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Mutant X Episode Synopses 201-210

Official Mutant X Episode Synopses

*The following episode synopses were taken directly from the Mutant X official website prior to its disappearance in early 2005; none of this material is my own.

Episode Synopses: 101-114 ~ 115-122 ~ 201-210 ~ 211-221 ~ 222-308 ~ 309-316 ~ 317-322

201 Past as Prologue The evil mutant Gabrielle Ashlocke (Michael Easton) backs billionaire Neal Varadi (Marcus Tavillo) into a corner and demands that he hand over his ancient urn. When the terrified Varadi opens the wall safe, Ashlocke immediately snatches the urn and kills Varadi with a blast of energy. Suddenly, the window shatters to reveal Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), who lunges at Ashlocke, but is stopped by a force field he’s created. Brennan (Victor Webster) appears and shoots an electrical arc that sends Ashlocke flying. When Ashlocke recovers, he is overcome with dizziness and stumbles off with the urn. Returning to Sanctuary, Brennan and Shalimar tell Adam (John Shea) that Ashlocke may be sick, given the way he almost fainted. Adam insists that if this is true, he has to find a cure for the ailing mutant. That night, Dr. Aziza Deparis (Soo Garay) examines Ashlocke at his home, which is known as The Strand. Meanwhile, Shalimar awakens to find Ashlocke in her room. Just as he vanishes, Emma enters and tells her that what she’s seen is all in her mind. Back at the Strand, Aziza shakes Ashlocke out of a trance to inform him that his tests reveal he is dying as a result of his accelerated metabolism and the rapid mutation of his genes. He becomes furious when she tells him there is no cure. The next morning, Adam asks Jesse (Forbes March) and Emma to get a sample of Ashlocke’s DNA. As they set off on their mission, an emotional Shalimar berates Adam for wanting to save Ashlocke. Meanwhile, Jesse and Emma phase through the wall of The Strand and Emma stands guard as Jesse enters Ashlocke’s sanctum. When Emma is ambushed by Valerie (Melanie Marden), one of Ashlocke’s devout followers, who are collectively known as Links, Emma hits her with a psionic blast. Moments later, Jesse returns with one of Ashlocke’s used tissues. Back at The Strand, Ashlocke leads Aziza to the lab where he shows her a hologram of the beautiful ancient alchemist, Avaris. He then turns to the alchemist’s mummified body, which lies inside a water-filled tank and tells Aziza that he’s planning to bring Avaris back to life, confident that she’ll use her powers to save him. Meanwhile, tracking Ashlocke’s Links to Manhattan, Jesse and Brennan phase through the wall of the Gallery of Games just as Valerie and two Links are about to make off with a 3,000-year-old Ouija board. A brutal fight ensues and two of the Links flee with a crystal from the Ouija board, leaving Valerie behind. When she suddenly begins convulsing, Jesse and Brennan rush her to Sanctuary where Adam examines her. As they research the ancient Ouija board, Valerie’s life support system’s alarm suddenly sounds and she dies. Holding Valerie’s hand, Emma is struck by a telempathic vision of Ashlocke dying. Later at Sanctuary, Adam tells an irrational Shalimar that if Ashlocke is dying, he’s even more dangerous because he’s got nothing left to lose. Brennan then informs Adam that the Ouija board belonged to the ancient alchemist Avaris, that there are actually two crystals, and that the one that Ashlocke has is useless without the other. Realizing that Ashlocke is trying to save his own life with the formula inscribed on the crystals, Adam concludes that the Ouija board is the map that will lead them to the other half. Arriving in Alexandria, Egypt, Emma and Shalimar enter the Anthushi tomb and search for the panel that matches the pictograph from the Ouija board. The two finally find the panel and when Shalimar kicks the ancient wall, it crumbles revealing the other crystal. But just as Shalimar reaches for it, an image of Ashlocke appears and tries unsuccessfully to grab it from her hand. Back at Sanctuary, Adam tells Shalimar that choosing to save Ashlocke’s life is the most difficult decision he’s ever made. Meanwhile, at The Strand, Aziza informs Ashlocke that she adjusted Avaris’ DNA and all they have to do is supply a human host in order for her to come back to life. After a passionate kiss, Ashlocke suddenly shoves Aziza into the tank. When the reborn Avaris (Lisa Marcos) emerges, she asks Ashlocke for her crystals. Learning he has only one of them, she insists that he must retrieve the other before she’ll agree to save his life. When Adam suddenly enters with a mysterious device and tells the evil mutant he’s come to save him, Ashlocke shoots the object out of his hand. Adam reveals his half of the crystal just as Emma bursts in and overpowers Avaris with a psionic blast. Fleeing the room, Adam enters the lab where Brennan and Shalimar are fighting off Ashlocke’s Links. Using her feral senses, Shalimar finds Ashlocke’s half of the crystal and they join the two pieces. As Adam reads the hieroglyphics the crystal pyramid is projecting, Ashlocke and Avaris appear. Ignoring Avaris’ protests, Adam begins reciting specific ancient Egyptian words, which cause the alchemist to explode. The Mutant X team escapes in the nick of time as the entire lab blows up. That night, Adam and Shalimar have a heart-to-heart. Adam explains that he wants to keep Ashlocke alive so he can study him and learn how to save the members of the Mutant X team as they experience rapid mutations. Shalimar understands, but asks for Adam’s help in keeping the evil Ashlocke from invading her mind.

