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My favorite Mutant X quotes, with additions from princessbryn, belle_marie, ssgt_m_l_batt, and tptigger. Special thanks to kincsem and love_conquers for providing me with S1 and S3 DVDs to transcribe.

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Into the Moonless Night
Shalimar: I remember when we took this one. Emma had only been here a couple of months. We were picnicking on the mountain. Said it was the best day of her life. She touched my mind, shared it with me. She only shared the good stuff; kept the pain to herself....sorry.
Brennan: Sorry for what? For feeling? Shal, we just lost one of our best friends. If you weren’t ready to break down right now, I would think there was something wrong with you.
Shalimar: What are we going to do without her?
Brennan: I don’t know. It’ll just take time to get past this, you know? And then we’ll figure out where to go from there.
Shalimar: I miss her so much.
Brennan: I know.

Brennan: Who could have done something like this?
Mason: How soon I’m forgotten.

Mason: My immune system was destroyed years ago, my entire body melting down at the genetic rate. This synthetic dermal casing that I’ve worn is all that’s kept me alive. And unfortunately, it was breached in the escape from Naxcon.
Brennan: What do you want from us?
Mason: All of Adam’s research on how to treat my condition. And you’ll get your friend back, hopefully still alive.
Shalimar: If you harm Adam in any way, I am gonna rip you limb for limb.
Mason: That’s what I like to hear. The opening salvo in a negotiation.

Lexa: Wow, you guys give up easy, don't you?

Lexa: Can we consider the introductions made and just get on with it?
Jesse: What is the 'it' that you want?
Lexa: What is the 'it' that I want? I want to be back having dinner with a delectable painter named Marco on the Italian Riviera. But unfortunately, I was called back here. See, Adam Kane’s disappearance has worried a number of powerful people, and they asked me to become involved in his return.
Shalimar: Why you?
Lexa: Because I have a unique understanding of the situation. Also Adam and I have a special relationship.
Brennan: Bull. We’ve never even heard of you.
Lexa: And that means?
Shalimar: We’d know.
Lexa: If you knew Adam as well as you say you do, you’d know he doesn’t share all the information with only one person.
Jesse: Why should we believe any of this?
Lexa: You want to get into Adam’s files? You’d have a better chance if you knew his password. My name: LEXA.

Lexa: Adam always kept stuff around for a late night snack.
Brennan: Well, you sure made yourself at home pretty quickly.
Lexa: This was my home. For 2 years.
Shalimar: You lived here?
Lexa: Yep. I was Mutant X 1.0. Or I was supposed to be. I figured somewhere along the way that I wasn’t a joiner. Look, guys. I don’t know how much Adam told you about what he was doing, why he was doing it. But there are people out there that Adam answered to.
Shalimar: Adam worked for people?
Lexa: In a way. See, Adam was the fuse to a genetic time bomb, and there were some powerful people out there who decided it had to be put out. They realized the only one who could do that was Adam himself. So they gave him funds, access to information, and Home Sweet Home.
Brennan: Yeah. Don’t try to tell me that some people in your world actually care about somebody else.
Lexa: Adam made a deal. He wanted to escape Genomex and the GSA. You know, certain parties actually believe that he may have made a deal to slip their tether as well.
Brennan: Yeah, and you still work for these people?
Lexa: I work for myself, Stud Muffin. But you see, sometimes my goals and theirs coincide.
Shalimar: And what are your goals?
Lexa: I said I’m on your side. That’s all you need to know.
Shalimar: Why should we believe you?
Lexa: Because if I wasn’t, you wouldn’t still be alive.

Jesse: According to this, Eckhart might have been telling the truth. I mean, the later experiments were actually successful. They reversed the damage to his immune system.
Shalimar: Why didn’t we know about this?
Jesse: There’s more. Adam was working on this all along.
Shalimar: You’re saying he was actually trying to help Eckhart?!
Jesse: Well, I mean that’s the way it looks, but I don’t know. Maybe he was trying to save it as a bargaining chip for the future. Who knows?
Brennan: Yeah, a future they’d be dividing up in some way.
Jesse: What’s going on with you?
Brennan: Dominant selection, okay? Who lives and who dies. That's the only power these people are interested in. I say we sit on this information.
Jesse: What about Adam?
Brennan: There’s no guarantee that Eckhart even has Adam, okay? And if he does, who’s to say that he’s going to turn Adam over once we hand him that research? The more that we learn about Adam and Eckhart’s relationship the more it stinks. It used to seem like they were so different, right? They weren’t. One way or another they have the same agenda.
Shalimar: We know Adam’s agenda. Better living through controlling disease. Is that so bad?
Brennan: Shal, where have you been the last two years? Any time you mess with human genes, you open Pandora’s Box. If Eckhart manages to save himself, he is going to be harder to stop than ever. The whole world will suffer.

Shalimar: Stare at me any harder, you’re gonna burn a hole in my head.

Brennan: Where’s Adam?
Mason: Where is Adam? Belief is a fascinating thing, isn’t it? Belief that I would live to crush Adam Kane is all that sustained me, imprisoned in my pod all those months. And belief that your mentor is still alive has convinced you to bring me my salvation. But in this case, neither of these two conflicting beliefs can be borne out as truth.
Brennan: I won’t ask you again.
Mason: Alas, I was denied the pleasure of destroying Adam with my own hands.
Shalimar: You’re lying.
Mason: Adam’s comlink was retrieved from his lifeless body. He was lying on the shore charred beyond all recognition.

Mason: When are you going to learn there's nothing you have I can't possess?

Shalimar: Eckhart got what he wanted. Adam’s dead, he doesn’t need us anymore. Maybe that’s the end of it.
Lexa: Don’t believe it. You guys better fasten your seat belts. 'Cause once Eckhart’s back in business, Genomex, the GSA, all of it will seem like summer camp in comparison.
Shalimar: Yeah? What’s changed?
Lexa: You’ve been lucky. There are others who weren’t so lucky. Little party favor from Eckhart’s people.
Brennan: Yeah, I’m done. It’s high time that I stop making Eckhart my problem.
Jesse: What is that supposed to mean, Brennan?
Brennan: I didn’t sign up for this crap, Jess. And I’m damn sure not gonna stick around and end up being somebody’s lab rat.
Lexa: Really? And what do you think Adam was doing with you all these years, huh? Layers and layers, Brennan. You’re still just scratching the surface of what’s really going on.
Brennan: I don’t want to hear about, and I don’t want to be a part of it.
Lexa: There is no option.
Brennan: You know, I spent a lot of years living on the street before I knew anything about Adam and this whole mess he created. I can easily do it again.
Jesse: Okay, lets not get spun out here. We still have a mission.
Brennan: What mission? Living like fugitives in this hunk of rock? Running around risking our lives every single day for a world full of people that want us dead if they knew we existed?
Lexa: Well, you can’t walk away from this Brennan.
Brennan: Watch me. To hell with you, and those people who you work for.

