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Mutant X FAQ: Jesse Kilmartin's Guide to Mutant X Technology

Jesse Kilmartin's Guide to Mutant X Technology

Want to know more about all those cool gadgets they use on Mutant X? Read on as Mutant X's resident mechanical master, Jesse Kilmartin, identifies the techno tools of his universe.

Techno Toys

Anomite. Developed by government scientist Dr. Tork in "Deadly Desire," anomite is a computer virus capable of infecting and destroying any online system...including Sanctuary's advanced security system.

Audio Filter. This set of modified headphones was created by Genomex scientists to allow new mutant Calvin Porter ("Blood Ties") to selectively filter out the noises of the world around him so that he could better cope with his genetically enhanced hearing.

Chess Set. As in the X-Men film, one of the recreational activities in Sanctuary is playing chess on a glass set. Adam plays Emma in "Altered Ego;" Jesse plays himself in "Wasteland," then loses to Lexa in "The Prophecy."

Cloning Device. Combining his knowledge of nanotechnology and genetics, ex-Genomex scientist Dr. Nolan Blackledge developed a machine capable of cloning women's minds and bodies in "Dream Lover." The synthetic clones were virtually indistinguishable from their human counterparts, but could dissolve into individual nanites. The clones could be destroyed with electricity.

Comlink Rings. These communicator rings, worn by the members of Mutant X, are keyed to the wearer's personal DNA strand. The rings have mini cameras, audio/video links to other team members and are apparently activated whenever the wearer wants them to be, or by speaking into them. Whenever a team member loses a ring, it seems to be Jesse's responsibility to make another. Adam's thoughts from Mutant X Lives: The Comlinks are perhaps the last vestige of little boy in me. I remember thrilling to episodics where the space heroes communicated through hi-tech devices that looked liked ordinary watches or rings. I knew it was pure fiction, but my seven-year-old mind secretly vowed that someday I would build and use such slick, convenient appliances in whatever line of work I chose. They were so practical. So camouflaged. So…cool. The current Mutant X rings are vital to every facet of our work: from the smooth operation of our most dangerous missions to the day-to-day routines in Sanctuary. Utilizing a unique satellite beacon, their range is virtually unlimited. They can also send out a homing signal traceable to the most exclusive, remote locations on the globe. Even Genomex cannot block the frequency thus far. The links also serve as a team badge, symbolizing a bond to our cause and each other. Elementals, Moleculars, Psionics, Ferals and human beings are connected and equal wearing them. I would say of all my technical inventions, the Comlink rings are the best designed and most failsafe. They have never required upgrading from the original models (and considering all the hardware we burn through at Stormking Mountain that is saying something). Plus, they’re cool. You’ll always know you are with a trusted, full-fledged champion of Mutant X when you spy that innocent-looking band on their finger. The seven-year-old in me is quite proud.

Compact/Decoder. The fake compact that Lexa carries in "In Between" and the one which Emma has in "Hard Time" is really a tiny computer which can open locked doors and safes by decoding the security combinations.

Computers. The computers in the new mutant safehouses possessed encrypted new mutant databases equipped with a self-destruct failsafe mechanism in case the GSA found their way in. Jesse's computer controls the dojo's systems, can access the new mutant database, and possesses a hacker's dream toolbase, including the ability to create a firewall around the stock market ("Kilohertz"). It also has a cool reclining chair which spins around. In the first season, the voice-activated main computer in Sanctuary has several neat features, including a linkup to the Double Helix's systems, the new mutant database, image projection, a connection to Proxy Blue, police database search capabilities, a voice stress analyzer, a virtual poker game, and Adam's decryption program for GSA communiques. Not to mention a convenient ledge to sit on.

