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My favorite Mutant X quotes, with additions from princessbryn, belle_marie, ssgt_m_l_batt, and tptigger. Special thanks to kincsem and love_conquers for providing me with S1 and S3 DVDs to transcribe.

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In Between
Jesse: I don't know, my friend. I think you're losing it. That girl barely even knew you were there.
Brennan: What are you even talking about right now? She had her eyes all over me.
Jesse: So that would explain that warm reception you got when you asked for her number, huh?
Brennan: I hate to break it to you, but in some cultures, it's considered an engagement when you get slapped.

Biker: Wrong place, wrong time. Looks like you boys made a real big mistake.
Brennan: Oh yeah? How you figure?
Biker: ‘Cause you’re about to get your asses kicked.
Brennan: We’re getting our asses kicked. Whaddya think?
Jesse: Could be fun.

Lexa: All pods were destroyed.
Dr. Ken Harrison: No, not hers. She was taken by the military after the collapse of Genomex.
Lexa: Well, where is she?
Dr. Harrison: Well, if I knew that, I wouldn’t need you, now would I? I’m aware of the access and connections Mutant X has. Use them to find her and bring her to me. You have four hours.
Lexa: Wait, wait, hold on. Be realistic here. You know four hours isn’t possible.
Dr. Harrison: You’d better hope it is, if you want your friend to live. Four hours until I detonate the bullet. If you’ve activated its powers, maybe even less.
Henchman: They’ll never find her. The Dominion will have buried her too deep.
Dr. Harrison: They’ll have to if they want their friend to live.
Henchman: That’s a lot of trouble for one woman.
Dr. Harrison: She’s worth it.

The Voice: What you’re asking is impossible.
Lexa: I’m asking you to find one woman.
The Voice: You want us to locate a dangerous mutant so you can deliver her to an unknown operative for an unknown reason.
Lexa: Yeah, well I don’t give a damn! Jesse’s dying.
The Voice: You seem to have lost your usual good judgement. Perhaps you’ve become overly involved with Mutant X.
Lexa: What did you expect? I live with him. I work with him. He saved my life. Of course I'm involved. I’m not gonna let him die.
The Voice: You surprise me, Miss Pierce. I’ll se what I can do.
Shalimar: You surprise me too. So do you really care about him, or was that all for effect?
Lexa: What difference does it make?

Brennan: You’ve got one hell of an imagination.
Jesse: Yeah. You know, I never thought it would be like this.
Brennan: What?
Jesse: Dying. I always thought it would be for something meaningful, not an ambush by some guy I don’t even know.

The Voice: The woman you’re looking for is in a government warehouse, Unit 2409. All the information you’ll need is in here. You should have no problem getting in. Lexa, you’ll be held responsible for any adverse consequences of this action.
Lexa: I already knew that.
The Voice: Personal involvement is a bad idea in our line of work.
Lexa: Yeah, well sometimes it’s unavoidable.
The Voice: I’d be sorry to lose you. You’re one of my best operatives.
Lexa: Now that sounds like a little personal involvement.
The Voice: Not at all.
Lexa: Thanks for your help tonight.

Dr. Ken Harrison: Where is she? Where’s Laura?
Shalimar: She died.
Dr. Harrison: No. No, no. After all the treachery and double dealing at the GSA, she was the only one who remained loyal. Loyal to me. She can’t be dead!
Lexa: Aw. Did you care about her?
Dr. Harrison: I loved her.
Lexa: That’s too bad. [She punches him] Love hurts.

Jesse: Guys, thank you. I wouldn’t be here without you.
Lexa: Ah, it was no big deal.
Jesse: Yeah. You’re the reason I wanted to live. That is a big deal.
Brennan: What?
Shalimar: So did you have any other near-death revelations?
Lexa: Well, I did. See, you put us through that again, and I’ll kill you myself.

Jesse: You risked your life for me.
Brennan: You took a bullet for me.
Jesse: Yeah, but I didn’t know it would hurt.
Brennan: Oh man, you’re a big wuss. I’m sure you would’ve done it anyway.
Jesse: Anytime.

Dream Lover
Brennan: Shal, c’mon! What’re you doing? The movie starts in one hour. We’re gonna miss the previews again!
Shalimar: Would you keep your pants on? We have plenty of time.
Brennan: What?
Shalimar: Or better yet, take those off.

Jesse: Salon night at Sanctuary, is it?
Lexa: Do you want something, Jess?
Jesse: Yeah. Listen, while we’re still on good terms with The Dominion, do you think you could get your friends to get us a crank 38 dual processor for the Helix?
Lexa: What’s wrong with the old one?
Jesse: Oh, nothing.It’s just this one is bigger. Better.
Lexa: What’s in it for me?
Jesse: Sorry?
Lexa: If I’m gonna call you in a favor, what are you willing to do for me? Hm?
Jesse: Um. What do you want?
Lexa: Hm... Oh! Well, you could paint my toenails.
Jesse: Dream on.

Jesse: So how was the movie?
Brennan: I’ll let you know when I get a chance to see it.
Shalimar: Jess, can you do me a favor? I need you to run a trace on a call I got earlier from a friend of mine.
Jesse: All right.
Brennan: Gia DuChamps. Uh-huh. Shalimar seems to think something’s happened to her.
Shalimar: Thought she was gonna call back, and she didn’t. I have no way of getting a hold of her.
Brennan: Shal, seriously. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. Besides, you know how Gia always flakes out on you.
Shalimar: Brennan, will you stop it, please?

Lexa: You’re really worried about this girl, huh? I didn’t know you two were so close.
Shalimar: Yeah, well we were. Before I joined Mutant X, I lived on the streets for a while, and Gia and I kinda looked out for one another.
Lexa: Well, I guess we all brought along a little baggage when we joined Mutant X.
Shalimar: It’s just that last time I talked to her, I really thought she was gonna get her life together, you know?
Lexa: You know what, Shal? If there’s one thing I’ve learned is, never underestimate a feral.

Lexa: Hello? Damsel in distress, aisle two!
Jesse: Yeah, it’s really frozen up on ya. Bet you would like some help.
Lexa: Oh, what do you want? Me to paint your toenails?
Jesse: Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of a full body massage.
Lexa: Really? Now who’s dreaming?

Shalimar: I know it sounds crazy to you, but everyone has their own distinctive scent, and that wasn't Gia.
Brennan: Maybe she changed her perfume.
Shalimar: Yeah, Brennan. That must be it.

Lexa: What do you think? A little too Moulin Rouge?
Shalimar: A little too somethin'. You know, I can handle this on my own if you don't want to go.
Lexa: Are you kidding? I am not letting you go back in there alone.
Shalimar: It just makes my blood boil.
Lexa: Don't get me started.
Shalimar: I can't even imagine how desperate Gia must have been to take this job.
Lexa: Yeah, you know what? That's just it. There's an endless supply of girls just like Gia waiting to take her place.
Shalimar: Add two more to the list.

