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My favorite Mutant X quotes, with additions from princessbryn, belle_marie, ssgt_m_l_batt, and tptigger. Special thanks to kincsem and love_conquers for providing me with S1 and S3 DVDs to transcribe.

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Shock of the New

Proxy Blue: A teenaged girl falls six stories, then walks away unscathed. A man bursts into flames with no signs of burns. One thing's for sure. It's getting weirder out there every day. But the truth is spoken here.

Jesse: Smile, loser!

Adam: No need to run anymore, Emma. You're among friends.
Emma: How do you know my name? Wait, what's going on?
Adam: All of your questions will be answered. Right now, time to go.

Emma: Will someone please tell me who the hell you guys are and what this is all about?
Adam: Sorry, Emma. I'm Adam. And this is Mutant X. Your assailants were members of a security wing of Genomex, a biotech firm which is actually a secret branch of U.S. intelligence.

Jesse: Is that what I looked like when I first saw it?
Shalimar: Nah. You just started crying.

Adam: Shalimar, Jesse, and you are all children of Genomex. Genomex conducted a secret genetics program which had the unforseen consequences of creating men and women with special abilities, like your telempathic power.
Emma: I keep telling you I don't have any powers.

Emma: Well, I still don't get why you've kidnapped me.
Adam: I prefer to call it recruitment.
Emma: So are you one of these children too?
Adam: No. No, I was chief biogeneticist at Genomex.

Frank Thorne: Our GS agents are new at this.
Mason: Well, they have to get better. And fast, Mr. Thorne.

Adam: It's vitally important for you to recognize the toll that these abilities take on your body, mind, and soul.
Emma: Soul?
Adam: Soul. There's a spiritual side to your condition too. Too many of the new mutants are under the delusion that they're God.

Proxy Blue: Call me paranoid, but I figure the paranoid will inherit the Earth.
Tony: I thought you'd outgrown the cartoons.
Brennan: I'm just curious about all this stuff that's going on.
Tony: Ah, it's crap. On the interactive hotline? It's gotta be a scam.

Dr. Paul Breedlove: I heard all about that business last night, Mason. Sounds like Adam to me.
Mason: You seem almost amused. That you don't despise him for betraying you remains a mystery to me.
Paul: That you hold him responsible for the collapse of your immune system would have nothing to do with that, eh? You were always too hard on Adam.
Mason: And you were always too easy, Paul. And that's how he stole your database.
Paul: Which I have nearly reconstructed. So we can make amends for the horrific mistakes we've made.

Mason: I should have killed Adam when I had the chance. And now Breedlove intends to go to the press and expose everything. And I'll never get the chance to bring Adam to the justice that he deserves.
Frank Thorne: Well, we can change all that.

Adam: Ruby's a telepath.
Ruby Bishop: I prefer ESPer. It just sounds...sexier.

Allison Turner: So what's your power?
Emma: I don't have any power.
Allison: Ah. The power of denial.

Emma: Well, that was too weird.
Jesse: I kind of like it, myself.
Shalimar: Me too. Helps me get in touch with my powers.
Emma: Well, I don't have any powers. And I'm certainly not a freak like you two.
Jesse: Freak? [Jesse leaves; Shalimar's eyes flash as she follows him]
Adam: Jesse is very sensitive. Shalimar is very territorial, and very protective of the people she loves. And that includes Jesse.

Mason: Normal people don't want super-powered freaks next door.

Paul Breedlove [to Mason]: You should come down and visit us more often.

Paul Breedlove: When Genomex was conceived, we saw ourselves as pioneers in a new frontier of knowledge. Men and women with the power to remake the world, to play God with the genetic code. All of us at Genomex feel enormous guilt for the harm we've caused in manipulating DNA against the laws of nature.
Mason: Speak for yourself, Paul.
Paul: What's that supposed to mean?
Mason: I don't share your guilt. "The government owes enormous reparations to the victims of Genomex for the horror inflicted on these innocents." You can't put the demons back in the box after they've been released.
Paul: There's no need for them to suffer without compensation.
Mason: The only thing this compensates is your guilt. You create these anomalies and then make it better by apologizing and let someone else clean up after you. Perhaps if you recognized Adam for the criminal that he is, you wouldn't be so self-deluded.

Mason: If only you'd kept your mouth shut, everything would've been fine. But you had to beat yourself up with guilt over the mess you've made. And now I have to use your lemons to make lemonade.

Mason: So much for the paper trail.

Allison Turner: I've gotta tell you girl, I understand your decision completely.
Emma: What decision?
Allison: Not to join Mutant X. I mean, it's not like every new mutant's a hero.

Mason: We have operated under covert conditions since the inception of this project. That need for secrecy has been brought home by this brutal murder. A heinous crime that was committed by a product of the program who somehow managed to break into our archive section and burn that historical landmark to the ground in the process. Genomex will not be cowed, corrupted, or coopted by these creatures. Instead, I have been mandated to create the Genetic Security Agency to protect the world from this rapaciousness. While our pure research continues, this covert force will take these anomalies into custody under a cloak of absolute secrecy.

Mason: That went well, don't you think?
Frank Thorne: Well, they seem...happy.
Mason: Don't get carried away, Mr. Thorne. They're all just easily bought by flattery and bigger paychecks.

Mason: Let's start performing the job that we were meant to do, shall we?
Frank Thorne: Indeed.

Emma: You'd be surprised how persuasive I can be when it comes to Misses and Petites.
Brennan: No, I don't think I'd be surprised at all.

Frank Thorne: I came here to make you the deal of a lifetime. Fast cars, hot women, all the money you'll ever need.

I Scream the Body Electric

Emma: I'm just confused and afraid.
Adam: We're all afraid.
Emma: But you don't have to walk around constantly assaulted by other people's feelings and terrors.
Adam: You're right. Maybe it's time you looked at your world from a different perspective. You take what you see as a problem and turn it into a solution.

Shalimar: With a little work, being a new mutant can be fabulous.
Jesse: Or you could end up like Thorne.
Emma: I'll take fabulous any time.

Mason: You always find the positive in the negative, Mr. Thorne.

Frank Thorne: Um. This is gonna hurt.

Frank Thorne: Mr. Eckhart does not have time for sarcasm.

Emma: I don't think Adam likes me.
Shalimar: It's not in Adam's nature to dislike anyone. He's a remarkable man. He saved me from a lot of same demons that have a hold on you. Trust me. When I first got here I was just as confused as you were. Maybe even more so.
Emma: I just wanted a normal life.
Shalimar: Then all of a sudden these guys come after you for no good reason.
Emma: Well...other than the fact that I can work people over emotionally with my mind.
Shalimar: Oh yes, there is that one thing. We've all had our gifts since birth. And just as we learned to walk and talk, we've had to develop skills with our new mutant abilities too.

Shalimar: I just want you to follow my lead, and don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. It’s progress we’re after. Not perfection.

Emma: I'll admit I did manipulate customers occasionally...often....okay, every chance I got.

Adam: If I didn't believe in second chances, you wouldn't be here.
Shalimar: Was I really that difficult?
Adam: Well, when I found you, you were living in a fleabag motel, and hadn't eaten in five days.
Shalimar: I was convinced I was some kinda freak for what was going on with my body and mind.
Adam: Well, I'd say you pulled yourself together pretty well, considering the circumstances.
Shalimar: I owe it all to you.
Adam: The good and the bad.
Shalimar: You don't need to go there with me, Adam.

