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Mutant X Episode Synopses 309-316

Official Mutant X Episode Synopses

*The following episode synopses were taken directly from the Mutant X official website prior to its disappearance in early 2005; none of this material is my own.

Episode Synopses: 101-114 ~ 115-122 ~ 201-210 ~ 211-221 ~ 222-308 ~ 309-316 ~ 317-322

309 No Exit Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan (Victor Webster) are playing Tunnel Quest II, a new virtual game Jesse downloaded to Sanctuary's system. The two vigorously use their keyboard to maneuver virtual images of Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Lexa (Karen Cliche) battling two combat soldiers. Engrossed in the game, Jesse and Brennan don't notice the real Shalimar and Lexa lurking over their shoulders. When Brennan proposes a virtual shower scene with sexual overtones, Shalimar and Lexa are less than amused and demand they erase the game. To keep the peace, a disappointed Jesse caves in and deletes the file. Later that afternoon, Shalimar hears a noise outside her bedroom and warns the team that she doesn't think they're alone. All of a sudden, the climate-control breaks and the temperature in Sanctuary soars. As Jesse begins working on overriding the system he sees Sergeant Nalle, one of the characters from the computer game, on the monitor. Confused, Jesse deletes the game once again. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa are investigating the sound Shalimar heard when an electric panel behind them suddenly bursts into flames. Distracted by the flames, the girls don't realize that the security cameras are watching their every move. In the master control room, Jesse realizes an unknown source is hacking into their system. Suddenly, the security system identifies Shalimar and Lexa as hostiles and the doors begin to close in around them. Jesse tries to override the system, but is unable to gain control and Sanctuary goes into lockdown. Jesse comlinks Shalimar and Lexa and insists they use the Helix to get out of the building before it's too late. Taking Jesse's advice, Lexa manages to thrust the aircraft through the closing hanger doors just in the nick of time. Seconds later, Jesse and Brennan rush towards the Helix, but the doors close around them, trapping them in the hanger. Meanwhile, William Dennett (David Orth), a disgruntled quadriplegic with cybernetic mutant powers, lies in bed at a care facility. A series of wires connect his head to a computer, allowing him to control Sanctuary's impenetrable security system. Pretending to be Brennan, William comlinks Shalimar and Lexa and tells them to head to a nearby warehouse where Adam installed an emergency back up system. The vindictive mutant then creates fake rap sheets for the girls, listing them as ?FBI's Most Wanted? and places a call to 911 reporting their whereabouts. At that moment, Helen (Lynne Cormack), William's nurse, barges into his room. Annoyed by her presence, William provokes her by speaking through his computer causing her to drop his medication. Fed up, Helen moves to unplug the computer, but is suddenly paged over the PA system and leaves. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse has just finished repairing the climate control when the hologram of Sergeant Nalle reappears, aiming his gun at Brennan and Jesse. When Sergeant Nalle fires, the two leap out of the way and as Brennan hits the wall behind him, the high voltage of the hanger's defense system electrifies him and pins him down. Locating the circuit panel, Jesse masses out and stops the deadly current with a massive punch and Sergeant Nalle disappears. Still unsure of who is trying to kill them and why, Jesse and Brennan are now painfully aware the attacker is familiar with their mutant powers. Meanwhile, Helen re-enters William's room and disconnects him from his computer by slowly pulling the electrodes off his head one-by-one. When William's monitor indicates that he is flat lining, a panicked Helen tries to revive him, but she is suspiciously electrocuted in the process. William, alive and in control, is certain there will be no more interferences in his plans with Helen now out of the picture. Arriving at the warehouse, Shalimar and Lexa find the police waiting for them and use their combined mutant powers to escape. Knowing Brennan would never mislead them, Shalimar realizes that they've been set up. She then comlinks Brennan, and becomes even more suspicious when she hears the person on the other end utter a phrase that William Dennett had said right before falling off a building to avoid capture by Mutant X years earlier. At that moment, William reverts back to his true voice, confirming to Shalimar that he is behind what is happening at Sanctuary. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan crawls inside the air duct looking for an escape route, but there's no way out. Just then, a hologram of a healthy looking William appears in front of Jesse and shoots a barrage of lasers at him, which Jesse avoids by phasing out. When Jesse reappears, William shoots him in the arm. Brennan then dives out of the air duct and fires off a tesla coil at the laser control unit and the hologram of William disappears. Moments later, a deadly white gas begins seeping into the room. William's hologram appears again to inform them that the gas will slowly paralyze them and they will finally understand what he's been living with ever since his fall. As the gas starts to take effect on Brennan and Jesse, Shalimar and Lexa, who have tracked William's location, burst into his room and manually override the program, saving their teammates. With Sanctuary back to normal, the Mutant X team relaxes with the knowledge that William can no longer get to them. Little do they know, William is busy searching for another medium to manipulate in his quest for revenge on Mutant X.

