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Mutant X FAQ: Fun Mutant X Trivia

Fun (and utterly useless) Mutant X Trivia

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Did you notice?
~ There’s always just one red car in the parking lot at Genomex.
~ The season one ground vehicle has Mutant X license plates.
~ In "Shock of the New," the bank that Brennan and his gang rob is named the Hickman-Wrightson securities building. Bernie Wrightson and Stephen Hickman are two famous science fiction comic book illustrators. As is Frank Thorne, the name of Mason Eckhart's telekinetic in this episode. :)
~ In "I Scream the Body Electric," the subdermal governor’s controller sounds an awful lot like a car door opener.
~ In "Russian Roulette," Sonya meets Daniel at Millenium Park. Though Mutant X is filmed in Canada, the real Millennium Park is in Chicago.
~ In "Fool for Love," the name of Jack Mitchell's office is Hartwell Brokerage, located on Mason street. J Mason Hartwell was a short-lived character in the DC comic book New Gods #10: "Earth -- The Doomed Dominion."
~ In "Kilohertz," when Jesse and Emma are searching the database for Barry Sterling, Allison Turner’s mug shot photo (that Shalimar took in “I Scream the Body Electric”) comes up briefly.
~ As a truck backs up in "Kilohertz," hiding the fleeing Barry from Brennan and Emma, its warning beeps are exactly in time to the music’s beat. Now that's driving in style.
~ While discussing how they're not sick in "the Meaning of Death," really, honest, Jesse and Emma are wearing the exact same outfits as they were when they were discussing hacking things in "Kilohertz".
~ When Kendra's showing Mason the version of Proxy Blue Toni's created in "In the Presence of Mine Enemies," Proxy!Red says: "We've all been left in the lurch at one time or another....the best way to get ahead is by knowing your opponents weaknesses." This exact clip will be used again as the very last thing Proxy Blue gets to say before Shalimar unplugs her for good in "Past as Prologue."
~ "In the Presence of Mine Enemies," during the second practice Genomex break-in in the dojo, they re-used all of the clips from the first run and just looped the dialogue in afterwards. It's a little eerie, because even though the team is talking to each other, you never actually see them talking until the very end of the simulation. Then, when Mutant X enters Genomex headquarters for real after their first two practice runs, the director's stuck in two clips directly from "I Scream the Body Electric": the first when Shalimar and Adam run up the Genomex back stairs together, and the second when Jesse's walking down the balcony, dressed as a Genomex guard.
~ In "Crime of the New Century," Jesse says Brennan wanted to meet him at Fawcett Avenue, near Briggs. Austin Briggs was an early comic book illustrator; Fawcett Comics was the comic book publishing house which originated Captain Marvel.
~ As Jesse's tracking the genetic sequencer's progress in "Whiter Shade of Pale," he says it has come to a stop at the Hotel Infantino on Carmine Street. Carmine Infantino is a famous comic book artist and editor.
~ The helicopter shot at the beginning of "The Assault" is the same as the one at the beginning of “No Exit.”
~ In "Crossroads of the Soul," we learn that the first six digits of Sanctuary’s phone number are 754-245. 745 is a Florida area code, though it's unlikely that Sanctuary's located in Florida (note the snow in "Inferno" and "Reality Check").
~ Emma’s the first Mutant X team member to say, “I love you.” The only other member who will say it is Brennan to Jesse in "No Exit," and that's because he was prompted and thought they were both dying.
~ The vintage red Cutlass Brennan stole in "Within These Walls" has the same license plate as the black car he was driving in “The Grift.”
~ Christina’s company in "Within These Walls" is called Chadway Insurance, but the company Jesse pulls up on the screen is called Montclair Insurance. Montclair Security is actually the name of Simon Fletcher's office in "One Step Closer." Silly computer.
~ The banners for the genetic conference in "Under the Cloak of War" are the same ones used at Dr. Dennis Malone’s convention in “Body and Soul.” The rooftop William Dennett falls from in the flashback of "No Exit" is the same one Andrea Marshall leaps from in "Where Evil Dwells." Randall Blake's bar in "The Art of Attraction," La Brasserie du Boheme, is the same set as the bar in which Brennan is captured in "Into the Moonless Night." Dr. Saunders has her own private office in "Age of Innocence"; it's strikingly similar to the one we saw in "Taking of Crows." Two beloved sets used over and over again: season one's highway underpass and season three's alleyway with telephone booth.
~ In "The Breed," Mutant X enters the quarantine barrier through "Section 9," the same name as the section of Genomex for podded mutants.