Mason: My name is Mason Eckhart. Ah, you’ve heard of me. I gather you’re a telepath. Please, Mr. Bishop, we have no secrets here.
Ruby Bishop: I’m an ESPer.
Mason: Fine. Now tell me what you see when you read my mind. Unless you’d like me to have Mr. Thorne convince you. Now that you know that everything you’ve heard about me is true, I want you to help me bring the rest of your friends to justice.

Frank Thorne: Gosh. You're such a hot-shot telepath, you should've seen that coming. This concludes the pain portion of our program, assuming you do as you're told. [waits] Get the hell outta the chair!

Brennan: So how does it feel to betray your own kind, huh? Freaks like us?
Frank Thorne: I think you should speak for yourself. I'm no freak. See, I've just got a talent and I'm using it the best way I know how.
Brennan: Yeah, like you have a choice.
Frank: Well, yeah. 'Cause you see, I volunteered.
Brennan: You must be so proud.

Jesse: Thanks for the heads-up at the safehouse.
Brennan: What are you talking about? You’re just lucky I missed.

Mason: Lovely to finally meet you face to face, Miss deLauro.
Emma: You're Eckhart?
Mason: Mister Eckhart. You'll learn soon enough how to best deal with authority. You'll be given an opportunity to put your abilities to use rescuing others like yourself.
Emma: You call dragging us here protection?
Mason: I call it protective custody. Who it's intended to protect is open to interpretation. As for you, Mr. Mulwray, I must say I'm terribly disappointed in Mr. Thorne's report of your behavior.
Brennan: I've been hearing that since the third grade.

Shalimar: I'll handle them. This is woman's work. Excuse me, can you tell me where you've got the new mutants locked up?

Shalimar: Well, I guess it's true.
Brennan: What's that?
Shalimar: The bigger they are, the faster they run.
Brennan: That's because he knows I can light him up like a Christmas tree.

Mason: You never did know when to stop, did you?
Adam: We're both guilty of relentless tenacity, Mason.
Mason: True. But while you chase your horrific dreams of rescuing these lab mistakes, my passion is in the service of humanity.
Adam: A grim and limited vision of humanity, defined by your narrow mind and your pathetic perspective.
Mason: You and your freaks are threats to everything I hold dear.
Adam: These so-called freaks are the product of Genomex's recklessness.
Mason: Am I supposed to be racked by guilt?
Adam: No. I'd never expect guilt from you, Mason. It's too much to ask of a sociopath.
Mason: Now, that's what I've always admired about you, Adam. Your utterly perverse sense of reality.

Brennan: Nice place. This must be fun to clean.
Jesse: I get the feeling he’s always like this, huh?
Emma: Always.

Adam: Emma. When I started this journey, I always knew I needed someone like you. Someone with the gift of inner vision and the strength of character to bear the weight of such a gift. Now, in time you'll come to see yourself as I see you, but for now, you'll just have to take my word for it. You're an answered prayer. And Brennan, I never wanted to work with someone like you. Someone who'd squander his incredible gift on petty crime and an outlaw's live for the moment mentality. Until I realized that I'd chosen the path of the outlaw for myself. And who better than a fellow outlaw to show me the way? You've both seen what we're up against and that the odds are against us. But Emma, I hope this is the chance for you to fulfill the potential you know is inside you but have never been quite able to reach. And Brennan, for you, it's an opportunity to put the past behind you and join with us in helping to create a new future.

Jesse: No hug?

Brennan: I’m in. But as long as there’s no hazing or weird secret handshakes.
Shalimar: No hazing. No handshakes.
Jesse: But you will be expected to do some basic housekeeping.

Adam: Welcome to Mutant X. God help anyone who stands in our way.

Russian Roulette

Tina: I've heard weird stories about The Underground.
Brennan: Tina, look at me. Now do I look like someone who'd have anything to do with something...something weird?

Shalimar: Everybody's smiling too much. Nobody's talking.
Adam: So what's the problem?
Shalimar: What do I know about family therapy?
Adam: You've got a family, don't you?
Shalimar: Yeah, but--
Adam: That's all the therapy you need.

Caroline Benedict: Steak tartar?
Shalimar: No thanks. I may be feral, but I do prefer my meat medium well.

Caroline Benedict: Chocolate fondu for five, everybody! Think of it as catching your dessert with a fork.

Mason: I promised you 20 thousand for each new mutant that you could bring me neutralized.
Sonya: The Pushka H5B7 works.
Mason: Oh, well in that case...where are these new mutants that you brought me?
Sonya: We had a glitch in our operation.
Mason: I'm busy.

Mason: Oh yes, of course. The Pushka. Isn't that Russian for "Colossal Error in Judgment"?

Adam: You're going to meet Sonya in Daniel's place.
Jesse: So I get the Pushka. And?
Adam: You find out if it works, how it works, how to reverse the neutralization, and then bring it to me.
Shalimar: What's he doing for the rest of the afternoon?

Daniel Benedict: My father used to scare me into behaving by telling me stories about you.
Mason!Adam: You certainly know how to ingratiate yourself.

Daniel Benedict: New mutants are a virus. A disease. They're marrying, reproducing. I have to stop that from happening.
Mason!Adam: Have you any idea what we do with people like your father?
Daniel: Reprogram them, I guess?
Mason!Adam: It’s a little more complex than reprogram, Mr. Benedict. Your father and foster sister will be placed in a stasis unit for future study.
Daniel: That’s exactly where they belong.
Mason!Adam: A man after my own heart. Wait here for me until I get back...and don’t touch anything.

Daniel Benedict: This isn't the GSA!
Shalimar: Nothin' gets by you, huh?

Sonya: How much?
Jesse: Ten thousand dollars.
Sonya: Five.
Jesse: They're worth ten.
Sonya: I'm getting bored, Yuri. Shoot him.
Jesse: Five.

Daniel: You can’t hold me here.
Emma: We seem to be doing okay in that department.

Daniel: You know, I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want to be one of you.
Shalimar: None of us asked for this. But you play the cards your dealt.
Emma: It’s not mutancy you hate. It’s yourself you despise.

Sonya: We are not his friends! We are his accomplices.
Shalimar: Oh, any accomplice of Daniel's is a friend of ours!

Daniel: When Eckhart–-when you asked me why I was ratting on my father...
Adam: Yes?
Daniel: I thought it was for his own good. But I guess I never thought things through 'cause I was afraid of where it could lead me.
Adam: Like the fact that you’re more like your father than you ever could’ve imagined. Or ever wanted to be.

Brennan: Fine, guys. Go ahead without me. I'll catch up.

Daniel: Thanks, Adam. For a second chance.
Adam: It’s your father you have to thank.
Daniel: What do I say to him?
Adam: It’s deeds, not words.

Fool for Love
Shalimar: If I said yes to half the guys who wanted to buy me a drink, you'd be pouring me out of this meat rack.

Bar Guy: Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?
Shalimar: Yeah. Only this time, don't stop.

Emma: Ahem. Try to play nice, hm, boys?

Dr. Richard Saunders: Donna and I have a standing appointment.
Shalimar: Really? You a married man?
Richard: No, nothing like that. I’ve been treating her.
Shalimar: To what?
Richard: You’re good.
Shalimar: Obviously.

