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My favorite Mutant X quotes, with additions from princessbryn, belle_marie, ssgt_m_l_batt, and tptigger. Special thanks to kincsem and love_conquers for providing me with S1 and S3 DVDs to transcribe.

Mutant X Episode Quotes: 101-114 ~ 115-122 ~ 201-212 ~ 213-216 ~ 217-222 ~ 301-311 ~ 312-317 ~ 318-322

Past as Prologue
Gabriel Ashlocke: Make me look for it, and I’ll take you places you never thought pain can go. And I’ll take my time.

Brennan: Hey! You can look, but don’t touch.

Gabriel: You are really starting to piss me off.

Gabriel: I didn’t rot in that pod for 25 years just to drop dead!
Aziza: I’m afraid that’s exactly the way that it is.
Gabriel: You don’t understand. I was born to rule. It’s the ones who get in my way who die.

Brennan: So you’re sure sending them in was a good idea?
Adam: What do you mean, instead of sending you in?
Brennan: Well, let’s face it, I know a little more about breaking and entering.
Adam: Yeah, and a lot more about diving in first and checking for sharks later.

Shalimar: We should take him out and be done with it!
Adam: Look, we have an opportunity here to–
Shalimar: This isn’t about you!
Adam: Well, it’s not about you. [Shal's eyes flash] Look, you wanna break something, that’s fine. Just don’t break it in here.

Car Guy: Hey, ladies. I could use a little company.
Emma: C’mon, let’s go. Let’s get out of here. [Shal rips his car door off.]
Shalimar: Explain that to your wife.
Guy: A simple no would’ve been fine.
Emma: Now can we go?
Shalimar: Now we can go.

Gabriel: Have you ever wanted to make someone so happy, but they won’t let you?

Gabriel: That won’t work.
Emma: Not on you.

Jesse: Hey! I thought we agreed, no powers!
Brennan: No, you agreed. I scored.

Jesse: Ashlocke was ready to kill for this?
Brennan: Ashlocke is ready to kill to get out of a parking ticket. He’s out of his freakin’ mind.
Jesse: Yeah, must be all that power, huh? The more you’ve got, the more you want and the further you get from human.
Brennan: What are you trying to say?
Jesse: I’m just thinking. Every day we learn more about these abilities.
Brennan: What, are you trying to tell me you think we’re gonna end up like Ashlocke?
Jesse: No, that’s not what I’m saying.
Brennan: No, that’s exactly what you’re saying.
Jesse: Not what I was saying.

Adam: So, you happy? You may get your wish. Ashlocke’s dying.
Shalimar: Good. Let him die.

Gabriel: When I die, one thing’s for sure. Life is never again gonna be the same for those I leave behind. So you’d better help me find that miracle.

Gabriel: No! That’s mine.
Shalimar: I don’t think so. Sucks to be you.

Adam: Time to try it my way.
Shalimar: Well, I hope it works. ‘Cause if you’re wrong, Ashlocke’s gonna tear you limb from limb before I get the chance to kill him.
Adam: I know I’m putting us all at risk here. But believe me, the decision to try to save his life is the most difficult choice I’ve ever had to make.

Gabriel: Thank you. I’ll never forget your sacrifice.
Aziza: Sacrifice?
Gabriel: Oh yeah, sacrifice. Who gave you the right to tamper with Avaris?
Aziza: I saved your life, dammit.
Gabriel: That’s right. And I’ll never forget you.
Aziza: Gabriel? Gabriel, please!
Gabriel: You went behind my back. And let’s face it. In any relationship, trust is everything.

Gabriel: You come into my house and try to kill me?
Adam: I’m trying to save your life. You’ve got to trust me. I’ve got a cure.
Gabriel: This one’s mine. Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with? The ten year old boy you used to slap into a box?
Adam: I’m trying to help you.
Gabriel: Like you helped me before, Adam? Right into a 25 year coma?
Adam: All right, fine. Don’t say I didn’t try.
Gabriel: I have waited years for this. I only wish I had the time to make you suffer for as long as I have.

Jesse: I thought this guy was supposed to be sick!

Shalimar: I-uh-just wanted to say that I’m sorry about getting in your face about Ashlocke.
Adam: Look, I know asking you to help keep Ashlocke alive seems crazy, particularly after what he’s done to you, but there’s a lot I can learn from him.
Shalimar: It’s all about learning with you, isn’t it, Adam? It feels like Genomex all over.
Adam: What I can learn from him is how to keep you alive. Ashlocke’s not the only one with ongoing mutations. You’ve seen your powers change. Chances are, they’ll change again.
Shalimar: You’re saying we’re gonna flame out like he is?
Adam: You’re not like him. All of you are more stable.
Shalimar: So, um, do you think he made it out of that building before it went up?
Adam: Well, you know how tricky Ashlocke is. I won’t believe he’s dead until I see him lowered into the ground.

Power Play
Adam: So you don’t trust the government troops either.
Beverly: We’ve both been around long enough to know you don’t trust anybody.
Adam: Even each other?
Beverly: Maybe especially.

Adam: We have to stay on guard against symptoms of contamination.
Jesse: Contamination? Ah, just when I was starting to feel better.
Emma: Does that mean we wasted our money on the flowers?
Jesse: Oh, hey, no. Anytime a girl gets me flowers...
Shalimar: Yeah, well just be grateful you’re getting them above ground.
Adam: That’s right. Because if you’d rephased solid and even gotten a whiff of that nerve gas, it would’ve paralyzed your central nervous system.
Jesse: Hm. That’ll teach me to practice holding my breath, huh?

Colonel Aaron Gaumont: Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.

Adam: Brennan, look man, if you ever want out, I’m not gonna try and stop you. I just want you to know while you’re here, I’m not gonna ask you to make any sacrifices that I’m not prepared to make myself.
Shalimar: Nobody wants that, Adam.
Brennan: No. No, I just want answers. Okay now, you tell me we can’t trust your source, that’s fine. But I’m trusting you, so if anything goes wrong here, it’s on your head.

Jesse: Let’s just get in there, take him out before he knows what hit him.
Adam: That’s a good idea. Only one problem. You’re not going.

Brennan: Well, like Adam said, he’s better off frustrated than dead.
Shalimar: If I was Jesse, I’d be dying for some payback.
Jesse: I’m counting on you guys to settle the score, eh?
Shalimar: We’ve got you covered.

Col. Gaumont: My country left me for dead, Major. Along with all my men. I was spared for one reason, to exact retribution in their names.
Major: That money’s gonna go a long way to make things right, sir.
Col. Gaumont: Money’s all society respects.

Emma: I’ll handle this.
Shalimar: Girl, I like you more and more every day.

