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Mutant X Episode Synopses 317-322

Official Mutant X Episode Synopses

*The following episode synopses were taken directly from the Mutant X official website prior to its disappearance in early 2005; none of this material is my own.

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317 She's Come Undone Lexa (Karen Cliche) arrives at Maxxlon Laboratories, overrides the security system and enters the building wearing a long coat and sunglasses. Two guards come at her, but she takes them out with powerful lasers and moves into the main lab where she uses a solar flare to knock out the lab tech. She walks toward Dr. Remy Arnot’s (John Blackwood) office where he is feverishly typing on his computer. Just as Lexa reaches the office, two glass doors slide into place to lock her out, but she easily shatters the glass and enters. When Arnot pulls a gun, Lexa grabs it and sends him flying into a cabinet that contains a knife collection. During the encounter, Lexa’s sunglasses fall off, revealing her eyes, which are solid white. Arnot begs Lexa not to kill him, but she picks up a knife and drives it down. Just then, Lexa bolts awake in her room at Sanctuary. Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), having heard her shouting, runs in. Lexa says she had a nightmare, but Shalimar’s feral senses pick up a strange odor and she turns on the light to find that Lexa is covered in blood. Horrified, Lexa tells Shalimar she’s not hurt -- it’s someone else’s blood. In the lab, Jesse (Forbes March) does a bioscan on Lexa’s body and when he reaches the metal implant on the back of her head, Lexa says it was deactivated by the Dominion. Brennan (Victor Webster) enters and tells them that Lexa took the Helix out three hours earlier and he’s in the process of retracing her route. A short time later, Brennan, Shalimar and Lexa arrive at Maxxlon and find Arnot dead in his office. When Shalimar comlinks Jesse and asks him to research Arnot, he soon discovers the man worked for Genomex as part of “Project Nine.” Hearing this, Lexa lifts Arnot’s sleeve to reveal a symbol tattooed on his inner elbow. Lexa then urgently tells Brennan and Shalimar they must leave right away. As they rush out, two Dominion operatives dressed as repairmen enter. Jumping behind a desk to hide, Lexa throws a light blast which blinds the men and allows Brennan and Shalimar to take them out. Lexa then reveals that Maxxlon is a Dominion facility and she’s attacked her own people, but doesn’t know why. Jesse then orders Brennan to bring Lexa back right away as she was a subject in “Project Nine.” Back in Sanctuary, Lexa talks to her Dominion contact, who insists she come to the headquarters until they figure out what’s happening. Just as Lexa hangs up Adam’s (John Shea) hologram appears and tells her not to turn herself in. Angry that Adam waited so long to reveal he’s alive, Lexa refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Jesse shows Brennan and Shalimar a 3D image of Lexa’s spinal cord. They see thousands of tentacles sprouting from the implant into her brain, which Jesse says is letting someone control her nervous system. A short time later, Lexa walks past Jesse on her way out of Sanctuary, ignoring his pleas for her to stay. Desperate, Jesse uses a tablet to lower two grid-like doors on either side of Lexa, trapping her inside. He then explains to an enraged Lexa that as long as she’s under someone else’s control, they can’t risk letting her out. Jesse researches “Project Nine” and learns that in addition to Arnot, three other doctors were involved. Brennan and Shalimar head out to the female doctor’s home first. There, Shalimar opens a closet door and the woman’s dead body falls out. She notices a photo in her clenched fist and upon taking a closer look sees that it’s Dr. John Gonsalves (Peter Cockett). The team then realizes he is the one behind everything. Lexa’s Dominion contact is told by the board members that since they have no leads on Arnot’s killer they are sending two Assassins out. Moments later, Jesse is monitoring Lexa’s cell when the Dominion contact breaks into the line and warns that Lexa will be killed if she takes further action against them. When the call ends, Jesse realizes that Lexa has passed out. Jesse enters the cell and Lexa comes to and admits to him she’s scared before kissing him. Lexa then pulls away, throws Jesse to the ground and locks him inside the cell. Trapped, Jesse watches as Lexa’s eyes turn white as Gonsalves takes control. After she leaves, Jesse phases through the floor and drops into the Media Area just as Brennan comlinks him to say that Gonsalves is the man controlling Lexa. Jesse then informs him that Lexa escaped and that the epinephrine in the Helix’s med-kit should interfere with Lexa’s dreamlike state long enough to bring her back to Sanctuary. Tracking Lexa’s signal to Reid Laboratories, Brennan and Shalimar race inside and are confronted by two guards. Shalimar stays behind to deal with them as Brennan goes for Lexa. He finds her just as she kills the third doctor from “Project Nine.” Lexa then turns on Brennan, who injects the epinephrine into her neck. Lexa screams in pain and her eyes turn to their normal blue just before she falls unconscious. