bisson), about to hit her with a lamp. As she blocks his attack, her animal reflexes kick in, and a fight ensues. Their struggle soon gives way to a powerful mutual attraction, and they quickly realize they are both ferals. Richard explains he is there to give Donna a treatment. Before he can go into detail, the two are forced to flee at the sound of approaching sirens. Once outside, Shalimar follows Richard around a corner, but he suddenly vanishes. Back at Sanctuary, Adam and Shalimar discover that Richard works as a research associate at Genomex. In search of answers, Shalimar enters Genomex undercover, finding Richard who reveals that he has developed a serum to reverse genetic mutations. He explains that the treatment realigns the genetic code, causing all traces of mutancy to disappear, and that he has been administering the serum to Donna. A security warning suddenly flashes on his computer, indicating that someone has broken into his files. He and Shalimar take off, managing to overpower the two GSA agents arriving on the scene with Karen, who is furious to discover that all of Richard's files have been deleted. Richard and Shalimar head back to Donna's apartment where they finally acknowledge their strong feelings for each other. Richard reveals he has been injecting himself with the serum and suggests that Shalimar may also want treatment so they can share a normal life. Hesitant, Shalimar brings a vial of the blue serum to Sanctuary for Adam to evaluate. Before he can warn her that the serum creates uncontrolled DNA breakdown, she decides she wants to be with Richard and takes an injection. At Genomex, Karen informs Eckhart that during a Jane Doe autopsy, unidentifiable DNA was found that was believed to be purposely altered. Eckhart orders the body to be transferred to the lab for examination. At the same time, Adam, Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan (Victor Webster) hear about the unidentified victim. Adam realizes it is Donna, concluding that the serum must have killed her. Back at Donna's apartment, Richard suddenly awakens trembling, his mutant powers taking control of him. When Shalimar takes him to Sanctuary for help, Adam reveals that his condition is fatal, but believes he can harvest Richard's bone marrow, creating a protein antigen to neutralize the small dose of serum Shalimar took. At Richard's insistence, a heartbroken Shalimar agrees to the procedure, knowing it's her only hope. Meanwhile, hope has run out for Karen, who is taken away by two of Eckhart's agents for failing to capture any new mutants or the source of the unauthorized research.

105 Kilohertz Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Jesse (Forbes March) are startled when a loud shriek of static suddenly reverberates through the VTOL aircraft. The same static begins echoing through Sanctuary, Genomex headquarters and Mason Eckhart's (Tom McCamus) office. Suddenly, the blurred image of a young man appears on monitors everywhere. Speaking in a distorted digital voice, he introduces himself as Kilohertz and proclaims that he is sick of the way new mutants are being treated, stating that they're not going to take it anymore. He then quickly disappears. Shalimar and Jesse soon realize that the system on the aircraft has crashed, leaving them with no power. Brennan (Victor Webster) enters Sanctuary and hits the main computer with a bolt of electricity, rebooting the system just in time. Composing himself after the close call, Adam (John Shea) insists that they find the mysterious new mutant before GSA does, for everyone's sake. Later at Sanctuary, Adam and the Mutant X team discuss specifics about the devastating mishaps that have occurred since Kilohertz's threat. Meanwhile at Genomex, Eckhart assigns new recruit Nick Renfield (Adam MacDonald) to hunt down and capture Kilohertz. Confident that Nick is best suited for the mission because of his special mutant powers, Eckhart sends him to WXDV-TV to begin his investigation. After collecting every image they have from Kilohertz's television appearance, Brennan and the gang upload them and begin looking for clues to his identity. At the same time, Nick meets with Harve Goffman (John Friesen) at the TV station to find out any information he can about Kilohertz's broadcast. When Harve doesn't cooperate, Nick lays his hand on Harve's head, creating a glowing static field, causing Harve to become frozen in suspended animation. Nick takes the opportunity to download files from Harve's computer. Harve awakens and is surprised to find production assistant Barry Sterling (Jim Thorburn) in his office instead of Nick. Barry grows nervous when Harve reveals that Nick is conducting an investigation on Kilohertz. Meanwhile, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) takes a crack at identifying Kilohertz using computerized image analysis, and discovers that he is new mutant Barry Sterling. After hearing the news, Adam orders Brennan and Emma to find Barry. He warns the group that he might be the most dangerous new mutant they've ever encountered. Brennan and Emma quickly locate him, but he eludes them, vanishing into thin air and leaving only a trace of crackling static. On the basis of a news report, Jesse deduces that Barry is most likely going to use his powers to sabotage the stock market. Determined to stop him, Shalimar and Brennan head for Barry's apartment, but Nick and two agents have beaten them there. When Barry steps outside and sees Nick and the agents, he dematerializes into particle waves and escapes. At Sanctuary, Adam, Emma and Jesse are watching a stock market report when the broadcast is suddenly interrupted once again by a hostile Kilohertz. Barry re-materializes in front of his apartment and is immediately surrounded by Nick and the two agents. Witnessing this, Shalimar and Brennan burst on the scene, snatch him away and bring him to Sanctuary. There, Adam tries to understand how Barry's powers work while attempting to make him realize the chaos he has caused. But when Barry, ignorant and naive, turns defensive and tries to leave, Shalimar knocks him unconscious, allowing Adam to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun. An analysis of Barry's DNA reveals that he has no self-control whatsoever. As the team discusses what to do with him, he suddenly regains consciousness and escapes into the computer system, taunting Adam and the team by telling them he's joining the GSA. At Genomex, Eckhart is scolding Nick when Barry suddenly materializes before their eyes. Seeing the cold, evil look on Nick's face, Barry realizes he's made an enormous mistake. Before he has time to flee, Nick surrounds him with a statis field, freezing him. Back at Sanctuary, Adam is not fooled when he hears a news report that Kilohertz was shot by police. Disappointed, he laments that Barry could have been a powerful Mutant X ally, but now he and his team must pray that Barry doesn't return to haunt them.

