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Mutant X Episode Quotes 213-222

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My favorite Mutant X quotes, with additions from princessbryn, belle_marie, ssgt_m_l_batt, and tptigger. Special thanks to kincsem and love_conquers for providing me with S1 and S3 DVDs to transcribe.

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Within These Walls
Shalimar: Do you think you could have picked anything a little more conspicuous?
Brennan: Come on, if someone’s gonna jack that prison truck, the last thing they’re gonna be expecting the backup to be driving is a vintage Cutlass, hm?
Shalimar: You know, that’s so dumb, it might actually be clever.
Brennan: I knew you’d eventually come around.

Shalimar: Who was that guy?
Brennan: I don’t know. Another couple of inches, he would’ve been the guy that killed me.

Brennan: Adam, when we go into a situation, we deserve to have some knowledge of the risk. Especially if you’re the one that’s sending us in. Then you have a responsibility to tell us.
Adam: Don’t lecture me about my responsibilities, okay? I’m sorry you got hurt. I intend to find out why certain information was withheld from us. But there are decisions that I make and will continue to make that are made for my reasons and at my discretion.
Brennan: Okay, so do it because I said so. Ah, you know what? That sounds an awful lot like the reasoning my stepfather used to use.

Jesse: There may be a whole slew of mutants that Genomex created that we know nothing about.
Emma: Well, that’s a comforting thought.

Adam: And when the burden of leadership falls on your shoulders, maybe you’ll come to understand that there are some decisions that you cannot make by committee and there is some information that has to stay private.
Brennan: Ah, so then you don’t trust us.
Adam: Yes, I do. There are other people who trust me with their confidences, and I keep them. Even if they don’t deserve it, like the woman in this case.

Brennan: What is with Adam and all of his secrets?
Shalimar: We all have secrets. In fact, I’ve been around when a few of yours have come back to bite you in the ass.
Brennan: Yeah, but the difference is, I don’t ask any of you to get involved in anything without knowing what the downside is.
Jesse: Brennan, half the people Adam uses as contacts don’t even officially exist. What’s the use of knowing who they are? You gonna send them a Christmas card?
Brennan: No, what I’m saying is I would feel better knowing what the deal is before walking into something.
Jesse: No, what you’re saying is that you can’t enjoy the ride unless you’re driving the bus.
Shalimar: Ouch.

Adam: Because you didn’t tell me what kind of a prisoner he was, one of my people almost got killed.
Christina: I didn’t think Maddox’s people were that good. That wasn’t supposed to happen.
Adam: Yeah, well it did. And because it did, I’m losing my team’s confidence.
Christina: You’ll survive, Adam. You always do.

Nick Maddox: You made me what I am. And then you tried to put me away ‘cause I did what came naturally.

Adam: Long as the doors hold, I think we should be good for a few days.
Christina: And who’s gonna find us in that time? If they’ve come this far, they’ve already taken out my backup.
Adam: My people will miss me, they’ll come looking.
Christina: Oh, so you told them where you were going?

Brennan: Check his personal terminal, see if there’s any communications left in the cache. You check the police records see if anything’s turned up on his vehicle.
Jesse: Nice. Adam’s only gone a few hours and you’re giving out orders.
Brennan: Just do it, okay?

Christina: It’s just everything with you is so clear-cut, so black and white. Good or evil.
Adam: Well, you know, maybe one of us has to know the difference.
Christina: Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s all about shades of grey.
Adam: I don’t want to get my head around a world like that. Where people, you know, pretend to be lovers. Where people warp the truth to get what they want.
Christina: You are still so pompous. It’s like you have a special relationship with the truth. It’s like you see it so clearly, but noone else has a clue. Well, I wouldn’t want to be on your team, Adam. ‘Cause with you, it’s not about teamwork. It’s about ego. And for all your idealism, it’s still a one-man show.

Brennan: Whoever Adam was trying to contact routed their communication through a third party, so it’s a dead end anyway.
Jesse: Or not.
Brennan: You know, just move on.
Jesse: Look, I mean, maybe this server had its own transmission history. Maybe it’s what Adam broke into. Either way, I’m pretty sure that I can complete the search from there. Therefore, dead end, not.
Brennan: Whatever. Let’s just stop wasting time yapping about it and just do it!

Shalimar: You can’t put the stress you’re feeling on the people who are trying to work with you. You want to take the lead on this one? You’ve got to show some confidence.
Brennan: Oh, what, so I have to keep everything all bottled up, like Adam does?
Shalimar: That’s the job, Brennan. That’s what he was trying to tell you.

Emma: Adam is brilliant enough if he really wanted to cover his tracks, we may never find him.
Jesse: Yeah, serves him right for never trusting anybody.
Brennan: That’s enough.
Jesse: Excuse me? Somebody here spent the entire morning in a screaming match with Adam about secrecy issues, right? Now who was that?
Brennan: You know what? That was before I knew he was in trouble.
Jesse: Trouble. Yeah, right. You see, just so I know, have I changed my opinion, or are we still allowed to think for ourselves in this new regime?
Emma: Jesse, would you just cut him some slack?
Jesse: Why? Who was it that decided that Brennan’s suddenly in charge of this whole operation? And why does he think that I’m not gonna think for myself anymore?
Emma: Just because Adam is gone, doesn’t mean that we can lose focus. If we want to find him, we have to do this together. You know, someone here has to call the shots. And if you don’t have a real problem with it, I suggest that we listen to Brennan.
Jesse: Fine, we’ll see how it goes.

Jesse: Well, even though I know it’s a dead end... *glare*’s kind of interesting. I can’t seem to find a single policy that this insurance company has underwritten.
Emma: Government?
Brennan: I don’t know, but whoever it is, they’re connected to the person who sent Adam on the mission to cover Maddox, so it’s worth checking out.
Jesse: He sounds so commanding when he says that, don’t you think? Oh, is the 'Fearless Leader' thing working for you, Sir?
Brennan: Well, you know, just 'Sir' would work out all right.

Adam: I have an idea, but it’s fairly radical. You trust me?
Christina: I don’t trust anyone.
Adam: This idea doesn’t have any gray areas, this is black and white. Live or die.
Christina: Just do it!

