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Mutant X Episode Synopses 211-221

Official Mutant X Episode Synopses

*The following episode synopses were taken directly from the Mutant X official website prior to its disappearance in early 2005; none of this material is my own.

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211 The Grift Unwanted emotions sweep over Brennan (Victor Webster) while he watches a video email from his ex-girlfriend, Becky (Christina Cox), asking him to meet her. As he drives through his old neighborhood, a young boy, Connor (Patrick Salvagna), darts in front of his car. When Brennan stops, Connor approaches and explains that Becky is waiting for him in a nearby alley. Becky informs Brennan that Connor is his son and pleads for his help. Suddenly, police and feds surround them and Brennan instinctively shoots bolts of electricity at the men, which allows for him, Connor and Becky to escape. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea), Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) examine blurry images from police cameras. Seeing an explosion of powerful electrical charges, Adam is not sure if they’re coming from a weapon or a new mutant, and sends Jesse to investigate. In the car, Becky tells Brennan that she lifted a briefcase full of cash and a disk from Congress candidate Daniel Foster (Jack Langedijk) who will stop at nothing to get it back. Fearing for her and Connor’s safety, Becky is planning to blackmail Foster into buying the disk back from her and needs Brennan’s help. After much debate, he agrees knowing that Connor’s life might be at risk. He calls the team on his comlink and lies about his whereabouts, but Emma doesn’t buy his story. Meanwhile at campaign headquarters, ex-marine Stephan Bailey (Alan C. Peterson), who’s defense contract is dependent on Foster winning the election, reminds Foster that he’ll surely lose if word gets out that the disk is missing. Certain that Brennan is up to something, Emma and Shalimar search his room and find Becky’s email. Across town Connor takes Brennan to where they hid the disk while Becky calls Foster and demands two million dollars for the safe return of the disk. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse confirms that Brennan had been involved in the police incident earlier that day while Shalimar and Emma search the database for information on Becky. Meanwhile at Bailey Industries, Bailey shows Foster six QJ-14’s -- reanimated bodies of dead soldiers that are virtually indestructible. If Foster is to win election, he plans to create an army of them using federal funding. He then shows a picture of Becky to two of the powerful QJ-14’s and orders them to kill her and retrieve the disk. When Shalimar comes across a photo of Becky and Foster at a fundraiser, she shows Adam who recognizes Bailey in the background and becomes suspicious. After lunch at Doolan’s Diner, Connor distracts the waitress while Brennan retrieves the disk from the broken jukebox. Exiting the diner, they see Shalimar and Emma who reprimand Brennan for his actions. Suddenly, Connor gets a phone call from Becky who is surrounded by QJ-14s and Brennan and Connor speed off to her rescue. The two arrive at the warehouse just as a QJ-14 scans Becky’s brain and learns she knows the location of the disk. Brennan uses his powers to divert QJ-14 A (Tig Fong) and B (Dean Copkov) allowing Becky and himself to escape. In the Mustang, Brennan puts the disk in his laptop and discovers it contains a list of illegal contributions made to the Foster campaign. After sending Becky and Connor to a motel to hide, Brennan returns to Sanctuary to enlist the teams’ help. Back at the motel, a distraught Becky informs Brennan that Connor has been kidnapped and they must bring the disk to the park gazebo in one hour. When Brennan leaves to call Adam, Becky contacts Foster to make arrangements for the switch. Overhearing the conversation, Connor becomes upset that Becky has set Brennan up and rushes to the park to warn him. At the park, Jesse and Shalimar pose as civilians to provide Brennan back up. Just as Brennan sees the QJ-14’s approaching, he hears Connor call out to him and knows he’s been set up. Happy that Connor is safe, Brennan sends him out of harms way as the soldiers close in. As Baily and Foster watch on a monitor, Foster has a sudden change of heart and decides to come clean to the public. This infuriates Bailey and he shoots Foster dead. Escaping the QJ-14s, Brennan arrives back at the motel and hears Becky yelling at Connor for foiling her plans and tells him that Brennan is not really his father. Infuriated, Brennan confronts Becky about her dishonesty as two QJ-14s approach the room. As the team hovers above the motel in the Double Helix, Adam searches for the frequency that controls the QJ-14s. The soldiers bust through the hotel door just as Shalimar and Jesse appear. They help Brennan battle the two QJ-14s while Connor and Becky hide in the bathroom. Just in the nick of time, Adam locks onto the signal and the QJ-14s collapse. Watching on a monitor at his company headquarters, Bailey suddenly realizes that he is no longer in control of the QJ-14s. Adam then uses the signal to turn the rest of the QJ-14s against their creator Bailey. Later, Connor and Becky say their goodbyes to Brennan, who promises Connor that he’ll watch out for him.