Brennan: Somebody's looking for love in all the right places.
Jesse: Yeah, something like that. All you need's a healthy bank account to get to the head of the class.
Brennan: What do you think this Platinum Lounge is all about?
Jesse: Well, my little girlfriend here is being coy, but it sounds like it's where all the magic happens.
Brennan: Well, I guess if you've got a bankroll, a quarter of a million bucks is a small price to pay for the perfect woman.
Jesse: Yeah. I still think I'd like to find a woman the old fashioned way.
Brennan: What, pity and alcohol?
Jesse: Works for me.

Jesse: Hey Lex, how's it going over there in Sodom and Gomorrah?
Lexa: Business as usual. I've been hit on more times than Oscar de la Hoya.

Brennan: All right, that's it. I'm going in. Can you get me an invite to this place?
Jesse: Yeah, sure. Whatever you want to be. An oil tycoon? A pop star? Ooo, a captain of industry?
Brennan: Captain of industry sounds good.

Nolan Blackledge: You realize she's a mutant?
Sebastian Conway: Of course I do. How many of those freaks did you people make, anyway?
Nolan: Not as many as I would have liked. Look at them; they're extraordinary.
Sebastian: We label her as one of the exotics. Can you imagine the price her kind will fetch when all this is over?

Jesse: Hello, angels.
Lexa: Sorry, Charlie, make that one angel.

Jesse: The guy who's really behind Nero's is a guy named Nolan Blackledge. He's a Genomex alumni.
Lexa: Of course. Damn, I'd love to know what evil juice they put in that water cooler.

Lexa: Hey, what happened?
Shalimar: Oh, nothing much. He gave me the old once-over and let me go all Pasedena. Apparently I'm not his type. I think he's hotter for you.
Lexa: Oh. Lucky me. Don't take it personally.
Shalimar: Oh, I won't.

Jesse: What?
Clone!Lexa: Nothing. It's just...I never realized how good looking you are.
Jesse: Shut up.
Clone!Lexa: I'm serious.
Jesse: You just love messing with me, don't you?
Clone!Lexa: No, but I'd like to.

Jesse: Wait. Nanotechnology's based on bioelectronics! Which means that--[Clone!Lexa blasts him]

Shalimar: Why are you looking at me like that?
Brennan: Like what?
Shalimar: Like you don't even know me. I am not the enemy here, Brennan. [repeat of Lexa's line in "A Normal Life"]

Shalimar: It's a shame to mess up that pretty face. What's a girl to do?

Jesse: Brennan?
Brennan: Jess?
Jesse: I finally figured out the off switch. Since these guys are based in nanotechnology--
Brennan: Just cut to it!
Jesse: E-lec-tricity. You could be the key, Sparky.
Brennan: I'm soaking wet!
Jesse: Well, you'd better dry your ass off fast.

Shalimar: How'd you know it was me?
Brennan: I figured I had a 50-50 chance. Oh come on, I'm not going to get you confused with some cheap imitation.

Brennan: He done blowed up.

Jesse: Hey there, sunshine. You feeling any better?
Lexa: Yeah. You'd be amazed how refreshed you feel after 20 hours of sleep.
Jesse: Yeah, well it's a pretty strong sedative they gave you.
Lexa: Yeah. Just my luck I got to sleep through all the fun.
Jesse: Ah, you didn't miss much.
Lexa: So, did I behave myself?
Jesse: Oh, you were good. You were...really good.
Lexa: Yeah right, you wish!
Jesse: That's a nice tattoo you have.
Lexa: Jesse. Get back here! You're gonna tell me everything that went on. Jesse! Everything, do you hear me?

Shalimar: I set Gia up with a place to stay and gave her some cash to tide her over 'til she found a job.
Brennan: Shal--
Shalimar: Look, I know what you're going to say. I know I'm not a superhero. I can't save everyone.
Brennan: No, no. Actually, I was gonna say that I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed anything about your friend. People can change. I just hope that she keeps her act together.
Shalimar: Yeah, me too. God, it just makes me sick a place like Nero's even exists today.
Brennan: Yeah, well it’s man’s pursuit of the perfect woman. It’s been going on since the beginning of time.
Shalimar: Well, man should get over his damn self. Women are perfect just the way they are.

The Prophecy
Shalimar: How'd this guy find your number?
Brennan: I don't know. There's been far too much of that happening lately. I think we need an answering service.
Shalimar: What, like, "Mutant X can't come to the phone right now, we're too busy saving the world...again"?

Riley Morgan: You two should get out of here. Hello? Ken, Barbie? Chop-chop.

Brennan: Hey, where do you think you're going?
Riley Morgan: What? Can't a girl just take a stroll down an alley anymore?
Brennan: Look, cut the crap, all right? Obviously you know something.
Riley: All right. The guy that jumped you is called The Guardian. I've been on his trail for the past month.
Brennan: Why?
Riley: I'm a bounty hunter. He's been watching a package that I'm after. Your turn. What's your part in this? And don't bother lying. I'll know.
Shalimar: You an empath?
Riley: Telepath.
Shalimar: Good for you.
Brennan: Well, there's not really a whole lot to tell. Got a call from this guy. Said his name was Nathan and that there's some prophecy that I'm a part of.
Riley: Did he say anything else? Details?
Brennan: Mostly, I just heard him screaming. So if I'm involved in this and you're going after that killer, than I'm going with you.
Riley: Really? 'Cause I must have missed the part where I invited you.
Shalimar: Guess we could always go find him ourselves. But then you'd risk us finding him first.
Riley: All right. You can tag along. But the feral goes home.
Brennan: Deal. [to Shalimar] 'S cool.

Lexa: Oh, for God's sake make a move already! I'm hearing crickets.
Jesse: Relax. You know, you can tell a lot about a person's romantic style by the way they play games. For some, it's just all about the finish. But for others, well, they take their time, enjoying the moves it takes to get you there.
Lexa: Well, fast, slow. As long as I win. Checkmate.

Shalimar: Jess, I need you to analyze this for me.
Jesse: Good to see you too.
Lexa: What happened at the meet?
Shalimar: By the time we got there, Brennan's contact was already dead.
Lexa: Well, where is Brennan?
Shalimar: Hell if I know. Ran into a bounty hunter, and he took off with her to follow the killer. I was cordially disinvited.

Jesse: He was slimed. Cool!
Lexa: You are so weird sometimes.

Lexa: So. How hot is she?
Shalimar: Who?
Lexa: [whistles] That hot, huh? Look, Shal. Speaking as your friend-- [Shal snorts] Okay, speaking as've really got to clear up your Brennan issues.
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Lexa: I'm talking about every time he gets near another girl your hackles go up.
Shalimar: Okay. First, you're way off. And second? You are way off. We're like family.
Lexa: Yeah? Well, I hope you like it that way. 'Cause until you get honest with yourself and Brennan, that's all you two will ever be. You know what, Shal? He has every right to keep looking.