106 The Meaning of Death Brennan (Victor Webster) arrives at a new mutant safehouse, where he meets fellow new mutant, Rick Bellamy (Christopher Davis). Rick introduces Brennan to a married couple, Todd (Kevin Jubinville), whose mutancy is superspeed, and Jerri (Gina Sorel), whose special ability is X-ray vision. Suddenly, Rick doubles over in pain, his body twitching uncontrollably. A whirlwind materializes between his hands and violently explodes, knocking everyone to the ground. In an attempt to stop his convulsions, Brennan hits Rick with a bolt of electricity, rendering him unconscious. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) quarantines Rick inside a force field and examines him. Baffled, Adam can only confirm that Rick no longer has any control over his mutant powers. Meanwhile at Genomex, Mason Eckhart's (Tom McCammus) associate Marlowe (Anthony Lemke) informs Eckhart that many new mutants are getting sick, and their uncontrolled powers are causing devastating damage around the city. Eckhart orders Marlowe to hunt down and detain any new mutants exhibiting symptoms. From Rick's test results, Adam concludes that he has Cladosporium, a virus stemming from an airborne spore that causes uncontrollable mutation, and eventually death, in new mutants who are exposed. Back at the safehouse, Brennan informs Todd and Jerri that they have been quarantined as a precaution, and should refrain from using their mutant powers. Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), dressed in a protective hazmat suit, accompanies Adam to new mutant Alice Robins' (Sherry Hilliard) apartment after hearing that she's been infected. Alice, who has the ability to generate thermal energy, is literally burning up. Marlowe and an agent arrive on the scene just as Alice is about to combust. Everyone except Marlowe evacuates the apartment. Moments later, he miraculously emerges from the burning building unscathed. Outside, Adam approaches Eckhart and proposes they make a truce while he searches for a cure for the Cladosporium. Knowing that the GSA can no longer exist if all the new mutants die out, Eckhart agrees, even offering to help Adam with his research. Once Eckhart and Marlowe are gone, Adam fills Shalimar in on his past with Marlowe. He tells her they were once co-workers at Genomex. Marlowe had developed a cellular invulnerability mutation, which explains why he walked out of the fire without a scratch. Later, Adam meets Marlowe at a military base that Eckhart has converted into a hospital for infected new mutants. Shalimar arrives, noticing Marlowe at the bedside of one of the sick. When the same new mutant that Marlowe was talking to goes into cardiac arrest, Adam tries to ban him from the hospital, but Marlowe refuses to leave. Back at Sanctuary, Rick also goes into cardiac arrest, his body emitting a whirlwind that sends Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) flying across the room. Rick dies just as Jesse (Forbes March) rushes in to rescue Emma, who's unconscious on the floor. When Emma comes to, she realizes that both she and Jesse have now been exposed to Cladosporium. As Adam works furiously to find a cure for the virus, Shalimar informs him that Marlowe is still there, harassing patients. When Adam approaches Marlowe, he storms off noticeably angry. With Emma and Jesse both beginning to lose control of their mutant powers simultaneously, a panicked Adam sends Shalimar to get them and bring them back to the hospital for observation. Enraged that Eckhart has joined forces with his enemy, Adam, Marlowe returns to the hospital and confronts Adam about their past, blaming him for his mutation. Marlowe pulls a gun, but Adam is able to kick it away and a fight ensues. Adam knocks Marlowe's tooth out, and another one grows in immediately. He recognizes that Marlowe's mutant powers might be the cure he's been searching for. Adam takes Marlowe to his lab where he searches for the strand of DNA that causes his cell regeneration. He finds the strand and successfully develops an antidote. Marlowe realizes however, that during the procedure his mutant powers have dissipated. At the hospital, Eckhart and his agents ambush Marlowe and Shalimar. Marlowe is shot and dies peacefully in Shalimar's arms while Adam administers the antidote through a satellite transmission. The infected new mutants' health is instantaneously restored.