310 Brother's Keeper On a city street, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) watches from the shadows as Lexa (Karen Cliche) approaches strangers with a photo in hand. Moments later, Shalimar confronts Lexa, but she insists that what she's doing is none of the team's concern. Suddenly, the sound of a woman screaming startles them and Shalimar's feral senses detect blood. Meanwhile in a nearby hotel room, mutant Candace Rockwell (Jennifer Vey) throws an energy ripple at her attacker in an attempt to fight him off. Arriving at the hotel, Shalimar leads the way to Candace's room, where they find her dead and mangled body. As Shalimar examines the body, Lexa scans the room and picks up a mysterious medallion from the floor. Shalimar suddenly recognizes Candace from Lexa's photo, but Lexa coldly tells her not to get involved. The next morning, Shalimar, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) agree to find out what Lexa is hiding. Brennan goes to her room and watches as she gathers a hi-tech gun and tracking device. Convincing her to let him tag along, he secretly snatches the medallion from her pocket and hands it to Shalimar as they head out. Later, Jesse comlinks Brennan and tells him the victim is mutant Candace Rockwell and that her liver had been cut out and taken. Meanwhile across town, Charles Carter (Tom Barnett), a telekinetic mutant, sells Candace's organ to a terminally ill businessman. He then orders his assistant Bain (Alex Karzis) to find Leo Pierce (Steve Byers), insisting he's worth a lot of money. At the hotel, Lexa and Brennan review the security video from the day before and see Leo coming out of Candace's room with bloody hands. Taking a closer look, they discover that another man, whose face is concealed, left the room with a briefcase seconds before Leo showed up. When Lexa then sees Leo morph into an Asian man she immediately takes off with Brennan close behind. Meanwhile, Jesse extracts Leo's DNA from the medallion and learns that he is a ?multiple? who can change his physiology to become different people. His known aliases are an Asian man, a muscular man named Troy, and a young girl named Mary Kate. Jesse then discovers that Leo is actually Lexa's twin brother and immediately comlinks Brennan. Just as Brennan reveals to Lexa that he knows about Leo, they are interrupted by the sound of squealing tires and race over to find Carter's men forcing Leo into a van. After taking the men out, Lexa begs Leo to let her help, but when he refuses, she shoots him with the tracking gun as he runs off. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa reveals that Leo lost control of his powers five years ago and was put in an institution run by Eckhart. While there, his condition worsened, he escaped the facility and she's been searching for him ever since. Shalimar enters and tells the team Candace was killed for her liver, and that she is the fifth mutant to be found missing at least one organ. Lexa then realizes Leo's adaptive powers make him a prime target for an underground organ market. On the street, Leo spots Carter's men following him and morphs into the Asian man, but they continue to pursue him. He runs off and when Jesse tells Brennan and Lexa that he lost Leo's signal, Lexa assumes he's hiding in the sewers. Entering the sewer tunnel, Lexa tells Brennan that her parents were part of a Genomex fertility project. Just as Leo started to lose control of his powers, she met Eckhart, who swore he could help. Suddenly Leo calls Lexa's cell phone and accuses her of working with the men who are after him. She tries to convince him otherwise, but when she reveals that she shot him with a tracking device, he hangs up. Jesse then comlinks Brennan and Lexa and lets them know it was Bain who left the hotel room before Leo got there and that he's linked to Carter. Lexa admits she's worked with Carter in the past, but has no idea where he is. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar researches Leo's alter persona, Troy (Pedro Miguel Arce), and learns that Leo created him after undergoing torturous therapy while in Eckhart's care. Meanwhile, a frightened Mary Kate/Leo (Mica Le John) climbs out of the sewer and runs into a nearby building where she morphs into Troy. Troy/Leo then digs the imbedded tracker out of his arm with a shard of glass just as one of Carter's men bursts in. Brennan and Lexa arrive and use their mutant powers to stop Bain and his men. They find one of Carter's men tied to a chair dead with the tracking chip between his teeth and ?HI LEXA? carved into his forehead. Troy then calls Lexa and threatens that since she hasn't stopped Carter from coming after Leo, he'll do it himself. She hangs up and immediately forces Bain to divulge Carter's location. She then knocks Brennan out to prevent him from interfering. A short time later, Lexa barges into Carter's office. Terrified, Carter insists that his body is rejecting a heart transplant and he needs Leo's heart. Troy enters and heads for Carter, but when Lexa gets in the way, Carter runs out of the room. Limping around the corner, he runs into the rest of the Mutant X team, who take his anti-rejection pills to ensure his death. Brennan enters and, seeing Lexa struggling with Troy, throws a series of tesla coils at him, but they have no affect. Troy knocks Brennan against the wall, but just as he's about to finish him off Lexa hits him with a laser and he falls to the ground morphing back to Leo. Lexa rushes to her brother's side and they make their peace just before he dies in her arms.