Jesse: Sir? Now might be a good time to say a little somethin’.

Jesse: Spooky.
Shalimar: Just be glad she’s on our side.

Adam: We wouldn’t be in this situation if you and your team hadn’t done what you did to Maddox.
Christina: We used the technology that was available. Same thing you were doing. Same thing you’re still doing with Mutant X.
Adam: Yeah, except you used it to create a killer.
Christina: An operative. The killing is something that came to him naturally.
Adam: Sure that would make a difference to the families of his victims.
Christina: You can’t talk. You’re the man who created Gabriel Ashlocke.
Adam: I was trying to help him.
Christina: No, you were feeding your ego. You were so wrapped up in patents and new discoveries that you didn’t see what was going on around you.
Adam: Well, I certainly didn’t see what was going on with you. You know, certainly took me long enough to realize what your so-called government job was all about.
Christina: You didn’t realize. I told you. And instead of working out something between us, you just ended it.
Adam: Well, what do you expect? You lied to me.
Christina: I didn’t lie. I just couldn’t tell you the truth. You know about secrets. About having things you can’t share with anyone else, especially those close to you.
Adam: All right, so we both had secrets. You know, maybe that’s why we got along.
Christina: Got along? I loved you.
Adam: What about you? Would you have left your agency to be with me?
Christina: We could have found a middle ground, Adam. That’s what people do.

Emma: You must have had friends as a kid.
Shalimar: I scared all my friends. I think it started when I made my ex-boyfriend eat his math textbook.
Emma: Yeah, that would probably do it.

Shalimar: If Brennan didn’t want to run things, I think Jesse would step up and insist that he did.
Emma: You know, I don’t know what Jesse would do with himself if he wasn’t swimming against the current. If that makes any sense at all.
Shalimar: Honey, it makes as much sense as anything does around here.

Adam: I always saw myself dying of old age. You know, with lots of friends and colleagues lined up to pay their respects. Of course, as it turns out, I don’t have any friends and colleagues except for Mutant X, and the way things are going, I’m not sure they’d show up. How about you? Did you ever think about this?
Christina: Gun fight. Foreign agents. Car chase. Pipe bomb under the seat. Something a little more active.
Adam: Drowning in a vault, that’s pretty active.

Jesse: No. I’m not going to apologize.
Emma: Come on, Jess. Now’s our chance.
Jesse: No.
Shalimar: Jess.
Jesse: What?
Shalimar: Tell him.
Brennan: Tell me what?
Emma: Come on, Jess. You can do it. Just say the words.
Jesse: Okay. Okay. I thought you did okay as an interim leader.
Shalimar: And...?
Jesse: And... I am sorry for giving you so much grief before. Sort of.
Brennan: Thanks. That’s a real vote of confidence. I think.

Adam: I realized something about myself in there. Which is that sometimes I hold back so that I can be the only one who sees all the cards. So that I can stay in control.
Brennan: Well, you gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?
Adam: No, I’m saying that’s wrong. If you guys share in the danger, you should share in the information.
Brennan: Glad you think that way, cause now you can explain to me who Christina is.
Adam: Some things remain a mystery. Even to me.

Christina: We can’t just pick up where we left off. We’re still the same people we were when we went in there.
Adam: Are we?
Christina: You know where to find me.

Hard Time
Jesse: You robbed banks, you stole cars, any crimes you didn’t commit?
Brennan: Uh, yeah. I didn’t wear docksiders and chinos to prep school every day.
Jesse: Funny.
Brennan: Look, I’m not proud of what we did, okay? At least we didn’t hurt anybody.
Jesse: Tell that to the people you robbed.
Brennan: No, physically, smartass.

Jesse: Jail changes people.
Brennan: What would you know about that?

Brennan: To survive in there, you blend in. You don’t get noticed. Personally, I don’t think you’re capable of doing it.
Adam: Guys, guys, guys.
Brennan: No, Adam, I’ve been to jail. I know what to expect. Hillview scares the hell out of me.
Jesse: So I’ll be there to watch your back.

Brennan: So you beginning to get the picture or what?
Jesse: Beware of boys with big sticks. That’s an easy rule to remember.

Jesse: What are you doing?
Brennan: Making sure you never screw up again. [Brennan shoots, Jesse phases] I knew you wouldn’t be able to handle it. Sick and tired of having to watch your back!
Jesse: Brennan, what?
Brennan: So much weaker after you use your powers. I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to look at your pathetic face anymore! You’re dead, Jess, you hear me? You’re dead!

Jesse: How much do you remember from when you were amped up?
Brennan: Not much. Everything’s all hazy like when you wake up from a dream.
Jesse: ‘Cause you said some things.
Brennan: I don’t remember saying anything. I’ll tell you what I do remember, though, man, you put up one hell of a fight. You can definitely hold your own in any situation. And I’m sorry, and I apologize for giving you all that attitude before.
Jesse: Ah, no you’re not.
Brennan: What?
Jesse: You’re not sorry. You gotta give me a hard time. That’s your job.
Brennan: Yeah, well.
Jesse: Hey, I forgive you.
Brennan: Thanks, man. Thanks for bringing me back, pal.
Jesse: Hey, forget about it. I look out for my friends.
Brennan: That’s a good thing.

Under the Cloak of War
Brennan: Man, I hate these things. A bunch or rich people standing around congratulating each other on how much better they are than everybody else.
Jesse: Oh, it’s a good thing the tailor left enough room for the chip on your shoulder.

Brennan: How much do you want to bet he takes her home tonight?
Jesse: No way.
Emma: Come on, Adam’s a man. And she is definitely a woman.
Brennan: Double or nothing they share breakfast in the morning.

Brennan: Just for the record, I don’t doubt your skills.
Shalimar: Yeah, well you could’ve fooled me.
Brennan: I’m just worried about you, that’s all.
Shalimar: That’s your problem, Brennan, not mine.

Bar Guy: I’ve been waiting for someone like you.
Shalimar: I bet you haven’t.

Brennan: Adam, you know I’m worried about her feelings. But more importantly, I’m worried about getting her back here in one piece.
Adam: What she needs right now is not your worry. What she needs is your support, the way a partner supports a partner.