Adam: Jesse, what the hell are you doing?
Jesse: Take a guess, Adam. If I don’t get in there, Gaumont is gonna take the place down. So let’s just skip to the part where you say what you’re really thinking, huh?
Adam: All right. What I’m really thinking is you’d better get your ass back here!
Jesse: And here I was hoping you'd wish me luck.

Shalimar: Do you remember your CPR?
Emma: I think so.
Shalimar: You pump, I’ll blow.

Shalimar: That’s two of us he’s almost killed. I’m taking him out myself.
Emma: Shal, wait!
Brennan: You really think that’s gonna stop her?
Emma: Guess I should’ve saved my breath.

Brennan: We just need to learn how to disconnect this thing, okay?
Emma: Would you please just be careful? You almost already died once today.

Brennan: Would it make you feel better if I told you that I surfed the web last night, and I figured out everything there is to know about remotely detonated bombs?
Emma: It’d be a start.
Brennan: Good, then that’s what I did.
Emma: You know, I certainly hope that you are a better bomb expert than you are a liar.

Adam: You actually think the government is gonna answer your demands for ransom?
Col. Gaumont: I expect that worthless bunch of reprobates to do what they always do. Cover their asses.

Col. Gaumont: Easy, kitty, easy. You take one more step, and we’re both radioactive fondu.
Shalimar: Question is, do I believe you’re really that crazy?
Col. Gaumont: Damn good question.

Shal: What took ya?
Brennan: Well, you know, we stopped for a beer and a bucket of wings.

Time Squared
Shalimar: We just traveled through time and you're telling me not to freak out?

Gabriel: I don’t have time to play games. I’m dying.
Diana: You don’t really think I care, do you?
Gabriel: I found a way to stay alive. Help me or die. October 13th 1978. Take me back.
Diana: You can’t tell anyone who you are, or it will affect the continuum.
Gabriel: Have I ever let you down before?
Diana: All the time.
Gabriel: When I get back, I’ll make it up to you.
Diana: Goodbye, Gabriel.

Shalimar: How much do we stand out?
Brennan: Well, this was the Me generation, so there’s a very good chance none of them are paying any attention to us.

Shalimar: What just happened?
Brennan: I don’t know. It just feels like my stomach got punched into my eyes.

Gabriel: You’re smaller than I remember.
Young!Gaby: Do I know you?
Gabriel’s father: Gabriel, who’s at the door?
Gabriel: Daddy.
Gabriel’s father: We’re not buying anything you’re selling, buddy. Now how many times have I told you not to let in strangers?
Gabriel: Hey, don’t talk to him that way.
Gabriel’s father: Excuse me? I’m his father.
Gabriel: Don’t I know it.
Gabriel’s mother: Is there a problem, honey?
Gabriel’s father: I’m dealing with it.
Gabriel: No. I am. [He kills his parents]
Young!Gaby: Nice shot!
Gabriel: There are days when I wish I had more patience.
Young!Gaby: I know just what you mean.

Gabriel: That is a filthy habit!
Young!Gaby: What do you care?
Gabriel: I still have this hacking cough.

Young!Adam: Wait, wait. Hold on. I was, uh, I was hoping maybe we could spend some time together, get to know each other a little?
Shalimar: Yeah, I think that we’ll have a lot of time to do that. But um, I should go and inform Dr. Breedlove, so I’ll do that.

Cop: What’s your name?
Brennan: I’ve got lots of names.

Shalimar: It doesn’t matter what decade we’re in, they find you. Like sharks to surfers.

Brennan: So what’s young Adam like, anyway?
Shalimar: He’s not what I expected. He’s naive and sweet.
Brennan: Must be before his fall from grace.

Gabriel: You made me who I am. And now you want to deny me the chance to try to save myself?
Adam: We thought we were saving you.
Gabriel: No, you thought, Adam. Then your ego got out of hand. You thought you had a chance to create a race of superhumans and you took it.
Adam: That’s not the way it was!
Gabriel: Oh? I was your one big mistake. And now you’re gonna die knowing I’m gonna live on and on and on. And everything I do, I’ll do in your memory.

Brennan: If I do it now, he won’t feel a thing.
Emma: He’s Adam’s research. If you destroy him, you might destroy us.

Emma: After I saw you dead, Brennan wanted to kill young Ashlocke and I stopped him.
Adam: Wait, so are you asking me if you did the right thing?
Emma: I couldn’t let him do it. He was still just this little boy lying there. But if I hadn’t stopped him, if Brennan had killed him, then what would have happened with you?
Adam: That’s a good question, I don’t know.
Emma: Well, would you have left Genomex? Stopped all your research?
Adam: Oh, c’mon, Emma. You saw what kind of person I was then. I thought everything I did was the solution to a lot of problems. And I didn’t think about the ramifications because I didn’t think I had to. But would I have left Genomex? I don’t know. Ashlocke was the first new mutant. And I learned a lot, and if I hadn’t made the mistakes with him, I might have made them with you.
Emma: I’m not a psychopath.
Adam: No. If you had been given all those powers, you might have become one.

Whose Woods These Are
Shalimar: Once you start questioning where Adam gets his inside information, we’re talking some serious mystery.
Brennan: Well, in case you haven’t noticed, blind trust...not my favorite course of action.

Brennan: Adam, we’re not in the animal control business, all right? Yogi had a bad day. Case closed.
Adam: Well, Brennan, you’re gonna have a chance to prove your theory. You and Shalimar are gonna stay on the scene to investigate.
Brennan: I don’t do nature.
Shalimar: Well, if you’re too scared, I’m sure Jesse’d be willing to--
Brennan: Whoa, wait. Scared’s got nothing to do with it.
Adam: Good, then it’s settled. A couple of days out in the fresh air’ll do you good. If anything happens out there, you let us know. We’ll send you whatever backup you need.
Brennan: Forget the backup, I’d settle for a warm weekend at the downtown Four Seasons.
Shalimar: Well, you can take the boy out of the city, but...
Brennan: Ahem.

Brennan: Why didn’t you let me blast him?
Shalimar: ‘Cause he’s not our killer.
Brennan: How do you know?
Shalimar: I asked him.

Shalimar: Let me see those bug bites.
Brennan: What are you gonna do, suck the poison out of them?
Shalimar: Gonna take me to dinner first? It’s peppermint. It’s a natural bug repellant.
Brennan: I wish you woulda told me that before I got bit.

Clay Preston: I know what I’m doing.
Shalimar: Yeah, you’re gonna blow it away, right? Pretty brave, hiding behind your heavy artillery.
Clay: Out here, life is simple. There’s your predator and your prey. I promise you, I make it a habit to be the predator.
Shalimar: Predator? You’re nothing but a little man with a big gun. But there’s something in these woods that’s gonna teach you what a predator really is. Something that deserves the name.