311 Possibilities Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) are playfully chasing each other around Sanctuary when Lexa (Karen Cliche) interrupts them. She says the Dominion has asked them to meet a woman named Samantha Bennett (Rachael Crawford) at Broder Biochem who has information that could save hundreds of lives. After waiting for Samantha at Broder Biochem for over an hour, Brennan leaves to search for her. He soon runs into her and she quickly hustles him down a hall, explaining that she was detained at Loire Industries and that they don't have much time. She takes him into a restricted access area where two mutants are preparing to detonate a bomb. One of the mutant's fires a burst of dark energy at Samantha, but Brennan pushes her to safety and fires off a telsa coil. When the second mutant hurls sharp needles at him, Brennan dodges them and hits him with a telsa coil as well. The blast inadvertently knocks the mutant into the bomb's trigger switch and as the deadly countdown begins, Samantha grabs Brennan and seconds later, he finds himself back in Sanctuary playing around with Shalimar. When Lexa enters and tells the team that they need to go to Broder Biochem right away, Brennan thinks it's a joke since they just came from there, but soon realizes something unusual is happening. After telling them about the failed mission at Broder Biochem, he rushes off to Loire Industries, hoping Samantha is there and can shed light on the situation. Meanwhile, Lexa heads to Broder Biochem while Shalimar and Jesse (Forbes March) investigate Loire Industries. When Brennan arrives at Loire Industries, he zaps the guard and runs inside. He bursts into the room where Samantha is tied to a chair and fires a bolt of electricity at the man who is guarding her. Another guard appears and shoots him in the arm, but Brennan shoots him back with a tesla coil and frees Samantha. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse comlinks Lexa after learning that Lawrence Bosch (Alan Blenkinsopp) runs Loire Industries. Lexa informs them that Bosch has killed hundreds of people in his quest to develop genetically based drugs. Now knowing Bosch is connected to their mission, Shalimar and Jesse head to Broder Biochem to help Lexa. Meanwhile, Brennan drives as Samantha bandages his wound and explains that she is a mutant with the ability to throw her consciousness back in time a short distance. He is the first person, however, to remember traveling with her and that it may be because he too is a mutant. She then asks his help in trying to stop the bomb, as she's been unable to in her previous attempts. Arriving at the facility, Shalimar's feral senses detect blood and as she leads Lexa and Jesse toward it, she comlinks Brennan to tell him they may have found the bomb. Brennan warns them that their lives are at risk, but they don't listen. Jesse then phases Shalimar and Lexa inside a room where they find an executive dead on the floor and the two mutants standing by the bomb. Brennan and Samantha burst onto the scene and Brennan hits one of the mutants with an electricity bolt as Lexa takes the other one out with a blast of light. Brennan then rushes towards the bomb, but one of the mutants staggers to his feet and hits the trigger. Samantha immediately grabs Brennan and he once again finds himself in Sanctuary with Shalimar. He tells the team to wait for him while he goes to Loire Industries to get Samantha. When they return to Sanctuary to explain what's happening, Samantha tells the team that Bosch's most profitable drugs are threatened by Broder Biochem's new genetic technology and that he's planting a bomb inside the building. As Jesse and Lexa work on a plan to disarm the bomb, Lexa reveals that Bosch killed her former team members and, therefore, he is on her hit list. Samantha confides to Brennan that Bosch used her abilities in research for his drugs and when she learned of his plans for the bomb, she knew she had to stop him. Back at Broder Biochem, Brennan and Samantha lead Jesse to the room where the bomb is. Brennan comlinks Shalimar and Lexa to let them know that they're ready to move in, but when Lexa doesn't respond, the team proceeds without her. They burst into the room, take out the mutants and Jesse examines the bomb. Outside the facility, Lexa sees Bosch in a limo, but when he spots her, he uses a remote to trigger the bomb. Just then Jesse informs the team that the bomb is armed. Samantha again grabs Brennan, but this time, they only travel back to the point when Brennan first brought her to Sanctuary. Samantha explains that she couldn't take them all the way back because her condition is weakened from the constant use of her powers. Brennan fills the team in on everything except for Bosch's involvement and shows Jesse what the bomb looks like. The team then realizes that the elevator shaft should contain the blast if Jesse is unable to disarm the bomb. Wanting to buy them some time, Samantha takes Brennan back to when he was with Shalimar and he quickly explains the situation to her as he leaves for Loire Industries. Meanwhile, Lexa becomes eager to face Bosch when she learns through her contact at the Dominion that he is connected to Loire. A short time later, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa meet Brennan at Broder Biochem. When the mutants arrive with the bomb, Mutant X takes them out and put the bomb in the elevator. Noticing Lexa has suddenly disappeared, Brennan sends Shalimar to find her. Finding Lexa outside, Shalimar confronts her, but Bosch sees them and runs Shalimar over with his limo. Lexa relays this to Brennan, who begs Samantha to turn back time again to save his friend. With Samantha's powers fading, she is only able to send Brennan back a few moments. Before he goes, he warns Lexa not to go after Bosch until the bomb is disarmed. When the mutants arrive, one of them hits Brennan with a metal shard and he goes down. Overwhelmed by the thought of losing Brennan, Samantha immediately travels back and leaps in front of Brennan, taking the hit instead. After the team takes the mutants out, Jesse phases his arm through all the wires on the bomb, masses out and cuts them simultaneously, diffusing the bomb. Seconds later, Samantha dies in Brennan's arms.