Riley Morgan: Understanding people's weaknesses is half of my job.
Brennan: Really? So what are your weaknesses?
Riley: Pretty boys who ask too many questions. You?
Brennan: Aggressive chicks with a superiority complex.

Lexa: I'm coming up with nothing so far on this bounty hunter. I mean, Riley's probably an alias.
Shalimar: Maybe it's her stripper name.
Lexa: Meow!

Riley Morgan: There's our guy. Uh, hello? What are you doing?
Brennan: Getting out of the car.
Riley: Look, you aren't used to this kind of subtle interrogation, all right? It takes finesse, style.
Brennan: Oh, I got your style right here.
Riley: No, you've got voltage. You can't just fry your snitches, all right? They'll never help you again. Informants are like trees for bounty hunters. A renewable resource.
Brennan: Is there a books-on-tape version of this lecture? 'Cause it's making me kinda sleepy.
Riley: Stand back and watch, GQ. You might actually learn something.

Bruiser: You two got a problem?
Brennan: Me? Nah. I'm just here to learn.

Lexa: I was checking a little deeper into The Guardian, and guess who he used to party with? Gabriel Ashlocke.
Shalimar: You've gotta be kidding me.
Lexa: Not even a little. The Guardian was part of something called The Links?
Jesse: Yeah, we know about The Links. They were Ashlocke's mutant followers, totally obssessed with him, wanted to help him take over the world. Not happy memories.
Lexa: Oh. Well, do you guys know what happened to The Links after Ashlocke died? Most of them drifted, but a hard core part of The Links, like our little bug boy here, they splintered off. Including this guy, Mr. John Bishop. Their pet psionic. Most powerful precog on the map.
Jesse: Looks like the kind of guy who could be into the prophecy biz.
Lexa: Yeah.
Shalimar: You think he's still in contact with The Guardian?
Lexa: Well, I was thinking Jess and I should pay him a visit, find out. It's just that Bishop's locked in an asylum, and I know how much they freak you out.
Shalimar: So does anything having to do with Ashlocke. I'll go.

Riley Morgan: [in a headlock] Are you honestly just gonna stand there posing?!

Brennan: You've got some nice moves.
Riley Morgan: You should see me dance.
Brennan: Although using psionics to win a fight? That's cheating.
Riley: This from the human cattle prod?

Shalimar: What's wrong with him? Dementia?
Jesse: Oh, no, drugs. He's got enough cc's of Thorazine in him to knock out a cow. A really, really big cow.
Shalimar: Shhh. Listen, what's he saying?
Jesse: He's so tranked out I doubt he knows his own name.
John Bishop: Shalimar. I told you you'd come back.
Shalimar: We've never met.
John: We're still back there? At the beginning? Moving so slowly...
Jesse: Okay, that was really creepy.

Riley Morgan: Save it. She's not interested. Actually, none of them are. I feel a complete lack of attraction to you in here.
Brennan: Please. If you were any hotter for me, I'd get a suntan.

Lexa: I'm telling you, there's something going on between them.
Jesse: Between Brennan and Shalimar, are you mental? They've always been like that.
Lexa: Please, she has no perspective with him. Every impulse is on a ten.
Jesse: She's a feral. She's just marking her territory.
Lexa: Oh my god, she gets any more territorial with Brennan, she'll have to pee on his leg. Let's pretend I never said that.
Jesse: Already tried.

Jesse: Still, though. You’ve got to admit that having a relationship with somebody you live and work with could be tough.
Lexa: Why?
Jesse: Well, it’s risky. I mean, what if you’re misinterpreting them? What if they’re just pretending to like you because they get off on the whole power trip, while the whole time they’re just waiting to pull the rug from under you so you can fall flat on your ass, you know what I mean? Hypothetically speaking.
Lexa: Well, there’s only ever one way to find out, you know? Somebody’s got to make the first move. Hypothetically speaking. The meek may inherit the earth, Jesse, but they never get the girl.
Jesse: Who’re you calling meek?

Brennan: So, how’d you get into this line of work?
Riley Morgan: Let’s see. Make my own rules, kick some bad guy ass, what could be better than that? Plus, it’s the perfect gig for a psionic.
Brennan: Well, I guess that explains why you’re so cocky. What? I meant being able to tell when someone’s lying to you.
Riley: Someone actually did, once.
Brennan: And?
Riley: I’ll never let anyone get that close again.
Brennan: Well, you can’t go through life living like that.
Riley: Maybe. But I’m not the only one with trust issues here. I can feel you have your doubts about me.
Brennan: Well, you don’t have to be a psionic to be a good judge of character.
Riley: Really? So what’re you picking up on me? [she kisses him]
Brennan: What am I picking up on you? Well, that you’ve got something to hide and you’re afraid I’ll figure it out. And just for the record, I will.

Shalimar: I want the truth. All of it.
John Bishop: People don’t want the truth from me. They want fairy tales, happy endings.
Shalimar: Just tell me about the prophecy.
John: Oh, you mean The Child.
Shalimar: What child?
John: Son of four bloods, come to raise The Links above all others. Ashlocke died before he could fulfill his promise. With this Child, The Links will shape a new world.
Shalimar: How can we stop it?
John: If it is meant to be stopped, it will be. If it’s not, it won’t. Time will tell...
Shalimar: I want specifics!
John: A child will be born. But for our hold to last, all four signs must come to pass. The moon will fall. Two bloods will be dashed. The Child will choose. And the mountain will crash. So I have seen, so it shall be.
Shalimar: You’re crazy.
John: Then I’m in the right place!
Shalimar: What does this child have to do with Brennan?
John: [begins to cackle] Haven’t you guessed yet?

Brennan: What if Kara doesn’t show?
Riley Morgan: Damn, you’re impatient. Are you in this much of a hurry for everything?
Brennan: Not everything.
Riley: Really? Let me see...
Brennan: No, stay outta my head.
Riley: Oh, please. I'd die of boredom in there.
Brennan: Oh, I see how it is.
Riley: Okay, okay. Maybe I took it too far. Forgive me.
Brennan: Maybe. If you ask me really really nicely.
Riley: Pretty please?
Brennan: Nicer.
Riley: With me on top?
Brennan: C’mon, this isn’t fair. You’re playing dirty.
Riley: This isn’t playing.
Jesse: Brennan? You there?
Brennan: You know, when this is all over, maybe you and I should...
Riley Morgan: You and I should...what?
Brennan: You’re the psionic, why don’t you tell me?
Riley: Why don’t you get us another beer...and maybe some ice?

