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My favorite Mutant X quotes, with additions from princessbryn, belle_marie, ssgt_m_l_batt, and tptigger. Special thanks to kincsem and love_conquers for providing me with S1 and S3 DVDs to transcribe.

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Lazarus Syndrome
Emma: Don't waste your time; she's not interested.
Brennan: Uh-huh. Maybe she's interested; she just doesn't know it yet.

Ken: Miss Fries. In order to truly understand the criminal mind and to prevent this catastrophe from happening again, it is imperative we have a subject to examine.
Mason: Perhaps the next time you decide to do a hit and run, you'll be prudent enough to pick up the body before you run.

Emma: Sorry, this was a waste of time.
Shalimar: Not if it put your mind at ease. I don't mind looking.

Caleb Mathias: Welcome to my world. My home.
Pamela Fries: Morning.

Emma: Now try me. Pamela!
Pamela Fries: I don't think so. Eckhart's got this thing about us helping the other side. Sorry.

Pamela Fries: Now that was cool!

Shalimar: I'm going to make this real easy for you. I know you know where Caleb has my friend.
Maria: Look--
Shalimar: No, you look. All I'm asking you to do is what you've done for this creep time and time again. Tell him you've found another one. Take me to him. Now.

Jesse: When are you going to learn to stay down?
Brennan: Yo! Kiss yourself goodbye. Your nine lives are up.

Mason: I'm afraid the only thing left for her to tell us is the method by which she died. Forensically speaking, of course.
Ken Harrison: Hopefully, we can discover how the new mutant absorbs the life force of the other new mutants. [Pamela sits up]
Pamela Fries: What's going on?!
Mason: Well, so much for the autopsy.

Shalimar: Are you sure you should be out partying like this?
Emma: I'm fine! Besides, this is exactly what I needed.
Seth Howard: How are you two doing?
Brennan: Hey. Wanna take a hike?
Jesse: You heard him.
Seth: Next time.
Brennan: Yeah, right.
Emma: Okay, this is ridiculous, you guys. I'm fine. I can handle myself. Now go out there and have some fun. Or at least let me. I mean it, go!
Brennan: Be good.
Shalimar: Yeah, right.

Adam: Can I buy you a drink?
Emma: How about a dance?
Adam: Okay.
Emma: Okay.
Adam: And then I'll buy you a drink.

Emma: Thanks, honey! Couldn't have done it without you. You always know how to make a dramatic entrance.
Shalimar: You actually looked like you were having fun until those last two goons jumped on you.
Emma: Well, I didn't pay 'em any attention. Oh, this is so gonna piss Eckhart off.
Shalimar: I know.
Emma: So, what'd you get?
Shalimar: I got the cutest shoes! 60% off.
Emma: Nice.

Mason: I suppose I would have to say my glass is half empty, Mr. Delay. Four armed GS agents vs. two unarmed women, and it's the GS agents who end up in a pile?

Mr. Delay: I don't recall inviting you to this meeting.
Michelle Bigelow: The first thing GSA trainees are taught is to take initiative, sir.
Mason: Well, if it isn't our new secret weapon. Come in, Miss Bigelow, and share your feelings about the way we do things here at the GSA.
Michelle: The problem with the current crop of GS agents isn't their training, Mr. Eckhart. It's their trainer.
Mason: Are you saying that Mr. Delay is at fault?
Michelle: Well, I'm afraid so, sir. I accompanied Mr. Delay on the safehouse raids. The squad displayed the same lack of team effort that resulted in the embarrassment with the two women.
Mason: Your telecyber abilities make you a promising recruit, Miss Bigelow.
Michelle: Well, thank you sir. And if I may say so, I'd love to have the opportunity to fulfill that promise, sooner rather than later.
Mason: What exactly are your ultimate professional goals?
Michelle: Ultimately, I would like to have your job, sir.
Mason: And precisely how will you plan your career trajectory to get my job?
Michelle: By taking his job.

Shalimar: Think we have a mole in the underground?
Brennan: Well, anything's possible, but my instincts are telling me they're working us over from the outside.
Shalimar: Your instincts?
Brennan: Yeah, come on. I spent enough time on the wrong side. I can smell a rat a mile away.

Mr. Delay: You don't want me for an enemy.
Michelle Bigelow: I don't want you for a friend either. I simply stated things as I saw them. Now it's up to Mr. Eckhart to decide how to proceed.
Mr. Delay: It's up to you to do your job and keep your mouth shut. No one gives a damn about your insipid little opinions.
Michelle: Well, Mr. Eckhart seemed pretty fascinated.
Mr. Delay: Mr. Eckhart may have a great deal of confidence in you and your abilities--
Michelle: With good reason.
Mr. Delay: --but I don't share his enthusiasm. A word of advice, Miss Bigelow. Watch your back.
Michelle: When I want your advice, I'll beat it out of you.

Brennan: Could you imagine connecting to computer with your mind?
Jesse: Well, anything that would do away with the carpal tunnel syndrome’s okay with me.

Brennan: Can you believe this guy?
Jesse: You wanna take him, or shall I?
Brennan: Eh--go ahead.

Brennan: Hey, you know what? The first one of you to laugh gets a jump start!
Adam: There's nothing funny about that, Brennan. Nothing funny about a sudden surprise attack from hostile forces either.
Jesse: Well, you could at least have warned us it wasn't gonna be the usual hostile forces attack, Adam.
Brennan: Yeah, I mean popping in and out like that?
Shalimar: Well, then it wouldn't be surprise or sudden, now would it?