I Write the Songs. According to Hollywood Up Close, Leslie West of the band Mountain was asked to submit a Mutant X theme of his own, but lost to Lou Natale's composition.

Madam, I'm Adam. Adam Kane was named for Fireworks president and Mutant X executive producer Adam Haight.

An X by Any Other Name. The original name for the series was "Genome X." When the title was changed to Mutant X to be more descriptive, Genomex became the name of the corrupt research organization instead.

X-Men ties. Prior to the Fox vs. Tribune lawsuits, the Mutant X team members had code names. Shalimar Fox = Shadowfox, Jesse Kilmartin = Synergy, Brennan Mulwray = Fuse, Emma deLauro = Rapport. Adam's original last name, Xero, was nixed because it resembled X-Men's Professor Xavier's. Adam thus remained surname-less until the second season, when his intro voiceover proclaimed him "Adam Kane." Mason Eckhart's original name was Albion Magnus (this was changed because it was too close to Magneto).

Professor X's Cameo. Actor Cedric Smith, who played Dr. Paul Breedlove in the first episode, was the voice of Professor Xavier in the animated X-Men series. George Buza, who played Lexa's Dominion contact in the third season, was the voice of Wolverine in the animated X-Men series; he also had a cameo in the first X-Men film as the truck driver who gave Rogue a lift into Terminal City. Other guest stars who were in the X-Men animated series: Jennifer Dale (Wendy Stone in "Crime of the New Century) voiced Mystique, and David Fox (Gerald Gilbert in "Crossroads of the Soul") voiced the Sentinels.

Thorne Turns Tail. Many viewers have wondered why Frank Thorne fled from Brennan in that last scene of "I Scream the Body Electric," given the fact that his subdermal governor had been turned off and he could have tossed Brennan away like a rag doll. A couple of posters on Douglas O'Keefe's fan forum spoke with director Jon Cassar, who mentioned that Brennan was originally scripted to have killed Thorne, but that at the last minute, the director told Douglas to run out the back door instead...thus leaving the door open for a return of Thorne's character sometime in the future.

If the name fits. Some new mutants with suitable surnames: Mason's lieutenant Frank Thorne acts as a thorn in Mutant X’s side (Note: Frank Thorne is also the name of a prominent comic book artist). GS agent Wendy Stone can increase molecular density. GS agent Eli Lynch suffocates his victims by pulling air from their lungs. GS agent Pamela Fries (pronounced Freeze) can heat or cool objects by touch. Lexa Disa Pierce (disa-ppears, get it?) can turn invisible and shoot piercing lasers.

IMDb Trivia. The season one finale, "A Breed Apart," (ep. 121) actually aired before the second-to-last episode, "Dancing on the Razor" (ep. 122). Thus fans watching the episodes in numerical order will see Mason, who was placed in a pod "for all eternity" in episode 121, pop back up unharmed in 122, only to mysteriously become podded again in the first episode of season 2.

Genomex. The RC Harris water plant used to film Genomex headquarters is also The Center in the tv series The Pretender, appears in some episodes of Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, and serves as The Man's headquarters in the movie Undercover Brother.

The Don. Some Mutant X sets are located at Downsview Park. According to Wikipedia, other locations used include the Skywalk escalator between Rogers Centre and Toronto's Union Station ("Shock of the New" finale), the Gardiner Expressway near Cherry Street studios in Toronto, the Ontario Science Centre, the Scarborough Bluffs (base and top), the Old Don Jail, Ontario Place Cinesphere, and Guild Inn and Park.