312 Conspiracy Theory At the site of a plane crash, Eddie Boyle (Jason Schombing) secretly snaps photos of two men carrying dead bodies dressed in silver suits out of the wreckage, while armed men in black suits stand guard. Following a tip on the plane crash from Lexa (Karen Cliche), Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) suddenly hear gunshots. As they run towards the sound, they see the black-clad guards firing automatic weapons at Eddie, who is now hiding behind some rocks. Brennan and Shalimar unleash their mutant powers on the men, scaring them off. But just as they are about to rescue Eddie, the men in black fire a grenade at the wreckage-site destroying all evidence and then flee in SUV's. Eddie, an admitted conspiracy theorist, then suggests to Shalimar and Brennan that they have just witnessed the work of aliens. Later at a remote military base, the men in black suits tell their boss, Benedict (Matt Cooke), that there were three witnesses on-site. Infuriated, he immediately orders them to find the leak. Meanwhile, Eddie, an ex-reporter for the Daily Times, takes Brennan and Shalimar to his headquarters in an old tailor store. There, he shows them a fuzzy photo of a man with lightening coming from his hands and reveals that his alien theories stem from this image. Seeing himself in the photo, Brennan feels guilty playing a major role in Eddie's theories, especially since they have cost Eddie his job and family. At Sanctuary, the Dominion contacts Lexa and reminds her that Mutant X only has twenty-four hours to complete their mission. Lexa then confesses to the Dominion that she is re-assessing her future with Mutant X. Meanwhile, Eddie, Brennan and Shalimar go to see Leon, Eddie's informant who runs a suppressed information website from his trailer. To their surprise, however, they find him dead. A helicopter suddenly appears overhead and fires gunshots demolishing Eddie's car and all of Leon's computer equipment except for a back-up system hidden in a floor safe. Back at the tailor store, Brennan distracts Eddie while Shalimar works with Jesse (Forbes March) via her comlink to access Leon's back-up system on Eddie's computer. Once Jesse's tapped in, Brennan, Shalimar and Eddie go to an old age home to see Silver (Jack Duffy), one of Leon's contacts, who gives them a lead on a place called Area 12 which is supposedly crawling with aliens. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse tries unsuccessfully to figure out what is bothering Lexa. He then focuses back on the mission and discovers Leon was communicating with a high rank government official. With only 12 hours left, Jesse sends Brennan, Shalimar and Eddie to a military base to investigate. There, they recognize the guards from the plane crash site and spot a strange ice cream truck. Shalimar and Eddie create a blockade to stop the approaching truck, and when Brennan sneaks into the back of the vehicle, he finds two bodies in silver suits and a third empty suit. He takes one of the bodies and comlinks Jesse to meet them at a clinic. Examining the body, Jesse discovers that its genetic structure has been modified to manufacture deadly diseases while remaining immune to its own bacteria, creating the ultimate killing machine. Brennan realizes that the third suit indicates that there is another killer out there. Suspicious of Brennan and Shalimar's involvement, Eddie asks who they are and Brennan flashes him an FBI badge. Meanwhile, the men in black capture Dr. Harrow (Graham Harley), an employee of Benedict's, who leaked information to Leon about Benedict's evil intentions. Benedict then orders their killer to assassinate Harrow. Later that night, Lexa meets her Dominion associate in a dark alley and learns the bodies are connected to ?Contact?, a secret military project that Dr. Harrow was running before he was murdered. Back at the tailor's, Shalimar gets an update from Lexa and the information leads Eddie to believe that Senator Daniel Richards (Philip Craig) may be in danger. Eddie's research shows that Richards shut down Project Contact a year ago and established a commission to police the abuse of genetic military research. In a government building, Benedict, posing as security, goes to see Richards. When the Mutant X team learns that Richards will deliver the report of the commission at eight o'clock that night, they head towards the federal building. Lexa stays behind, however, conflicted. At the federal building, Brennan, Shalimar and Eddie rush into Richards' office to warn him, but an outburst from Eddie referencing aliens makes him skeptical. Brennan then asks Eddie not to interfere with their mission from this point on. As Eddie leaves, he sees Benedict in the hall and recognizes him as being connected to Project Contact. Hiding in the shadows, Eddie watches as Benedict and the killer, posing as security guards, head towards the conference room. The Mutant X team, with the exception of Lexa, is taking their positions for the press conference when Eddie bursts in to warn Brennan about Benedict. When Brennan ignores him, Eddie takes matters into his own hands and races to save Richards. Believing Eddie might be on to something, Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse race after him. Without hesitation, Eddie dives between Richards and the killer sacrificing his own life. Brennan arrives and takes out the killer with series of telsa coils. Brennan then takes a dying Eddie into his arms and reveals to him his mutant powers, confirming Eddie's theories. Suddenly, the killer revives and lunges for Brennan. In nick of time, however, Lexa, who has had a change of heart towards Mutant X, appears and takes out the killer with her powers, saving Brennan. In the aftermath, Eddie is touted by the media as a hero.