Michelle: We're on different sides of the fence now.
Emma: Come on, Michelle, fences are for climbing!

Adam: I bet you had trouble with video games when you were a kid, right?
Jesse: Still do.

Shalimar: Got an opinion there, buster? Or am I bothering you?
Brennan: No, no. It's just that, for the record, I'm reading a GSA training manual file that I swiped last time we paid them a visit. I'm trying to find a clue as to how they're bypassing our security system. As for the training simulations, I think Jesse's jast taking it way too seriously.
Shalimar: It's funny. I've always enjoyed them.
Brennan: You just like anything that'll get you up and moving.
Shalimar: Well, if there's a little virtual ass kicking involved all the better. Anything we can use in there?
Brennan: No, not really. Well, other than the fact that Eckhart considers you--and this is a quote--"Shalimar Fox is by far the least interesting member of Mutant X."
Shalimar: What?! Give me that!
Brennan: Made you look.
Shalimar: You idiot.

Michelle: The GSA is a law enforcement organization, Emma, whose mission is to protect new mutants from themselves.
Emma: Please. Just because you work for the so-called law does not make the GSA moral, ethical, or right.
Michelle: I think it's time you realized what you're a part of. Mutant X is a pack of outlaws who flaunt their illegal behavior.
Emma: No, no. We do not break the law.
Michelle Bigelow: Well, you're out there wreaking havoc when you should be working within the system to make the world ready for new mutants.
Emma: And you honestly believe that's what you're doing?
Michelle: Absolutely. You think you're some kind of romantic hero, running around with Adam and the rest. Forget about it. You're nothing more than a bunch of common criminals, using your heightened abilities for your own benefit.
Emma: You're out of your mind. Adam is a man with a mission: to prepare the world for our existence one step at a time.
Michelle: Mmm. And it's Adam's mission that caused new mutants grief in the first place.
Emma: Oh, is that so? How do you feel about choosing to wear a subdermal governor?
Michelle: How do you think the world would feel if it knew there were people like us among them? With powers and abilities that dwarf the imagination?
Emma: You're starting to sound like a recruitment poster.
Michelle: We're both psionics and we both know just how crazy we can get, thanks to our abilities. The GSA saved my sanity, maybe my life.
Emma: I know you, Michelle, and I believe that you think that's true. But I'm telling you Eckhart does not have any plan for assimilation. If Adam hadn't rescued me, I would have been stuck tracking down new mutants to put in stasis pods for future observation.
Michelle: This is just like the arguments we used to have back in freshman year. I respected authority...
Emma: And I questioned it every chance I got. But you were always open to new ideas. You know, be open to the fact that maybe the GSA isn't everything you think it is.
Michelle: Fine. If you do the same for Mutant X.
Emma: Sure.
Michelle: You don't mean it, do you?
Emma: You could always read me like a book, couldn't you?

Jesse: Still can’t see you cramming for a final, though.
Adam: Who says I had to cram?

Adam: All of us have been guilty of letting our feelings for old friends blind us as to who they’ve become.
Brennan: Oh, come on, Adam. She’s a GSA trainee. It’s like walking into a lion’s den.
Shalimar: Excuse me? Last I looked, you’d been ambushed by old friends yourself.
Brennan: Okay, point made...and taken.

Michelle: I have just as much faith in Eckhart’s cause as you seem to in Adam’s.
Emma: Faith is for God. What you're talking about is denial.

Michelle: Aren't you the one who broke into the dean of students office and stole her furniture?

Emma: Now we get the hell outta here.
Michelle: Okay, but how?
Emma: Trust me, I’ve done this before.

Mason: I'm afraid you two school girls are about to get permanent detentions.

Mason: After all the opportunities I’ve offered you, Miss Bigelow, this is how you repay me?
Emma: You know, that’s one of your biggest problems, Eckhart. It’s not always about you.
Mason: And that’s where you’re wrong, Miss deLauro. And the sooner you learn that you’re nothing but a satellite that revolves around me, we’ll all be the better for it.
Michelle: After what I saw in your database, I’m ashamed that I ever trusted you. Who do you think you are?
Mason: It’s not who I think I am that matters. It’s the fear I strike in others that makes life worth living.
Emma: And this is the guy that you trusted?
Michelle: You know what?
Emma: Yeah. We’re both over this place.

Emma: I know, I know, Adam's gonna be pissed.
Brennan: You just wait 'til we get you home, young lady.

Michelle: In a matter of moments, the coordinates of all of Mutant X’s data will be at Genomex.
Emma: That’s not gonna happen, Michelle. I’m gonna show you what it’s like to feel again, whether you like it or not.

Emma: Look, I wanted to apologize to you guys.
Shalimar: Where are you going to start?
Jesse: Running away and not telling anybody?
Brennan: Yeah, turning off your comlink?
Shalimar: Hanging out with a GS agent?
Emma: OK, so I've got a lot to apologize for.
Shalimar: Forget about it. We've all been guilty of running off when our past has caught up with us.
Emma: Even Adam.
Jesse: Even Adam. We all live with one foot in our old lives and one foot in the world we find ourselves now.
Shalimar: And sometimes those two worlds just rub each other the wrong way.
Brennan: Yeah, and every once in a while we get smacked in the back of our head with a blast from our past and uh... you know, that's what we're here for. Make things right.
Emma: That's what friends are for, right?
Shalimar: Yeah. Just don't push your luck. A GS agent. I mean a GS agent, what were you thinking?