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse visits Lexa in her cell and says he’s run simulations of removing the implant, but Lexa died each time. He walks away and is met by Adam, only this time it’s no hologram. Brennan and Shalimar enter and Adam explains he came back to help Jesse save Lexa. Moments later, Adam and Jesse insert needles into Lexa’s implant and begin cauterizing the tentacles. Lexa’s eyes suddenly turn white and the tentacles multiply rapidly. With Lexa’s life draining, Jesse pulls the implant out of her neck and is relieved when she takes a breath. That night, the severed implant twitches and the team realizes Gonsalves is trying to connect. As Jesse traces him through the device, Brennan and Shalimar work on a plan to stop the Assassins. A short time later, Brennan watches Shalimar disguised as Lexa outside a warehouse when one of the Assassins appears. Brennan fires a tesla coil, but she jumps out of the way and Brennan races after her just as a second Assassin approaches Shalimar. Brennan and Shalimar engage in battle with the Assassins and take them both down. Inside the warehouse, Jesse and Lexa confront Gonsalves, but he fires at them and runs outside. The team quickly surrounds him and Lexa knocks him out with a barrage of kicks and punches. Back at Sanctuary, Adam’s hologram appears to the team and explains that before he left, he became aware that a separate faction of the Dominion was working against them and has been using them for their own agenda. Adam insists that a terrible war is coming and the only way to ensure their safety is for him to remain on the run as the Dominion’s main target.

318 In Between Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) walk out of a bar, unaware that a dark figure is watching them. Suddenly, two motorcycle gang members approach them and instigate a fight just as Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Lexa (Karen Cliche) walk up. Taking advantage of the distraction, the dark figure arms a hi-tech gun and aims it at Brennan and Jesse. Shalimar’s feral hearing picks up the sound of the weapon and yells to warn Brennan, who turns around and forms a tesla coil. Seeing what’s about to happen, Jesse leaps in front of Brennan and masses out just as the gunman fires off a glowing projectile. Just as the bullet is about to hit Jesse, it unexpectedly turns invisible allowing it to slide into his massed out form. Jesse is violently thrown to the ground by the impact and as his teammates rush to his side, the dark figure disappears. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa introduces the team to Dr. Robinson (Ellen Drubin), who was sent by the Dominion. As Robinson is examining Jesse, he begins shaking violently. Brennan holds him down, while Robinson hits him with a starburst to calm him. Admitting she’s a telempath, Robinson then scans Jesse’s body and discovers the bullet is packed with electronic components and needs to be removed. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa are searching for leads when Lexa’s cell phone rings. Answering it, she is greeted by the electronically altered voice of Dr. Harrison (Andrew Gilles) who claims the bullet in Jesse contains explosives and he has the detonator that controls it. He warns that if anyone attempts to remove the bullet, Jesse will. Shalimar and Lexa run into the lab and stop Robinson just as she makes her first incision on Jesse. When Jesse starts thrashing on the table, Robinson calms him with another telempathic blast. She then runs another scan on his body and discovers the cut she made triggered a defense mechanism in his body and he’s starting to mass around the bullet. She explains to the team that if the massing spreads to his vital organs, they’ll cease to function and Jesse will die. Later that day, Harrison calls Lexa and tells her that he will spare Jesse if Mutant X locates a mutant named Laura Brooks. He says she is being held somewhere in a pod and that they have four hours to find her or he’ll detonate the bomb inside Jesse. After hanging up, Shalimar tries to trace his location, but she soon realizes the call is untraceable. Meanwhile, Jesse is desperately trying to control his internal massing when he suddenly screams in pain and falls unconscious. Robinson suggests connecting Brennan to Jesse so he can take his mind off the bullet. Agreeing, Brennan sits in a chair next to the bed and Robinson fires simultaneous blasts at him and Jesse, connecting them. Brennan finds himself next to Jesse, hanging onto the edge of a cliff. Jesse tells Brennan that he’s dying, but