107 Lit Fuse When a power failure sweeps across the city, Adam (John Shea) attributes the blackout to rumors he's heard about new mutants with a desperate hunger for energy. Adam conducts a search on the new mutant database and finds that there are three possible suspects. He concludes that the energy-absorber is most likely mutating, which would undoubtedly cause an insatiable and irrepressible physical need for electrical power. At Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) scolds his hired bounty hunter, Cross (Gordon Currie), for failing to capture power hungry new mutant Ashley Elliot (Moya O'Connell) so that Eckhart can exploit her as a weapon to wipe out an enemy's power grid. Meanwhile, Eric (Mark Lutz), Ashley's boyfriend who was captured earlier by Cross, contacts her by cell phone, telling her he is being held in a Quonset hut on an abandoned air force base. The line suddenly goes dead and Ashley immediately sets out to rescue Eric, but is captured by Cross when she arrives at the hut. Following Adam's orders, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) disguise themselves as investigators and comb the power station looking for clues. When the two find female footprints scorched in the grass outside the station, they deduce that the culprit is Ashley. Near the footprints, they also find a cigar butt, which they bring back to Sanctuary. The analysis reveals the presence of Cross's DNA. Tracing Cross's recent purchases, the team discovers that he has been shipping items to Nichols Air Force Base. At the Quonset hut, one of Eckhart's men, agent James Henshaw (Reuben Thompson), pays Cross for his services. When he orders his men to take Ashley, she suddenly becomes hysterical. As the agents try to restrain her, she is able to draw energy out of a nearby panel and fights them off. In the chaos, Cross becomes irate when he discovers that he's been given only half of the money he was promised. Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar burst on the scene just as Henshaw shoots Ashley with an implant gun. Shalimar knocks Henshaw unconscious, and she and Jesse escape with Ashley. Back at Sanctuary, there is an instant attraction between Brennan (Victor Webster) and Ashley, despite the fact that she's frantic that her boyfriend Eric is still being held by Cross. In private, Adam warns Brennan that Ashley's feelings for him are purely electromagnetic, and that she's a dangerous threat to him. Later, when Ashley gets a message from Eric saying that Cross is going to kill him, she goes to Brennan for comfort. Unable to control her sudden hunger, Ashley draws an arc of electricity out of Brennan and absorbs him into her body as pure energy, causing him to vanish. Now possessing all of Brennan's powers, Ashley heads for the hangar, shooting Shalimar with a bolt of electricity when she tries to stop her. When Adam learns that Ashley has taken the VTOL aircraft and absorbed Brennan, he contacts her on the comlink and tells her that Eric lied and is actually working for Cross. Ashley enters the Quonset hut and confronts Cross, who confirms that Eric double-crossed her. Cross captures Ashley yet again and calls Eckhart to tell him to have Henshaw bring the rest of his money, unaware that the Mutant X team is tapping into the conversation. Adam, suddenly realizing that Ashley must be running low on energy, tells the others that if Ashley dies, Brennan will die too. If Ashley draws power with Brennan inside her, the consequences could be even more devastating. Overriding the system, Emma brings the VTOL aircraft back and the team rushes out to find Ashley. Adam is confident that once Ashley starts drawing energy from the power station, they will have a brief window to break down the spark gap, which will allow them to pull Brennan safely from her. The transmission successfully releases Brennan from Ashley unharmed, but Cross gets too close to her in the process and is electrocuted. Back at Sanctuary, Adam readjusts Ashley's electrochemical balance, eliminating her desperate need to feed on energy. Ashley apologizes to Brennan and he takes her to a safehouse where they bid each other a sad goodbye.

