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Mutant X Cast: Michael Easton (Gabriel Ashlocke)

Michael Easton played the powerful mutant psychopath Gabriel Ashlocke.

Click here to see what he's been up to since Mutant X.

Biography compiled from Michael's Official Site, Michael Easton Corner and interviews: The blue-eyed brown haired Michael Easton was born February 15, 1967 in Hermosa Beach, California to Irish engineer Stewart and architect Joan, when they had come up from Australia to California for the wedding of Stewart's best friend. When Michael was two, the new family returned to a seaside village in Northern Ireland, where he and his younger brother Keith were raised for the next 8 years. The shy 12-year-old found writing poetry easier than making friends, and insomnia kept him up nights watching classic Montgomery Cliff, James Dean and Marlon Brando films. Michael attended 7 different schools before he was 15, sometimes dropping out, other times being expelled. His Laguna Hills High School creative writing teacher introduced him to Charles Bukowski and Raymond Carver, and after graduation (along with All My Children's Michael Brainard), Michael spent five months travelling Europe, missing the first quarter of college to stay longer in Greece. He double-majored in English and Greek History at UCLA, where he wrote plays for his friends to act with him. His book "Drift" is a collection of thoughts written during a 1986 ten-month journey through New Mexico, Louisiana, New Orleans, Florida and New York. After graduating in 1990, Michael lifeguarded at the beach, then spent six months in the Cayman Islands bartending and playing drums in a reggae band before returning to L.A. to play the lead in Wings Hauser's film Cold Fire. He continued to bartend at The Palladium while studying film at New York University, but the late nights caused him to miss so many classes he was expelled. A casting director saw him performing his play, Soul Stealer, in New York. He was then hired as Tanner Scofield on Days of Our Lives, winning a spot in People Magazine's 1992 50 Most Beautiful People list. Michael wrote several screenplays including "Monty" about Montgomery Clift's life, and "Sadness of the Moon," the true story of an unjustly institutionalized teenage girl's one-year battle to get out. From 1993, Michael took a sabbatical to care for his mother as she struggled with and succumbed to ovarian cancer January 1994. In 1995 Michael starred in “The Door” at the L.A. Tamarind Theater. His next job would be playing Duncan on VR.5; he also wrote, directed and produced the short film Daedalus is Dead, starring Ami Dolenz and Kamar de los Reyes, which was screened at 1995 Sundance Film Festival, premiered at the 1996 British Short Film Festival and won Best Dramatic Short at Canada's 1996 Sea and Sky Festival. While in Vancouver shooting Two, Michael read his poems inspired by his experiences at a local poets' meeting and a New York publishing house agent offered to submit them for publication, culminating in Bowery Press printing Eighteen Straight Whiskeys in October 1997. Soon after receiving word that 413 Hope Street was cancelled in 1998, Michael was picked by David Kelley for memorable guest spots on Ally McBeal and The Practice.

* Michael's birth place has been listed as Inglewood, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach and Long Beach, prompting a 9/07 Official Fan Forum clarification request. Michael's answer? Hermosa Beach.

Contact: You can send fanmail to Michael Easton ABC TV GH STUDIO 4151 Prospect Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027

Interviews: ABC 8/7/09, 2012 & 4/7/14 | Access Hollywood | Ain't It Cool | All That And... | Buddy TV | Cafe Mom | Carpetbomb Comics | C2E2 | Daytime TV's Greatest Stories | Entertainment Weekly | Examiner | Facebook 2/1/13, 3/1/13 & 4/13 | Free Lance Star | Greg in Hollywood | Margie Haber | Michael Easton Fan Tribute | Michael Fairman | Newsarama & 8/4/11 | People | Previews World | Prodigy | Science Fiction Age | Sci-Fi TV | Soap Nation Live | Soapbox | Soap Opera Digest, 1991-96, 2/29/00, 4/12/05, 20006 & 1/11/11 | Soap Opera Magazine | Soap Opera News | Soap Opera Weekly 1991-92, 1996 & 2005-06 | Soap Opera Zone | Soaps In Depth 3/16/04, 2005-08 & 4/8/11 | Soaptown 7/13/08 & 9/18/12 | Spot | Starlog | Super Soap Weekend | | TV Guide 8/18/01, 8/13/08, 9/2/09, 7/2/10, 11/11/11 & 7/15/13 | USA Today 8/14/98 & 7/8/10 | Young & Modern

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Acting Credits
General Hospital TV Series (2012-Present) .... Detective John McBain/Stephen Clay/Silas Clay/Dr. Hamilton Finn
One Life to Live TV Series (2003-2012) .... Agent/Detective John McBain
The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2008) .... Presenter
They're Just My Friends (2006) .... Detective McCarthy
The View TV Episode - (8 February 2006) .... Himself
The 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2005) .... Presenter
18th Annual Soap Opera Digest Awards (2003) .... Himself
Mutant X 4 TV Episodes (2002) .... Gabriel Ashlocke
- "A Breed Apart"; "Past as Prologue"; "Time Squared"; "The Future Revealed"
Sesame Street TV Episode "3981: Fire at Hooper's Store" (2002) .... Milo (uncredited)
Port Charles TV Series (2001-2003) .... Caleb Morley
Monty (2001) .... (Writer)
Diamond Hunters (2001) TV Miniseries .... Benedict Van der Byl
Bull TV Episode - "Visit" .... Timothy Alter
The '70s TV Movie (2000) .... Nick
Total Recall 2070 TV Series & Movie (1999) .... David Hume
What We Did That Night TV Movie (1999) .... Charlie
The Practice TV Episode - "The Battlefield" (1998) .... Glenn
Ally McBeal 3 TV Episodes (1998) .... Glenn
- "Cro-Magnon"; "The Blame Game"; "Being There" (1998)
413 Hope St. TV Series (1997-1998) .... Nick Carrington
Two TV Series (1996) .... Gus McClain/Booth Hubbard
Daedalus Is Dead (1996) ..... (Director)
Dazzle TV Movie (1995) .... Nick
The Door Tamarind Theater (1995)
VR.5 TV Episode - 5D .... Duncan
The Jon Stewart Show TV Episode - (3 April 1994) .... Himself
Diagnosis Murder TV Episode - "Shaker" (1994) .... Rick Bennett
Night Tide TV Movie Demo (1992) .... Man in boat
Shadow of a Stranger TV Movie (1992) .... Shawn
Days of Our Lives TV Series (1991-1992) .... Tanner Scofield
The Art of Dying (1991) .... Bobby
The Killing Zone (1991) .... Gopher
Coldfire (1990) .... Jake Edwards

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