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Mutant X Episode Synopses 222-308

Official Mutant X Episode Synopses

*The following episode synopses were taken directly from the Mutant X official website prior to its disappearance in early 2005; none of this material is my own.

Episode Synopses: 101-114 ~ 115-122 ~ 201-210 ~ 211-221 ~ 222-308 ~ 309-316 ~ 317-322

Lest He Become Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) meet with two mysterious men, Rucker (Rob Archer) and Silva (Richard Stroh), who are after highly confidential medical records. Demanding to know why they are there instead of Haines (James McGowen), Jesse reassures them that they have the information they want. Feeling set-up, Rucker lashes out at Brennan. Although his fist misses, Brennan goes flying across the room as if it was a direct hit. Silva then throws a ball of energy at Jesse, who masses out, but falls to the ground in pain when the energy hits him. Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith), who have been watching on a monitor, rush in, but Rucker stops them with a telekinetic slap and he and Silva escape. Back at Sanctuary, the team tells Adam (John Shea) about the two powerful mutants they encountered. Watching the footage from Brennan’s flex cam, Adam realizes someone wants the records to crack the primal genetic code. A terrified Haines suddenly calls Adam and insists he’s going to the police for help. Having tracked Haines’ location, Adam sends Brennan and Shalimar to get him, but Silva and Rucker find him first. Brennan and Shalimar reach Haines’ car moments later only to find him dead. As Brennan relays the news to Adam, Shalimar spots a nearby security camera and informs Jesse, who taps into its records. Finding the killers’ license plate on the footage, he learns that the car is registered to Naxcon Corp., Shalimar’s father’s company. Adam informs the team that whoever killed Haines is looking for a list of specific people whose genetic material is needed to break the genetic code. Believing the source is at Naxcon, he tells Shalimar to go see her father and search for clues. She quickly refuses, painfully telling the team that she hasn’t spoken to her father since he put her in a psychiatric institution when she was 12 years old because he thought it would make her normal. She was given drugs and beaten until one night when she fought back with her feral powers and escaped. Since then, she never felt that she had a father until Adam came along. Realizing that she must help the team, she calls her father to arrange a meeting. At Naxcon, Nicholas Fox (Eugene Robert Glazer) greets Shalimar and begins giving her a tour of the facility. Meanwhile, Adam tells Emma he’s broken into Haines’ computer files and is waiting to confirm the names of the people on the list. Adam and Jesse watch Shalimar on a monitor as she and Fox come across a heavily secured elevator. When Shalimar asks her father where it leads to, he simply tells her it’s where they conduct sensitive tests. In Fox’s office, he tells her that he’s been researching Adam Kane and knows he’s up to no good, but refuses to elaborate. After Shalimar leaves, Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) enters and assures Fox that he’ll have his daughter back soon. Knowing they’ll have to move fast, Adam insists Shalimar and Jesse go back to Naxcon immediately. Emma then enters and tells the group she has the names from Haines’ computer. An edgy Adam tells Brennan and Emma to find the people and walks out. Emma follows Adam and lets him know that his name was on the list and she wants to know why, but he refuses to answer. In the Double Helix, Emma tells Brennan the first person on the list has disappeared. Arriving at a flower shop owned by Elizabeth Burton (Katie Bergin), the second name on the list, they find Rucker, Silva and two other mutants taking samples of her blood. One of the mutants, Mal (Eddie McGee), who has only one leg, forcefully attacks Brennan while Emma hits Rucker with a telempathic starburst that sends him flying. But Silva suddenly launches a wave of pain at Emma and as she collapses, they escape leaving a dead Rucker behind. As Brennan tends to a terrified Burton, Emma tells him that her starburst shouldn’t have killed Rucker. Shalimar and Jesse arrive at Naxcon and use a fake ID badge and a holographic eyeball to access the elevator. Entering a laboratory containing cages of animals and bottles holding unborn fetuses, Jesse finds the main computer and begins downloading the database. Hearing the elevator, Shalimar and Jesse hide just as Eckhart and a mutant enter. Shocked to see that Fox is involved with Eckhart, Jesse and Shalimar escape unnoticed. Later at Sanctuary, Adam tells the team that Eckhart desperately needs the blood samples in order to perfect the process of selective mutation. Knowing that Adam isn’t revealing all that he knows, Emma uses a starburst to force him to admit everything. He finally confesses that Eckhart got the information he needed from Adam’s research many years ago. Upset that Adam wasn’t truthful, Brennan and Shalimar rush to Naxcon to convince Fox that Eckhart is a murderer. As Shalimar confronts Fox, a force field suddenly freezes her and Brennan in place. After receiving a call from Eckhart, Adam, Jesse and Emma rush off to Naxcon, all knowing that Adam is the final link that Eckhart needs to take over the world. At Naxcon, Jesse breaks Brennan and Shalimar free from the force field while Adam distracts Eckhart. As a fight breaks out amongst Mutant X and Eckhart’s men, an alarm suddenly sounds and a guilt-stricken Fox informs everyone that he’s just opened the steam valves and that the building will soon explode. Eckhart and his men quickly rush out, but Mutant X is cut off from the main exit. Fox leads them to a corridor and, as they race down the hall, the structure suddenly breaks away from the rest of the building and sinks into the water below.