Shalimar: Believe me, Adam. My brain had nothin' to do with what went on back there.
Adam: Of course it did. You found yourself in a highly charged situation. The dopamine and phenylethylamine released in your brain created a euphoria. Simultaneously, the norepinephrine triggered an adrenaline release, which stimulated flushed cheeks, heavy breathing, sweaty palms, and this sudden shift probably triggered a limbic system takeover allowing reduced integration of your cortex, resulting in feelings of infatuation.
Shalimar: Whatever. It was hot!

Mason: The GSA's criteria for determining guilt is rather less stringent then you'll find out there.

Emma: Thought I'd see if you needed any help.
Jesse: Thanks Emma, but uh, I think we're doing fine on our own.
Emma: Ah. So what did you find out?
Brennan: Bartender's free tomorrow night.

Mason: To work in the big leagues, you have to do your homework and know who you're dealing with.
Karen Bell: Mr. Eckhart, obviously you weren't aware that Richard Saunders was a new mutant either! [quickly] I have information from his files.
Mason: Are you trying to win me over again, Ms. Bell?

Richard Saunders: I'm using their technology to come up with a cure.
Shalimar: A cure? Richard, it's not an illness. It's a state of being.
Richard: A state of being which sets us apart.
Shalimar: Makes us special.
Richard: Don't you ever get tired of being special? Don't you ever long for a normal life?
Shalimar: Sometimes. But not now.

Jesse: You know, that’s twice she’s done that. Think she’s trying to tell us something?
Brennan: Uh, yeah. And I’m beginning to hear her loud and clear.

Adam: The Chinese say wait three days before you make a big decision.

Emma: Apology accepted.
Jesse: Huh?
Emma: I accept your apology for your obnoxious attitude earlier.
Jesse: You know, you should allow me to apologize for myself before you--
Emma: No, you wouldn’t have done it nearly as quickly as I did it for you.

Brennan: I've got 2-1 odds and 100 bucks that says Shalimar's not going to go through with it. Anybody?
Jesse: You know, this is the most important decision of her life. How could you be so cold?
Brennan: Even odds?
Jesse: You're on.
Emma: You're shaving points?
Brennan: What? It's not a basketball game, Emma.
Emma: Then maybe it's time you stopped treating it like one.

Mason: I’m always impressed with how comforting death looks.

Mason: You’re a bureaucrat, Karen, not a GS agent.
Karen Bell: I think I’ve proven to you that I’m a lot more than an auditor, sir.
Mason: Leading a GSA raid is much more complex than chasing down some wayward data on a computer.
Karen: It’s about strategy, determination, and a coldhearted will to succeed. All of which I possess.
Mason: Oh, all right, Miss Bell. Take your best shot.
Karen: You won't regret this, Mr. Eckhart.
Mason: I just hope you don't.

Shalimar: Back off! I’ll tear you apart.
Emma: She warned you.


Jesse: I have no time for romance. Far too busy making the world a safer place to live.

Barry: Freaks of the world! My name is Kilohertz and I’m here to speak to you, for you, and about you. I’ve had it up to here with the way we’re treated. So consider this fair warning. We have the power, and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

Emma: Pretty scary looking if you ask me.
Jesse: He's just a new mutant trying to get a handle on his abilities. And he's scared.
Emma: You can be that sympathetic after he almost killed you and Shalimar?
Jesse: It was an accident.
Brennan: That doesn't mean he wouldn't kick his ass if you gave him half a chance.
Jesse: Yeah, sympathy's one thing, but this guy's definitely looking for some serious whup-ass.

Emma: I never got a handle on all that cyber stuff. Computers kinda give me the creeps.
Jesse: C'mon, I can't believe you never did any playing around with computers.
Brennan: Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, Jess.
Emma: No, it’s not that. My parents were real organic types. Microbiotic food, solar power, the whole deal. I grew up kind of uncomfortable around anything mechnical.
Brennan: Well, you seem to do all right in the lab with Adam.
Emma: Well, that’s different. You know, I guess it’s got to do with the whole organic thing, dealing with the human condition.

Nick Renfield: I've come to report my data retrieval from WXDV.
Mason: Well, go ahead.
Nick: I'm not sure I understand, sir.
Mason: Report.
Nick: I just did, sir. That was it.
Mason: Mr. Renfield. I understand they teach a very specific "keep your superiors in the loop" kind of procedure at the academy. But in the real world, I don't want to hear from you until the job has been done, regardless of your pathetic people-pleasing.

Barry Sterling: You throw energy. I am energy.
Brennan: Yeah. Your parents must be proud.

Adam: You wanna make the world better for new mutants, then you just stop what you’re doing. Because every act of vandalism, it just causes more prejudice against new mutants. Prejudice against anybody who’s different.
Barry: Is this some kind of joke?
Adam: No, no. I’m deadly serious. I want you to stop.
Barry: No. Either you’re jealous, or you’re a sell-out like the rest of them.
Shalimar: Listen, you little–
Barry: No! Nobody shuts me up! You don’t want me on your side, fine. But you do not want me as an enemy either.

Mason: Frankly, I’m concerned about the empathy you seem to have developed for this renegade.
Nick Renfield: I believe that he is a dangerous anomaly that needs to be neutralized.
Mason: Nice recitation of the manual, Mr. Renfield, but hardly convincing. I’m afraid that I might have been a bit premature in rushing you into the field. I think perhaps you might need just a little more training before you go back on assignment.

Brennan: Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been through this already.

Barry: It’s all those pitifully average ones keeping us in our place while we keep hiding in plain sight, waiting for someone to notice us. Well, I’m here to give notice that we’re not hiding anymore. I’m calling out to all of you. The odd, the weird, the misplaced, the displaced, our time is now. We freaks can do anything, but it’s the normal ones who control this world. But we have the power to take over. So when the hell are we going to shove them aside and take what’s rightfully ours? ‘Cause we’re not going away.

Jesse: What else can we do? We're not cops.
Brennan: Yeah, thank God for that. I'd be in serious trouble.

Barry: Well, if it isn't everyone's favorite sod.

Brennan: You know what your problem is, pal? You’ve got way too much spare time on your hands.
Barry: The only problem I got is the mistake I made about you, thinking you were heroes as opposed to a bunch of posers and losers.

Barry: No one to hit, huh, honey? No one to zap, huh, pal? No one to push around? And as for you, you can go ghost or granite, don’t mean a thing to me. Now the GSA, the minute I show up, they’ll treat me like a conquering hero.
Adam: You really think they’ll let you continue this rampage?
Barry: Well, I’d sooner go where my talents are appreciated.
Adam: No, no, no. They’re gonna turn you into a weapon. They’ll crush you like a bug.

Barry: Haven't you heard? Resistance is futile!

Nick: I can’t imagine what got into me, Mr. Eckhart.
Mason: The answer to that is found in your genetic misfortune. The very gift that makes you so special leaves you vulnerable to hucksters and charlatans who want nothing more than your utter corruption.

Barry: Whoa, I thought you guys would be glad to see me.
Nick: Glad to see you, Barry? We’re thrilled.

Adam: Well, we lost one today, ladies and gentlemen.
Jesse: Not necessarily. We kicked his butt. Albeit in the nick of time.
Emma: You saved the day, Adam.
Adam: No, I was thinking about Barry. He had some good ideas. We lost somebody who could have been a valuable ally, except he got carried away by his own sense of power. I just hope his loss doesn’t come back to haunt us.

The Meaning of Death

Brennan: Getting all those new mutants into the underground has made you quite the legend.
Rick: Well, I’ve been lucky.
Brennan: What? Getting that shapeshifter past a GSA blockade in Akron, I think that took a little more than luck.