The Dojo. The dojo is a simulation generator, where the members of Mutant X practice sparring techniques with computer-generated images. The dojo also has a mutant-proof protective shield which can be activated to contain prisoners like Barry Sterling in "Kilohertz"--including the members of Mutant X ("Altered Ego," "Presumed Guilty"). The dojo is accessible from Jesse's computer. Sadly, the dojo disappears in the second season. Adam's thoughts from Mutant X Lives: The Sanctuary’s most essential piece of training equipment is also its most controversial. The Dojo is a holographic unit that can be used on a number of levels. It can induce exact images of any battle situation, replicating environments to deceive every sense. It can serve as a meditation aid, blocking out all surrounding distractions. Finally, it can be used as a defensive weapon manipulating a foe or intruder to our headquarters. I have been criticized for employing this instrument. I’ve even been accused of using it to brainwash Mutant X. It’s said I use the Dojo to create compliant drones. This is nonsense. The illusions fashioned in the matrix draw out latent imagination and resources that build inner strength. If anything, it balances a reality that has always been stark and cruel to my team. The Dojo is about confidence and ultimate tranquility. Not about deception. At least it is in my hands. Eckhart and Genomex would bend it to darker applications I have no doubt. Erected from my own designs by a gifted engineer who owed me a favor, the Dojo is the heart of Stormking Mountain. Mutant X has many fronts to fight and doors to unlock. Using the Dojo gives us the key.

Dominion's Operative Cellphones. These magical phones have the ability to speed-dial any high government or military office. They can also be reached by anyone who needs to contact Lexa, whether or not that person would reasonably have access to the her number.

The Double Helix. This VTOL (Virtual Take-Off and Landing) aircraft had a cloaking device/stealth sheilds, an autopilot mode, voice activated comlink system connected to Sanctuary, an ionizing filter and a microwave blast generator. In the first season, the Helix had a virtual computer screen. Adam's thoughts from Mutant X Lives: I have never been fond of transportation vehicles. In other words, I’m not a car guy. They never go as fast as I can think. And the ones that do, I would not risk my life to ride in. Air travel is very much the same. However, when your base of operations is located inside a mountain and the expanse of your work covers the globe, options are limited. Hence, the Double Helix, a customized jet created from my twisted blueprints that took an innocent airplane’s “DNA” and mutated it to my needs. I was fortunate to be associated with aero-engineers who translate my outrageous ideas into an actual plane. Essentially, the Double Helix is a flying laboratory that can easily break Mach 1. It brings the primary resources of Stormking Mountain with it as well as members of Mutant X on missions. The interior is as roomy as any part of our headquarters. It has a cloaking device, sound deflectors and landing gear so precise it can park like an automobile on a dime, if necessary, and remain unnoticed. While manual drive still preferable, it can also autopilot and respond to verbal commands. It has radar, sonar and temporal components and is itself an independent computer that can link or separate from countless sources. The cost of such a bird was, putting it mildly, stratospheric. The mere maintenance on it and its partially equipped back up could cripple a small country. I am indebted to the “angels” who trusted me with the funds…and never even asked for a ride in return. Ironically, I am loathe to pilot the thing. When pressed, I am proficient, but aviation is not one of my natural gifts. Jesse has proven to be the best, quite skillful actually, followed by Vince of Mutant X’s Underground. Surprisingly, Emma has also taken smoothly to the pilot seat, despite her reluctance to deal with anything overtly technical. Brennan, however, has far too much of a “hot rod” mentality for me not to envision expensive repairs every time he takes the helm and I won’t even mention Shalimar in this context. It’s personalities like the latter two that made me hold out for the “ghost pilot” features, despite the price tag. So, Mutant X flies. Until transport becomes free of physical machinery, the Double Helix will remain our silent, aviary member.

Ectomorphic Restraints. These blue energy-based restraints were used by alien Dr. Sara Wolf to hold new mutants while she drained their spinal fluid in "Sign from Above."