Grady Colt: Why don’t you mind your own business and stay out of mine!
Brennan: Well, maybe my business is getting all over your business.

Brennan: Shal, he said wait for him!
Shalimar: Since when are you so interested in following the rules?

Shalimar: I know who you are. I know what they did to you. We want to help.
Michael: Kill me.
Shalimar: I can’t.

Emma: You may have been able to save her this time, but, I mean, we’ll never know what our mutations will leave us open to, will we?
Adam: There’s no guarantees in life, Emma. Not for new mutants. Not for anybody.

The Future Revealed
Josh: I don’t know what happened. It used to be about all of us working together, you know? Now it’s just all about Gabriel.
Brennan: Imagine that.

Gabriel: We have built something here the world has never seen before. We have a power that never existed before. Love, devotion, and a loyalty to our own kind that society couldn’t even dream of. You are the chosen ones. You are the ones that are gonna reach out there and grab the destiny that was built inside your genetic structure. Because the ones that are running it now, well they’re only about greed and votes and weakness. But we’re gonna change all that. Because it’s our turn in the big chair. No more running and hiding. We’re the main attraction, top of the bill. 'Cause we can make miracles happen. The kind of miracles that make people want to stand up and cheer. The kind of miracles that will keep down anybody that stands up against us. What’s coming next is gonna take all your strength and courage. So get ready, boys and girls. One way or another, destiny is only a breath away.

Gabriel: I hate it when people say no to me.

Adam: Shalimar, the mission is to save The Links, not to take out Ashlocke.
Shalimar: Look, Adam. I know you feel some kind of responsibility for that maniac, but your dog is rabid, and it’s your repsonsibility to put him down. And maybe your conscience has a problem with that, but I assure you, my conscience is fine with it.

Emma: Something’s wrong.
Shalimar: We were expected.
Jesse: Oh, it’s a trap.
Shalimar: No kidding!

Gabriel: I’m sorry. Adam is busy right now. But you can leave a message after the beep. Beeep.

Shalimar: You know, Brennan, it’s not opening. You might want to slow down.

Adam: I can’t keep you alive.
Gabriel: You can’t, or you won’t?
Adam: Both.
Gabriel: You did this to me! You made me like this! What, now you’re just gonna let me die? What kind of monster are you?
Adam: Can’t help.

Brennan: When Adam said Sanctuary was impregnable, I didn’t think he meant impregnable from us.

Gabriel: You can’t afford too many more failures, Adam. Hell, even Dr. Frankenstein had a better track record.

Gabriel: Your precious Mutant X. What happens when their genes start spinning out of control? Have you even told them yet? Of course not. Hey, keep playing God, Adam. It’s only their lives on the line.
Adam: I was trying to save lives. Gene technology seemed a way to make that happen.
Gabriel: Oh, please. Gene tech was just the latest toy all the scientists were dreaming about. You were years ahead of the rest of the world, and you got drunk on all the things you thought you could do with it. You didn’t even think about the crimes you were committing.
Adam: I was a doctor. I was concerned about the suffering I saw every day: MS, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, not using gene technology to try to help people would have been the crime. Now, look, I’m very sorry for what happened to you. I truly am. But I’ve worked for years to try to make it right.
Gabriel: You don’t have years anymore, Adam. You’ve got hours.

Brennan: I think you want to beat Adam’s unbeatable system.
Jesse: Well, why not? Might make him notice me, huh?
Brennan: What are you talking about, man? You’ve been in everybody’s face since the get-go.
Jesse: I meant, make him notice I’ve changed. I’m not the same kid he took pity on.
Brennan: Well, I hate to say it, but I don’t think Adam’s the one who’s got questions about you being grown up, Jess.
Jesse: Whatcha saying?
Brennan: I’m saying you’re thinking too much. C’mon, you’ve proven yourself 20 times over, at least. Now if you want Adam to think you’re an adult or a leader, I don’t know, a space alien. Whatever it is. You’ve got to feel comfortable with it. ‘Cause once you’re comfortable with it, everyone else will accept it.
Jesse: All comes pretty easy for you, huh?
Brennan: Yeah right, you should have seen me ten years ago. I almost electrocuted anyone who got within 20 feet of me. You think you’re screwed up? I didn’t even know what species I was.

Gabriel: I didn’t ask for this, Adam. The power. The sickness.
Adam: I never gave up on you.
Gabriel: I’m sure you didn’t. You knew what I was like and still you tried to help me. If the situations had been reversed, I’d have killed you. You know, I always sort of thought of you as my real father, Adam.
Adam: You know, it doesn’t have to be like this, Gabriel. If this procedure works, you can do anything. You can go anywhere you want to go.
Gabriel: A second chance. I like the sounds of that. Can you give me a second chance, Adam?

Gabriel: Well, I can’t say that in my short time back I haven’t experienced all of the emotions. Love, hate, anger, and now fear. Gotta admit, I could’ve taken a pass on the last one.
Adam: We’re all afraid of dying. It’s how we deal with it that defines who we are.

Patricia: He’s in our minds because he loves us.
Shalimar: He gets into your head and makes you do things that you don’t want to do. That’s not love, that’s rape!

Gabriel: Well, that certainly feels better. Congratulations, Adam. I feel like a new mutant. There’s a reward. I’ll kill you last.
Adam: No, no. Don’t bother. He won’t be killing anybody.
Gabriel: Oh, I won’t? You can’t be naive enough to think that you could trust me.
Adam: No, but you were naive enough to think that I’d actually allow you to go on killing.
Gabriel: The serum.
Adam: It never worked.
Gabriel: But I saw the results.
Adam: You thought you did. Trust me.

Gabriel: Wait! I’m not finished!

Shalimar: It feels pretty good knowing I’m the only one left inside my head.
Brennan: Well, it may be good for you, but it worries the rest of us, though.

Brennan: What about the Links, Adam? What’s gonna happen to them, now?
Adam: Well, hopefully some of them will drift into normal lives, you know? I’m just afraid that a lot of them are gonna be infected by his influence.
Jesse: Now there’s a lovely thought.
Adam: Well, let’s not kid ourselves. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of his legacy. Not by a long shot.

No Man Left Behind
Adam: Adam Kane to see the General.
Secretary Jenny: Excuse me, the General can’t see you without an appointment.
Adam: Well, sure he can. All he has to do is look up--I’ll be there.

General Sutton: This is not our fault!
Adam: No, but I know who has to clean it up!

Emma: Like any great invention, our friends in the military are trying to figure out how to use it to kill people more efficiently.

