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Mutant X Episode Synopses 115-122

Official Mutant X Episode Synopses

*The following episode synopses were taken directly from the Mutant X official website prior to its disappearance in early 2005; none of this material is my own.

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115 The Lazarus Syndrome Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) abandons her usually reserved nature when she goes to a popular club with Brennan (Victor Webster). She is swept away by Caleb Mathias (Andrew Martin), a brooding young man. In a moment of passion, the two kiss deeply, but suddenly Caleb's kiss turns evil. When he pulls away slightly, a blue glow which is literally sucking the life force out of her emanates between them. When Brennan finds Emma struggling to break from Caleb's embrace, he violently pulls the couple apart, ending the transfer before it was completed. The two men engage in a brutal fight, until Caleb finally runs off. After describing the incident to Adam (John Shea), Emma defies him by going back to the club with Brennan and Jesse (Forbes March) to investigate. They get nowhere with the tight-lipped waitress, Maria (Raven Duada), who had been eyeing Emma just before the incident with Caleb. Brennan is sure she knows more than she's telling. Meanwhile at Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) reports that six female mutant recruits have mysteriously died in the past five months. Eckhart's new second in command, Pamela Fries (Larissa Laskin), believes the deaths are the work of a mutant serial killer who lures his victims into submission, as none of them show signs of a struggle. Eckhart insists that the murderer be stopped immediately before any more mutants die. At Sanctuary, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) learns about the six missing female mutants and informs Adam, who orders Emma off the streets immediately. Just as Brennan and Jesse are about to take her back to Sanctuary, an angry and vengeful Caleb returns. He and Brennan battle once again, unaware that Pamela is watching from a parked GSA car. Convinced she's found her serial killer, Pamela guns the accelerator and races forward. Jesse pulls Brennan to safety, but Caleb is not so lucky. Emma discovers that Caleb is far from dead, however, when he suddenly appears at Sanctuary. When Brennan and Jesse watch surveillance tapes from the morgue which show Caleb walking out of the building with Pamela, that they realize that he has the ability to resurrect himself from the dead. Back at the club, Emma and Shalimar look for clues when Emma simply vanishes. She awakens to find herself handcuffed in a dark cellar with Caleb and Pamela, whom he has also taken prisoner. When Caleb leaves, Pamela informs Emma that the GSA will eventually find her through her tracking device. With some convincing, Emma and Pamela pool their powers to release Pamela from her shackles. Once Pamela is free, she is reluctant to help Emma. Tossing a key that falls at Emma's feet, Pamela tries to escape, but Caleb returns and lunges at her. Pamela uses her mutant powers to freeze him to death, but he revives himself and overpowers her. Kissing her deeply, he re-charges himself with her life force, dropping her lifeless body. When he turns his attention to Emma, she warns him that the GSA will be there any moment because of Pamela's tracking device. Caleb hauls Pamela's body upstairs and dumps it in a closet. By the time he returns, Emma has freed herself with the key and is about to flee. Caleb, feeling deceived, sucks the life force out of her as well. Meanwhile, Eckhart is more anxious than ever to get his hands on Caleb to study his DNA. Back at the club, Brennan learns that Maria is actually a mutant who has been helping Caleb track down his prey to avoid becoming his next meal herself. When she refuses to reveal Caleb's whereabouts, Shalimar convinces Maria to offer her to Caleb. Tragically, by the time Shalimar gets to Caleb's cellar, Emma is dead. Enraged, she takes Caleb out with a fatal blow, before reporting Emma's death to Adam, who is stunned and saddened. Adam, realizing this is precisely the moment when Caleb will rise again and need to feed, tries to warn Shalimar, but she's too distraught over Emma to hear him. Sure enough, Caleb comes to and goes after Shalimar. Brennan arrives in the nick of time and throws an arc of electricity, killing Caleb. Suddenly, a strange glow emanates from Caleb's mouth, as the life force drains from him and is returned to Emma. Back at Genomex, Eckhart is frustrated when Pamela comes back to life, seeing her resurgence as a lost research opportunity.