The EDD Scanner and Biobed. In Adam's words, the most frequent use of the biobed's EDD scanner is "to diagnostically calibrate your genetic enhancement and identify any adjustments that may be required since your new mutant DNA is in a constant state of evolution." It has also been used to stabilize a new mutant's body functions (Brennan in "Russian Roulette" and Rick Bellamy in "The Meaning of Death"), extract DNA gene sequences from a new mutant (Charles Marlowe in "The Meaning of Death"), to stabilize a new mutant's DNA (Danielle Hartman in "Whiter Shade of Pale,"), to scan for bodily injuries (Shalimar in "Altered Ego," Lexa in "She's Come Undone"), to re-integrate two personality halves that have been split (Emma in "Double Vision"), to mimic brain waves (Adam in "Nothing to Fear"), and to copy a person's facial features (Vic in "Once Around").

Electromagnetic Pulse Generator. Adam carries an elecromagnetic pulse generator with him to Naxcon in "Lest He Become" on his way to confront Mason Eckhart. He states that it was strong enough to fry every piece of electrical equipment in the building, but he never gets the chance to use it, since Mason's sensors detect it and render it inoperable the moment Mutant X enters the building.

Electronic bubble generator. Created by the eccentric Dr. Alfred Marcus, this force-field generator was capable of isolating the entire town of New Hope from the outside world for decades. From Mutant X Lives: ...Dr. Alfred Marcus & Lewiston. Ever catch that old Gene Kelly musical, “Brigadoon”? It’s about an ancient Scottish village that appears out of the mist once every hundred years to dance and sing? Well, that seems to be the story of Lewiston, USA as well (minus the musical numbers). Al Marcus was an important government scientist who worked under the FDR administration during the 30’s and 40’s. He supposedly developed an electronic force field bubble that could cover and isolate an area as large as eighty square acres. It was slated to be deployed be the Defense Department if the A-Bomb didn’t work in Japan. Of course, “Little Boy” was a flaming success, so the project got back burnered. Did I mention that Marcus was also a chronic sociopath? (What is it about you genius types, Adam?) The horrors of WWII convinced him the world was a sinking cesspool that would destroy the innocent small-town life he cherished so. After ranting and raving for a while, the good doctor disappeared without a trace. Coincidentally, all of his force field data and equipment went missing with him. Official word at the time was Marcus went over to the Soviets. I don’t think this was right, however. He was far too much of a patriot to defect. After tracking camouflaged bank accounts, numerous aliases and real estate records dating back over half a century (no small feat, I might add) I think I’ve pieced together Marcus’ trail to an area about thirty miles west of Edgarstown (right where your agent’s car was found, yes?) This used to be a tiny mining community called Lewiston (pop. 149 in 1950). Now it’s just empty space, not even a ghost town. Maps haven’t listed it for years. The trouble is, there are no records of Lewiston ever being deserted. It just ceased to exist (and wasn’t really missed, for that matter). Are you connecting the same dots I am? What if mad Dr. Marcus with his driving desire to preserve Mayberry drove into town with a trunk load of stolen government technology and sealed it off from the rest of the festering world? Think about it. Inside an invisible barrier could live a barn-dancing-“Gee, Ma”-general store milkshake kind of community with no clue that Elvis is dead (or ever was alive!). Untouched folk that would make the Amish jealous. It’s my guess that the Elementally-dashing Mr. Mulwray sparked a way into Lewiston and is pas-de-deuxing with a rural Cyd Charisse as we speak (the musical again). You’d be a fool not to check it out. I’ve posted the most accurate coordinates on the vanished town I could find to both the Stormking and Double Helix systems. And Adam, if you do find Lewiston under a sheath of electronic Tupperware, leave Marcus’ machines for my crew to retrieve and we’ll call it even.

Explosive bullet. In "In Between," Dr. Ken Harrison developed an explosive bullet which could penetrate Jesse's body even when massed, and could be remotely detonated. Once inside of him, the bullet used a proton coupler to link to Jesse's nervous system. This allowed it to use his abilities to phase itself, making it impossible to remove surgically.