212 At Destiny's End Three black-clad men sneak through the door of the Wycoff Chemical Plant just as the Mutant X team races to the plant in the Double Helix. Knowing that major environmental polluters own all the chemical plants that have been blown-up recently, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) defends the unknown group responsible. Meanwhile inside the plant, the men become confused when they reach an intersection. The leader, Skye (Steve Boyle), orders Tyler (Ryan Scott Greene) to use his special powers which allow him to for-see the future to distinguish which tunnel leads to the storage facility. Looking down each hallway, Tyler has psychic visions of the outcome of each path. As Tyler comes out of his visions he holds his head in pain before leading Skye and Deacon (Wesley French) to the containment room where they begin setting up their explosives. Arriving at the scene, the Mutant X team immediately splits up to search for the men. Completing their mission, Tyler tunes into his powers to determine the path that leads outside. That vision, however, is quickly followed by another of him and Emma engaged in an intimate moment. When the men attempt to flee, Brennan (Victor Webster) tells Emma to cover the exit. Just as the men reach the door, Tyler instinctively turns around, locks eyes with Emma and the two become lost in each other’s gaze. Tyler is quickly shaken out of his trance and the three men head out of the building. A moment later Brennan returns to Emma's post and learns that the men got away. Realizing that the explosives are about to detonate, the team flees and gets out in the nick of time. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan, who has begun questioning Emma's commitment to the team, discusses her actions with Adam (John Shea). Meanwhile in the media room, Jesse (Forbes March), Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma try to identify the manufacturer of the eagle-crested climbing gear used by the eco-terrorists. When Adam approaches Emma she explains to him that she felt as if she intimately connected with one of the men. Concerned, Adam decides to take her off the case for her own good. Frustrated and confused, Emma packs a bag and sets off to find Tyler. Arriving at the beach, she finds the retailer who supplied the men with the eagle-crested rigs and uses her powers to coax him into revealing their location. As she walks along the beach, she is greeted by Skye and asks him where Tyler is. Skye offers to take her to him, but just as they ride off on his jet ski, Tyler returns back to shore. As he watches them cruise through the water, he is suddenly struck by a vision of the jet ski submerging, causing Emma to fall off and drown. Fighting the pain caused by the vision, Tyler watches his vision come true and races to the water to save Emma. Meanwhile, Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse arrive at the beach and split up to find the retailer of the climbing gear. Shalimar wanders into Climber's Haven where the same salesman who helped Emma informs her that the men she's looking for are having a huge party that evening. Back on the beach, Emma agrees to meet Tyler at the party later and the two bid farewell. That night, Emma joins Tyler at the party Skye approaches the couple and starts giving Emma a hard time. Seeing her teammates across the room, Emma excuses herself and follows them into Skye's messy trailer. Finding the harnesses used in the chemical plant break-in, they tell Emma that it is time to stop these men, but she convinces them to hold off until they make their next move. When she opens the trailer door however, Skye and Deacon are there armed and ready to fight. Brennan, Jesse and Shalimar push in front of Emma and accept the challenge, but are soon interrupted by Tyler. The next morning, Tyler and Emma sit by the fire discussing their powers. As they share a passionate kiss, Tyler is struck by a vision of Emma dying during one of his chemical plant raids. Shaken by what he's just seen, he pulls away just as Skye and Deacon approach. Concerned for Emma's safety, Tyler tells her to stay away. When Emma re-approaches him later, he reveals Skye's personal crusade to clean all the oil out of the ocean in one fell swoop. Emma convinces Tyler that Skye's just using him and the two agree to meet at the docks at noon. Later, Brennan finds Emma waiting at the docks and the two have a confrontation. Meanwhile, Skye arrives at Tyler's shack and threatens to kill Emma if he doesn't help with one final job. The plan is to blow up Omdi Corp Plant in order to release enzymes they have stored, which will eat up the world's spilled oil and fossil fuels. Scared for Tyler's safety, Emma returns to Sanctuary and informs the team of Skye's plan. As they race to the plant, Adam warns how dangerous the enzymes are and that millions of people could die. At the plant, a defensive Emma hits Shalimar with a psionic blast and takes off to find Tyler. She finds the three men in the containment vault and warns them that if they release the gas millions of innocent lives will be lost. Unconcerned, Skye is about to detonate the explosives when Shalimar arrives on the scene. As she goes after Skye, Tyler's head begins to throb and he tells Emma that in his vision Skye punctures the tank with a bullet and they all die. Pleading with Skye, Tyler experiences another series of visions. When he comes to, he tells Emma that he loves her, pushes her to the ground and rushes Skye. Skye shoots the canister just as Tyler hits the button on the vault door trapping the two of them inside. The team rushes to Emma as they watch the two men dissolve into thin air the moment the powerful gas hits them.

213 Within These Walls Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) follow an armored truck that’s transporting prisoner Nick Maddox (Steve Bacic), who is restrained with an elaborate headgear and shackles. Suddenly, a black SUV cuts in front of their car and affixes a black box from its front grill to the back door of the truck. The woman in the SUV pushes the button on a remote detonator and the black box explodes causing the truck to swerve off the street into a vacant lot. The occupants of the SUV, Harris (Lyriq Bent) and Asia (Anna Silk) race to the back of the truck and open fire at Brennan and Shalimar who dive for cover. Inside the truck, Asia drills out the locks on Maddox's headgear and shackles. Freed, he turns to the sun and his eyes begin radiating a red glow while his fingers spread to reveal red photon daggers. Maddox then thrusts his hand out toward Brennan and Shalimar and unleashes a series of deadly daggers in their direction. They rush out of the way, but one of the daggers severs Brennan's arm and he screams in pain. Shalimar rushes over and inspect his wound just as the SUV takes off. Back at Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) examines Brennan's wound and deduces that he was hit with a powerful energy blast. Brennan is furious that Adam sent him and Shalimar into such a perilous situation without warning them of the risks involved. Although Adam feels bad that their lives were threatened, he is firm about keeping his source and specific information about this particular mission private. He then goes to his quarters and contacts a woman named Christina (Rachel Hayward) who refuses to meet with him. Infuriated, he tracks her location. Meanwhile, Jesse (Forbes March) shows Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) a picture of a young Maddox from the database and reveals that he was treated at Genomex for 6 months, but there’s no record of who put him there. Across town, Maddox and his cronies enter the Chadway Insurance office, kill two agents and threaten the receptionist’s (Tiffanie Bell) life unless she take him to Christina. Meanwhile, Adam arrives at a waterfront bar where he finds Christina franticly packing her belongings. Certain that she is running from Maddox, who is seeking revenge on her for locking him away, Adam tries to warn her that she’s in extreme danger. Suddenly, the two hear Maddox and his followers enter the bar. They rush to the safe room to hide, but suddenly Christina goes after Maddox, firing her weapon at him repeatedly. Evading the bullets, Maddox sends several sizzling photon daggers at the two, but Adam is able to grab Christina in the nick of time and rush her back to the safe room. Against her protests, he closes the room’s thick steel door sealing them inside. As Adam and Christina debate their next move, it becomes evident that the two have a long unresolved history with each other that stems back to Genomex. Christina admits to him that Maddox was an assassin for her agency who she locked away when it became obvious that he had his own agenda. As the hours go by, the Mutant X team begins to worry about Adam’s safety and decide to search for him. Meanwhile, an enraged Maddox orders Harris to use a drill and explosives to gain access into the safe room. Hearing the drill, Adam estimates that they have approximately 78 minutes to come up with a plan. Christina and Adam again argue about the past, but quickly realize that they must work together in order to save themselves. Impatient, Maddox uses the sun's rays and his powers to raise the heat in the safe room. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan takes over the position of leader in Adam’s absence. When the team learns that Adam had sent a message to the server at Chadway Insurance, they board the Double Helix and take off to investigate. Meanwhile, as the temperature in the safe room rises quickly, Adam breaks open a pipe allowing gushing water to fill the room. He assures Christina that when Maddox opens the door he’ll get hit with the water and they’ll be able to escape. At Chadway Insurance, Emma uses a psionic blast to coerce an agent (Anthony Grieco) into providing them Christina’s cell phone number which they use to track the area she made her last call from. Adam and Christina’s life threatening situation cause the two to open up and admit feelings from the past. As the water gets increasingly deeper, the two suddenly realize that the drilling has stopped. Fearful that they will drown, they are relieved when they hear the drill starts up again. The two share a long awaited kiss, but are suddenly interrupted by Maddox. Just as Maddox is about to push detonator on the explosives, Christina loses her footing and sinks down deep in the water. Outside the bar, the Mutant X team has just found Adam’s car when they hear the explosion. They reach the bar just as Adam and Christina are about to escape, but Maddox suddenly appears and blocks their path. Brennan calls out to Maddox and then quickly hides behind Jesse who masses out stopping the photon daggers Maddox shoots at them. Brennan then yells for Adam to get out of the water and he hits the powerful Maddox with a tesla coil that kills him instantly. Later at Sanctuary, Adam compliments Brennan on his leadership skills and the two make amends.