Adam: He was one of these guys who believed in unrestricted research, no matter what the risk.
Emma: Well, that attitude could justify anything.
Adam: That’s right. And that’s exactly what he was doing. So we agreed to disagree and we left it at that.
Emma: Well, that’s a really good story. Now why don’t you tell me the real issue? ‘Cause I know there’s a lot more between you than just philosophical differences.
Adam: I’m sorry, did I forget to mention that I fell in love with his wife Lucy?
Emma: Yeah, I guess you did forget to mention that.

Shalimar: You think we’re alike?
Noel: I know we are. I’ve seen you fight, remember? For people like us, it’s not just violence. It’s a communication. It’s like poetry.
Shalimar: That’s a lot to pull from me pounding a few guys in a bar.
Noel: It tells me a lot about the kind of lover you want.
Shalimar: And what kind of lover am I?
Noel: You take no prisoners and you deserve the best.
Shalimar: And you know what the best is?
Noel: I do. It’s someone who appreciates everything about you, everything you bring to the table. And who will let you go as far as you can.
Shalimar: You know somebody who might fit that bill?
Noel: You know, I just might.

Noel: It will be someone who doesn’t expect it. Someone who doesn’t deserve it. Someone who doesn’t even suspect that there are people like us out there.
Shalimar: And what are people like us?
Noel: People who enjoy it.

Jesse: Well, it’s a good thing my timing is impeccable.
Brennan: Yeah. Lucky this time.
Jesse: Lucky? Why is it that when you take chances they’re called calculated risks?
Brennan: Well, ‘cause I do the calculations.

Benjamin McTeague Jr.: I’m almost surprised you haven’t asked about my mother.
Adam: How is she?
Ben: Dead.
Adam: She was a very wonderful woman. I’m very sorry to hear that.
Ben: Yeah, but not so sorry that you ever inquired after her.

Brennan: Hey! You just didn’t deserve her.

Brennan: Yeah, I was overprotective. But I never underestimated you.
Shalimar: You know you can’t just go through the roof with worry every time I go out on a mission.
Brennan: Yeah, I know, okay? I mean, I know you could probably take me to pieces if you wanted to.
Shalimar: Obviously.
Brennan: You know, I was were in there with him. What if you never came back? To us, you know, the team.
Shalimar: And what would that be like? For the team.
Brennan: Well, I don’t know what we’d do without you.
Shalimar: That’s nice.

Once Around
Brennan: There’s an honor among thieves, you know? I mean, you never roll over on anyone. Ever.

Vic Collaruso: He’s like the Wizard of freaking Oz.
Brennan: Well guess what, Toto. It’s time to take your ass back to Kansas!

Vic: You got a thing for me, don’t you?
Shalimar: What?
Vic: Don’t be embarrassed. I noticed back at the hotel.
Shalimar: What?
Vic: It’s okay. I have that effect on a lot of women, all right? It’s my cross to bear, it’s my curse. I’m sorry, this guy is spoken for.
Brennan: What? You have a girlfriend?
Vic: Don’t look so shocked, okay? There’s a lot about Vic you don’t know.
Shalimar: Well, that’s great. Does Vic know how to take a seat?
Vic: Yeah, okay. Excuse me, though, Miss? You got a bag of peanuts? Pretzels, maybe?

Vic: See, Claudia, she didn’t care about the cars, and the money, or the lifestyle. All she really cared about was me. You know, it’s kinda like The Godfather III, only in reverse. Instead of pulling me back in, she was pulling me out.
Shalimar: She sounds pretty special.
Vic: Yeah. In the movie, I see her played by a Julia Roberts. If it’s a tv movie, Justine Bateman.

Sam Raymond: See that photograph by the edge of the bed? Pick it up.
Martin: Boss, you’re freaking me out.

Shalimar: Take a seat!
Vic: Forget that! I’d rather grow wings!
Shalimar: Will you calm down?
Vic: I can’t! I wo– [Shal hits him]
Brennan: Thank you.
Jesse: Hit him again!

Brennan: Don’t tell me you’re gonna try and defend him.
Shalimar: Look, honey, I think if you had a romantic bone in your body, you might see that he took off after her because he really loves her.
Brennan: Okay, you know what? I guess I don’t have a romantic bone in my body.

Vic: You guys want to know why I ran.
Brennan: We know exactly why you ran. Because you’re a selfish, pathetic little man who only cares about himself.
Vic: Woah, that’s not true.
Shalimar: Yeah, right. The whole time you were running, you were actually thinking about us.
Vic: I’m sorry I took off, okay? I thought maybe if Claudia and I could get far enough away, they’d give up on us.
Brennan: Yeah, and then Raymond goes free.
Vic: Look, I never signed up for this hero thing, okay? It’s not who I am.
Brennan: Well, thanks for shattering that image for me.

Emma: You okay?
Vic!Jesse: Are you kidding, hot stuff? It was a cakewalk!
Emma: You can stop that now.

Vic: Guys, I don’t know what to say.
Shalimar: Goodbye would be good.

Emma: Haven’t you ever thought of just running away from it all?
Jesse: I don’t know. Have you?
Emma: I don’t know. The idea of living the simple life somewhere in suburbia is kind of appealing sometimes.
Jesse: Suburbia, huh? Maybe for about a week until the boredom set in.
Emma: Yeah, well after the last couple of days we’ve had, boring isn’t such a bad thing.
Jesse: Come on, Emma. I know you. You thrive under pressure. We’re just not like that. And sooner or later, that little slice of heaven’s gonna turn into hell.
Emma: Yeah, and what makes you think Vic’s gonna fare any better?
Jesse: Vic’s different. Vic’s gonna get exactly what he wants. Vic’s gonna spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves.
Emma: I knew there was a part of the equation I was envious of.

Brennan: I spent a lifetime being let down by people I thought were my friends. I learned early on that loyalty was everything. That’s why when I did work the streets, I tended to work alone.
Shalimar: Felt like you couldn’t trust anybody.
Brennan: Nope. No, you see I’m very loyal. And all I expect is the same in return.
Shalimar: Hey Bren, what if it was me thrown in some prison for some crime and you were put in a life or death position to turn on me. What would you do?
Brennan: What? Like you even need to ask. I’d roll over on you like an old dog.
Shalimar: You would not!
Brennan: Yeah, I would. You’d be so done, you’d be crispy.