Explosive necklace. This device, worn around the neck of a victim like Megan Morrison in "One Step Closer," can be detonated remotely, if touched, or if it senses that it has been removed from the electrostatic impulses given off by the wearer's body.

Explosive wrist gun. An assassination tool of the elite Blue Bolt group, this weapon emits heat-sensored bullets and is strapped to the assassin's hand with an unbreakable lock. If the gun is not fired in a certain amount of time, it will self-destruct, taking off the wearer's arm. Shalimar was forced to wear one in "Within These Walls."

Genetic Analyzer. Dr. Aziza Deparis pierced Gabriel Ashlocke's chest with this glowing device in "Past as Prologue" in order to follow the progress of his genetic instability.

Genetic Sequencer. Stealth mutant Danielle Hartman stole the genetic sequencer prototype that Adam Kane had created when she learned that it could potentially heal a new mutant whose DNA was actively mutating. Unfortunately,her DNA was too fragmented for the sequencer to be effective, so Adam combined her DNA with her daughter's in order to repair it.

Hazmat suits. These insulated suits with invisible helmets are worn as protection from disease, as Shalimar and Emma do in "The Meaning of Death." Quite the fashion statement, too.

Healing Laser. This hand-held penlight emits a laser beam that can heal superficial wounds and bruises. Emma uses one on Shalimar's gunshot wound in "Deadly Desire;" Jesse uses it on her bruises in "Dark Star Rising," and Adam uses it on Brennan's burned arm in "Within These Walls." This light is apparently different from the hand-held sensor Adam uses to examine Shalimar in "Nothing to Fear."

Laser Device. Stolen from a military facility by Colonel Aaron Gaumont's men in "Power Play," this device was set to release floating triangular laser weapons which were triggered whenever intruders entered a designated area. When Mutant X entered the Twin Creeks Facility, Brennan was able to get his teammates past the device by deflecting the laser beams with electrical charges.

Memory Scanner. This set of headphones is worn by Nikki Rogers in "Understudy," and again by psionic Andrea Marshall in "Where Evil Dwells." As Emma explains to Nikki, Emma gives the wearer a telempathic boost while they focus on memories of an event. The scanner then converts optic memories into digital images and projects them onto a computer screen where they can be processed and enhanced. Jesse wears something that looked similar in "Power Play," but Adam used that device to assess the state of his nervous system after he was exposed to nerve gas.

Microwave Accelerator. In combination with Keith Burstyn's viral gas, Shalimar enhances cellular excitment with a microwave accelerator in order to reanimate the Dominion council members frozen by Anthony Gervais in "A Normal Life."

Neural Implant. After Lexa Pierce attempted to leave the GSA, Mason Eckhart set up Project Nine, an operation during which four Genomex scientists placed a neural implant placed in her neck which gave him complete control over her nervous system and her actions by inducing a REM sleep-like trance. The Dominion doctors temporarily deactivated the implant, but it was reactivated by Project Nine scientist Dr. John Gonsalves several years later. Any attempt to remove the device would trigger an electrical surge into her brain, causing an instant hemorrhage, but once Jesse Kilmartin determined that the trance could be broken with epinephrine, he and Adam Kane successfully removed the implant.

Neural Stimulator. This device was capable of drawing selected memories from a person's mind and projecting them onto a screen, similar to the above memory enhancer of "Understudy" and "Where Evil Dwells." The Tribunal used Adam's invention against him in "Final Judgement."