Into the Moonless Night FLASHBACK: In last season’s cliffhanger finale, "Lest He Become," the Mutant X team learned that Shalimar’s (Victoria Pratt) estranged father and his company, Naxcon, were involved in genetic testing with the nefarious Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus). The team raced to Naxcon to stop Eckhart’s plans, but as they battled Eckhart’s men they were inadvertently trapped inside the building when it suddenly exploded. Following the explosion, Jesse (Forbes March) searches for the other members of Mutant X in one of the triage tents outside of Naxcon. He soon finds Brennan (Victor Webster), who is shaken but unharmed and the two go in search of their teammates. They hear the anguished voice of Shalimar, who is watching her father being loaded into an ambulance. Brennan comforts her while Jesse watches a group of paramedics working on another victim. After a few moments, the paramedics realize it’s hopeless and place the victim into a body bag. Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse are horrified to see that it’s Emma. Distraught, the group realizes there’s been no sign of Adam. After searching the city and finding no trace of Adam, Jesse uses satellites to locate Adam’s comlink signal. Brennan and Shalimar race to the location of the signal only to find a homeless man wearing Adam’s "MX" pin. Suddenly, Eckhart’s voice comes across the comlink and Brennan and Shalimar turn to find Eckhart and his cohort Silva (Richard Stroh) standing in the shadows with Adam’s comlink ring. Eckhart steps forward, revealing his horribly diseased skin and tells them that Adam’s technology destroyed his immune system and the synthetic dermal casing that’s been protecting his fragile body was breached in the explosion. He insists that the key to saving his own life is contained in Adam’s research and demands the files in exchange for Adam’s safe return. Brennan and Shalimar return to Sanctuary where Jesse is frantically trying to access Adam’s computer files. To the team’s surprise, a beautiful woman (Karen Cliche) suddenly emerges from a prism of light. When the mysterious woman refuses to say who she is, Jesse tries to grab her, but she suddenly disappears and forcefully pushes him into the computer station. Jesse quickly realizes she is able to control light and is bending it in order to make herself invisible. The woman reappears and emits a bright flash from her hands that blinds the team momentarily. When they recover, she tells them she’s been sent by powerful people to find Adam. She approaches the computer and types in her name, LEXA, as the password, giving Jesse access to Adam’s top-secret files. Stunned by Lexa’s knowledge of Adam, Brennan and Shalimar follow her into the lab where she reveals that she used to be part of Mutant X and lived at Sanctuary for two years. Frustrated by the secrets Adam kept from her, she left. Now with Adam missing, she’s been sent back by the people Adam works for because they’re afraid he’s betrayed them by making a pact with Eckhart. Shocked, Brennan and Shalimar insist Adam didn’t work for anyone, but a moment later Jesse confirms that Adam’s files prove he was trying to help Eckhart. Knowing Eckhart won’t simply release Adam to them, Lexa devises a plan to bluff him and still save Adam’s life. The team arranges to meet Eckhart and when they arrive at the designated location, they find Eckhart, Silva, a lizard feral and a telekinetic mutant. After Brennan shows them the disk containing Adam’s files, Eckhart confesses that he’s not holding Adam and that Adam’s comlink ring was retrieved from a charred body that had washed up on shore. Brennan is just about to destroy the disk when the telekinetic mutant telepathically rips the disk from his hand and places it in a high-tech box. Brennan hits the mutant with an electrical blast and it drops the box, but the lizard feral grabs it and races off with Shalimar close behind. Meanwhile, the others go after Eckhart, but Silva stops them with a wave of concentrated pain. Lexa goes after Eckhart, but the telekinetic mutant stops her with an invisible force field. Brennan hits the mutant with another blast, knocking him down. Shalimar catches up to the lizard feral, but he suddenly vanishes into thin air. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa insists they do everything in their power to keep Eckhart from regenerating his body. To stress this, she shows them a metal plate on her neck, which was implanted by Eckhart’s people. Frustrated, Brennan storms out. Meanwhile, at an abandoned power plant, Eckhart’s men gather and assemble the equipment needed to build the regeneration chamber based on Adam’s research files. Jesse, however, has already tracked the equipment from Adam’s files and is working to find out exactly where it is. Across town, Brennan enters a bar he used to frequent. The bartender (Sean Sullivan) remembers him and hands him a drink before heading to the payphone where he calls Silva to tell him Brennan’s there. Just as Eckhart climbs into the regenerative chamber, Silva informs him that Brennan’s alone and they’re going to pick him up. As the chamber fills with mist, Eckhart begins to scream and the glass suddenly explodes. Back at the bar, an attractive woman sits next to Brennan and says his name. Intrigued, Brennan asks her name, but soon finds that he can’t breathe and passes out. At Sanctuary, Lexa talks to a mysterious man on the computer screen who tells her she must rescue Brennan, who’s been captured by Eckhart’s men, and stop Eckhart from regenerating. Having thought her mission was over now that Adam is presumably dead, the man informs her that she is to remain with Mutant X until he tells her otherwise if she wants his help in finding the people she’s personally seeking. When Lexa breaks the connection, she realizes Jesse is standing behind her and has heard everything. At the power plant, Brennan awakens only to find himself strapped down and hooked up to a series of wires. Eckhart, fully regenerated, approaches Brennan and tells him he wants everything that belonged to Adam, including Sanctuary. When Brennan doesn’t volunteer any information, Silva zaps him with a beam of concentrated pain, but Brennan resists talking. Meanwhile, Shalimar arrives at the bar where Brennan was kidnapped and forces the bartender to tell her what he knows. Determined to break Brennan, Eckhart brings in a wheelchair-bound woman (Araxi Arslanian) who is a psychic interrogator. As she touches Brennan’s face, a holographic image of Brennan screaming appears. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa informs Jesse and Shalimar that the phone number the bartender dialed to report on Brennan was an old GSA front company. She goes on to explain that she used to work for the GSA. When Jesse traces the call further, he discovers that it was forwarded to the power plant. He pulls up a live aerial image of the building and based on the electrical activity detected, they decide to check it out. Inside the power plant, the psychic is locked into Brennan’s mind, searching for Sanctuary’s location. An image of a mountain range appears, revealing Stormking Mountain and a series of letters and numbers. Having gotten the information he was seeking, Eckhart leaves Silva to kill Brennan. Before Silva can muster up enough energy, however, Shalimar drops down in front of him and slashes his abdomen with her clawed fingers. She then frees Brennan and he races after the escaping psychic interrogator. He pushes her into the regeneration machine and electrocutes her. When Lexa and Jesse enter the room, the lizard feral pounces on them. Shalimar catches the lizard, but he manages to gain the upper hand and begins to strangle her. Suddenly, Jesse appears behind the lizard and peels him off Shalimar before massing out and knocking the creature unconscious. Meanwhile, Brennan traps Eckhart on a catwalk, high above the ground, and creates a huge tesla coil. Though Eckhart tries to convince Brennan he can help Mutant X, Brennan blasts him repeatedly until he is thrown over the railing and falls dead to the ground. Later at Sanctuary, Brennan, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa hold a somber memorial for Emma and Adam, unaware that they are being watched.

