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Mutant X FAQ: What's a new mutant? What types are there?

Genomex's New Mutants

What's a new mutant?
The genius geneticist Adam Kane once performed research at the government biotechnology firm Genomex, where he and other scientists attempted to use DNA manipulation to save children with irreversible fatal diseases. The research performed at Genomex did help prolong the lives of some, but many of the children developed superhuman abilities as a consequence of the experiments. These 1,000 "Children of Genomex" are called new mutants.

What's an expiry date?

New mutants' DNA is in a constant state of evolution. The same genetic alterations which give them their abilities also make them vulnerable to periods of active mutation during which their powers run rampant, "growth spurts" where they can develop additional related abilities, and eventually, complete cellular breakdown. This imminent cellular decompensation gives each new mutant an "expiry date," the date by which, if his or her DNA is not stabilized, he or she will die. The more powerful the new mutant, the sooner the expiration date. Thus "Patient Zero" Gabriel Ashlocke, the first and most powerful new mutant created, was the first to succumb to this cellular breakdown. Though other new mutants have reportedly had their DNA stabilized through experimentation by the genetics expert Dominique, Jesse Kilmartin is the only new mutant on the Mutant X team whose DNA was successfully stabilized by Adam.

How many new mutant types are there?

There are four types of new mutants: ferals, moleculars, psionics, and elementals. *For more on each individual new mutant, check out Sanctuary's New Mutant Database.

Ferals have animal DNA spliced into their own, giving each feral some of that animal's characteristics.'s feral subtypes: feline (cat, lion, etc.), ursine (bear), canine (dog, wolf, etc.), porcine (boar, hog, etc.), cervine (deer), reptus (lizard, snake, etc.), amphibian (frog, etc.), piscis (fish).

On the Mutant X team, Shalimar Fox is a feline feral with glowing cat's eyes. She has enhanced senses of smell, sight, and touch; because of her enhanced hearing, loud sounds can cause her to have migraines. Her heightened strength and reflexes allow her to make magnificent leaps and powerful combat moves. Like all feline ferals, Shalimar is very territorial and has an intense fear of fire. More about Shalimar Fox is here.

Other ferals who have appeared in the series: Amphibian Tina Benedict, feline Dr. Richard Saunders, feline Donna Morse, feline Lt. Beau Longstreet, feline Sgt. Angel Dorn, feline Corporal Clark Randall, canine Aldous Berkley, amphibian Lena Blake, scorpion Lorna Templeton, canine Nathaniel Block, ursine Michael Ward, feline Amanda Terry, feline Nikki Rogers, reptus (lizard) Eckhart's accomplice, lupine Terra, feline Gia DuChamps, arachnid The Guardian, canine Kara Whitely.

Moleculars can affect the molecules of their own bodies or those of their environment.'s molecular subtypes: intangibility (able to move through solids), imperviousness (withstands physical penetration), invisibility, propulsion (accelerated motion or speed), gravitative (able to alter weight in self, others or objects), chromatic (affects color, light, etc.), stasis-suspension (affects time), replication (self-cloning, etc.), elasticity (able to alter size or shape - extremely rare).

On the Mutant X team, both Jesse Kilmartin and Lexa Pierce are moleculars.

Jesse Kilmartin ("The Nerd Wonder"), as an intangible/impervious molecular, can alter the density of his body's molecular structure to be either intangible enough to walk through walls (called "phasing"), or so dense that neither bullets nor cars can penetrate him ("massing"). By the end of the third season, Jesse can also phase and mass other objects and people by touch. Jesse can only remain massed for as long as he can hold his breath, and if he remains phased for more than 30 seconds, he may not be able to reform. More about Jesse Kilmartin is here.

Lexa Pierce is either a chromatic molecular or an elemental/molecular mix. Lexa ("Complexa") is able to bend light to make herself and those she is touching invisible. Unlike molecular stealth mutants like Danielle and Catherine Hartman, however, Lexa is also able to shoot penetrating lasers from her fingertips, and create blinding light flashes with her hands. Thus some sources list Lexa as an elemental instead of a molecular (see What kind of mutant is Lexa?). There is a time limit on Lexa's invisibility, and while invisible her heat outline can still be seen with infra-red goggles or feral vision. More about Lexa Pierce is here.