214 Hard Time Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) approach a deserted warehouse in search of an old friend of Brennan’s, Dennis (Layton Morrison) better known as “Denny,” who broke out of Hillview State Penitentiary. When Brennan leaves Jesse to investigate, Denny creeps up on Jesse and smashes him in the face. Stunned, Jesse suddenly notices that Denny’s body is completely covered with cuts and bruises. Hearing the commotion, Brennan comes running and is also shocked by Denny’s abrasions. Denny moves to hug his old pal Brennan, but at the last minute knees him in the gut and punches him. Sirens in the distance cause Denny to turn and run, but a truck suddenly comes out of nowhere and strikes him dead. Shocked and infuriated about the abnormal violent nature of his now deceased friend, Brennan, insists that something happened to Denny while in prison. He informs Adam (John Shea) that there have been 14 fatalities at Hillview in the last 6 months and that the Department of Corrections looked into it, but found no misconduct. A man on a mission, Brennan insists that Adam find a way to get him into Hillview to investigate. Meanwhile at Hillview, Dr. Rigas (Allan Royal) meets with Warden Wallington (Gary Hudson) to inform him that Dennis was killed earlier that morning. Obviously upset, Dr Rigas insists that he never intended for his work to be used in this manner. Wallington, however, is adamant that these men are getting what they deserve. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan confides to Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) that he had set Denny up with the diamond heist job that landed him in Hillview, therefore he feels responsible for his death. Adam enters and tells Brennan and Jesse that they will both be admitted on armed robbery charges and that Emma is going to pass herself off as Dr. Nigel Rigas’ new trainee. Brennan is infuriated that Jesse and Emma are tagging along, but Adam insists that they do it as a team or not at all. Brennan and Jesse are not inside the prison for five minutes when Jesse is threatened by inmate McMullen (Kevin Rushton). Meanwhile, Dr. Rigas insists to Emma that he does not want a trainee, but she’s able to use flattery to convince him otherwise. Later, a fight breaks out between Jesse and McMullen. As Brennan intercedes, Wallington watches from the side. Finally he sends guards in to break it up and McMullen is hauled off to solitary confinement. Dr. Rigas steps out for a bit and Emma uses the opportunity to search his office. She contacts Adam just as she finds a floor safe filled with bottles of the steroid ST1277, which increases aggression. Adam orders her to send him a sample to analyze immediately. Meanwhile after lights out, Jesse phases through the bars of the cell and sets out to find Emma. He reaches the basement of the prison and is horrified by what he stumbles upon – a fight pit and a cheering crowd of gamblers betting on McMullen and another prisoner. McMullen beats the other inmate until he falls dead and is then ushered back into his cage while Wallington proclaims “We have a new champion!” Jesse quickly finds Emma and informs her of what he’s just witnessed. Back at the cell Guard Kearns (Christopher Lee Clements) tells Brennan that the Warden wants to see him. He then pulls the covers off Jesse’s bed only to find that he is gone. While Jesse and Emma speak to Adam and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), the alarm at the prison sounds and Emma sees “prisoner missing” flash across the computer screen. Rigas and Kearns enter the office and Jesse is hauled back to his cell where he soon learns that Brennan’s been taken to solitary. Rigas enters the cell Brennan is being held in and injects him with a green liquid. Brennan tries to resist, but convulses and drops to the ground. At the same moment, Emma gets a telempathic hit from Brennan and knows he’s in trouble. Rigas insists he wants out when Wallington informs him that Brennan will be McMullen’s next competition, but McMullen hands him an envelope stuffed with cash. Meanwhile, Adam assures Emma that he’s working on a neutralizer that should be ready before Brennan’s fight. When Jesse returns to the cell, Brennan immediately turns on him. Narrowly escaping, Jesse knows that Brennan will be killed in the ring. Determined to save his friend’s life, Jesse sneaks into McMullen’s cell. McMullen punches him, but Jesse masses out making his body like a brick wall. The guards arrive and find Jesse and McMullen, who’s squirming on the floor in pain. With McMullen out of commission, Wallington orders for Jesse to take his place. Meanwhile, Rigas enters the office and Emma hits him with a psionic blast and orders him to put Adam and Shalimar’s name on the invite list for the fight. That night, Adam, Shalimar and Emma sit in the audience and watch as an enraged Brennan shoots Jesse with tesla coils. Noticing Shalimar in the crowd, Jesse scales the wall closes to her. She tries to pass the neutralizer off to him, but Brennan pulls him back to the ring. Seeing the injector lying on the ground, Jesse phases out and goes after it. When he phases back in Brennan unleashes a series of punches on him, but Jesse injects him with the pen and Brennan convulses before returning to normal. Emma hits Wallington with a powerful blast and the team then flees the prison. Back at Sanctuary, the team learns that Rigas and Wallington are now in FBI custody and Brennan thanks Jesse for saving his life.