Brennan: Shal, I may not have been such a good guy before I joined Mutant X, but at least I always picked a mark who probably deserved it. Right now we have no idea what we’ve been fighting for, or for who.
Shalimar: We know who. It was for Adam.
Brennan: Oh, Adam? Yeah, the guy who messed around with our DNA and lied to us all these years? We have no clue who he really was or what he was really trying to do. Look, I just need to think, okay?
Shalimar: Look, I understand you giving up on Adam. But don’t give up on me and Jess.
Brennan: Never.

Lexa: You worry me.
Jesse: Why? 'Cause I’m not in your face like the others?
Lexa: Something like that.
Jesse: You’re gonna join Mutant X, huh? We could use someone like you.
Lexa: Little word of advice. Don’t let people in too easy. It’s a good way to get yourself killed.
Jesse: So Adam was a mad scientist, huh?
Lexa: Sometimes people let their obsessions drive them to do more harm than good.
Jesse: Is that why you left him? Didn’t trust him anymore?
Lexa: Maybe.
Jesse: Whatever Adam is, he taught me good ideas. Ideas that I’m still gonna fight for.
Lexa: Another idealist.

Mason: Silva, if this procedure is not successful, kill them all.
Silva: And if it is successful?
Mason: Kill them anyway.

The Voice: We’ve decided you should remain.
Lexa: That wasn’t the deal.
The Voice: This is an opportunity for you Miss Pierce. Remember, we can help you locate the people you’re seeking, or we can just as easily obstruct your search forever. Think about it.
Jesse: Well, well, well. What’s it gonna be? Not so easy being a tourist sometimes, is it? You could end up native.
Lexa: Do you always listen in on people’s private calls?
Jesse: When my friend’s fate is at stake, oh yeah.

Mason: Fully grounded, Mr. Mulwray. When we have guests, we do think of everything.
Brennan: What the hell do you want from me?
Mason: Everything I want includes everything Adam had, and that includes everything he cheated me out of. I want Sanctuary and its information.
Brennan: You’re insane. You want Sanctuary? Start looking.
Mason: Why, when I have you to help? Mr. Mulwray, Mutant X is dead. Sanctuary is just where you say now. Now that’s the frustrating thing about Mutant X. It’s not really dead until it’s really dead. Mr. Silva, I want the location of Sanctuary, access codes, entry points, everything.
Brennan: Let me guess. We can do this fast or we can do this slow.
Silva: No. I only do slow.

Brennan: You expect me to talk?
Eckhart: No, Mr. Mulwray. I expect you to die.

Jesse: The bartender called Trade Broker Bruce International. There’s no address. Out of business two years.
Lexa: They were an old GSA front company. The only thing they broker is information on mutant activity.
Shalimar: And how do you know that?
Lexa: I used worked for the GSA. Oh, don’t worry, it was another life. I’ve had a few of them.

Mason: Listen, Mulwray. Without Adam, you’re like lost children. I can give you purpose. I know what he was doing to you. I can help. Brennan, Adam wouldn’t have wanted this.
Brennan: Adam’s dead!
Mason: Come on Brennan. You will not defeat me!

Brennan: He had to be stopped.

Shalimar: We’re having the dedication now for Adam and Emma, are you coming?
Lexa: Oh, I don’t think so. This is your time.
Shalimar: I thought you and Adam had a relationship.
Lexa: I know you don’t like me being here. You’re a feral, you want to protect your turf.
Shalimar: I’d sense if you were a threat. I don’t fear you. I just don’t think I like you in my home.
Lexa: Look, whether we like it or not, we’re in this together.

Wages of Sin
Lexa: My contacts tell me someone's developed a new genetically engineered weapon and they're looking to hook it up with a buyer tonight.
Brennan: Well, maybe they're wrong.
Lexa: Never.
Brennan: Well, if they know everything about everything, then why are we out here running their errands?
Lexa: Because they're the ones paying the bills for Mutant X, Brennan.

Shalimar: You have a lot to learn about hunting, Brennan. This is the best part. The anticipation, the stillness, waiting for your prey to show itself.

Lexa: We're no closer to whoever created this stuff than we were last night.
Brennan: Yeah, I'll bet you would've done better if you had been there.
Lexa: Well, I couldn't have done worse.

Eduardo Cruz: I like a strong woman.
Shalimar: You don't know the half of it.

The Tiger: The pictures don't do me justice.
Lexa: Yeah. You're a lot uglier in person.
The Tiger: I think I'm going to enjoy killing you.
Lexa: You already missed your chance.

Brennan: Find out where he went?
Lexa: Hell, I don't even know how he got away.
Brennan: Nice work.
Lexa: One for you.

The Voice: Be careful, Lexa. Don't get in over your head.
Lexa: I was born there.

Brennan: Is this what your contacts want?
Lexa: It's what I'm telling you we're doing.
Brennan: Oh, and I'll bet you're used to getting your way, aren't you? [Lexa kisses him] Well...what was that for?
Lexa: I just wanted to get that out of the way. Now you won't have to wonder what it'd be like. And you won't have to think it'll ever happen again. Stay out of my way, Brennan.

Lexa: I'll call a clean up team.
Shalimar: A clean up team?
Lexa: You don't want to know.
Shalimar: Or you don't want to tell me.
Lexa: You're catching on. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that what I'm doing, I need to do it alone, all right?
Shalimar: Knock yourself out. [Lexa tries in vain to move the body by herself] That's what I thought.

Lexa: Dammit, Brennan, I told you to stay out of this!
Brennan: Can we argue about this later?

Brennan: That's all I got!
Shalimar: You're not 18 anymore, are ya?

Brennan: You switched containers, right?
Shalimar: Yeah.
Jesse: Well, there might've been a little--
Shalimar: Shut up, Jess.
Lexa: What? A little what?
Shalimar: I got the right one.

Shalimar: Told you I was right.
Jesse: Never doubted you. Really.

Jesse: So who is Dominique? I think we deserve to know.
Lexa: Maybe it's just a myth. But they say she holds the power to life and death. That she controls an army of half-human monstrosities. That she gained her knowledge from a demon lover.
Jesse: That's good. That's what they say. What do you say?
Lexa: That she knows more about genetic engineering than anybody else.

The Breed
Lexa: They want us to answer that distress signal.
Brennan: Wait, wait. Hold on here. Plague exterminator? Not in my job description.