Final Judgement
Adam: It’s been so long, I almost forgot how to contact you.
Marsden: You never forget anything. That’s the source of your power.

Shalimar: Think he’s gonna be okay?
Emma: Yeah, he’s Adam. No matter what’s happening to him, he’s still got his mind and his will. And that means he has resources other people wouldn’t even dream of.

Janet Nicholls: You’re accused of manipulating the DNA of over one thousand human beings. Of attempting to create a master race of super powered mutants with which you plan to shift the balance world power for your own ends.
Adam: Shift the balance–wait, are you serious?
Janet: The prosecution intends to prove that you not only inflicted your victims with pain and suffering, but that the mutants you created have wreaked havoc on society.
Adam: That’s absurd! Who’s bringing these charges, the government?
Janet: Mr. Kane, this is an impartial body. A case doesn’t come this far unless it has been fully researched.
Adam: You mean, unless it’s been fully decided already that I’m guilty. Now tell me something, are you even going to pretend to mount a defense for me?
Janet: That’s the job I’ve been given.
Adam: The job you’ve been given? My life is in your hands!
Janet: I am aware of that.
Adam: All right, look. My entire scientific career has been dedicated to helping people. And the people that I work with are not dangerous mutants. They’re human beings. They are heroes who risk their lives every day trying to help people.
Janet: That’s good. That passion, that forthright quality, you’re gonna need all of that and more. Because once you get into that room, you should be aware that there is likely not going to be one person rooting for you to be innocent.

Adam: This is some kind of neural imager, isn’t it? Where did you get this? I invented this technology.
Warren: I realize that your arrogance makes it difficult for you to believe that there’s anyone else creating things in the world of science, but it is true.

John Warren: Somewhere along the line, Adam Kane became a monster. He is personally responsible for the creation of a seemingly endless stream of deadly monstrosities.
Adam: I fixed the genetic flaws that were killing those children.
Warren: You fixed them? You fixed them. Who did you fix? Did you fix Michael Ward? Is he one of your crowning achievements? June 29th of this year, the location a national park upstate.
Adam: I had nothing to do with Michael Ward!
Warren: Your technology created him. And when your mistake was about to become public, you and your mutant army destroyed him. Tell me. How many other mistakes have you made? Why don’t you show us how you fixed Lorna Templeton. That’s impressive. But his most terrible creation was the first. The one known as Patient Zero, Gabriel Ashlocke. Enlighten us, Adam. Show us how your monster traveled back through time to brutally murder his own parents. You see, Ashlocke was a killer’s killer. He was more powerful than all the rest and completely insane. And I’m told damage was caused by mutants who fell under Ashlocke’s mental domination. Even then, when you realized that he didn’t fit in with your twisted plans, you had him destroyed. All of this in the name of science. Or was it simply a string of terrible crimes that mankind need never have seen? A confession would make things easier. Otherwise, as you know, we have much more to see.

Adam: You know, as a defense attorney, you leave something to be desired.
Janet: And what do you expect? I can’t exactly argue with images from your own memory.
Adam: They’ve taken them out of context! Whoever’s trying to destroy me has orchestrated this. They’ve taken specific dates, specific times, they’ve fed them to Warren to make me look as bad as possible.
Janet: We witnessed the abominations.
Adam: Look, there are many people living productive lives out there who wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for me!
Janet: Okay, and what about the crimes committed by your mutants?
Adam: My mutants. You make it sound like they’re my science project. They’re human beings; they have free will. I am not responsible for their moral choices! You have to believe me about this! But see, it doesn’t make any difference if you believe me or not, because the whole trial is a setup, isn’t it? All right, but tell me something. Did you go to law school? Did you believe in justice? I mean, isn’t that why you went to law school? How can you divorce what you’re doing here from what you actually believe in? See, you’re a good person. I don’t think you can.
Janet: When I was offered this position, it was to be a part of ridding the world of our worst nightmares.
Adam: Janet, our worst nightmares are running this trial. And doesn’t the possibility of that scare the hell out of you?

Marsden: You don’t think I’ve survived 40 years to be threatened by a bunch of made-to-order superkids?

Adam: What could I possibly tell you that would alter the outcome of this trial? Now, I could tell you that what you have seen today has not been the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s been half-truths. That images from my life have been deliberately taken out of context by the prosecution to portray me as some sort of a criminal, as a terrorist, and my teammates as some sort of genetic monsters. I will tell you this: that the genetic therapies I performed at Genomex saved hundreds of lives. And I will tell you that I made mistakes, and that some of my patients developed extraordinary abilities that I could never have forseen and that these abilities have complicated their lives. But I will also tell you that if this had been a real trial, and I were allowed to really defend myself, and you invite those patients here and you would hear the vast majority of them say thank you for what I have done, which is to defend them against the forces that would exploit or eradicate them.
Warren: Objection. Conjecture.
Judge: Mr. Kane, you will confine yourself to the facts.
Adam: The so-called government forces that the prosecution says that I tampered with, that I battled with, that was the Genetic Security Agency. It’s a rogue agency whose job it was to hunt down, to torture and to murder these specially gifted human beings.
Warren: Objection.
Janet: Let the man speak!
Adam: All right, there’s another fact. The team of brave young people that I work with, called Mutant X, have saved hundreds of their lives. But you were not allowed to see those images today because the prosecution chose not to show Your Honors those images. Now why is that? Well, because this trial is a joke, right? It’s a sham, and I still don’t know why. Is it really about some sort of an elaborate revenge that is orchestrated against me by enemies whose names I am not allowed to know? But I will tell you this. That I am extremely proud of what my teammates and I have accomplished. And that I face whatever verdict you send down with something you justices may never again enjoy: a conscience which is clear.

Judge: Mr. Kane, prepare yourself for execution.
Adam: If you can contact my friends, let them know they were in my final thoughts.

Adam: Who. Set. Me. Up.