Presumed Guilty
Jesse: It is far too early to be exerting that kind of energy, Shal. It’s not normal.
Shalimar: Looks like someone could use a cup coffee.
Brennan: Better make it a pot. Look at him!

Jesse: He must have made it home pretty late last night.
Brennan: Or maybe he just didn't make it home at all. Come on, even geniuses need to get their groove on once in a while.

Lena Blake: He won’t know which end is up by the time I’m through with him.
Mason: Could you do that again?

Lena: We need to talk.
Marc Griffin: Get out of my way!
Lena: I don’t handle rejection very well. Guess you think a girl could just get lost in those eyes, huh? Guess again.

Adam: I need your help.
Marc: Let me guess. You don’t know where to hide.
Adam: Yeah, something like that.
Marc: I know a place.
Adam: Good. So we’ve got the blind leading the stupid.

Mason: Adam, a fugitive from justice. Of course, that’s what I’ve been calling him all along.

Jesse: I wish I knew what I was looking for, then I might know how to find it.
Shalimar: That’s why you’re with me.

Mason: We both know you’ve pilfered Adam’s memories. How else could you frame him for murder?
Marc: I don’t have any memories, Mason. I didn’t frame anyone for murder either.
Mason: Then how did you know my first name?

Mason: Adam! Thank God you’re all right.
Adam: Who are you?
Mason: Well, they said you had a memory lapse. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen with my own eyes. Adam, it’s Mason. Mason Eckhart.
Adam: You know what happened to me?
Mason: A band of outlaws set you up. Thieves, liars the lot of them. They call themselves Mutant X.
Adam: And Griffin’s one of these mutants?
Mason: Yes, I’m afraid so. Now our doctors are working feverishly to assess what he did to you so we can reverse the process.
Adam: Restore my memory?
Mason: God willing. We desperately need you back, Adam, as soon as possible.
Adam: Wait, wait, wait. You and I work together?
Mason: I keep forgetting you’re in the dark here. Bastards! We work at Genomex, a biotech firm which is actually a secret branch of US intelligence. You’re our cheif biogeneticist.
Adam: And this is why they’re trying to set me up?
Mason: Well, to discredit Genomex and myself.
Adam: Right. This makes some sense. But now, wait, wait. These mutants, are their abilities the result of natural evolution?
Mason: Sadly, no. These anomalies are the tragic results of genetic experimentations gone wrong. Our job is to protect the world from their freakish powers.
Adam: Oh, so you and I are trying to cure these anomalies?
Mason: Adam, this isn’t the place to discuss these sensitive matters. Trust me, it will all be clear we get you home to Genomex.
Adam: How can you convince the cops to let me out? And what makes you so sure that I’m so innocent?
Mason: Adam, please. We both know you’d never be capable of something so barbarous as murder.
Guard: Hey, time's up.
Mason: Dig deep into your core to find the inner strength you need in this time of struggle. I only ask you to be patient. I’m pulling as many strings as I can to arrange for your release.
Adam: Mason? Thank you.

Shalimar: Wait 'til I get my hands on this guy. I'll give him some memories of my own.

Jesse: Adam, it’s me. It’s Jesse.
Adam: You’re one of them, aren’t you? You’re Mutant X.
Jesse: You remember?
Adam: No. My friend Mason Eckhart told me all about you. You and your kind.

Adam: For some reason, I seem to be pretty good at picking things up.
Emma: Ya think?

Lena: We’ve just received word from the prison. Adam’s escaped.
Mason: And my day just keeps getting better by the minute.

Lena: What do you plan on doing with this place?
Mason: It will be converted into a secret wing of Genomex. My pied de terre. Collect the others while I explore the rest of my home.

Shalimar: Get the hell out of my house.

Adam: What, are you just having a little a look around?
Mason: Adam, thank God you’re all right. We’ve come to rescue you from these monsters and take you back to Genomex.
Adam: No, I like it here.
Mason: You’re...
Adam: Back to my old self.
Mason: Ah.
Adam: Yeah. So why don’t you do yourself a favor and get your ass out of my Sanctuary?
Mason: I don’t think so. Since I’ve discovered you’re little hideout, your cloak of secrecy is all but vanished. Let’s face it, Adam. It’s over. [Adam punches him]
Emma: Looks like it worked.
Adam: Yeah.
Shalimar: You all right?
Adam: Yeah. Never better.
Brennan: Well, I guess that explains the fire back in your eyes.
Adam: You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that.

Mason: What did you say your name was? Never mind, it’s not important now. What I want to know is, what are all these people doing here?
Lena: I’m not exactly sure, sir.
Mason: Well, then. Back to... where you were. I would appreciate it if you would tell me where my office is.

Ex Marks the Spot
Artie Hill: We confiscated this place from a gang of freaks.
Zack: What, you mean people like me?
Artie: Your words, not mine.

Jesse: You guys spend more time in our hideouts than we do.
Brennan: I’m getting pretty tired of uninvited guests. Should we ask them to leave?
Jesse: I think we shall.

Zack: Some kind of ride. So, who’s doing the flying?
Jesse: It flies itself.
Zack: Wow. Now this is the kind of getaway car I can live with.

Adam: Shalimar, you haven’t seen this guy in 6 years. People change.
Shalimar: Yeah well, Zack’s not exactly people.