Particle Decelerator. Created by Walderson Industries, the particle decelerator completely freezes electron movement, thus shutting down anything electrical like computers, communications, a city's power grid, or a person's central nervous system. From Mutant X Lives: FROM HOLCOMB: JURGEN BARDO & THE PARTICLE DECELERATOR: Adam, this is a mere follow-up to our conversation, varifying the facts you and I were 99% certain of. Walderson Industries has finally delivered the complete statistics and blueprints for the stolen Particle Decelerator (which I’ve forwarded to you). It can indeed freeze electron movement. If applied to mechanics, it could shut down the power grids to entire cities. If applied to organics, it could switch off the brain and central nervous systems of a body. Final adjustments and tests were only run scant weeks ago, so there must have been a leak inside Walderson’s security. I already have a team working on that. You’ll see from the enclosed dossier on Jurgen Bardo, that I was correct to narrow down all suspects in the robbery to him. This is completely his style: entering the country under false credentials, utilizing local talent to commit the crime (and take the heat if something goes awry) and then scraping a fortune off the highest bids from an underground network of militant parties (mostly terrorists). While Bardo keeps his profile low, Secret Services have gathered enough information to eke out a few quirks (for example: he dresses well but seldom bathes, courts only German women and has been known to kill a contact rather than repeat instructions twice). Hopefully, this will aid your profile. I reluctantly accept your decision only to retrieve the Particle Decelerator but if Mutant X crosses with my own agents who’ll be pursuing Bardo, I trust they will be no conflict (you had your chance at stroking a few interested parties by apprehending him and passed, so not chide me if we walk across your backs to make the capture ourselves). Incidentally, I received your notification on Ms. Fox’s substitute and have issued a temporary clearance for her. However, the data you turned over on Ms. Rogers does not line up with the bureau listings, foster placement statistics or employment records currently available. Are you certain you know Nikki Rogers as well as you say you do?

The Phased Vibrational Generator. Though we're never told exactly what it does, the powerful PVG that Adam designed was fraudulently obtained by General Sperling in "No Man Left Behind" for use against the Kovakistan Liberation Army. It came with a locator device which Brennan fried so that the rebels could not find it. From Mutant X Lives: THE PHASED VIBRATIONAL GENERATOR: Hey! Isn’t this do-hickey one of your inventions? I thought so. You whipped it up for mining purposes, right? It probably financed the Double Helix. Do you know how it’s being used lately? Check out the ownership of a certain “Jaspar Mining Co.” based in North Carolina that you recently sold the gizmo to. You should do more thorough background checks, Mr. Kane. It’s all a front for the Office of Defense Testing headed by General “Blow-em-up” William Sutton. Feeling sick to your stomach, yet? That’s right, Adam. Your vibrating hole-maker is being remade as weapon to be used against the Liberation Army of Karakistan. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on a plane headed for that dismal spot this very minute. Now, I know what an upstanding citizen you are and how it would grieve you to learn that a helpful device of your creation could be remade as a lethal weapon of warfare without your permission. Thus, I pass on this dirty scoop to you. (Plus, I owe you and your MX kids big time over the screw-up I made about Colonel Gaumont and the Twin Creeks debacle a while back. Let it not be said I don’t apologize…at least when averted nuclear meltdowns are concerned.) Seriously, Adam, you might want to get on this. Like so many of his ilk, Sutton is a maniacal egotist probably compensating for his physical shortcomings, if you get my drift (never an issue with you, pet). He isn’t happy unless the enemy gets slaughtered. Mind you, the President hasn’t officially stated which side of the current Karakistan bloodbath we’re on although if you follow our oil interests in that area, it’s a no-brainer. If I get a heads up on which plane is carrying the goods, I’ll beep you directly and maybe your capable quartet can head it off. Otherwise, stock ‘em up on sunscreen. I hear the Karaki deserts are brutal this time of year.