Brennan: What do you mean, he’s our son?
Riley Morgan: Not just ours. I mean, our DNA helped create him.
Brennan: What?
Riley: Look, Kara, Nathan, yours, mine. One from each mutant type.
Brennan: Okay, how’d they get my DNA?
Riley: Well, I’m sure you’ve been leaving it all over town.

Riley: I remember having this feeling ever since I was a real young kid that I was meant to do something with my life, something that mattered. And for a while, I thought that was protecting Ashlocke.
Brennan: You fell for the whole, “I’m the mutant savior” crap?
Riley: When he died, I stayed with The Links. When Bishop spoke his prophecy and named me one of the chosen four, I actually felt blessed. But if Bishop’s correct, The Links will warp that child and make him darker and deadlier than any mutant we’ve seen, including Ashlocke.

John Bishop: I knew you would come. I knew it. Before you were even born. Do you know that? Are we in the present?
Shalimar: Yeah. I need to know what the lat two signs mean, Bishop. The mountain will crash, what is the mountain?
John: The Child’s home, the fortress. His castle underground. The last of The Links have spent these two years since his birth readying it for him.
Shalimar: While The Guardian watched over him.
John: The time is ready for The Child to descend now to rule where no ill hand could reach him.
Shalimar: Where is he?
John: You are railing against that which cannot be stopped!
Shalimar: If it can’t be stopped, then there’s no harm in telling. Unless you aren’t as sure of your predictions as you pretend.
John: You try holding it all inside your head, girl. All the possible futures in all the world, getting a fresh glimpse with every hand you touch. See how easy it is for you to find the one true way!

John Bishop: Shalimar, do you want to know how you will die?
Shalimar: I prefer the suspense, thanks.
John: And what of Brennan? Would you not like to know how it ends for him if there’s a chance you could save him from it?
Shalimar: I don’t want to hear another word from you.
John: You will.

Lexa: I’ll tell you, I don’t know what those linkheads were thinking. Two mutants having kids is stupid enough, but mixing four--
Jesse: Whoa. Back that up. Just back that up. Two mutants having kids is stupid? Since when?
Lexa: Since eighty percent of the time they’re biological disasters.
Jesse: What about the other twenty?
Lexa: Selfish impulse!
Jesse: I’m sorry. Last time I checked procreation was a basic human right.
Lexa: Hmm... And the last time I checked we weren’t basic humans. Oh, stop looking at me like I just killed your puppy. You know I’m right. Jess, our very existence is screwing with the natural order of things. The only way to make it right again is to let us mutants die out. That’s it.

Jesse: You're ashamed of your mutation.
Lexa: Oh my god. What are you talking about?
Jesse: I can’t believe that I never noticed it before. But admit it! Deep down, you’re a self-loathing mutant.
Lexa: Do you hear how stupid you’re sounding right now or is it just me?
Jesse: I mean, you’re not exactly the poster child for the picture perfect family, so why would it surprise me that you’re an anti-breeder?
Lexa: Okay, well, I’m also right. Tell me, Jess, how many times have we had to step in to avert mutant-caused disasters just with the few of us that exist so far?
Jesse: That is such a cheap argument.
Lexa: No, it’s not.
Jesse: Oh, come on. Like there’s not criminals out there in the normal society as well.
Lexa: None that are their own personal biological weapons, no!
Jesse: Oh...
Lexa: It’s evolution, Jess. Survival of the fittest? That’s us. We’ll live and we’ll thrive, but you know what? The rest of humanity is going to die, and that’s not suppose to happen.
Jesse: What if it is?
Lexa: What?
Jesse: What if there are no cosmic accidents? What if Adam was suppose to create us? And we’re the beginning of...I don’t know....the beginning of a new phase of humanity?
Lexa: Whatever helps you sleep. I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree, that’s all.
Jesse: Fine.
Lexa: Fine.
Jesse: Lexa, please look. All I’m saying is, if there were a hundred little baby Lexas running around out there in the world that were all going to grow up to be just like you, I happen to think the world would be a better place. Yep. A frustrating....pigheaded.....beautiful place. What?
Lexa: Sometimes–-for a moron–-you say exactly the right thing.

Brennan: Shal, where you at?
Shalimar: In the Helix, not far from you.
Brennan: All right. I have a feeling we’re gonna be very outnumbered, so you got my back?
Shalimar: Always.
Riley Morgan: So it’s her.
Brennan: Who?
Riley: The woman whose fingerprints I feel all over your heart.
Brennan: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Besides, didn’t I tell you to stay out of my head?
Riley Morgan: Oh, that wasn’t psionics, honey. That was just female intuition.

Riley Morgan: It’s not what you think, Brennan. I was wrong. He isn’t evil. He’s just a boy.
Shalimar: He’s tricking her, just like Ashlocke.
Riley: He’s nothing like Ashlocke! I’ve looked inside his mind, Brennan. And he’s beautiful. The opposite of everything I thought. I trust him.
Brennan: What about the prophecy?
Riley: The third sign was, The Child will choose.
Brennan: Yeah, he chose The Guardian.
Riley: No, he chose to let us live. He freed himself from the prophecy by choosing that path. By following the good inside. Let me take him.
Brennan: No.
Riley: We can run from The Links.
Brennan: You’d spend the rest of your life running.
Riley: I told you I would spend the rest of my life making up for Ashlocke. This is how I was meant to do it. Please don’t take that from me. He wants you to come with us.
Brennan: Can’t.
Riley: They’ll kill him before they’ll let us have him, you know that.
Brennan: Go.

Shalimar: Your prophecy was false. We let The Child go. There was nothing evil about him.
John Bishop: There's something evil about all of us. It's our choice which face we show. Ask me a question, my little feral.
Shalimar: Tell me how it ends. What happens to me and my friends?
John: The final battle is upon you all. Four will begin, true love will call. One will betray, and one will fall.
Shalimar: Fall, what do you mean fall? Do you mean die?

Cirque des Merveilles
Brennan: You actually want us to run away and join the circus?
Lexa: Look, if Adam was right about The Dominion, we have to find LaPorta, find out what he knows. We can’t afford to let him slip away.
Brennan: Well, what makes you think he’s actually there in the first place?
Lexa: Because Cirque des Merveilles is a traveling underground. It’s a refuge for new mutants.
Jesse: The place is run by a Deklin Charvet. He’s managed to keep the place under the radar so far.
Shalimar: Well, it makes sense. Where else can mutants like us blend in and actually make a living at the same time, right?
Brennan: You actually sound like you’re gonna enjoy this.
Shalimar: So what if I am? We might actually be able to have some fun this time.
Lexa: The point is, you both have the perfect in. I mean, ferals do make natural born acrobats.
Brennan: And elementals never cease to amaze.