Other moleculars who have appeared in the series: Propulsive Vince Meisel, stasis-suspension Nick Renfield, gravitative Wendy Stone, super-strength Kendra MacEvoy, chromatic/X-ray vision Jerri Wiley, propulsive Todd Wiley, stealth Danielle Hartman, stealth Catherine Hartman, regenerative Charles Marlowe, regenerative Caleb Mathias, astral projection Cyrus Payton, explosive Hector Friemark, regenerative Kristoff, elastic/multiple Leo Pierce, stasis-suspension Samantha Bennett, chromatic (dark matter) Randall Blake, intangible Nathan Reynolds, teleporter The Clown, force-fields Tony LaPorta, multidimensional Diane Taylor.

Psionics have enhanced mental abilities.'s psionic subtypes: telepathic (mind readers), telekinetic (able to move objects with the mind), telempathic (able to read and adjust emotions), precog (able to see future events), illusionist (projects unreal visuals or attitudes).

On the Mutant X team, Emma deLauro began as a telempathic psionic and diversified as the series progressed. As a telempath, Emma was able to read the emotions of others and project images/emotions into their minds. Emma would later demonstrate other psionic abilities as well: broadband telempathy, telepathy, memory enhancement and erasure, psionic blasts that rendered the recipient unconscious, and mind control. More about Emma deLauro is here.

Other psionics who have appeared in the series: Telekinetic Frank Thorne, telepath/ESPer Ruby Bishop, telekinetic Allison Turner, telekinetic Stephen Benedict, telekinetic Daniel Benedict, telekinetic Toni Quintana, telepath Lisa Valentine, new mutant detector Maria, telecyber Michelle Bigelow, memory erasure Mark Griffin, projecting x-ray vision Zack Lockhart, telempath/illusionist Henry Voight, combustion (microwaves) Harvey Lanchester, telekinetic Morgan Fortier, precog Tyler Ryan, telepath Sam Raymond, illusionist Levak Ivanov, telepath Marika, telepath Andrea Marshall, illusionist Johnny Cummings, cybernetic William Dennett, telekinetic Charles Carter, telempath Dr. Olivia Robinson, telepath Riley Morgan, precog John Bishop.

Elementals control the energy of the elements and the environment.'s elemental subtypes: electrical, thermal (heat or cold related), sonic, chemical, botanical (plant related), geological (earth related - extremely rare).

On the Mutant X team, Brennan Mulwray is an electrical elemental. Brennan ("Sparky") can throw tesla coils from his fingers, allowing him to jump-start cars and cardiac arrests, open electronic locks, and electrocute enemies. Brennan needs a period of rest between voltage uses, and cannot use his abilities when he gets wet, lest he short out or electrocute himself. Wrapping his arms in chains or holding something that's touching the floor grounds him. More about Brennan Mulwray is here.

Other elementals who have appeared in the series: Electrical cybernetic Barry Sterling (a.k.a. Kilohertz), thermal Alice Robins, electrical absorber Ashley Elliott, thermal Josh Valentine, botanical Skeet Vosberg, eletrical Matty Conlan, sonic Calvin Porter, air absorber Eli Lynch, thermal/heat and cold Pamela Fries, thermal Kelly Rice, thermal Josh, electrical Patricia, thermal Billy Larkin, thermal Nick Maddox, pain Silva, wind Oblivion, electrical Candace Rockwell.

Gabriel Ashlocke. Psychopath Gabriel Ashlocke, aka Patient Zero, was the first new mutant created at Genomex. He has traits of all four mutant types: a feline feral's strength and reflexes, a psionic's telepathy, illusionist and mind control abilities, and an elemental's ability to throw destructive energy balls. Adam and Mason podded young Gabriel at the age of 10 after killed his parents; he escaped 25 years later to pod Mason Eckhart and form an army of new mutants called The Strand. More about Gabriel Ashlocke is here.