116 Interface Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan (Victor Webster) investigate a mutant safehouse that's been broken into and ransacked beyond repair - obviously the work of the GSA. Adam (John Shea) and the team are baffled as to how the GSA have recently become so successful in finding and sabotaging safehouses, which are inconspicuously located throughout the city. Luckily, the tape from the safehouses' security camera is still intact. Adam, Jesse and Brennan sit down to watch the replay of the break-in. Meanwhile at Genomex, Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) and his cohort, Delay (Chris Owens), are discussing the success of their "little secret weapon," when Michelle Bigelow (Danielle Hampton), a GSA trainee with telecyber mutant powers, appears in the doorway. Unfailingly loyal to the GSA, Michelle blames Delay for the lack of team effort during the last safehouse raid, and confidently reveals that she wants to take over his position. Later that night, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) watches the security tape from the vandalized safehouse, and realizes one of the assailants is her estranged best friend from high school, Michelle. Emma rushes off to a cybercafe and sends Michelle, who is hooked into one of Genomex's computers, an instant message. Michelle, terrified she'll be caught conversing with "the enemy," asks Emma to meet her at a specific webcam link in fifteen minutes. Elsewhere, Adam and Jesse conclude that the GSA is using a telecyber psionic, a person who can mentally interact with computers, to breach the security at the safehouses that have been hit. Back at Sanctuary, Adam puts Brennan and Jesse through a simulated GSA agent attack. He insists that the simulations will prepare them for any combat situation they might encounter. Meanwhile, Emma waits patiently at the cybercafe until Michelle's face appears on her screen. Emma is able to convince her friend to meet her at their old high school stomping ground, Jasper's, for a drink. When Emma and Michelle meet, they reminisce for a while and even use their mutant powers to pull the same prank on the cashier that they did years before. But when Emma begins questioning Michelle about her involvement with the GSA, she realizes her friend has been totally brainwashed by Eckhart. Michelle is not shy about voicing her opinion of Mutant X either, calling the team "a pack of outlaws, who flaunt their illegal behavior." Suddenly, the door of Jasper's bursts open, and two GSA agents enter, apprehending Emma. Back at Sanctuary, Adam realizes that Emma is missing, and her comlink has been deactivated. Assuming she must be with Michelle, Adam orders Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan to fly by Genomex, using the onboard sensors to detect if Emma's presence. Meanwhile at Genomex, Emma struggles while Michelle implants her with a subdermal governor. Determined to make Michelle learn the truth about Eckhart and his evil ways, Emma encourages her friend to use her powers to tap into Genomex's computer files. With a little more convincing, Michelle mentally connects with the main computer and is appalled at the horrible things she finds. Embarrassed for having been so naive, Michelle uses her powers to deactivate Emma's subdermal governor. Emma contacts Adam to ask him to send the Double Helix to rescue them, but Eckhart and his entourage of agents finds them. As the agents escort the two ladies to a holding cell, Michelle uses her telecyber powers to knock out the electricity, and she and Emma escape to the Double Helix. Adam warmly welcomes Michelle to Sanctuary and insists they get her into the lab immediately for observation. Michelle informs him that Eckhart had his technicians work on her genetic makeup. As a result, she no longer feels any emotion and has begun shedding her organic form. Suddenly losing complete control of her powers, she turns to chrome and sparks explode from her head. Knowing that the only way to save her friend is to make her feel emotion, Emma bombards the robotic Michelle with telempathic visions. Michelle collapses, and her body returns to human form. Adam rushes her to the lab and saves her life by successfully reversing all the work the GSA had done on her DNA strands.