Shalimar: I haven’t seen this guy in 6 years. I thought maybe it was time for us to get reaquainted.
Adam: No. I need a little objectivity here.
Shalimar: I can be objective!
Adam: You just said you were gonna smoke him.
Shalimar: Please. What, I’m gonna smoke him? That was... That was a...
Emma: Figure of speech.
Shalimar: Exactly, a figure of speech.
Adam: We need to find out what this guy has to say. So you have to keep your emotions out of it.
Shalimar: Absolutely.
Adam: All right? I want it clean, I want it simple, and I want it professional.
Shalimar: Okay.
Adam: Okay.
Shalimar: Simple and professional.

Brennan: That's probably his mutant power, cheap party tricks. How are you with rabbits and hats?

Brennan: That must have come in handy in high school.
Zack: Well, I used to trade the guys lunch money to hang outside the girls’ gym.
Jesse: It’s all right. I phased through a few inconvenient walls of my own in high school.
Brennan: From lechery to larceny in just a few short years. Wow, imagine that?

Artie Hill: Look, if I had had a clue that Zack no longer had the stomach for this....
Mason: That’s precisely the clue I expect you to have.

Brennan: Hey, Shal! Save some for the bad guys, huh?

Zack: You always could take my breath away when you came into a room.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, the only problem is your breath keeps coming back.

Zack: Look, when I hung around with Shalimar, it’s not exactly like she wore a halo. I never bailed on her. She bailed on me.
Jesse: Huh. The way we heard it, you set her up to take a fall.
Zack: Look, it’s convoluted. The facts are always way more complex than they seem.
Brennan: Spoken like a true jail hustler.

Artie Hill: The most elaborate and expensive of the Fabrege collection encrusted with gold, platinum and laced with rose diamonds.
Mason: It could be made of lead, cut glass and paste for all I give a damn.
Artie: I will get you your egg, Mr. Eckhart. You can count on it.
Mason: Optimism has never been one of my strong suits, Mr. Hill. Do you need Mr. Lockhart to complete the mission? I can only presume from your squirming that the answer is yes. Find Mr. Lockhart and persuade him, Mr. Hill. I do not have the time or the patience for prima donnas.

Emma: So are you gonna sit here all day and brood? Or are you just practicing intimidating the plants?
Shalimar: I don’t know how Adam can take Zack at his word after what I told him. Zack made my life a living hell.
Emma: Then you’ll be glad to know that he’s gone. I guess he got the message.
Shalimar: Guys like Zack never get the message.
Emma: Maybe he’s changed. People do, you know. Look at Brennan. Or me.
Shalimar: Okay, I’ll give you that. And I guess I’ve changed too, cause I’m not gonna let anyone hurt me like that again.
Emma: Wounds that heal are one thing. But building a wall around yourself, that just sucks.
Shalimar: You reading me?
Emma: Don’t have to.

Proxy Blue: Sache Kantinski was born in 1948 and died in 1994 from what sounds like a diet of coffee, cigarettes, vodka, and fried food.
Brennan: Yeah, baby. The four horsemen of the apocalypse.
Jesse: What was he working on before he died?
Proxy Blue: The usual thing.
Jesse: And that would be?
Proxy Blue: Oh, you know. This and that.
Brennan: Hey, Proxy, you do realize we logged on for your search function, right?
Proxy Blue: Yeah, so? Who says I have to make things easier for you? Okay, okay. But only because you two are so adorable when you’re angry.

Adam: He’s the only guy who can break into that vault.
Shalimar: And he is also a complete bastard!
Adam: You’re just gonna have to put your personal differences aside.
Shalimar: Well, you know what? Don’t come crying to me when you find he isn't what he pretends to be.
Adam: I have no personal illusions about this guy, but we have to get into that place, grab the egg; we have to steal the formula, and we have to replace it without anybody being the wiser!
Shalimar: Well, that’s great, because when it comes to grand theft, Zack is your go-to guy.
Adam: Well, look, fine. I am no happier about getting into bed with this guy than you! All right, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Look, can I rephrase that, please?

Shalimar: The genetic code to manipulate free will is in that egg.
Zack: It's amazing what they can do with eggs these days.

Adam: Shalimar went to convince him.
Jesse: So worse comes to worse, she can beat him into submission.

Brennan: What do you say we make this hurt a little bit? Just when you're so close...
Adam: Good work!
Emma: Are you always this cruel?

Mason: Arrested?
Artie: I'm afraid so.
Mason: I take it you're in the market for a good lawyer?
Artie: Yeah, you could say that.
Mason: Then I suggest the Yellow Pages. Starting with A.

Brennan: I’m concerned about her and this guy. I don’t know Zack at all, but I can read him like a book, if you know what I mean. The guy’s just out for himself.
Adam: Yeah, maybe you should cut this guy a little slack. I mean, look at you. Look at who you’ve become.
Brennan: I'm not saying people can't change. I just don't think he's the right guy for Shalimar.
Adam: Speaking as a friend, of course.
Brennan: Yeah, what else?

Brennan: That's funny. I always figured [Mason] for a speed metal kind of guy.

Brennan: Why don’t you just phase in, grab the egg and we can get outta here?
Jesse: Well, because it might be a little impossible for me to take anything back with me when I phase back through.
Brennan: Ah yeah, that’s right. Oh, so you do need me after all.
Jesse: We all need you, Brennan.
Brennan: Step aside, son. It's about to get a little hot in here.

Zack: Shalimar, it’s not what you think. What I did, I did it for us.
Shalimar: You know, there was a time I would have given anything to believe that. [she punches him] And if you ever so much as think of me again, you're going to live to regret it. But I promise you won't live very long.