Emma: Brennan, back at Sanctuary, when you were talking about the pilot...I’m not reading you. Not any more than a friend would. What was that all about?
Brennan: Nothing, I was just making sure all the bases were covered.
Emma: Friends know when you’re lying too.
Brennan: You ever hear me talk about my father?
Emma: Just your stepfather. He didn’t exactly sound like a picnic.
Brennan: I never met my real dad. He was a navy pilot, shot down in the Vietnam War.
Emma: So what happened to him?
Brennan: He went down behind enemy lines. Eventually caught and killed. The official line was that it wasn’t even worth the risk to try and rescue him. Would’ve been worth it to me.

Emma: I don’t usually allow myself to open up fully. But if I do, I’ll be able to sense anyone coming within half a mile.
Jesse: Nice. A psychic burglar alarm, huh?
Emma: Just do me a favor. When I open up like this, I’m open to everything.
Jesse: Yeah, whatcha getting at?
Emma: Just try and think nice thoughts is all.

Emma: It’s not nice to think those kinds of thoughts about your partner.
Jesse: No! I was just, uh...I thought that, uh...I wasn’t thinkin... C’mon! It’s just that you were looking so...
Emma: It’s okay. I’ve spent my whole life fielding those kinds of emotions from men. With my normal defenses up, I can usually filter them out.
Jesse: It’s gotta be tough. Having to live with your defenses up all the time.
Emma: Before I met Adam, I didn’t know how to control my power. I felt everything that everybody else felt, as strongly as they felt it. Wanna talk about a shortcut to a breakdown. Let’s just say defenses are better.
Jesse: So you wouldn’t mind if, uh, I mean I had those kind of thoughts again? You’d understand?
Emma: I can guarantee you’ll never have one of those thoughts again. About anybody. Ever.
Jesse: You know, I’ve gotta...I’ve gotta get back to work.

Shalimar: How much longer?
Jesse: Look, your bugging me every five seconds is not gonna make this happen any sooner, okay? All right. [beat] Communications are up.
Shalimar: See? Bugging you did work.

Commander Irina: What are you doing here?
Brennan: I heard the girls here were knockouts. Guess I should have asked them what they meant by that.
Irina: Under the articles of war, you’re not in uniform, therefore you’re a spy. You know what the rules for spies.
Brennan: Didn’t think people in this war subscribed to rules.
Irina: We don’t. Makes things neater.

Emma: With what I’m gonna broadcast, they’re going to be more scared than they’ve ever been before.
Jesse: What?
Emma: This is going broadband. You might want to hold onto something.

Jesse: My God, Emma, I didn’t know you could do something like that.
Emma: Jesse?
Jesse: What? [she blasts him]
Emma: You still don’t know.
Jesse: I don’t know what?
Emma: Nothing.

Shalimar: Never figured you for a stick in the mud.
Brennan: Oh, that’s funny. I was worried about you.
Shalimar: YOU were worried about ME?
Brennan: Yeah. Has Jesse got the Helix back up and running?
Shalimar: Not yet, he’s working on it.
Daniel: This is your backup?
Shalimar: Yeah, well it works better when he tells me where his back’s gonna be.

Brennan: Shal, you go to the Helix. I’ll get the PVG.
Shalimar: No, I don’t like what happened last time you went off on your own. We’re going together.
Brennan: Shal, no.
Shalimar: We’re going together.

Shalimar: Is that what it feels like when you phase?

General Sutton: This is unacceptable! You interfered with an official operation. You stole government property, and I don’t care how much hush-hush political juice you’ve got. This time, you’re gonna answer for it.
Adam: Ah, well, General, let’s get a couple of things straight. First of all, I think you’d have a hard time proving I did anything. Secondly, this so-called government property, it was obtained fraudulently. I don’t think that’s something you want made public. Or how you were planning to test it.
General Sutton: You always get your own way, don't you, Kane?
Adam: Well, no. Actually, I don’t. Not as often as I would like. But I gotta tell you, times like these kinda make up for it.

Brennan: So how did he react to that?
Adam: Well, he didn’t blow any blood vessels, but I think he’s working on it.
Brennan: What about Morrison?
Adam: He’s back with his family, thanks to you. You did a good thing going back in to save him, Brennan.
Brennan: I figured it was the thing to do.
Adam: Your father would’ve been proud.
Brennan: You knew?
Adam: And just for the record, we’re all proud.

Crossroads of the Soul
Shalimar: Yeah, Brennan, as happy as we are you’ve managed to save a hunk of metal from the scrap heap, the rest of us just spent the last 12 hours down at the docks trying to find a stolen shipment of medical supplies.
Brennan: Hm. Guess that means you didn’t find it.
Shalimar: Don’t even start.
Brennan: All right, guys, you know what? This storm is coming in hard, and my connection’s going bad anyway. So I’ll call you when I get closer to town.
Shalimar: Connection’s going? Please. And he used to be a con man?

Emma: I hope he’s okay. I mean, he said that a storm was coming, and who knows what condition that car was in.
Shalimar: Okay, can we talk some more likely scenerios for a second? White trash Camaro, Brennan, maybe a small town waitress with a taste for both? My guess is he’s probably just shacked up in some no-tell motel, using his “I think we have electricity between us” line.

Brennan: Where are all the cars at?
Miranda Davis: Cars?
Brennan: Yeah, you know, four wheels, vroom, vroom?

Brennan: Town is seriously whacked.
Miranda: I knew you’d come around.

Emma: We’ll go to the police station. I mean, somebody has to have seen him.
Shalimar: Don’t leave me here.

Lucian: You’re looking at the future head of town council.
Gerald Gilbert: Is that so? I had a feeling this town was headed in the wrong direction. Looks like there’s proof.

Miranda: We’re all the same here. You’re no different.
Brennan: Yeah, here maybe.

Adam: Alfred Marcus was a walking contradiction. He was a scientist, but he hated modern society. Now his dream was to create a self-sufficient community that was free of the negative influences of the outside world.
Emma: You can’t just decide to not be influenced.
Adam: Well, no, wait. Maybe you can. You see, one of the projects he was working on was a kind of electric bubble. It was an impenetrable forcefield that he could place over an entire town.
Shalimar: Oh, I don’t like the sounds of this.

Council member: We must ensure harmony. We’re doing the right thing.
Council member: Perhaps. But how many times do we have to kill the truth before it stays dead?

Gerald Gilbert: This place has become a prison. I don’t know what you’ve become.

Emma: You know, I grew up in Seattle. I can’t believe I’m actually praying for rain.

Adam: Everybody do me a favor, don’t touch the hull. Right now, we’re packing about a billion volts.
Jesse: A billion, huh?