Brennan: Super speed. That's gotta come in handy.
Todd Wiley: It does.
Jerri Wiley: He's a show-off.
Todd: My wife, Jerri.
Brennan: Oh, hi.
Jerri: Of course, you've got plenty to show off yourself there, big guy.
Todd: She's got X-Ray vision.
Brennan: Oh. Hey!

Mason: Ichthyology has never been a particular interest of mine.

Jerri Wiley: We've been exposed to something? We could get sick?
Todd Wiley: So we're only going to be delayed for a little while, right?
Jerri: I think I've got it. It starts in the throat, right?
Todd: C'mon, Jerri. You never get sick. So what are we talking about here? An hour, two?
Brennan: I can't answer that. But until we do figure out what we're dealing with, [Todd speeds around] Adam wants us to STOP using our new mutant abilities. [Todd nods at hyperspeed] Todd, please.
Jerri: It's in my throat. No doubt about it.
Brennan: It's going to be a long day.

Shalimar: So I'm the only one who gets to make a hazmat fashion statement?
Adam: That's right. But you just wait. It'll be the rage of the spring collection.

Shalimar: Back off or he's dead.
Charles Marlowe: Like I give a damn.
Adam: Looks like working for Eckhart has brought out your sensitive side.
Charles: See, now, that's not fair. I was bitter long before I took this job.

Adam: This infection that just killed this woman could wipe out every new mutant in a week. Now I might be able to beat it. But I don't stand a chance if I have to fight you at the same time.
Mason: What are you suggesting?
Adam: A truce. To accomplish a common goal.
Shalimar: What?!
Mason: You honestly think I'd shed a tear if your freakish monstrosities were wiped out?
Adam: If the new mutants disappear, so does the GSA, Mason. Overnight, you're obsolete.
Mason: Obsolescence in the wake of total victory is a mixed blessing, but a blessing nonetheless.
Adam: Yes, but what about you? You'll lose your bete noir, your reason for living.
Mason: I'm deeply touched by your concern for my well-being, Adam.
Adam: For a man whose life is completely defined by that which he hates the most, this could be your undoing.
Mason: Give me a moment.

Shalimar: He really hates you, you know.
Adam: Eckhart has always hated me.
Shalimar: I'm talking about Marlowe.

Charles: I think it’s a huge mistake to entrust Adam with GSA technology and secrets.
Mason: While gaining access to his genius and expertise.
Charles: Bottom line is, our priorities and his remain fundamentally opposed.
Mason: Well, under normal circumstances, you’d be absolutely correct. But right now, we find ourselves in the rare position of having our agendas intersect. At least until he discovers a remedy. [to Adam] Tell me what you need.

Emma: You made a deal with the devil!
Adam: I can’t deny that, Emma.
Jesse: Look, what’ve they got that we don’t have here?
Adam: Highly trained scientists, medical staff that works around the clock and unlimited funds. Rick stays here, there’s no reason to risk moving him.
Emma: But Eckhart is gonna try–
Adam: I can handle Eckhart, all right?

Brennan: Hey c'mon, you're not using your X-Ray vision are you?
Jerri Wiley: Don't be silly.
Brennan: Oh.
Jerri: Looks good from this angle too.
Brennan: Please!

Brennan: Hey, Speedy! Was I talking to myself, or did you NOT hear me say no using our abilities?! Are you fast AND deaf?

Adam: Just the thought of working with him again...
Charles: Ah, stop kidding yourself, Adam. You two are joined at the hip.
Adam: That's an ugly thought.
Charles: You need Eckhart as much as Eckhart needs you.

Adam: All human behavior, and animal behavior for that matter, is previcated on one simple notion: survival, right?
Shalimar: Yeah.
Adam: So what happens when survival isn't an issue, when that motivation is taken away?
Shalimar: I guess there's no telling how someone would react.
Adam: Exactly. Unpredictability. It makes Marlowe more dangerous than Eckhart.

Brennan: It doesn't take a genius to know that a married man does not keep a picture of his girlfriend in his wallet.

Charles: Let me tell you about this precious gift you gave me, doctor. Standing in the wreckage of a car wreck you caused, seeing your wife and child breathing their last terrified breaths, and you are just going to walk away. Knowing that you are never going to see them again. Not in heaven, not in hell.

Mason: I have to say, Mr. Marlowe, that I find your attitude rather singular. You certainly wouldn’t be walking around today if it wasn’t for Adam’s efforts.
Charles: And I’m supposed to thank him for that?
Mason: Most other new mutants seem to.
Charles: Yeah, well. Most other new mutants aren’t blessed with my particular powers.
Mason: Powers, I must say, I wouldn’t mind possessing myself, were I one of you.
Charles: Well, you should have had Adam twist up your DNA when you were still on good terms with him.
Mason: That’s not what Genomex was about back then.
Charles: Well, that was then. This is now. I can’t believe you’re putting your trust in him! You haven’t had anything to do with Adam in years.
Mason: I've had everything to do with Adam. I know the man. With something so dear to him at stake, if there's a cure to be found, he'll find it.

Charles: One of the creators desperately struggles to try and save his precious creations.
Adam: That's right. In a way, I think of you as my children.
Charles: And a man shouldn't outlive his children, should he?
Adam: I'm sorry for your loss, I am. I can't imagine the pain you've been through.
Charles: I appreciate your expressions of sympathy, doctor. But if it wasn't for you and your genetic tampering, I'd be where I should be. Next to my wife and child.
Adam: You also would have never seen your 12th birthday, or even had a wife or a child, okay? The work that I did at Genomex saved not only your life, but the life of every other new mutant!
Charles: Yeah. You can take a look--take a look at the legacy!
Adam: Yeah, but you know, there are a lot of other people who should have died who are out there leading productive lives; who are using their abilities to help people.
Charles: I don't need you to judge me.
Adam: I'm not judging you. I'm telling you that there is a different way. There is a way to give you a little peace in your life.
Charles: That is not going to happen. Not for me. And that is thanks to your experimenting.
Adam: Okay, look. It was a new frontier, it was genetics! We were the pioneers!
Charles: Oh, so I am a guinea pig now?
Adam: I saved your life! Your parents brought you to me.
Charles: And you had no idea what was held in store for me.
Adam: No. Not at the time.

Brennan: Ain't this a pickle? See now, here you both are, trying to use the new mutant underground to ditch each other and run off with your new red-hot lovers, whose idea, by the way, of a romantic getaway is a stasis pod. Congratulations. You've been had by the GSA.

Mason: Get word to Adam. I want Marlowe here in an hour with the cure, or I start removing patients from life support. Starting with these two.

Charles: Why should I risk my neck for you?
Adam: Because I just made it possible for you to understand what risk means again.

Shalimar: And you! You’re not supposed to be out of bed yet. [Jesse phases]
Emma: He’s still got it.
Shalimar: Oh, no!
Jesse: Oh no, that one? Was just for fun.

Shalimar: You know, every new mutant alive today owes their life to you for what you did at Genomex.
Adam: We lost too many to this disease. Plus the ones like Marlowe who chose to serve Eckhart and the GSA. I just don't understand that.
Shalimar: Someone once told me you can't force right or wrong on anyone.
Adam: All you can do is lead by example and hope they lean toward the light.
Shalimar: Glad you remembered.