Shalimar: Remember when you said that I build up walls to keep people out? I think maybe you might be right.
Emma: No. You’re not so tough.
Shalimar: Don’t you tell anyone.
Emma: Your secret’s safe with me. So Zack must have been one hell of a...
Shalimar: Oh, honey, you have no idea.
Emma: Actually, I just might.
Shalimar: You’re in my head? Get outta there!

Nothing to Fear
Shalimar: Why’d you wait so long to contact us?
Henry Voight: I thought I could handle them, but they’re very persistent.
Shalimar: Yeah, usually. But they fell back pretty fast today.
Henry: Maybe they’re afraid of ferals. Where’re we headed?
Shalimar: Well, first to a safehouse, then an escort will take you to the underground.
Henry: Is that where Brennan’s meeting us?
Shalimar: I don’t remember Brennan telling you his name.

Emma: You said Henry pressed his hand against your head.
Shalimar: Yeah, he’s a psionic. He was reading me...the way you used to.

Mason: I’m concerned, Henry, that you’re more interested in torturing them and less interested in getting me what I need.
Henry: You’ll get what you want.
Mason: Have you ever considered renting an apartment?
Henry: I like it here.
Mason: Well, I suppose you’ve made it your to speak.

Emma: Shalimar, stop it!
Dreamscape!Shalimar: You’re kidding, right?

Mason!Henry: They’ll never forgive you. Nothing will change what you’ve done.
Shalimar: That’s not true. [takes Mason hostage] I’ll kill him if you don’t let them all go.
Mason: You’re not the one controlling the situation. Henry is.
Shalimar: Nobody controls me.
Mason: What do you think we’ve been doing? You never had a chance.

Mason!Henry: Your psionic teammate doesn’t seem to have much left in her.
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Mason!Henry: She lacks your inner strength.
Shalimar: Make them stop!
Mason!Henry: Tell me about the new mutant underground and I’ll make sure that they stop. My people have a wager on how long Miss DeLauro will last. Care to place your bet?

Mason: You do a very good impression of me. The look, the behavior, the choice of language.
Henry: You’re just more obvious and predictable that you’d like to think.
Mason: I want the location of Sanctuary and the information from the new mutant database.
Henry: And that’s what you’ll get.
Mason: You seem to be more interested in torturing her.
Henry: I’m doing whatever I need to do to get anything out of her.
Mason: Well, don’t kill her in the process. I have a stasis pod with her name on it. Who is this?
Henry: You should know who she is. She used to work at the GSA.
Mason: I don’t remember her at all.

Emma: It’s just a nightmare, Shalimar. It’s not real unless you believe it is. You’ve got to fight it. Don’t let him win.
Adam: Emma, don’t!
Emma: He’s got her trapped somewhere. It looks like Genomex, but it’s not. It’s some kind of dreamscape. She’s so terrified, Adam. But I think she heard me.
Adam: Well, she must have. Her pulse is dropping. But Emma, that was very dangerous. You’re both psionics, he could have pulled you in though her mind.
Emma: But he didn’t. Now maybe she can fight back.

Brennan: So Henry can read your fears, huh?
Jesse: Yeah, that’s what Emma said.
Brennan: Right, so he’ll have plenty to choose from.

Mason!Henry: Are you asking to negotiate your freedom for certain information, Mr. Kilmartin?
Jesse: What sort of information?
Mason!Henry: The location of Sanctuary, he database of the new mutant underground. I didn’t think so. Your feral friend wasn’t much help either. Not that that matters anymore.

Adam: You have to tell me your fears.
Brennan: Won't let myself think like that.
Emma: C’mon, Brennan. They’re buried in there somewhere. Henry’s gonna find them.
Brennan: I was afraid of my powers when I was a kid.
Adam: What, you mean using your powers?
Brennan: Afraid of them being used against me.

Brennan!Henry: You think Vivaldi makes me nicer? You’re wrong. All it does is remind me of how much I want to make you suffer for what you did to Brianna.
Emma: Henry?
Brennan!Henry: You’re a psionic. I can pull you in here with me. How about it? You want to come in here and play with your friends?
Emma: Adam!
Brennan!Henry: He can’t help you. You're already mine.

Henry: My wife died in the crossfire in a battle between your GS agents and Mutant X.
Mason: Yes, of course. A tragedy beyond recognition.
Henry: I blame Mutant X.
Mason: As you should.
Henry: I blame you. You should have protected her. She wasn’t trained or prepared for those kinds of operations.
Mason: If she was out... in the field...
Henry: What’s the matter? You feeling tired?
Mason: What do you mean?
Henry: I wondered how long it would take my toxins to seep through your plastic skin. Remember I showed you the dreamscape?
Mason: Oh my God.
Henry: Are you ready for your nightmare?

Adam: Well, I know he’s not in the pod, Henry, because you’re not in control here. I am.
Henry: Only for the moment.
Adam: Where are they?
Henry: They’re around. They’re a strong, sturdy group. They were able to confront their worst fears. You were lucky to have known them.