Wages of Sin Based on a tip from Lexa’s (Karen Cliche) contacts, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) wait in an alley where a new genetically engineered weapon is supposed to be exchanged. A car suddenly pulls up and a man gets out and places something small next to a dumpster. As he drives off, Jesse (Forbes March) traces the license plate to the Westland Casino. Moments later, Carlos "The Tiger" Lavista (Michael Miranda) and his bodyguard enter the alley and pick up the package, which is an aerosol container. Without notice, Carlos hits his guard in the stomach and sprays the contents of the container into his face. Within seconds, the man drops to the ground, begins violently convulsing and dies. Brennan and Shalimar go after Carlos and when Shalimar kicks him to the ground, he drops the container and a hotel key. Carlos then throws a knife at Brennan which Shalimar catches just as Carlos escapes. At Sanctuary, Jesse reveals that the aerosol can contained a prion, a poison made of a modified protein molecule that converts normal proteins and kills those infected. Suspecting Kristen Greg (Deborah Odell), the Westland Casino owner, is involved in selling the prion, Lexa suggests Brennan and Shalimar go to the casino to investigate. At the casino, Shalimar watches Kristen from the bar. When a man sits next to Shalimar, Jesse uses a video feed to identify him as known terrorist Eduardo Cruz (Jeff Camson). Noticing the man has a mysterious gold chip, Shalimar asks if she can join him while Jesse monitors the crowd and sees a number of other terrorists, all of whom he believes are there for the prion. Brennan, wanting to get closer to Kristen, draws her attention by using his powers to win a great deal of money at a roulette table. Meanwhile, Lexa uses the key Carlos dropped to enter his hotel room. She shoots a laser beam from her hand to melt the lock on the room’s safe where she finds an assortment of passports and a gold chip, which she pockets. Carlos suddenly appears and holds a gun to her neck, but she slaps the gun out of his hand and knocks him over the balcony with a flying kick. When she runs to the railing to make sure he’s dead, she realizes he’s gone. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse tells the team that the gold chip Lexa retrieved is filled with electronics and encrypted with an I.D. He also reveals that Kristen has a few ex-GSA members on her payroll. When he shows them photos of the people, Lexa reacts strongly to one of the pictures and walks out. Jesse suggests Shalimar put a device on one of Kristen’s computers in order to locate the prion so they can switch it for a harmless substitute. Meanwhile, Lexa contacts a mysterious man on her computer and asks to be set up with a new I.D. so she can get to Kristen, who she believes is the link to Dominique, a woman she’s been searching for. At the casino, Brennan is having a drink with Kristen when he notices Lexa across the room. After saying goodbye to Kristen, Brennan approaches Lexa who tells him that he and Shalimar are off the case. She then kisses Brennan and tells him to stay out of her way before walking off.Using her new I.D., Lexa convinces Kristen to let her attend an auction she is holding later that night. Meanwhile Jesse tells Brennan and Shalimar that Lexa’s sudden actions may be linked to a woman named Dominique who was in one of the photos of ex-GSA members he had shown them earlier. Brennan tells Jesse to research Dominique while he heads back to the casino. At the casino, Brennan finds Kristen and suggests they go somewhere private. She takes him to her office and leads him into a posh back room. Shalimar then sneaks into Kristen’s office and attaches a device Jesse gave her to a computer, allowing Jesse to monitor the casino from Sanctuary. An enraged Lexa suddenly appears and the two are about to fight when Shalimar senses someone approaching and runs out of the office. A moment later, one of Kristen’s employees, Carter (Noah Danby), enters and hits her with a psionic blast, freezing her in place. In the back room, Kristen tells Brennan she feels like he’s playing a game with her. He placates her with a soft kiss. Meanwhile, Shalimar comes to Lexa’s rescue, knocking Carter out with a series of kicks and punches. Having heard the commotion, Kristen breaks the kiss with Brennan opens the door to her office just as Shalimar pulls Lexa and an unconscious Carter under a table to hide. Kristen walks right for them, but Lexa refracts the light around them and they all disappear. Finding no one there, Kristen returns to Brennan. As the two engage in another kiss, Kristen gently pushes him away and excuses herself for a moment. She goes back into her office and makes a call to check out the name Allen Dawson -- Brennan’s alias. Meanwhile, Jesse tells Shalimar that the container they’re looking for is in a vault in the basement and that she’ll need Brennan’s help to replace it with the substitute container. Kristen walks back towards Brennan with a pistol aimed at him and tells him she knows he’s not Allen Dawson. Brennan calmly tells Kristen he’s known as "The Tiger" and takes the gold chip from his jacket pocket. He says he didn’t reveal his true identity to her as he was ambushed when he picked up the sample and wasn’t sure if he could trust her. Still skeptical, Kristen lowers the gun and tells him the auction is in her office in an hour. Brennan leaves the office and contacts Jesse who informs him that the mutant that attacked Shalimar and Lexa has a fixed genetic code that has stabilized his mutations. Brennan insists it’s not possible as Adam failed many times trying to stabilize their mutations. Jesse suggests that Dominique may have figured out how to accomplish this, and assumes that’s why Lexa is looking for her. Seeing Lexa, Brennan rushes over and confronts her. Lexa is shocked when he asks about Dominique, but she refuses to offer any information. In the basement, Shalimar makes her way through the vault’s security system with Jesse’s help and goes inside. Meanwhile at the auction, Brennan’s cover is blown when Carlos "The Tiger" shows up. Brennan tries to escape, but Kristen’s feral mutants pin him down. Inside the vault, Shalimar is caught off-guard when the lasers suddenly turn off and she hears someone approaching. A feral mutant enters the room and the two engage in a fight causing the two identical containers to fall to the floor. Shalimar knocks the mutant out, grabs one of the containers and flees. Meanwhile, Kristen tells her bodyguard to find out who Brennan really is and then kill him, but Lexa suddenly blasts the guard with a beam of concentrated light and she and Brennan race out the door. As they race down the corridor, Brennan fires tesla coils at their pursuers. Shalimar meets up with them and begins to show them the way out, but Kristen’s guards use gunfire to push them into the vault. Having just completed her business with Carlos, Kristen hits a key on the computer to close the vault door and tells Brennan, Shalimar and Lexa through a speaker that she’s arranged for a demonstration of the biological weapon. Shalimar assures her teammates that she grabbed the prion container from the vault, just as a mist enters the room. Kristen watches as Mutant X falls to the ground one by one, but Carlos quickly notices that Lexa has disappeared and the guards enter to investigate. Lexa reappears and blasts the guards with a bright flash of light. Returning to Sanctuary, Jesse asks Lexa about Dominique and she tells him it is believed Dominique knows more about genetic engineering than anyone and that she may be able to help a man Lexa is looking for. Meanwhile, Kristen is on the phone with Dominique, apologizing for the theft of the weapon. When they hang up, Dominique tells one of her men to find out who stole the weapon so they can prevent any further interference.