Brennan refuses to listen and grabs Jesse’s arm, which triggers a memory of them playing basketball. Just then, Brennan sees a flash of light and when he opens his eyes Robinson tells him the massing has stopped. Unable to find anything on Laura through the normal channels, Lexa decides to contact the Dominion for help. Meanwhile, Robinson tells Brennan that the bullet has an internal power supply that allows it to control Jesse’s nervous system and that Brennan may be able to deliver an electrical charge strong enough to damage the bullet without hurting Jesse. As Brennan carefully fires a charge into Jesse’s body, Robinson sees that the lines of energy radiating from the bullet have started to fade. But suddenly, the massing resumes and seeing it heading for Jesse’s lungs, Robinson reconnects Brennan with Jesse in an attempt to stop it. Once again Brennan appears beside Jesse as he’s hanging onto the cliff. When Jesse loses his grip, Brennan grabs his arm, triggering more memories the two have shared over the years. Strengthened by the thoughts, Jesse starts climbing up to safety and the massing begins to dissipate. Before reaching the top, however, Jesse loses his grip and slides back down. Robinson disconnects Brennan from Jesse’s mind telling him that the massing is getting worse and that if Jesse were to die while they were connected, Brennan would die as well. Meanwhile, Lexa’s Dominion contact gives her a disk containing information on Laura Brooks but warns that there may be repercussions to any actions she takes. After reading what’s on the disk, Shalimar and Lexa head to a warehouse where they find Laura’s decomposed body inside a pod. Just then, Lexa’s phone rings and Harrison asks if they’ve found Laura. Certain he’ll kill Jesse if they tell him Laura is dead, Lexa says they are in the process of reviving her. Harrison insists they hurry and adds that he knows Jesse’s anatomy better than anyone and is the only one who can save him. When Lexa comlinks Brennan and tells him what Harrison said, Brennan reconnects with Jesse. Flashing back, Jesse realizes that Dr. Harrison is a former Genomex doctor who performed neurological experiments on him as a way to control his nervous system. Brennan pulls away long enough to relay this to Shalimar and Lexa and then reconnects to Jesse. Robinson begins operating to remove the bullet and as she manipulates it deep inside Jesse’s chest, the heart monitor suddenly flatlines. As Robinson grabs the defibrillating paddles, Brennan, knowing that if Jesse dies he will too, begs his friend to keep fighting. Once Robinson gets a heartbeat she connects to Brennan and tells him she can’t get to the bullet. Brennan turns to Jesse and urges him to mass the bullet so the doctor can remove it. Mustering up all his strength, Jesse concentrates and Robinson goes back in for another try. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa arrive at Harrison’s last known location and burst inside. Shalimar takes out his henchman as Lexa goes after the doctor. Realizing they don’t have Laura, he grabs the detonator and presses the button. Lexa urgently comlinks Brennan and with just seconds to spare, Robinson pulls the massed bullet from Jesse’s chest and throws it into a force field protected container where it harmlessly explodes. After learning that Jesse is okay, Lexa turns to Harrison and drops him to the ground with a vicious kick.

319 Dream Lover Inside an exclusive club, a beautiful woman, Gia Duchamps (Jennifer Steede), tells Britney Zadora (Amy Lalonde), that something’s wrong about the club, but Britney just ignores her. When a businessman approaches, Britney’s demeanor instantly changes and she embraces him. They walk off and when Gia locks eyes with the club’s owner Sebastian Conway (Ted Whittall), she quickly turns away. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Shalimar’s (Victoria Pratt) phone rings and when she answers, Gia, who’s an old friend of hers, pleads for her help. Before Gia can tell Shalimar where she is, Sebastian takes the phone from her and hangs up. He leads Gia down a corridor but she breaks free of his grasp just as two bouncers appear. Gia’s eyes glow a feral gold as she fights them, but Sebastian subdues her with a taser. A short time later, Gia is strapped to a gurney in a lab beneath the club. Sebastian watches as Nolan Blackledge (Matt Gordon) uses an infrared laser to scan Gia’s body. Suddenly, millions of organic nanobots pour onto the empty gurney next to Gia, creating a perfect clone. In Sanctuary, Brennan (Victor Webster) reminds a distraught Shalimar that she’s helped Gia many times, but the girl has never been able to stay out of trouble. Meanwhile, Sebastian watches alongside wealthy businessman Kevin Gitre (Craig Warnock) as Nolan works to turn Gia’s clone into the perfect woman Gitre is paying for. Nolan tells Gitre that the clone is a form of organic nanotechnology that will never age and will do what she’s told. Satisfied, Gitre hands a briefcase of money to Sebastian, who warns that if he tells anyone about their agreement, it would be very costly. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar reveals to Lexa (Karen Cliche) that Gia is a feral she was close to before joining Mutant X. Jesse (Forbes March) enters and says Gia’s call came from a high-class club where girls are paid to entertain the clientele. Shalimar heads to the club but when she sees Gia, the girl clearly does not recognize her. Shalimar tries to talk to her, but Gitre arrives and after introducing himself to Shalimar, he leads Gia away. Shalimar returns to Sanctuary where Jesse tells her he’s learned Gitre’s married with two children and has a loft in the city. Brennan and Shalimar head to the loft where they find Gitre and Gia’s clone engaged in a lewd act. Believing Sebastian sent them for more money, Gitre starts talking about the terms of their agreement. Before he can say too much, Gia grabs a crystal pyramid from a table and plunges it into his back. Just before Gia leaps out of the window, Brennan and Shalimar see a retinal shimmer in her eyes. When they rush to the window, they see Gia’s nanobots dissolve and reform on the sidewalk, allowing her to walk away. Later, Sebastian and Nolan use a retinal scan on Gia’s clone to learn what happened from her point of view and Sebastian recognizes Shalimar from the club. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa decide to pose as girls looking for work to find out what’s going on at the club. That night, they arrive at the club dressed provocatively and after Sebastian takes a look at them, he tells them to start right away. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse visits the club’s website and after entering false bank account records, a webcam hostess welcomes him. Jesse learns from the woman that if a client shows interest in one of the girls, they are lead to the Platinum Lounge to get better acquainted. Jesse tells this to Brennan, who comlinks Lexa that women are being sold and that something happens to them in the lounge. Lexa joins Shalimar at the bar and Sebastian appears and says someone wants to get to know Shalimar better. He leads Shalimar to the Platinum Lounge and when two bouncers attack her, she responds with a series of quick moves. Sebastian shocks her with a taser and takes her to the lab. He tells Nolan to clone Shalimar’s brain as well as her body so they can use what she knows to their advantage. In the club, Lexa comlinks Jesse, who tells her Brennan’s on his way to the club posing as a wealthy businessman. He adds that the club is run by Nolan, an ex Genomex employee who specializes in nanobot technology. Just then, Shalimar’s clone appears and tells Lexa that the man in the lounge would like to meet her as well. As Lexa makes her way to the lounge, Brennan arrives and is greeted by Sebastian, who introduces him to Shalimar. Unaware she’s a clone, Brennan follows Shalimar into the Platinum Lounge to talk privately. At Sanctuary, Jesse is surprised when Lexa appears and says Brennan and Shalimar have everything under control at the club, so she came to help him. She suddenly kisses him and when she pulls away, Jesse sees a retinal shimmer in her eyes and he realizes she’s a clone. He masses out just before she fires lasers at him, then knocks her down and runs out. Meanwhile, Brennan is waiting for Shalimar by a Jacuzzi when Jesse comlinks him and says Lexa has been cloned. Shalimar’s clone enters and Brennan is caught off guard when she grabs his head and forces him under the water. Meanwhile, Jesse realizes that since the clones are based in nanotechnology, they are vulnerable to electricity. When Lexa’s clone nears, Jesse shocks her with CPR paddles and the nanobots dissolve. He comlinks Brennan, who barely has time to hear what he says before Shalimar’s clone dunks him again. In the lab, Nolan tends to Shalimar, but when he turns his back, she gets up and takes him out with a swift kick. She comlinks Jesse and learns that her clone is attacking Brennan so she runs upstairs and finds her clone about to kill him. The two Shalimars fight each other and when Brennan rolls up a tesla coil, he can’t tell them apart. When he sees the retinal shimmer in the clone’s eyes, he hits her with a massive bolt of electricity. Hearing someone approaching, Brennan and Shalimar act quickly and when Sebastian and his two bouncers enter, Shalimar poses as the clone and tells them Brennan’s body is in the Jacuzzi. Brennan then jumps up and takes the bouncers out while Shalimar knocks the taser from Sebastian’s hand. Brennan fires a tesla coil at him and when Sebastian dissolves, they realize he’s a clone and Nolan is behind everything. Meanwhile, Jesse phases into the lab and unties Lexa just as Nolan enters. When Brennan and Shalimar arrive, Brennan fries Nolan with a huge tesla coil, closing the club for good.