117 Presumed Guilty At a vacant loading dock, Marc Griffin (Paul Popowich), a mutant with the power to steal people's memories, argues with his girlfriend, Megan Alexander (Jocelyn Snowdon). She is insistent on him going into the underground for protection. Frustrated and enraged, Marc shoves Megan, sending her plummeting down a flight of stairs. Adam (John Shea), who has an appointment to meet with the couple, arrives only to find Griffin kneeling over his lifeless girlfriend. Before Adam can react to the situation, Griffin fixes him with a mesmerizing stare, collapsing him to the ground. As Adam slowly regains consciousness, he finds Griffin standing over him wielding a gun, and Megan lying motionless on the floor. Griffin, grief-stricken over Megan's death, blames Adam for her murder. Confused and with no memory whatsoever, Adam shakes his head in disbelief. Hearing the sounds of approaching police sirens, Adam escapes out of the loading dock not knowing who he is, or where he is going. At Genomex, Lena Blake (Tiara Sorensen), a mutant with a protective second eyelid and the ability to fire a toxic vapor from her mouth, informs Eckhart (Tom McCamus) about Marc and his ability to absorb people's memories. Lena vows to Eckhart that she will capture Griffin and bring him back to Genomex for observation. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, the Mutant X team becomes increasingly concerned when they try unsuccessfully to contact Adam on his comlink. When the team sets out to search for Adam, Jesse (Forbes March) spots a police sketch of the suspect wanted for the murder of Megan Alexander. To their surprise, the suspect is Adam! Outside the local police station, Lena greets Griffin with a blow of her toxic vapor, which renders him temporarily blind and under her control. Suddenly, Adam appears and hits Lena with a powerful kick that sends her flying. Adam drags the blinded Griffin down the alley, and they escape to the safety of Megan's apartment. Adam informs him that he needs his help in bringing back his memory. Griffin continues to insist that Adam is responsible for Megan's death, but Adam senses that Griffin is lying. Fed up with Adam's questioning, Griffin leaves the apartment and is immediately captured by two agents, who haul him off to Genomex. Minutes later, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Brennan (Victor Webster) find Adam outside of Megan's apartment. Not recognizing them, Adam prepares to fight when a police car suddenly arrives and arrests him for Megan's murder. Meanwhile, back at Genomex, Lena and Eckhart prepare to retrieve Adam's memory, including security codes and safehouse locations. During the procedure, however, they find that Adam's memory contains an overload of information. Since Griffin is only able to recite disjointed scientific equations, Eckhart deems him useless and is ready to dispose of him. Suddenly, Griffin reveals that he knows the location of Sanctuary. In the meantime, Jesse and Brennan pay a visit to Adam in jail, informing him that Griffin has stolen his memory and framed him for the murder of Megan. Realizing that Jesse and Brennan are telling the truth, Adam asks them to spring him from the jail cell and bring him back to Sanctuary. With a sizzling arc of electricity, Brennan blasts the jail cell's electronic lock, setting Adam free. Back at Sanctuary, Adam scans the database in an effort to absorb and restore as much knowledge to his brain as possible. Meanwhile, Brennan, Jesse and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) work to upgrade Sanctuary's security system to prevent Eckhart, Griffin and Lena from breaking in. They realize they're too late, however, when the threesome appears inside Sanctuary accompanied by a contingent of agents who are ready to take over. Without hesitation, the Mutant X team takes down Lena and the agents, while Emma uses her telempathic powers to force Griffin into returning Adam's memory to him and confessing the truth about Megan's death. With his memory restored, Adam finds himself face to face with Eckhart. Without a beat, Adam strikes Eckhart with a powerful punch, which knocks him senseless. The Mutant X team looks on with pure satisfaction, knowing the old Adam is back.