Emma: I can’t believe he’s still out there.
Adam: He’s out there, all right. And he was able to tell Warren everything we’d done, minute by minute, since we last saw him.
Brennan: You think his organization is still intact?
Adam: Well, he didn’t accomplish that alone.
Jesse: So what are we gonna do? Just wait for him to make another move?
Shalimar: I say we hunt that psychopath down and put him away for good.
Brennan: He was in a pod, I thought that was already done.
Adam: Well, should’ve known the pod wouldn’t hold him. Now we all have to face the grim fact, our worst enemy is out there again. He’s not gonna rest till we’re all dead.

Emma: I saw his whole life right along with him. His friends, his family, his wife, and then the strangest sensations like the taste of chocolate and the smell of his wife’s hair.
Brennan: That’s intense.
Emma: It’s wild how fast it can all be gone.

Jesse: I’ll say this for you, you don’t give up easy.
Shalimar: I don’t give up period.
Jesse: Shalimar, you’re making yourself crazy. Fear of fire is primal for ferals.
Shalimar: Thanks for your vote of confidence.
Jesse: That’s not what I’m saying. You’ve got nothing to prove.
Shalimar: Can’t let my fear conquer me. I can get over this.
Jesse: You’re the bravest person I know. But maybe you should just accept your weakness and move on.
Shalimar: Sorry, not ready to do that just yet.

Emma: When I was a kid, my mom was involved in the occult and spiritualism. Though I don’t think she ever encountered anything other than her own imagination.
Brennan: Yeah, but we’re talking about you here.
Emma: She didn’t know about my abilities yet. One day she was doing a seance, calling up the spirit of some young girl, and I was in the next room, playing a game. Suddenly, there’s this little girl in the room with me, she sat down we started playing. She had on this old fashioned dress and shoes with buttons down the side.
Brennan: Let me guess, she was dead.
Emma: She came to me, instead of my mom and her friends.
Brennan: So what are you saying, that Ray has come back to play with you?
Emma: I think he has.

Emma: You know how he used to say that he had an angel on his shoulder?
Lisa Larkin: That was always his parting line.
Emma: That angel was you. Goodbye, Lisa.
Lisa: Goodbye, Ray.

Adam: Emma, I know you can hear me.
Ray Larkin!Emma: Emma’s not here right now.

Jesse: What makes you think this guy’s gonna strike again?
Brennan: Because Emma's on the trail. She’s figured it out, and now she’s planning to take him down on her own.
Shalimar: Why would Emma do that?
Brennan: Emma wouldn’t! Ray’s taken over.
Shalimar: Okay. I don’t know about you guys, but I am sufficiently creeped out.

Emma: Shal, how did you? How did...
Shalimar: I don’t know. I guess my fear of losing you was stronger than my fear of the fire.

One Step Closer
Shalimar: You and Adam are a lot more alike than either one of you would care to admit.
Brennan: Shal, Adam’s not the one whose body is falling apart.
Shalimar: He’s on it. You can’t lose faith.
Brennan: That’s easy for you to say, standing in your shoes.
Shalimar: Hey, you know what? I know you’re hurting right now, so I’m gonna let that one go. But let me make one thing perfectly clear. If this is about your mutation taking another step, then it is about me. It’s about all of us, and you know what? I still have faith.

Jesse: Maybe what’s happening to Brennan was supposed to happen. Maybe his accident wasn’t an accident at all, but was just a natural progression of his mutation.
Emma: No, that’s not true.
Jesse: Come on. None of us want anything bad to happen to Brennan. God, he’s closer than my own family. But we are all continuing to mutate, and sooner or later that mutation’s gonna go out of control.
Emma: You don’t know that.
Jesse: You’re right, I don’t know that. But maybe I’m right. Maybe we’re like a comet or lightning bolt that burns brightest right before we die.
Emma: Brennan is not dying.
Jesse: I hope to God you’re right. But right now, Adam doesn’t have the answers, which means that nobody does, and that’s scaring me.

Jesse: What does it mean for the rest of us, Adam?
Adam: All right, look, I know that you’re all worried that your powers are mutating. But right now there is no reason to think that any of you are in any danger.
Emma: Yet.
Adam: I am not gonna give up here. I am gonna find a way to stabilize Brennan and I am gonna make sure that nothing bad happens to any of you. You just have to trust me.
Brennan: I could have killed Jess. I could have killed any of us.
Adam: Believe me, I am gonna do everything in my power to make sure that that doesn’t happen. See, I know you’re all thinking about Gabriel Ashlocke. You’re all wondering whether you’re gonna self-destruct like he did, right?
Brennan: Why don’t you look me in the eye and tell me that’s not gonna happen?
Adam: Ashlocke’s genes were at the point of ripping themselves apart. Your genes are highly unstable, but I believe that that is a result of a reamping of your power. And I have to find a way to allow you to control it.
Brennan: So what if you don’t? Do we all just go up like a big bang?
Adam: All right, Brennan? Right now you have to learn how to control your emotions because I believe that that is triggering the problem.
Brennan: Adam, do you have any idea how it feels like to walk around like a living time bomb? To know that at any second I could explode and kill Shalimar, Jesse, you, anyone? I walk around with these thoughts in my head every single day and you want me to control my emotions? Are you out of your mind?

Brennan: I fought for you and what you stood for. But what you did to us? Adam, I accepted my fate. I made it my own. But you lied to us. I’m not doing it your way anymore.
Adam: Listen, I can help you. I just don’t want to put you in any more danger. Now why can’t you understand that? I am not gonna let you die.
Brennan: It’s too late! Okay, I’m sorry. I’ve got something I’ve got to do.
Adam: Anything you do you put yourself in danger, do you understand that?
Brennan: You know, the reality is, Adam? I got nothing to lose.

Shalimar: That is by far the dumbest move you have ever made.
Brennan: Is he dead?
Shalimar: No, we’ll bring him with us.
Brennan: Bring him where?
Shalimar: Back to Sanctuary, Brennan. Back to Adam. And I’m not asking you to come with me, I’m telling you. Look, I know you’re scared. We all are. I don’t care about that anymore. What I do care about is you..
Brennan: I’m sorry.
Shalimar: At least you’re consistent. Did he tell you where Megan is?
Brennan: Yeah. He told me everything.
Shalimar: Fill me in on the way. Let Adam take care of you, Brennan. He says he has a fix and you have to try it. Whatever he works out for you might just save all of us.

