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Mutant X Cast: Tom McCamus (Mason Eckhart)

The Mutant X Cast and Crew

Tom McCamus played the head of Genomex, Mason Eckhart. Click here to see what he's been up to since Mutant X.

Bio from Ground Control, the Mutant X official website and interviews: John Thomas McCamus was born July 25th, 1955 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to accountant John Edward and professor Betty. His parents then moved 10 year old Tom and his younger brother Steve (now of McCamus Racing) from Silver Heights to London, where his father acquired a head office job at John Labatt Ltd. and his mother a professorship at University of Western Ontario. Tom first met Art Fidler upon transferring from Bishop Townshend Public School to Oakridge Secondary School. Young Tom wanted to become a science fiction writer, opting to study acting after performing high school theater and watching Alan Bates perform Richard III while in grade 7 or 8. After high school, Tom worked odd jobs in a bookstore, a post office, and a restaurant as a dishwasher before studying drama for three years at the University of Windsor's School of Dramatic Art. He left in 1978 before completing his degree, having been hired by William Hutt's Theatre London Young Company (later Grand Theatre), leading to a long-standing career at the annual Shaw and Stratford Festivals. Tom met his future wife, fellow thespian Chick (Carol Ann) Reid, when both were cast in the 1980 play From Saigon to Sudbury. He wrote several plays, including Behind the Pole for The Factory Theatre's 1986 Brave New Works series, and The Death of Eddie Einstein and Apoplexy for Tarragon Theatre. In 1993, Tom was awarded the Best Performance in a Leading Role Genie Award for his portrayal of a disturbed actor in I Love A Man In Uniform, the film Tom credits with establishing his love for making movies. He then won the 1994 Dora Award for his Stratford debut season role of Abundance's Jack Flan, followed by a 1996 Stage Door nomination for Waiting for Godot's Vladimir and Genie nominations for the lead of Edmund in 1996 Long Day's Journey Into Night, and supporting role in 1997 The Sweet Hereafter. He also shared the National Board review's 1997 Best Ensemble Award for The Sweet Hereafter. Tom's first musical role was as King Arthur in Camelot in 1997, for which he received another Stage Door nomination. In 2006, Tom won both a Gemini Award and an ACTRA Award for playing Wayne Gretzky's father in Waking Up Wally, then was nominated for 2006 and 2007 Dora Awards for Mathilde and Thom Pain respectively. Tom and his wife Chick have lived on a 54 acre farm near Warkworth since they left Toronto in 2000. Both are members of the Warkworth Community Service Club. Though Tom enjoys farmwork, the majority of the land is tended by their dairy farmer neighbor, Robert Glover. They have three duck tolling retrievers named Joey, Gracie, and Maggie. Tom credits actor William Hutt with helping to inspire and shape his career; he also admires Martha Henry, Stephen Ouimette, Brent Carver, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, John Hurt, and Helen Mirren. Tom is a science-fiction fan of the author Isaac Asimov, the television series Star Trek and Quantum Leap, and the movies Blade Runner, Star Wars, Outland, The Abyss, and ALIEN.