118 Ex Marks the Spot At an abandoned safehouse, mutant Zack Lockhart (Callum Keith Rennie) meets with GSA agent Artie Hill (Michael Anthony Rawlins) to go over plans to break into a highly secure vault. After assessing the risks involved, Zack, who has the power to penetrate solid objects and reveal their contents holographically, refuses to participate and heads for the stairs. Just as Hill's cronies whip out their taser truncheons, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) arrive and overpower the agents. They escape with Zack and call Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) to inform her they are bringing a mutant named Zack to Safehouse 6. Shalimar is furious when she realizes that Zack is her former boyfriend, who brought her nothing but trouble in the past. She warns Adam (John Shea) that Zack is a dangerous liar and thief, but Adam contends that Zack may have changed since she knew him, and his extraordinary powers might prove very useful to them. At Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) is incensed that Artie has let Zack escape, since his powers are needed to break into the vault. Artie promises Eckhart he will find a way to get Zack to cooperate. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Adam and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) begin researching the vault. They discover that the safe, located at Dombey & Sons Security, contains a precious collection of Fabergè Eggs that are to be sold by Segal's Fine Auctions the following day. When Adam learns that one of the eggs belonged to Eckhart's arch rival in Russia, a biogeneticist working on the manipulation of the DNA strand controlling free will, the Mutant X team deduces that the egg contains a data chip with the secret genetic code. If Eckhart gets hold of the chip, he will have control over all mutants. Adam realizes he must get to the egg before Eckhart, and the only person who can help him is Zack. However, Zack is painfully aware of how much Shalimar detests him, and decides to leave Mutant X. At Adam's urging, Shalimar reluctantly sets out to find Zack. After persuading him to rejoin the mission, she lets down her guard, and the two enjoy a passionate reunion. Their tryst is soon interrupted by Artie and his men, and the two fight them off before heading to a safehouse. In the meantime, Adam has dispatched the rest of his team to case the Dombey & Sons facility. As Brennan and Emma conduct surveillance from inside the Double Helix, Jesse phases out, enters the building and infiltrates the security system. To everyone's surprise, the GSA suddenly begins its break-in. Mutant X secretly monitors their operation and triggers the security alarm, just as Artie is about to break through the vault's electronic lock. Security guards burst in and arrest Artie and his men. An angry Eckhart then takes matters into his own hands, placing an absentee bid for the egg under an alias name. Adam soon discovers that Eckhart is the absentee bidder, and realizes that unless Mutant X acts immediately, the egg will be in Eckhart's hands by morning. Now, with the help of Shalimar and Zack, Mutant X prepares for its mission - to break into the vault, steal the data chip and replace the egg with no one the wiser. Dressed in full security guard gear, the team infiltrates Dombey & Sons. Emma, using her telempathic powers, immediately puts two security guards to sleep and grabs the special keycard that is able to wipe out the lethal laser beams surrounding the vault. Jesse phases out, passes through the laser gauntlet and swipes the keycard through the electronic lock slot, extinguishing the lasers. Zack is able to create a holographic image of the inner workings of the vault's security system, which Brennan then blasts with a tesla coil, clearing the way for Jesse to reach inside for the Fabergè Egg. Suddenly, Zack grabs for the egg, causing Jesse to lose his grip and sending the egg flying. Shalimar reacts quickly, catching the egg and opening it up to remove the hidden data chip before the team returns the egg and exits the facility. The next morning, Shalimar finds Zack in a rush to leave town. Unconvinced about his change of heart from the beginning, Shalimar reaches up to Zack's ear with a sleight of hand move, produces the data chip and reveals she was aware all along that he would try to steal it. Back at Genomex, Eckhart opens up his egg. Finding he has been scammed, he smashes the delicate masterpiece in a fit of rage. At Sanctuary, Adam, Jesse and Brennan destroy the data chip, knowing it's too dangerous to be left intact.