Emma: It’s like going from a fishbowl to the Atlantic.
Adam: I kind of envy them. Now they get a chance to experience a fresh new world.
Shalimar: I don’t know. I’ve lived in that world my whole life. I don’t know how fresh it is.

Brennan: Small town living just isn’t for me.
Shalimar: Didn’t look like it from where I was standing.
Brennna: Yeah, well it has its moments.

Adam: Like Shakespeare said: A brave new world.

Sign from Above
Amanda: I whipped you to a pulp on the dance floor, and then I beat you here by half a block.
Jesse: You’re a feral. I think if I'm gonna outdance ya, they’d have to take you back to the genetic drawing board.
Amanda: Oh, I don’t know if you’d want to do that. I mean, who knows what else they’d change?

Jesse: You know, I can’t believe that someone like you spends your days working at a music store.
Amanda: What should I be doing? Showing off my powers like the rest of you guys at Mutant X? Letting the entire world know I’m a freak?
Jesse: We’re not freaks, Amanda.
Amanda: Yeah, but we’re not entirely normal yet either, are we?

Amanda: I don’t get many break-ins. I think you’re about to find out why.

Jesse: She’s not at home, she’s not at work, and she’s not answering her cellphone.
Brennan: Well, sounds like she’s blowing you off, Brother.
Jesse: She’s not blowing me off.
Brennan: What, like women don’t do that? Say something when they mean something totally different?
Jesse: No, this woman don’t do that. Besides, you know, I’m not sure you’re the right guy to be giving advice. When was the last time you had a steady relationship, huh?
Brennan: Jess, having a relationship and handling women are two totally different things. One doesn’t necessarily go with the other.

Adam: Look, I don’t know every mutant Genomex created. And you know, toward the end, we weren’t exactly sharing information.
J.K. Bergman: But you do have a registry of the mutants you’ve been able to help.
Adam: I see your intelligence is probably better than I thought.
Bergman: All I’m asking is that you put names to some of those young people. It’s the least you can do for their families.
Adam: Why, because you think I’m responsible for making them what they are in the first place?
Bergman: I didn’t say that.
Adam: Well, you don’t have to!

Shalimar: His girlfriend just died. You could cut him some slack.
Emma: And that means I have to go down the road with every crisis every one of you is feeling? Look, ever since our powers got ramped up, I have been finding it harder and harder to keep my defenses up against stray emotions. And when somebody, especially a friend, radiates pure grief like Jesse is, then I find it really hard not to get wrapped up in it myself.
Shalimar: You could help him.
Emma: No, I couldn’t. I could make him feel good for a little while. You know, so good that he might forget all about Amanda. But it would just be temporary. People have to deal with grief like this on their own.
Shalimar: Emma, he’s in pain.
Emma: So what? Every time somebody is feeling something they shouldn’t, I should mess around in their heads? Who decides when it’s okay, Shal, me? You?
Shalimar: I see your point. But you don’t have to be so cold about it.

Jesse: This can’t be happening, Adam. They can’t have just disappeared into thin air.
Adam: Well, you do it all the time.

Dr. Sara Wolf: Healthy, vital, extremely strong. Prime mutant stock.
Shalimar: Sounds like I just won a ribbon at the county fair.
Dr. Wolf: I need you to help me, Shalimar Fox. I need you to tell me about Adam Kane’s database of mutants.
Shalimar: I need you to spontaneously combust. Any chance of that?

Brennan: Nice place.
Jesse: I’ll bet even the rats think twice before hanging out here.
Brennan: Hey, can’t all be one of your family society lunches.
Jesse: Don’t like them much either.

Emma: It’s kind of nice not being blasted by another person’s emotions. I can let my defenses down a little more.
Kyle: So, you can’t read me at all? All my dark secrets are still safe?
Emma: I’m afraid so.
Kyle: That’s good. That way you won’t see it coming.
Emma: Oh yeah? What’s that?
Kyle: Well, I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t decided yet. But being this close to you kind of gives me a few ideas.
Emma: You know what? Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you’re not so different from every other guy.
Kyle: I promise you. I’m different.

Shalimar: Give me one minute outside of this rig with or without your superjuice, I’ll make you wish you’d never even heard of mutants.
Dr. Wolf: Wishing for the impossible is not one of humanity’s more ingratiating characteristics.

Adam: Now whatever he is, maybe now he’ll understand the old adage about a woman scorned.

Brennan: Looks like all the action’s down below.
Jesse: Where else would hell be?

Shalimar: Save some for me, boys, because that bitch is mine.

Dr. Wolf: You should have stayed where you were. It would have hurt less.
Shalimar: If I’m going down, I’m going down. But I’m gonna leave you something to remember me by.

Adam: You want to play around with mutant genetics, I’m the last person you want to play with.

Emma: I’m still happy I have my power. Because however painful it is sometimes, it’s nowhere near as painful as having to rely on trust.
Adam: Hard way to live your life, Emma. I mean, even with your power, I think you’re gonna have to take your chances sometime. You’ve gonna to trust somebody.
Emma: Well you can keep your trust. I’ll take the sure thing any day.

Jesse: She didn’t want to be a part of our world, Shal. But our world came after her anyway.
Shalimar: Well, I’ll tell you the minute life starts getting fair. You hang in there, okay?
Jesse: Yeah. There’s nowhere else to hang.

Body and Soul
Carla Reed: You’re advocating funding for a plethora of new gene manipulation technologies. Is is true that many of these genetic technologies have been assessed as potential threats by experts at the World Health Organization?
Dr. Dennis Malone: Experts arrested Galileo when he said that the earth traveled around the sun.
Carla: Isn’t it also true you’re recommending these grants be given mainly to your friends and former associates at the Genomex corporation?
Dr. Malone: Funding goes to people who are on the cutting edge. People who aren’t afraid to take chances.
Carla: Even if those chances threaten public safety?
Dr. Malone: I only advocate research which is conducted in a secure facility. Human comfort and human life are not at risk.
Carla: What assurances do the public have of this?
Bodyguard: I’m afraid we’re done here.

Adam: When I found out where his research was headed, I quit the team.
Shalimar: And where was it headed?
Adam: Human modification. I mean, it was his research that formed the basis for all the adjustments that Genomex perpetrated on you all.
Emma: Could you please not use the word 'adjustment'? It makes me feel like a skirt that's been hemmed.

Adam: That’s Mark Kearney. He’s a brilliant student who joined Malone’s team just before the whole thing fell apart.
Shalimar: When did they start packaging researchers like that?

Adam: Genomex may be gone, but what’s classified is still classified.