320 The Prophecy Mutant Nathan Reynolds (Philip Dewilde) is being chased by the Guardian (Timothy Burd) when he phases himself through a wall into an alley. Seeing a phone booth, Nathan calls an unsuspecting Brennan (Victor Webster) and has just enough time to warn him about a Prophecy that they are both a part of before the Guardian catches up and kills him. After tracing the call, Brennan and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) head out. Arriving at the phone booth, which is smothered in viscous goo, Shalimar senses something and pulls Brennan down, saving him from the acid-spitting Guardian lurking in the shadows. The Mutant X pair are battling the Guardian when psionic mutant Riley Morgan (Monika Schnarre) suddenly appears and knocks the Guardian back with psiblasts. Safe for the moment, they notice Nathan’s body stuck to the wall by crystallizing acid and Shalimar takes a sample of the goo as Brennan talks to Riley. Explaining that she is a bounty hunter after a package in the Guardian’s possession, Riley allows Brennan to tag along. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar coldly requests Jesse (Forbes March) analyze the goo before storming off. Lexa (Karen Cliche) approaches Shalimar to help her cope with her frustrations over Brennan leaving her behind. In Riley’s car, sexual tension builds between Brennan and Riley as they wait for a lead on the Guardian’s next victim, feral Kara Whitely (Melissa Ade). At Sanctuary, the camaraderie is also growing between Lexa and Jesse. Jesse discovers that the Guardian is an arachnid-based transgenic hybrid and explains that the arachnid cross means it’s defense system consists of an impermeable exoskeleton, poisonous stinger and ability to spit out solidifying acid. At the same time, Riley and Brennan spot Kara’s dealer and strong-arm him for information. They learn that Kara is living in her van and hangs out at a bar called Red Sky. As Riley and Brennan leave, the Guardian lunges out of the shadows and grabs the informant, looking for the same information on Kara. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa discovers that the Guardian is connected to Gabriel Ashlocke and is part of a group called “The Links,” who are dedicated to helping Ashlocke take over the world. Psionic John Bishop (Wayne Best), the most powerful precog, is one of the Links and is currently being held at an asylum. Shalimar and Jesse pay Bishop a visit where they find him heavily medicated. All of a sudden, Bishop has a moment of lucidity and grabs Shalimar’s hand while calling out her name. Pulling away, a shocked Shalimar comlinks Lexa to record Bishop’s mumbling. Later at Sanctuary, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa work to decipher the recording and after playing it backwards, they hear Bishop proclaim “From the Blood of Four/Will come Our Son…Once All Signs Pass/If the Links Remain/The Heart of Ashlocke/Will Live Again.” Before Shalimar rushes off to see Bishop for more leads, she insists they keep this from Brennan since Riley is a telepath and they don’t know if they can trust her. Left alone, Lexa and Jesse flirt as they discuss Brennan and Shalimar’s relationship. Things between them are just heating up when their computer search for Riley alerts them. After reading that Riley is a Link, Lexa decides to inform Brennan. At the bar, Riley takes a break from Brennan to cool down from their steamy conversation. While she’s away, Jesse and Lexa comlink him and fill him in on the Links’ mission of establishing a new world order and that Riley’s involved. When Riley returns, Brennan sees that she has telepathically learned that he knows everything. Before she can explain, Riley spots Kara and they take off after her. They corner Kara outside and try to calm her down but the Guardian appears and kills her. Brennan hits him with a tesla coil, but Riley stops him and lets the Guardian escape. Meanwhile, Shalimar is with Bishop at the asylum looking for more details on the Prophecy. She is greatly concerned when Bishop declares “The Child will be born, but for our hold to last, all four signs must come to pass: The Moon will fall; Two Bloods will be dashed; the child will choose; and the mountain will crash.” Outside the bar, Riley admits that she was once involved with Ashlocke but claims he lied to her and she is now on Brennan’s side. They search Kara’s van and find pictures of “The Child,” who Riley says is Ashlocke’s second coming. She then shocks Brennan by revealing the Child is their biological son, along with Nathan and Kara. She explains that the Links worked at Genomex and gathered mutant DNA from the four of them to create the Child. Riley says that they must stop the signs that herald the Child’s transformation in order to prevent the Prophecy from coming true. Meanwhile, Shalimar is at the asylum and relays what Bishop says about the Child’s coming to Jesse and Lexa. Based on what Bishop reveals, Jesse comlinks Brennan with a possible location for the Guardian and he and Riley rush off. They find the Guardian with the Child and engage in battle. As Brennan and Riley batter the Guardian with their combined powers, the Child looks on helplessly. All of a sudden, the Child raises his hands at Brennan and Riley and the two are thrown back against a wall. When they regain their feet, they see the Child and Guardian are gone. They are further disturbed when they realize they just witnessed the third sign, “The Child will choose.” At Sanctuary, Jesse researches mountain ranges hoping to decipher the fourth sign “The mountain will crash.” He comlinks Brennan with what he’s certain is the location and Brennan in turn calls Shalimar for backup. A short time later, Brennan and Riley are making their way through a tunnel inside of the mountain range when two Links appear and attack them. Shalimar arrives just as the mountain begins to crumble and as she and Brennan take out the Links, Riley runs off to find the Child. Using her feral senses, Shalimar tracks Riley and they find her linked psionicly to the Child. Breaking the connection, Riley explains that the Child isn’t evil and that she wants to protect him. She tells Brennan that the Child wants him to join them, but he insists he cannot do so. When they hear the Guardian approaching, Brennan makes a decision and tells Riley to take the Child and leave. He the comlinks Jesse, who has found a weakness in the Guardian’s arachnid structure. Armed with this information, Shalimar takes the Guardian down for good. The next day, Shalimar visits Bishop and asks what the future holds for Mutant X. Bishop simply tells her that the final battle is upon them and that “Four will begin. True love will call. One will betray…And one will fall.”