The Pushka H5B7. The Pushka H5B7 was developed by Sonya's Russian father in the 1980's to detect and neutralize new mutants. After deactivating their mutant abilities, the particle beam caused disintegration of their organs. It also had the ability to reverse the neutralization process when the proper code was keyed in. A security notice from Effective immediately any tests, plans or mention of the device known as the Pushka H5B7 are to be terminated without question. All revision designs and schematics will be handed over to department heads for permanent disposal. Anyone failing to comply in these actions will face a similar experience with their own employment. Computers are to be expunged of any records pertaining to the flawed apparatus. (CODE: OBIT) Forthwith, all references to Pushka H5B7 in document or discussion will result in instant castigation. This policy also applies to the Pushka's advocate, Sonya Barovsky, whose guest consultant status at all Genomex facilities has been revoked. Any communication with Ms. Barovsky or her associate, Yuri Pogrebin, will be considered a serious infraction against the agency and punishable at the highest level. The exception is, of course, the GSA who have been directed to locate and apprehend the Russian pair within the earliest possible time frame. Any assistance they require in their search will be cleared through my office and relegated on a need-to-know basis. The Pushka H5B7 failed to perform its designed function of tracking and neutralizing mutant DNA. This disappointment nails the lid shut on consideration for any similar piece of equipment developed outside the Genomex arena. Let it serve as a warning to all sections dealing with foreign input before they present future ideas. Of all resources, time is one I refuse to waste and will not do so without swift and appropriate reprisal. The sooner this policy is absorbed, the less a cause for occupational vacancy.

Sensory Overloading Device. Used by Mason Eckhart in "Kilohertz" to 're-educate' GSA trainee Nick Renfield through negative reinforcement, this device looks a great deal like the Dominion's torture device used on Jesse in "The Assault," but that one only seemed to deliver electricity.

Sanctuary's Security System Sanctuary, Mutant X's secret headquarters inside Stormking Mountain, is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems designed by Adam and reinforced by Jesse's one-time girlfriend, the expert computer hacker Toni Quintana. These systems include intruder alarms, video surveillance, motion detectors, body heat sensors, and two mutant-proof cages in the dojo and near the landing bay.

Stasis pods. Pods were created by Adam Kane as a means of controlling dangerous new mutants like Gabriel Ashlocke. Podded individuals appear to be in a coma-like state, but according to Gabriel, they are aware of everything happening around them. When a GS agent did not perform his or her duty, or a potentially lethal new mutant was captured, they were placed in a pod and kept in a coma-like state in Section 9 for "future study." Individuals shown in pods/presumably podded during the series: Barry Sterling, Karen Bell, Calvin Porter, Brianna Voight, Gabriel Ashlocke, Mason Eckhart, Jesse Kilmartin, and Laura Brooks. Mason explains in "Lest He Become" that any pod which was sealed without his personal login opened automatically after six months. After the fall of Genomex, all pods were destroyed except that of Dr. Ken Harrison's girlfriend, the mutant Laura Brooks.

Sterilization Unit. In Mason Eckhart's office is a round electronic device which sterilizes the immediate environment while Mason seals his synthetic skin and gloves. More about Mason's faux skin is here.

Subdermal governors. Subdermal governors, like stasis pods, were created by Adam to control dangerous new mutants. Once implanted in the nape of the neck, governors connect to a new mutant's DNA, so that when he uses his abilities without the controller's permission, he experiences debilitating pain. The hand-held controller also has the option of giving a painful jolt when he chooses. Governors may be deactivated by remote control, short electrical blasts, computer viruses, or Adam Kane. New mutants shown with governors during the series: Frank Thorne, Brennan Mulwray, Ruby Bishop, Emma deLauro, Jesse Kilmartin, Toni Quintana, Josh Valentine, Charlotte Cooke, and Lexa Pierce. As was the case with Ashley Elliot in "Lit Fuse," subdermal governors do not work well on new mutants who are actively mutating.

Television Monitor. As seen in "Shock of the New," Mason Eckhart sometimes broadcasted general Genomex announcements on-screen on this large television monitor.

Thumbprint Forger. Adam used this gadget in "Blood Ties" to alter Shalimar and Emma's thumbprints so that they could enter Nexxogen undetected. Judging from Emma and Shalimar's reactions, the process isn't entirely painless.