Mark Kearney: I should’ve known Adam would have turned Genomex’s mistakes into something good.
Shalimar: Well, as one of Genomex’s mistakes, I don’t know whether I should be insulted or complimented.
Mark: I’m sorry. I just never imagined that the dream of creating the perfect being could ever come true.

Adam: Great. Maybe we should just wear Mutant X tee-shirts.
Brennan: Oh, come on, Adam. What were we supposed to do, just let him take out your friend Mark, walk away and take someone else out?
Adam: I know. But we’ve got to shut this thing down without anybody else getting hurt. And preferably do it without getting ourselves exposure on national television.

Shalimar: Might be worth running it by Mark Kearney.
Adam: Yeah, I don’t know how cooperative he’s gonna be.
Shalimar: Well, unless I misread that look he gave me earlier, I think he’ll be plenty cooperative.
Adam: All right, we’ll go by Mark’s clinic. I’ll drop you off. Maybe you might be more successful if you go in alone.
Brennan: So is this picture all you’re planning on running past him?
Shalimar: Stop it.

Shalimar: You really do have a way with the ladies, don’t you?
Mark: As a lady, you’re better qualified to tell me.
Shalimar: You have a way.
Mark: Tell me you’re not here as a patient.
Shalimar: You wouldn’t want to treat me?
Mark: Well, if you were a patient, the code of ethics might get in the way of dinner.
Shalimar: Well, I’m not a patient.

Carla: What about the rumors that this research might have created people with superhuman abilities and powers?
Adam: Rumors? Look, in science we don’t work from rumors. I hope the news works the same way.

Brennan: Just 'cause his hands look clean, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Remember that.

Beverly: Hello, Adam. I hope you didn’t expect me to show up in that dreadful place with my allergies.

Shalimar: I guess I should have expected one of the Princes of Genomex to live like this.
Mark: I have the house, but that was somebody else. Another life.
Shalimar: Does that account for your job at the free clinic too? Kinda seems like you’re trying to make amends for something.
Mark: Are you planning to psychoanalyze me all night?
Shalimar: I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. I just want to help.
Mark: There are some things that when they’re done, you can never go back to. You’ve gotta move on.

Emma: When I hit him with the psionic blast, whoever it was almost left the body again. And then all I felt was this overpowering sadness. Like a ghost who envied all of us who were still living.

Jesse: I'll cover the reporter.
Emma: And I'll make sure he doesn't end up giving her an exclusive.

Emma: Yes, I do, believe me. I feel it. But killing these people isn’t gonna do anything to help.
Cyrus Payton: Yes, it will. It will finish it.

Shalimar: It’s over.
Mark: Is it?

Emma: How’s Mark?
Shalimar: Well, I think he’s gonna need some time.
Emma: And the two of you?
Shalimar: I think the last thing he needs is to be reminded of mutants and Genomex. That’s kind of me all over, isn’t it?

Brennan: Stay down!
Shalimar: That’s not my style; you know that.

Shalimar: Even with one leg I can still kick ass.
Adam: Listen, any stress on this leg, you could cause permanent damage. Now, you’re gonna be on your feet in a couple of days, till then, I want you to rest. I want you to take care of yourself.
Shalimar: Oh, great.
Adam: Ferals.
Shalimar: I heard that!

Emma: Adam, if you don’t mind my asking, why did you choose Shal over Nikki?
Adam: Well, it was difficult. It could have gone either way.
Emma: Spoken like a man trying to avoid the question.
Adam: Well, the truth is there’s always something wild and unpredictable about ferals, right? So in the beginning, I thought that Shalimar could learn to control it. I wasn’t so sure about Nikki.

Shalimar: What was it like, what were your parents like?
Nikki Rogers: Oh, well the people that Adam placed me with were great. But that only lasted for a few months until the agency found me a permanent family.
Shalimar: Yeah, what were they like?
Nikki: They were perfect.
Shalimar: You know, I was always kind of jealous. ‘Cause you got to do that whole normal teenage thing that I never got to do.
Nikki: Summer vacations, birthday parties, first dates, the whole nine yards. But you know, the thing that I remember most is that they always had this way of just making me feel special.
Shalimar: That’s nice.
Nikki: Every day with them was another gift.

Nikki: Wow. You’re amazing. How did you learn all this stuff?
Jesse: It’s not hard. I could teach you.
Nikki: I’m sure there’s a lot that you could teach me.

Brennan: You don’t follow directions real well, do you?
Nikki: Actually, I’m kinda like you, Brennan. I like to follow my own instincts.
Brennan: No, actually, that’s more like Shalimar. Look, when you’re under my watch, we work as a team. You stay here.
Nikki: You know, I get this feeling that you don’t like me very much, do you?
Brennan: You know, I don’t even know you.
Nikki: But I know Adam. And if he chose you, you must be good. Except you’re not like the others, you know.
Brennan: How you figure?
Nikki: You’re more street. You’re the one who knows what’s going through these guys’ heads right now.
Brennan: What’s going through these guys’ heads is simple. They want to get rid of this thing and get their money ASAP. And they’re scared, which makes them dangerous.
Nikki: Dangerous doesn’t bother me. I can be pretty dangerous myself.
Brennan: You know, I’ve heard quite a bit from you. So far, all I’ve seen is Shalimar being shot.
Nikki: If I hadn’t made a move, she’d be dead right now. You know that.
Brennan: You know what, maybe you’re right. Regardless, we work as a team. Everybody plays by the same rules, everybody goes home safe. You good with that?
Nikki: I’m all over it. Hey, I want to be a part of the team, here. I just want to do a good job.
Brennan: Well then, good. Stay here.

Dylan: Let me go.
Nikki: That’s where it gets a little complicated. You shouldn’t have done what you did to my friend.
Dylan: I didn’t do anything! You did it. You aimed the gun, you pulled the trigger.
Nikki: And that’s where it goes from complicated to tragic.
Dylan: What?
Nikki: See, if you hadn’t seen that, then I might have been able to let you live.

Brennan: She didn’t do half bad.
Jesse: Yeah, coming from you, that’s a ringing endorsement.
Brennan: Look, just the fact that she’s still breathing says something for her.
Jesse: Yeah, like she’s good, she’s strong, and we’re damn lucky to have her bringing up the rear.
Brennan: Yeah, something like that.

Nikki: I’ve never seen anyone die before. It was horrible.
Emma: Yeah, it always is the first time. For some of us, it doesn’t really get much better from there.

Brennan: Nikki was just giving us the name of the woman who stole the decelerator.
Nikki: Well, hey, don’t give me all the credit. I learned from the best.
Brennan: Oh, come on. Don’t sell yourself short. This is the second time that your instincts have saved our butts.
Shalimar: That’s great. And my jacket looks pretty good on you too.