215 Under the Cloak of War The Mutant X team is mingling at a science seminar cocktail party when a woman named Serena (Laura Catalano) seductively approaches Adam (John Shea). Soon, the two head up to the roof together. They're enjoying the view of the city and flirting when all of the sudden Serena turns sinister. She takes the bracelet off her wrist revealing a Blue Bolt tattoo, converts it into a jagged knife and lunges at Adam. Back inside, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) senses that Adam is in trouble and darts to the roof where she finds him backed up against the railing. Shalimar hauls Serena off Adam and a brutal fight ensues between the women which ends with Shalimar knocking Serena over the balcony railing just as Brennan (Victor Webster), Jesse (Forbes March), and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) arrive on the scene. Adam can only assume that that his near assassination had something to do with the speech he's scheduled to make at the conference. Later, Adam admits to the team that he always thought that the Blue Bolt, an elite assassination ring, was a myth, but his research has now proved otherwise. When Adam insists on still doing his speech, everyone with the exception of Brennan, agrees that Shalimar should go undercover to find out who ordered the hit. Meanwhile, millionaire Benjamin McTeague (Joris Jarsky) yells at Blue Bolt member, Noel (Sebastian Spence), for not completing the job. He insists that Adam be killed before he speaks at the conference. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan expresses concern about sending Shalimar on such a dangerous mission alone, but he is overruled. That night, Shalimar enters Mother's Milk Bar, a hang out of the Blue Bolt. Brennan and Jesse watch her on a monitor, but her comlink suddenly goes down. Just as she approaches the bartender, a thug comes on to her. She effortlessly knocks his head against the bar and sends him flying back into a table and then takes down his two friends. As she catches her breath, Noel, impressed by her fighting skills, comes to her and offers her a job. He then secretly runs a metallic object along her neck and she collapses at his feet. Brennan again expresses to Adam his concern for Shalimar, but Adam insists that she is smart and careful. Meanwhile, Shalimar awakens in the Blue Bolt headquarters and finds Noel next to her. When he leaves, she sneaks out and listens as Blue Bolt member, Bracko (Philip Shepherd), tells Noel that client Benjamin McTeague is extremely disappointed. Noel promises that the job will be completed. At Sanctuary, Emma is able to make out the name McTeague from Shalimar’s static filled message. Suddenly pale, Adam reveals that McTeague was his best friend for 10 years. Meanwhile, Shalimar pushes Noel to give her a job, but Noel insists she must prove herself first by killing an innocent person. Later, when Emma presses Adam about McTeague, Adam reveals that they had a falling out when Adam fell in love with his wife, Lucy. Adam knows he must devise a plan fast when Shalimar calls to tell them that she must kill someone. Brennan hides in a dark alley and signals Jesse when he hears Shalimar and Noel getting close. As Jesse walks towards them, Shalimar takes a knife from Noel, walks up to Jesse and plunges it into his stomach. Jesse phases out, squeezes the blood bag he has under his shirt and drops to the ground. Unaware that it was a set-up, Noel tells Shalimar she’s earned herself a job and kisses her deeply. Emma, can immediately sense Brennan’s feelings for Shalimar and his jealousy. Later, Jesse discovers that McTeague is head of the Phoenix Corp., and the team pays him a visit. Adam enters the office and finds McTeague’s son and confronts him about the hit he’s ordered. McTeague informs him that his father killed himself 5 years earlier when his mother left him and he blames Adam. Saddened by the news, Adam insists that he is still speaking at the conference. Noel shows Shalimar a photo of her target -- Adam. He then shows her the missile she’ll use which has Adam’s DNA programmed into it and informs her that if she fails, the weapon will self-destruct. The team takes their assigned positions at the conference center while Shalimar tells them about the device that’s strapped to her via her comlink. Certain one of them is going to die, Adam signals Shalimar to pull the trigger as he approached the podium. Frightened, she pulls it and the missle heads straight for him. Jesse wraps himself around Adam and phases out and the missle whizzes right through them. When the missile turns and heads for Adam again, Jesse stands masses out and the missile hits his chest and explodes harmlessly. Enraged, Noel pulls out two guns, but just as he’s about to shoot Brennan zaps him with a tesla coil. He pulls a gun on Shalimar, but she flies into the air and knocks him to the ground and the team escapes. Later that night, Brennan tells Shalimar that he doesn’t know what the team would do without her.

216 Once Around Adam (John Shea) and Prosecutor Ronald Silverman (Christopher Bondy) wait inside the courthouse for the arrival of key witness Vic Collaruso (Robert Smith). Adam assures a nervous Silverman that Vic’S testimony will finally put Sam Raymond in prison. Moments later, Raymond (Lawrence Bayne), who’s been evading trials for the last 10 years, enters and approaches Silverman with an outstretched hand. When Silverman takes his hand, an eerie connection is made which Adam notices. Meanwhile, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) wait at the rear door for Vic to arrive, but as the car driving Vic approaches, a motorcycle cop comes out of nowhere and opens fire on the vehicle. Vic, realizing both FBI agents in the car are dead, slams his foot down on the car’s accelerator and takes off. He then crashes into a row of garbage cans, grabs his tape recorder and one of the FBI agent’s wallets and flees the scene. Learning that Vic is missing, a disappointed Silverman tells Adam that Raymond’s called “The Reader” because he knows things before they happen. Meanwhile at the jail, Raymond’s attorney, Harry Davis (Stephen Bogaert) is confident that even though the Judge granted a 48-hour continuance, the chance that Vic will still testify is unlikely. Raymond then discloses to Davis that he has the ability to look through people’s eyes as if they were his own. At Sanctuary, Jesse (Forbes March) discovers that Vic used the FBI agent’s credit card to rent a room at the Treelodge hotel. Adam and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) rush to the courthouse to tell Silverman that they’ve found Vic, unaware that Raymond is using his powers to tune into their conversation. Across town, Shalimar and Brennan bust into Vic’s hotel room and tell him that they’ve come to protect him. Vic, realizing that he’s in a no win situation, begins to panic. As he heads to the bathroom to dress, he insists that Raymond knows everything and that they’ll never lock him away. Jesse, who’s standing guard, enters Vic’s room to warn the others that three of Raymond’s men are approaching. Brennan grabs Vic from the bathroom and Jesse phases out the wall so they can escape. They climb onboard the Double Helix just as Raymond’s men blast the aircraft with bullets, shorting out the controls. Brennan shifts to manual and Helix takes off, but the controls soon start to fail and Vic loses his cool. Back at the courthouse, Adam and Emma ask Silverman whom he leaked Vic’s whereabouts to. Silverman insist he told no one. Unbeknownst to them, Raymond is again tuned into their conversation. Moments later, Emma confesses to Adam that she got the strong feeling that they were being watched. Pondering this, Adam figures Raymond might have psionic powers. Meanwhile, as Jesse and Victor try to gain control of the aircraft, a terrified Vic begins telling the three the history of his and Raymond’s relationship and how a woman named Claudia helped him turn his life around. In the jail interrogation room, Raymond insists to Davis that if they can’t find Vic that they need to go after someone close to him. He calls Martin (Matthew G. Taylor), one of his men who’s searching Vic’s hotel room, and orders him to do a once around while he’s on the phone. Concentrating, Raymond is able to see the room through Martin’s eyes and leads him to a pile of pictures. Figuring that the woman in the pictures is Vic’s girlfriend, Raymond instructs Martin to find her. Back on the Helix, the team prepares to land when the controls freeze and they start barreling towards the ground. On Jesse’s suggestion, Brennan shoots an electrical arc at the control panel and the aircraft steadies. Jesse lands the Helix in a nearby schoolyard and Brennan, Shalimar and Vic take off in a dilapidated school bus, leaving Jesse behind to fix the Helix. Meanwhile, Raymond’s eyes shoot open when Adam and Emma enter the interrogation room. When he extends his hand for Adam to shake, Emma warns Adam not to touch him. Back on the bus, Brennan and Shalimar agree to take Vic to see his girlfriend Claudia for a brief visit. Claudia (Megan Fahlenbock) and Vic are arguing in the bedroom when Adam alerts Brennan that Jesse is coming to pick them up in the Helix. Shalimar opens the door to tell Vic it’s time to go, but to her surprise he and Claudia have vanished. As Claudia and Vic race down the street, Claudia hands him her cell phone and some money telling him she can’t be part of his life. In that moment, Vic realizes that he has to testify against Raymond to prove his love for her. Just as Vic and Claudia part ways, Raymond’s thugs approach Vic. Shalimar and Brennan arrive just in time and take out Raymond’s men. Back on the school bus, Vic receives a call on Claudia’s cell phone from one of Raymond’s men who tells him that they’re holding Claudia and that he has until 9:00 am the next day to turn himself in or they’ll kill her. At Sanctuary, the team discourages Vic from turning himself over to Raymond’s people. Adam realizes that the only way to rescue Claudia and get Vic to the courthouse in time to testify is to create two of him. In the examination room, Emma scans Vic’s face while Brennan and Shalimar use a computer to synthesize his voice. Jesse arrives at Claudia’s apartment disguised as Vic. Realizing that Martin is going to kill them, he leans in to Claudia and tells her to follow his lead. He touches the wall, phasing it and pulls Claudia through with him. Emma then appears and bombards Raymond’s men with psionic blasts. Later, Brennan and Shalimar bring Vic to Claudia’s where they inform him that they’ve made arrangements for them to move somewhere safe.