108 In the Presence of Mine Enemies At Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) vows to concoct a scheme to take over and control Proxy Blue. He is concerned that if the virtual news reporter continues to leak details concerning the GSA, it will be difficult for the agency to remain a covert operation. He enlists the services of Agent Kendra MacEvoy (Joy Tanner), who believes she has the perfect way to solve the Proxy Blue problem. Later, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) help Toni (Reagan Pasternak), Jesse's new mutant girlfriend, a well-known computer genius, set up for the grand opening of her new internet coffee bar, Datadive. When Kendra, a longtime friend of Toni's walks in, Brennan and Jesse assume she's paying a friendly visit. Suddenly, four agents burst into the coffee bar. Brennan and Jesse manage to elude capture as Toni is taken away, leaving the two to wonder about the nature of Toni's involvement with the GSA. Back at Genomex, Toni is injected with a subdermal governor and ordered by Eckhart to get started on fixing the Proxy Blue problem. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) and the Mutant X team discover that a virus may have invaded Sanctuary's system. Adam runs complete diagnostic tests. He discovers that when Toni sent Jesse a picture file, her application spread throughout the hard drive, but was unable to crack Mutant X's system. If the GSA finds the matching software, however, they'll be able to use satellite technology to pinpoint the exact location of Sanctuary, destroying everything they have created. Jesse, concerned about Toni's fate, begins to wonder if she had been truthful with him. Suddenly, Toni calls, warning Jesse that Kendra is heading to Datadive to retrieve the mapping software. When Brennan and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) race to Datadive to try to get a hold of the software, they find the place empty and conclude that Kendra must have taken the equipment to Genomex. Back at Genomex, Toni unveils the "new and improved" Proxy Blue to Eckhart. Believing that the GSA now has total control over the virtual reporter, Eckhart is completely unaware that Toni has actually created a fake Proxy Blue, utilizing her to send a distress message to the Mutant X team through her news report. Upon receiving Toni's message, Adam and the team disguise themselves and head to Genomex to rescue and retrieve both Toni and the mapping software microdrive. Utilizing all of their new mutant powers, they break into Genomex and find Toni engaged in a fight with one of Eckhart's agents. Jesse uses all of his strength to pull the agent off Toni, slamming him into a nearby computer monitor, and destroying the mapping computer microdrive in the process. As Kendra scurries around the lab looking for Toni, Brennan shoots her with an electrical bolt that sends her flying. Meanwhile, Eckhart gets a message from Proxy Blue telling him that Adam put her to work cleaning out his system, and as of the next morning, Eckhart will have to start everything from scratch. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse and Toni reunite while Adam explains to the others that it is best if they hide Toni in plain sight rather than placing her in the underground.

109 Crime of the New Century Corbin Valentine (Rod Wilson), an astronaut famous for saving his crew when their shuttle crashed, and his wife Lisa (Deborah O'Dell) are suddenly awakened from a peaceful night's sleep, only to find that their son, Josh (Marc Donato), has been kidnapped. Knowing that Lisa and Josh are both new mutants, Adam (John Shea) decides that Mutant X needs to do a little investigating. Adam and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) disguise themselves as insurance investigators and go to the Valentine residence where they meet Special Agent in Charge Wendy Stone (Jennifer Dale), who informs them that the perpetrator was a professional. At the same time, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) sneaks around the grounds of the Valentine's mansion looking for clues, and spots a rope dangling from Josh's bedroom window. Meanwhile, Josh's kidnapper, Burke (Paulino Nunes), holds Josh hostage on an abandoned tugboat and tends to the burn on his own hand which he got from Josh's under-developed thermal transfer powers during the kidnapping. Back at the Valentine home, Emma discovers that Lisa is also a telempath when she intercepts the psychic link between Lisa and Josh after showing Lisa a picture of her missing son. At Genomex, Wendy, who is actually in cahoots with the GSA, is scolded by Eckhart (Tom McCamus) for failing to bring him the boy. An annoyed Eckhart warns Wendy that Josh is a priceless commodity, and she better deliver him soon. Back at the Valentine mansion, Shalimar finds a tree that smells like sulfur. Just as she cuts off a piece of bark to bring back to the lab for analysis, Wendy appears, takes her sample and tells Shalimar to leave. Inside the mansion, Emma uses her telempathic abilities to pinpoint the exact location of Josh and his kidnapper. Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) immediately set out for the tugboat and take Burke completely by surprise. He tries to fight Jesse and Victor, but realizing he's no match for their powers, jumps overboard. Jesse and Victor rescue the terrified Josh, just as Wendy and a bunch of fake FBI agents pull up, grab Burke and force him into their car. After reuniting Josh with Lisa, Jesse gives Adam a large sum of money and a disk he took from the tugboat. Back at Sanctuary, Adam becomes suspicious when he hears a news report that Wendy declined to speak to the press, and has Jesse hack into the FBI database where he finds no record of her. Adam quickly searches Mutant X's files and finds that she has been working undercover for Eckhart. Suddenly, Emma has a telempathic vision of Corbin carrying Josh out of their home past an unconscious Lisa, and realizes that Lisa must have had Josh kidnapped to protect him from his father. Back at Genomex, Wendy and Eckhart interrogate Burke, who confesses that he was hired by Lisa to kidnap Josh. Eckhart, confused about why Lisa wanted to have her own son kidnapped, orders Wendy to kill Burke on the spot. Meanwhile, Adam and Emma rush to the Valentine home to question Lisa, but when they arrive, they find that Corbin gave Lisa sleeping pills and took Josh without her knowing. When Lisa awakens, she admits that Corbin was only trying to protect Josh by taking him to a secret genetic bioengineering facility that could make him normal. Adam and Emma are convinced that the two must be at Genomex. Meanwhile, Corbin and Josh enter Genomex and are confronted by Wendy, who injects Josh with a subdermal governor. As Wendy takes them to a clinic to be held, Corbin realizes that Wendy and Eckhart are not looking to help him, and he has made a drastic mistake. At the same time, Adam takes off in the VTOL aircraft to track down Wendy, Corbin and Josh, and alerts Brennan and Jesse of their location. Brennan uses his powers to release Josh from the holding room, while Jesse fights off an oncoming agent. After deactivating Josh's subdermal governor, Brennan and Jesse rescue Corbin from Wendy's clutches and the four take off for Sanctuary where the Valentine family is happily reunited.