313 The Art of Attraction At an art gallery opening, Lexa (Karen Cliche) poses as a waitress in an attempt to locate a particular piece of art for the Dominion. Via comlink, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) tell her that the painting is in a room in a guarded corridor. Lexa is about to head for the corridor when Randall Blake (Lyriq Bent) steps in front of her and begins flirting. Flattered, Lexa sees Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) across the room and moves on. Moments later at the entrance to the hallway, Shalimar distracts the guards allowing Lexa to slip inside. Using a code Jesse provides, Lexa enters the room only to find Blake stealing the painting. He knocks her down with a beam of dark matter, but just as he's about to hit her again, she fires off a laser. The two energies combine into a massive explosion and they both crash into a wall, triggering an alarm. As Lexa and Blake flee the scene, they hear guards close behind and Lexa grabs Blake and makes them invisible. Once the guards pass, Blake kisses Lexa and then warns her to stay away from him. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa's Dominion contact demands that Mutant X retrieve the painting. Lexa then goes to see Jesse and Shalimar, who are examining a holographic image of the artwork. She tells them there's a code hidden inside that could threaten world security if it falls into the wrong hands. Knowing Blake is after the art, Lexa and Jesse head back to the gallery immediately. Alone in the media area, Shalimar is startled by a 3-D image of a face that appears on a computer screen and says her name. The face informs her that the scientist who owned the painting, Illich Sefchek, is the key to what's going on and to remember the number 380735. Meanwhile at the gallery, Lexa sees a strange shadow moving along the floor and realizing it's Blake, takes off down the corridor. Unable to open the door with the code she used earlier, Lexa tries the number Shalimar was given by mysterious informant. The door opens and Lexa runs in, cuts the painting from its frame and puts it into a container. Just as she's about to take off, Blake walks in and demands she give him the painting as it is part of a series of three of which he already has one. Lexa refuses and fires off laser beams at him, but Blake retaliates with a blast of dark matter that overpowers her. As Blake closes in on her, Jesse suddenly phases through the wall and pulls Lexa back into the hallway. The next morning, Jesse discovers part of the code hidden in the painting. Realizing that they'll need all three paintings in order to interpret it, Lexa decides to ask Blake to partner with her to find the third. A short time later, Jesse and Lexa arrive at a high-class bar that Blake owns. Lexa enters and is immediately met by Blake, who agrees to work with her to get the final painting. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Brennan are at the computer when the 3-D face appears again. Shalimar keeps the face engaged in conversation while Brennan attempt to trace the transmission. Before the trace is complete, however, the screen goes black and the face disappears. Digitally analyzing the conversation, Shalimar hears the name of a Chinese restaurant and she and Brennan head out. Back at Blake's bar, Jesse joins Lexa to verify the paintings are real, but when Jesse and Lexa turn their backs, Blake makes a duplicate of their painting and hides the original. Unknown to Jesse, Blake hands him the copy and then tells him to leave since he'll only deal with Lexa. Later, Brennan and Shalimar are leaving the Chinese restaurant when a pay phone rings. Shalimar picks it up and immediately recognizes the voice of the mysterious informer. Using her feral hearing, she picks up the sound of a neon sign in the background. Spotting a neon sign on a building in the distance, she and Brennan race towards it. Inside, they hear a loud squawk coming from one of the rooms and when they burst in they find a stack of discs on a chair and a parrot saying "Good work, Shalimar." Back at Sanctuary, Brennan and Shalimar download a file that shows Sefchek created a cost-effective method of processing water into hydrogen power, something scientists have been working on for years. Brennan and Shalimar then trigger an alarm on Lexa's private line to contact the Dominion and when he comes on the screen, Brennan demands a meeting. Meanwhile, Blake tells Lexa that the third painting is part of a collection belonging to a Russian mob boss and they devise a plan to break into his estate. When Jesse comlinks Lexa to tell her Blake switched the paintings, she decides to do whatever it takes to get back the original. Seducing Blake, Lexa discreetly places a tiny transmitter on the back of his earlobe. Across town, Brennan and Shalimar wait in a dark alley. A black sedan pulls up revealing the shadowy profile of the Dominion contact who tells them that the impact of the pollution-free fuel technology could shift the balance of world power overnight. He adds that the Dominion has controlled the evolution of technology for hundreds of years and plans to release the formula when the world is ready for it. Lexa and Blake arrive at the Russian mansion and make their way to the painting. Inside the room, Lexa uses her powers to bend the lasers protecting the artwork as she walks towards it. She then cuts the painting from its frame, puts it into a tube and hands it to Blake, who sets off an alarm and disappears. Hearing a guard approaching, Lexa makes herself invisible, but the laser beams outline her body and the guard aims his gun at her. A blast of electricity suddenly slams the guard against the wall and Brennan and Shalimar come charging in. The three then run outside to the Helix where Jesse informs them that Blake is heading for the train station. There, Shalimar sees Blake placing the paintings inside a locker. As Jesse moves behind the locker, Shalimar distracts Blake, allowing Jesse to phase the paintings out and replace them with fakes. Back at Sanctuary, Mutant X agrees to turn over the paintings to the Dominion and to keep a set of copies for themselves. Moments later, Shalimar is in her room when her laptop comes on and the 3-D face appears on the screen. Angry that the person won't reveal his identity, Shalimar cuts the connection to the man, who unbeknownst to her is Adam Kane (John Shea).

