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Mutant X FAQ: What is a faux Mutant X website?

Tribune Entertainment's Faux Mutant X Websites

From a 2001 article in Comics2Film:

"Has the website has been hacked by a conspiracy nut known as TAGC? No. Not really. Visitors at the Mutant X site are invited to try the MX Gateway, which takes us into the world of the show. However, after entering the gateway, our uplink gets hijacked by TAGC and rerouted to his own site, hosted at GenomeCities. There, we learn TAGC is an acronym for There's A Genetic Conspiracy. The website details the genetic manipulation of the human race and the involvement of the shady Breedlove Foundation. TAGC even links to the official site for the Breedlove foundation. It's all good fun, and reminiscent of the X-Men movie website. That site also linked to the mock website for one mutant-hating Senator Kelly. Fans of the movie will remember that Kelly's own website was also "hacked" by a mutant liberation group."

When the internet gurus at Tribune Entertainment's Interactive subsidiary and Silver Oven Studios constructed the first Mutant X official website Mutant X in 2000, they also created four fake webpages in order to supplement information from the television series.

Masquerading as actual websites from the Mutant X universe, these pages featured a wealth of background material about the Mutant X characters and storylines. and The Breedlove Foundation were the official websites for Genomex and its parent company; The Midnight Press was a newspaper equivalent of Proxy Blue; TAGC: There's a Genetic Conspiracy was a reactionary newsletter about Genomex's secrets. The last two pages, added in 2002, were Mutant X Lives and My Friend's Bookstore, representing Adam's covert internet links to the new mutant underground.

Links to these websites continued to be included in the "Mutant X Gateway" section of the official website through its incarnations as,, and, though the faux sites were no longer updated after 2003. The faux websites suddenly disappeared in early 2005, a couple of years before the official website itself stuttered on and off and then vanished for good. Happily, archives of these pages in all their original glory can still be found on The Internet Archive for new fans of the show to enjoy as well.

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