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Mutant X FAQ: Can we bring Mutant X back?

Reviving Mutant X

Along the way, there have been several grassroots fandom efforts to save Mutant X from disappearing, some more effective than others. As the end of the third season approached, it was becoming clear that Tribune Entertainment's bleak financial future would ensure that no season 4 would be forthcoming. The owners of a large Mutant X fansite called Pure MX drafted a petition to the SciFi Channel, asking that they pick up the series. Though unsuccessful, the petition generated over 4,000 international signatures and continued to grow for years afterwards.

There have been other specific movements as well, such as the effort to have Season 3 released on DVD (this one did succeed), and the United Kingdom petition to have Mutant X continue its programming on the European television station SkyOne.

With the cancellation of Mutant X, Tribune floated the idea of a possible television movie which would resolve the unfinished plotlines of the third season's cliffhanger. This was around the time that the website Save Mutant X was born, a community of die-hard Mutant X fans determined to keep Mutant X going. As it turned out, the movie was never made, but Save Mutant X inspired the creation of a handful of smaller separate fansites with similar purposes and Mutant X Petitions.

In 2008, ADV Films announced a plan to create a complete Mutant X series DVD set. But this was not to be, for just one month later, their Tribune distribution rights expired. The new release had to be cancelled, and Mutant X DVDs were officially out of print. The fans geared up once again, starting several petitions to continue the show's availability on DVD. Two years later, Alliance Films took up the challenge, re-releasing new DVDs of seasons 1 and 2 in Canada.

What can I do to help?

Sign a petition: Bring Back Mutant X ~ Mutant X Season 4 ~ Mutant X DVD ~ Mutant X in Oregon and Washington ~ Mutant X Lives

Visit a website: Chuck's Save Mutant X MySpace ~ Mutant X Fan Corner ~ Mutant X Still Lives

Questions about The New Revolution can be emailed to

Please contact me if your movement/petition is not included here.

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