119 Nothing to Fear Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) comes to the aid of Henry Voight (Justin Louis), a mutant with powerful mind control abilities, who is being pursued by GSA agents. Surprisingly, when Brennan (Victor Webster) arrives on the scene, the agents retreat. While he investigates, Shalimar stays with Henry and learns that he is actually a GSA agent himself, and has set them up. Before Shalimar can react, Henry presses his palm, bearing a triangular symbol, against her temple, creating a red web-like substance. Brennan returns, and seeing Shalimar in danger, shoots a bolt of electricity that breaks the connection between the two. The symbol, however, has been branded into her temple, but quickly disappears as Henry flees. Henry meets with Eckhart (Tom McCamus) informing him that Shalimar is now under his control, and will reveal Sanctuary's location. Meanwhile at the lab, Adam (John Shea) performs a body scan on Shalimar, while Brennan and Jesse (Forbes March) search the mutant database for information about Henry. The two are shocked to learn that Henry's wife, Brianna (Renata Spandel), worked for the GSA and died in the line of duty. That night, the triangular symbol reappears on Shalimar's temple as she sleeps. She rises, goes to the media wall console and bypasses the system's security shield. Moments later, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) enters, notices the glowing imprint on Shalimar, and realizes that she is deactivating Sanctuary's security system. A struggle ensues between the two, but Shalimar is able to break away just as GSA agents storm Sanctuary and take over the computer. Meanwhile, Brennan and Jesse awaken to find themselves surrounded by agents. Both have both been implanted with subdermal governors. Adam enters and tries to save the Mutant X database. All except Adam are captured by the GSA and hauled off to Genomex. Brennan kneels next to a sleeping Shalimar, who is drenched in sweat and struggling to breathe. It is obvious that this has all been a dream. Noticing the glowing imprint on Shalimar's head, Brennan calls out to Adam in a panic. Adam rushes Shalimar to the lab, where he deduces that Henry must have taken control of her subconscious when she fell asleep. Whatever is happening in her mind is affecting her body. Emma wants to use her telempathic powers to connect with Shalimar, but Adam forbids her, fearful that Henry might take over her mind through Shalimar. Back in Shalimar's mind, Eckhart uses scare tactics to try to get her to divulge information about Mutant X. As Adam and Emma observe Shalimar, they notice her skin has begun to burn. They frantically wrap her in bandages and assume that she is being tortured for information in her dream. Against Adam's orders, Emma connects with Shalimar and tells her that it's all just a nightmare. Meanwhile, DNA clues lead Brennan and Jesse to a rail yard where Henry's father worked. Sensing intruders, Henry emerges from a trance just as Jesse swings the train car door open and confronts him. Henry flashes his palm in Jesse's face and takes him under his control before turning to Brennan. Brennan is able to block his eyes from the glowing symbol. The two men engage in a scuffle, but Henry finally flees the scene. Back at Sanctuary, the team realizes that Brennan has also fallen under Henry's control when the symbol suddenly appears on his arm. Adam pumps Jesse and Brennan full of stimulants to keep them awake, knowing if they fall asleep, Henry will invade their minds and use their fears against them to get information. Overcome with exhaustion, Adam finally allows the two to sleep, but reminds them that anything they experience is only a dream. When their vital signs show they are about to fall into comas, Adam asks Emma to use her powers to enter their dreams and convince Henry that Mutant X was not responsible for Brianna's death. Emma gets a glimpse of Brianna, but when Adam leaves the lab momentarily, Henry's voice suddenly emerges through Brennan and he tells Emma that Mutant X will suffer for what they did to his wife. Brennan grabs Emma and puts his hand to her temple, imprinting her. Adam rushes in, but Emma is already unconscious. Later, Eckhart scolds Henry for failing in his mission. Henry responds by telling Eckhart that he blames both him and Mutant X for his wife's death, revealing that he has imprinted Eckhart as well. Meanwhile, Adam furiously scans through Brianna's information. Upon learning that she is a "Section Nine," he immediately hooks himself up to the EKG machine and falls into a dreamscape where he meets Henry. He informs Henry that the GSA reported that Brianna died, but she is actually alive and being kept in a storage area in the GSA. When Henry refuses to listen, Adam brings him to Eckhart, who out of fear confirms that if Brianna is a "Section Nine," it means she is in stasis. Adam orders Henry to release everyone from his power, promising that he will soon be reunited with Brianna. The Mutant X team and Eckhart awake from their dreamscape unharmed, and Eckhart orders Brianna's release, sending her home with her husband.