Deklin Charvet: Very nice. It seems you were less than honest with me calling yourself a beginner.
Shalimar: I guess I’ve just always kept it to myself.
Deklin: Well, that’s why I created Cirque des Merveilles in the first place. Gives people like us a safe retreat where we can be ourselves. Free to be whatever we wanna be.
Shalimar: I can feel it.
Deklin: I’m sure in time you’ll consider this your home.

Deklin Charvet: I’d like you to start rehearsing for the show tonight.
Shalimar: Do you really think I’m ready for that?
Deklin: Are you kidding? You’re a natural.
Shalimar: [to Brennan] You hear that? Nat-u-ral.

Jesse: How much do we know about the circus?
Lexa: All I know is, Tony’s in there; we’ve got to get him out.
Jesse: Okay, yeah, I heard that. But don’t you think it’d be a good idea to know a little bit more about what it is we’re getting into?
Lexa: Oh. Knock yourself out.

Shalimar: Don’t you think it’s amazing Deklin managed to create a place like this?
Brennan: I guess it was only a matter of time until someone thought of a way to exploit our mutancies for a buck.
Shalimar: C’mon, he’s not exploiting us. He actually created a place where it’s okay to be us.
Brennan: Uh-huh. Yeah, sure.
Shalimar: Brennan? Are you jealous of Deklin?
Brennan: No, I just think the guy’s full of himself is all. Why? What do you think?
Shalimar: You don’t wanna know what I think.
Brennan: You know, how about we just find Tony and get outta here. How’s that sound?
Shalimar: Sounds like a plan.
Brennan: Fine.
Shalimar: Fine.

Shalimar: So how long have you been with the circus, Diane?
Diane: Well, from the beginning. Deklin and I go way back. Incredible man.
Brennan: Yeah, so I’ve heard.
Diane: I don’t know what I’d do without him.
Brennan: Great! So you two are together, then?
Shalimar: I don’t want to keep Deklin waiting. Now that we both know you’re not jealous.

Jesse [walking into her bathroom]: Lexa, we need to talk--
Lexa: Is there anywhere in this rock where a girl can get a little privacy?! This better be good. What?
Jesse: I started tracing all the cities that the circus has passed through, anywhere from Bridgeport to La Jolla.
Lexa: Okay, and?
Jesse: And–-uh, well–mutants have disappeared from almost every town that they’ve been to.
Lexa: Well, isn’t this what the circus is all about? Offering protection for mutants on the run, no?
Jesse: Yeah, but these people were people already in the new mutant underground. I mean, they were–uh–they had families, they were established. They had nothing to run from. And the thing is that–um–once they join up, their families never hear from them again. It’s as if they vanished off the face of the earth.
Lexa: So, what are you telling me, these people never left this place?
Jesse: All except for one. Mike Robson. He’s a canine feral. He disappeared six months ago, turned up again a month later. He’s the one mutant who somehow decided to leave the happiest place on earth.
Lexa: Huh. So what do you say we take little dog boy for a walk, then?
Jesse: Yeah. Thank you.
Lexa: I’m gonna go put some clothes on.

Jesse: Had a tough time tracking Robson after he left the circus. But I figured, since he’s a canine feral, there’s a good chance he’d come back to his old stomping grounds.
Lexa: You’re out of your mind.
Jesse: Really? There’s an urban myth in these parts about a guy who creeps around the dog parks late at night. They call him The Werewolf.
Lexa: Okay, you know I’m not crazy about dogs to begin with, right?
Jesse: Yeah.
Lexa: This full moon outside isn’t exactly helping.

Jesse: One more question. Why’d you join the circus?
Mike Robson: Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jesse: How’re things going under the big top?
Shalimar: Well, if I ever get tired of saving the world, I always have a job as an acrobat.
Lexa: Any sign of Tony?
Shalimar: Uh, not yet, but Brennan’s gone to look for him.
Lexa: Well, when you’re done playing lady on the trapeze, you might want to go give him a hand. Things have turned up a notch. I need you to find Tony and get out of there, okay?

Jesse: Uh-oh. It’s Brennan’s comlink. It’s off the grid. It’s like he’s fallen off the face of the earth.
Lexa: Maybe he took it off.
Jesse: No, no. I mean, deactivated, it still sends off a signal. I’m getting nothing.
Lexa: Must be a computer glitch. I’m sure we’ll be able to track it somehow.
Jesse: I’m gonna go contact Shalimar.
Lexa: Man, what for?
Jesse: To make sure that he’s okay.
Lexa: Brennan’s fine. He’s probably off making out with the bearded lady or something.
Jesse: Lexa, what’s going on with you? Since we started this thing, you’ve been walking around with your blinders on.
Lexa: No, it’s just if we don’t find Tony soon, we’re screwed, that’s why.
Jesse: Well, what if we’re too late? Look, what if the Dominion’s already found him? Where are you going?
Lexa: To find out.

Shalimar: It’s a house of mirrors.
Deklin Charvet: It’s so much more than that.
Shalimar: Really?
Deklin: Witness those sinners lost forever between heaven and hell.
Shalimar: Oh my god.
Deklin: It’s quite the illusion, isn’t it?
Shalimar: So real.
Deklin Charvet: Not half as real as you.

Diane: Why are you getting involved? You can’t trust her.
Deklin Charvet: What are you talking about?
Diane: She’s working with others on the outside. They’re looking for Tony.
Deklin: I don’t believe you.
Diane: Deklin, I’m just trying to look out for us!
Deklin: I don’t need your help.

Lexa: Hey, did you figure out what’s wrong with Brennan’s comlink?
Jesse: No, but I did find out why dog boy joined the circus. He got married.
Lexa: How romantic.
Jesse: Lexa, he lied to us. Two of them went in, one came out. That’s a pretty big detail to leave out. I’m telling you, I can feel it. He’s covering something up.
Lexa: So what do you suppose we do? Hope he tells us the whole story if we scratch him in his sweet spot?
Jesse: I’m going back there.
Lexa: Jess, wait. I’m coming with you.

Deklin Charvet: She’s beautiful. She’s magical. And she’s been given wings. An angel in motion.

Jesse: Mike, what happened to your wife?
Mike Robson: We were trying to start a life together. At first, everything was great, then Deklin started hitting on her. He wouldn’t let up. The more she turned him down, the more he went after her.
Lexa: What did you do?
Mike: I couldn’t take it. I wanted out and I started packing. Donna said she wanted to go meet him. Thought she could work it out. I followed her to The Chamber of Souls. Freak show exhibit. You come in, but you don’t come out. I tried to keep it from happening, but I was too late.
Lexa: What do you mean?
Mike: There was no bringing her back. Something happened with the mirror, just swallowed her up. I knew I was next. I tore the bastard up pretty good. I only wish I’d killed him. Have you ever come fact to face with pure evil?

