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Mutant X FAQ: Did Shalimar and Brennan ever get together?

Brennan & Shalimar's Relationship

Shalimar: "Why does it feel like we are always on the edge of something and never quite there?" - "The Assault"

Perhaps the most popular and controversial canon relationship in the Mutant X fandom, the romantic potential between Mutant X team members Brennan Mulwray and Shalimar Fox remains inconsistent until the last season's twilight. Viewers are kept wondering whether their sporadic flirtations will become anything substantial until the very end of the third season.

When asked about their relationship, Shalimar labels Brennan a teammate in "Dark Star Rising," and 'more like a brother' in "Lit Fuse." The first season ends with two scenes of almost-kisses between the two in "A Breed Apart." In Season 2, subtle hints of jealousy from each crop up whenever Shalimar or Brennan experiences an attraction to someone else. Intermittent flirtations throughout Season 3 finally culminate in a heated sexual encounter between the two characters in the final episode, as they feared death might be closing in on them. Many fans felt that this last-minute scene felt too rushed and unromantic to symbolize true love.

For in-depth fan arguments in favor of this 'ship, read Slidershal's The B/S Thing and The B/S Fiasco.

For an in-depth fan argument opposing this 'ship, read Shalgal's The B/S Unthing.

Links: Addicted to Writing, Brennan/Shalimar Fanforum, Donna Lynn's Dark Angels, Love Conquers, Sanctuary's Lost Database, Brennan and Shalimar: Sanctuary of Fics, Instincts: Brennan/Shalimar, ShadowShock: Brennan/Shalimar Webring, Shadows Fused, Shalimar and Brennan, Shalimar et Brennan, Brennan & Shalimar, Brennon (sic) and Shalimar Shipper Site, Brennan-Shalimar-Love, Feral Electric, Feral Fire Eyes, Feral Shock, Mutant ~X~ Forever

For the scoop on other romances in Mutant X, check out The Shipper's Guide to Mutant X.

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