Shalimar: What was that you strapped to his chest?
Jesse: Oh, hell if I know. Some adhesive tape and old computer parts.

Adam: The truth is, I can’t even predict which one of you is gonna be the next to mutate out of control, much less how I’m gonna treat it.
Brennan: That’s gotta make you feel pretty helpless.
Adam: Yeah, it does. Okay? Because I’m supposed to be the guy with all the answers, and I don’t have them. And until I do, I can’t rest until I know exactly what makes you all tick.
Brennan: And hopefully what keeps us ticking.
Adam: Yeah, that too.

Brennan: Hope I’m not shocking your Chakra.
Emma: Come on in.
Brennan: So I just wanted to come by and tell you that I thought you were pretty terrific last night.
Emma: Are you sure you don’t have that the other way around?
Brennan: Emma, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now.
Emma: I doubt that very much.
Brennan: Please. You saved my life, and I will never forget it. Why did you do it? I mean, you had no idea what could have happened. You could have died.
Emma: Look, it’s not like I have a choice, Brennan. I mean, we’re all in the same boat. What do you think you would have done if it was my powers spinning out of control? Run and hide?
Jesse: If that was an option. It’s not our style.
Shalimar: No, we stick together till the bitter end.
Brennan: All right, so let me ask you all a question. Which one of you actually thought that I was buying my last ticket out of here?
Jesse: You kidding? That never crossed our mind, man.
Emma: Yeah, we knew you’d bounce back.
Shalimar: Never doubted if for a minute.
Brennan: Hm, really? Man, you guys are lousy liars.

Reality Check
Emma: You know, I still can’t believe we got access to Rydell so easily.
Adam: Well, I’d like to think it was their knowledge of my specialty in dealing with exotic medical problems. But I think it has more to do with the fact that I funded the hospital’s new MRI machine last month.
Emma: Nice. And here I was worried to ask for a raise.

Jesse: Turns out our man Rydell had just finished giving a lecture at a scientific conference at Bower University three hours before he disappeared.
Shalimar: You’re telling us he was abducted by scientists?

Brennan: I’ve always wanted to go to a party at the embassy.
Shalimar: Well, let’s hope they remember to count the silverware afterwards.

Adam: Emma, I know you’re afraid. But you might be surprised at what you can do.

Brennan: All right, keep your eye out for the trade commissioner. According to Adam, he’s got a serious eye for the ladies.
Shalimar: Well, I assume that’s why I was the one wearing this dress.
Brennan: Trust me, you in that dress is always a good idea.
Shalimar: Hey Bren, Novatny 2:00. Ready for action?
Brennan: Yeah. Just remember, if you do get him alone, don’t get too far out of my sight.
Shalimar: Had to say that, didn’t you? When we were doing so well here.
Brennan: What’s that supposed to mean?
Shalimar: I could have taken out the security of this entire embassy. I don’t need you to play daddy.

Shalimar: What’s down that way?
Prime Minister Novatny: That’s where we keep the secrets. Can you keep a secret?
Shalimar: Not really.

Jesse: I thought you would have learned by now not to try to win arguments with women, especially not Shalimar.
Brennan: This isn’t about an argument. This is about Shalimar playing as part of the team.
Jesse: Really? Some private conversation I’ve been missing here?

Shalimar: You don’t want to help us. You’ve been trying to capture us, all mutants and put us into pods.
Mason!Levak: That’s what Adam had you think. But all this time it was me trying to help you. He’s the one who’s been manipulating you from the start.
Shalimar: No. You’re lying.
Mason!Levak: All this time, he’s been using you all to service his own selfish needs. And to create the perfect mutant. Why do you think all of your powers are continuing to mutate? Each day bringing you closer and closer to your own demise.
Shalimar: No, he’s coming up with a cure for that.
Mason!Levak: He’s the one causing it.
Shalimar: No, that can’t be.
Mason!Levak: Shalimar, you know it’s true. Why do you think they’ve all turned against you? I’m trying to protect you, but you have to help me. We can’t let Adam win. Not now, not ever.

Shalimar: Who are you gonna pretend to be next, my mother? My first grade teacher? I hated that bitch!

Brennan: Shalimar, it’s me! What are you doing?
Shalimar: How many times do I have to kill you for you to stay dead?

Adam: Even with Ivanov’s mind control, I don’t think he’d be able to break her completely.
Levak Ivanov: Then you underestimate my power, Mr. Kane. She’s gone. But it’s a shame, really. All this time I was trying to get her to lead me to you, when it seems I had it the other way around. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, don’t you think?
Adam: You’re sick.
Levak: Oh, to crawl inside your head. Your secrets will bring in a hefty price, Dr. Kane.
Emma: You first.

Emma: You’re not real.
Levak: No? I’m as real as anything else in your mind, and I’m much more dangerous. You were stupid to pit your mind against mine.
Emma: Are you sure you don’t have that the other way around? You know you should really learn to stay out of other people’s minds.
Levak: Nice trick. I’ll pry it out of you along with the rest of your secrets.
Emma: There are things I can do that I haven’t even shown my partners. And it really doesn’t matter that you’re gonna see, because you won’t be able to tell anybody.

Adam: Ivanov has been locked up in a state mental facility. I don’t think he’ll be getting into anybody else’s head very soon.
Emma: Yeah, well, with the blast I sent him, he’ll be lucky if he can ever remember his own name.
Adam: You don’t have to enjoy it so much.
Emma: Look, he was the predator, and then he was the prey. He doesn’t deserve any sympathy. If that makes me cruel, then so be it. So how’s Shalimar holding up?
Adam: Well, physically, she’s normal. Psychologically, you know Shalimar, she says she’s fine.
Emma: Well, she’s never been one to let her guard down. I’m sure now more than ever.
Adam: Yeah, well, it’s gonna take some time for these scars to heal.
Emma: No, they’re not gonna heal. She’s just gonna learn to deal with it.

Brennan: Well, we all know you’ve got a wild side, right? That’s what we all love about you. Just seems like lately it’s gotten a whole lot wilder.
Shalimar: I guess. Can you deal with that?
Brennan: Well, like you said, I guess I don’t have much of a choice, do I? Don’t forget where home is.
Shalimar: I won’t forget.

