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Mutant X Interviews: Rocco Matteo (12/01 Comics Continuum)

Rocco Matteo: Comics Continuum 12/26/01

Rocco Matteo, production designer for the Mutant X television series, told The Continuum that viewers will get to see more of the inner workings of the GSA as the series progresses.

Matteo recently gave The Continuum a tour of the Mutant X sets, which are housed in an old airbase in northern Toronto. "We're going to expand this into a whole series of labs," Matteo said, inside the set for the Genomex headquarters. "What we're going to see every week is a different glimpse on the kinds of invasive, visceral imagery to do with this kind of science.

"As complex of a building and as complex of an operation as this is, you want to reveal it gradually. On a practical level, it's how it has to work for a budget on a show like this. But also in terms of the story-telling, you start enigmatically and cryptically, and you reveal it little by little."

The Genomex set has two basic levels: the upper level, where series villain Mason Eckhart has his offices and most of his scenes; and the lower level, which includes six body pods to house New Mutants captured by the organization.

"It showcases the mood of where the company has arrived at," said Matteo, who previously worked on La Femme Nikita. "They believe in science in all its invasive glory. If they can rebuild or reconstitute human beings to create either a more advanced form of human or a lethal solider, they would do that. Combining all the experiments that you hear about - like trying to grow organs or tamper with the bio-mechanics on how life is created.

"You've got a guy who is interested in very deliberately taking the science of it and directing it for his own end."

The bottom area is especially creepy.

"This represents a gestation area where the experimented humans are monitored, and it's determined where they're going to go," Matteo said. "So it's very emblematic.

"This is all about a language of machines and organisms, You can't show a lot of stuff, but you can imply that something terrible might happen. As much as possible, I wanted things to look claw-like or invasive."

Areas in the lower level also include a radiation chamber and an area where mutants are exposed to sensory overload.

"At a certain point, we'll be able to look into each one of the labs," Matteo said.

Look for more from Matteo on Mutant X soon here in The Continuum.

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