110 Dark Star Rising Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) leaps from the shadows at Tricorp Botanical, a bio-agricultural company, just as Clark (Lee Rumohr) and Angel (Anne Openshaw), also ferals, install explosives into the company's computer system. A bomb detonates, and Shalimar grabs another, tossing it in the air seconds before it explodes. Moments later, Shalimar is confronted by Beau (Ralf Moeller), an intimidating man who, like Angel and Clark, bears a tattoo of a black and red star. He flees with them, leaving Shalimar behind. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) informs Shalimar that the new mutant database doesn't show anyone matching Beau, Angel or Clark's descriptions. When Shalimar describes the star tattoo, Brennan (Victor Webster) is sure that they must have been members of Dark Star, an international anti-terrorist unit. Adam, remembering that the entire Dark Star unit had reportedly died, is determined to find out how these three soldiers survived, why they have new mutant powers and why they want to destroy Tricorp. Jesse (Forbes March) searches the Tricorp database and discovers that Angel's father owns an abandoned plant. Suspecting the three may be using the plant as a hideout, Shalimar and Brennan rush there and come face to face with Beau and Angel. Brennan and Shalimar try to explain that they are fellow new mutants and allies. Beau and Angel reveal that during what Dark Star believed to be a normal run of vaccinations, a few of the soldiers began getting stronger. The rest became extremely ill and died, including their friend, Clark. They are positive that Tricorp used them as lab rats, injecting them unknowingly with a new serum. Back at Sanctuary, Adam examines Angel and finds her body is trying to fight off a serum that was derived from the Rafflesia Pricei plant. Adam sends Shalimar, Jesse and Beau back to Tricorp to retrieve the plant so he can hopefully create an antidote. Shalimar, Jesse and Beau sneak into Tricorp, but just as they reach the chambers that contain the plant, Dr. Harrison and three agents enter and a fight breaks out. In the chaos, Shalimar is able to toss the plant out the window while Jesse phases out and rematerializes below the window. He catches the plant and takes off, but Shalimar and Beau are overpowered and captured. Shalimar calls Jesse on the comlink and orders him to bring the Double Helix immediately to rescue her and Beau, who is in an examination lab at Genomex. In the Genomex lab, Harrison is about to inject Beau with a hypodermic gun, but Beau jumps to his feet, grabs Eckhart by the throat and injects him with the shot. Shalimar, disguised as a lab tech, reveals herself and stops Beau before he does more damage. Back at Sanctuary, Beau and Angel are reunited. Shalimar then accompanies them to the jungle so they can give their fallen comrade, Clark, a proper burial.