Lit Fuse

Jesse: Trust Proxy Blue to have her own generator.
Adam: Off. I'm beginning to loathe that computer generated trouble-maker.
Jesse: She's the only thing on the air. C'mon, you've gotta hear something about what's going on out there.
Adam: Well, sometimes nothing is better than an endless stream of paranoia.

Mason: Put that out, Mr. Cross. Now.

Mason: I expected better from you, Mr. Cross.
Neil Cross: Well, that’s just because my track record makes your GS agents look like losers.
Mason: I won’t argue with that.

Jesse: Leaves of Grass.
Brennan: Yeah. Poetry happens to help me relax, and Whitman's a geat poet.
Jesse: Now a good cheroot--that's relaxing.
Brennan: Well, at least we agree on something. Good poetry, a good cigar go hand and hand.

Emma: She's just your type, Brennan. Beautiful, vulnerable, dangerous...
Brennan: You too? You know, the two of you make it sound as if the only thing I think about is sex. Truth is, I only think about sex half the time.
Jesse: The other half he's thinking about poetry.
Emma: Which just makes him think more about sex.
Brennan: Yeah, but you're not supposed to know that.

Shalimar: You got all that from a cigar butt?
Adam: Well, it was well-chewed. Left plenty of genetic residue behind.
Shalimar: That’s nice.

Mason: It is imperative that you carry no electrical devices on your person when you make the arrest. Make certain you are not within a 50 yard radius of any powerlines, power stations, transformers, or any electrical unit emitting over 500 volts...and you'll be fine.

Neil Cross: You're wearing rubber soles, right?

Jesse: I’ll take it from here.
Shalimar: You should have listened to my friend here when you had the chance.

Ashley Elliot: Is he your boyfriend?
Shalimar: No. He's more like a brother.

Jesse: Ashley, have you seen Brennan?
Ash-nan: He’s around.

Jesse: She hit me with an electric charge, and then took off in the Double Helix.
Adam: Ashley?
Emma: She doesn’t throw energy, she absorbs it.
Shalimar: And how does she know how to operate the Helix?
Emma: Where’s Brennan?

Mason: Mr. Cross has become a liability.
James Henshaw: I couldn't agree more.
Mason: How delightful to have your support. I want you to go out to Station 12.
James: One problem with that, sir. Cross blames me personally for the previous incident, and I feel that if--
Mason: I have no interest in how you feel. Shoot Mr. Cross, and for God's sake this time make sure he's dead!

Shalimar: Remind me: Never date an elemental.
Jesse: I don't think Brennan's gonna need any more reminding.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, we're gonna remind him anyway.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies

Brennan: Okay, you guys wanna break it up, or do you want me to come in there and pry you apart, huh?
Toni Quintana: Can’t stand to see other people happy, huh?
Jesse: Oh, have a little pity, honey, the guy’s just jealous.
Brennan: Yeah, I didn’t introduce the two of you just so that I could sit here and watch you stare longingly into each other’s eyes.
Toni: Oh, it’s so sad.

Shalimar: How'd you do that?
Adam: It's another example of using your opponents' weaknesses against them.
Emma: Oh, please.
Shalimar: We've been hearing that from day one.
Adam: No, no. I'm serious. In your case, your recklessness leaves you wide open. And you--you play so conservatively I can read you like a book.
Shalimar: You wanna know what I think?
Emma and Shalimar: He cheats.

Proxy Blue: One of my regulars called in to describe what might be the ringleader in all this. A white-haired guy who seems to pop up in a lot of these stories.
Mason: Miss MacEvoy!

Adam: Understanding your opponent's weakness is important for everything in life.
Emma: So what are yours?
Adam: None of your damn business.

Shalimar: Brennan introduced you two?
Jesse: I know where you're going with this. I know all about her past. I also know she's left it behind.
Shalimar: Just don't want you getting into something that could hurt you down the road.
Jesse: You know, coming from anyone else, I'd resent that. But coming from you? I love it.

Jesse: Brennan's reading, Shalimar's cleaning up, and Emma...Emma's playing chess by herself and still getting her ass kicked.
Emma: I heard that!
Jesse: And me? I’m just having the time of my life sitting here staring at you.
Toni: Aw. You do know how to sweet-talk a girl. And speaking of staring, I just got those shots I told you about. Interested in seeing some pictures of me in some really sexy lingerie?
Jesse: Let me think about that.
Toni: Only one of the reasons I am crazy about you: You’re never at a loss for words.

Kendra MacEvoy: It's called social engineering, Mr. Eckhart. The process by which, with a few simple cues, one manipulates a mark.
Mason: The way a con man ingratiates himself with a victim?
Kendra: Grifters have been using this technique for years. Political candidates too.
Mason: Multimillionaire plutocrat passes himself off as a good ol' boy.
Kendra: Regardless of what the product is, social engineering is just a matter of selling a client what they think they already want.

Brennan: Do I look like the kind of guy who needs to be set up?
Jesse: Do I?

Mason: I have to say, Miss MacEvoy, I find this new look of yours a nice change from...
Kendra: My former presentation?
Mason: If I were to offer an opinion, I’d suggest it’s a big improvement.
Kendra: Actually, sir, this is my real look. I was afraid you wouldn’t take me seriously if I showed up looking like this, so I transformed myself to convey the idea of no-nonsense seriousness.
Mason: When I had you undercover infiltrating Miss Quintana's world, you were socially engineering me?
Kendra: I guess you could say that.
Mason: I knew we'd work together beautifully.

Toni Quintana: How come you never told me how much subdermal governors itch?
Jesse: Toni?
Toni: Any other girlfriends being held prisoner by the GSA?

Jesse: What in the hell were you thinking?
Toni: Oh, Jesse, it’s like I said. You know, I’m a cracker. It’s like Everest. You do it because it’s there.

Kendra: You know, I don’t have to tell you the kind of pressure I’m under to deliver here.
Toni: Am I crazy, or are you trying to get me to sympathize with you?
Kendra: Yeah, if I thought it would work...

Shalimar: I'm just afraid Jesse's not going to forgive himself for getting us into this.
Brennan: That's such a girl thing. C'mon, guys don't walk around beating themselves up about stuff like that. He'll be over it before you know it.
Shalimar: What a load of macho crap!
Brennan: It's not macho crap. That's why girls like soap operas and guys like boxing.
Shalimar: Oh, please.
Brennan: C'mon. A soap opera takes a year to tell 15 minutes of drama, and in the ring it's over in 15 seconds.
Shalimar: I hope that's not your philosophy for everything.

Adam: We've got to use the GSA's vulnerability against them. Now their biggest weakness is Eckhart's bullying assumption that might makes right, when in fact, might, in their case, means arrogance, overconfidence, and smugness.

Mason: I love the fact that it subtly blames the victim.
Kendra MacEvoy: I thought you might like that, sir.
Mason: And while the original encourages skepticism, ours raises doubts about the nature of reality itself.

Proxy Blue!Red: Who really owns your thoughts? Your feelings? Your ideas? Reality is yours to make, so make it right.

Brennan: Kendra! You ran off so quickly last night, we never got a chance for a goodbye kiss. [zaps her] Unfortunately, I don't think there's gonna be a second date.

Mason: Miss MacEvoy, take your hands off me.

Crime of the New Century

Jesse: You know, when is Eckhart going to learn? No matter how many guys he sends after us, they're always outnumbered.