Adam: See, this is what I was afraid of when you two first got together. That there’d be this natural territorial response between two ferals.
Shalimar: We’re not animals, Adam.
Adam: I know, I’m just saying that it’s hard for anybody to get past the responses that are hard-wired into our genetics.
Shalimar: No, it’s more than that, though. It’s more like instinct. You know, the way she’s moving in, and figuring out ways to get close to everybody.
Adam: Okay, but it’s natural for you to feel a little threatened.
Shalimar: I don’t feel threatened.
Adam: No?
Shalimar: Okay, maybe a little.

Shalimar: Whatcha working on?
Jesse: Making Nikki a comlink.
Shalimar: Look, Jess. I know you have a thing for her, but don’t you think you’re maybe going a bit overboard here?
Jesse: Wasn’t my idea.
Shalimar: No, I’m sure it wasn’t. Nikki’s always been very persuasive.
Jesse: It wasn’t Nikki. It was Adam. I think after today he just wanted to bring her up to speed so she wouldn’t get hurt.
Shalimar: Now that’s rich. What next, are we all gonna get together and redecorate her bedroom? Maybe she’d like my room. That might be easier.

Brennan: Hey, Shal. Have you seen–-Nikki?
Nikki: Disappointed?
Brennan: No, just from the back you looked like Shalimar.
Nikki: Really? I’ll take that as a compliment.

Shalimar: What is going on here?
Brennan: Nothing.
Shalimar: Stay out of this, Brennan. I think you’ve overstayed your welcome.
Nikki: I’m sorry?
Shalimar: No, I’m sorry. Time for you to get your things and get the hell out of here. You are wearing my clothes, in my room, trying to take over my life, now get out!

Shalimar: You gonna say something, Brennan, or are you just gonna stand there looking at me?
Brennan: How did you know it was me?
Shalimar: Well, I might not be the top feral around here anymore, but I can still sense you from a hundred feet away.
Brennan: Ah. So all those times that I snuck into Sanctuary late?
Shalimar: Busted.
Brennan: Great. So, you okay?
Shalimar: I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, maybe it’s like Adam said, and I’m on some feral territorial rant. Or maybe it’s my leg that’s got me down. But God, I look at her, and she’s faster, and she’s stronger, and she’s sexier.
Brennan: Shal, I don’t know about faster or stronger, but being a damn good job of sexy myself, she definitely has a long way to go before she ever catches up with you.

Nikki: You do this every day, Emma. I’ve spent my whole life just trying to pretend I don’t have these powers. Trying to fit in with the rest of the world, like I’m not some kind of a freak.
Emma: We all feel like that from time to time.
Nikki: Yeah, but you guys have each other. I never had anyone. And you know what, today was actually the first time in my entire life that I felt like I was a part of something. That I was someplace that I belonged. And for those few minutes, I actually felt good about myself.

Jesse: Any idea why Nikki’s got Shalimar so tweaked?
Brennan: Well, c’mon. Think about it, pal. What if you were laid up and we found another molecular that could mass and phase as good as you?
Jesse: Are you kidding me? I’d take a week off. Go to Mexico, find myself a little senorita.

Brennan: Well, they were definitely here.
Jesse: And recently. Pizza’s still fresh...I didn’t grab lunch.

Shalimar: I think she’s actually starting to believe that there’s a permanent home for her here with Mutant X.
Adam: Then she’s gonna be sorely disappointed. Okay, this is your home, okay? And there’s nothing that Nikki or anyone else is ever gonna do to change that. You’re so crazy.

Shalimar: Nikki, why are you doing this?
Nikki: Because you stole my life, Shalimar. You had a family that accepted you and loved you. The family that I should’ve had.
Shalimar: I never meant to hurt you!
Nikki: Do you really think that you can hide in the dark from me, Shalimar? We’re both ferals, remember?
Shalimar: You don’t want to do this.
Nikki: Oh, I sooo do. You have absolutely no idea what it was like to live with those monsters. What did they know about ferals? No, they thought I was some kind of a freak. The only way they could figure out how to deal with me was to beat me to death one day at a time.
Shalimar: Nikki, I had no idea.
Nikki: Oh, that’s okay, I took care of them. But don’t worry, sweetie. With you, I’ll makes sure it’s a lot more painful.

Shalimar: You know, I can’t help wondering how I would have turned out if it had been me instead of Nikki.
Adam: Nobody can withstand abuse like that and come out of it unscathed.
Shalimar: Guess I was lucky.

The Grift
Connor Dolan: Feds!
Brennan: Well, nice to see you’re not neglecting his education.

Emma: The last time I saw you, you bolted out of here without saying two words.
Brennan: All right, here’s two words for you: I’m sorry.

Connor: So is this where all the magic happened?
Brennan: Shut up.
Connor: No, really. How long has it been since you’ve seen each other?
Becky Dolan: Connor, why don’t you...I don’t know...go get some wood or something for a fire?
Connor: Ever since he showed up, you’ve been trying to get rid of me.
Becky: Oh yeah? Well, it’s only because you’re soooo annoying.
Brennan: Yeah. Listen to your mother. [Brennan starts a fire]
Connor: Woah, am I gonna get to do that?
Becky: Just because he can, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to.
Connor: I was just trying to ask my father some questions.
Brennan: Hey. If you were able to do it, you would have known by now.
Connor: Damn it.
Brennan: Watch your language!

Emma: She’s hot, it’s not hard to imagine why he fell so hard.
Shalimar: Yeah, I don’t think she’s so special.

Brennan: So, you in school?
Connor: You don’t have to act interested. Mom already told me you’re not into the whole father thing.
Brennan: Hey, wait a minute. I didn’t even know I was a father until today.
Connor: Yeah, whatever.
Brennan: Hey, kid! I’m just going at this whole thing blind just like you.
Connor: Fine, I’ll cut you some slack.
Brennan: Thanks. So is this where your mom hid the disk, or are you just scamming me for a free lunch?
Connor: It’ll cost you a burger and fries to find out.

Connor: They’re hot.
Brennan: Connor, get in the car.
Connor: Come on, tell me. Are they single?
Brennan: Connor, get in the car!

Connor: Fork over some cash. I’m hungry.
Brennan: What are you kidding me? Do you have a hollow leg?
Connor: I’m having a growth spurt!
Brennan: Here. Don’t eat the change.

Becky: Brennan, we had a deal.
Brennan: Yeah, that was before I saw what was on this disk.
Becky: That disk is not yours to give.
Brennan: Well, it’s not yours either. And I’m not giving you a choice.
Becky: Oh, you are exactly the same! You won’t play unless you get to call all the shots.