111 Whiter Shade of Pale Adam (John Shea) has developed a prototype Genetic Sequencer. If his associate, Dr. Hollis, can replicate it, the technology can be used to help restore the DNA of ailing mutants. Before it gets to Hollis, however, an invisible stealth mutant steals the Sequencer. Aldous Berkley (Christopher Bolton), a feral new mutant hoping for a steady gig with Genomex, alerts Eckhart (Tom McCamus) of the heist. The stealth mutant, not the Sequencer, piques Eckhart's interest. Meanwhile, Adam conducts a blood test on a sample found at the crime scene. It indicates that the perpetrator is a female whose DNA is in an advanced stage of deterioration. Via the device's tracking system, Adam discovers the thief is his long lost lover, Danielle Hartman (Guylaine St. Onge). They had met at Genomex 16 years before, when Danielle was struggling with her developing mutancy. Adam fell in love with her, but she mysteriously disappeared. In actuality, it was a jealous Eckhart who suggested to Danielle that she would spend her life as Adam's lab experiment if she stayed with him. Adam tracks down Danielle and the Sequencer, but Berkley and his GS agents interrupt their reunion. Danielle makes herself invisible to avoid capture, but not before hastily arranging a rendezvous with Adam, then leaving him to battle Berkley alone. Although Berkley escapes with the Sequencer, Eckhart berates him for letting the stealth mutant slip through his fingers, especially when he learns it is his beloved Danielle. When Danielle and Adam reconnect, she asks him about Ephenol, a drug proven to halt DNA mutation. Adam warns her that the side effects can be severe, but Danielle is willing to risk it, as she has a 15-year-old daughter, Catherine (Sarah Gadon), to consider. The news comes as a shock to Adam who secretly wonders if he could be the girl's father. Eckhart is also informed about Catherine, and wonders about the girl's paternity. He reasons that Catherine should be the focus of their search, as Danielle is nearing the end of her life. Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) have already found Catherine, however, and brought her back to Sanctuary where Danielle is reeling after an injection of Ephenol. Sadly, Adam knows that the drug has merely bought Danielle some time, and refuses her pleas for more. Danielle sees no choice but to seek out help from Eckhart. Eckhart turns down her request when she refuses his duplicitous offer to help Catherine as well. Realizing she was wrong to trust Eckhart, Danielle tries to escape, but quickly finds herself overcome by GS agents. Back at Sanctuary, Adam has figured out a way to help Danielle and Catherine. If he can recombine Catherine's DNA with her mother's, he might be able to arrest and reverse Danielle's breakdown and save Catherine from the same fate. He needs to find Danielle and the Genetic Sequencer. With help from Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March), Adam rescues Danielle, while Emma tracks the Sequencer to a local hotel bar and seduces the clueless Berkley into handing it over. Adam's experiment on Danielle and Catherine works perfectly. As the women prepare to relocate to a new home where they'll be safe from Eckhart, Danielle gently tells Adam that Catherine is not his daughter. She promises, however, that once she has raised her child, there will be plenty of time for them to rekindle their relationship.

112 Double Vision Brennan (Victor Webster) is conned by his friend, Matty Conlan (Joanne Vannicola), who lures him and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) into the hands of GSA agents. In the ensuing brawl, Emma is suddenly split in two by a synergetic energy blast caused by the collision of two powerful energy sources. Unaware that there are now two Emmas, Brennan escapes with Emma A to the Sanctuary lab, while Conlan and Emma B are captured by the GSA agents and taken back to Genomex. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) performs tests indicating that Emma's molecular makeup was somehow altered by the attack, explaining why her personality has clearly changed. Meanwhile, Brennan looks for clues into Conlan's uncharacteristic betrayal and her newly developed powers. At Genomex, Emma B learns that Conlan defected to the GSA in exchange for Eckhart's promises of a better life. Conlan has also fulfilled her promise to deliver a member of the Mutant X team, but now has serious qualms about her decision to join ranks with the evil Eckhart (Tom McCamus), and sneaks off to her hideout in the bar. When Emma B realizes she's about to become Eckhart's latest "guinea pig," she tricks him and Dr. Harrison (Andrew Gillies), into believing she'll come to work for them. To prove it, she promises to find Conlan and return her to them. Back at Sanctuary, further tests on Emma A lead Adam to reason that Conlan's discharges destabilized her sub-molecular organic structure. Meanwhile, Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) decide to go in search of Brennan, but Emma A's telempathic powers have already revealed that he's gone to the bar to find her. Brennan has indeed found Conlan, who lies curled up in pain as the result of experimental operations by Dr. Harrison. Suddenly, Emma B bursts in on Brennan and Conlan. She disables Brennan while Conlan is grabbed by GSA agents who haul her back to Genomex. Brennan staggers to his feet to pursue them as Emma A arrives. Everyone gasps at the sight of the two Emmas. Brennan returns to Sanctuary to relate the shocking discovery to the rest of his team. Adam figures it's a case of instantaneous cloning, caused when Brennan supercharged Conlan's electromagnetic charge, unwittingly creating a force capable of cutting through cellular material at a genetic level. If they can't figure out a way to integrate the two Emmas back into one person, it could be fatal for both of them. Meanwhile back at Genomex, Emma B tells Conlan about her scheme to bring down Eckhart and the GSA once and for all. She believes that by turning Genomex into one giant stasis pod, they will lower the temperature of the inhabitants' metabolisms to the point that none of them will ever wake up again. Despite the fact that her plan will also result in the death of innocent mutants within the building, Emma B is determined to carry out her plan. When Adam gets wind of Emma B's plan, he tracks her down at the bar where she and Conlan are devising their next move. Despite his pleas, Emma B won't be swayed from her mission, even when Adam informs her that both Emmas will die within hours if they are not reunited. After Emma A sends word to Adam that Emma B and Conlan have returned to Genomex, Shalimar and Jesse are dispatched to find Emma B and bring her back to Sanctuary before she can do any harm. Conlan, however, has already set Emma B's plan in motion. Via comlink, Adam orders Jesse to hit the building with a microwave blast to neutralize Conlan's electrical charge before anyone's metabolism drops too low. That done, Jesse and Shalimar go after Emma B, who has escaped back to the bar with Conlan. When Emma B resists capture, Jesse knocks her out and carries her back to Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Conlan, feeling guilty about the ambush on Genomex, is relieved to hear that no one died in the incident. Knowing full well that Eckhart will come after Conlan again, Brennan promises to find a safe haven for her. Back at Sanctuary, Adam decides to repeat the incident that split her in the first place. Emma finally returns, but with no memory of what happened. On hearing the story, she tries to apologize for all the trouble she caused, but Adam assures her, "In this case, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts."