202 Power Play Military guards watch over a flatbed truck outside a warehouse oblivious that Black OP Soldiers are silently surrounding them. Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) arrive on the scene, but as they creep towards the warehouse, a Soldier rolls a gas canister in their direction. A powerful nerve gas is released and the two fall to the ground. Moments later, one of the Soldiers rolls another gas canister into the warehouse while his comrades remove the cover from the truck revealing a powerful laser device. When Brennan and Jesse recover, Jesse phases through the wall of the warehouse to escape, but is hit with another powerful cloud of nerve gas. Realizing that the Soldiers are about to steal the truck, he phases back and informs Brennan before collapsing. Brennan watches the Soldiers escape with the truck as he tries to help Jesse to his feet. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) examines Jesse and determines that the gas has bonded with his molecular structure. Jesse tries to stand, but collapses again and begins phasing out uncontrollably. He summons up all his energy and finally solidifies himself. Meanwhile, the Soldiers arrive at the Twin Creeks Nuclear Facility with the stolen weapon and overtake the facility. Back at Sanctuary, Adam tells Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) that the gas has affected Jesse's nervous system and it’s possible that if he phases out again, he could literally disappear. Later, Adam has an online conversation with a woman named Beverly who insists she had no idea that the man behind the operation, Colonel Aaron Gaumont (Stephen McHattie), was so dangerous. Suddenly Gaumont appears on the monitor and demands that ten million dollars be paid for each of the twelve soldiers that died during a covert operation in Kyrgyzstan. He goes on to say that he's taken control of the Twin Creeks Nuclear Facility and that if his demands are not met within 24 hours, he will initiate a holocaust. Adam informs the team that Twin Creeks develops Xiraxium, a radioactive and lethal compound. Adam then reveals that he's volunteered their services to overtake Gaumont and that the most effective way of destroying the facility would be to take out the cooling system. When Adam instructs Jesse to stay behind to crack the facility's computer from Sanctuary, Jesse becomes frustrated. Within moments, Jesse taps into the facilities security camera monitors and initiates video-loop recording. Meanwhile, the rest of the team arrives at the facility and on Jesse's command, Brennan creates a tesla coil and aims it at the perimeter of the facility which is protected by a laser shield. The electricity shorts out the defense system and Shalimar, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Brennan rush in. When Gaumont learns that Mutant X has broken into the compound, he is thrilled that his plan is working. Inside the facility’s cooling room, Brennan finds that explosives have been wired to the control panel. Meanwhile, when Gaumont learns that Jesse is not with the team, he becomes enraged. He knows that without Jesse, he can't access the Xiraxium and, therefore, has nothing to sell the foreign buyers. He orders that the heat be turned up on Mutant X with the hopes that it will draw Jesse out. Suddenly the communication system cuts out and Adam and Jesse lose contact with the other team members. While Adam tries to get the signal back up, Jesse sneaks off. Moments later, Gaumont enters the cooling room where Brennan is and fires his weapon at the sprinkler in the ceiling. When the water hits Brennan, he screams in agony. Shalimar and Emma arrive on the scene and find Brennan. Incensed, Shalimar takes off after Gaumont, who is watching Jesse pulling up to the facility on a security monitor. While Emma and Brennan attempt to disarm the bomb in the cooling room, Jesse makes his way to the control room. Hearing a noise, he yanks a door opened and finds Sophia (Karen Holness), one of the control room assistants, who agrees to help him break into the security system. Back in the cooling room, the bomb suddenly explodes and Emma and Brennan escape just in the nick of time. With only minutes to spare, Jesse puts on a radioactive suit, musters up all his energy and phases through the wall to the reactors core where the Xiraxium is stored. Withstanding excruciating pain, Jesse grabs the encased Xiraxium and phases back through the wall to find Gaumont standing with Sophia. Sophia shoots a gun at Jesse, but he phases out just in time and misses the bullets. When Jesse tries to phase back, however, he is unable and remains in an intangible state. Desperate to help their friend, Brennan zaps Jesse with a bolt of electricity and Emma hits him with a burst of psionic energy. It works and he solidifies, but Gaumont has made off with the Xiraxium. The Mutant X team boards the Double Helix and take off after Gaumont and Sophia, who’ve escaped in the flatbed truck. Jesse connects two wires which instantly cuts the power of the Double Helix. The force also cuts the power on Gaumont’s truck forcing it to come to a screeching halt. Jesse then phases out and uses the laser on the truck to blast Gaumont and Sophia to smithereens. Back at Sanctuary, Adam is happy to report that all traces of the nerve gas have left Jesse’s system.