Jesse: 20 bucks.
Brennan: What?
Jesse: We both agreed. The first one to use their powers pays 20 bucks.
Brennan: You know, I should have let him crack you in the back of the head.
Jesse: No.
Brennan: Yeah.
Jesse: 20 bucks.
Brennan: Okay, you know what? You’re just lucky I’m a man of my word.
Jesse: Mm-hm. Ow!
Brennan: Oh, gee, I’m sorry. I must have rubbed my feet on the carpet.

Brennan: Yeah, I know when I was 10, I could barely jump-start a dead battery.
Shalimar: You were boosting cars when you were 10?
Brennan: No, I was just, you know, helping people out when they had a dead battery.
Jesse: Ah, a regular Good Samaritan.

Brennan: Wait, hold it. Adam left me in charge.
Jesse: Oh, is that right?
Brennan: Yeah.
Jesse: Oh. 'Cause from where I was sitting, it seemed like he was talking to me.

Brennan: You know, you keep chowing down like that, you're gonna be all mass all the time.
Jesse: Adam put you in charge of the pizza now?
Brennan: I thought rich kids were supposed to be well-mannered.
Jesse [mouth full]: I have perfectly fine manners.

Brennan: Send us a sample, we’ll do an analysis.
Jesse: We?
Brennan: Yeah, what do you want me to do it myself?
Jesse: No, I’ll handle it. Your labwork’s still a little sloppy.
Brennan: What, kind of like your eating habits?

Burke: Hands up!
Jesse: You know, that's not gonna help you. Kevlar, head to toe.

Adam: Wendy Stone. A new mutant with the power to increase the molecular density of organic matter.
Jesse: Heavy.

Mason: There's only so much G force the human body can take, Mr. Burke. Before it explodes like a crushed grape.

Mason: So this must be Joshua. Have you any idea what a special little boy you are? Not very talkative is he? What do you think of my world?
Josh Valentine: I think it sucks.

Brennan: Where'd you learn that?
Shalimar: I taught him. Got a problem with that?
Brennan: I have no idea what you're talking about. Hey, let me do that. I know the NuJack system inside and out.
Jesse: You know, you never admit you’re a criminal, but you pull this criminal rank on me all the time.
Shalimar: Out! You guys can work this out in the dojo.

Lisa Valentine: I’m not strong. I’ve spent my whole life denying I have any power. I’m not like you, Emma.
Emma: Yes, you are.

Josh: So this is Freak Central, huh?
Brennan: Yep.
Josh: Can I come live here with you guys?
Jesse: Maybe. When you're old enough. And we have a height requirement too.

Josh: My dad thinks something's wrong with me.
Brennan: You know what? Come here, sit down. Now, if you ask me, I think he's just afraid.
Josh: Afraid of me? I'm just a kid.
Jesse: A lot of people are afraid of what they don't understand.
Josh: But my dad said he thought he was helping me.
Brennan: Take it from me. He’s totally wrong.
Josh: I never thought my dad could be wrong about anything.
Jesse: He’s human.
Brennan: Just like us.
Josh: Well...not just like us.

Dark Star Rising

Sgt. Angel Dorn: No one gets left behind.
Lt. Beau Longstreet: We protect our own at any cost.

Jesse: Oh, be quiet, you big pussy cat. Looks like a giant hickey.
Shalimar: Yeah, well trust me. It looks like a lot more fun than it actually was.

Ken Harrison: My security team can barely tie their shoelaces. We're in the agri business; security has never been an issue until now.
Mason: Welcome to my world.

Mason: The big man, Lieutenant Longstreet, is it? He looks to be the living incarnation of Nietsche's dictum: What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

[Shalimar breaks down the door]
Shalimar: We just want to talk.
Angel Dorn: People who just want to talk don't make that kind of entrance.
Brennan: She's got a dramatic streak, okay?

Beau Longstreet: What they didn't count on was that Dark Star takes care of its own.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, so do ferals. Among new mutants, we're a breed apart.

Mason: Adam gets the living, and we get the dead.

Mason: I'm concerned by your concerns, Dr. Harrison.

Emma: I promise you, if anyone can help her, it's Adam.
Beau Longstreet: I trusted my superior officers, look where it got me.
Shalimar: Yeah, but its not like that with Adam.
Beau: Is he one of you, one of us?
Shalimar: You mean a new mutant? No.
Emma: Adam made it possible for us to survive what Genomex had done to us.

Beau: The feral thing's not half bad.
Shalimar: I thought you might get to like it.

Brennan: This seems a little low-tech for you, Adam. I kind of expected you to laser it or something.
Adam: Well, herbal medicine techniques are as valuable today as they were 1000 years ago. One man's tribal magic is another man's holistic healing.

Mason: There's a long-standing tradition in my world of tampering with human nature to create a more perfect soldier. From the Hashishan of ancient Persia, to the Viking Berserkers, to the MK Ultra, men in my position have sought the perfect way to create the perfect monster in the field.

Shalimar: You'd think someone would notice I was missing...

Brennan: You need to get the hell outta there!
Shalimar: I'm not leaving Beau. He wouldn't leave a team member behind, and neither will I.

Mason: If you're correct, we are on the verge of creating new mutants.
Ken Harrison: Obedient and subservient new mutants completely at the service of your will.
Mason: Enough to make the Children of Genomex unnecessary in the greater scheme of things.

Brennan: I still think I should've gone with Jesse.
Emma: You heard Adam. He needs two of us here to assist.
Brennan: Okay, then why didn't Jesse stay? C'mon, Shalimar needs more than Jesse's massing and phasing abilities to get her and Beau out of there in one piece.
Emma: Well, if you were as close to Shalimar as Jesse is, I'm sure you'd understand.

Beau: My squad is gone.
Shalimar: That's not true. You have a new squad now. A new pack.

Shalimar: You should’ve seen it, Jesse. I thought Eckhart was about to explode.
Jesse: I mean, touching him must have been bad enough, but taking Eckhart hostage in a headlock?
Shalimar: I gotta tell you, it made for a very smooth exit.

Mason: As I said, Dr. Harrison, I am not, by nature, an optimistic man. The reason is simply that I cannot bear the disappointment that is so frequently the result of heightened expectations. I have always subscribed to the adage: Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Mason: Who knows where I'll be in 25 years? But I have a good idea of where you'll be.

Whiter Shade of Pale

Mason: Ah, the informant Aldon Berkley.
Aldous Berkley: It's Aldous!

Brennan: How'd it go?
Adam: Didn't.
Shalimar: Hey, did you find the sequencer?
Adam: No.
Jesse: I've been trying to reach you--
Adam: Turned off my comlink.
Emma: Is everything okay?
Adam: Got my ass kicked.
Jesse: I'm just gonna--uh--
Shalimar: Yeah, I'll help you.

Danielle Hartman: It was the wind that did me in?
Adam: Twice. When it blew the leaves that revealed your arm, and when it carried your fragrance to me.
Danielle: You always knew how to touch me, Adam.

Emma: That woman that stole the sequencer. She wasn't just a Child of Genomex. She meant a lot to you, huh?
Adam: Are you scanning me?
Emma: There's no need. You're an open book.

Mason: You failed to detect her presence even with infra-red goggles?
Aldous Berkley: We didn't have goggles that time.
Mason: I think it's time we reassign this case to a more experienced squad leader.
Aldous: You need someone as connected as me on your team!
Mason: It seems your connections only get you so far. After that, competence--or lack of it-- comes into play.