120 Deadly Desire Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Jesse (Forbes March) come to the aid of mutant Lorna Templeton (Krista Allen), who is being chased by Carl Ames (Ted Whittall) and his team of GSA agents. An agent is about to apprehend Lorna, when suddenly she grabs him by the neck with a scorpion-like stinger she shoots from her wrist, injecting him with her lethal venom. Ames tries to back away, but Lorna stops him with a blast of her pheromone mist, leaving him hopelessly in love, and completely under her control. Lorna and Ames escape together seconds before Shalimar and Jesse appear, finding the lifeless agent on the floor. In an attempt to find Lorna, Adam (John Shea) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) search the GSA's database. They find no signs of Lorna, but they do discover that the GSA is arranging a deal to acquire a stolen supply of Anomite, a gelatin-like virus with the ability to destroy the most sophisticated cyber security systems. Adam realizes that if Eckhart (Tom McCamus) gets possession of the virus, he will have the ability to take over every safehouse in existence. Meanwhile at a pool hall, Brennan (Victor Webster) runs into Tony Reese (Matthew MacFadzean), a dangerous acquaintance from his past. Tony insists that he has changed for the better since meeting the woman of his dreams. He reveals that they are working on a job that offers a five million dollar reward. Later at Genomex, Eckhart's associate, Vance Halloran (Jim Codrington), arranges a meeting with government scientist Dr. Tork (Clyde Whitham), who has the Anomite in his possession. Hacking into Genomex's database, Emma learns that Halloran and Dr. Tork are meeting at the Peterson Building. Brennan and Shalimar burst into the building just as Halloran exchanges a case of money with Dr. Tork in return for the Anomite. Intent on stealing the Anomite in order to collect the five million dollar reward, Ames, Lorna and Tony watch from the shadows as Brennan knocks the virus out of Halloran's grip with a bolt of electricity. Shalimar grabs the Anomite and attempts to escape, but Ames suddenly emerges with a gun, shoots and kills Dr. Tork, and fires a bullet into Shalimar's shoulder. Brennan runs to Shalimar's aid, while Tony, Ames and Lorna escape with the Anomite. Brennan takes Shalimar back to Sanctuary before setting out to find Tony and the Anomite. He tracks him to an apartment garage, but Tony refuses to reveal any information. Cleverly pinning a tracking transmitter on Tony's shirt, Brennan secretly enters the building. Tony is surprised to find that Brennan has followed him into Lorna's apartment, but Lorna, immediately attracted to Brennan, dismisses Tony. She takes Brennan to her bedroom, promising to show him the Anomite. Just as Brennan is about to snatch the virus from Lorna, she hits him with a shot of her pheromone mist, leaving him dazed and completely in love with her. Unable to control their undeniable lust for one another, they passionately embrace with a heated kiss. The next morning, Lorna emerges from her bedroom to find Tony in a jealous rage. Deciding she doesn't need him now that she has Brennan, she kills him with her venomous stinger. When Brennan appears, Lorna hits him with more pheromone mist, causing him to ignore Tony's unconscious body on the floor. Not knowing Brennan's whereabouts, Jesse and Emma run a track on his transmitter and find him with Lorna and Ames. Just as they are about to exchange the Anomite with Halloran, Jesse and Emma burst in and attempt to seize the virus, but Brennan throws an electric bolt at Emma, knocking her to the ground. Lorna grabs the Anomite and orders Brennan to take down Ames, while Halloran escapes with the money. With Ames now unconscious on the floor, Jesse and Emma decide they must bring him back to Sanctuary for observation. At Sanctuary, Adam creates an antivirus using a trace of Lorna's pheromonal mist found in Ames' blood. The antivirus is a success, and Ames realizes that his love for Lorna was all an illusion. Shalimar sets out to find Brennan, and secretly slips him the antivirus to break Lorna's spell. When Lorna realizes that her spell on Brennan has been broken, she injects him with her venomous stinger, leaving him unconscious. With the Anomite in hand, Lorna starts to leave her apartment. She is suddenly blocked by Shalimar, who knocks her down with a powerful kick while Adam grabs the Anomite. Back at Sanctuary, the Mutant X team nurses Brennan back to health, while Adam secures the Anomite in a place no one will ever find.