Links: Ground Control: Tom McCamus's Official Site/blog | Demo Reel | Cherry Outlaw's Album | Festival Ontario | Gary Goddard Agency | Google Group | Gothic Phantom's Image Gallery | Hell Yes Tom McCamus | IMDb | Northern Stars | Stratford | Tom McCamus

Acting Credits
Street Legal TV Series (2019) .... Reverend Darling
Coriolanus (2019) .... Menenius Agrippa
The Tempest (2019) .... Stephano
Anne with an E TV Episode "The True Seeing is Within" (2018) .... Mr. Malcolm Frost
The Emmissary (2016) .... The Steward
Sensitive Skin TV Episode #2.5 (2016) .... Lenny Gordon
Saving Hope TV Episode "Waiting on a Friend" (2015) .... Josh Lewis
Seminar Panasonic Theatre (2015) .... Leonard
The Seagull Crow’s Theatre (2015) .... Dorn
Room (2014) .... Leo
Orphan Black TV Episode "By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried" (2014) .... Dr. Nealon
Alice Through the Looking Glass Stratford Festival (2014) .... March Hare
King John Stratford Festival (2014) .... King John
Antony and Cleopatra Stratford Festival (2014) .... Enobarbus
Romeo & Juliet Stratford Festival (2013) .... Friar Laurence
The Merchant of Venice Stratford Festival (2013) ....Antonio
Gone With The Wind Manitoba Theatre Centre (2013) .... Rhett Butler
The Matchmaker Stratford Festival (2012) .... Horace Vandergelder
Cymbeline Stratford Festival (2012) .... Iachimo
Divisadero: A Performance Necessary Angel (2009, 2012) .... The Father/Mancini/Gil
The Samaritan (2012) .... Deacon
The Merry Wives of Windsor Stratford Festival (2011) .... Master Page
Grapes of Wrath Stratford Festival (2011) .... Jim Casy
Gift of the Magi Westben (2010) .... Narrator
Peter Pan Stratford Festival (2010) .... Captain Hook/J.M. Barrie
Dangerous Liasons Stratford Festival (2010) .... Le Vicomte de Valmont
Rookie Blue TV Episode "Takedown" (2010) .... Angel
Ancients Behaving Badly TV Documentary (2010) .... Narrator
Tangled TV Movie (2010) .... Leon
Spliced TV Episode "Best Before Date/Stompabout" (2010) ... Lord Wingus Eternum (voice)
Wind in the Willows Westben (2009) .... Narrator
Bartholomew Fair Stratford Festival (2009) .... Justice Overdo
Three Sisters Stratford Festival (2009) .... Vershinin
Phedre Stratford Festival, A.C.T. (2009, 2010) .... Theseus
Cairo Time (2009) .... Mark
Aaron Stone 2 TV Episodes (2009) .... Zefir
- "Cloudy with a Chance of Ninjas"; "Not So Friendly Skies"
Murdoch Mysteries TV Episode "The Green Muse" (2009) .... Judge Mitchell Wilson
Booky's Crush TV Movie (2009) .... Sidney McNeil
Killshot (2009) .... Paul Scallen/FBI Chief
Hamlet Necessary Angel Theatre Company (2008) .... Claudius
Misery CanStage (2008) .... Paul Sheldon
How Are You? (2008)
The Goat New Stages (2008)
Clean Pilot (2008) .... Dr. Wilson McKenna
Rewind (2008) .... Alex Beckett
If Music Be... (2008) ... Narrator
Glenn's Pets Stratford Summer Music (2007) .... The Dog
The Comedy of Errors Stratford Festival (2007) .... Antipholus of Ephesus
The Ideal Husband Stratford Festival (2007) .... Sir Robert Chilton
Chimera Tarragon Theatre (2007) .... Voice of Boone
The Unanswered Question National Arts Center (2007) .... Leonard Bernstein
Shake Hands with the Devil (2007) .... Phil Lancaster
Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) Tarragon Theatre (2006) .... Thom Pain
Mathilde Nightwood Theatre (2006) .... Pierre
The Innocent Eye Test Manitoba Theatre Centre (2006) .... Darryl Plate
The Blind Assassin CBC Radio (2006)
Notes of Mozart Westben (2006) .... Narrator
Warrior Empire: The Mughals of India TV Movie (2006) .... Narrator
Northern Town TV Series (2006) .... Heinz
At the Hotel TV Episode "Modern Solutions to Modern Problems" (2006) .... Bill DeJour
Heyday! TV Movie (2006) .... Joe Neal
Puppets Who Kill TV Episode "Joyride" (2006) .... Hitman
Getting Along Famously TV Episode "Sister Song" (2006) .... Jonathan Paxton Pain
Hedda Gabler Volcano Theatre (2005) ..... Eilert Lovborg
It's Me Gerald TV Series (2005) .... Tom
Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story (2005) .... Walter Gretzky