217 Final Judgement Adam (John Shea) rushes out of Sanctuary after receiving a call from Marsden (Gary Reineke), an old acquaintance who’s extremely connected in the underground world, who claims to have information regarding an imminent threat to Adam’s life. Waiting for Marsden at the marina, Adam is surprised when Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) appears. He explains that he’s waiting for a friend who claims that Adam’s life is in danger and promised he would come alone. Seeing Marsden’s car parked in the distance, Adam tells Shalimar to leave. As Adam heads towards the car, a mysterious truck pulls up next to him and two men jump out and grab him. Shalimar rushes to help, but one of the men opens fire on her while the other forces Adam into the truck. The gunman then turns his sights on Marsden, grazing him in the shoulder with a bullet. Watching the truck speed away, Shalimar calls the team to let them know Adam’s been kidnapped. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan (Victor Webster) asks Shalimar about the man Adam was meeting. She tells the team that Adam would not reveal the man’s name, only that he had vital information. Informing them that the man was shot during the abduction, she takes out a bag containing wood chips stained with the man’s blood, which she took from the scene. Meanwhile, the bag that had been placed over Adam’s head is ripped off, and he finds himself in a large chamber in front of a Judge (Nick Mancuso), strapped to a high-tech chair. Demanding to know where he is, the Judge tells him that he is at the Tribunal, a court that punishes criminals who believe they are untouchable. Infuriated, Adam insists that he is a scientist, not a criminal. The Judge then promises that everything will soon be resolved. As the Mutant X team searches the database for clues, Adam, who’s been placed in an isolation cell, is visited by Janet Nicholls (Amy Price-Francis), a woman who’s been assigned to represent him. She tells him he’s being charged with manipulating human DNA and creating super-powered mutants in order to gain world dominance. Adam insists that the charges are a lie, but Janet isn’t convinced. Later, Adam is brought back to the chamber and sees the Judge from before sitting on the dais with two other Judges, a large monitor on the wall, and the prosecutor, John Warren (Nigel Bennett), at a table. When Janet pleads not guilty for him, Adam is restrained in the high-tech chair, and a neuro-imaging device is clamped to his head. As Warren begins the trial, he explains that the device has been programmed to trigger Adam’s memories of specific times and dates, which will be projected on the wall monitor and used as evidence in the case. Numerous instances of mutants committing violent crimes suddenly flash across the screen. When Warren finally deactivates the imager, he tells Adam, who’s physically worn from what he’s just been through, to confess. The court then takes a recess and Adam begs Janet for her help as he’s carried back to his cell. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan are becoming more frustrated about Adam’s disappearance when Marsden suddenly appears on the computer screen. He tells them that by using his blood samples to try to determine his identity, they are now all in grave danger. When Brennan orders Marsden to help them find Adam, Marsden reluctantly gives them an address to meet him at. Meanwhile, Adam tries to convince Janet that he’s been set-up and tells her to investigate Genomex and she’ll learn the truth. Brennan, Jesse and Shalimar enter the meeting place and are suddenly surrounded both by Marsden’s voice and a number of lasers with tracking missiles. After some time Marsden comes out of hiding and Shalimar confirms that he was the man Adam had planned to meet. Marsden explains that he has to go to such extremes because he knows that the people who took Adam are watching him. He finally reveals that Adam is at the Tribunal, a secret all-powerful organization that judges people associated with certain world events, almost always convicting them. The moment Marsden gives them the coordinates to find the Tribunal, a group of armed men rush in and begin shooting. Using their powers, the team defeats the men while Marsden escapes through a trapdoor. Back at the Tribunal, Janet presents Genomex files to the Judges, but they refuse to allow them to be submitted as evidence. As the trial continues, Warren again uses visuals from Adam’s memory to show that the Mutant X team members are terrorists who commit crimes at Adam’s command. A short recess is then granted for Adam to prepare a statement. When the trial reconvenes, Adam tells the court that he is innocent and the evidence has been taken out of context. Meanwhile, the team lands the Double Helix at Tribunal and Shalimar takes out two guards at the entrance. As the team races to find Adam, the Judges return with a guilty verdict and orders Adam’s immediate execution. An IV is inserted into Adam’s arm, but just as the poison starts to flow into his veins, Brennan appears and fires a bolt of electricity that shatters the IV. As the guards fire at Brennan, Shalimar attacks them from behind and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) uses the opportunity to free Adam. Wanting to know who set him up, Adam forces Warren into the chair and puts the neuro-imaging device on his head. The Mutant X team gasps when an image of their old enemy Mason Eckhart appears on the monitor. The team heads back to Sanctuary, filled with shock and fear that Eckhart is again at large.