121 A Breed Apart Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) attempt to rescue Kelly Rice (Kim Schraner), a mutant with the ability to start fires, from GSA agent Morgan Fortier (Karen LeBlanc) and her team of super-mutant field agents. Just as Brennan prepares to throw an electrical arc, things suddenly change. The electricity backfires, sending Brennan flying. Shalimar jumps in, pushing Kelly to safety. As they're about to flee, however, Morgan uses her telekinetic powers to trap Kelly in a maze of pipes. Shalimar and Brennan abandon Kelly, returning to Sanctuary to inform Adam (John Shea) of the super-mutants they've encountered, and Brennan's sudden inability to control his powers. Morgan enters Genomex and uses her powers to put all security officers and agents into a deep sleep. She then releases the handsome but intimidating Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton) from the pod that has held him since childhood. Once the two escape, Morgan snaps her fingers, releasing the employees from their trance. When Eckhart (Tom McCamus) learns of Gabriel's disappearance, he frantically explains to his cohort, Dr. Harrison (Andrew Gillies), that Gabriel Ashlocke, also referred to as Patient Zero, was the first child of Genomex. Undeniably the most powerful mutant, Gabriel was placed into a pod for his own safety and the good of the world. Eckhart immediately orders Morgan and her field agents on a manhunt. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse (Forbes March) tells Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) about the bizarre encounter he had with Kelly at a safehouse. He says she tried to recruit him into a group called The Strand, describing it as an alternative to Mutant X. He shows Emma the flyer Kelly gave him. Meanwhile, Shalimar tells Adam that she too, can no longer control her mutant abilities. At the Museum of Antiquities, Gabriel presents himself to the devout members of The Strand, who listen intently as he preaches against Eckhart and Mutant X. That night, Emma panics when a shimmering star-shaped energy burst suddenly appears in front of her forehead. Moments later, when Jesse attempts to phase out, he realizes that his powers are also off-kilter. Testing all of their blood, Adam concludes that they are experiencing a growth spurt and will need to adapt to their new powers. When Jesse informs Adam of his encounter with Kelly, Adam goes to Emma to get the flyer. Upon reading it, he goes pale and calls an emergency meeting. He tells the team that Gabriel is a sociopath, who was born without a conscience and believes himself to be God. After Gabriel killed his parents, Adam created the subdermal governor and the pods to protect the world from his wrath. Adam secures the Anomite in a place no one will ever find.Back at the museum, Kelly informs Gabriel that she knows a way to recruit mutants into The Strand. Later at a safehouse, Brennan and Shalimar are practicing their new powers when they suddenly find themselves in a romantically awkward moment. The silence is broken, however, when Gabriel and Kelly enter and ask the two to join The Strand. When Shalimar declines, Kelly uses her powers to create a wall of fire around the computer console. Shalimar recoils while Brennan attempts to create a tesla coil, which Gabriel easily stops. Gabriel then uses his super powers to blast Brennan, knocking him out. Kelly works on downloading files from the Mutant X database, while Gabriel hits Shalimar with an energy pulse. He then throws the unconscious Shalimar over his shoulder, exiting the safehouse with Kelly. Back at the museum, Morgan becomes enraged when she realizes that the database Kelly stole is encrypted, and therefore useless. As Kelly flees the room visibly upset, two feral mutants enter with Shalimar. Realizing that Shalimar is unimpressed by his powers, Gabriel places his palm on her forehead, freezing her in place. The moment he removes his hand, she submits to him. Back at Sanctuary, Emma senses that Shalimar is in grave danger and insists they search for her. At Genomex, Gabriel enters Eckhart's office with Morgan and Shalimar, ordering that Eckhart be apprehended and taken to a pod. When Brennan suddenly bursts on the scene, Shalimar, still under Gabriel's control, lunges at him. Brennan dodges Shalimar and immobilizes Morgan with a bolt of electricity, before shooting an electrical arc at Gabriel. In all the chaos, Harrison frantically tries to decrypt the Mutant X database, but Emma and Jesse appear and pounce on him. Gabriel recovers, and he and Shalimar attack Brennan with a vengeance, but Emma comes to the rescue shooting a psionic blast at Shalimar that releases her from Gabriel's control. When Shalimar turns on Gabriel, Brennan stops her and tells the team it's time to go. As Gabriel watches them exit, he comments that there's no better place to start conquering the world than Genomex.