The Breed Dr. Vincent Arrigo (Ron Lea) bursts through a door into a hallway wearing a blood-stained lab coat and looking over his shoulder in fear. Hearing a noise behind him, Arrigo bangs frantically on a nearby door, but the people refuse to open it. Terrified, he runs to his lab and locks himself inside causing the mysterious thing that’s been chasing him to slam into the door. At Sanctuary, an alarm suddenly sounds and Jesse (Forbes March) works feverishly on the computer to shut it off. Just as the sound stops, the Mutant X team is shocked to see a petrified Arrigo appear on the monitor. Believing he’s talking to Adam on a one-way distress call, Arrigo says that the project they were working on has gone awry and sends through video footage of his location. As the team watches they see blurred images trying to break into the lab, but the signal quickly goes dead. Jesse discovers Arrigo is a former Genomex employee who Adam helped get a job in gene-based research for the Army at Fort Perry. Lexa (Karen Cliche) enters and says her contacts claim Arrigo was working on a weaponized plague and Mutant X must go to the base to answer his distress call. As the team approaches the base in the double helix, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) notices a heavy military presence and are soon ordered to land. As Major Klein (Tony Craig) approaches them and demands to know who they work for, Lexa’s cell phone rings and after looking at the ID, she hands it to Klein. After a tense phone conversation, Klein reluctantly agrees to let Mutant X inside and walks them towards the electrical fence surrounding the base. He tells them that the infection contaminating the base is passed through broken skin and that they will be quarantined inside until a cure is found. Brennan (Victor Webster), Shalimar and Lexa are lead through the fence while Jesse remains outside to help get the team out if needed. Brennan, Shalimar and Lexa walk towards the main building stepping over several corpses along the way. Suddenly, PVT Peter Morton (Aaron Poole) is chased toward them by two infected soldiers, one of which slashes him and he falls to the ground. Lexa blasts one soldier with a flash of light and Brennan hits the other with a tesla coil, before grabbing Peter and racing inside the building. They reach Arrigo’s lab and after telling him they got his distress call to Adam, he lets them in. As Brennan lays Peter on a medical table, Arrigo tells them the base is infected by a parasite he had created to take control of its host, which was intended solely for use against enemy forces. He claims things went wrong when his assistant Rachel accidentally infected herself. A loud crash from the next room draws their attention and they rush in to find Peter on the ground, infected. As they strap Peter to the table, he hands Lexa a vial of insulin. Lexa tells Brennan and Shalimar that Peter was trying to get the insulin to the woman he was hiding with in the base kitchen. Wanting to help the woman, Brennan and Shalimar head out with a load of medical supplies. Arrigo tells Lexa that he was working on a treatment for the parasites, but can no longer access his files. When Lexa calls on Jesse to assist, he discovers that the base’s power is being routed into the fence so he links the lab’s computers to the helix. Meanwhile, Brennan and Shalimar are making their way toward the kitchen, when a shot rings out from above and a woman named Gina (Alex Castillo) demands they prove they’re not infected. After Shalimar tells her that Peter sent them with insulin and medical supplies, Gina takes them to the kitchen. Back in the lab, Peter tells Lexa that Arrigo’s assistant Rachel was his sister and he doesn’t believe it was by accident that she became infected. A short time later, Arrigo reenters and tries a treatment on Peter, but the parasites react negatively. Back in the kitchen, an infected woman suddenly jumps out of the shadows and rakes her nails across Brennan’s neck. He throws her off and Gina shoots her until she falls to the ground dead. Shalimar uses her comlink to tell Lexa about the attack, and Lexa insists Brennan return to the lab immediately. Without notice, Brennan knocks Shalimar to the ground and runs off. Meanwhile, Jesse identifies that the parasite they’re fighting is related to one that causes malaria. After some research, he tells Lexa he’s found a treatment that involves dousing the host with rotating electromagnetic fields, which should causes the iron in the parasites’ bodies to twist until they rupture. He sends this information, along with Rachel’s autopsy report to Lexa, just bomber planes appear on his sensors. As Shalimar searches for Brennan, he leaps out at her wild-eyed and she races off and hides in the hallway. She contacts Lexa, who tells her Arrigo believes the only cure for Brennan is to get him to form a tesla coil and then throw him against the electrical fence. Shalimar gets Brennan to chase her out to the fence, and as Brennan rolls up a tesla coil, she kicks him into it. Brennan convulses in pain before falling to the ground. Shalimar rushes to his side and is relieved to see he’s been cured. Meanwhile, General Klein informs Jesse that the base is going to be bombed to prevent the infection from spreading. Inside the lab, Brennan forms an electro-magnetic energy ball and spins it around Peter, knocking him out and curing him. Jesse tells them he will switch the power back to the base in order to give Brennan the energy he needs to cure everyone at once. As Breannan and Shalimar lure the infected into a power room, Lexa informs Arrigo that Rachel’s file proves that it was no accident - she had been infected intentionally. Arrigo grabs a tranquilizer gun and shoots Lexa in the neck, but before he can do anything else, Peter grabs a gun and shoots him. In the power room, Brennan takes hold of the generator as Jesse routes power back to the base. Brennan rolls up an electro-magnetic ball that spins furiously around the room. The infected people writhe in agony as Brennan holds on for as long as he can. Monitoring everything from the helix, Jesse races to Klein and proving to him there are no more infected people on the base, tells him to call off the bombers.

Where Evil Dwells Lee Marker (Joe Scoren), a creepy man in his 30's, scribbles on the wall of his Dark Waters Psychiatric cell. He steps back and admires his work, which reads "A Stitch in Time." Meanwhile, Brennan (Victor Webster) enters a crime scene where the corpse of a woman was found with a paper pinned to her chest with the message "A Stitch in Time." Pushing through the crowd, he finds Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and her friend Andrea Marshall (Pragna Desai), a profiler for the Justice Dept. who is shaken by the experience. After introducing Andrea and Brennan, Shalimar explains that Andrea is a psionic and was in the mind of the killer and saw the murder happen, but doesn't know who did it. She tells them that it looks like the work of the Puzzle Killer, but that it's impossible since he's been in a psychiatric prison for the last two years. As the corpse is wheeled away, Shalimar insists they take Andrea back to Sanctuary and help her find the killer. At Sanctuary, Andrea tells Shalimar and Lexa (Karen Cliche) about the Puzzle Killer, Lee Marker, and his thirty victims, all of whom he left the location of his next murder pinned to. Since these new murders are identical to his, Andrea believes the killer is tuning into Maker's mind. Jesse (Forbes March) searches the Mutant database to see if anyone matches the profile while Shalimar and Andrea visit Marker. The two arrive at Dark Waters Psychiatric and enter a room separated from Marker's cell by bulletproof glass. After introducing Shalimar, Marker calls her Sham liar -- an anagram -- claiming there's often truth in puzzles. Andrea then demands to know who the next murder victim will be. When Marker doesn't answer, she creates a mass of psionic energy, which she shoots into Marker's mind. He gives into the connection and Andrea begins to see visions through the killer's eyes. Later, Jesse hooks Andrea up to a brain scanner and the images she witnessed in her head appear on the monitor. One of the images is a clock and Lexa is confident that it's the Parrington Bank Tower. They radio Brennan, who immediately goes to the Tower and spots a Mobile Needlework van, which he realizes is part of