Mason: Adam? Are you real or just some other horrible figment of my imagination?
Adam: Tell Henry what you know about his wife.
Mason: I told him before I don’t remember a thing about her. My skin. The bacteria from all this filth has already infiltrated.
Adam: Mason, look at me. Look at me! Tell him what a Section 9 is.
Mason: Get me out of here. Then I’ll tell him.
Adam: You tell him now.
Mason: I’m slightly distracted in here. When one of our GS agents is deemed unreliable, we put him in Section 9.
Henry: She--she dead or not?
Mason: If she’s in Section 9, she’s alive. She’s in stasis.
Henry: Then why didn’t you tell me?
Mason: I didn’t know! She must have been so far down the bureaucratic chain that it wasn’t even a thought.

Mason: Brianna Voight is in a pod in Section 9. If she’s not gone, let her out. Make sure Henry finds her. Make sure they both leave the premises. And someone find me my clothes!

Deadly Desire
Shalimar: What took you so long?
Jesse: I took a wrong turn--ended up on the other side of the building. C'mon! I phase and mass. I don't have X-ray vision.

Shalimar: Do you want to break?
Brennan: Do you want to lose?
Shalimar: I don't think so.

Brennan: Make you feel better?
Shalimar: Kicking your butt usually does.

Shalimar: Oh! Thought you said this wasn't going to hurt.
Emma: And you believed me? It's called bedside manner. Now, be a good girl, and you'll get a lollypop when we're done.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, throw in a balloon and I'm all yours.

Shalimar: You're a beast.
Emma: You're a baby.

Adam: Brennan, nice job getting Shalimar back here for treatment. Couldn't have been easy.
Brennan: Yeah, I could've been pickin' her arm off the ground, she still would've been out there trackin' 'em down.

Brennan: Yeah, run home to your little girlfriend, Ton. God knows how she's getting along without you.

Lorna Templeton: You know, you and I would make an incredible team.
Brennan: I'm already on a team.
Lorna Templeton: Guess what? You're about to be traded.

Tony Reese: That's it, Lorna. I didn't want it to come to this, but I'll be damned if I'll let anyone else have you.
Lorna Templeton: Tony, stop. Tony, you don't want to do this. C'mon, stop it. Think about what it would be like to live in a world without me.

Adam: Have you tried connecting to Brennan telempathically?
Emma: Do you think I should?
Adam: Yeah. It's not like him to be out of contact like this.
Emma: Er...
Adam: What is it? Look at you. You're blushing!
Emma: Well...I think there's a perfectly good reason why we haven't heard from him.

Brennan: You're absolutely spoiling me.
Lorna Templeton: And you're ruining me. I can't imagine being with anyone else after you.
Brennan: Because I'll never let you.
Lorna: That's fine with me.
Brennan: I gotta tell you though, there's something inside of me that's screaming how wrong this is on so many levels. But I would slit my throat before I would ever leave you.
Lorna: How sweet.

Jesse: Now we both know Brennan's not the one night stand kind of guy.

Carl Ames: Don't worry about Mutant X. Brennan Mulwray has joined our crew.
Vince Halloran: Mulwray's with you?!
Carl: Lorna can be very persuasive.
Vince: Like how she persuaded you to desert the GSA?
Carl: Lorna or Eckhart. Which would you choose?

Vince: Everything seems to be in order.
Lorna: Yes. Looks good to me. Nothing like cold hard cash. Well, almost nothing.

Emma: I can't believe he did that.
Jesse: Yeah, well the minute I'm sure he's okay, I'm gonna kill him.
Emma: Get in line.

Mason: How do I know this is not simply another Mutant X ploy?
Brennan: Well, Mutant X is out of the picture. Just you and me.
Mason: And to what can I attribute this rather sudden change of heart? Revenge? Greed?
Brennan: Love.
Mason: Of course. The most powerful motivator of all.

Adam: Think you were just gonna fly your little love nest? What'd you do to him?
Lorna Templeton: I guess I was just too much woman for him.
Shalimar: This is gonna be worth the pain. [punches her]

Mason: Is she safe?
Vince Halloran: Completely.
Mason: Well then, Miss Templeton--
Vince: Eckhart. We're getting out of here.
Mason: I assume you're not talking about you and me.

Emma: That was a pretty low blow there, Brennan.
Brennan: Yeah. I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Emma: I'm fine. Besides, it was my feelings that were hurt more than anything.
Shalimar: You're just lucky she was still around to save your butt.

Adam: Hey, Lover Boy, how're you feeling?
Brennan: Like an ass.
Jesse: Good. That's how you acted.

Brennan: I've gotta get out of here. I'm so thirsty.
Jesse: I'll get it. Stay there.
Adam: That's a good idea. Let's all have a drink!
Shalimar: You know what? Would you let me and Emma pick your girlfriends from now on?
Emma: Yeah! Just, uh, tell us your type and we will keep an eye out.
Brennan: Let's see. 5 foot 5 to 6 foot, blonde hair, brunette, blue eyes, green eyes--
Emma: You know, you could be a little more specific.
Brennan: No stingers.

Dancing on the Razor
Proxy Blue: From what my insiders tell me, the confrontation at Hillside Properties involves government agency and band of renegades, both of whom have so far managed to maintain their anonymity. Until now. It seems the clash was secretly recorded in crystal digital quality. My informant promised to deliver the DVD to the studio shortly. So soon, loyal viewers, you’ll finally be able to separate fact from fiction with your very own eyes.

Harvey Lanchester: Genomex is a large facility. Have you considered that you might have a leak in your organization?
Mason: With the stringent internal security I have in place, none of my people can so much think an impure thought without my knowing about it.

Harvey Lanchester: Where'd he think he was going?

Shalimar: Why don't you pick on someone your size?

Shalimar: We gotta get you out of here.
Brennan: Well, unless you wanna stay and get better acquainted.