321 Cirque des Merveilles During an exotic circus act, ringmaster Deklin Charvet (Jeff Roop) draws the attention of the audience as mutant Tony LaPorta (Jason Jazrawy) nervously performs his last death-defying act. Rushing offstage, Tony prepares to leave the circus for good, but Diane (Janaya Stephens), a fellow mutant performer, tries to persuade him otherwise. Claiming she wants to flee with him, she asks him to meet her later at the Chamber of Souls, a freak show exhibit. At Sanctuary, Jesse (Forbes March) finds Lexa (Karen Cliche) working feverishly at her computer after learning that the Dominion’s agent, Tony LaPorta, is on the run with a circus that serves as a traveling refugee camp for mutants. Suspicious as to why the Dominion hasn’t yet called on Mutant X’s help, Lexa insinuates that Tony might know something that the Dominion doesn’t want the team to find out. Tony arrives at the Chamber of Souls to meet Diane. As he enters the mirror maze, he is surprised to find Deklin, who firmly tells him that no one leaves his circus. Suddenly, a mirror bulges open and devours Tony taking him to another dimension. Meanwhile, Lexa insists the team find Tony and Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) head to Cirque des Merveilles. At the circus, Brennan sees the instant chemistry between Deklin and Shalimar. As Diane leads them to get settled in, they tell her they’re looking for Tony. Taken aback, Diane claims she hasn’t seen him, but is sure he’s around. Brennan and Shalimar sense something’s not right, but Brennan is relieved to learn that Diane and Decklin are a couple. At Sanctuary, Jesse tells Lexa that underground mutants have been disappearing in every town the circus has been in. His research shows that the only mutant able to check out of the circus was canine feral Mike Robson (Nicolas Van Burek), who was reported missing six months ago, but was found. Jesse and Lexa go to meet Mike in his cave dwelling, but he is uncooperative and holds back during their questioning. Back at the circus, Brennan follows Deklin into the Chamber of Souls. When he touches one of the mirrors, it causes the frosted reflection to vanish revealing another dimension inside the mirror where he sees Tony floating. Just then, Deklin appears and the mirror behind Brennan bulges open and traps him inside with the other discarded mutants. Later that day, Diane jealously watches Deklin as he observes Shalimar lustfully. Just then Jesse and Lexa comlink Shalimar with an update and remind her to stay on task. As Shalimar tries to slip away from trampoline practice, Deklin persuades her to take a private tour with him in the Chamber of Souls. Once inside, Deklin shows her the “illusion” of the world beyond the other side of the mirrors. With this he spins her around and plants a kiss on her, allowing a trapped Brennan to see. When Diane enters, Shalimar quickly leaves. Diane then warns Deklin that Shalimar is there looking for Tony, but Deklin is unconvinced. Tracking Brennan, Jesse and Lexa are alarmed that his comlink is off the grid. Moments later, Lexa’s Dominion contact gets in touch with her. Shocked to learn that she knows about Tony, the contact claims they have everything under control. Jesse soon discovers that Mike joined the circus because he got married, and he and Lexa head out to see what he is hiding. Meanwhile, during Shalimar’s act at the circus that night, she suffers a near fatal incident as the result of her equipment being tampered with. After scrambling to save her own life, Shalimar warns Diane of the danger lurking in the circus and insists that she can protect her. Breaking down, Diane admits that Deklin has Tony trapped with the others in the Chamber of Souls, but there is nothing she can do. Shalimar immediately rushes off to save them. Back at the cave, Mike tells Jesse and Lexa that he and his wife’s relationship turned sour with Deklin’s incessant flirting. Mike couldn’t take it anymore and prepared to leave. His wife met Deklin in the Chamber of Souls to try to work things out, but she never came out. At the circus, Shalimar walks through the Chamber of Souls looking for Brennan and sees him on the other side in a horrified state. As Shalimar desperately tries to break through the mirror, Diane enters and pushes her into the portal, which devours her. At Sanctuary, Jesse and Lexa suddenly lose Shalimar’s comlink signal. Just then Lexa’s Dominion contact voices her, angry that she sent Brennan and Shalimar in after he deliberately warned her not to. The contact then advises Lexa to pull them out immediately warning that Cirque des Merveilles is actually a traveling death camp. Her contact goes on to explain that Deklin was the last of Genomex’s sleeper agents and that Mason Eckhart had brainwashed him to eliminate mutants in case of his demise. The