Adam: How’s the Helix?
Jesse: Oh, it’s fine. For use in every climate except the one we’re going to. Adam, you know we should test the Helix for use in extremely cold weather before we go.
Adam: No, it’s gonna be fine. Don’t worry.
Jesse: I’ll consider that a great comfort when the turbines freeze and we plummet into the Atlantic.

Shalimar: See the way she reacted to that video?
Brennan: Yeah, I saw.
Shalimar: Ever known her instincts to be wrong?

Emma: What is that?
Dr. Louise Koby: Pretty loud, I know. It’s the sound of the ice closing in around the ship. But don’t worry, these freighters can withstand anything. You’ll get used to it.
Emma: I doubt it.

Shalimar: Plan on doing this alone?
Louise: Look, I know none of you signed up for this...
Shalimar: Oh, we are way past that talk.

Jesse: Would you please stop that? It’s a little distracting.
Emma: I can’t help it.
Jesse: How about giving yourself a little telempathic hit of tranquility?
Emma: I wish, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.
Jesse: Then how about giving me a little hit of patience, cause I’m just about to snap here!

Emma: You want fear? Come and get me.

Jesse: Adam, you think the world will ever see that thing again?
Adam: Well, it will be a couple of thousand years of global warming before that glacier melts, and hopefully by that time, people will have evolved enough to be able to handle whatever the protocanth can throw at them.
Emma: They’ll never be able to deal with it. It’ll get free and it will keep killing.
Adam: We don’t know that.
Emma: I know it.
Adam: Look, Emma, I know that you connected with this thing on some--
Emma: I knew, and you should have trusted me.
Adam: We will next time.
Emma: Yeah. Well, next time, I won’t give you a choice.

Lest He Become
Brennan: No, we should have taken them, Shal.
Shalimar: Were you unconscious when he was beating the crap out of the rest of us?

Shalimar: See, the guy with the telekinetic punch, I mean, that’s similar to some of the other brain-based stuff we’ve seen. But the guy that ties people into his pain centers, I mean, that’s a whole other deal.
Adam: I agree.
Jesse: He said that when they made him, they made him with his pain centers permanently on. Adam, that’s just freakin’ sick.
Shalimar: Well, who knows how to do that?
Adam: All right, look, obviously I was not the only scientist out there dealing with genetic research. We’ve got someone out there playing around, trying to crack the genetic code. If he succeeds, then, you know, dealing with these made-to-order mutants will be the least of our problems.
Brennan: What are you saying?
Adam: I’m saying he could create a superplague. He could send a genetic ripple through an entire population as easy as choosing flavors of an ice cream cone.

Brennan: Look, if someone is messing around with human genetics at this level, there can’t be more than a handful of people who could do it. He knows every one of them.
Shalimar: Yeah, and he’ll tell us when he figures it out.
Brennan: No, as usual, he’ll tell us when he feels like it. Shal, you’re way too supportive. I hope he deserves it.

Shalimar: Let me tell you a little story about a kid 10 years old. Different from her friends. Different from her parents. Stronger, faster, and a whole lot wilder. And because those parents didn’t see her fitting in, instead of loving her for what she was, they threw her into a psychiatric institution. Can you imagine being 10 years old and scared out of your mind in a place like that? They pumped me full of enough Thorazine to put ten kids under, but it didn’t work on me. So when they found they couldn’t sedate me, they turned to beatings to keep me down. Three or four grown men laying into a little kid.
Jesse: Your parents must have known something was wrong, Shal.
Shalimar: Yeah, my father knew. He told them to keep it up. Whatever it took to make me normal. But what they didn’t know, was that my powers were still growing. And then one night when the orderlies came for me, I was ready. I showed them what it was like to be really scared. That was the night I ran. So when you’re asking me to reconnect with my loving father, that’s what I’d be going back to.
Adam: Shalimar.
Shalimar: Adam, until you came and found me, I didn’t have a father. Please don’t make me do this.

Brennan: I’m not making excuses for the guy, okay? But people change. Maybe he is interested in making things right.
Shalimar: Yeah, well if that were the case, he would already stopped breathing.

Nicholas Fox: Shalimar? I can hardly believe it.
Shalimar: I look different out of a straight jacket, don’t I?

Adam: Once I’ve reconstructed the search, I can confirm the names of the people that the killers are looking for.
Emma: Confirm? So you have some idea who they’re looking for.
Adam: No, I didn’t mean confirm.
Emma: Are you okay?
Adam: Yeah, I’m okay. I just, you know, I wanna find the people before the killers do.
Emma: What do you want me to do? Pretend that I believe you?
Adam: I want you to stay out of my head. You’re not invited.

Shalimar: Surprised you haven’t moved into genetic research. You know, modified grains, that sort of thing.
Nicholas: That’s a science that betrayed me once. I have no interest in giving it another chance.

Nicholas: But you’re okay? I mean after what that bastard did to you.
Shalimar: Who?
Nichloas: The doctor from Genomex. Adam Kane. You were too young to understand, but I found out a lot of things about him afterwards.
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Nicholas: It’s not important now. He’s water under the bridge.

Shalimar: Look, I’ve told you guys before, I don’t think my father is involved.
Jesse: Shalimar, it’s a hell of a time to develop a set of family values.
Brennan: You know what, Jess? Why don’t you pour yourself a big glass of shut the hell up!

Emma: So what the hell is your name doing on a list of people needed by somebody manufacturing mutants?
Adam: My name is on a lot of lists.
Emma: That’s not the right answer, Adam.
Adam: It’s the only answer available right now.

Brennan: Did you get any kind of a strange hit off Adam back there?
Emma: Look, if I sense something from someone, it’s like a priest hearing a confession. I can’t talk about it.
Brennan: Okay, Emma, it’s good to have morals, but you gotta know when to cut them loose.

Emma: She’s going through what we all go through. Adam is more of a father to me than my own father was. All of you guys are my family. But sometimes I wish that my mom had done the right thing, you know? That she had been there to worry about me instead of going off on whatever new age kick was popular at the time. But I mean sometimes, I still think about looking her up.
Brennan: So why haven’t you?
Emma: Because when you can see into someone’s soul, you don’t have the same illusions that other people do. You want to believe that people can change, but they don’t. Shalimar has to realize that.

