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Mutant X FAQ: How old are the members of Mutant X?

Mutant X's Ages

According to their profiles on the Mutant X official website, the members of the Mutant X team are supposed to be in their twenties.

Shalimar Fox: Adam Kane first found Shalimar when she was 15. Shalimar states in "A Normal Life" that she'd been working with him for 10 years, making her about 25 years old. This fits the information in her official site profile, which states that she is in her mid-twenties.

Lexa Pierce: In "Brother's Keeper," the computer biography of Lexa's brother Leo shows that he is 28 years old. Since the two are fraternal twins, Lexa is also 28 years old.

Emma DeLauro: Emma is the youngest member of Mutant X, so she must be younger than Shalimar's 25 years of age. Indeed, her official site profile agrees that she is in her early twenties.

Jesse Kilmartin: Jesse's official site profile proclaims that "Jesse Kilmartin is a sweetly naive and good-natured guy in his early 20s." In "The Future Revealed," however, Jesse tells Adam that he's been waiting 28 years to trust someone, so he's at least 28 by the end of season two.

Brennan Mulwray: Brennan's official profile states that he is in his late twenties. Brennan mentions in "No Man Left Behind" that his biological father was shot down during the Vietnam War, specifically in 1971. If that's the case, then Brennan would presumably be about 29 or 30 years old by season one...provided that S1 takes place around 2002. (See the Mutant X Timeline).

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