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Mutant X Cast: Karen Cliche (Lexa Pierce)

Karen Cliche played the molecular Lexa Pierce.

Click here to see what she's been up to since Mutant X.

Bio from MX Official Site, Nicole Trossen's bio, Phoenix and interviews: The blue-eyed blonde Karen Cliche (pronounced Kleesh) was born July 22nd, 1976 in Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada. The tomboy who enjoyed soccer and distance running competitions also dreamed of becoming an actress, reciting Oscar speeches to her mirror at age 6 and sporting a Wonder Woman costume at 7. Her father's job as a NATO Canadian Army sergeant moved Karen, along with her nurse mother and older sister Marie-Pierre, from northern Quebec to Manitoba, then Virginia Beach, then Ottawa, then Germany, ultimately settling in Montreal when Karen was 12. Raised by her mother, the now bilingual 14-year-old Karen took part in Rosemount High School's drama classes and stage productions while working at the local McDonald's. It was here that she was approached with modeling opportunities first by a hairdresser, then by modeling agency intern Sandy Martinez when Karen was 18. After graduating in 1993, Karen modeled part-time while studying social science at Dawson College from 1994-1996 and psychology for a semester at Concordia University in 1997 before opting to follow her dreams to model full-time with Montage Models in New York, L.A., Germany, Spain and Italy for Ralph Lauren and others. She rejoined Sandy when her new MCM Talent agency opened an acting division. Karen's first job in 1998 was seven lines as the receptionist in The Collectors, followed by a 1999 guest shot on Fox Family’s Big Wolf on Campus, and a trip to Hong Kong and Australia to film Francis Ford Coppola's pilot Dr. Jekyll and & Mr. Hyde with Adam Baldwin. Having undergone some disastrous tress hue changes as Vampire High's royal-blooded vampire Essie, Karen dyed her hair brown in 2002 to obtain more diverse, hard-core roles. Two months of eight-hour tae kwon do/aiki-do training for a movie demo landed Karen her first opportunity to perform her own stunts as Adventure Inc.'s tough girl Mackenzie Previn, and a spot in Stuff Magazine 2003. Soon after the show was cancelled, the producers cast her as Lexa Pierce in Mutant X, where she met her future husband, sound man Brian Mellersh. He proposed August 2005 while on a Nova Scotia camping trip, and the couple were married September 24th. Karen's comedic talents were recognized with a 2007 Best Comedy Ensemble Gemini Award nomination for The Business. Karen is a former smoker (she once won a pitcher of beer by smoking a cigarette with her toes), but after the birth of her daughter Sienna January 6th, 2010 and developing early melanoma in 2011, the new mother became a more health-conscious representative for sunscreen/skin care companies Coola and Graydon/Clinical Luxury by Nature. She also went back to school, taking George Brown College wine courses with the dream of someday opening her own wine bar. In 2013, she became account executive for Village Living Magazine, before finally returning to acting in an episode of Lost Girl. Actors Karen admires include Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Katherine Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, Viggo Mortensen, Daniel Day Lewis and Gary Oldman. Karen's favorite movies include When Harry Met Sally and Best in Show, her favorite tv shows are Golden Girls, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance, and she enjoys reading autobiographies like Memoirs of a Geisha and The Handmaid's Tale. Her favorite vampire is Interview with a Vampire's Lestat. Her music of choice is jazz, Motown, and Canadian groups such as Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, and Sarah McLachlan; her husband Brian is in the band Novar Road. Some of Karen's favorite foods are McDonalds, pizza, bacon, pina coladas, jello and chocolate. Karen's hobbies include collecting teapots, hiking, go-cart racing, and curling. Karen also supports international women's rights through Equality Now and sponsors two young girls in Asia through World Vision. Karen has two cats Rudy and Gottfried, and two tattoos: a small blue daisy on her right ankle and a black fleur de lys on her wrist. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

* Prior to Mutant X, Karen had worked with Tom McCamus (Mason Eckhart) in the film Steal, and rubbed shoulders with future Mutant X guest stars Joris Jarsky (Ben McTeague Jr. in "Under the Cloak of War), Jeff Roop (Deklin Charvet in "Cirque des Merveilles"), and Adam McDonald (Nick Renfield in "Kilohertz") in the TV series Vampire High.