Jay Minhaus: Who are you people? Or if you don’t mind my asking, what are you? I saw you throw electricity from your hands.
B: We’re new mutants. We have genetic abilities. They make us...
Shalimar: Make us a little special.
Jay: Well, that’s putting it lightly.

Jay Minhaus: All I know is that the only reason I'm alive today is because I was late for work.

Mason: Is this how you contain the problem? Seems to me you’ve only succeeded in exacerbating our predicament.
Harvey: The situation called for desperate measures.
Mason: Oh, and by desperate measures, you mean blowing Macklin Exporters sky high? What’s next? Public executions?

Jay Minhaus: I'm not lying.
Shalimar: No, of course not. In order to lie, you'd actually have to tell us something.

Harvey Lanchester: Maybe this Minhaus character was telling the truth after all.
Mason: Either way, he doesn't get a free ride. He's a witness, which means he's a loose thread which desperately needs to be pulled.

Jay Minhaus: I guess I got a little bit of a glorified hero complex working for me, is that it?
Shalimar: Well, maybe a little.
Jay Minhaus: Maybe a lot.

Jesse: Adam, I finally figured out what Macklin Exporters is involved in. Exporting.

Harvey Lanchester: We can sefely assume our situation is under control. The worst is over.
Mason: Really? What if the disk is still out there? What if Proxy Blue gets a hold of it? I don't like to live in a world full of what-ifs.
Harvey Lanchester: I took out the entire building, Mr. Eckhart. Dead men tell no tales.
Mason: But live ones do.
Harvey Lanchester: We search Minhaus's apartment up and down. He's clean.
Mason: Yes. And from what I gather, breathing as well.

Emma: I can't find a Rebecca Minhaus anywhere in the area.
Brennan: Well, you probably didn't look hard enough, so check again.
Emma: I know how to work the database, Brennan.

Emma: What were you thinking, Shal? If Lanchester finds you, you're dead.
Shalimar: So did Brennan call Adam and tell the minute I left?
Emma: It's not even like that. He was just trying to watch your back.
Shalimar: Yeah, well I can watch my own back, thank you very much.
Emma: Yeah. Obviously.

Harvey Lanchester: I'm looking for Jay Minhaus.
Shalimar: Get in line.
Harvey: He's been seen with you and your band of renegades.
Shalimar: Do you see him with me now?

Emma!Mason: I told you this Minhaus character is our top priority. Or do I have to have that printed across my forehead in order for you to understand? I'll handle Miss Fox from here on.
Harvey: I'm not sure that's prudent, sir.
Emma!Mason: That's why you work for me.

Mason: What's wrong?
Harvey: Didn't we just speak a minute ago?
Mason: Sorry, am I bothering you? I didn't realize there was a limit to our interactions.

Jay Minhaus: Admit it, Shalimar. I'm not the pushover you thought I was.
Shalimar: Turns out you're not a lot of things I thought you were.
Jay: Yeah, well you've gotta admit I did a pretty good job of playing the damsel in distress, wouldn't you say?
Shalimar: Oh, I'm gonna show you a few things about distress.

Jay Minhaus: You freaks oughta be destroyed.
Shalimar: After you.

Mason: Well, it appears Mr. Minhaus has missed his deadline. For good.
Adam: Any idea how close he came to exposing us all to Proxy Blue?
Mason: Yes. How ironic that you and I should find ourselves battling a mutual foe. Although I have to admit, things would have gone a lot smoother if only we had agreed to work together. Yes, well, it seems we can all breathe a little easier now. The only question left, of course, is where does that leave us?
Adam: That's up to you.
Mason: I want that disk.
Adam: Come and get it. [Beat]
Mason: We're done here. Torch the place?
Adam: Then Proxy Blue gets an anonymous tip about a serial arsonist.

Jesse: So tell me something, wise guy. As a former con man, how was it that Jay managed to con you?
Brennan: What, it takes one to know one? C'mon, you know it doesn't work like that. I didn't get a feeling for him either way. Well, actually not until I saw the way that Shalimar acted around him.
Jesse: How's that?
Brennan: Well, I don't know. I just didn't like the way that she stuck her neck out for him.
Jesse: Why? Because you were feeling protective? Ah. Or jealous?
Brennan: Projective, smartass.

Shalimar: I just can't believe I misjudged someone like that.
Emma: Well, it's not like I'm hitting the bonus board when it comes to judging guys. When was the last time I had a date?
Shalimar: I know, sweetie, but honestly. I mean, if I wore this I wouldn't be getting any action either. [Emma glares] Well, it's a start.

A Breed Apart
Morgan Fortier: Kelly! C'mon, I thought we were friends.
Kelly: Go to hell. And here's a preview.

Brennan: Didn't your mother ever tell you to wear rubbers?

Adam: Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.
Shalimar: When have you ever known Brennan to be discrete?
Adam: Well, there is that.
Brennan: Guys, you know I'm going through something totally weird here, and you're making fun of me?

Adam: Hey, wait a minute, where do you think you're going? Come here.
Brennan: Adam, you know, I'm really not in the mood for a tune-up right now.
Shalimar: C'mon, you big baby.
Brennan: Can we just do this later?
Shalimar: I'll hold your hand.

Jesse: I met this girl.
Emma: Why do all your stories seem to start like that?
Jesse: It’s not that kind of a story, Emma.