Jesse: Shalimar, can you hear me?
Lexa: Why isn’t she responding?
Jesse: Well, because now her comlink’s gone off the grid just like Brennan’s.
Lexa: That’s got to be a mistake. See, look. Scan ID shows faint signals coming from the circus.
Jesse: Nope, those are just echoes from the comlinks that were active. Oh, look at that. Dominion, line two.
The Voice: Lexa, have you any idea what you’ve done?
Lexa: I’m sorry?
The Voice: You sent in Fox and Mulwray after I deliberately warned you not to.
Lexa: Well, they were in the area.
The Voice: I advise you to pull them out immediately.
Lexa: Why? What’s the rush?
The Voice: Cirque des Merveilles is a traveling death camp.
Lexa: What are you talking about?
The Voice: Deklin Charvet was the last of Genomex’s sleeper agents. Eckhart brainwashed him into being his failsafe method for extinguishing mutants in case of his demise.
Lexa: What?
The Voice: Take a look.
Mason Eckhart: Upon my last breath, Operation Apocalypse will take effect. If I can no longer control the new mutant population, then they can simply no longer exist. They must be exterminated, one by one.
Jesse: It’s Eckhart’s final revenge.
Lexa: So you knew this circus existed, but let Deklin continue his plans for mutant genocide?
The Voice: We simply took what was there and used to our advantage.
Lexa: By luring Tony in, by making him believe this was a safe haven. My god, that’s why you wanted us to stay out. This was a self-cleansing mission from the start. You wanted LaPorta dead, didn’t you?
The Voice: Precisely. So if you have any love for your teammates, you’ll pull them out now.
Lexa: We’re too late.

Jesse: I hope this is worth it. Because I am not gonna let Brennan and Shalimar pay the price of your arrogance!
Lexa: I should’ve known better.
Jesse: Yeah, you should have.
Lexa: It’s over, Jess. Why can’t you see that? It’s all my fault. I didn’t listen to the warnings; I should’ve.
Jesse: Stop it. Stop it.
Lexa: Well, you know what? I quit. Just quit.
Jesse: No, you don’t. No you don’t, okay? I’m not gonna let you. Okay? We’re gonna get them back.
Lexa: Yeah?
Jesse: We’re gonna get them back.
Lexa: I wish I could believe you, Jess.

Jesse: Diane is a multidimensional psionic. She has the ability to shift physical energy into alternate dimensions.
Lexa: What kind of dimensions?
Jesse: Well, it’s not entirely clear, but it would seem that she can cast energy into any environment she chooses to create.
Lexa: Well, what if this dimension isn’t a place that sustains life?
Jesse: You’ve got to learn to see the world as glass is half full, not half empty, all right?
Lexa: All right.
Jesse: All right. I’ve downloaded the rest of Deklin’s manifesto from the Genomex database. Let’s take a look, shall we?
Mason Eckhart: Deklin, I am entrusting you with the future of mankind. This is your task, your reason for being. If I don’t survive to carry out my plan, then you must purge the world of new mutant abominations. You must not fail. The mission must not end until all mutants are wiped from the face of the earth.
Lexa: Mm-hm. How’s that glass looking to you right now?
Jesse: Our cup runneth over. Think about it. When Deklin’s done, where does that leave Diane?
Lexa: Last mutant standing?
Jesse: Yeah.

Jesse: He doesn’t care about you, Diane.
Diane: Yes, he does.
Jesse: He’s been using you.
Diane: That’s not true.
Jesse: It’s in his manifesto.
Diane: What are you talking about?
Deklin: Don’t listen to them. They’re only trying to trick you.
Jesse: Eckhart’s manifesto. ‘He must purge the world of mutant abominations. He must not fail...
Diane: ...the mission must not end...
Jesse::...until ALL mutants are wiped from the face of the earth.’ Diane. That includes you.
Deklin: Do it. Take them out.
Lexa: It’s time to decide, Diane. It’s now or never. [Diane releases the mutants]
Deklin: No, no! What are you doing? Are you insane?
Diane: I never cared about them. I only care about you.
Deklin: You disgust me.
Lexa: You really want him? He’s all yours.

Lexa: Who did this?
Tony LaPorta: It’s The Creator. You have to stop him.

Lexa: Guys, there’s something I want to say.
Jesse: No-no, Lexa, it’s all right. I already told them. You know, about the other mutants in the circus?
Brennan: Yeah, we think it’s great you managed to hide them all in the mutant underground.
Lexa: Yeah...yeah, hopefully they’ll be able to start a new life.
Shalimar: Just can’t believe that circus was too good to be true.
Brennan: You really had a thing for that Deklin guy, didn’t you?
Jesse: No, numbnuts, she’s talking about all the other new mutants like us who aren’t as lucky.
Brennan: Whatever, I knew that...

Lexa: Okay, why’d you do that? I was actually just about to try to apologize.
Jesse: Trust me, the last thing they want to hear right now is how you almost got them killed. They barely like you as it is.
Lexa: Good one.
Jesse: Okay, who are you and what have you done with Lexa?
Lexa: Thanks, Jesse.
Jesse: For what? [she kisses him]
Lexa: For giving me faith.

The Assault
Lexa: Uh-oh. I know that look. Who died?
The Voice: Before he disappeared, Adam Kane was working on secret research into the problem of genetic instability, your shortened lifespan.
Lexa: Ah. You mean our death sentence.
The Voice: According to his reports at the time he disappeared, he still hadn't solved the problem.
Lexa: Okay, what does that have to do with anything now?
The Voice: He lied. Not just about his death--and yes, we know about your recent contact with Adam. I'm sending you a dossier. Adam was able to assess, with great precision, an expiry date if you will, for each mutant. A time when their unstable genetic structure would cause them to self-destruct.
Lexa: What does that have to do with us?
The Voice: Jesse Kilmartin passed his expiry date two weeks ago.
Lexa: Does that mean he's cured?
The Voice: So it would seem. The delivery of Kilmartin will be your final assignment with Mutant X.
Lexa: What? So your people can dissect him like some kind of lab rat? No way!
The Voice: His life is a small price to pay to save all other mutants, including you and the rest of Mutant X.
Lexa: So what if I don't let you kill him?
The Voice: You can choose, Lexa. Lose one member of Mutant X or the whole team. You will deliver Jesse in one hour.

Jesse: You're playing a dangerous game, Lexa. All work and no play could make even you a dull girl. You okay?
Lexa: Yeah, just doing a little research. Um. Hey, I just wanted to say...what happened back there at the circus--
Jesse: Don't worry about it. A kiss is just a kiss right?
Lexa: Yeah.
Jesse: Just wanted to help.
Lexa: Well, good. Glad we understand each other.