218 Inferno Examining a lock on a chemical building, arson investigator Ray Larkin (Alan Van Sprang) believes he may have found a clue to the westside fires. Entering the building, Ray sees a mysterious man painting the walls with fire, which is radiating directly from his fingertips. Seeing Ray, the man takes off running. Ray begins to chase after him, but the flames surround him and he grabs a nearby extinguisher. Meanwhile, the Mutant X team is searching for the mutant firestarter when they receive an alert about the new fire. Arriving on the scene, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) remains outside because of her feral fear of fire while the rest of the team enters the building. Emma’s (Lauren Lee Smith) powers lead her to Ray, who’s been badly injured. After Emma extinguishes the flames on his jacket, Brennan (Victor Webster) carries him to safety. Emma cradles a dying Ray’s head and uses a telempathic starburst to calm him down. When Ray suddenly stops breathing, Emma’s face pales, her eyes turn black, and she is hit with a series of images from various stages of Ray’s life, ending with a vision of her and Ray walking through a tunnel of white light. As Brennan shakes Emma out of her trance, she informs him and Jesse (Forbes March) that she just died with Ray. Later at Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) and Jesse read the official report of the fire and Ray’s obituary while Brennan goes to check on Emma. Adamant that they find the culprit, she tells him the details of the visions she had when Ray died. Meanwhile, Shalimar, determined to conquer her fear of fire, sits in her bedroom surrounded by burning candles. Back in the media area, Emma tells Adam and Brennan that Ray may have files pertaining to the recent fires at his home and suggests that she and Brennan pay Ray’s wife a visit. Concerned about Emma, Adam tells Brennan to keep an eye on her. Posing as journalists, Brennan and Emma arrive at the Larkin house and introduce themselves to Ray’s widow Lisa (Jenny Levine). One of Ray’s co-workers, Frank Sanders (James Downing), is there and tells Lisa he hasn’t yet found anything in Ray’s files. As Frank leaves, Lisa lets Emma and Brennan know that Ray was obsessed with catching the mystery arsonist. When Emma reaches out to console an emotional Lisa, the two immediately sense a deep connection. Emma then begins looking around the house and, glancing into a mirror, is shocked to see Ray’s image looking back at her. When Lisa enters the room, Ray/Emma reaches out to touch her and the mirror inexplicably cracks. Moments later, Ray’s younger brother Billy (Jonathan Watton) arrives, and Emma surprises everyone by saying his name as if she knew him. Leaving the Larkin house, Emma tells Brennan how she saw Ray’s reflection in the mirror. Meanwhile, Shalimar returns to the scene of the fire to investigate and, from a distance, watches Frank Sanders picks up a watch from the debris. Using her powers, she zooms in on the inscription, which reads, “Firefighter’s Academy, 1991.” As Frank turns to leave, he finds a suspicious Shalimar in his face. Pretending she’s an insurance investigator, she questions him about the fire, believing that he’s the arsonist. Meanwhile, Brennan and Emma are sent to another fire that’s broken out close to their location. Reaching the burning warehouse, the two split up. Emma sees a dark figure behind a stack of boxes and begins chasing him. The figure suddenly stops and is about to shoot flames at her, but Brennan hits him with a tesla coil, knocking him into a stack of barrels. As Emma and Brennan approach the man, he ignites a wall of fire and escapes. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar and Jesse learn that Frank and Ray went to the Fire Academy together. Meanwhile, Adam concludes that what’s been happening to Emma is a result of Ray’s energy merging with hers as he passed over. Just then, Shalimar enters and tells them she believes that Frank’s responsible for the fires. Because of Ray, Emma knows she can find Frank at Mulligan’s Tavern, and heads out with Brennan close behind. At the bar, Frank reveals to Emma and Brennan that the watch was Ray’s, and that because he found it in the spot the fire started, he believes Ray might have been the arsonist. Emma leaves the bar and goes to see Lisa about Ray’s watch. Lisa informs her that she had given it to Billy and that she can find him at Mulligan’s Tavern. An emotional Lisa then tells Emma that she senses Ray whenever she’s around. As Emma leaves, she lets Lisa know that Ray thought of her as his angel. As Emma confronts Billy about the fires, her voice suddenly becomes intermixed with Ray’s. Horrified, Billy confesses he was always jealous of Ray and believed that his ability to start fires was the only thing that made him special. Emma/Ray begs Billy to turn himself in, but he stubbornly refuses and begins burning the tavern. When the team arrives on the scene, an apprehensive Shalimar enters the tavern and uses her feral hearing to locate Emma. Overcoming her fear, Shalimar then charges through the fire and pulls Emma to safety. Jesse finds Billy, but the ceiling suddenly collapses, crushing him. When Emma/Ray tries to go back inside to save Billy, Brennan grabs Emma and firmly tells Ray that Billy is dead. Suddenly, Emma is again struck by the vision of her and Ray walking through a tunnel of white light. This time however, Ray continues on alone breaking their connection. Back at Sanctuary, Adam presents Ray’s watch to Emma. Knowing it’s not hers to keep, Emma goes to give Lisa her husband’s watch.