Dominion claims they knew about his backup plan for mutant genocide and simply used it to their advantage. With this, Jesse rushes to the Helix to try to save Brennan and Shalimar so they do not have to pay the price for Lexa’s arrogance. Knowing she feels responsible, Jesse comforts Lexa by kissing her tenderly and they both head off to meet Mike. At the cave, Mike maintains that there is no way out of the circus and insists that Diane, a powerful psionic, is the one behind the disappearing mutants. Jesse and Lexa then jump in the Helix and prepare for their encounter with Diane and Deklin. At the circus, Jesse confronts Diane and tells her that unless she puts an exit door on her little House of Horrors, she will never see Deklin again. In the Chamber of Souls, Lexa holds Deklin at bay aiming lasers at his neck. Jesse and Diane enter and Diane is forced to choose between Deklin and Mutant X. Making her decision, Diane uses her psionic power to break down the mirror and release a pile of unconscious mutants. Shocked, Deklin professes his disgust for Diane. Suddenly, Lexa shoves Deklin into Diane and the mirror envelops them both taking them to the alternate dimension forever. Jesse and Lexa revive Brennan and Shalimar and reunite Mike with his wife. Tony comes to, but just as the team gets their chance to tell him that he was set up by the Dominion, a lethal shot from an unknown assailant hits him. With his last breath, Tony tells Lexa that “The Creator” is behind this and that she must stop him. Back at Sanctuary, the team desperately searches for information on “The Creator” to no avail, but find solace in knowing who their enemy is. Jesse and Lexa’s relationship gets stronger when he covers for her involvement in front of Brennan and Shalimar.

322 The Assault At Sanctuary, Lexa’s (Karen Cliche) Dominion contact informs her that before Adam Kane died, he was working to find a way of preventing the Mutant X teams’ powers from being life threatening. He insists that Adam knew the date that each of the team members unstable genetic structures would cause them to self-destruct, and that Jesse’s (Forbes March) expiration date passed two weeks earlier. Since Jesse survived, the Dominion contact knows that Adam had found a cure and orders Lexa to bring Jesse in so they can run a battery of tests on him. As Lexa downloads all of Adam’s research files, Jesse enters. Lexa removes the disk and hurries out. Seeing her comlink ring on the desk, Jesse decides to find out what she was up to. Meanwhile, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) are playing pool in a bar when the attraction between them becomes too great to ignore. As they move in for a long anticipated kiss, Jesse calls and urges them to return to Sanctuary. There, Jesse reveals that Lexa accessed Adam’s private files that contain research on their genetic structure. He reveals that the Dominion sent Lexa information that shows his mutant powers should have caused him to die two weeks earlier, but one of Adam’s experiments prevented it. Thinking this all has something to do with the “Creator” they were recently warned about, Jesse decides to track Lexa via satellite. Across town, Lexa walks up to her Dominion contact’s car and hands him the disk with Adam’s files. Since she didn’t deliver Jesse, three Dominion operatives wearing strange suits attempt to take her instead. Lexa shoots lasers at them, but the suits reflect the blasts. Just then, Brennan and Shalimar arrive, but when they attack the operatives, they discover their powers are useless as well. Brennan and Shalimar dive for cover as an operative inserts a sub-dermal governor into Lexa’s neck, halting all her powers. She is then handcuffed and taken away. When Lexa is brought to see the Council Head (Jeff Seymour), he tells her that Mutant X is part of an ongoing Dominion experiment. He says the Dominion was created to direct the shape of scientific evolution, but they soon realized they could control human evolution as well. Believing Adam may have fixed her genetic structure, he orders her to be tested. As Lexa is lead by a guard down a corridor, she breaks free and takes him out. She races to a lab and uses a computer to download a virus from Sanctuary. As she types, she looks into the camera mounted on the computer and begins speaking. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Brennan tells Shalimar he’s been reviewing Adam’s files for some proof that the rest of the team is cured as well, but has been unable to confirm which experiment worked on Jesse. Recalling the prophecy of the Seer mutant who recently warned them that a member of Mutant X would fall, Brennan and Shalimar embrace and soon begin undressing each other. Later, when they meet up with Jesse, he immediately notices the new connection between them. Believing Adam may have some answers, Jesse traces his calls to an old air traffic tower. At the Dominion, Lexa is about to enter the Creator’s lair when she is hit in the neck with a hypodermic dart and falls unconscious. She awakens in a cell and is informed by the Council Head that her genetic structure isn’t fixed and they’re now going after Adam. Meanwhile, Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse arrive at the air tower and find Adam working with a holographic image of a DNA strand. He’s shocked to hear that Jesse has passed the date of his death, but admits he doesn’t know which experiment worked. Suddenly, two Dominion helicopters appear outside and seconds later, a team of operatives burst in. As Adam leads Mutant X out a back door, Jesse masses out to give them more time. The operatives hit Jesse with missiles, which penetrate his massed out form and as he falls to the ground in pain, he’s administered a sub-dermal governor. Later, Lexa is in her cell when her contact enters and demands the access code to Sanctuary. When she refuses, Jesse is brought in, strapped to a torture device, and hit with a powerful current of electricity. Not wanting him to suffer, Lexa reveals the codes and Jesse is placed in the cell next to hers. As the Dominion men leave, Lexa informs Jesse that she downloaded a virus into the Dominion’s system, which will shut down the entire operation, including the sub-dermal governors by the time they realize she gave them fake codes. At Sanctuary, Adam sees the video message Lexa sent from the Dominion on the computer screen. When she says she’s going after the Creator, Adam reveals to Brennan and Shalimar that he is a mythical figure rumored to have been leading the Dominion since the 1800’s. As Adam traces Lexa’s call, Sanctuary’s alarm systems sound and the surveillance camera shows Dominion operatives preparing to blast open the doors. Adam heads for the Helix as Brennan and Shalimar go after the operatives. Taking on the intruders, Brennan and Shalimar once again find their powers are useless. They flee across a catwalk just as an operative fires a missile which knocks Shalimar over the rail. Brennan summons all of his energy into a tower of electricity, which throws the operatives to the ground. The two then race for the Helix and Brennan thrusts the ship out of Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Lexa’s Dominion contact confronts her about giving them false codes to Sanctuary. To Lexa’s surprise, he then reveals that years earlier she was a rival agent of his being controlled by an implant and is the one responsible for him losing his legs. He reassures her that she’s not to blame and that he was actually very instrumental in bringing her into the Dominion, but can no longer help her. Moments later, a scientist and two operatives enter with a syringe in hand and move towards Lexa. Just then, the virus Lexa downloaded infiltrates the computer system and all of the alarms sound. With the sub-dermal governors now powerless, Jesse quickly phases into Lexa’s cell and shields her from the guards. Lexa takes out one of the men with a laser beam. As the scientist and remaining operative close in, they are suddenly shot from behind by Lexa’s Dominion contact, who then informs Lexa that she is now on her own, but that they will meet again. Arriving at the Dominion, Adam places a bomb in the Helix that can be activated remotely if they need a distraction. Using her feral senses, Shalimar leads them to Lexa and Jesse, who are approaching the Creator’s lair. Entering the dark room, the team sees the Creator’s (John Shea) silhouette. He smugly tells them that early in his life he realized humans evolve in uncontrolled ways. Knowing that he had the scientific knowledge to alter genetics, he cloned himself so he could continue his research indefinitely. The Creator then leans forward and the team is stunned to see he is an ancient version of Adam. He claims that every aspect of Adam’s life -- from who his parents were to what he studied -- was under his control. A hologram of the DNA strand Adam was working on earlier appears and Adam soon understands the Creator has what he’s been looking for his whole life. As Adam moves closer, the Creator musters up a force field around Adam and himself separating them from the Mutant X team. Just then, the Council Head arrives and as two guards take Adam and the Creator out of the room, two more open fire on the team. Acting quickly, Adam detonates the bomb inside the Helix, distracting the Dominion and buying the team some time. The explosion starts a chain reaction and the building begins to collapse. Realizing they must get out, Brennan, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa leave Adam and race to escape the crumbling structure.
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