113 Blood Ties Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan (Victor Webster) decide to call it a night after an evening at a popular nightclub. Jesse heads for the parking garage, while Brennan walks his date to her car. As Jesse walks through the garage, he realizes he is being followed. To Jesse's surprise, it's his father, Noah (Art Hindle), who explains that he's on an undercover assignment. His story is cut short when a black car suddenly charges towards them, and a woman named Nicole Carter (Chick Reid) calls out to Noah, telling him he can't keep running. Noah tells Jesse that the people after him are from Nexxogen Security. Noticing that Jesse is distracted, Noah slips a computer disk into his pocket before making a run for it. Jesse starts to chase after his father, but suddenly has to mass out before the pursuing black car slams full speed into him. When Jesse reappears unscathed, Nicole realizes he's a mutant. She gets in the black car and she and her cohorts speed out of the garage in pursuit of Noah, while Jesse, startled and confused, finds a cell phone lying at his feet. At Sanctuary the next morning, Jesse tells Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) about his mysterious run-in with his father, when Adam (John Shea) enters. Having heard part of their conversation, he informs them that Nexxogen is a bioengineering firm that may be linked to Genomex. He reminds them that Nexxogen had a scandalous fire at their facility near the city of Martez the previous year. Meanwhile at Genomex, Calvin Porter (Derwin Jordan), a GSA officer with genetically enhanced hearing, speaks to Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) about a promotion, when Nicole arrives to see Eckhart. She reveals that a member of her security staff stole sensitive material regarding the Martez incident. This implicates Genomex and confirms that the fire was not an accident. Eckhart agrees to help Nicole retrieve the disk and assigns Calvin to the job. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan does some research on Nexxogen and informs Adam that Noah was their head of security until he got fired the previous month. Furthermore, Nexxogen would have gone bankrupt had Genomex not funded them. Meanwhile, Jesse's father calls him on the cell phone and asks for Jesse's help, warning he must come alone. Little do the two know that Calvin has been using his audio filter to listen in on their conversation. When Jesse leaves to meet Noah, Adam prepares Emma and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) to pay a visit to Nexxogen. He uses a laser device to give them both new thumbprints, which will allow them access to the plant, and a micro drive they will use to copy files from the main computer console. As Jesse approaches the designated meeting spot, Noah calls to warn Jesse that there are GSA agents everywhere, and orders him to get back in his car. Jesse listens to his father, and to his surprise, finds Noah battered in the backseat. Jesse takes Noah to a safehouse to tend to his wounds. Noah tells Jesse that he slipped him a computer disk containing all the information pertaining to the Martez accident, and insists that they handle things his way. After Jesse leaves the room to allow Noah to get some rest, Noah makes a quick phone call in which he is strikes a deal - the disk for cash. Meanwhile at Nexxogen, Emma and Shalimar enter the computer center, and download the files while communicating with Adam via comlink. When Shalimar mentions that there were GSA agents at the facility, Adam panics and orders them to escape immediately. Adam sends Brennan in the Double Helix to fetch the girls who narrowly avoid capture. As Nicole watches the two women escape, she calls Noah on his cell phone and tells him that she'll have his money in a day. Just as Noah ends his conversation with Nicole, Calvin and two GSA agents burst in and drag him off. Meanwhile back at Sanctuary, Jesse becomes enraged and storms off when Adam suggests that his father actually stole the file to blackmail Nexxogen. The next evening, Jesse gets a call from Noah who is being detained at Genomex. Noah, however, tells Jesse that he escaped the GSA agents and that Jesse must bring the disk back to the safehouse and leave it. Having monitored the conversation, Eckhart orders Calvin to accompany Noah to get the disk, and once he has it to kill him. Jesse immediately takes off for the safehouse in the Double Helix, ignoring Adam's warning that he is in grave danger. Jesse arrives at the safehouse with the disk. When he sees his father's bags packed, he realizes he was being decieved all along and turns to leave, but Calvin pulls out a gun and holds it to Noah's head. Before Jesse has time to react, Brennan bursts in and a fight ensues. After Jesse and Brennan battle all the agents, Noah sheepishly asks Jesse for the disk, which Jesse crushes in his hand before walking out.