Contact: You can send fanmail to Karen Cliche c/o MCM, 7012 St-Laurent, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec, H2S 3E2 CANADA

Links: Karen Cliche's Twitter, Linked In, Official Site/Martinez Management and Village Living Magazine | ETM | Facebook | Fanunity | Flash Gordon TV | Google Group | Henchman at Heart | IMDb | Karen Cliche Fans | Karen Cliche French | Karen Cliche with Sahan | Karen 4 Ever | Light of Beauty | Notable | | Unofficial Karen Cliche Fan Club | Vampire High Fansite | Vampire | Vampire | Vamps on TV | Wireimages | Young Blades | Young Blades and Beyond | Young Blades Facebook | YouTube

Acting Credits
Turkey Drop TV Movie (2019) .... Darcy
The Black Widow Killer TV Movie (2018) .... Alice Evans / Shannon Collins
Mommy's Little Angel TV Movie (2018) .... Gloria Namm
Killer Mom TV Movie (2017) .... Jessica
Beauty and the Beast TV Episode "Point of No Return" (2016) .... Agent Kerry Duffy
A Wish Come True (2015) .... Kate Moore
Damaged (2014) .... Alice
Republic of Doyle TV Episode "Dirty Deeds" (2014) .... Molly Higgins
Lost Girl TV Episode "Waves" (2014) .... Diana
Ninety-one (2010) .... Cate
Cartoon Gene (2010) .... Kitty
Saw VI (2009) .... Shelby
The Two Mr. Kissels (2008) .... Pris
Flash Gordon TV Series (2007-08) .... Baylin
The Dresden Files TV Episode "Soul Beneficiary" (2007) .... Nancy
Moment (2007) .... Anne
'Til Death Do Us Part TV Episode "Murder Mystery Weekend" (2007) .... Vicky
Involuntary Muscles TV Pilot (2007) .... Orania
Runaway TV Pilot (2006) .... Erin Baxter
The Business (2006) .... Scarlett Saint-James
- "A Star Is Porn"; "Check Please"; "T Day"; "The Closer"; "That's a Wrap"
Lotto 6/66 (2006) .... Lotto Hostess
Flirting with Danger TV Movie (2006) .... Ellen Antonelli
Young Blades (2005) .... Jacqueline Roget/Jacques LePonte
I Do (But I Don't) TV Movie (2004) .... Darla Tedanski
Forbidden Landscape Demo (2004)
Mutant X (2003-2004: Season 3) .... Lexa Pierce
Adventure Inc. (2003) .... Mackenzie Previn
Steal (a.k.a. Riders) (2002) .... Alex
Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (2002) .... Lind
Summer (2002) TV Movie .... Stefanie LeDuc
Protection (2001) .... Savannah
Heist (2001/I) .... Alex (uncredited)
Stiletto Dance TV Movie (2001) .... Tamara
All Souls (2001) .... Gabby Maine
Largo Winch: The Heir TV Movie (2001) .... Danielle Dessaultels
Dorian (2001) .... Christine
Vampire High TV Series (2001) .... Essie Rachimova
Wrong Number (2001) .... Karla Mackay
Race Against Time TV Movie (2000) .... Irina, Lifecorps Receptionist
Live Through This (2000)
Tunnel (2000) .... Woman on Train
Big Wolf on Campus 2 TV Episodes
- "What's Vlud Got to Do with It?" (2002) .... Princess Tristan
- "Witch College" (1999) .... Kim
Undressed (1999 and 2002: Season 6) .... Marissa
Midnight Shift TV Pilot (1999)
The Collectors TV Movie (1999) .... Kate
Misguided Angels (1999) .... Marsha
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde TV Movie (1999) .... Muriel Jekyll
Voice Commercials: Cadillac, Garnier Ultralift Moisturizer, Rogers, NLC, Sleep Country Canada

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