203 Time Squared Jesse (Forbes March) pursues the evil mutant Ashlocke (Michael Easton) from the Strand building, where he picked up a vial filled with a mysterious blue liquid. When Jesse loses him at an intersection, he radios Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), who catch up with Ashlocke and follow him to the Ellison Psychiatric Ward. At Ellison, Ashlocke visits Diana Moller (Lindsay Booth), a mutant with the power of time travel, who is a patient at the hospital. Threatening Diana’s life, Ashlocke insists she use her powers to send him back to Oct. 13, 1978. As Diana raises her palm and creates a shimmering wall, Brennan and Shalimar appear and watch Ashlocke jump through the time travel hole. Without hesitation, the two also jump through the hole in hot pursuit. Ashlocke surfaces and immediately takes off. Moments later, Shalimar and Brennan surface and taking in their surroundings, realize they’ve traveled back in time and have landed on the construction sight of Ellison in 1978. In the present, Jesse enters Diana’s room and she tells him that it’s possible that the actions of Ashlocke, Brennan and Shalimar in the past could drastically alter the present. Forcing Diana to go with him to Sanctuary, Jesse radios Adam (John Shea) to tell him what’s happened. Meanwhile, Shalimar uses her feral senses to locate Ashlocke, who has just stolen a getaway car. When Brennan jumps on a nearby motorcycle and takes off after him, Shalimar spots a magazine at a newsstand with a cover story about Adam. Back in the present, Adam reveals that Oct. 13, 1978 was the day that Ashlocke was given a formula created by Adam to reduce his powers in an effort to make him more human. Adam knows that if Ashlocke drinks the blue potion while in the past, he will be unstoppable. Fearing for Brennan’s and Shalimar’s safety, Adam convinces Diana to use her powers to send him and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) into the past. Back in 1978, Shalimar goes to Genomex in search of the Young Adam (Christopher Jacot). Meanwhile, Brennan follows Ashlocke to his childhood home and watches as the evil mutant comes face to face with his parents, as well as the 10-year-old version of himself. Knowing that the blue liquid he possesses can be used to make the Young Ashlocke (Max Morrow) invincible, Ashlocke convinces his younger self to go with him to Genomex. Brennan follows but is sidetracked when he realizes he is being followed by two policemen. When Adam and Emma arrive in the past, Adam immediately goes in search of his younger self to warn him about the dangerous blue liquid. When he finds Young Adam, however, Ashlocke is already with him. Adam realizes that he is too late as Ashlocke has already given him the vial. An altercation ensues and Ashlocke sends a powerful psionic blast at Adam that instantly kills him. As a result of Adam’s death, the present immediately changes and Sanctuary begins to disappear. Jesse and Diana know that the only way to bring Adam back and prevent changing the present permanently is to travel back in time to the moments before Adam's death. In the past, Jesse uses his powers to redirect the psionic blast Ashlocke shoots at Adam. The blast bounces back and hits Ashlocke instead, knocking him unconscious. When the Mutant X team is reunited, Adam takes the blue vial from Young Adam. Diana then uses her powers to return the team to the present. Suddenly, Ashlocke awakens and follows the team into the hole. When Diana and the team resurface, they can feel Ashlocke’s presence, but are more concerned about getting Diana to safety. That night, Adam resolves to hunt down and defeat Ashlocke once and for all.

204 Whose Woods These Are Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) head to the Wilderness Base Camp in the Great Smokies to investigate the mysterious death of four hikers. Elsewhere in the forest, two teenagers are suddenly attacked by the creature but luckily, their video camera records the attack. Back at the base, Shalimar’s feral eyes flash gold as she hears screams and howling in the distance. Later at Sanctuary, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith), Jesse (Forbes March) and Adam (John Shea) review the teenagers’ footage while Brennan and Shalimar watch it simultaneously on a monitor in a high-tech motor home. Adam and Shalimar are convinced that the creature must be a mutant. When Shalimar and Brennan run into a man named Clay Preston (Scott Hylands), who is armed with a loaded rifle that he’s planning to use to kill the beast, they pretend to be animal rights activists and warn Preston of the dangerous nature of his mission. As they move deeper into the forest, they meet Grady Colt (Jeff Wincott), who claims to be a cryptozoologist researching a new species of animal. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Jesse and Emma uncover a police record that had been deleted. The report reveals that another victim, Nathaniel Block (Brad Garrick), had also been attacked, but survived and is being treated at Veterans Hospital. Back in the wilderness, Shalimar’s connection with the beast grows more intense as she and Brennan get closer to it. When Brennan heads down a trail to investigate, Shalimar suddenly finds herself face to face with the beast. She instinctively attacks the creature, but to no avail. Realizing that Shalimar is in trouble, both Brennan and Grady, who’s armed with a futuristic handgun, rush to her aid. They find her lying in the brush with a deep gash across her stomach. Just as Brennan hits the beast with a bolt of electricity, it turns and races off into the woods. Arriving at Veterans Hospital, Jesse and Emma phase through the wall and use telepathic suggestion to sneak past the guards. Entering a sterile room filled with computerized equipment, they find a sedated Nathaniel Block bolted to a chair with electrically charged shackles. Back in the woods, Brennan watches Grady put on a headset. Eavesdropping on his conversation, Brennan learns that Grady is actually a government agent. Brennan confronts Grady and a brutal fight ensues which sends the two men rolling down the mountainside. They come to a crash landing next to Preston’s dead and mangled body, but before they can react, the beast appears in front of them and attacks Grady before setting its sights on Brennan. When Grady insists that only his gun will stop the creature, Brennan grabs the weapon and is about to shoot when Shalimar appears. She stares into the eyes of the beast until it turns and runs. Back at the hospital, Jesse and Emma learn that Nathaniel is a feral who was acquired from Genomex for Project 318 -- a secret experiment that is an offshoot of the space program. His animal DNA was amplified in an attempt to turn him into an astronaut who would be able to withstand alien environments. When Nathaniel suddenly awakens and attacks Emma, she hits him with a psionic blast. After calming down, he begins to open up and talk about his mutant friend Michael, who became crazy from the same experiment. Guards suddenly burst in, but Jesse phases through the wall with Emma and Nathaniel in tow. Back in the woods, Shalimar convinces Grady to tell her and Brennan about Project 318 and mutant Michael Ward/the beast (Noah Danby). Grady explains that Michael came down with a virus during the experiment that is infectious only to ferals, and insinuates that Shalimar is now infected due to her wound. Moments later, Shalimar succumbs to an excruciating pain and falls to the ground. When Brennan turns to help her, Grady grabs his gun and takes off. Brennan contacts Adam, who begins working to find a cure for the virus, but Nathaniel quickly dies. Back in the woods, Shalimar races off to find Michael, with Brennan close behind. The two find Grady holding Michael at bay with his gun. Grady fires his weapon but Michael dodges the bullet, attacks Grady and kills him. Brennan drags a dazed Shalimar out of danger. When she revives, she’s unable to see but takes off after the beast once again using her feral senses. She slips inside Michael’s underground lair and confronts him. Wracked by fever, she struggles to appeal to Michael’s former humanity, but he lunges at her and chases her outside. Brennan appears and shoots the beast with a tesla coil just as the rest of the Mutant X team arrives. The beast suddenly grabs Adam by the neck and asks Shalimar to choose whose life to save. Shalimar hesitates, but finally grabs Grady’s gun and kills the beast. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar is cured of the virus, but the Mutant X team knows there’s no telling what their mutations leave them open to in the future.