122 Dancing on the Razor At an abandoned warehouse, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) are waiting to meet with a mutant who had contacted them with an anonymous email, when four armed GSA agents suddenly burst in. The two fight off the agents before fleeing the warehouse. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan and Jesse learn that the mutant who emailed them doesn’t really exist - the confrontation with the GSA was a set-up. What they don’t know, however, is that their run-in with the GSA was secretly videotaped. Later that day, Adam (John Shea), Brennan and Jesse watch in disbelief as Proxy Blue reveals reports from an inside source of an altercation at a warehouse involving a covert government agency and a band of renegades. Proxy Blue promises to broadcast video evidence of the face-off as soon as the disc is delivered to her studio. Brennan and Jesse realize that cameras must have been planted in the warehouse to record the set-up. If they don’t act quickly, Proxy Blue will reveal the existence of Mutant X to the world. Meanwhile at Genomex, Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) and his second-in-command, Harvey Lanchester (Roman Podhora), watch Proxy Blue’s report. Eckhart knows that if the reality of Mutant X is exposed to the world, Genomex will be shut down and Eckhart will be deemed a traitor. In an attempt to find Proxy Blue’s source, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) tap into her hotline number, finding a record of an unusual call from Macklin Exporters, an international shipping facility. When Shalimar and Brennan arrive at Macklin Exporters, they find Lanchester using his mutant powers on a terrified office employee, and a group of GSA agents standing over four dead employees. Moments later, facility employee Jay Minhaus (James Gallanders) enters. He is immediately overtaken by a number of agents, and interrogated for his involvement in the altercation at the warehouse. Pleading for his life, Jay claims he had nothing to do with the set-up. Just as Lanchester is about to blast Jay with his deadly powers, Brennan and Shalimar step in, and a fight ensues. After defeating Lanchester and his agents, Brennan and Shalimar escort Jay to a safehouse for protection. Enraged that Minhaus got away, Lanchester uses his destructive mutant abilities to send a series of explosive fireballs, causing the facility to explode. At the safehouse, Brennan and Shalimar question Jay regarding his and Macklin Exporters’ involvement in the video evidence revealed by Proxy Blue. Despite Jay’s claim that he knows nothing, Adam insists that he remain at the safehouse for protection, knowing that until Lanchester has solid proof that the disc has been destroyed, his life is in grave danger. When Jay suddenly expresses fear that his sister Rebecca’s life is in jeopardy, Shalimar accompanies him to search for her. Meanwhile, Emma scans the Mutant X database for any information on Jay’s sister, but finds no sign of her existence. Shalimar goes with Jay to his apartment and quietly creeps inside. To her surprise, Jay suddenly slams the door behind her and locks it, snapping the key off in the lock. When Shalimar calls out to Jay and gets no response, she smashes the door open with a powerful kick. Realizing that Jay is nowhere to be found, Shalimar heads to the lobby where she encounters Lanchester, who hits her with a microwave blast. As Lanchester demands that Shalimar tell him Jay’s whereabouts, Emma appears and uses her telempathic powers to transform herself into an image of Eckhart, fooling Lanchester into setting Shalimar free. Back at Sanctuary, Adam and Jesse search the database for information about Jay and discover that he has a degree in journalism, but had been fired from his only media job after being accused of plagiarism. Putting two and two together, Adam and Jesse realize that Jay was the one who set up the cameras in the warehouse and tipped off Proxy Blue, knowing that the story of Mutant X would make his career. Certain that Jay made up the story about his sister to escape the safehouse, Jesse runs a tracking signal on him, finding that he is at a local warehouse. Emma and Shalimar arrive at the warehouse at the same time as Lanchester and his agents. Surrounded, Jay tries to make a break for the door, but Lanchester blasts him with a powerful charge and he is instantly killed. Shalimar grabs the disc from Jay’s lifeless hand just as Lanchester sends a blast at Emma. Emma, however, sees it coming and uses her telempathic powers to reverse the effect, causing the vibrations kill Lanchester. The Mutant X team then destroys the disc before heading back to Sanctuary.
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