The Visual Cloak. This is a small round device which, when placed on the temple, temporarily blinds the wearer while on the way to a secret hideout. Emma wears one in "Shock of the New," Daniel Benedict in "Russian Roulette," Barry Sterling in "Kilohertz," Catherine Hartman in "Whiter Shade of Pale," and Lexa Pierce in The Dominion headquarters in "The Assault."

Voltage Detector. Jesse used this small device to determine the deadly amount of electricity running through General Kline's quarantine fence in "The Breed."

Toxins and Drugs

BZ. BZ was the deadly nerve gas that the vengeful cybernetic William Dennett pumped into Sanctuary in order to cripple Brennan and Jesse in "No Exit."

Charlotte Cooke's Toxin. Charlotte's toxin could change a person's moral polarity from good to bad and vice versa, usually manifested by an increased hostile response. The toxin wore off in seconds on new mutants like Shalimar, Jesse, and Mr. Lynch in "Altered Ego," but lasted forever on non-new mutants unless Charlotte touched them again to reverse its effects, as with Adam.

Cladosporium. A variant of this simple common airborne spore infected a small number of new mutants possessing a rare DNA strand anomaly in "The Meaning of Death," causing them to lose control of their abilities. Once symptomatic, these mutants became highly contagious, spreading the disease from new mutant to new mutant. Many new mutants died before Adam could develop a cure from Charles Marlowe's blood.

DXL. An adulterated form of dexenfluramine created by Genomex scientist Dr. Sara Stanton to control new mutant aggression, DXL's effects on serotonin made it powerfully addictive to normal humans when ingested and caused new mutants to lose control over their abilities before they died. Luckily for Lexa and Jesse in "The Taking of Crows," Dr. Stanton also made an antidote to the drug.

Ephanol. Ephanol was the drug Adam used to temporarily slow down Danielle Hartman's genetic deterioration in "A Whiter Shade of Pale." Ephanol is rarely used because of its harmful, unpredictable (and sometimes euphoric) side effects.

Gabriel Ashlocke's serum. In "Time Squared," Gabriel developed a blue serum that would have prevented the DNA breakdown in strand 19 caused by the modifications Adam made upon the ten year old Gabriel to make him more human.

OMDI's Enzyme. The OMDI corporation was in the process of perfecting an oil treatment plan, a bacterial enzyme which would consume petroleum products, in order to clean up the ocean's pollution. Unfortunately, at the time Skye and his band of environmental enthusiasts decided to release it into the world in "At Destiny's End," the enzyme would also eat the oils in human skin.

Prion Weapon. Developed by Dominique in "The Wages of Sin," the aerosol released by this weapon contains prions that alter cellular proteins, causing immediate cellular breakdown and death.

Rafflesia pricei. Tricorp Botanicals biogeneticist Dr. Ken Harrison used a serum extracted from the rare hybridized Rafflesia pricei plant to create feline ferals Beau Longstreet and Angel Dorn in "Dark Star Rising." Genomex scientists had attempted to do something similar decades before, but were daunted by the plant's 25 year growth cycle.

Richard Saunders's Serum. Working as a research associate at Genomex in "Fool for Love," Dr. Saunders created a serum which could reverse genetic mutation through realignment. Unfortunately, the side effects included abdominal pain, a loss of control over mutant abilities and a complete shutdown of the central nervous system leading to death. The only way to reverse the process was to be injected with a protein antigen from the bone marrow of someone who had taken the drug.

Sirtuan serum. Colonel Henry Burns, the founder of Operation Immortalis, developed a de-aging serum in "Age of Innocence" which had to be administered in daily doses to be effective. This might be related to the drug that kept The Creator alive for two hundred years in "The Assault." Read more about sirtuan genes here.

ST1277. Produced by behavioral psychologist Dr. Nigel Rigas in "Hard Time" in order to increase the aggressive tendencies of selected prison inmates, ST1277 was an experimental steroid which heightened aggression.

Xiraxium. Xiraxium was a radioactive compound which Adam stated in "Power Play" was a million times more lethal than plutonium.

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