No Exit from Mutant X. Actors Forbes March and Victor Webster continue to have ties to Mutant X. Both appeared in the film Dirty Love. Then Victor went on to play Jesse in the movie Primal Scream, while Forbes is Nash Brennan in the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, alongside former Mutant X co-stars Michael Easton (Gabriel Ashlocke) and Bree Williamson (Miranda in "Crossroads of the Soul"). Bree, who had played Victor's girlfriend in "Crossroads of the Soul," became Forbes's girlfriend Tess on OLTL. Since Jesse Kilmartin was originally scripted to have three personalities, it only makes sense that Tess on OLTL has a second personality too, Jess.

Double Vision. Actors who play double roles in Mutant X...
Lyriq Bent played Harris in S2's "Within These Walls," and returned as Randall Blake in S3's "The Art of Attraction."
Joseph Scoren, GS agent Lynch in "Altered Ego," came back as the psychotic Lee Marker in "Where Evil Dwells."
In S1, Ted Whittall was GS agent Carl Ames in "Deadly Desire;" in S3, he was the android Sebastian Conway in "Dream Lover."
Actress Deborah Odell was Lisa Valentine in S1's "Crime of the New Century," and Kristen Greg in S3's "The Wages of Sin."
Desmond Campbell, the bouncer in "Fool for Love," pops up again as the alien Brak in "Sign from Above."
Lisa Marcos, who plays Avaris in "Past as Prologue," reappears as the lab technician we see over and over again at Broder Biochem in "Possibilities."
Lee Rumohr, who was Lucian in "Crossroads of the Soul," had earlier appeared as a young corporal in "Dark Star Rising."
Kevin Rushton, who bullied Jesse and Brennan as the inmate Terry McMullen in "Hard Time," continued to bully them as a biker outside the nightclub in "In Between."
Noah Danby was The Beast/Michael Ward in "Whose Woods These Are," then came back (with less hair) as the psionic Carter in "Wages of Sin."

The Producers. References to Mutant X's production crew within the show:
1. According to this Roddenberry chat, executive producer Seth Howard has a cameo as the man flirting with Emma and Shalimar in the final bar scene of "Lazarus Syndrome."
2. Brennan pulls up a list of 14 men killed while in Hillview Penitentiary in "Hard Time." Among the names are first assistant art director Sean McLoughlin, first assistant art director Jae Pak, production designer John Blackie, construction manager Ron Lightfoot, and property masters Jim Murrin and Geoff Murrin.
3. In "Brother's Keeper," when Jesse pulls up Candace's autopsy results, the medical examiner's name is listed as Jae H. Pak M.D. (the assistant art director), with permission by John Blackie (the set designer).
4. In "Cirque des Merveilles," Deklin Charvet's book of the new mutants he has captured includes elemental Wanda Chaffey (Mutant X's line producer), feral Lori Pumputis (production coordinator), molecular Ainsling Clancy (producer's assistant), feral Marr Morgan (production accountant), Kristine Child (1st assistant accountant), elemental Ron Lightfoot (construction manager), elemental Anthony Ianni (art director), molecular Victoria Klein (property master), feral Marlene Puritt (set decorator), feral Susan Worts (property buyer), molecular John Stead (stunt coordinator), psionic Joe Doto (1st property master), Aine Furey (location manager), and Douglas Lunn (boom operator).
5. Similarly, in "Divided Loyalties," the list of inmates that Jesse pulls up on his computer while Ethan is quizzing Brennan for entrance into the gang, includes the names of some Mutant X producers: Johnathan Hackett, Karen Wookey, Rick Ungar, and Avi Arad.
6. Also in "Cirque des Merveilles," the name of the canine feral Lexa and Jesse interrogate is Mike Robson. Michael Robson is the script coordinator for the episode.
7. In "No Exit," if you look closely at the computer screen when Shalimar's showing Lexa their FBI profiles, the next name down on the list is Jae Pak, Mutant X's assistant art director.

The Nikita Connection. Most of the Mutant X production crew, including producer Jamie Paul Rock, storyboard artist Doug McRae, costume designer Laurie Drew, and production designer Rocco Matteo, worked on the television series La Femme Nikita before Mutant X. Several Mutant X guest stars, such as Eugene Robert Glazer and Nigel Bennett, also had previous roles on LFN. Also the chair used to interrogate mutants at Genomex is a regular torture apparatus in LFN.