Jesse: All we're asking for is entry.
Major General Kline: You're in no position to ask me what I had for breakfast, let alone break my quarantine.

Jesse: I'd pay good money to get a look at your Rolodex.
Lexa: That's what all the boys say.

Lexa: Well, one of us is going to have to stay behind. [all look at Jesse]
Jesse: No, no, no, no, no, absolutely not. We're outnumbered in there as it is!
Brennan: Then one less won't make much difference.

Shalimar: That smell. It’s like rotting infected flesh or something.
Lexa: Now there’s a reason I’m glad I’m not feral.

Jesse: Maybe I could take a look at those schematics just to make sure.
Major General Kline: The fence specs are classified. Your team took a big risk going in there.
Jesse: That's what we do.
Kline: What makes them think they can succeed where our resources have failed?
Jesse: Let's just say we have some pretty unique resources of our own.
Kline: Such as?
Jesse: That's classified.

Peter: That's what this parasite's like. Turned my own flesh and blood into something I was afraid of. Can you imagine what that's like?
Lexa: Actually, I can.

[Jesse hacks into the US SOC database]
Jesse: Under 10 minutes. Sometimes I am just freakin' good. All right, let's see what you've got for me... No. No. Oh, I'm gonnna bookmark you for later...

Shalimar: Let's go!
Brennan: It's not safe for you to be around me anymore.
Shalimar: I trust you.
Brennan: I don't!

Dr. Vincent Arrigo: I'm not a monster. I thought I could find a cure for her. I didn't know that it would get out.
Lexa: Rationalizations are a beautiful thing, aren't they?
Dr. Arrigo: I had no choice. This discovery could change the face of war. It would make this country invincible.
Lexa: What, by infecting people in someone else's country?
Dr. Arrigo: Just think of the lives we would be saving here.
Lexa: Why don't you think about the people you killed today? This isn't about saving lives for you. It's about going down in the history books, isn't it?
Dr. Arrigo: What're you going to do?
Lexa: I should give you to those things out there and let them have their way with you.

Shalimar: Well, maybe these guys will learn. Mess with Mother Nature, she messes back.
Brennan: Yeah. Wonder how long we're gonna have to pay for it.

Where Evil Dwells
Brennan: Don't you think we're in over our heads here? I mean, c'mon, shouldn't we let the cops handle this?
Shalimar: And tell them what? She's a mutant? She can see through the eyes of a killer? Look, she's one of us, and that makes it our problem too.

Shalimar: You know, ever since Adam introduced us, you've always been kind of an inspiration to me. I don't know, I guess I never really thought it was possible for one of us to lead a normal life, you know.
Andrea Marshall: Shalimar, finding a place in society is more about accepting yourself than looking for them to accept us.

Lee Marker: Shalimar. Sham liar.
Shalimar: What?
Lee: An anagram. There's often truth to the puzzles. Are you like her? The others talk and talk, but she gets inside you. It's intimate.
Andrea Marshall: She's here to observe.
Lee: I'm sure.

Shalimar: You know, I've learned a few things about psionics. When you spend enough time in other people's heads, you start to take on the problems of the whole world. You feel everybody's pain and you feel responsible for everything.
Andrea Marshall: I don't have a martyr complex.
Shalimar: I didn't say you did. I'm just saying it's an occupational hazard.

Lee Marker: Shalimar, you're just my type. We could have so much fun together.
Shalimar: I don't think you'd like my kind of fun.

Lexa: I told you, I'm fine.
Jesse: Yeah. Well, take a deep breath and blow. So, what happened?
Brennan: He played us.
Andrea Marshall: No, that's not possible.
Brennan: Listen, he knows that you dig around in his head. All he did was plant the location and then give his partner the heads-up.
Andrea: It doesn't work that way.
Lexa: Tell that to my black lung.

Lee Marker: Now that's a nice trick. It's like fast food delivery.

Lee Marker: I knew you'd come back.
Shalimar: You don't know anything about me.
Lee: Girls like you, you think you're tough. But all flesh cuts.
Shalimar: Including yours.

Lee Marker: Very good.
Andrea Marshall: I had an excellent teacher.

The Taking of Crows
Milo: I remember the nights when you used to close this place.
Lexa: Ah. Yeah, that was before you started watering down the drinks.

Girl: So what do you do?
Jesse: I tend to...phase from one thing to the next.

Jesse: This is an advanced genetics lab. We've got one of these in--
Dr. Marcus: Sanctuary. Yes, I know.
Jesse: How?
Dr. Marcus: Adam Kane gave me the money for this lab. I think because I acted as his conscience all these years.
Jesse: I don't must be good.
Dr. Marcus: Yes. Of good mind.

Jesse: I hate it when people lie to me.

Brennan: Where'd you learn to speak Italian?
Jesse: There's a lot you don't know about me, Brennan.

Lexa: My contacts are lining me up for the next prison transfer.
Brennan: What? So we're DEA now?
Lexa: Brennan, I could've killed someone last night. If this drug goes wide, there's not telling how many innocent lives are at stake.
Brennan: Is that it, or are you just looking to get your hands on her for revenge?
Lexa: Whether you like it or not, I'm going in.
Shalimar: I'm going with you.
Lexa: That's okay, I've got it covered.
Shalimar: I wasn't asking.

Brennan: Ladies, listen. This ain't Mayberry. These backwoods lockups? They tend to be some pretty serious kickass places.
Lexa: Don't you worry, then. 'Cause I'm good and ready to kick some ass.

Matron: What the hell is that?
Lexa: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Matron: Try me.
Lexa: Okay. I spent some time in a genetic laboratory where an egomaniacal freak tried to rewire my nervous system to turn me into a robot killer.
Matron: I'm watching you, sweet pea. Now finish getting dressed.
Lexa: See, people say they want the truth, but they never really mean it, do they?

Brennan: You're really worried about her, aren't you?
Jesse: Of course. She's dying, Brennan. What, aren't you?
Brennan: Yeah. Just that, you know, I've never seen you act this way before. Are you sure you don't have a thing for her?
Jesse: Brennan, take a look around you. We haven't exactly had the greatest track record recently. It'd be really nice to go just a couple of days without one of us dying, you know?
Brennan: Still didn't answer the question.

Brennan: I think I've found Sara's partner. Hector Friemark. He's also the mutant she was hanging around with in her Genomex days.
Jesse: Wow.
Brennan: What? You think you're the only one that knows how to work a computer?