Rucker: Nowhere to run?
Emma: Guess not.

Adam: Eckhart is attempting to do selective mutation from a specific blueprint, but he doesn’t have the required DNA to perfect the process. The samples that he’s collecting will allow him to do that.
Brennan: How do you know all this?
Adam: It’s not important how I know it. What’s important is that we get in there, we get him. We shut his operation down as quickly as possible. So I’m gonna ready the Helix for immediate takeoff, and then you four are going in.
Emma: No.
Brennan: Wait, Emma, what are you doing?
Emma: You were right, Brennan. There’s a point where you have to go past your usual moral code. Now I’ve understood what’s been going on for a long time, and I think the rest of you deserve to know too.
Adam: Emma. Stop it.
Emma: I could make you talk, Adam. But you’re gonna do it yourself. So tell them about the third name on the list. Tell them what it all means.
Adam: All right, so you want to know how Eckhart got the blueprint for making mutants? He got it from me.
Jesse: What?
Adam: After I realized the genetic mutations that my therapies were causing, I stopped using them to treat people. But I couldn’t just throw that information away, so I gathered specific genetic samples, including my own DNA, and I experimented on selected mutations in secret.
Shalimar: Yours was the third name on the list?
Adam: He needs my DNA to complete my work. He wants to recreate it.
Shalimar: That’s what my dad was trying to tell me. You’re no better than Eckhart.
Adam: I was on the verge of cracking the genetic code. The possibilities for humanity? They were limitless.
Brennan: So you were just in it for the knowledge? Oh, must be hard to go back to being plain ol’ Adam Kane after playing God for so long.
Adam: All right, look, I knew nobody should have this information. It was too dangerous for anyone to have. So what did I do? I stopped my experiments. I encrypted information. I took it out of Genomex as quickly as I could.
Shalimar: You can’t hide anything from Eckhart. You should know that.
Brennan: For all we know, you wanted him to have it.
Adam: What does that mean?
Brennan: I don’t know, okay? All I know is we’re having a hard time believing anything that’s coming out of your mouth right now.
Adam: Wait, wait. Where’re you going?
Shalimar: To Naxcon. I’m gonna get my father away from Eckhart before he gets in too deep.
Adam: Shalimar, it’s too late for that.
Shalimar: I spent all these years hating him. Thinking you were my family. And now it turns out he might be the only one telling me the truth.

Brennan: You keep your eyes open.
Shalimar: I thought I had my eyes open. I was looking right at Adam and I didn’t see him at all.
Brennan: Yeah, I know. All I’m saying is just make sure. You know, before you go putting your faith in someone else.
Shalimar: Thanks. I can always count on you, can’t I?
Brennan: Always.

Nicholas: Eckhart came to me, yes. He offered me money for my business. But he offered me a chance to get you back.
Shalimar: What?
Nicholas: The way you were. Before Adam Kane changed you. He’s working on a cure.
Shalimar: There is no cure. It’s not a disease! I am what I am, and I like what I am. Can’t you understand that? And I would have liked myself a whole lot sooner if I thought for one moment that you and mom liked me too.
Nicholas: But we loved you! Do you know what it was like watching the pain you were in? Losing control of your anger, your fear. What did you want me to feel, Shalimar?
Shalimar: You were supposed to treat me like a daughter. Not like some kind of freak.
Brennan: You know, this man that you put your trust in is a murderer. You know that he’s killed hundreds of people?
Nicholas: He said you would say that. It’s for the best, Shalimar. You’ll see.

Mason: Hello, Adam. Have you missed me?
Adam: You’re looking more like your old self, Mason.
Mason: Feeling like a million bucks. It’s amazing what a new hairstyle can do for one.

Emma: Where do you think you’re going?
Adam: Well, you should know. You seem to know everything else.
Emma: Look, Adam, I didn’t want it to happen this way.
Adam: None of us did.

Jesse: It took me 28 years to find someone to believe in, Adam. I’m not just gonna throw that away.

Mason: Adam. It’s been a long time. Of course, being in the pod made it seem even longer.
Adam: How’d you get out?
Mason: You don’t think I’d devise a trap without a back door for me to wriggle out? Six months in, any pod that I hadn’t coded the locks on was automatically reopened.
Adam: I was hoping that you’d have used some of that time to think about all of the damage that you’d done.
Mason: Beautiful. As sanctimonious as ever. Actually, I did use my time for thinking. I thought a lot about you and what I planned to do when I got out.
Adam: How long have you had my files?
Mason: I had your files as soon as you saved them. But it took my people until just a few months ago to break the encryption. You always were the best. And now your brilliance and your DNA will change the world in a way you never had the courage to.
Adam: It wasn’t about courage. It was about the fact that there are some things that people shouldn’t try to control.
Mason: Adam, I thought you’d understood. Destroying disease. Creating a race of perfect humans. Turning on genes to make people live forever. These are dreams that people like you live for. Thanks to your research and your DNA, I’ll be father to a whole new race.
Nicholas: What’s going on? That’s not the agreement. You can’t do it. I won’t let you.
Mason: I’ll keep my end of the bargain. Your daughter will be returned to you cured, as soon as I get what I want.
Adam: What about your friends here? What have you given them besides a lot of pain? All he’s given you is a life that’s gonna end very soon.
Silva: What is he talking about?
Adam: Why do you think he needs my DNA? He needs it to perfect the process of mutation because you’re just rough drafts. I mean, that’s why your friend died. That’s why you’re gonna die. What, you forgot to tell them this, Eckhart?
Mason: That’s enough. I need the samples. Take him.
Adam: I don’t think so. This is an electromagnetic pulse generator. This is strong enough to fry every piece of electronic equipment in this building.
Mason: Really, Adam? It showed up on the sensors the moment you walked through the front door. And that’s when it was rendered unworkable. When are you going to learn that I really am a step ahead?

Silva: Lady, you are about to have the worst day of your life.
Emma: I don’t think so. It’s hard to share pain that you don’t feel, isn’t it?

Mason: You idiot! What did you do?
Nicholas: I opened up the steam valves. I released the pressure. It’s all about to go up!
Mason: You always have to screw things up, don’t you Adam?
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