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The Mutant X FAQ Center

The Mutant X FAQ Center

The Show

What is Mutant X about?

The Bible: A Mutant X Glossary

What does the 'X' stand for?

Where is Sanctuary located?

When does Mutant X take place?

Why was Mutant X cancelled?

Wasn't there a Mutant X comic book?

Wasn't there a lawsuit about X-Men?

Jesse Kilmartin's Gadgets Guide

Adam Kane's Technobabble Transcripts

Brennan Mulwray's literary quotes

Did Mutant X win any awards?

How can I purchase Mutant X DVDs?

Where can I find Mutant X screencaps, video clips, and downloads?

What is a faux Mutant X website?

Fun Mutant X trivia

How did I get here? Mutant X Googlisms
The Characters

What's a new mutant?

Who are the non-mutants?

How old are the Mutant X team members?

Why did Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) leave?

Why must Mason Eckhart wear fake skin?

Did Shalimar and Brennan ever...?

What kind of mutant is Lexa Pierce?

The Cast & Crew

Where are the Mutant X actors now?

Who guest-starred in each episode?

Who wrote and directed each episode?

Who wrote the Mutant X music and theme song?

Why did head writer Howard Chaykin leave?

The Fandom

Where can I find Mutant X fansites, fanfiction, fanart, fanlists and RPGs?

How widespread is the Mutant X fandom?

Can we bring Mutant X back?
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