Dr. Sara Stanton: Who sent you? Adam Kane?
Lexa: He's dead.
Dr. Sara: That's good to hear. He completely ruined my career.
Lexa: Yeah, I met him a few times. I knew he couldn't be trusted. He always seemed to have a hidden agenda of some sort.
Dr. Sara: Yeah, that's Adam. Genomex had me develop this drug to eliminate mutants in case it got to the point that they couldn't contain them.
Lexa: Wait a minute. Adam knew about this?
Dr. Sara: He was deep in the company. Yeah, he knew.

Matron: One more time. Where are they?
Shalimar: Well, you could try Riker's Island. I hear the food's better.

Brennan: Women in prison? My specialty.

Brennan: Hey, feeling any better?
Shalimar: It's amazing how you take for granted the little things. You know, like showering alone?
Brennan: Well, you know, if you miss the company...
Shalimar: You wish.

Jesse: Hey, heard the good news.
Lexa: Thanks to you. You took quite the risk.
Jesse: Goes with the territory.
Lexa: For you, maybe. I guess I'm wired differently. I suppose that's why I've learned to keep people at an arm's length.
Jesse: That sounds like a really sad way to go through life.
Lexa: Yeah, well personal feelings tend to get in the way. It's all about survival.
Jesse: If it wasn't for personal feelings, you wouldn't be standing here right now. You know that.
Lexa: Yeah.
Jesse: And how does that figure into your equation?
Lexa: I don't know. I guess I'm still trying to figure that out.

Shadows of Darkness
Brennan: Someone called me. They need my help.
Lexa: Who?
Brennan: Dr. Palance, an old psychiatrist friend of mine.
Lexa: Wow, I'm impressed. I think it's high time you started to deal with your inadequacies.
Brennan: Very funny. Back in high school I had a choice between juvie and court-appointed therapy. Dr. Palance was the first person I told about my new mutant ability. He's the head of the psych department at St. Pastor's.
Lexa: What? St. Pastor's? Someone I know spent some time there.

Dr. Victor Palance: No matter how many times we repaint, the words always bleed through.
Lexa: Ever think of hanging a picture?

Shalimar: So are they still at that place?
Jesse: Yeah. Shal, what's up with you and psychiatric hospitals? You act like you'd rather walk into a wall of fire.
Shalimar: Yeah, well if you'd spent half the time I did in the place my father threw me, you'd probably feel the same way. Just the thought of setting foot in a place like that just makes my palms sweat. Crazy, huh?
Jesse: No, not really. Lots of people are nosocomophobic. An intense fear of hospitals.
Shalimar: You're kidding. You spent the night in a chat room talking to people about panic disorders, didn't you?
Jesse: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Nurse Campbell: Aren't you a brave boy. Haven't you heard? Strange things have been happening around this place.
Brennan: Yeah, I guess it's a good thing I don't scare easily.
Nurse Campbell: I see that.

Brennan: I never should have left Dr. Palance alone. None of this would have happened.
Lexa: You really care about him, don't you?
Brennan: I was really messed up back in high school. I was headed down a really bad path. He was the first person that really gave a damn about me.

Jesse: What I don't understand is, if Johnny didn't die in the fire, then what's he been doing with his life?
Shalimar: Maybe he never left the hospital. I mean, think about it. It's all he knows. In a sick way, that's home.
Jesse: Yeah, but all this time, hiding in the shadows...
Shalimar: Any hint of threat, he goes into ghost mode. Scares away any intruders.
Jesse: Until now. With the hospital reopening, he must think it's all starting up all over again.
Shalimar: That's what this is all about for him, shutting them down. And I'll bet I knew who put the flowers on Johnny's grave.

Dr. Victor Palance: I am not a vindictive person. But I don’t think there will ever be any true justice here.
Lexa: Well, I AM a vindictive person. And if it were up to me, I’d pump her sorry ass so full of cortisol, it’d make her hair turn white. But that’s me.

Sandy Fetko: He’s not a bad person, you know. He’s just...he's just broken.
Shalimar: I think we’re all a little broken from time to time.

The Hand of God
Brennan: I thought that thermal scanner of yours could pick up heartburn in a chipmunk.
Jesse: It can. Maybe the guy we're looking for has been laying off the chili peppers.

Lexa: My contacts tell me our target is vital.
Shalimar: Well, maybe if your contacts had told us a little bit more about this guy, maybe we'd be able to make that decision ourselves.
Lexa: And guess why they didn't tell you?
Jesse: Well now, while we're on the subject, who are they?
Lexa: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. What difference does it make? [Brennan turns the Helix around] What are you doing?!
Brennan: Let's try that again, Lex.

Lexa: For the past few hundred years, they've been working behind the scenes, policing abuses of science. They call themselves The Dominion.
Jesse: The same guys who sent Galileo to the guillotine?
Lexa: No, they don't hate science. Just its misuse. I mean, they've stopped disasters that could've killed the world 20 times over.
Shalimar: Like what?
Lexa: Threats from science you've never even heard of. See, Adam and Genomex, they're just one of their interests.
Jesse: Like this guy we're chasing today, huh?
Lexa: Exactly. So we bag him and leave him in the delivery slot.
Shalimar: Without knowing why?
Lexa: Look, you know what I know. He's a supermutant who's got apocalypse now in the woods with his own cult. The point is, he's dangerous, and he has to be stopped.

Brennan: Dammit! My stick is locked!

Lexa: Brennan, no one could have survived that fall.
Brennan: You don't know that. She's one of the toughest people I know.
Lexa: That may be so, but she can't fly.

Brennan: We should go this way.
Lexa: Hey, where's the GPS?
Brennan: It's gone.
Lexa: How gone?
Brennan: Very gone.

Lexa: Let's go. We've got to catch up.
Brennan: Why the sudden change in attitude? Excited about finding Shalimar or just about your mission?
Lexa: Maybe they're one and the same.

Lexa: Brennan, you're going to have to make a choice when we get there.
Brennan: What choice?
Lexa: Shalimar's not focused.
Brennan: You know, maybe you should have fallen out of the plane.

Kristoff: Burke was a traitor.
Shalimar: I don't believe that. He saved my life and you murdered him.
Kristoff: I saved your life.
Shalimar: You killed him with what you took from me. That's on my head.
Kristoff: Who are you to question my decisions?
Shalimar: Whe you healed me, I thought we had a connection.
Kristoff: We do.
Shalimar: What you did makes me sick.
Kristoff: Should I have let you die?
Shalimar: I would never have chosen to kill Burke so that I could live.
Kristoff: You didn't have to choose. But I did. I can give the gift of life. If I decide to withold it, that's killing too. Because I can choose, I must choose. You think that's easy? My whole life, people have been trying to use my power. My parents tried to use my gift in a side show ministry; doctors tried to exploit me to make fortunes. Unitl I escaped, I spent three years trapped in a private clinic. To test the limits of my abilities, they would torture subjects to the point of death and make me save them. To save one is to condemn another. They'd make me pass it on so I could do it all over again the next day.
Shalimar: I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Kristoff: When I escaped, I swore that I would never let anybody use my power ever again. If I'm to be cursed with this gift, I'll be the one who decides who lives and who dies.