Mr. Monk and the Mutants. As with La Femme Nikita, the television series Monk also showcased several actors who would go on to guest-star in Mutant X. In the first season of Monk for example, you can find the actors who will later become Ruby Bishop (Shock of the New), Skeet Vossberg (Altered Ego), Colonel Aaron Gaumont (Power Play), Lisa and Ray Larkin (Inferno), Dr. Ken Harrison, young Gabriel Ashlocke (Time Squared), the alien Brak (Body and Soul), Dr. Sara Stanton (Taking of Crows), Nurse Campbell (Shadows of Darkness), GS agent Wendy Stone (Crime of the New Century), Henry Burns and his doctor Gallant (Age of Innocence), Connor Dolan (The Grift), and First Mate Owen (Reawakening). It's like a reunion...

Robocops. "The Meaning of Death"'s guest stars Kevin Jubinville (Todd Wiley) and Anthony Lemke (Charles Marlowe) both appeared in the film Robocop.

All in the Family. Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox)'s husband, T.J. Scott, directed 4 of the episodes. Tom McCamus's wife, Chick Reid, played Nicole Carter in "Blood Ties." Two other married couples who appeared on Mutant X were Soo Garay (Dr. Aziza in "Past as Prologue") and David Hewlett (Hector Friemark in "Taking of Crows"), and Steve Byers (Leo Pierce in "Brother's Keeper") and Jessica Steede (Gia DuChamps in "Dream Lover." Karen Cliche also met her husband-to-be on the set of Mutant X.

MX Gateway. From 2001-02, six faux websites were created by Tribune Interactive, featuring a wealth of background info about the characters and storylines. One of these websites even made an appearance in the episode "Nothing to Fear": Emma finds an article about Henry Voight's wife Brianna in The Midnight Press newsletter. These faux sites vanished in early 2005, but archives can be found here: The Breedlove Foundation,, The Midnight Press, TAGC: There's a Genetic Conspiracy, Mutant X Lives, and My Friend's Bookstore.

Sim City. The Sims and The Sims 2 are games which allow players to play God by manipulating virtual communities. You can find Sims downloads of almost anything, and Mutant X is no exception: Emma, Shalimar, Adam, Jesse, Brennan, and Lexa.

And the award goes to... The most beloved animal in the series is the actor Victor Webster's dog, Buddah, who makes an appearance in two episodes: "Double Vision" and "Dancing on the Razor."

The most beloved insect in the series is Chester, Brennan's short-lived locust in "Wasteland."

The most portable person in the series is Emma. Emma has been carried at least once by every Mutant X team member: by Adam in "Altered Ego," by Brennan and Jesse in "Double Vision," and by Shalimar in "The Meaning of Death" and "Lazarus Syndrome."

The most variably coiffed person in the series is also Emma. Though the boys' hair switches from long to cropped, and Shalimar's hair varies from straight to frizzy, Emma's hair changes color, length, and styles throughout the first two seasons.

The worst time to be a mutant: Ten is a bad age for mutants in the MXverse. Emma’s parents ditched her when she was ten, Shalimar’s father placed her in an institution when she was ten, Brennan was boosting cars when he was ten, Gabriel Ashlocke murdered his parents at the age of ten, and Josh Valentine is ten when his father tries to place him in Genomex.

The first words on the series are spoken by Proxy Blue: "A teenaged girl falls..." The last words are spoken by Jesse: "It will be if we don't move. Come on."

The first new mutant ability shown is Emma's telempathic plea to Brennan for help; the last new mutant ability shown is Jesse's newly acquired massing powers as he protects Mutant X while The Dominion building collapses.

The first person to die in the series is Paul Breedlove in "Shock of the New," death by stereo. The first new mutant to die is Brennan in "Russian Roulette," whose heart stops for a few seconds after Adam shoots him with the newly-reversed Pushka.

The first person to call Brennan "Sparky" is Angel Dorn in "Dark Star Rising."

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