the anagram. Opening the van's door, the team finds the dead body of a girl with a paper with the numbers 42168258 pinned to her chest. Back at Sanctuary, the team desperately tries to figure out the meaning behind the numbers while Andrea and Shalimar pay Marker another visit. At the hospital, Andrea connects with him and sees visions of slashing knives, a dark warehouse and bone saws. Shalimar rushes over as Andrea suddenly clutches her head, breaks the connection and falls unconscious. Back at Sanctuary, the team again scans Andrea's brain and dark disturbing images fill the screen. Her eyes shoot open and she informs them that the next murder will take place at a chemical warehouse. Realizing that the numbers are coordinates for the location, Jesse determines that A&S Medical Supplies is the spot. When Andrea reveals that Marker used to work there, Brennan insists she come along. The team reaches the building and leave Andrea in the car while they investigate. Alone, Andrea has a vision of someone moving through the building and she radios Brennan to let him know. Suddenly a shadowy figure pushes a rack of tanks over, which narrowly misses Brennan and Lexa. The two race out as chlorine fills the room and they realize they were set up. At Sanctuary, Andrea tries to make sense of the incident, insisting that Marker can't control the images she sees. Shalimar decides that she wants to go to the hospital alone, convinced that Marker will let his guard down. Everyone agrees that Shalimar will need to physically be in his cell to achieve this. That night, Brennan, dressed as a prison guard and Jesse as an inmate, enter the hospital and clear the security guard station with an invisible Lexa by their side. Lexa ducks into a utility closet and sets up a looped video of Marker, which she feeds into the security monitors. Shalimar and Andrea arrive and Jesse phases Shalimar through the wall and into the cell. Shalimar confronts Marker about the next victim, while Andrea connects to him. Frustrated with his games, Shalimar slams him against the wall. Meanwhile, Andrea reveals to Brennan that she is the next victim. Back at the lab, the team realizes that Andrea has taken off and they split up to search for her. When Shalimar finds her outside an Abattoir, she claims she was drawn to something on the top floor of the building. Shalimar orders Andrea to get herself to safety while she investigates. Inside, the floorboards give way and Shalimar falls four stories and lands lifeless at the mouth of a machine. Back at the hospital, Andrea connects with Marker and her disturbing visions reveal that she is actually the killer. She tells Marker that she understands her mission and the two embrace. To Markers delight, Andrea stabs him and becomes the living embodiment of him. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse fine tunes one of the images and realizes that Andrea is the killer. Scared for Shalimar's safety, the team races to find her. Tapping into the hospital's surveillance cameras, Jesse sees that Marker is dead and the clue ?Marie Talbot? is written on the wall. Back at the Abattoir, Shalimar tries to talk sense into Andrea, but she pulls out a butcher knife and uses her psionic powers to freeze Shalimar in place. Just as she's about to stab Shalimar, Brennan bursts in and shoots a tesla coil at Andrea, but she takes off running. Shalimar follows her onto the roof, and for a brief moment the real Andrea surfaces and tells Shalimar to get away. Shalimar reaches for the knife, but Andrea suddenly loses her footing and falls to her death. Later at Sanctuary, Brennan consoles Shalimar and assures her that Andrea was an amazing woman.

The Taking of Crows Hector Freimark (David Hewlett) approaches nightclub owner Milo Dinovi (Salvatore Migliore) at the bar and hands him a small vial of a drug. When Hector leaves, Milo greets Lexa (Karen Cliche) warmly and leads her to a table. Jesse (Forbes March), who is hiding at the bar, watches as Lexa shows Milo a photograph of her brother, who Milo confirms was in the club recently. When Lexa isn't looking, Milo pours the drug into both of their cocktails. After finishing their drinks, Milo gets an immediate high, but Lexa starts to have a violent reaction and Jesse races over and catches her as she falls out of her chair. He then grabs Milo and demands to know what he gave Lexa, but two bouncers restrain him. Lexa suddenly comes to and shoots lasers from her hands at one of the bouncers. She then kicks the bouncers into the bar, before collapsing. At Lexa's request, Jesse takes her to see Dr. Marcus (Gary Farmer). When he comlinks Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) to tell them what occurred, Brennan races to the club. Dr. Marcus is able to stabilize Lexa and Jesse goes to meet Brennan. Milo is surprised to see Brennan and Jesse, but refuses to tell them what he gave Lexa. Jesse threatens Milo and he finally reveals it was an upper called DXL. Searching him, Jesse finds two vials of the drug, which he takes. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar tells Brennan that Dr. Sara Stanton (Jessica Stein), a former Genomex employee, developed DXL to control mutant aggression, but became addicted to the drug. Lexa then enters and informs them that Adam was going to have Sara arrested, but her lab exploded and she disappeared. She just learned, however, that Sara was recently arrested for drug trafficking and tells them that she's going to disguise herself as a transfer prisoner to get to her. The team insists Shalimar go along. Meanwhile, Dr. Marcus tells Jesse there is still DXL in Lexa's system, which will destroy her if an antidote is not found immediately. Lexa and Shalimar arrive at the prison and are taken and strip-searched. Suddenly Lexa's hand begins to tremble, but she gets it under control. Meanwhile, Jesse and Brennan agree to only tell Shalimar that Lexa could die, afraid that if Lexa were to find out she would kill Sara before they get the antidote. The next morning, Jesse visits Shalimar and tells her about Lexa's condition, insisting only Sara can help. He then phases her a comlink ring and a vial of DXL through the window. Later in the prison work farm, Lexa approaches Sara, but Ruth (Suzanne Coy), another inmate, cuts her off. Ruth then takes a swing at Lexa, but Shalimar grabs her arm stopping her. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan tells Jesse the prison's records show one of Sara's frequent visitors is Hector Freimark, a mutant with whom she was involved with at Genomex who is able to create explosions. Back at the prison, Sara meets with Hector who plants a passionate kiss on her. She pushes him away and demands the DXL. When he tells her he doesn't have it, but that the deal will soon be finalized, she accuses him of double-crossing her. Later, Lexa and Shalimar approach Sara and tell her they want in on the plan. As an incentive, Shalimar hands Sara the DXL and she greedily pours it under her tongue. Suddenly, Ruth attacks Sara with a knife, but Shalimar leaps in her way as Lexa uses her powers to remove all the light from the room. When the lights come back on, Sara flees the room with Shalimar and Lexa. Sara tells them her boyfriend Hector had hired Ruth to protect her, but he's obviously changed his mind. Lexa promises Sara they can get her out of prison providing she does business with them instead of Hector. She agrees and the team devises a plan to break her out the next day. That night, Lexa goes to Sara's cell and reveals she's a mutant. Noticing Lexa trembling, Sara tells her the DXL is killing her, but she has an antidote. Feeling betrayed by her team, Lexa returns to her cell and tells Shalimar that she knows she's dying, but Sara will give her the antidote when they break her out. The next morning, Shalimar picks a fight with Ruth in order to distract the guards. Lexa grabs Sara's hand and refracts the light, making them invisible as they walk out of the prison yard. When a guard notices they're missing, they sound the alarm and handcuff Shalimar, believing she is involved. Meanwhile, Brennan and Jesse wait in the Helix for Lexa and Sara to arrive. Jesse uses the comlink to contact Lexa and he and Brennan are stunned when she tells them she's no longer their problem. Suspecting Sara will find Hector, Jesse searches for leads on the computer. Inside the prison, a guard tases a restrained Shalimar, demanding to know