Shalimar: It's not safe for you here. I want you to come with me.
Kristoff: Why? So your side can use me instead of someone else's?
Shalimar: We wouldn't do that to you.
Kristoff: You wouldn't mean to. But you would.

Carl: I just knew you were trouble.
Shalimar: Only you didn't know how much.

Kristoff: Burke was telling the truth. You murdered him!
Carl: No. You murdered him. Just because you've got this damn trick you can do does not give you the right to decide who lives and who dies. No matter what you might think, you are not a god.

Shalimar: Kristoff, my friend's dying.
Kristoff: Yeah? What do you want me to do about it?
Shalimar: Can you save him?
Kristoff: See? You're just like the others. Take the pain from me and mine and give it to someone else.
Shalimar: Save him and give it to me.
Kristoff: You're ready to die for him?
Shalimar: Yeah.

Shalimar: Kristoff. Now give it to me.
Kristoff: It ends here.

Lexa: For a minute there, it looked like I'd gotten rid of you for good.
Brennan: Better luck next time.

Jesse: Your people won't be pleased.
Lexa: Well, at least the competition didn't get him. That's enough for them.
Jesse: And for you?
Lexa: He's a commodity. Always was.
Jesse: At the Dominion, what would he have been?
Lexa: Let's just say he's probably better off this way.

Brennan: Shal, it was his decision. There was nothing we could do.
Shalimar: He was just trying to find a way to live with his power.
Brennan: Like all of us. You were ready to die for me today.
Shalimar: We risk our lives for each other all the time.
Brennan: No, that was more than risk. You were going to sacrifice yourself for me.
Shalimar: Seemed like a good idea at the time...

Brennan: This is way too much country for me.

Brennan: Damn, that's a big grasshopper.
Shalimar: It's a locust.
Brennan: Yeah, whatever it is, just keep it away from me.

Jesse: 'When he opened the abyss, smoke arose, the smoke of a giant furnace. And from that smoke, locusts came down upon the earth and they gave him powers like that of a scorpion.'
Lexa: Wow. Sounds like someone did some hard time in Sunday school.
Jesse: It feeds the soul.

Lexa: We'll just have to wait until we hear from Dr. Bellows. The Dominion's entymologist.
Jesse: Think he's worth his salt?
Lexa: Well, from what I hear, if it flies, crawls or squirms, SHE's the one to tell us what we're dealing with.
Jesse: She.
Lexa: Yeah.

Lexa: The company he worked for is ZDT. It's a huge agro conglomerate run by the Keary family. I understand you're familiar with them?
Jesse: Yeah, we're old family friends. We used to summer together.
Lexa: What, in between terms of boarding school? You know, only rich people 'summer.'

Lexa: Why is it that Armani looks a little too good on you?
Jesse: Actually, it's a Bosch. You know, at one point this was gonna be my life. Ivy League school, corporate job, the whole nine yards.
Lexa: And you gave all that up for Mutant X?
Jesse: No. I gave it up for me.

Lexa: Jesse's feeling things out with Alisha right now.
Shalimar: Alisha. That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
Lexa: What do you mean?
Shalimar: She was a part of his old life. His first real love.
Lexa: Oh. How real?
Shalimar: High school sweethearts. I think at one point they were even engaged.
Lexa: Really? How nice of him to have told me. Guess it just slipped his mind.
Brennan: Relax, Lex. It was 10 years ago. I'm sure she's ancient history.
Lexa: Well, you know what? I hope so.

Lexa: Aw. There is nothing that touches me more then the look of two corporate executives in love.
Jesse: Has anybody ever told you it's not polite to eavesdrop?
Lexa: All the time.

Jesse: I have known this woman over half my life. Trust me, she's not involved in this.
Shalimar: You sure that's not your heart talking?
Brennan: Or some other part.
Jesse: It's not like that.
Lexa: Well, we're going to have to go back to ZDT to find the answers in the back of the book.
Shalimar: How?
Lexa: Well, I'm sure Alisha's still working.
Brennan: That means all you gotta do is go over there and keep her company while Lexa looks around.
Jesse: And how exactly am I supposed to do that?
Lexa: Oh, I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Lexa: Jess, I just want you to know, this isn't anything personal.
Jesse: Doesn't matter. The only reason I'm doing this is to prove that you're wrong.
Lexa: Look, I know you can't see it. But I can tell this Alisha, she eats guys like you for lunch.
Jesse: Really.
Lexa: The problem is, you're too trusting, Jess.
Jesse: I've trusted you since the day we met.
Lexa: That isn't exactly helping your argument.

Alisha Keary: So what was it? Did I do something?
Jesse: Alisha, I was messed up. I had things going on that you couldn't understand.
Alisha Keary: So you felt like you couldn't turn to me, then.
Jesse: No, it wasn't that simple. I didn't think it was fair for me to start a life with you where I didn't fit.
Alisha: Shouldn't I have been able to choose that?

Lexa: I'll say this for Jess. He sure knows how to pick 'em.

Lexa: Hey, Loverboy. Hello, is this thing on? Cat got your tongue? I hope that's all she's got.

Shalimar: Well, maybe your little friend can tell us.
Brennan: Yeah. I think I'll name him Chester. Stay.

Lexa: Where are you going?
Jesse: Alisha called. She needs me.
Lexa: Of course she does.

Jesse: Stay here.
Lexa: Yeah, right!

Alisha Keary: Oh my God! How did you do that?!
Jesse: Look. There are some things in this world you can understand. And there're some things you can't.
Alisha: Oh God. And you fall into the latter?
Jesse: Yeah.

Dr. Bellows: Sound waves! The right frequency shatters the destruct organ, killing them instantly.
Shalimar: I can upload it to the Helix so we can pump it out through the external speakers.
Brennan: Yeah, but the Helix's sonic range is only 100 meters.
Dr. Bellows: Oh, would you stop complaining!

Brennan: Well, the good news is, the bugs are destroyed. The bad news is, the windshield of the Helix is a mess.
Shalimar: Yeah. And I'm not cleaning it.