219 One Step Closer Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) are at a science fair with teenager Megan Morrison (Mary Ann Stevens), the daughter of Senator Morrison (Janet Laine-Green), who they’ve been assigned to watch due to recent death threats against the Senator. In the parking garage the three are approached by two thugs who demand that Shalimar and Brennan hand Megan over. As one of the thugs grabs Shalimar, she sends him flying with a swift punch. Brennan then fires up a tesla coil, but is suddenly enveloped by his own electricity and lifted high into the air. Shalimar runs to Brennan, but is knocked out by a blast of his electricity. During the chaos, the thugs grab Megan and leave. Shalimar awakens to see electricity exploding uncontrollably from Brennan. Blaming Adam (John Shea) and the team for Megan’s abduction, the Senator informs him that she’s hired investigators and will no longer need his help. Overhearing their conversation, Brennan apologizes to Adam for losing Megan. Adam assures him it wasn’t his fault and promises to determine what caused his powers to fail. Moments later, Brennan becomes even more discouraged when he overhears Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Jesse (Forbes March) speculating that his powers may be killing him. Meanwhile, the kidnapper tells Megan, who’s been brought to a vacant warehouse, that her life depends on her mother’s cooperation. Senator Morrison’s head of security, Simon (Karl Pruner), is having tracking devices installed in the phone lines when Adam, Emma and Jesse storm in. Emma hits him with a telempathic burst, giving Jesse time to adhere a chip to the tracking device that will allow them to monitor all the Senator’s calls. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan loses control of his emotions when Adam asks him to sit this one out and assigns Shalimar to lead the team on Megan’s rescue mission. Brennan’s rage turns into raw energy and a stream of electricity shoots from his arm, knocking Jesse down and Brennan unconscious. Sensing the team’s concern, Adam assures them he’s working to stabilize Brennan’s powers. When the kidnapper contacts the Senator, he demands five million dollars from her campaign fund as ransom for Megan. Monitoring the conversation, Jesse tracks the call and he, Emma and Shalimar take off. They arrive at a dairy factory only to find that they’ve been fooled by an elaborate computerized phone setup. As Jesse fiddles with the keyboard, the kidnapper’s voice suddenly fills the room. He says they shouldn’t have tracked the call and then activates a bomb, the team narrowly escapes the explosion. Meanwhile, Brennan, feeling useless, convinces Emma to tell him what leads she’s uncovered. She informs him that she’s been investigating Simon and has learned he was involved in a similar kidnapping years before. Moments later, when Adam informs Brennan he’s still not found a cure to stabilize his powers, Brennan storms off. Brennan finds Simon and confronts him about the kidnappings. When Simon denies being involved, Brennan becomes enraged and he begins emitting sparks. Admitting he’s part of the ransom scheme, Simon breaks down and reveals the kidnapper’s name is Christian (Daniel Kash). Totally losing control, Brennan knocks Simon to the ground with an electrical shock, before falling unconscious himself. He wakes up to find an angry Shalimar, who informs him that Adam’s found a cure and that they need to get back to Sanctuary with Simon immediately. Meanwhile, Adam and Jesse are filling the Senator in on Simon’s involvement, when Christian calls and demands that Simon deliver the money at 8 p.m. Back at Sanctuary, Adam explains that Brennan’s genes are mutating faster than his brain can handle, and he believes Emma’s powers can help stabilize him. Brennan creates a tesla coil, which quickly envelops his body. Just as the electricity reaches its climax, Emma zaps him with a telempathic burst. The intensity causes an explosion, knocking both of them to the ground. As they get up, Brennan fires off a shot of electricity, which he’s completely able to control. Outside the warehouse where Megan’s being held, Jesse attaches an electronic device to Simon’s chest, telling him it will shock him if he goes against the plan. Terrified, Simon enters the building and shows Christian the money. Shalimar and Jesse watch through a window and see one of Christian’s thugs aim a gun at Simon. Before the thug can pull the trigger, however, Emma appears and hits him with a telempathic burst. Brennan then fires up a massive tesla coil, but before he can shoot it, Christian pulls out a remote device that will activate explosives attached to Megan. Jesse phases through a wall and takes out the thug, while Shalimar ambushes Christian, kicking the device out of his hand. Brennan then shoots a bolt of electricity at the metal briefcase in Christian’s hand. The briefcase explodes and Christian falls to the ground. When the team finds Megan, Brennan surrounds her with a whirlwind of energy, while Jesse phases her body, making her transparent long enough to pull the bomb from her neck. After the ordeal, Senator Morrison and Megan express their gratitude for Mutant X’s help. Adam, still feeling guilty for the pain Brennan suffered, assures him he’ll do further research to try to control the negative effects of their evolving mutations.

220 Reality Check Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) comes to the rescue of a woman who is being assaulted by two thugs. As the woman bolts to her apartment, Brennan (Victor Webster) arrives on the scene and asks Shalimar why she was out alone. She explains that her animal DNA is causing her to want to hunt at night. Meanwhile, two other thugs chase a man, whose warped sense of reality causes him to see the world as a maze, into an alley. Two cops approach and scare the thugs off, but as one of the cops reaches out to touch the man, he sees himself as though he's caught in a maze with a giant hand reaching out to grab him and screams in fear. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) tells Jesse (Forbes March) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) that the man the police saved is Dominic Rydell (Romano Orzari), a prominent physicist, who's been taken to a government hospital. At the hospital, Dr. McWilliams (Jane Moffat) explains to Adam and Emma that Rydell no longer has a sense of the real world, and if he’s not brought back to reality soon, he’ll die. Emma telempathically makes the doctor release Rydell into Adam's care. Learning that Rydell disappeared after giving a lecture, Adam sends Brennan and Shalimar to a party at the Balkistan Embassy to investigate former Soviet KGB agent Jerzy Novotny (John Robinson), who attended the lecture. Soon after arriving at the embassy, Shalimar, unaware that a strange man is watching her, persuades Novotny to take a walk. When the two enter the hallway, Shalimar grabs him by the throat, but is suddenly shot with a tranquilizer dart by mutant Levak Ivanov (Ron Kennell). She wakes up to find herself naked in a strange bed, and is stunned when Brennan, who is also naked, enters the room, gets into bed with her and tells her they’re married. The real Shalimar is strapped to a gurney in Ivanov’s lair. Connecting tendrils of energy from his head to hers, he makes her believe that he’s Brennan and tries to find out who she’s working for and why they’re interested in Rydell. Back at Sanctuary, Emma sends a beam of telempathic energy to Rydell and suddenly finds herself trapped in the maze he sees. Rydell tells her that this maze is identical to one he saw in college, in which the mice used were killed at the end to study their brain activity. Rydell is certain that just like the mice, he will be killed if he reaches the end of the maze. Emma insists that none of it is real and asks Rydell who did this to him. Following Rydell's gaze, she sees a giant Ivanov, who drops a divider between her and Rydell. As Ivanov reaches down to grab Emma, she breaks her connection to Rydell. Meanwhile, Brennan becomes worried that Shalimar has not returned from her walk with Novotny. Rushing out to find her, all he sees is her comlink ring. Back in the lair, Shalimar, who’s still under Ivanov’s control, sees Jesse and Emma blocking the door. Shalimar tries to break through, but Jesse masses out, grabs her and asks if she knows who they are. Scared, Shalimar says she knew who they were yesterday -- her partners at Mutant X. Learning that Shalimar is part of Mutant X, Ivanov realizes she is his key to finding Adam. At Sanctuary, Emma identifies Ivanov from footage of the embassy party. Reading Ivanov's dossier, Adam learns he’s a mutant from the Soviet version of Genomex, and a master of interrogation. Meanwhile, Ivanov tries to trick Shalimar into revealing Adam's location. Sensing something is wrong, Shalimar runs to the lab and finds Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus). Eckhart tells her that the team is against her and that if she doesn’t reveal their location, they'll both die. Realizing Shalimar's life depends on Rydell, Emma connects with him again, and finds herself back in the maze, surrounded by white light. Certain that they’ll be killed if they try to leave the maze, Emma convinces him that she can bring him back to reality. As they walk towards the light, Ivanov appears, but Rydell continues with Emma across the threshold. His eyes open and he finds himself in the lab with Emma and Adam, who ask if he remembers where he was when Ivanov invaded his mind. Rydell tells them that the building he escaped from had a lightening bolt on it. Meanwhile, Shalimar is about to disclose Adam’s location to Eckhart, but suddenly runs out of the room into Sanctuary. Sensing someone, she leaps into the air just as Brennan fires a tesla coil at her. A fight ensues, and Shalimar knocks him over the landing, breaking his neck. Back in the lair, Shalimar rips her restraints off and knocks Ivanov out, releasing his control over her. Meanwhile, the team arrives at the building and, hearing someone kicking a door, begin calling Shalimar’s name. Panicked, she jumps inside a ceiling panel and when Brennan and Jesse enter the corridor, leaps down and attacks Brennan before running off. As Adam and Emma rush to help the others, Ivanov appears with two guards. He releases tendrils of energy toward Adam, but Emma throws a telempathic starburst at him, locking the two in a mental battle. Finding herself in a dark hangar with Ivanov, Emma suddenly creates two duplicates of herself and tells Ivanov she has powers not even her partners know about. All the Emmas bombard Ivanov with telempathic hits, and he falls to the floor, breaking his connection to her. The team regroups and follows Shalimar into the lair. Shalimar attacks the team, taking out Emma and Jesse. When she grabs Adam by the throat, Brennan hesitantly forms a tesla coil and throws it at Shalimar. When Shalimar awakens, Emma gently calms her. Back at Sanctuary, Adam tells a grateful Rydell that Ivanov is in a mental facility and won't be out any time soon.