where Lexa and Sara are, but she uses her feral strength to break the ropes and knock him out. As she tases the prison matron, a guard rushes in and points a gun at her. Before he can fire, however, Brennan bursts in, slams him against the wall and fires a tesla coil at a second guard. When they join Jesse in the Helix he tells them a large shipment of the chemical needed to produce DXL was recently delivered to a nearby farm. At the farm, Lexa uses her powers to make her and Sara invisible. Outside the barn, Lexa knocks out one of Hector's guards. Sara snatches his gun while Lexa flickers between visibility and invisibility, struggling to maintain her mutant powers. Suddenly collapsing, Lexa begs Sara for help, but she walks into the barn with the gun surprising Hector. She accuses him of ordering a hit on her in jail, and when he offers her some DXL, she steps toward him, wavering in her anger. Outside, the team finds Lexa's unconscious body. All of a sudden, Hector's men come out and Shalimar attacks them while Brennan drags Lexa to safety and Jesse runs inside. When Jesse enters, Hector grabs the gun from Sara's hand, but she quickly shoves an open brick of DXL into his face. Reacting to the drug, he shoots wildly and hits a nearby tank of CO2 and the supply of DXL. Jesse sees Hector taking one of two needles from a first aid kit and realizing it's the antidote, knocks him down and takes the needles. Hector's fingers start to glow and the barn is soon filled with small explosions. As Jesse runs out, a huge fireball encases the building, destroying both the DXL and its creator. Jesse rushes to Lexa and injects her with the antidote, but when she doesn't respond, he breathes into her mouth and she finally coughs. Jesse takes the other needle and injects himself, halting any effects of the DXL.

Shadows of Darkness Brennan (Victor Webster) tells Lexa (Karen Cliche) about an urgent call he received from Dr. Palance (Leon Pownall), his school psychiatrist who was the first person he told about his mutant abilities. Palance is now the head of Psychiatry at St. Pastor's, a hospital that recently reopened 15 years after a fire in the Psych Ward killed several people, including children. There have been reports of strange activity at the hospital and Palance asked for Brennan's help. Intrigued, Lexa offers to help. At the hospital, an orderly walks down the corridor and hears a child singing a lullaby. A little boy suddenly appears in front of him and the scared orderly runs past a young janitor (Diego Klattenhoff) into a room. Looking down, he sees hundreds of cockroaches moving under the door. The boy appears next to him again and says, ?This place is mine.? Terrified, the orderly crashes through the window, landing at Brennan and Lexa's feet. The young janitor approaches Lexa and Palance and tells them the orderly was running from something, but he didn't see what. Moments later, the hospital's administrator, Dr. Denise Willette (Nancy Palk), arrives and Palance introduces Brennan and Lexa as investigators from the State Board. She insists the orderly committed suicide, and walks off. Palance then takes Brennan and Shalimar to the room where most of the activity has been occurring, and shows them the words ?GET OUT,? which are written on the wall in blood. In the hallway, Brennan spots the Janitor, but when he follows him around a corner, the man disappears. A short time later, Lexa notices a cockroach crawl out of the drain as she washes her hands and suddenly sees a boy behind her in the mirror, but when she turns, he's gone. Meanwhile, Brennan finds a nurse in an old fashioned uniform who offers to take him to the basement to find the Janitor. Lexa then enters the hallway and sees Brennan alone by the elevator acting as if he's talking to someone. The elevator doors open on an empty shaft and Lexa tackles Brennan just before he falls inside. At Sanctuary, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) tells Jesse (Forbes March) that the children who died were being treated for various phobias. Locating the fire's sole survivor, Sandy Fetko (Jessica Greco), the two decide to pay her a visit. Meanwhile at the hospital, Brennan uses old personnel files to identify the nurse as Donna Campbell (Brandi Marie Ward), the head nurse in the Psych Ward who died in the fire. Her file also reveals that she was involved in Project I.E.T and Dr. Palance suggests they check the records in storage for more information. Shalimar and Jesse arrive at Sandy's apartment, but the young woman insists she only remembers the smoke and Nurse Campbell taking her to safety. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar reads Sandy's medical files and learns she was agoraphobic, but oddly had been given Cortisol, a stress hormone that would have increased her fears. Back at the hospital, Brennan, Lexa and Dr. Palance are searching the basement when Nurse Campbell appears and puts a lit cigarette on a stack of papers. Palance suddenly hears the valves open on nearby oxygen tanks and yells for Brennan before running to the elevator. The doors open to reveal the young boy, who raises his arms causing a sea of cockroaches to race out of the elevator. Overcome with fear, Palance suffers a massive heart attack. When Brennan and Lexa find him, Brennan zaps his chest with a tesla coil, reviving him. When Palance asks Brennan and Lexa if they saw the boy, Lexa admits she saw him in the mirror. After some research, Jesse learns the boy is Johnny Cummings (Andrew Chalmers), one of the fire's victims. Meanwhile, Dr. Willette tells Brennan and Lexa that Palance is delusional and offers to show them what she has on Project I.E.T. to prove it has nothing to do with the unusual occurrences. As Lexa and Willetter sit at the computer the phone rings and when Willette hangs up, she demands to know who Lexa is since the State Board doesn't know. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Jesse dig up Johnny's grave only to find that it's empty. Back at Sanctuary, they learn that Johnny's mother was treated for infertility during Genomex's embryo research phase and that Johnny is a psionic mutant who can cast illusions. Believing Johnny faked his own death, Shalimar goes back to Sandy's apartment. At the hospital, two guards escort Lexa out, but she makes herself invisible and slips back inside. Brennan is in the basement when a nearby box suddenly fills with cockroaches. Surprised, he drops a tape he's holding just at Willette enters. She hears him, but Lexa quickly grabs Brennan and the tape and they run out. Convinced that Sandy can help, Shalimar tells her that Johnny's not dead. It is then that Sandy reveals that the hospital was forcing the children to confront their fear in the hopes it would cure them. Since Johnny's fear was insects, Nurse Campbell would give him a drug and let roaches loose in his room. Johnny's room was next to Sandy's and when she would hear him screaming, she'd sing him a lullaby. One day Johnny opened the valves on the oxygen tanks in the supply room, and when Nurse Campbell went in to smoke, the wing burst into flames. Taking all this in, Shalimar realizes that it was Johnny posing as Nurse Campbell who rescued Sandy. Back at the hospital, Brennan and Lexa watch the tape, which shows what was done to Johnny. When Brennan tells Lexa that Willette was in charge of I.E.T, the young janitor, who's been listening outside, morphs back into Johnny Cummings. Willette is at the nurse's station when Nurse Campbell appears and says she won't get away with what she did. Willette runs to the elevator, and when she looks back, Johnny's there instead. Proving he's not afraid of bugs anymore, he raises his arms and the hallway fills with cockroaches. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Sandy meet Jesse at the hospital, but Sandy hesitates and Shalimar stays with her while Jesse runs inside. Finding Brennan and Lexa, they hurry to the basement where they see Johnny pouring gasoline on Willette, who's tied to a chair. Just as he's about to ignite the gasoline with a lighter, Sandy enters singing a lullaby. He puts out the flame and Lexa quickly restrains him. Later, Shalimar, Jesse and Sandy watch as Johnny, bound at the wrists, is escorted away. He lifts his hand to wave and Jesse notices the handcuffs are no longer there. At that moment, the real Johnny sits in the basement, doused in gasoline, and ignites the lighter one last time.