Jesse: Brennan’s just running a little late, that’s all.
Shalimar: No, he’s blowing us off. I can feel it.
Jesse: Oh, are you Emma now?
Shalimar: No, it goes deeper than that. He really likes that woman.
Jesse: You know, that woman does have a name.
Shalimar: Yeah, well I’ve got my own special name for her.
Jesse: Oh, meow.

Brennan: Is everything a game to you?! You can’t stop conning people, can you?
Becky: Look, I was a kid when I had him, Brennan. I had to survive. What did you expect me to do?
Brennan: Stop treating everyone in your life like an easy mark!
Becky: I never wanted anyone to get hurt, least of all you. You don’t understand how hard it is. I mean, just the two of us?
Brennan: You know, you’re sick, Becky.
Connor: Don’t talk to her like that!
Brennan: I’m sorry, Connor, okay? I’m really, really, sorry.
Connor: Just leave.

Adam: I’m trying to find a way to block the signals that control those things.
Brennan: Well, start flipping some damned switches!

Emma: Come on, crank it up a few notches. Let’s see him really sweat.
Adam: Well, as tempting as that sounds, I think in the long run, I’d rather see him fry.

Brennan: So your mom is gonna try to go straight, and I’m counting on you to make her keep that promise.
Connor: Is that my job?
Brennan: No, your job is to keep in touch with me. Cause whether you like it or not, I’m gonna be looking out for you.
Connor: You know you don’t have to do this.
Brennan: Why, 'cause you’re not my son? Like I said, I can’t help myself.

Becky: I’m sorry I messed up your life again.
Brennan: That’s okay. It seems to be what you do best.
Becky: Maybe it’s time I find something else I’m good at, huh?
Brennan: Yeah.
Becky: I want you to know that you were never a mark to me. You‘re the only person that I’ve ever trusted.

Brennan: For the longest time, I couldn’t even imagine being a father. Now, I can’t imagine not being one.
Jesse: Connor will be okay.
Brennan: Yeah. Yeah, he’s tough.
Shalimar: Just like you.

At Destiny's End
Emma: What are we doing, anyway? These guys aren’t criminals.
Jesse: Really? What do you call people who blow up private property?

Shalimar: Man, I’ll bet there’s a whole lineup of people waiting to get their hands on these guys once we take them down.
Emma: And if this were a sane world, they’d be lining up to take down the guys that own Wyckoff Chemicals. You know last year, they pumped over 12 million pounds of ethylene oxide into the environment?
Shalimar: Which is?
Jesse: Oh, right on the top of everyone’s hit list of cancer-causing chemicals. I agree, Emma.

Emma: Look, if this is about what happened at the chemical factory...
Adam: Well, yeah, it is. And you have to understand why I’d be concerned.
Emma: You or Brennan?

Shalimar: You may be able to fool everyone else, but not me.
Emma: In the chemical plant, when I reached out and tried to sense the thieves, I contacted one of their minds. He was in the same contact with me, and he was loving me.
Shalimar: What do you mean, he gave you a love hit? I mean, you can do that.
Emma: It was more than that. It was like he’d always known me and I’d always known him, like we were meant for each other. I know it sounds crazy, but think about it. People always talk about people who fall in love at first sight.
Shalimar: And he just happens to be a psycho terrorist.
Emma: Nothing’s ever easy, is it? I have to find him.
Shalimar: Emma, please don’t do this.
Emma: Adam thinks that I’m not thinking clearly, but I am. I’ll call if I find anything. [Jesse walks in] You heard.
Jesse: Yep.
Emma: You gonna try and stop me too?
Jesse: Thought you might need these.

Emma: You know, this is gonna sound like some cheesy line, but have we ever met before?
Tyler Ryan: A lot of people say that.
Emma: I don’t know what it is, but I feel like you know me. Like you can see right through me. Crazy, right?
Tyler: You’re coming on to me.
Emma: I haven’t decided yet.
Tyler: Yeah, you have. Everything’s already decided, we’re just waiting for it to happen.
Emma: Well, that sounds a little predictable.
Tyler: Not if you know what’s coming is everything you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

Shalimar: Down boys.
Jesse: Oooo, but if I wasn’t such a professional.
Brennan: Yeah, Mr. Professional.

Brennan: Any luck?
Jesse: Yeah. Five, six numbers so far.
Brennan: Don’t make me hurt you.

Skye: If you’re gonna hang with Tyler, you’ve gotta understand something. He’ll spend time with you now, but before you know it, he’s gonna come back to me, hunting down the next big wave or the next untouched mountain.

Jesse: You know, being a terrorist is one thing. But at least these guys could be neat.

Emma: I don’t see things like you do. But what I felt, it’s hard to describe. You know, it was like this immediate connection, as if for the first time in my life, I found someone who really understands what it’s like...
Tyler: To live your life every day knowing things that normal people don’t even consider. Someone who learned to shut out people around you just to keep your own sanity intact.
Emma: Someone you feel so safe with because you know he’s more like you than anyone else.

Adam: What the hell is she thinking?
Brennan: Well, not clearly would be at the top of my list.

Tyler: I meant what I said before.
Emma: And since when do words mean anything between people like us? Now I feel what’s behind them. Tyler, what were you trying to protect me from?
Tyler: From me, from Skye, from all of this.
Emma: But it’s too late. You know, I’m a part of it. I’m a part of you.

Brennan: I know you’re in love with the guy, and that has a funny way of turning people into believers.
Emma: Brennan, we’re empaths. There is no lying between us. His thoughts are my thoughts. I know him.
Brennan: Then where is he now?
Emma: He’s–he’s ending things with Skye, and then he’s meeting me here.
Brennan: Oh yeah? What time did he say he was gonna be here?
Emma: He’s just running late.
Brennan: Oh, yeah. Or you just don’t know him as well as you think you do.

Adam: Welcome back.
Emma: I never really left.

Emma: Since I’m the only one who knows he’s innocent, maybe I should just find him by myself.
Shalilmar: Hey. You know I can’t let you do that.
Emma: Look, Shal, I’m sorry. But there’s nothing else I can do.
Shalimar: What? [Emma blasts her]
Emma: Sorry.

Emma: Tyler knew what he was doing. He was trying to save me. This was the only way.
Brennan: Well, for what it’s worth, you were right. I mean, he did save all of us.
Jesse: Hey Emma, I am sorry. It must have been very hard for him to go through life always knowing what was going to happen.
Brennan: Yeah, fate’s a real bitch.
Emma: Fate is what brought Tyler and I together. You know, he realized that some things were meant to be. I guess us being together was a part of that.
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