221 Reawakening Aboard a ship in the Arctic Sea, Captain Dennis Freeman (Hardee T. Lineham) warns First Officer Owen Taylor (Martin Roach) that a storm is approaching and Owen relays the message to Dr. Koby (Michele Duquet), head of a research team out on the ice. Frustrated that she must wait to continue her excavation, Dr. Koby swings her ax into the ice and catches a glimpse of something strange. A short while later, Dr. Koby is on the phone to Adam (John Shea), describing an amazing discovery. Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Brennan (Victor Webster) look on as Adam receives the first video images of Koby’s extraordinary find. Backing away in fear, Emma passes out when she sees the lanky hollow-faced creature (Joel Harris). As the Mutant X team heads to the ship in the Double Helix, Adam explains that the species Dr. Koby has found is thought to be the ultimate predator and he’s eager to examine its DNA. Dr. Koby greets Adam and leads him, Brennan and Emma to the ship’s hold where the creature is thawing while Owen shows Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Jesse (Forbes March) their rooms. Examining the creature, Adam notices there is no decomposition. Emma is so repulsed when she gets a glimpse that she immediately leaves the room. Dr. Koby hands Adam a scalpel and as he takes a tissue sample, he feels a stinging sensation when he accidentally touches the creature’s slime. When Jesse and Shalimar approach Captain Freeman, he tells them he believes the creature is bad luck, citing various things that have gone wrong since its discovery. In the lab, Adam studies the sample he took from the creature and is surprised when it appears to be living tissue. Dr. Koby suggests that the extreme temperature the creature was in may have prevented its decomposition. Meanwhile, Freeman, convinced the creature poses a terrible threat, enlists Owen’s help to get rid of it. As Freeman steps towards the creature, its eyes suddenly spring open and a tentacle latches onto his face. Owen retreats in terror. Out on the bridge with Brennan, Emma suddenly takes off running, claiming the creature is alive and hungry. In the hold, Dr. Koby, Adam and Shalimar are shocked to discover that the creature is missing. As Dr. Koby and Adam rush off, Shalimar begins searching the area and turns around to find a frightened, gun-toting Owen. After she kicks the gun out of his hand, he breaks down and tells her about Freeman. When Adam and Dr. Koby get the news, Adam tells Shalimar to take Owen to the galley for safety. Meanwhile, Emma and Brennan find Freeman’s body drained of all fluids and covered with red suction marks. Brennan pulls a hysterical Emma away from the body and she reveals she can feel the creature. Later, when Adam tells Emma what Owen saw, she confirms that the creature was feeding on Freeman. Though Dr. Koby wants to keep the creature alive, the Mutant X team insists it must be returned to the ice to prevent further disaster. In the galley, Owen tells fellow crewmembers that Freeman is dead, but Jesse steps in to try to calm the men with assurances that Mutant X is in control. Down in the engine room, Brennan and Shalimar get a fleeting glimpse of the creature on the catwalk above them and quickly climb up. When the creature lashes out and hits Shalimar with a tentacle, Brennan shoots it with a bolt of electricity and it runs off. Back in the lab, Adam examines Shalimar’s wound as Brennan tells him that he and Shalimar noticed broken steam pipes and an unusually high temperature in the engine room. Realizing the creature thrives in heat and that the galley’s above the boiler room, Adam radios Jesse to get the crew out. Owen and half of the men refuse to leave, so Jesse takes the others to safety and Jock (Don Dickinson), the ship’s engineer, goes to repair the boilers. As Brennan, Shalimar and Dr. Koby, armed with a tranquilizer gun, leave in search of the creature, Adam realizes that Emma is connecting with it. Shaking her from her trance-like state, Emma tells him the creature was controlling her by sensing her fear. In the engine room, Jock is on the walkie-talkie with Owen when the creature grabs him. Sensing the crewmen’s fear in the galley, the creature drops Jock and rushes out. Worried about Emma, Adam radios Jesse to get her off the ship. A short time later, Dr. Koby, Brennan and Shalimar discover that the men in the galley have been killed. Dr. Koby finally insists that everyone must evacuate the ship, but as Brennan and Shalimar head off, she goes in the other direction. Adam radios Dr. Koby but their connection goes dead. As they search for her, Brennan, Shalimar and Adam hear her scream and rush off to find her in the hold. She tells them she shot the creature with the tranquilizer, but it had no effect. When Adam suggests they use liquid nitrogen to freeze the creature, Dr. Koby locates a canister, which Adam uses when the creature bursts into the room. The small amount of nitrogen is enough to send it retreating in agony. When Dr. Koby reveals that there’s more liquid nitrogen in the hold, Adam radios Jesse to get it. As Jesse leaves, Emma warns Adam they must stay calm so the creature can’t sense them. But Dr. Koby panics and the creature bursts back into the room. Emma appears and after throwing an intense telempathic burst at it, it chases her out of the room and corners her. Emma hears Adam tell her to get down as the team douses the creature with the nitrogen. Now frozen, the creature is buried in the ice along with the records of Dr. Koby’s research as a warning to anyone who may find it.
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