The Hand of God Onboard the Helix, Lexa (Karen Cliche) tells the Mutant X team that her contacts insist they apprehend their target quickly and carefully. When the team presses her for more information, Lexa reveals that the people she's referring to are known as The Dominion -- a covert group who have been policing the abuses of science for the last few hundred years, and have successfully prevented countless disasters that would have destroyed the world. She says the man they've been sent to capture is a dangerous super-mutant who lives in the woods with his faithful followers. Jesse (Forbes March) gets a thermal reading on the scanner and as Brennan (Victor Webster) begins to take the Helix down to investigate, a series of alarms go off and a streak of white light hits the ship. Suddenly, the ship's temperature rises to a critical level and an instrument panel bursts into flames. When Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) gets up to put it out, the rear hatch flies open and sucks her out of the Helix. Watching from the forest below, Terra (Jeanette Roxborough), a lupine feral, exchanges a smile of satisfaction with Cody (Shane Daly), the one who unleashed the blast on the Helix. Brennan manages to slam the Helix onto a beach and Jesse locates Shalimar's signal on the monitor. He tells Brennan and Lexa that some of the electronics are fried and they're stuck until he can fix it. In the woods, Shalimar is impaled on a tree branch and her face is covered with scratches and bruises. Meanwhile, Terra tells Cody to kill any survivors of the crash while she goes to find the man they're after. Shalimar comes to and comlinks the team, but only manages to tell them she's badly hurt before passing out. Brennan and Lexa set out to find their teammate while Jesse works on the Helix. Moments later, Shalimar awakens long enough to see a man named Burke (James Bulliard) approaching. Meanwhile, Jesse notices Shalimar's signal is moving, and tells Brennan and Lexa that she's heading northward. A short time later, Burke carries Shalimar into a hidden cave where a small community has settled. He lays her on a stone ledge and is joined by Carl (John Ralston), Wayne (Johnny Goltz) and a group of other men. Their leader, Kristoff (Peter Stebbings) arrives and when he sees Shalimar's eyes glow a feral gold, he realizes she's a mutant. As he embraces Shalimar, her wounds mysteriously heal and reappear on Kristoff's body. Seeing Kristoff weakening, Carl has two of the followers carry him away and orders Burke to take Shalimar somewhere to rest. A short time later, Shalimar awakens and comlinks Mutant X to tell them Kristoff healed her and that she thinks he's the man they're looking for. Believing the people who shot them down are also looking for Kristoff, Shalimar decides to offer to take him to Sanctuary. When Burke enters, Shalimar asks about Kristoff and learns that he can take a person's pain and wounds into his body. Back at the Helix, Jesse comlinks Brennan and Lexa to warn them that someone's close by. Meanwhile, Terra is making her way through the woods when Cody calls to tell her that Carl, their contact in Kristoff's camp, isn't cooperating. She gets patched through to Carl who vows that they'll get Kristoff as soon as he gets the money. When Carl hangs up, he and Wayne turn to see Burke, who's heard everything. Wayne quickly hits him over the head and knocks him out. Inside the cave, Shalimar finds Kristoff lying on a cot in obvious pain. He tells her that he's never healed a mutant before and misjudged the extent of her wounds. As she begins to warn him that people are looking for him, Carl and Wayne interrupt and Shalimar is escorted out. When Carl brings in Burke and insists he's a traitor, Burke denies the allegations and tries to convince Kristoff that it's really Carl, but his plea falls on deaf ears. Hearing a crowd chanting ?Guilty,? Shalimar rushes back to the chamber and is shocked to see Kristoff transferring the deadly wounds he had taken from her earlier to an innocent Burke. Kristoff then takes Shalimar to a private room where she reprimands him for killing Burke. Revealing that people have been using his powers his whole life, Kristoff explains that three years earlier, he escaped from a clinic where he was being tested. Since then, he has vowed to be the only one to use his powers to decide who lives and who dies. He kindly refuses Shalimar's help fearing that one day she too would ask him to use his powers. Meanwhile, as Brennan and Lexa search for Shalimar, they are ambushed by Terra, who kicks Lexa to the ground, dodges Brennan's tesla coil, pulls out a gun and shoots him before running into the woods. When Lexa comlinks for help, Shalimar starts to leave, but is stopped by Carl and Wayne, who she quickly takes out with a series of blows. Inside the cave, Kristoff is warning his followers that their enemies are coming and they must leave when Carl and his men enter the room. Aiming their guns at the group, Carl tells Kristoff that he's going to sell him. Suddenly, Terra bursts in and stabs Wayne in the chest before knocking Carl out and dragging Kristoff outside. In the woods, Shalimar reaches Lexa and insists they take Brennan to Kristoff to heal his fatal wounds. Meanwhile, Jesse finishes the repairs on the Helix and lifts it off the ground just as Cody arrives and begins shooting his weapon. A short time later, Shalimar and Lexa arrive at the camp with Brennan. When Terra sees them, she raises her gun, but Lexa hits her with a laser and she takes off into the woods. Shalimar then begs Kristoff to save Brennan, offering to have him transfer his wounds to her. Stunned that she would to die for her friend, Kristoff decides to help and embraces Brennan just as Terra bursts out of the trees and kicks Lexa to the ground. When she turns her sights on Shalimar, the two ferals face off. Meanwhile, Lexa sees Carl and his men exiting the cave and shoots a laser at them forcing them into the woods. Shalimar kicks Terra down and Lexa, seeing her reaching for her gun, fries her with a powerful laser beam. Letting go of Brennan, Kristoff falls to the ground and a hopeful Shalimar becomes distraught when she doesn't find his pulse. Just then, the Helix appears overhead and Brennan, who is now healed, tells a guilt-ridden Shalimar that they must leave. As the ship flies off, Carl walks back into camp, his gun aimed at the men surrounding Kristoff's lifeless body. Kneeling down next to the body, Kristoff's hand suddenly latches onto Carl's wrist, killing him within seconds.

