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Mutant X Cast and Crew Index

The Mutant X Cast and Crew

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The Mutant X Cast

Where are they now? Actor Updates

George Buza (Lexa's Dominion Contact)

Karen Cliche (Lexa Pierce)

Michael Easton (Gabriel Ashlocke)

Andrew Gillies (Dr. Ken Harrison)

Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin)

Tom McCamus (Mason Eckhart)

Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox)

John Shea (Adam Kane)

Lauren Lee Smith (Emma deLauro)

Victor Webster (Brennan Mulwray)

The Mutant X Guest Star List
The Mutant X Production Crew

The Full Mutant X Crew List

Writers and Directors by episode

Musical Composers of Mutant X

Executive Producer Avi Arad

Head Writer Howard Chaykin

Executive Producer Jay Firestone

Executive Producer Adam Haight

Producer Jonathan Hackett

Creative Producer Seth Howard

Producer/Head Writer Peter Mohan

Senior Vice President Philip Segal

Executive Producer Rick Ungar
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