205 The Future Revealed At an oil tank farm, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) meet with the Link Josh (Jonas Chernick), once a devout follower of Ashlocke (Michael Easton), who has now called upon the Mutant X team for protection. Terrified, Josh asks the two to save the Links from the sick, but all-powerful Ashlocke, who has created a plan, called the "Last Testament." As they exit the facility, Josh’s voice suddenly becomes mixed with Ashlocke's and he begins shaking violently. When fireballs start shooting from Josh’s body, he slips a piece of paper into Brennan's hand. Diving to safety, Shalimar suddenly becomes trapped in a ring of fire where she sees an astral projection of Ashlocke who warns her not to foil his plans. Brennan rescues her using a burst of propulsive electrical energy, which propels them into the Double Helix. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) briefs the team on Ashlocke's growing control over the Links. Knowing Ashlocke is getting sicker by the day, Adam feels that they should focus on the Links rather than him. Moments later, Brennan realizes that the paper Josh slipped him is a flyer from the abandoned Club Paradiso. Meanwhile at Club Paradiso, Ashlocke speaks to a large group of Links, who listen intently as he calls them the "chosen ones." After the speech, Ashlocke tells Link Patricia (Sandrine Holt) that she is the one that will lead the Links to death when he dies. When Patricia questions her position as leader, Ashlocke hits her with a painful mental probe and she consents. Back at Sanctuary, Adam comes up with a plan to save the captive Links. Meanwhile in the media room, an astral projection of Ashlocke appears before Shalimar and takes over her thoughts. Scanning her mind, he gains top-secret information regarding the schematics and entry codes of Sanctuary. Shortly after, the team heads for Club Paradiso and Jesse (Forbes March) finds the alarm system and deactivates it while Shalimar and Brennan attack the guards. The Mutant X team then searches the premises for rebel mutants, unaware that Patricia is observing them from a hiding place. Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) probes the building with her mind and realizes that someone was expecting them. Emma’s feelings are confirmed when Links suddenly surround the team, but Patricia comes to the teams’ rescue and creates a shimmering wall of energy, which the Links cannot penetrate. The team escapes with Patricia to the Double Helix and attempts to call Adam, unaware that Ashlocke has broken into Sanctuary and taken Adam hostage. At Sanctuary, Ashlocke orders Adam to help keep him alive. Meanwhile, the team returns to Sanctuary only to learn that Ashlocke altered all the alarm codes and they are locked out. They are able, however, to gain video feed from inside and they listen in as Ashlocke speaks of the catastrophic event that will occur if Adam refuses to save him. Outside, Emma tries to gain information about Ashlocke's plan from Patricia, but she claims to know nothing. Emma and Shalimar take Patricia closer to the city to prepare for Ashlocke’s threats. Meanwhile inside the lab, Adam works furiously to find a cure for the ailing mutant, who promises not to destroy the city if he lives. Back at the club, Shalimar and Emma try to make Patricia see how dangerous Ashlocke is, but she still remains silent about the "Last Temptation." Suddenly Ashlocke appears as an astral projection and invades Patricia's mind causing her intense pain. Releasing her, he tells her it’s all up to her now and she escapes to fulfill his plan. When Shalimar and Emma radio the others to let them know Patricia’s escaped, Jesse suddenly realizes that Ashlocke’s plan is to use Patricia's powers to create a bomb. Still trying to get inside Sanctuary, Jesse and Brennan get a clue from Adam over the Helix's message indicator. Jesse phases himself and Brennan through the spot Adam marked on the map. Meanwhile in the lab, Adam has found the cure, but Brennan and Jesse enter the lab just as Adam is about to give Ashlocke the serum. When they try to stop him, Ashlocke grabs Adam by the neck and forces him to administer the hypodermic needle. Ashlocke writhes in pain, but comes out of it quickly. Confident he can now complete his plan, Ashlocke becomes infuriated when Adam informs him that the serum was a fake. With only seconds left, Ashlocke focuses all of his energy on Patricia who is attached to a large transformer in a power plant in preparation to blow up the city. Shalimar and Emma plead with Patricia to stop and after a few moments, she takes back control of her mind and releases her grip. Enraged, Ashlocke's body begins to break into spinning molecules and the lab explodes just as Adam, Jesse, and Brennan escape to safety. Later at Sanctuary, Adam reminds the team that even though Ashlocke is dead, they haven’t seen the end of his legacy by a long shot.