Black Widow (2005) .... Detective Pressman
Queer as Folk TV Episode "Episode #5.3" (2005) .... Mr. Gabriel
The Eleventh Hour 3 TV Episodes (2003-05) .... Linus Goslings
- "Special Delivery"; "Nadir"; "Hall of Mirrors"
Funpak TV Series (2005) .... The X of Evil (voice)
King John Stratford Festival (2004) .... Hubert
Timon of Athens Stratford Festival (2004) .... Apemantus
Capture Me Tarragon Theatre (2004) .... Dodge Kingston
Actor's Notes (2004) .... Himself
Siblings (2004) .... Mr. Phillips
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004) .... Wallace Rowlands
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) .... Calum
Mutant X 26 TV Episodes .... Mason Eckhart (2001-04)
The Newsroom TV Episode "Death 1, George 0" (2004) .... Bob
Bostonian Bravo Series concerts National Arts Centre (2003) .... Johannes Brahms
Barney's Radio Version .... Boogie (2003)
Slings & Arrows TV Episode "Madness in Great Ones" (2003)
First and Last (2003) .... Narrator
Death and the Maiden TV Movie (2003) .... Death
The Passion of Narcisse Mondoux Warkworth (2002)
The Contract Hummingbird Centre (2002) .... Narrator
Novecento Théâtre de Quat'Sous (2002) .... Narrator
Richard III Stratford Festival (2002) .... Richard III
Threepenny Opera Stratford Festival (2002) .... MacHeath
Perfect Pie (2002) .... Don Rayford
The Nature of Nicholas (2002) .... Father
Steal (a.k.a. Riders) (2002) .... Jerry
Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story TV Movie (2002) .... Crown Prosecutor Rigney
Tourism (2002)
A Flea in Her Ear Soulpepper (2001)
Love Letters Warkworth Town Hall Centre (2001)
Century Hotel (2001) .... Nicholas
Trinity (2001) .... Dr. Clerval
Mill on the Floss Soulpepper Theatre Company (2000) .... Stephen Guest
The Claim (2000) .... Mr.Burn
Possible Worlds (2000) .... George Barber
The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne TV Episode "The Black Glove of Melchizedek" (2000) .... Vargas
Twitch City TV Episode "The Life of Reilly" (2000) .... Dean
The Spreading Ground (2000) .... Johnny Gault
Hindsight (2000) .... Warren
It's All True Tarragon Theatre (1999) .... Marc Blitzstein
The Jones Boy UrbanImage Theatre (1999) .... The Trick
Three Plays in a Day Necessary Angel Theatre (1999)
Murder Most Likely TV Movie (1999) .... Detective Sean Exley
Don't Think Twice (1999) .... Jake
Foolish Heart TV Episode "The Trial" (1999) .... Priest
Rembrandt: Fathers & Sons (1999) (TV) .... Rembrandt van Rijn
The Passion of Ayn Rand (1999) .... Richard
Much Ado About Nothing Stratford Festival (1998) .... Don John
Julius Caesar Stratford Festival (1998) .... Marcus Brutus
Four Wishes Karen Zielinski (1998)
Last Night (1998/I) .... Radio D.J. (voice)
Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles (1998) .... Reader (voice)
More Tears Miniseries (1998) .... Chief executive officer Wayne Hollit
FX: The Series TV Episode "Chiller" (1998) .... David Craymore
Emily of Dark Moon TV Episode "Eye of Heaven" (1998) .... Dr. Campbell
Coriolanus Stratford Festival (1997) .... Coriolanus
Camelot Stratford Festival (1997) .... King Arthur
Equus Stratford Festival (1997) .... Harry Dalton
Bach Cello Suite #6: Six Gestures (1997) .... J.S. Bach
The Sweet Hereafter (1997) .... Sam Burnell
Wind at My Back TV Episode "Something from Nothing" (1997) .... Brambly Wilson
The Soldier's Story SONiC BOOM (1996) .... The Soldier
Sweet Bird of Youth Stratford Festival (1996) .... Tom Junior
Waiting for Godot Stratford Festival (1996, 1998) .... Vladimir
Long Day's Journey Into Night PBS (1996) .... Edmund Tyrone
First Degree (V) (1996) .... Amos Turzo
Merry Wives of Windsor Stratford Festival (1995) .... Mr. Ford
The Country Wife Stratford Festival (1995) .... Horner
Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story TV Movie (1995) .... Mr. Schlesinger
TekWar TV Episode "Alter Ego" (1995) .... Miles Connor
Side Effects 3 TV Episodes (1994-95) .... Paul Camilleri
- "Heart Choices"; "Worth It"; "Social Diseases"