314 A Normal Life Jesse (Forbes March) uses heat signals to guide Brennan (Victor Webster), Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Lexa (Karen Cliche) through a warehouse towards a man who is holding five members of the Dominion council captive. The team enters a room where an image of a digitally altered man, and the hostages trapped in a glassed-in area behind him, appears. The man says that since the Dominion has not paid his demands, one of the captives will suffer. He hits a remote control and the enclosure fills with smoke. As the air clears, Mutant X sees the hostages are now frozen like statues. A light suddenly comes on and the team is startled to find a frozen woman in the room with them. When Shalimar takes a step towards the woman, the stranger who's recently been contacting her and feeding her information, shouts a warning over her comlink not to touch the body. The warning is seconds too late, however, as Shalimar's movements have already triggered a ball bearing, which drops on the victim's head, shattering her body. At Sanctuary, Lexa's Dominion contact tells her the kidnapper is Keith Burstyn (Shaun Smyth), who was working for the Dominion to create a method of suspended animation until six months earlier when he disappeared. The contact then says they've become aware of untraceable communications coming into Sanctuary and orders her to find out who it is. After doing some research on Keith, Jesse informs the team that Keith was a standout citizen and doesn't fit the kidnapper profile. Still reeling from the woman's death earlier, Shalimar goes to her room. She suddenly gets a call from the same stranger, and when she demands to know his identity, is stunned to see a holographic image of Adam Kane (John Shea) appear in front of her. Refusing to believe it's really Adam, he tells her things only he would know. Adam explains that an unknown enemy was after him and that faking his death was his only option. Believing the same people may be responsible for the abduction of the Dominion Council Members, he asks for her help, but insists she not tell the rest of Mutant X he's alive. Meanwhile at Dominion headquarters, Lexa's contact meets with the Council Head (Jeff Seymour) and Council Member Anthony Gervais (Sten Eirik). The Council Head suggests that whoever is communicating with Mutant X may be trying to turn them against the Dominion, and therefore, Mutant X must be monitored closely. Lexa asks Brennan and Jesse about the incoming calls, but they both claim to know nothing. Reviewing the computer records, Jesse discovers another call recently came through to Shalimar's terminal. With Shalimar gone, Jesse retrieves an address from her computer and Brennan and Lexa head out. Across town, Shalimar arrives at the address and finds Keith, who claims he's not involved in the kidnapping. Adam's image appears and tells Shalimar that Keith was framed and must be kept safe until he can create a counter-agent for the deadly freezing process. When Brennan comlinks Shalimar, she tells him Keith is innocent. She then puts her comlink ring on the ground and per Adam goes with Keith to a country house that has been set up with an array of genetic lab equipment. Keith tells Shalimar that he's been trying to reanimate the frozen bodies for a long time, but it's always ended up causing serious cell damage. Believing that a microwave accelerator might be the key, Adam appears and tells them there's one in Sanctuary. That night, Shalimar slips into Sanctuary and finds the machine in the storage room. When Brennan suddenly enters, Shalimar runs for the Helix where Lexa is waiting. Left with no choice, Shalimar knocks Lexa out with a vicious spin-kick and then takes off. As Lexa recovers, Jesse works to gain control of the Helix from Sanctuary. When the wheel locks up in the ship, Adam appears on the monitor and gives Shalimar a code that enables her to steady the craft. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse manipulates the image of the kidnapper's digitized face and discovers it's Council Member Anthony Gervais. Jesse then tells the team that he's tracked the Helix to a field and Brennan leaves to retrieve it. When Brennan returns, Jesse and Lexa reveal that they think they've located Gervais. Brennan, Jesse and Lexa soon arrive at the location and Jesse picks up six heat signals inside -- three moving and three still. When Brennan and Lexa split up to find Gervais and the hostages, two Plexiglas walls move into place, trapping Brennan. He comlinks Lexa, who rushes to his rescue only to find him frozen. Gervais then appears and says that unless he's paid, Brennan will die. Back at the country house, Keith is working to reanimate the frozen cells when Adam appears and informs them that Brennan has been captured. Keith finally perfects the process and shows Shalimar how it's done. As Shalimar heads out to help Brennan, Keith returns to his apartment to gather his things. When Shalimar calls Jesse to let him know she's going to save Brennan, he and Lexa head out. At Gervais' headquarters, Shalimar finds Brennan and uses the microwave accelerator to restore his body. Shalimar leaves him to rest while she goes to find the hostages. She locates them and is about to use the accelerator, when Gervais comes over the intercom and tells her she's too late. As Gervais begins inputting the commands to destroy the bodies, a shaky Brennan appears and blasts him with a massive tesla coil. With everyone safe, Lexa calls her Dominion contact and is told they're still going after Keith even though he's innocent. Hearing this, Shalimar takes off for Keith's apartment. When he comes out to greet her, Keith sees a team of Dominion operatives close behind and runs back inside. Just as he enters the building, it explodes and Shalimar falls to her knees in anguish. The next day, Shalimar is in her room when holograms of Adam and Keith appear. Adam explains that they faked Keith's death to avoid his capture. Shalimar then asks Adam when she'll see him again, but he just smiles at her lovingly and disappears.