206 No Man Left Behind Adam (John Shea) barges into General William Sperling’s (Philip Akin) office at the Department of Defense and confronts him about the military’s underhanded acquisition of the Phased Vibrational Generator. Adam had created the PVG with the understanding that it was not to be sold for military application, but now the military is planning to test the device on innocent people in the government’s war with Kovakhstan. To make matters worse, Sperling then shows Adam a video of the U.S. jet, piloted by Captain Morrison (Vincent Walsh), who was shot down by rebels while transporting the PVG to Kovakhstan. Enraged, Adam storms out of the office and returns to Sanctuary where he and the team watch a video of a scratched and bruised Captain Morrison who has been captured by the Liberation Army of Kovakhstan. He states that the only condition for his safe return is an immediate end to all outside intervention in Kovakhstan. The team, with the exception of Adam, then sets out for Kovakhstan to save the captured pilot and retrieve the PVG before innocent lives are lost. In the forests of Kovakhstan, the rebel Pavel (Sean Orr) informs his commander Irina (Lina Felice) that Morrison’s plane has been found, but the weapon is missing. When Irina confronts the captive Morrison about the whereabouts of the PVG, Morrison lies and says he has no idea what she’s talking about. Meanwhile, the Double Helix approaches the spot where Morrison’s plane went down, but Adam is unable to pick up a signal from the PVG. Suddenly, the Double Helix is hit by a missile and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) must struggle to gain control of the air craft. Back at Sanctuary, Adam becomes frantic when he loses contact with the team as he watches the Double Helix go down. Luckily, the team survives the crash and Jesse (Forbes March) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) immediately begin working to repair the Double Helix while Shalimar and Brennan split up to search for the PVG. Using a tracking device, Shalimar picks up on troops moving closer and radios Brennan. In a clearing, Brennan comes across an unnatural patch of orange sunlight and looks up to find the PVG hanging from an orange parachute in a tree. He calls Shalimar to tell her he’s got the device and has disarmed the homing beacon, but is going to rescue Morrison. Shalimar begs Brennan to return to the Double Helix, but his mind is made up. As he sets out on the rescue mission, he is ambushed by Irina and her men and knocked unconscious. When Jesse radios Adam and informs him of Brennan’s plans, Adam orders Shalimar to re-trace Brennan’s route and find him. Now a prisoner of the Liberation Army of Kovakhstan, Brennan confesses to Irina that that he located the PVG and shows her the homing beacon in hopes she’ll spare his life. He is then thrown in the cage with Captain Morrison. The two men bond as they talk about their families, but they are interrupted when rebel guards come and take Morrison. Brennan’s tries to stop the guard with a tesla coil, but his powers are weakened by the puddle of water he’s standing in. Meanwhile, Jesse fixes the Double Helix, but moments later the computer console sparks and the system crashes again. Shortly after, Emma telepathically picks up on troops coming towards them from three different directions. She concentrates all of her psychic energy and creates a black blast that averts the rebels. A battered and bruised Morrison is brought back to the cage where Brennan is still being held. Irina informs the two that they will be killed in an hour if she does not get the PVG. Outside the camp, Shalimar focuses her feral hearing and picks up Brennan’s voice. Finding the cage, she uses her feral strength to release the two. She then tosses Morrison a gun, which she stole from one of the guards. As the three flee, they come across a jeep and are just about to take off in it when a rebel soldier appears and points a gun at them. Brennan grabs the barrel with his hand and electrifies it sending the rebel flying. Meanwhile at the Double Helix, Adam helps Jesse repair the craft as enemy forces draw closer. With seconds to spare, Jesse is able to reroute the plane’s energy towards the stealth function causing it to become invisible just as the military convoy approaches. Back in the forest, Shalimar, Brennan and Morrison recover the PVG and are about to take off when Irina and her army surround them and demand the device. They tell Irina that they don’t have it, and when she leans in the jeep to take a look, Shalimar takes her out. Brennan then knocks Pavel unconscious before using a tesla coil to finish off the rest of the troops. The three then speed to the Double Helix and jump onboard. As Jesse lifts the craft from the ground, Emma picks up two government aircrafts heading towards them. The jet fighters close in on them and release a series of missiles. As Brennan struggles with the controls, Jesse summons all his strength and is able to phase out the Double Helix just in the nick of time. As everyone breathes a sigh of relief, Adam comes over the intercom and asks Morrison to hook the PVG up to the craft’s power grid. Morrison complies and a brilliant beam of energy blast out of the PVG and shears the wings off all the enemy jets, allowing the team to return safely. Later, Adam revisits the Department of Defense and agrees to keep the PVG operation silent as long as Sperling does not punish him. Adam then meets Brennan outside the building and informs him that Morrison is back with his family and congratulates Brennan on his brave work.