Adam: So, have I changed as much as this place has?
Danielle Hartman: You haven't changed a bit.
Adam: That's my line.
Danielle: Then we'd both be lying.

Adam: So why'd you just leave like that?
Danielle: After what Mason told me I didn't have much choice.
Adam: What'd he tell you?
Danielle: That Genomex was everything to you. If I stayed, I'd spend my life as your lab experiment.
Adam: And you believed him? You didn't see that that was his jealousy talking?
Danielle: I trusted Mason. And so did you.
Adam: Once upon a time.

Emma: You know, I'm not comfortable with this.
Shalimar: What? If Adam finds out, we'll know...tell him that we were looking for...evidence.
Emma: Yeah, well, let's hope Adam doesn't find out. [looks at Shal's puppy dog eyes] Okay.

Emma: This is breaking and entering, you know.
Shalimar: It's all for a good cause.
Emma: Snooping into Adam's private life?
Shalimar: Look. He hasn't seen or heard from this woman in 16 years. We don't know what she's after.
Emma: Oh, I see. So we're doing this for his protection.
Shalimar: Yes.
Emma: [looks at Shal's puppy dog eyes] Okay.

Catherine Hartman: Who the hell are you?
Emma: We're...
Shalimar: ...friends. Of your mother's.
Emma: Yeah.

Emma: What about your father?
Catherine: Not in the picture. Never was.
Emma: Did your mother ever tell you anything about him?
Catherine: All she ever said was that he was really smart. And that for a little while, they loved each other very much.

Aldous Berkley: There's been a development. She's got a daughter.
Mason: Does the daughter have stealth capabilities?
Aldous: It's possible. We didn't see her. Heh-heh.

Jesse: If they're testing it, then why's it moving?
Adam: Good question. I don't have the faintest idea.
Brennan: Well, that's refreshing. At least it reminds us that you're still human.

Catherine: Whatever my mother's done, she did it for me. So I guess that makes this as much my fault is it is hers.
Adam: That's not true. If anyone's responsible for what's happened to her, it's me.
Catherine: You?
Adam: Going back to when she first came to me for treatment.
Catherine: You mean...if you hadn't gotten together back then, I wouldn't be here?

Emma: You really shouldn't drink in public.

Mason: I'm torn, Danielle, between the feelings we once shared and the exigencies of the work has thrust upon me. Unfortunately, today's realities preclude yesterday's romances.

Adam: She's coming with me.

Mason: Eggs, bacon, cheese and cream. Satan's four major food groups. I don't know what's going to kill me first: the nitrates in the bacon, the fat in cheese and cream, or the cholesterol in the eggs. But we only live once, don't we? You haven't touched your dinner, Mr. Berkley.
Aldous Berkley: Actually not that hungry.
Mason: One thing you should know about me. I don't like to eat alone.

Mason: My compliments to the chef.

Double Vision
Emma: You always take me to the nicest places.
Brennan: Wasn't my choice.
Emma: How well do you know this Conlan anyway?
Brennan: I guess as well as you can know anyone you work with.
Emma: Now by work, are you talking about your past endeavors as a lowlife and a hoodlum?
Brennan: Hey! That's not very nice. Justified, but not very nice.

Jesse: So what're you going to do, keep beating yourself up about it?
Brennan: I know who I'd like to beat up.
Jesse: You'd hit a woman?
Brennan: No, no, but if there's a woman who could drive me to do it, it would be her.

Brennan: Trust me, we've been in some pretty tight situations together.
Jesse: I'll bet.
Brennan: Not that kind of tight.

Mason: You're still interested, aren't you?
Matty Conlan: And if I say no?
Mason: Well, I'd certainly never force anyone to better themselves.

Emma B: Is it always so damn cold in here?
Mason: Well, actually, the temperature in the lab has been lowered to inhibit the spread of germs and viruses.
Emma B: Germs freak you out, huh?
Mason: I’m afraid Dr. Harrison must complete his examination.
Emma B: Well, I’m not gonna be your latest guinea pig.

Mason: Well, this is a side of Emma deLauro that my intelligence on Mutant X told me nothing about.
Emma B: Well, I'm nothing like the rest of those Mutant X freaks.
Mason: You call your own teammates freaks?
Ken Harrison: You consider yourself normal?
Emma B: I consider myself gifted. And too valuable to be wasted as some mad doctor's lab rat.

Emma A: If Adam expects us to train like this, we have to think more about our safety.
Shalimar: Are you for real?!
Emma A: All I'm saying is, let's be safe out there. And in here.
Jesse: Post traumatic stress disorder.

Mason: Why do you want to leave Mutant X?
Emma B: I'm sick of their mealy-mouthed non-lethal style. I'm ready for some real action. I thought I could do well here.
Mason: Not if you think you can manipulate me. What is it you want here?
Emma B: Job satisfaction. Adam doesn't recognize my true potential.
Mason: I tried to get you to join us once before.
Emma B: No, you tried to make me your prisoner. This is the first time you've listened to what I have to say.
Mason: You've never wanted to talk to me before. Perhaps that hit from Miss Conlan affected your brain.
Emma B: What if it did? Maybe that's what it took to bring out the real me.
Mason: The real you would betray your mutant friends?
Emma B: They're a misfit gang of do-gooders that I'm forced to live with.
Mason: This is all very entertaining, but why should I trust you?
Emma B: You shouldn't. I'll have to prove myself to you.

Mason: It would have been so much easier for you to just keep our appointment.
Matty Conlan: It would have been so much easier if you had just killed me when we met.
Mason: I saved you from a wasted life and turned your piddling mutant powers into something truly formidable.
Matty: All you gave me is pain.
Mason: Which will soon be over.

Emma B: Tell Adam that his methods don't cut it anymore. So I'm going to put an end to Eckhart and the GSA once and for all. You know, it's so simple I'm disgusted that Adam didn't think of it sooner.
Emma A: What are you going to do?
Emma B: What they've been doing to us. Turn Genomex into one giant stasis pod.

Adam: The good news is, she was only pretending to join the GSA.
Emma A: Yeah, well the bad news is, she's out of her freaking mind!

Adam: I didn't know you drank.
Emma B: If you're looking for the teetotaler version, I believe she's with you.

Mason: I demand to know what you're doing here. And don't use your telepathy on me.
Emma B: Promise. [punches him]

Emma A: I'm so sorry, Adam, I just got scared!
Adam: Yeah, well, you're gonna be sorrier if we can't get you back together! Now I want you to go to your room, and I want you to stay there until Brennan comes to get you. Do you understand me? Go!

Axel: She’s just a girl, you little mama’s boy! Get your ass in there.

Shalimar: You're coming with me.
Emma B: Like hell I am.
Shalimar: [sigh] This is getting irritating. [punches her, Jesse catches her] Got her?
Jesse: Oh yeah. I got news for ya. Split Emma? Heavy as the whole one.

Mason: I fully support exploration into the possibilities of grafting mutancy onto low level non-new-mutants.
Ken Harrison: The research subjects would have to be expendable, of course.
Mason: Of course.
Harrison: Do you have anyone in mind? [Mason looks at him]

Jesse: She doesn’t remember a thing.
Emma: About what?
Adam: Oh, about the hidden sides of Emma deLauro.

Matty: How come you never put the moves on me?
Brennan: Well, because I don't mix business with pleasure.
Matty: Well, that was then. How about now?
Brennan: Yeah, now. Now more than ever, Matty. Don't you think this combination would be a little...combustible?
Matty: Hm. Your loss. Where can I go to get a cab around here?
Brennan: Okay, it's official. You're crazy.