315 Divided Loyalties Inside a bank vault, four men knock out a guard as they move toward the safety deposit boxes. One of the men, Einstein (Stuart Stone), uses a laptop computer to find the box they're looking for and Nick (Aleks Paunovic), the explosives expert, blows the lock. The other two, Ethan (Robert Seeliger) and Cole (Daniel Petronijevic), dump the contents of the box on the floor and Einstein picks up a hologram key. He hands it to Ethan and the four are about to leave when the guard comes to and shoots Einstein in the leg. As Cole and Nick rush out, Ethan shoots the guard and then kills Einstein. The next morning, the Mutant X team watches security footage from the bank. Seeing the key, Lexa (Karen Cliche) informs them that it opens another safety deposit box that holds a disk containing the Dominion's genetic research program. Brennan (Victor Webster) suddenly recognizes Cole as his partner in crime before he came to Mutant X and agrees to infiltrate the gang to find out whom they stole the key. As Jesse (Forbes March) puts together a rap sheet on Brennan to make it seem as if he's been in prison since he last saw Cole, he suddenly discovers that Adam had already created one. That night, Brennan is outside the bar that he and Cole frequented when he hears Adam's (John Shea) voice behind him. Brennan turns to find Adam's hologram in the alley. His shock turns to anger and he refuses to listen when Adam warns that he is in danger. Brennan storms off and enters the bar where he sees Cole ordering a drink. Cole is stunned to see Brennan, but is excited when he says he's ready to get back in on the action. Cole agrees to introduce Brennan to the man he's working with and leads him to a back room where Ethan and Nick are playing cards. Angry that Cole brought in a stranger, Ethan orders Nick and another thug to get rid of Brennan. The two men take him into the alley, but Brennan uses a series of swift moves to take them out. He then turns to find Ethan behind him, flanked by two men with guns. Before they can fire, however, Brennan fires coils of electricity at their hands, forcing them to drop the guns. Impressed, Ethan agrees to let Brennan join the team. Unbeknownst to Brennan, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) is watching and reporting his movements to Jesse and Lexa. Scrolling through the security footage, Jesse learns that Michael Hayes put the hologram key in the safety deposit box, but all records of Hayes have been erased. Meanwhile, as Ethan grills Brennan about some prison inmates he knows, Jesse uses his computer to feed Brennan information about the inmates. When Ethan asks about one of the inmate's wives, Adam breaks into Brennan's line and tells him what to say, causing Jesse to wonder how Brennan got the information. At Sanctuary, Lexa's Dominion contact informs her that Hayes used to work for the Dominion, but is now dead. He stresses the importance of Brennan leading them to intercept the disk. Later, Cole and Brennan leave to meet the others and prepare for a job. Together with Nick, the three cover their faces with bandanas and hold up an armored truck. As they force the guards out of the truck, one of them pulls down Cole's bandana. Nick is about to shoot him, but Brennan intervenes and hits the man with an electrical bolt, saving his life. They take the truck to Ethan, who is furious that Brennan left the guard alive. At Sanctuary, Jesse traces a call to Ethan's cell phone and Shalimar and Lexa rush to the location, but it's a dead end. Meanwhile, Brennan and the band of criminals plan their next heist and Brennan puts his comlink ring in his pocket, cutting off contact with Mutant X. A short time later, Lexa enters the bar and walks over to Brennan and Cole, acting as if she's Brennan's former lover. He leads her to a private booth where she accuses him of being out of control and not keeping Mutant X informed. He tells her about the job they're pulling that night and she insists he make sure Ethan gets the disk and leads them to the buyer. The next morning, Brennan and the gang pose as guards and drive the armored truck to a bank. As Brennan, Nick and Ethan are let through to the vault with their delivery, Cole stays behind with the security guard. Arriving at the vault, the bank manager is waiting for them. Nick suddenly shoots the security camera as Ethan aims his gun at the manager. Before he can pull the trigger, however, Brennan knocks the manager out with a swift punch. Remembering their warning about witnesses, Brennan grabs Ethan's gun and fires at the manager. Unbeknownst to everyone but Brennan, however, the bullet missed the man. Brennan then removes a hologram key from the manager's pocket and hands it to Nick, who follows Ethan into the vault. They use both hologram keys to open a safety deposit box and remove the disk inside. Suddenly noticing that Brennan has disappeared, Ethan takes the opportunity to shoot Nick. Seeing the murder from the hallway, Brennan then finds Cole and informs him that Ethan killed Nick and has double-crossed them. Knowing time is limited, Brennan asks Cole to take him to the meeting area where the buyer is going to be. Arriving at a parking structure, Ethan walks towards an awaiting car. When a bag filled with money is dropped from the car's window, Ethan tosses the disk into the car. Brennan appears and knocks Ethan back with a tesla coil. He is just about to shoot another blast at the car, but stops when he sees Adam in the driver's seat. Just then, Shalimar rushes up and Brennan tells her the buyer got away, but the disk has been destroyed. Shalimar's feral senses pick up movement and they turn to find Ethan approaching with his gun aimed at Brennan. Brennan quickly fires off a massive bolt of electricity, frying Ethan for good. That night at Sanctuary, Adam's hologram appears to Brennan and reveals that Hayes was a friend of his and that the disk is encrypted with proof of wrong doings within the Dominion and he is working to decipher it. Warning Brennan that Mutant X will soon be tested to their breaking point, Adam fades away.