114 Altered Ego GSA agents suddenly burst through the door of mutant Charlotte Cooke's (Emily Hampshire) apartment. One of the agents hits her friend, Skeet (Rob Stefaniuk), with his Taser, while another agent struggles to handcuff Charlotte. Just as the agents are about to flee with the two, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) crashes through a skylight and attacks. In the chaos, Shalimar rescues Charlotte, but Skeet is hauled off to Genomex. Onboard the Double Helix, Shalimar senses tension between Adam (John Shea) and Charlotte. When they bring Charlotte to a mutant safehouse, Charlotte states that she would like to volunteer her extraordinary powers to help Mutant X. Adam knows that her ability to manipulate moral polarity - bad to good or good to bad - is amazing, but he knows she has a hidden agenda. At Sanctuary, Brennan (Victor Webster) informs Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) that Adam used to work with Charlotte's father, Anthony, in the biochemistry department at Stanford. When Adam discovered that Anthony was selling biological weapons, he turned him in. Anthony was convicted, but he committed suicide before the trial. Meanwhile at Genomex, Skeet informs Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) and his cohort, Lynch (Joseph Scoren), that Charlotte hates Adam and was hoping to join the Mutant X team so she could use her powers to sabotage him. Back at the safehouse, Adam refuses to allow Charlotte to join Mutant X. Enraged, Charlotte touches both Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar. A silvery oil-like substance secretes out of her fingertips and is immediately absorbed into their skin. Within seconds, they both become irate and begin brutally attacking one another. Knowing Charlotte caused this, Adam steps between the two until their anger subsides. When they turn their attention back to Charlotte, they realize she has fled. Adam sends Brennan and Emma out to find Charlotte, but warns them not to let her touch them. As they scout the area, Emma suddenly has a telempathic vision of Charlotte's location. The two find the girl hiding on a rooftop, but as they try to convince her to come with them, the door unexpectedly bursts open. Lynch, Skeet and three agents appear and attack. In the madness, Lynch grabs Charlotte and brings her to Eckhart, who has her demonstrate her abilities on one of his men. She explains that her powers only last a few minutes on mutants, but the effects are permanent on non-mutants. When Adam gets a call from Charlotte at her apartment, he immediately takes off alone, ignoring protests from the others. Convincing Adam that she's sorry, Charlotte affectionately touches him, and her silvery liquid oozes onto his arm. Adam realizes he's been deceived, but the effects of the liquid have already set in. Emma arrives on the scene, and oblivious that Adam is under Charlotte's powers, turns her back for a moment. Charlotte knocks her unconscious with a bottle. Telling Charlotte that he'll see her back at Genomex, Adam drags Emma out the door. He then contacts Shalimar and tells her that Charlotte has infected Emma, and he needs for her to set up the lab for surgery. In the Sanctuary lab, Adam preps Emma and orders Shalimar to bring him all the files on brain resystemization. Emma suddenly awakens and begins struggling with Adam, but he sedates her with an injection device. When Adam turns and realizes that Shalimar has been watching him, he goes after her. Knowing Adam is not himself, Shalimar calls for backup on her comlink. Adam shoots her with a tranquilizer gun. He then seals her, as well as Brennan and Jesse, inside a force field. The three become extremely worried that Adam is headed to Genomex to sell the disk containing the mutants' database. Back in the lab, Emma comes to and maneuvers the laser scalpel to cut through her restraints. Once freed, she finds the others and deactivates the force field, releasing them. Back at Genomex, Charlotte tries to leave after Eckhart reveals that it was really he who blackmailed her father into selling his research. It's not long, however, before Adam arrives and releases her from the holding cell. As they head towards Charlotte's apartment, they see Brennan, Jesse, Shalimar and Emma blocking their path up ahead. Without hesitation, Adam tosses a lighter into the window of a car leaking oil, and it explodes in flames. Brennan walks through the fire, and he and Adam attack each other. Shalimar comes to the rescue, but Adam puts her in a deadly chokehold. Emma pleads to Adam that he's choking the one who loves him more than anyone else, and Adam finally releases his grip. Remorseful for what she's done, Charlotte touches Adam's arm and the silver liquid gushes out of his pores, restoring him back to his normal self.
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