Morgan Fortier: Welcome home, Gabriel. When you're rested, we're ready to work.
Gabriel Ashlocke: Rested? I've been in a Genomex-induced coma my entire adult life. I'll get all the rest I need when I'm dead.

Adam: Well, your bloodwork confirms what I've suspected from word one, which is that you're all experiencing what I can only call a new mutant growth spurt.
Brennan: A growth spurt? Well, that's interesting, 'cause all of a sudden I'm Rocket Boy and Shalimar's got eyes in the back of her head, Jesse's phasing stairwells and Emma's got a mental bazooka and that's a growth spurt?
Adam: Yeah.
Brennan: How are you staying so calm, cool, and collected through all this?
Adam: Right. Remember when you were a kid and you were first getting a handle on your powers?
Brennan: Yeah. I had a few problems and caused a few problems too.
Adam: Yeah, but then eventually, like when you learned to walk and talk, it all became second nature, right?
Brennan: Yeah. I guess I gotta take what seems a problem and make it a solution.
Adam: And they call me a genius.

Gabriel Ashlocke: I'm so thankful to all of you. For keeping my dream alive. Eckhart has punished us by invading our bodies and our minds. Now they want to use us a weapons of destruction against our own kind. Not here to tell anyone--average or gifted--how to live. I'm talking about a fellowship of like-minded friends. No GSA power trips, no Mutant X invisibility. Just life as it was meant to be lived.

Jesse: Is it just me or are there a lot of spacy women among the children of Genomex, Adam?

Adam: No headache? No residual resentment at Brennan for shocking you senseless?
Emma: No. Actually, this is pretty cool.
Adam: Well, I'm glad you feel that way.
Emma: But you're surprised.
Adam: Well, yeah. I mean, this could also be pretty damn frightening.
Emma: Yeah, and pretty damn powerful too.
Adam: Oh, I see. So now you've got a new muscle to flex, huh?
Emma: No, no new muscle. I mean, I finally feel I have something that makes me worthy of the team.
Adam: No, that's crazy.
Emma: Is it? Jesse, Shalimar and Brennan get all the action while I hang around and mess with people's feelings. Now I finally get to kick some ass too.

Adam: See where this says 0.0? That's code for Patient Zero. He was the first child of Genomex, a man called Gabriel Ashlocke. He's potentially the most powerful new mutant alive. But Gabriel was born without a conscience and he considers himself a god.
Emma: Didn't you mention something about this when we first met?
Adam: Right. That was Gabriel I was talking about. He's a sociopath. Before we could stop him, he killed his parents using his new mutant abilities. Of course, we could never prove it in court; any judge would have thought us insane. So because of him I invented the subdermal governor. And the pods.

Shalimar: Oh yeah, I know that look. That's your "I hate myself for what I've done to these poor new mutants" look.

Mason: I've got a renegade Number Two out there plotting who knows what with a potentially monstrous anomaly.
Dr. Ken Harrison: We've beefed up security at every level at every shift.
Mason: Well, you'd better pray that that is enough. Because if you think that Adam and his pack of superpowered hoodlums were a pain in the ass, Gabriel Ashlocke gives new meaning to the term.

Gabriel Ashlocke: My faith in all of you was what sustained me through all those years. To use my power to protect the gifted few against the clueless masses.
Kelly: We have to learn to live alongside the average man and woman.
Gabriel: I think it's time the average man and women learned to live alongside us.

Emma: I'm just playing around. Did you have a funectomy or what?
Jesse: I don't know what to tell you. Everyone else seems to be getting a handle on their new thing, and I'm not even close. And don't tell me I'm trying too hard, because Shalimar's already given me the whole "go with the flow" speech.
Emma: Farthest thing from my mind. You know, the truth is, I think yours is the toughest. I mean, you have to deal with the whole world around you, right?

Shalimar: Something tells me you're Gabriel Ashlocke.
Gabriel: Something tells me my reputation precedes me.

Kelly: I'm finished here, Gabriel. We've got everything.
Gabriel: Not quite everything.
Shalimar: You've gotta be kidding me.

Gabriel: I love it when dreams come true.

Dr. Ken Harrison: Good news, Mason. I believe we've found Mr. Ashlocke.
Mason: Wonderful news. Our final step is to concentrate all our resources on bringing him down. Alive is possible, dead if necessary.
Harrison: Oh, I think alive is a definite possibility.
Morgan Fortier: I told you he'd be back before you knew it.
Gabriel: Hey. It's good to be back, Mason.
Mason: Security.
Gabriel: Don't bother. Harrison's done quite a job for me here. Anyone on staff not loyal to us has been...eliminated.
Harrison: Oh, stop goggling, Mason.

Gabriel: Think of it as a chance to catch up on some much needed rest and a chance to spend eternity regretting everything.

Shalimar: Like I said, scumbag. In your dreams.

Brennan: Hey Shal, it's good to have you back.
Shalimar: Well, it's not like I was gone long.
Brennan: I didn't mean--well, you know. I tried to stop him at the safehouse before he grabbed you, you know.
Shalimar: No, you didn't.

Gabriel: What better place to start conquering the world from than Genomex?

Adam: I'm more worried about Gabriel Ashlocke. The guy's a lunatic with the lust for an empire and the power to get what he wants.
Jesse: Well, he is only one man.
Shalimar: And we are a team.
Brennan: Please. We can take Ashlocke.
Emma: Put him back where he belongs.
Adam: All right, so we're agreed. We'll face any challenge that lies ahead of us. And to hell with anyone who stands in our way.
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