316 The Age of Innocence Peter Hansen (Jeremey Elzinga), a 30-year-old man, is crouched behind a dumpster in an alley when he sees a broken mirror. Picking up a shard, Hansen is deeply shocked by his reflection. In a nearby car, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) tells Jesse (Forbes March) she received a tip that someone is trying to resurrect an old military experiment that is somehow connected to him. Meanwhile, two guards dressed as paramedics drive their ambulance down the alley, but the headlights from the vehicle reflect off the broken mirror, causing the guards to stop. Hansen tries to get away but the men jump out and grab him just as Jesse appears. When they pull their guns and shoot at Jesse, he lunges forward and extends his palms, sending the bullets flying back at the assailants. As Hansen crawls behind the dumpster again, Shalimar drops from above and knocks the guns out of their hands. As the men run off, Shalimar walks over to Hansen, only to discover he is dead and his body has aged to that of an 80-year-old. The next morning, Jesse and Lexa (Karen Cliche) learn Hansen was part of the Tomcats, a WWII naval fighter pilot unit. Lexa tells Jesse that the military led a series of anti-aging experiments during the war, but the Dominion had them shut down. Jesse then reveals that his estranged grandfather was a member of the Tomcat unit and decides to find him to learn what’s going on. Meanwhile, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar watch Dr. Denise Saunders (Heidi Van Palleske) as she performs Hansen’s autopsy. She says that while the outside of his body looks like an 80-year-old’s, the internal organs are representative of a healthy 30-year-old. In a lab across town, Henry Burns (David Gardner), a wheelchair-bound old man, berates his associate Dr. Francis Gallant (Patrick Garrow) for Hansen’s escape. Gallant explains that Hansen’s cell regeneration occurred quicker than expected and they were unprepared when he suddenly woke up a virile young man. Burns points out that although the cell rejuvenating stimulators were successful, they only worked a short time and they must test their final subject. Lexa’s Dominion contact tells her that Burns headed the experiments known as “Operation Immortalis,” but he escaped after the Dominion shut it down. He claims the research was destroyed and believes Burns has resurfaced to finish what he began. Meanwhile, a virtual face appears on Jesse’s computer screen and tells him that his grandfather is at a Veterans hospital and is in danger. As Jesse runs out, he passes Brennan and Shalimar and asks for their help. At the hospital, Gallant inserts a strange liquid into the IV bag of Jesse’s grandfather William (Desmond Scott) and then leaves the room. Suddenly hearing a voice behind him, Jesse turns to find a hologram of Adam (John Shea), who insists there’s no time to explain, but that Jesse must escape with his grandfather immediately as men are coming for him. Adam disappears and Jesse quickly loads his grandfather into a wheelchair. He tells Brennan and Shalimar to meet him by the eighth floor window and wheels his grandfather into the hallway. When they pass Patty Paxton (Joan Gregson), she asks where he’s taking William. Gallant overhears her and goes after Jesse. Suddenly, with every step Jesse takes, his grandfather gets younger. Reaching the window, Jesse phases them both safely through and into the Helix. At Sanctuary, Lexa suggests that Dr. Saunders examine the now 30-year-old William (Sean Clement). As Jesse gets clothes for William, Adam appears to say the “Operation Immortalis” files were not destroyed and then vanishes. When Brennan walks in, Jesse asks him to find out where the files are. At the doctor’s office, Saunders tells Jesse and Lexa that William appears healthy, but his body is still adjusting. Jesse comlinks Brennan who informs him the files are at an airforce base and William offers to help get them. A short time later, Jesse and William fly the Helix into the base’s airspace, setting off alarms and allowing Lexa to slip inside. When Jesse is unable to shake the jet fighters pursuing him, William takes control, quickly loses the fighters and returns to the base to get Lexa who has the files. Back at Sanctuary, the team reviews the files and learns that Burns used the Tomcats to find a way to stop the aging process. When William walks in and sees a photo of two victims, he gets dizzy and agrees to let Saunders examine him. Jesse goes to his room and asks Adam to show himself. Adam appears and says he believes the Dominion let Burns get away so he could finish his research. Meanwhile, Saunders’ tells Brennan and Shalimar that William has begun to age again, but when they go to tell William this news, they discover he’s gone. At the Veterans hospital, William enters Patty’s room, but she becomes frightened of the young man and runs away just as two guards appear and grab William. At Sanctuary, Shalimar discovers William paid a visit to Patty and Brennan taps into the video camera in the parking structure to see William being put into an ambulance. Using traffic cameras, Brennan follows the vehicle to an old pharmaceutical lab and Jesse heads out. Meanwhile, William is taken to Burns where Gallant enters and tells him that in order to stay young, he must get shots of the serum on a regular basis. A short time later, Burns receives the initial injection and grows younger immediately. The young Burns (Howard Hoover) pulls out a gun and aims it at William, but before he can fire, Jesse enters, takes out the two guards and Gallant. William suddenly elbows Burns in the stomach, knocking the gun out of his hand. William grabs it and shoots Burns, who ages rapidly before letting out one last breath. When Brennan, Shalimar and Lexa arrive, Jesse tells them to destroy everything. That night, an elderly William returns to the Veterans hospital and gives an emotional Jesse the Medal of Honor he received in the war.
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