207 Crossroads of the Soul Brennan (Victor Webster) calls Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) from the 78' Camaro he just purchased as lightning flashes across the sky. Sensing a storm brewing, he promises to call them back. Without notice, the dashboard sparks and the car dies. Brennan pops the hood, but is distracted by bolts of lightning that seem to be hitting an invisible dome-like structure in a nearby field. Suddenly, a huge truck smashes into his car. As Brennan is thrown into the field by the blast, a bolt of lightning hits him and he disappears. He awakens in an unfamiliar home with a beautiful girl named Miranda Davis (Bree Williamson) by his side. She tells him that he's been asleep for a few hours. When Brennan questions her about her family, she tells him that her father disappeared when he stopped believing. Utterly confused, Brennan tries to contact the team via his comlink, but gets no response. Meanwhile, the team begins to worry about Brennan and sets out to search for him. Brennan becomes increasingly suspicious about New Hope when Miranda insists that the world ends on 8th street. He also finds it odd that she has no knowledge of what cars or movies are. As the two approach Brady’s general store, Miranda introduces Brennan to the patrons as Ben Gilbert, a citizen of New Hope who lives with his father Gerald, but who no one has seen for years. Inside the store, Brennan is surrounded and threatened by three young men, Josh (Gabriel Hogan), Lucian (Lee Rumohr) and Zander (Thomas Hauff). When he attempts to call Sanctuary from the old fashioned phone, the operator claims that the number doesn’t exist. Knowing he must find a way to escape, Brennan is suddenly zapped by a nasty shock as he races down 8th street. He then tries to form a tesla coil, but realizes his powers have vanished. Frustrated, he charges into the shimmering wall that surrounds the town at full speed, but cannot break through. Miranda doesn’t believe him when he insists that the wall is manmade. Lucian is ransacking Miranda’s house when he hears Brennan and Miranda enter. He grabs Brennan’s pocketknife and sneaks out. Meanwhile, Shalimar, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Jesse begin to panic when they find the remains of Brennan’s Camaro. Back at Miranda’s house, Josh and Lucian confront Brennan and a brawl ensues. Brennan emerges victorious and as Miranda begins tending to his wound, the two end up making love. The next morning, Zander comes to Miranda’s to tell Brennan that he believes there is life outside the wall. Meanwhile, Virginia (Deborah Grover), the owner of the truck that hit Brennan, informs the team of an abandoned town that vanished after being purchased by scientist Alfred Marcus in the 40’s. Back in New Hope, Zander leads Brennan to a barn and shows him old photos of tattooed tribesmen. He admits that he thought Brennan was from the outside world when he saw his tattoo at Brady’s. Zander maintains that there’s no way out of New Hope and that people who stop believing are taken to the Town Hall basement and never return. Outside the barn, Josh stabs Zander dead with Brennan’s pocketknife as Lucian watches. Back at Sanctuary, Adam’s (John Shea) research shows that scientist Albert Marcus was working on creating an impenetrable force field. Meanwhile in New Hope, Miranda leads Brennan into the hands of Josh and his cronies after Josh convinces her that he saw him kill Zander. When Brennan is brought before two Judges, he denies killing Zander and insists his name isn’t Ben Gilbert, but Gerald Gilbert identifies him as his son, Brennan is sentenced to death. In the vacant field, the team finds the invisible wall Adam described. Deducing that the lightening storm Brennan encountered must have destabilized the wall long enough for him to slip through, Adam arrives with the Double Helix and releases silvery iodide in an effort to create an electrical storm. Back in New Hope, the citizens gather in the town square to witness Brennan’s execution. As he is pulled into the air, Miranda approaches Lucian and tells him that Josh said it was he who actually killed Zander. Lucian becomes enraged at the accusation and reveals that it was Josh who killed Zander. Miranda immediately yells for them to stop Brennan’s execution. Freed, Brennan knocks Josh to the ground before grabbing Miranda and taking off towards town hall. In the basement, they find the machine responsible for isolating the town from the rest of the world. Suddenly Josh bursts in with a gun and orders Brennan and Miranda back upstairs. Meanwhile, Adam and the team are hovering above the field in the Double Helix. As an electrical storm brews, Adam shoots out lightning from the craft in an attempt to burn out the field generator. Just as Josh is about to fire his gun, a beam of electricity blasts overhead and hits a tower. Within seconds, the wall disappears and the modern world is revealed.

208 Sign from Above Jesse (Forbes March) and feral Amanda Terry (Jeannette Souza) flirt at Amanda's apartment following a night of dancing. Soon, the two call it a night and Jesse leaves. Amanda shuts the door and turns to find three intruders, Sarah Wolf (Colette Stevenson), Marco (Scott Adkins) and Brak (Desmond Campbell). After a brief scuffle, Wolf's flesh suddenly begins to morph into black scales. Watching the gruesome transformation, Amanda falls unconscious. The next day, Jesse begins to worry about Amanda after he calls her, but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Adam (John Shea) secretly meets with government official JK Bergman (Chris Britton), who asks Adam to use his mutant database to help identify the bodies of three murdered mutants. Looking at photos of the victims, Adam realizes that one is Jesse’s friend Amanda. When Adam relays the bad news to Jesse, he vows to find the killers. As Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar search the perimeter of Amanda’s apartment for clues, they run into Wolf, Marco and Brak. Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) quickly radios Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse before attacking Marco with a series of back kicks. Emma then fires a telepathic blast at Brak, but it barely phases him. Suddenly, Brak knocks Shalimar unconscious and the three flee with her. Back at Sanctuary, Adam, Jesse and Brennan look at the results of Amanda’s autopsy in hopes it will lead them to the identity of the killer. The report reveals that her spinal fluid was drained and Adam fears that they might do the same to Shalimar. Meanwhile, Wolf approaches Shalimar, who is tied to an examination table in Wolf’s lab with energy restraints. Impressed with Shalimar's vigor, Wolf orders Shalimar to tell about Adam’s database, but she refuses. Adam goes to see Bergman who reveals that a strong woman was seen being dragged into a warehouse. Knowing it must have been Shalimar, Adam sends the Mutant X team to the warehouse. As Emma, Jesse and Brennan near the entrance, however, there is an explosion and a young feral named Kyle (Andrew Tarbet) comes barreling out followed by Marco and Brak. Brennan shoots a tesla coil at Marco, while Jesse phases out and causes Brak to run into a wall. When Marco and Brak flee, Brennan and Jesse enter the warehouse and find Shalimar's comlink and a vial of orange liquid. Kyle tells them that all he can remember is someone talking about making another run to Mercy Hospital. Back in the lab, Wolf secretly meets with Bergman. Wolf informs him that she planned Kyle’s escape so he would be taken in by the Mutant X team and be able to gain access to their database. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Adam's test results show that the vial of orange liquid contains DNA and that the chemical compound of it could kill a human in seconds. Although Jesse informs Adam that Kyle is not listed in the mutant database, Adam still insists that he and Brennan pay Mercy Hospital a visit. At Wolf's lab, Shalimar listens as Wolf tells her that once Kyle gets into Adam’s database, Shalimar will be of no use to them and her brain and spinal fluid will be drained and administered to non-mutants to give them mutant-like power. Wolf then demonstrates the power of the fluid by taking a shot before twisting a metal rod with the greatest of ease. Back at Sanctuary, Emma is intrigued with her inability to read Kyle's thoughts. Trusting Kyle, Emma even begins answering his questions about the computer nerve center. Disguised, Brennan and Jesse enter Mercy Hospital and spot Marco discarding a woman’s corpse. When Marco leaves, the two check the identity of the body and are very relieved it’s not Shalimar. At the Sanctuary, Kyle asks Emma to open the mutant file, but she does not have access to it. As the two continue to flirt, Emma opens herself up completely and realizes Kyle is not a mutant. When she confronts him about his identity, he knocks her unconscious. Meanwhile, Shalimar screams as Wolf begins the process of draining her fluid. Back at Sanctuary, Adam finds Emma on the floor and she tells him about Kyle not being mutant. Just as Adam informs her that the vial was filled with mutant DNA, the alarms sound indicating that Kyle is trying to break into the database. Adam orders Emma to find him and keep him busy while he rushes to the lab. In the Hanger, Emma shoots a psionic blast at Kyle, but not before he takes a swig of the orange potion and becomes immune to her powers. He then morphs into a grotesque insecticide alien life form right before her eyes. Adam rushes in and hits Kyle with a tranquilizer gun and Emma hits him with a psionic blast that leaves him immobile. Knowing Jesse and Brennan are in danger, Adam and Emma head for the hospital. Jesse and Brennan find Shalimar inside Wolf's lab, but just as they’re about to rescue her, a white vapor seeps into the room and they fall unconscious. They awaken to find themselves restrained to gurneys. While Bergman expresses his fear of being caught to Wolf, Jesse inconspicuously phases out and releases himself from the restraints. Wolf sends Bergman flying to his death just as Jesse uses a nearby computer to deactivate Brennan and Shalimar’s restraints. Jesse and Brennan attack Wolf, but their powers are virtually useless against her. Adam and Emma arrive with a tranquilizer gun which Adam shoots Wolf with. Shalimar then finishes off the weakened Wolf and the team flees just as the lab begins a meltdown. Later at Sanctuary, Adam informs Brennan that Wolf and her cohorts are in custody. Adam then attempts to console Emma who, because of Kyle, has a new appreciation for her powers, but a lessened belief in trusting people.

209 Body and Soul Adam (John Shea) exits the Genetics Technology Convention and approaches former Genomex co-worker Mark Kearney (David Sutcliffe). They both had come to listen to ex-Genomex scientist, Dennis Malone (Allan Murley), speak. Moments later, Malone appears and answers a few questions from reporter Carla Reed (Melinda Deines) before getting in his limo. Carla and her cameraman Vic (David Lipper) follow the limo and suddenly see the driver (Kelvin Wheeler) reach into Malone's chest with a ghostly hand. Adam and Mark run up as Malone collapses to the ground dead and the limo driver speeds off. At Sanctuary, the team watches footage of the attack while Adam explains that Malone had implemented the experiments that Genomex perpetrated on hundreds of unwitting subjects. Adam refused to work for Malone once he learned his research was being used for human modification. While Jesse (Forbes March) searches the database for information on Malone, Adam, Brennan (Victor Webster), Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) go to the morgue. Outside the morgue, Carla and Vic spot the limo driver calling out to Mark. Mark recognizes something about him and runs in the opposite direction. Shalimar appears, grabs the driver and a fight ensues. When he again turns his sights on Mark, Shalimar grabs Mark's hand and the two escape in a morgue vehicle. Brennan and Emma then use their powers on the driver, but they have little effect. Suddenly, Emma sees a superimposed ghost of a tortured young man standing behind the limo driver, but the next second it vanishes. Carla and Vic enter with their camera rolling just as Brennan is about to shoot the driver with a tesla coil. Not wanting to expose the Mutant X team, he stifles his powers. The limo driver flees to the waiting area and after touching an attractive woman (Katia Corriveau), collapses dead. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Mark pull over a safe distance from the morgue and as Mark exits the vehicle he tells Shalimar he'd like to see her again. Back at Sanctuary, Adam reads the coroner's report that states that Malone's body was like that of an eighty-year-old even though he was only fifty. Emma then tells the team about the ghost-like figure she saw. She’s convinced that there was a powerful and tortured soul living in his body, which she knows is still out there. Upon hearing this, Jesse is certain that Mark’s life is in danger. Adam then reveals that Malone had been working with Leo McAllister (Frank Moore) on the "Walker Project" - a study on the power of astral projection. Meanwhile, Carla and Vic are studying their footage when an assistant hands them a story on Adam and Genomex. Later at an internet café, Carla and Vic watch the newscast, while across the room the attractive woman from the morgue searches for information on Leo McAllister. Back at Sanctuary, the team watches the new footage and notices the expression on the face of the attractive woman the limo driver touched. Thinking Mark might be able to identify the woman, Shalimar goes to the clinic to see him, but he denies any knowledge of the woman or “The Walker Project.” As Shalimar and Adam leave the clinic they are approached and interrogated by Carla, but refuse to answer her questions. Meanwhile, Jesse gets a lead on the attractive woman, who's name is Kelly. At a nearby hotel, the team gets ready to bust into Kelly's room, but she sees them coming and knocks the door outward hitting Brennan in the process. As Emma zaps her with a psionic blast, she sees the woman split into two beings just as the limo driver had. The projection of the angry young man is shocked that Emma can see him and tells her that they have to pay for what they did. When he slips back inside Kelly, Brennan begins hitting her with a series of blows, but she takes off running. The team splits up and goes in search of Mark and Carla. At the TV station, Emma finds Kelly’s body behind Vic’s desk and realizes that Vic and Carla must have located McAllister and the soul was now in Vic’s body. Meanwhile at the clinic, Mark confesses to Shalimar and Brennan that he and Malone stole the soul of teenage boy Cyrus Payton (BrandonThomas) after they discovered a way for him to project himself into other people’s bodies. When his own body died, Malone created a containment field to hold him, but he escaped. Emma radios Brennan to let him know that the boy’s soul has jumped into Vic’s body. Meanwhile, Carla and Vic arrive at the junkyard where McAllister’s been living and confront him about his involvement in “The Walker Project.” When he denies being involved, Vic tells him he was there. Shocked, McAllister shoots Vic just as Emma and Jesse arrive. Vic, ignoring Emma’s pleas, grabs Carla and takes off in the news van. Meanwhile, Brennan realizes that if he can get Cyrus out of Vic’s body, he can use his electrical powers to contain him. Vic arrives at the clinic with Carla, but just as he puts his hand on her chest and drives out her life force, Mark and the team appear. Emma shoots Carla with a psionic blast that knocks Cyrus’ astral form out of her body and Brennan hits him with a tesla coil that causes him to disappear. Later at Sanctuary, the team watches the news announcer sadly report the death of two of their employees.