Alisha Keary: Were you always like this?
Jesse: It started back in high school.
Alisha: So the whole time we were together, you were hiding it from me? You know, you could have told me that. I would have accepted it, right?
Jesse: Yeah, but at the time, I couldn't accept it in myself.
Alisha: So this new life that you have. Makes you happy?
Jesse: Yeah. Yeah, it does.
Alisha: Then there's no room for a wife, white picket fence...
Jesse: I wish it was that simple. As much as I would like to, I can't change who I am.
Alisha: Why does it seem like all the good men are either gay, or married, or a mutant?

Alisha Keary: Next time a woman comes along that fits into your life, promise me something. Don't let her go.

No Exit
Shalimar: What the hell do you guys think you're doing?
Jesse: Just having a little innocent fun.
Lexa: You guys don't get out much, do you?
Jesse: Oh, come on. We're just getting to the good part. Lexa, you don't understand what I've done here. I've totally improved Sanctuary's holoprogram by modifying the game to match our...specs.
Lexa: Well, nice going, Nerd Wonder. Now delete it.
Jesse: What?
Shalimar: Do it. Or I'll smash your computer in half.
Jesse: Shal, you're totally overreacting! Dude, this is totally your fault. There, everybody happy? Deleted.
Brennan: Ready for a little one on one?
Jesse: Yeah, well it could have been two on two.

Lexa: Jess, could you take a look at the climate control?
Jesse: Yeah, in a sec. We're in the middle of a game.
Lexa: It's 80 degrees and rising.
Brennan: Did you try to override it?
Lexa: No, I thought I'd come down here and whine about it first.

Shalimar: That was cutting it pretty close.
Lexa: We had at least two more seconds to clear the doors.
Shalimar: You've got ice water running through your veins.

Jesse: Ah. But on the plus side, I think I've figured out this heat thing. Ready?
Brennan: Amen, brother. All right, I take back any bad thing I've ever said about you.
Jesse: I'm gonna remember that.

Jesse: Wait, it's not gonna work.
Brennan: Why not?
Jesse: He can still see us.
Brennan: What are you talking about? We just blinded him!
Jesse: The body heat sensors.
Brennan: C'mon, man! You're killing me here.
Jesse: Hey, Adam designed this place all right? And he designed it to be impregnable.
Brennan: Oh, great. Well, too bad Adam wasn't here so he could see how his genius is biting us all in the ass right now.

Shalimar: Rooftop's too narrow. We've gotta find another place to land.
Lexa: Nah, there's nowhere close to bring her down. We can do this.
Shalimar: It's too narrow!
Lexa: We'll be fine.
Shalimar: Argh!

Shalimar: That's gonna leave a mark.

Shalimar: Time to get the hell outta Dodge.

Jesse: When people tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

Jesse: Thin crust pizza.
Brennan: What?
Jesse: My dad used to take us to this great place, Giorgio's. I wish I was there now.
Brennan: Yeah. So do I.
Jesse: Nah. You wouldn't like it.

Jesse: There's something I want to tell you, man.
Brennan: Yeah, I love you too, man.
Jesse: No. You suck at basketball.

Jesse: Don't you even THINK about giving me mouth-to-mouth.

Jesse: Computers. I hate them.

Shalimar: Brought you a present. [kisses him]
Jesse: I like that present. What's this?
Lexa: Oh, uh, consider it an almost-going-away present.
Jesse: Tunnel Quest III?
Shalimar: Well, we thought you'd like to load it into the system computer and put our holograms through a few paces.
Jesse: Are you insane?!
Lexa: It's worth a look, though.
Shalimar: Mmm-hmm. Brennan was right.
Jesse: Brennan was right? This was your idea?
Brennan: Don't look at me. I didn't tell them to buy it.
Jesse: You mind taking care of this, Sparky?
Brennan: Pull.

Brother's Keeper
Lexa: Hey, I'm looking for the guy. His name is Leo.
Man: Well, I don't know him, but if you're looking for a guy...
Lexa: Trust me. I'm more than you could handle.

Lexa: You're persistent, I'll give you that. Annoying, but persistent.
Shalimar: Trust me, I've got better things to do with my Friday night.
Lexa: Oh, good. Go do them.

Lexa: Is a closed door too hard a concept for you?
Brennan: You're handling this all wrong.
Lexa: Really? Enlighten me.
Brennan: Well, normally you just would've lied to Shalimar. But now she and Jess are all over this. You're off your game, Lex, and that's dangerous for all of us.
Lexa: Look, I've got bigger problems right now than your control issues.
Brennan: Yeah, Shal told me you're looking for this guy that killed some girl.
Lexa: Woah, I never said Leo killed her.
Brennan: Leo, that's his name? You know, Lexa? Keep your secrets. I've got enough of my own.

Motel owner: Cop just came in and watched last night's tape. You just missed him.
Lexa: Well, we need to see it.
Motel owner: And I need a night with Angelina Jolie. Yeah, you know I don't have to show you shit.
Lexa: And you don't need to keep breathing either. But if you start helping us, I just might let you.
Motel owner: Come on in.

Jesse: Hey Shal, for the record, it doesn't feel right doing this behind Lexa's back.
Shalimar: Look, Jesse, she's the one that shut us out, okay? Besides, I think it's time we remind her that this is Mutant X, not Mutant Lex.

Brennan: Look, we know Leo's your brother.
Lexa: How do you know?
Brennan: I took the medallion. Jesse ran the DNA.
Lexa: You played me?
Brennan: Look, if you're gonna act like an outsider, you're gonna get treated like one.

Lexa: That's the closest I've been to Leo in four years. You screwed it up, end of story.
Brennan: How was I supposed to know you were shooting him with a tracker?
Lexa: You'd better hope like hell Jess can expand the search field on this thing.
Brennan: Hey, I don't even know why you're chasing your brother in the first place.
Lexa: His mutation's too powerful. He can't handle it. When we were kids, he started switching personalities just to get through the day. Then he lost control and he eneded up in an institution run by Eckhart. Yeah. What they did to him there made him worse. He escaped and I've been searching ever since.

Bain: We got close to Pierce, but the sister intervened.
Charles Carter: Lexa?
Masseuse: Shhh. Down, boy.
Charles: Yeah, I've intervened with Lexa a few times myself. Highly recommend it.

Jesse: You know, this tracker's freaking genius, by the way.
Lexa: Yeah, it's an old GSA prototype built for moleculars. I figured Eckhart owed me a retirement gift when I left.
Jesse: How did you know how to find Leo the other night anyway?
Lexa: The Dominion. It's part of the arrangement.
Jesse: The arrangement. What--you come back to Mutant X and clean up after Adam and The Dominion helps you find your brother?
Lexa: Yeah. You think it's wrong what I'm doing? Chasing him like this?
Jesse: I think that you love him. I think that nothing wrong can come of that.