Shalimar: This is nice. Being here like this, just us. I can almost forget about Genomex, The Dominion.
Brennan: Hm. Well, this night isn't about forgetting. This night is about making memories.
Shalimar: Why does it feel like we are always on the edge of something and never quite there?
Bernnan: I don't know. Maybe we think if we go there, there may not be any going back.
Shalimar: Would going there be such a bad thing?
Brennan: We can go wherever you want.
Shalimar: Where you wanna be?
Jesse: Brennan, Shalimar. Where are you guys?
Brennan: Dude! This is like the worst possible moment!
Shalimar: Can this wait?
Jesse: No, this is serious. Look, I need you back at Sanctuary. On the double.
Brennan: No...
Shalimar: We'll be right there. Looks like fate speaks loud and clear.
Brennan: No. Screw fate. This conversation has just begun.

Jesse: When I came in earlier, Lexa was doing something she didn't want me to see. Now maybe I shouldn't have, but I tracked her activity log.
Brennan: So what was she doing? Raiding your MP3 collection?
Jesse: No. She was accesssing some of Adam's private files. Files I didn't even know existed.
Brennan: Which files?
Jesse: His research on the instability of our genetic structure.
Shalimar: So what? It's not like he ever solved that problem anyway.
Jesse: Well, that may not be true. See, The Dominion also sent her some information. It's about me. I'm supposed to already be dead.
Shalimar: You're looking pretty good for a dead guy.
Jesse: Look, I'm serious. I just dodged the biggest bullet there is. The whole time we were with Adam, he was experimenting on us. Something he did worked, 'cause I'm cured.
Brennan: That's great, what about the rest of us?
Jesse: I don't know. It didn't say anything.
Shalimar: That's comforting.
Brennan: The next question is, what's Lexa doing accessing those files?
Shalimar: It might have something to do with The Creator, that guy she warned us about.
Brennan: The last thing Lexa should be doing is sharing information with The Dominion, especially behind our backs.
Jesse: Look, she wouldn't do anything to hurt us.
Brennan: Jess, even if she thinks she's doing the right thing, that information that she has can be used against us.
Shalimar: Yeah, and Adam. Look, she might be in trouble. We need to find her. Can you get a fix on her comlink?
Jesse: [holds Lexa's ring up] As soon as I saw it, I started tracking the sitecam surveillance system.
Shalimar: She's heading for the city.
Jesse: Yeah.
Shalimar: She's meeting someone. We don't have a lot of time.
Brennan: Okay, let's go. You stay here.
Jesse: No, no, no. I'm in this.
Brennan: Yeah, you're all over this, buddy, from here. They're after your genetic structure; I'm not gonna deliver you up to them.
Shalimar: We'll find her.

The Voice: I don't see Mr. Kilmartin.
Lexa: You don't need him. Here. I brought you everything I could find of Adam's research.
The Voice: That wasn't the arrangement.
Lexa: I'm not giving him up. That's the arrangement. He is not going to dies so The Dominion can control another one of your damn secrets.

Jesse: I should've been there.
Brennan: Why? Those guys had power-proof suits. It wouldn't have made any difference.
Shalimar: Besides, they may have tried to take you too.
Brennan: Yeah. Typical Lexa, isn't it? Don't ask anybody for help, don't tell anybody where you're going...
Shalimar: You know, I just don't understand why she'd give them the information in the first place.
Jesse: Look, the important thing is that we find her. We can ask questions later.
Brennan: Well, unless you saved the return address on the Dominion Christmas cards, it's gonna be a little harder than it seems.
Shalimar: Jess, do you think you can find Adam? I mean, they're after his information, right? That's why she met them, that's why they took her. He's the only one who knows how it connects. Besides, I want to know how you passed your expiry date.

Shalimar: You're looking at our medical files. You wanna know if we got the same treatments Jesse did?
Brennan: Yeah. Well, it's impossible to tell. He did so many procedures on all of us.
SHalimar: Well, we all knew that this was hanging over us, right? Guess I'd just hoped it wouldn't come back to haunt us 'til we were old and grey. But knowing that Jesse's already passed his expiry date kinda changes all that, doesn't it?
Brennan: Yeah. There's something else on your mind, isn't there?
Shalimar: Remember that precog that was working with The Links?
Brennan: Yeah.
Shalimar: He gave me a prophecy. He said one of us will fall.
Brennan: C'mon. You can't put too much faith in that. His prophecies were all so obscure, you never knew when or where it might happen. We're not gonna sit under a cloud and wait for it to happen, right?
Shalimar: You know, Brennan, if we are dying, I don't want to go withough finishing what we started.
Brennan: Yeah, me too.
Shalimar: Do you think you remember where we left off?
Brennan: I think you could probably refresh my memory.

Jesse: All right. I've eliminated all but one of the possibilities for Adam's location. See, all the others were just--okay, what's different about you two?
Shalimar: What? Nothing.
Brennan: Yeah...what were you saying about Adam's location?

Council Head: Miss Pierce, we are disappointed that you have chosen to side with Mutant X in the current matter.
Lexa: The current matter here is Jesse Kilmartin's life.
Dominique: Which is part of an experiment we brought into being.
Council Head: Some of the consequences of the Genomex project were unforseen.
Dominique: Some were unfortunate.
Lexa: Is that what you call destroying a thousand lives?
Dominique: Overall, the experiment has gone a long way to accomplishing our objectives.
Lexa: Which are?
Council Head: This organization was formed to direct the shape of scientific evolution. Over time, we realized we had a greater responsibility. To direct human physical evolution as well.
Lexa: Tell me, where do you freaks draw the line, huh? Racial cleansing?
Dominique: You see only the tip of the iceburg of what we do.
Lexa: Oh, that's right. I'm just one of the little lab rats.
Council Head: You make a good point. It's good you made yourself available to us. Adam might have worked on your genes as well.
Dominique: I'm going to order up a series of tests on Miss Pierce's DNA.
Council Head: Thank you, Dominique.
Lexa: Tell me, what if Adam didn't work on me, huh? Gonna go after the rest of Mutant X as well?
Council Head: If Adam didn't adjust your genetic code, you should worry for yourself. According to our records, your expiry date is rapidly approaching.

Lexa: You know, for an outfit bent on world domination, you really don't know the first thing about security.
Guard: How's that?
Lexa: You actually thought a subdermal governor was going to make me harmless?

Council Head: Did you really think one person could take down our whole organization?
Lexa: Well, another few seconds, I'd have had a pretty good shot.
Council Head: I have to assume you're working for Adam.
Lexa: I'm not working for anyone. I'm actually doing this as some kind of public service.
Council Head: What did you want with The Creator?
Lexa: Oh, I was thinking an evening of candlelight, wine, world domination.
Council Head: Seems that we're gonna have to acquire Mr. Kilmartin and Adam Kane of our own methods. Unfortunately, their chances of arriving intact are limited.
Lexa: Wait a minute. You said you could experiment on me.
Council Head: Sorry, Miss Pierce. Our findings show that your genetic structure hasn't been fixed. So you're of little use. But if you help us find Adam Kane, what time you have left will be spent more comfortably.
Lexa: Well, I'd be a lot more comfortable with my foot down your throat.