210 Understudy Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) chase four bikers, one of which is carrying a high-tech silver case, down a dark street in an old warehouse district. They race around the corner just as Nikki (Jeyna Lano) steps out of her car. As Brennan and Shalimar use their powers to dodge the bikers’ bullets, Nikki drops down from a building and kicks two of the men to the ground. Wrestling with one of them, she attempts to knock his gun out of his hand, but a burst of gunfire suddenly explodes in Shalimar’s direction. Nikki rushes over to the wounded Shalimar, who is shocked to see her old friend, just as Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Jesse (Forbes March) arrive on the scene. The team and Nikki bring Shalimar back to Sanctuary where Adam (John Shea) tends to her injured leg. Adam explains to Brennan that Nikki was one of the first mutants he found when he was assembling Mutant X, and she and Shalimar became inseparable, but ultimately he could only choose one of the ferals for the team. Later, Jesse informs Brennan and Emma that the bikers stole a Particle Decelerator, a device that can freeze electron movement, from Walderson Industries. Desperate to find out the identity of the bikers and what they want with the device, they decide that Nikki is their best and only lead. Since Nikki claims that she doesn’t remember much of the incident, Emma suggests using the Psionic Memory Scan on her. The team agrees and Emma gives Nikki a telempathic boost to trigger her memory. Re-living the fight in the alley, Nikki remembers grabbing the biker’s gun. When she suddenly rips the headgear off and begins to shake in fear, Emma tells the team that Nikki was reacting to a man with a teardrop tattoo under his eye. Meanwhile at an abandoned garage, Dylan Carter (Sava Drayton), the man Nikki saw during the memory scan, listens as his fellow biker, Lucinda Alvarez (Amanda Martinez), informs the “buyer” that the Decelerator is in their possession. Back at Sanctuary, Emma transports the images Nikki saw to a computer in hopes that Jesse can use the database to identify the man with the teardrop tattoo. Later, Shalimar and Nikki are catching up on lost time when Adam enters and asks Nikki to help the team out while Shalimar recovers. Nikki agrees and she, Brennan, Jesse head to Dylan’s apartment to investigate while Adam talks on the phone with Holcomb (Michael Copeman), who informs him that the “buyer” is most likely the notorious Jurgen Bardo (Kel Gleason). Ignoring Brennan’s orders to wait in the car, Nikki enters the apartment and finding Dylan, grabs him by the throat and pins him against the wall. Terrified for his life, he tells Nikki where she can find Lucinda and the device. Reminding her that she was the one who shot Shalimar, Nikki throws him through the window in order to ensure her secret is not exposed. Moments later, Jesse and Brennan kick down the apartment door and find Nikki, who tells them she killed Dylan in self-defense. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar becomes increasingly jealous by all the attention Nikki is getting. Following up on the lead Dylan had given Nikki, Brennan, Jesse and Nikki arrive at Lucinda’s abandoned garage. Using her powers, Nikki begins to move through the garage and finds fresh fingerprints and the impression “Crandall Park. 5:15,” on the wall. She excitedly tells the others about her finding, but lies about the location saying that it’s Lakeshore Park. Now that she has completed her task, she decides that it’s time for her to leave and says her good-byes. Adam, Emma, Brennan and Jesse stake out Lakeshore Park, but as 5:15 comes and goes, they realize that they have been fooled by Nikki. Meanwhile, Lucinda arrives at Crandall Park with the Decelerator. Nikki suddenly approaches, knocks Lucinda down and makes off with the device. Back at Sanctuary, a suspicious and jealous Shalimar is working intently to uncover the real story on Nikki who suddenly sneaks up and aims the stolen Decelerator at her. Barely escaping the device’s deadly beam, Shalimar hides near the media column. Prying open the circuit board, she hits the breaker and Sanctuary goes dark. As Shalimar then fumbles around for a high tech flare, Nikki fires the Decelerator again, but Shalimar covers her eyes and releases the flare, which fires a huge spray of light. Blinded by the brightness, Nikki is unable to fight off Shalimar’s attack.
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