Wasteland Making their way through a cornfield, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) comlink Lexa (Karen Cliche) to tell her the person The Dominion sent them to meet is nowhere to be found. Shalimar's feral hearing picks up an odd hissing sound and they are suddenly engulfed by a massive swarm of locusts. Over the comlink, Lexa is startled to hear an explosion followed by a deathly silence. Seconds later, Brennan informs her all of the bugs have mysteriously died. As he talks, his eye catches something in the field and when he pushes the stalks aside, he finds the man's lifeless body covered in a blanket of dead locusts. Brennan and Shalimar take locust specimens to The Dominion's entomologist, Dr. Bellows (Shannon Lawson), who tells them they have been genetically modified with such advanced reproductive cycles, that they could potentially eat all the vegetation and create a worldwide famine. At Sanctuary, Lexa tells Jesse (Forbes March) that The Dominion's informant was murdered and that he worked for ZDT, a major agricultural conglomerate run by the Keary family, old friends of Jesse's. The Dominion insists Jesse pose as a potential investor and meet with the head of ZDT to distract her while Lexa searches their files. When Lexa mentions that Alisha Keary (Krista Bridges) runs ZDT, Jesse admits they were close in high school. A short time later, they arrive at the company and are greeted by Alisha's partner, Nate Gilmore (Sasha Roiz). Jesse introduces Lexa as his legal counsel just as Alisha enters. At Alisha's request, Nate escorts Lexa out of the room to attend to some documents. Jesse then tells Alisha that he heard some of her fields were attacked by an infestation. Obviously uncomfortable, she immediately changes the subject and asks what he's really after. He simply admits that he's wanted to call her many times over the years, but never knew what to say. As he walks away, Lexa comlinks Brennan and Shalimar who have now traced the insects path back to a barn on the edge of a cornfield which is owned by Pacific Bionetics. When Lexa mentions Alisha, Shalimar reveals that Jesse and her had been engaged. Meanwhile, Alisha's cell phone rings and after listening for a moment, she orders the caller to handle the situation. Arriving at the barn, Brennan and Shalimar are wondering why the locusts didn't eat the corn there when two Jeeps pull up and the men inside open fire. As Brennan and Shalimar race into the field, Brennan turns and hits one of the Jeeps with a tesla coil, sending the men sprawling. Meanwhile, Jesse asks Alisha to have a drink with him, but her cell phone rings and she turns and walks away. Later that day, Brennan and Shalimar take a sample of the corn to Dr. Bellows and she discovers it has been genetically modified to be the only crop resistant to the locusts. This new revelation makes Shalimar realize that someone is using the locusts to wipe out all the corn competitors, causing a widespread case of supply and demand, which will turn a huge profit. Dr. Bellows then tells them that the locusts have a self-destruct mechanism and she is working to find the trigger. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa informs Jesse that ZDT owns Pacific Bionetics and that they're going back to ZDT to look for more information. When Alisha opens the door, Lexa uses her powers to disappear and Jesse follows Alisha to her office. Alisha asks why he left her years earlier and he says that he didn't think it was fair to start a life with her where he didn't fit in. She suddenly kisses him and Jesse can no longer resist. Meanwhile, Lexa logs on to one of the company's computers and discovers that the last call their informant made was to Alisha and that he threatened to expose the project she was working on. Lexa comlinks Brennan and Shalimar who are still with Dr. Bellows to ask for any helpful information Bellows has on the locusts. Dr. Bellows says the locusts were fed a dry-spore mix known as Fer-lomant and when Lexa looks it up on the computer, she learns that a large shipment was delivered to a nearby farm. Brennan and Shalimar take off to investigate while Lexa comlinks Jesse in Alisha's office to warn him that Alisha's behind everything. Noticing a change in Jesse's attitude, Alisha questions him. He tells her he knows about the plan to profit from the pest-resistant corn and asks her to tell him the truth so he can help her. Alisha orders him to leave and then immediately calls Nate. A short time later, Brennan and Shalimar arrive at the barn only to find it's been cleared out with the exception of a few live locusts on the floor. Suddenly hearing the sound of leaking gas, Shalimar grabs Brennan and they dive out just as the barn explodes. Onboard the Helix, Brennan and Shalimar get a call from Dr. Bellows who's learned that the locusts die from a certain sound frequency and she is working to find the specific wave pattern. Meanwhile, a desperate Alisha calls Jesse to tell him she's found files that confirm the creation of pest-resistant corn and begs him for help. As she hangs up, Nate walks in and reveals that he's behind the scheme and they are guaranteed to make billions once the plan unfolds. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa sees Jesse rushing to his car and insists on going along. Just as they pull up to ZDT, Jesse spots Nate briskly walking toward his car and two thugs shoving Alisha into a van. When the van passes him, Jesse phases out and dives inside, landing in front of a confused and terrified Alisha. Following in the car, Lexa comlinks Jesse and tells him they are travelling on the I-80 freeway. Hearing where they're heading, Alisha recalls seeing paperwork referring to a farm that ZDT leased along that route. Meanwhile, Nate calls an armed guard who's stationed at the barn and tells him to release the bugs. The guard pulls the latch and a swarm of locusts pours out. Just then, the van with Jesse and Alisha pulls up and when the guards open the door, Jesse bursts forward, knocking them unconscious. Suddenly, another team of guards appears and opens fire, but Jesse masses out and shields Alisha. Lexa quietly comes up behind the guards and knocks them out and she, Jesse and Alisha flee into the field. As they run through the field, Alisha trips and Nate appears with a gun aimed at her. Before he can fire, Lexa refracts the light and blinds him and Jesse sends him sprawling with a series of kicks and punches. At that moment, Brennan and Shalimar arrive at the farm and use the wave pattern Dr. Bellows sent them to destroy the bugs. The following day, Jesse visits Alisha and though they both admit that they still love each other, they are not meant to be together.
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