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Mutant X FAQ: How widespread is the Mutant X fandom?

Mutant X Around the World

With the cancellation of Mutant X in the United States, the size of the U.S. fandom has diminished since its heyday. Fortunately, thanks to the widespread distribution of Tribune and ADV Films, Mutant X has a lively international fandom base, thanks to stations such as The United Kingdom and Ireland's Sky Three and approved syndication by AXN, which runs in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. A few Google international search results (Country Codes) are below.

Argentine (Mutant X): MX forum
Armenian (Mutant X): Armenia 1 TV
Australian (Mutant X): Kennedy's SF TV
Austrian (Mutant X) : Macguffin
Belgian (Mutant X) : Plug TV
Brazilian (Mutante x): Do Gibi Para Tela
Bulgarian (Мутант Х): Mutant X BG
Canadian (Mutant X): Spacecast
Chinese (异种战士):, Allmov, F6
Czech (Mutant X):, Mutant X TV
Croatian : TV forum
Danish (Mutant X): Mine Film, Kanal 5
Dutch (Mutant X): SF Series
Finnish (Mutant X): DVD Plaza
French (Mutant X): French MX Directory
German (Mutant X): Fan-Forum, Serien Heaven
Greek (Mutant X): Video 7
Hungarian (X-csapat): RTL Klub
Icelandic (Mutant X): Hugi
Indonesian (Mutant X): Tv Kabel
Israeli (פרוייקט X): S1 review
Japanese (ミュータントX) : Mutant, Bluebird
Korean (뮤턴트 X): Mutant X-S, Daum
Latvian (Mutanti X): LTV7
Mexican (Mutante X): AXN
Polish (Pokolenie mutantów) : MX Forum, Orion
Spanish (Mutante X): Mundoplus
Romanian (Mutant X): AXN
Russian (Мутанты Икс) : Mutant X Lives, Serials.RU
Swedish (Mutant X): Sci-Fi NYTT
Taiwanese (有關小廚師演的): The L Word
Turkish (Mutant X): TRT
United Kingdom (Mutant X) : UK Mutant X

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