Emma: So how insane was I?
Adam: Well, which you are we talking about?
Emma: Well, I guess they both had their moments.
Adam: Yeah, well we're all walking dichotomies. Light and dark, good and evil, yin and yang.
Emma: I think my yang took over my yin.
Adam: Yeah, well your yin put up quite a fight.
Emma: I'm sorry if I caused you guys a lot of trouble.
Adam: No. They weren't the real you.
Emma: Yeah, but if each Emma is a part of me--
Adam: No. This is definitely a case where the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Blood Ties
Jesse: I’m calling it a night. You coming home?
Brennan: After I walk Dana to her car.
Jesse: See you soon.
Brennan: Not too soon, I hope.

Brennan: Hey, are you okay? What the hell happened here?
Jesse: My dad showed up.

Calvin Porter: I'm a new mutant, sir, with genetically enhanced hearing.
Mason: Is that so?
Calvin: Yes sir. In fact the sounds of the world nearly drove me out of my mind until the Genomex biotech lab created this audio filter. Now I can pinpoint any frequency over many miles. A great advantage in a field agent.
Mason: Well, Mr. Porter. With those outstanding abilities, I assume you'll be able to hear this: Don't ever speak to me directly again.

Nicole Carter: A member of my security staff invaded our database and downloaded sensitive information regarding the Martez incident.
Mason: How awful for you.
Nicole: I'm not alone out on this limb, Eckhart. Genomex shares responsibility for what happened there.
Mason: That's fascinating. We have entirely different memories of that tragedy. As far as the public is concerned, Genomex saved Nexxogen from bankruptcy, which I've always regarded as an act of unbelievable generosity, since your company is technically our competition.
Nicole: Is that how we're going to play this game? Then let me be more clear. A computer disk with information implicating your company in that incident has been stolen. If this incident comes to light, the world will learn that Martez was no industrial accident.
Mason: In other words...
Nicole: If I go down, you go down.
Mason: I'll put my agents at your disposal.
Nicole: I thought that might change your tune.
Mason: We need to get that disk back immediately.
Nicole: Ya think?

Shalimar: I knew I shouldn't have worn these pants. My underwear is riding up, big time.
Emma: You're wearing underwear?
Shalimar: You're not?
Adam: You two done?
Shalimar: Yep. I think that about covers it.

Noah Kilmartin: I know about your team. Mutant X?
Jesse: How?
Noah: I've got my sources. C'mon, I've been in covert ops my entire adult life. I know what's happening. Particularly when it concerns my own son. I'm proud of you, Jess. It's great work you're doing.

Brennan: Someone call for a ride?
Emma: We are so screwed!
Brennan: Deactivate cloak! [The Double Helix materializes]
Emma: Or not.

Calvin Porter: It's under control, sir.
Mason: Since you don't have the disk, I'll have to assume your definition of control differs wildly from mine.

Noah Kilmartin: How do you think the world would react if it learned the truth about what happened at Martez?
Mason: That was an industrial accident.
Noah: It was new mutants. Because of the experiments Nexxogen performed at your behest, their genes replicated out of control until their bodies simply exploded. Of course, the file goes into more graphic detail.
Mason: My apologies for your rude reception, Mr. Kilmartin.

Nicole Carter: Mason, there's been another security breach at Nexxogen.
Mason: Yes. I heard they'd installed a revolving door at your facility.

Mason: You lie beautifully, Mr. Kilmartin.
Noah Kilmartin: Well, I'm not lying about this. If anything happens to my son, the deal's off.
Mason: Your loyalty is something to behold.

Calvin Porter: Hold it right there, champ. Hand over the disk, or become an instant orphan.
Jesse: Oh, go ahead.
Noah: What?
Jesse: Well, you've been using me all along. Go ahead. It's no loss.

Noah Kilmartin: All I ever wanted was a chance to start over again. I didn't mean to hurt you, but I had no choice.
Jesse: No choice. Y'know, you always have choices, Dad. You just made the wrong one.
Noah: My life wasn't going the way I wanted it to. I wanted to provide for you and--
Jesse: Don't, okay? Just don't.
Noah: Do you have the disk? [Jesse crushes it]
Jesse: Why couldn't you have just come back for me, huh?
Noah: Look. I know the kind of father you want. And I'm sorry, but I'm not that guy.
Jesse: Yeah. I'm sorry too.

Nicole Carter: What am I going to do?
Mason: Well, we have some wonderful job opportunities on the Genomex website. Of course, we require excellent references. And as for you, Mr. Porter. You're going to be listening to me for a long time.

Shalimar: Jess? I heard what happened. You okay?
Jesse: Yeah. I'm fine.
Shalimar: You want to talk about it?
Jesse: No.
Shalimar: Do you want me to leave you alone?
Jesse: No.

Altered Ego

Jesse: Adam, where does it say that you get to make the decisions for everybody?
Adam: What?
Shalimar: Jesse, are you okay?
Jesse: Was I talking to you?
Adam: Hey, what--
Jesse: Don't use that tone on me, Adam, I've had it!
Shalimar: And I've had it with your attitude too, Jesse.
Jesse: OOOHH!

Mason: Might I offer a piece of my own advice? Miss Cooke is a wounded animal. We must try to convince her that we are her collaborators, not her captors. In her mind, Adam is responsible for her father's death. She wants revenge. We must harness this energy. It's priceless.

Shalimar: I was completely out of control. I could have killed him.
Adam: Or he could have killed you.
Shalimar: Not likely.

Jesse: Shalimar, you okay?
Shalimar: Great. But I want a rematch.
Jesse: Well, you already kicked my ass. No chance you're getting a second shot.

Emma: No one escapes from Genomex. You can't trust her.

Adam: What am I gonna do with you?

Mason: Do I detect a conscience? Your father exhibited the same tendencies till I convinced him he had no choice but to sell me his research.
Charlotte: My father?
Mason: I worked hard to convince him. The money, in the end, was his Achilles heel. Welcome to the GSA, Miss Cooke.

Adam: Where's that feral with my files? Then again, precision isn't exactly what's called for right now, is it, my little mind-bending freak of nature?
Shalimar: Adam? I knew there was something wrong with you.
Adam: Excuse me a moment.

Shalimar: Do you recognize the language?
Emma: It's Finnish. Adam doesn't realize I dated an exchange student from Helsinki in high school.

Mason: Nice to be back?
Adam: I have something for you. This is a complete list of all the children of Genomex. But you know, I was wondering. How would I fit in here? I'm a leader, not a follower.
Mason: Well, I've always thought of myself as--uh--a team player.
Adam: Team player. That's good. That's very good. But of course we both know that's not true. You'd have me in stasis in what, 30 seconds? No, you know, I think you should try a little stasis yourself.

Emma: Adam, look into her eyes! You're choking the one person in the world who would do anything to protect you, who loves you more fiercely than anyone else.

Adam: I want to apologize to all of you for the way I treated you all.
Brennan: Forget it. You weren't yourself.
Adam: Yeah, but I was. Ask Shalimar, ask Jesse, they both experienced it.
Shalimar: Yeah, well you couldn't control yourself, that's all.
Adam: Well, maybe, but it was still me. And I know your weaknesses and I used them against you. It was very weird. It was very dark. But you guys saved me and I don't know what to say. Thank you.
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