Lexa: Are you avoiding me?
Leo: If I say yes, will you go away?
Lexa: Smartass. Here, the hospital wants you to sign these.
Leo: I don't know.
Lexa: Hey, I checked this Eckhart guy out. He runs the company that created us. He swears his doctors can help.
Leo: There's nothing wrong with me.
Lexa: Last month you disappeared for three weeks. You still can't remember where. We can't live like this.
Leo: We can barely afford to eat. How're we supposed to afford doctors?
Lexa: Eckhart says he'll do it for free if I agree to work for him.
Leo: I don't know, Lex. You know how freaked out I get when I'm alone too long.
Lexa: I know. So then just remember what Mom used to say when you used to have nightmares: Focus on one good thing. You know, a favorite memory or place.
Leo: What if all I want to focus on is getting out?
Lexa: Do this for me. I would never let anybody hurt you. You know that.
Leo: Promise?
Lexa: Promise.

Jesse: I can almost hear the wheels in your head turning. What's up?
Shalimar: I just can't shake the feeling that Lexa's hiding something from us.
Jesse: Too hard on her.
Shalimar: Good. 'Cause you're too soft.

Brennan: What about your parents? You never mentioned them.
Lexa: They don't deserve to be mentioned. That sounded bitter didn't it?
Brennan: Just a little.
Lexa: They were army intelligence, volunteered for a military fertility project.
Brennan: Let me guess, run by Genomex.
Lexa: You got it. We were a normal little family as far as I knew, then Leo and I showed our mutations, and wham! The brass ordered my parents to hand us over.
Brennan: And they did?
Lexa: Sweet, huh? Until we were 14 we were raised in a military facility. Then Leo started to lose control and I had to leave to find help.
Brennan: So the why doesn't Leo trust you?
Lexa: I told you he was trapped in Eckhart's hospital, right?
Brennan: Yeah.
Lexa: Well, I'm the one who put him in there. He swore he'd help Leo. That was back when I used to trust people.

Shalimar: I checked out some of Leo's other personalities. Meet Troy, Leo's nastiest alter. It was Troy that broke out of Eckhart's institution, not Leo. Put three guys in a coma and nearly leveled the building.
Jesse: Oh, man. Lexa said her brother was dangerous. She wasn't kidding, huh? Imagine being related to that guy.
Shalimar: Yeah, well if you went through what Leo did after his own sister locked him in that hell hole, you might have come out wrong too.
Jesse: What do you mean?
Shalimar: Well, the only reason Leo created Troy was to deal with the stuff that Eckhart's doctors were doing to him. Sensory deprivation, electroshock, slow stage drowning.
Jesse: Oh, man. So they figured if they subjected Leo to enough torture--
Shalimar: He'd shift into something extra dangerous out of sheer self-defense.
Jesse: Looks like it worked.
Shalimar: Unfortunately, once Troy's out of the box, he doesn't want to go back in.

Troy: I wish Leo could see you as I do. You've got him convinced you're so strong, but who have you protected him from? Not mom or dad. Not the doctors.
Lexa: I protect him from you.
Troy: If you hadn't let him down, I wouldn't even exist.

Brennan: You're losing it.
Lexa: No, I'm losing Leo.
Brennan: What are you talking about?
Lexa: The longer I let Troy control him, the more dominant he becomes. Now I only have a small window to try and reach my brother.
Brennan: Ok. Tell me what you need.
Lexa: No, I need you to back off. If you come after Troy, he'll consider you a threat. I can't handle that complication.
Brennan: I'm not letting you go in there alone.
Lexa: You know you can't stop me.
Brennan: Not gonna happen.
Lexa: Yeah? How 'bout this? [kicks him in the groin]

Shalimar: Jess, you know how protective Lex is over Leo.
Jesse: Yeah, I got that.
Shalimar: Well, Troy is Leo. At least part of him, anyway. If he attacks her, how hard do you think she's gonna fight back?

Charles Carter: Well, this brings back good memories. But I preferred it the other way around. C'mon! Since when are you so vanilla?
Lexa: Organ dealing is low, Carter. Even for you.
Charles: What can I say? People pay big money for baboon parts. You'd be amazed at what they'd pay for something more evolved.
Lexa: I guess you're safe, then.
Charles: Relax. It's not like I have no loyalty to our people. I pick from the dregs. Cull the herd. The weak, the freaks. You know, like your brother. Oh, you still blame me for him?
Lexa: You were Eckhart's head of security. You knew what he was doing to him the whole time we were together. You lied to me.
Charles: Well, I had to, baby. It's the only way you could keep lying to yourself. How hard did you really look into what Eckhart was doing to your brother? And how much of you was glad he was finally somebody else's problem?

Charles: I need your brother's heart. It's almost poetic. The one donor that's a guaranteed match is your twin brother. So after the operation, I'll always have a piece of you right here.

Troy: You honestly think I won't kill you?
Lexa: Those doctors lied to me, Leo. They were supposed to help.
Troy: By torturing him? By teaching him new levels of pain?
Lexa: What was I supposed to do? You were falling apart, Leo!
Troy: Stop calling me that!
Lexa: You're the only thing that's ever mattered to me. Somewhere inside you still know that.
Troy: Touching. But he can't hear you.

Troy: Would you like to play a game, Lexa? They used to play games with Leo inside that hospital. They gave him kittens, two of them. Then they'd kill them in front of him and make him watch.
Lexa: I don't know what more you want from me.
Troy: Right now? I want it to be your turn to watch.

Lexa: Oh my god. Leo, don't move, don't move.
Leo: You look like hell. Did I hurt you?
Lexa: No, I'm fine, I'm fine. It doesn't matter.
Leo: Lex, listen. I never blamed you, okay? I was running to protect you.
Lexa: From what?
Leo: This.
Lexa: When you were in the hospital, I visited you every week. Why didn't you say anything?
Leo: Because they told me if I did, they'd do the same things to you. Stay with me, okay? I don't want to die alone.
Lexa: No, don't you talk like that! I'm not going anywhere, okay? Just...just do like we did as kids, okay? Just think of one good--one good thing.
Leo: Lex. My one good thing is you.

Lexa: Castor and Pollux.
Brennan: What?
Lexa: On the necklace. It's a Greek myth. Castor gave up immortality to save his twin. He spent the rest of eternity between heaven and hell as part of the bargain. I gave this to him when he started losing control. Said if he wore it, I'd always be able to find him.
Brennan: Kinda what happened.
Lexa: There's two things you need to be clear on, Brennan. One, I appreciate everything you did to try to help me with my brother.
Brennan: And two?
Lexa: I told you not to come after me. And part of me knows it would have ended the same even if you would've done what I asked.
Brennan: And the rest of you?
Lexa: The rest of me knows it's because of you I had to make a choice and now my brother's dead. And I don't really want to be in the same room with you right now, okay?