Adam: All right, what's going on?
Brennan: Lexa was taken. It might have something to do with Jesse's living past his drop-dead date.
Jesse: Why didn't you tell me you knew the actual date I was going to die?
Adam: Would it have helped? I'm doing everything I can to keep you alive.
Brennan: Well, you could've told us you solved it!
Adam: Well, until this moment, I wasn't sure I had.
Brennan: Now, what about the rest of us?
Adam: Well, it's gonna take some testing to figure out which manipulation of the DNA stabilized it.
Brennan: No. No more tests, no more experiments. We're tired of being poked and prodded.
Shalimar: C'mon, Adam, we can't live like this anymore.
Adam: All right. Look, I understand, but I'm not gonna start throwing out guesses.
Shalimar: You don't understand how any of us feel!
Jesse: Look. The Dominion's after the same information, that's why they took Lexa. Maybe we can use that information to barter her back.
Adam: No. No.
Jesse: No?! Adam, we're not just gonna abandon her! Who gets hurt if they know how to help people?
Adam: They're not gonna help people. This is about total manipulation. This is about giving The Dominion everything they would need to create human beings made to order and extend their lives indefinitely. This is about the end of the human race!
Jesse: This is also about the end of Lexa!

Shalimar: Why did he stop?
Brennan: Did what any of us would do. He gave himself up so we'd have a chance to get away.
Shalimar: Well, we have to go back. There might still be a trail we can follow.
Adam: No, they won't leave one.
Shalimar: So what do you want to do, write him off?
Adam: Is that what you think I'm about? After all we've been through, I'd just give up on Jesse? No. We're gonna get him. But we're gonna get him in the last way they'd expect. We're going into the Dominion's headquarters.

The Voice: Sanctuary. I need to know the access codes.
Lexa: You should know me better than that. Nothin's gonna make me talk.
The Voice: That was before. Unfortunately, you've allowed yourself to become weak.
Lexa: Have I? Bring it on. [Jesse's brought in] Oh my god.
The Voice: He's going to die, Lexa. It can be relatively painless, or it can be very painful. The choice is yours now.

Jesse: You realize they're gonna figure out those codes are bogus in about, oh, 20 minutes?
Lexa: Well, maybe by then we'll have a few more surprises for them. I downloaded a core killer virus into the Dominion's system. Any minute now, every computer controlled system in this building should freak out, including these subdermal governors.
Jesse: Should freak out? You do realize that our lives are depending on this?
Lexa: Do you have a better plan?
Jesse: Why did you come here?
Lexa: They said they'd kill all of Mutant X if I didn't deliver you up. So I figured I'd give them some of Adam's research you know, just to get them off our backs. Once I was in here, I realized the only way out would be to get to their boss, this guy they call The Creator. I was this close.
Jesse: This was a suicide mission to begin with. You should've told me.
Lexa: Now would you have let me go, really?
Jesse: I don't know. But you should have trusted me enough to have the conversation.
Lexa: Well, I promise. The next time someone's trying to kill us, you'll be the first to know.

Lexa: If you got this far, you know where I am and what I've done. And this is what I'm going to do. I'm taking the fight to them. I'm going after The Creator. I wasn't able to save my brother, but I am not going to let them take you. If this doesn't work, don't look for me. Just run far, run fast.
Shalimar: She can't do this alone.
Brennan: Who the hell is this Creator guy?
Adam: Well, he's a mythical figure. I mean, some say that he's been secretly running the Dominion since the 1800's.
Shalimar: That's impossible.
Adam: I know, but look, how can the word impossible have any meaning to any of us? Whatever he is, he's their heart. He's their soul. His principles dictate their actions.

Jesse: Something I want you to know.
Lexa: This isn't going to make me cry, is it?
Jesse: No. But if I die without saying this--
Lexa: See? There you go. And me without my hankerchief, I tell you.
Jesse: You know, every time I try to talk to you straight up, you turn it into a joke.
Lexa: Jess, I know how you feel. You're not exactly a closed book, that's why.
Jesse: Oh, okay. Yeah, so just forget I said anything.
Lexa: Jess, I care about you too. And we are not going to die. We are walking out of here, and I tell you, when we do, we are gonna take this whole damn place down around their ears.

The Voice: I just wanted you to know, I'm not happy about the way things turned out, Lexa.
Lexa: I thought you were the one who was supposed to stay away from personal feelings.
The Voice: I guess no one's immune.
Lexa: You can stop this, you know.
The Voice: It's out of my hands.
Lexa: I guess the ends don't matter if you're all about doing the easy thing.
The Voice: The easy thing would have been to kill the rival agent who took my legs. Instead I took into account the fact that her mind was being controlled by an implant and worked to bring her into this organization.
Lexa: You're lying.
The Voice: I never blamed you, Lexa. I've given up much for this organization and for you. I won't do that anymore.
Jesse: Okay, now can I worry?
Lexa: Yeah, maybe a little.

The Voice: I guess doing the easy thing will have to wait for another day. You're on your own now, Lexa. I have to be far away from here.
Lexa: Hey, wait a minute. You know, I just realized... I never knew your name.
The Voice: Let's not spoil a good thing. We'll meet again.

The Creator: Part of the price we pay for chasing immortality. I think of how hard I try to get you here. Now here you are. You've delivered yourself.
Adam: I'm harder to kill this way.
The Creator: No, no, no. Believe me, no one intended to kill you. We're trying to deliver you to your destiny.
Adam: And what would you know about that?
The Creator: I've shaped every facet of your life. Everything you've studied, everywhere you've worked, everyone you've worked with.
Adam: I don't believe you.
The Creator: The human race is an imperfect thing, Adam. Weak creatures evolving randomly in an uncontrolled way without any order at all. But I knew we could do better. But I was running out of time, you see. That's why I cloned myself. I've spent 160 years working on this project alone, but I needed help.
Adam: I had parents!
The Creator: Michael, Kara. Loyal employees. And just when I was ready to call you and let you take the next step, you disappeared. Now you know the past. But from here, we create the future.
Brennan: Adam, we've gotta get out of here.
Adam: We've got to take him with us. He's got what I've been working toward my whole life.
Shalimar: He's lying to you, Adam! You don't need him.
Jesse: Adam, watch out! [a force-field divides them]
Council Head: Kill them. Get The Creator and Kane to safety.
Adam: Jesse! [he blows up the Double Helix] Go, run! Hurry!

Jesse: Where the hell do we go now?
Lexa: We need to find Adam. I mean, everybody here except Jesse's living under a death sentence.
Shalimar: Yeah, but Sanctuary's gone, the Helix is gone, the Dominion w--
Brennan: No, no, they think they've won. It's not over yet.
Jesse: It will be if we don't move. C'mon.
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