Abundance Theatre Plus (1994) .... Jack Flan
Long Day's Journey into Night Stratford Festival (1994) .... Edmund Tyrone
The Comedy of Errors Stratford Festival (1994) .... Dromio of Ephesus
Hamlet Stratford Festival (1994) .... Horatio
The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati (unused footage, 1994) .... Nightclub Owner
Due South TV Episode "Gift of the Wheelman" (1994) .... Jimmy Donnelly
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues TV Episode "Sing Wah" (1994) .... David Gilberto
I Know My Son Is Alive (a.k.a. Web of Deceit) TV Movie (1994) .... Salvatore Falcone
Mary Silliman's War (1994) TV Movie .... Rev. Elliot
The Circle Game (1994) .... Frank
Dancing at Lughnasa National Arts Centre (1993) .... Michael Evans
Writing with Our Feet Factory Theatre (1993) .... Jean-Francois
Bob's Kingdom Factory Theatre (1993) .... Teddy
I Love a Man in Uniform (1993) .... Henry Adler
Guilty as Sin (1993) .... Ray Schiff
Taking Liberties Factory Theatre (1992) .... Gerald Harvie
The Affections of May Grand Theatre (1992)
Beyond Reality TV Episode "Woman of His Dreams" (1992) .... Dr. Richard DeVries
Heart Songs (1992) .... Snipe
Street Legal 2 TV Episodes
- "Lefter Than Thou" (1992) .... Dr. Freshman
- "Presumed Toxic" (1991) .... Tony Pope
Summer and Smoke Theatre Plus (1991) .... Travelling salesman
Hamlet's Room Theatre Plus (1991) .... Hamlet
Life without Instruction Theatre Plus (1991) .... Agostino Tassi
7 Stories Tarragon Theatre (1991)
Benefactors Canadian Stage Company (1990)
Saint Joan Theatre Plus (1990)
Beautiful Dreamers (1990) .... Leonard Thomas
Friday the 13th 2 TV Episodes
- "Eye of Death" (1989) .... Atticus Rock
- "The Baron's Bride" (1988) .... Frank Edwards
The Death of Eddie Einstein Tarragon Theatre (1988-89) .... Playwright
Once in a Lifetime Shaw Festival (1988) .... Lawrence Vail
Peter Pan Shaw Festival (1988) .... Peter Pan
Norman's Awesome Experience (a.k.a. A Switch in Time) (1988) .... Norman
Marathon 33 Shaw Festival (1987) .... Scotty Schwartz
Behind the Pole Brave New Works, Factory Theatre (1986) .... (Playwright)
Holiday Shaw Festival (1986) .... Ned Seton
Banana Ridge Shaw Festival (1986) .... Basil Bingley
Passion, Poison and Petrifaction Shaw Festival (1986) .... Heavenly Choir
Crossing Over Factory Theatre (1986) .... Richard Ghost
Dali directed by Jim Millan (1986) .... Salvador Dali
Murder on the Nile Shaw Festival (1985) .... Smith
The Mad Woman of Chaillot Shaw Festival (1985) .... The Deaf Mute
The Cuckoo Bird TV Movie (1985) .... Peter
Becoming Laura TV series .... Chris
The Lost Letter Shaw Festival (1984) .... A Drunken Citizen
Androcles and The Lion Shaw Festival (1984) .... Androcles
The Skin of Our Teeth Shaw Festival (1984) .... Doctor/Conventioneer
1984 Shaw Festival (1984) .... Bumstead
The Vortex Shaw Festival (1983) .... Bruce Fairlight
Creeps Theatre London (1983)
Caesar and Cleopatra Shaw Festival (1983) .... The Persian
Cyrano de Bergerac Shaw Festival (1982-83) .... Jodelet
On the Razzle Canadian Stage Company (1983) .... Sonders
Dreaming and Duelling Phoenix Theatre (1982) .... Joel
Too True to Be Good Shaw Festival (1982) .... The Microbe
A Christmas Carol Grand Theatre (1982)
Camille Shaw Festival (1982) .... Le Vicomte
Mickey's Amazing Music Machine Young People's Theatre (1981) .... Norman
Man of Destiny Shaw Festival (1981) .... Napoleon
The Magistrate Shaw Festival (1981)
Saint Joan Shaw Festival (1981) .... Brother Martin
From Saigon to Sudbury Theatre Lifeline (1980)
Equus Grand Theatre (1979) .... Horse
Ichabod Crane McManus Theatre (1979) .... Ichabod Crane
Twelfth Night (1978) .... Andrew Aguecheek
The Donnellys Grand Theatre (1974) .... Settler/Patrick Donnelly/Wedding Party/Johnny O'Connor
Ahtushmit Central Library Auditorium (1973)
*Unknown* Amadeus .... Mozart; The Changeling; For the Record; Jitters and Tartuffe, Canadian Stage Company; Sinners, National Arts Centre; Burn This

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