The Child. Gabriel Ashlocke created "Ashlocke's Second Coming," The Child, from the DNA of four new mutants: elemental Brennan Mulwray, psionic Riley Morgan, molecular Nathan Reynolds, and feral Kara Whitely. As a result, The Child has the abilities of all four new mutant types.

Diana Moller. Diana is a psionic/molecular mix who can affect the gravitational dilation of time, create time portals, change the shape of atoms, and alter the space-time continuum. By connecting psionically with another person, Diana can create a vortex through which to send herself and other people back in time.

Chester. Chester was Brennan's short-lived genetically engineered pet locust.

Neil Cuddahy. Neil is a non-sleeping mutant who needs only one half an hour of sleep a night. Neil may be a molecular, based on information from My Friend's Bookstore: You won’t catch this guy falling asleep on the job. Neal is a Molecular whose body processes energy so he doesn’t require sleep. A professional driver, his non-stop midnight truck runs have transported hundreds of New Mutants and needed supplies to safe houses all over the country. Low key and fond of Jimmy Buffet tunes, Neal has only one complaint: “It’s lonely when you’re the only one awake.”

Charlotte Cooke. Charlotte can secrete a toxin from her fingers which changes a person's moral polarity, from good to bad or from bad to good. On new mutants, this effect lasts a minute; on non-new mutants, it lasts forever until Charlotte returns them to normal with a second touch. Dr. Ken Harrison's report on shows we're not the only ones who can't classify Charlotte: I would like to adjust your thinking on the genetic coding of new mutant, Charlotte Cooke (security file #EOG998CC). Although this subject is no longer available to Genomex, I find the case a fascinating study. It aligns with my recent exploration on variation within the mutant species and merits further attention from our science departments. Upon initial analysis, many of you labeled the female Cooke as a Molecular. She excreted a toxin from her pores that seemingly altered the moral compass of her opponents, causing them to rage, despair or degrade themselves beyond their normal limits. In a sense, the contaminant acted like a cocaine derivative, twisting the victims' nervous systems until it extracted unnatural behavior. In retrospect, I suppose the Molecular classification was a likely one. The subject did seem to bend physical laws, a characterization that defines the group. There are blaring aspects of the female Cooke that do not line up with a Molecular profile, however. Calling her such was an unreasonably rash diagnosis, the kind of which will not be tolerated in the future. Any additional examples of such shoddy work will be reported promptly to Mr. Eckhart for disciplinary action. For now, no specific names will be put forth. You know who you are and are expected to increase the quality of your work. Genomex psychologist Dr. Varady worked up a composite of Cooke as a potential Psionic (subcategory: Empath). While I have only the highest regards for our esteemed colleague, I cannot agree with her conclusions. Cooke's powers are transmitted physically, not mentally, although they do affect thought processes of the brain. Thus, a Psionic label is also incorrect. Having been forced to take matters into my own hands, I have come to the only obvious conclusion as to Cooke's classification: Feral. Many reptile and insect females secrete venom that can paralyze or confound their victims. Such is the case with new mutant: Cooke. Examination of her DNA samples as well as her family history support my findings. I find it particularly discouraging that your departments missed the same deductions. Mere weeks ago I sent out a mandatory memo in regards to Insect Ferals. Apparently the entire personnel overlooked it. I need not point out that correct identification of Cooke's abilities might have facilitated Genomex's detaining her. Instead, she is now a GSA priority capture. You may all consider yourselves on a probationary status of employment until this error is redeemed. Incidentally, I have been informed that several research heads felt I would be interested in Cooke's associate, the plant Elemental "Skeet" Vosburg. Despite my background in botanicals, let me assure you the existence of an unbathed, under-educated low-class new mutant whose sole talent is to defoliate does not inspire me. The vile being is to be reduced to full stasis level if there is available pod space or disposed of in the usual method. I trust such insulting assumptions about my taste will not be made again. Thank-you, K. Harrison

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