Shalimar: [holding Brennan's little black book] How many girls you got in this thing?
Brennan: Not enough.
Shalimar: Am I in here? How many stars did I get?
Brennan: None. Now give it back.

Jesse: Bad milk.
Shalimar: Well, next time why don't you check the expiration date, Einstein?
Lexa: Look, we're gonna need a floor plan of Broder Biochem ASAP...after you clean that up.

Brennan: Okay, if this is some kind of joke, it's not funny, guys. We were just at Broder.
Lexa: Okay, you have got to stop kicking his head.

Shalimar: You know, Brennan wants us to wait.
Lexa: Yeah, and he's out of his mind. We're going to Broder.
Jesse: Maybe he knows something we don't.
Lexa: What? And how?
Shalimar: I don't know, but don't you think we should give him the benefit of the doubt?
Jesse: I agree with her.
Lexa: Suit yourselves.
Shalimar: I'll get her the floor plan. Why don't you see what you can find out on Loire Industries--God, that smells.

Brennan: I'm sorry.
Guard: Sorry for what?
Brennan: [zaps him] About the headache you're going to have when you wake up.

Lexa: You two need to get here fast.
Shalimar: We still haven't been able to get a hold of Brennan.
Lexa: Look, do what you want, all right? Let's hope nobody dies while you're waiting around for him.

Brennan: Bad milk. Baaaad milk...

Samantha Bennett: What took you so long?
Brennan: You know, I've already died twice today. It kinda slows you down a little.
Samantha: Welcome to my world.

Jesse: So what's your connection to Bosch?
Lexa: He's crossed my path before. This will be the last time.
Jesse: And what's that supposed to mean?
Lexa: It means I have a little list of people I wouldn't leave breathing if I saw them again.
Jesse: Isn't that a little grim?
Lexa: My way of making the world a nicer place. See, Bosch is one of the top 10. If he is behind this explosion, he'll be there just to enjoy watching people die. It's the perfect chance to take him down.
Jesse: This isn't getting too personal, is it?
Lexa: It's personal enough. I was on a mission to shut down one of his research stations in South America. There were 40 dead research subjects found dead in his lab. He got away, killed a couple of guys on my team doing it. I'm not letting him get away with that.
Jesse: Yeah, but Lexa--
Lexa: Don't worry, Jess. I'd do the same for you.

Brennan: How'd you get into this?
Samantha Bennett: I was working for Bosch. He was testing some very powerful genetically engineered drugs. He'd use them on test subjects, I'd watch the results, throw my consciousness back in time--
Brennan: And then you would give him the results before the experiment took place.
Samantha: He'd alter the drug and then try again. He didn't have to worry about the consequences, but I had to watch it all. Some of the side effects were terrible, and I had to watch these people suffer hundreds of times. It was horrible.
Brennan: C'mon. Why didn't you leave?
Samantha: Because he would've done the same experiments anyway. At least this way I kept those people from dying.

Jesse: Okay. The good news is, it's not armed.
Brennan: And the bad news is?
Jesse: Everything else.

[Catching Brennan and Samantha about to kiss]
Shalimar: Twenty minutes. That's a new record for ya.

Brennan: You know this is all Lexa's fault. She turned this whole mission into a personal vendetta. All she can think about is Bosch.
Jesse: This is getting heady. You're saying you're upset at Lexa for something that hasn't even happened yet?
Brennan: No, it happened. Look, she got us killed. Look, she's gonna want Bosch's name and Samantha's connection to Loire Industries. You can't give her any of that.
Jesse: Have you tried telling her the truth?
Brennan: Well, she can't be trusted!
Jesse: She's a member of the team.
Brennan: Jess, no. We can't take that risk.
Jesse: I think you're making a mistake.
Brennan: Well, I'll wear that, okay?
Jesse: Okay. I died?
Brennan: Oh, yeah.

Shalimar: Jesse can hack into it and find out.
Brennan: No, he can't. We need to concentrate on the bomb.
Lexa: Right, well if we can find out who's behind the bomb, maybe we can take him down first.
Brennan: Lexa, I've been through this three times already.
Lexa: Yeah, and you screwed it up every time.
Brennan: No, you screwed it up!
Lexa: Excuse me?
Brennan: Look, you can do what I say, or you're gonna stay here.
Lexa: It doesn't work that way.
Shalimar: C'mon, Brennan. We go in as a team.
Brennan: Yeah, then why don't you tell her that?

Shalimar: You're the only one here with any memory of what's happened to us; we have to trust you.
Brennan: So you're saying that you can't trust me now?
Shalimar: I'm saying you have feelings for Samantha, and I'm afraid it might color the way you call the shots if we do this thing.
Brennan: No, no, no. I am absolutely clear on what it is that I'm doing here. As for Samantha, yeah, I do feel for her, but that's because she's died 20 times already trying to save these people's lives.
Shalimar: That's it? Pity?
Brennan: What I feel for Samantha isn't going to cloud my judgement.
Shalimar: Fine.
Brennan: Shal, this isn't about Samantha.
Shalimar: Isn't it?
Brennan: I'm not blind. I mean, are you jealous?
Shalimar: No, why would I be jealous of her? That's ridiculous.
Brennan: Well, you shouldn't be threatened by Samantha because what I feel for her has nothing to do with you and me.
Shalimar: I didn't realize there was a you and me.
Brennan: Shal--
Shalimar: Just try not to get us killed. [stalks off]
Brennan: I didn't deserve that.

Samantha: You're lucky. Your mutation has made you stronger. I don't know, with me, it's always seemed like more of a curse.
Brennan: Yeah? Why?
Samantha: Maybe it's the way I learned to use it. Bosch found me young, before I really knew what I could do. He developed my gift--I learned through his horrible experiments. I wanted to go back and make things better. Make them perfect. But they only seemed to get worse. I guess this is my way of making up for what I did then.

Jesse: Another one off your list, huh?
Lexa: Getting shorter all the time.
Jesse: What happens when you're out of bodies?
Lexa: Make a new list.
Jesse: There's more to life than revenge, Lexa.
Lexa: Maybe for you.
Jesse: Wouldn't want to piss you off.

Brennan: I just keep thinking that maybe there was something else that I could've done. If I'd thought about it soon enough, that maybe she'd still be alive.
Shalimar: You know, I think sometimes things are just meant to be.
Brennan: What, she was meant to die?
Shalimar: Maybe she was meant to save you.
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