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Mutant X FAQ: Where Are the Mutant X Actors Now?

Mutant X Cast Updates

Karen Cliche (Lexa Pierce): More about Karen is here.

November '15: Karen will have a cameo in the CW's Beauty and the Beast, episode 407.
January '15: Karen has a small role in Chris Klein's Lifetime movie, Damaged.
November '14: Karen rejoins a slew of former Mutant X guest stars in Hallmark's film A Wish Come True.
May '14: Karen's shooting an episode of Republic of Doyle this month.
January '14: Karen guest-starred in Lost Girl episode "Waves" the 19th.
October '13: Karen participated in Toronto's March for Elephants the 4th.
June '13: Karen has been named the account executive for Village Living Magazine.
January '13: Karen has become a representative for the Graydon/Clinical Luxury by Nature skin care products.
June '11: Karen promoted the June 7th Vancouver Save Your Skin fundraising breakfast on Urban Rush.
November '10: Karen attended a reunion with her Vampire High co-stars this month.
October '10: Karen's closing her official board to go on maternity leave for the next year.
June '10: Karen will present at the Toronto Constellation Awards July 17th.
January '10 Karen's baby girl, Sienna, was born on January 6th! official website.
September '09: Karen will be the media guest star at the 2009 Toronto Con*Cept convention.
August '09: Congratulations to Karen on her pregnancy!
June '09: Karen has agreed to host the Toronto Constellation Awards July 10-12.
April '09: Karen will be appearing in the horror flick SAW 6.
March '09: Karen is filming a pilot for the internet comedy series Down to Earth.
February '09: Karen's been cast in the the Canadian Teletoon Cartoon Gene pilot next May, and the short 91 premiering at Newport Beach Film Festival next April.
July '08: Karen presented at the Canadian Constellation Awards on the 7th; she and John Stamos will be in Lifetime's 'Killing Mr. Kissel/The Two Mr. Kissels November 15th.
April '08: Sadly, Flash Gordon has officially been cancelled.
March '08: Moment will be at Canadian Film Festival March 27th and Bahamas International Film Festival Dec. 4-11.
February '08: Karen's had a second Ed the Sock interview, on the set of Flash Gordon.
November '07: Karen will miss this year's VCON due to prior commitments.
September '07: "The Business" cast is nominated for a best ensemble Gemini Award!
August '07: Karen was spotted at the L.A. Balls of Fury premiere on the 25th.
May '07: Karen will play Baylin in the Sci-Fi channel's Flash Gordon series with Eric Johnson, premiering August 10th.
February '07: Karen will guest star on the Sci-Fi Channel's The Dresden Files, and in 'Til Death Do Us Part's "Murder Mystery Weekend" episode.
January '07: Karen has the lead in Jill Carter's short Moment, to be shown at Winnipeg Film Festival June 8th, Italy's San Gio Film Festival in July, Rhode Island Film Festival August 10th, L.A. Shorts Fest in September, and LA Femme Film Festival October 13th.
September '06: Initially cast as Erin Baxter in Runaway's Sept. 25th pilot, Karen was replaced by fellow Mutant X-er Sandrine Holt.
May '06: Karen's 2002 film, Summer, will be released on DVD May 9th.
April '06: Karen toured the Mutant X set with Much Music's Ed the Sock this month.
March '06: Karen will be playing Scarlet St. James in the mini-series The Company, a.k.a. The Business.
February '06: After her beautiful wedding last year, Karen went on to star in the Lifetime movie Flirting with Danger with Charisma Carpenter. Her film Steal (a.k.a. Riders), with Tom McCamus and Stephen Dorff, was released on DVD last April.

Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin): More about Forbes is here.

October '13: Forbes met fans in Florida for Fall Bash Weekend the 19th.
January '13: Forbes has expanded his company: New Jersey Firewood.
October '12: Forbes spoke at the West Virginia Friends of Firewood processing workshop this month.
July '12: Forbes presented at North Carolina State University's Firewood Processing Workshop the 27th.
October '11: Forbes stars in the New York production of Randall Colburn's play Verse Chorus Verse, previewing the 28th.
February '11: Forbes and his wife now run a kiln-dried firewood business from their home: New York Firewood.
August '10: Forbes attended the San Diego Leukemia research benefit the 21st.
December '09: Forbes performed a NYC staged reading of Andy Bloch's The Bellflower Sessions Nov. 21st.
October '09: Forbes is leaving As The World Turns to play George in TeenNick's Degrassi Takes Manhattan movie July 17th.
September '09: Forbes will be at the Florida Daytime's Hottest Stars benefit for Our Military Kids November 7th.
August '09: Forbes will greet fans at Alice's Tea Cup in New York City on the 14th.
July '09: A fan meet and greet with Forbes will take place in Largo, Florida on the 25th.
June '09: Forbes will move to the soap As The World Turns starting July 14th!
May '09: Forbes was spotted at the St. James Theatre Desire Under the Elms Broadway opening night on 4/27.
April '09: The Manhattanites will be released on DVD May 6th.
March '09: Forbes won One Life to Live Dankies for most attractive male star, memorable moment, and missed performer!
February '09: The General Hospital Official Fansite reports that Forbes is busy auditioning for other soap roles.
November '08: Forbes's unsuccessful 2006 pilot for Howard Reichman's Wired City was included in NY Television Festival's 36 screenings at New World Stages.
October '08: Forbes attended the Walter Kerr Theater's The Seagull opening night party on the 2nd.
August '08: Call (347) 945-5423 on 8/27 from 9:00 to 10:00 pm to talk to Forbes on Stardish Radio.
July '08: Forbes' official forum fan event will be August 15th at Alice's Tea Cup in New York City.
June '08: Undone has its first screening June 2nd.
May '08: Forbes' last day on One Life to Live is June 5th. To protest, visit the Save Nash petition and Support Forbes Myspace.
April '08: Forbes and Bree Williamson will attend Soap Pic's New York ABC event May 5th.
March '08: Forbes will attend the Gabriel Project's Daytime at Nitetime in Brooklyn March 8th.
February '08: Brandon Buddy and Forbes represented One Life to Live at a Valentine's Brunch on the 17th.
December '07: Forbes helped picket for the New York WGA strike on the 17th.
November '07: The Manhattanites trailer has been released. Forbes will attend this month's Disney World Super Soap Weekend.
October '07: Forbes will be at Designer's Image Evening with the Stars in Florida on the 6th and ABC Casino Night on the 25th.
September '07: Forbes autographed a Levitz Furniture chair for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on the 4th.
July '07: Trevor St. John and Forbes March will attend an official OLTL fanclub event August 3rd at the New York City Marriott.
June '07: Forbes and Bree will present at the CBS 34th Emmys June 15th at 11 pm.
May '07: Forbes and Bree Williamson will meet fans in New York City June 2nd.
April '07: Forbes was named sexiest OLTL actor in this month's Soap Opera Digest; he and co-star Kamar de los Reyes will meet fans in New York the 28th.
March '07: Forbes will appear at the Florida Big Brothers/Big Sisters charity brunch the 11th and Desi Geestman Foundation's Touched by a Star charity gala the 24th.
February '07: Forbes will attend the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS benefit on the 25th.
January '07: Forbes, Bree and Kamar are on the cover of Soaps in Depth this month.
December '06: Forbes's latest film is The Manhattanites, based on the radio drama series, SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES.
November '06: From Nov. 11-12th, Forbes will be at ABC's Super Soap Weekend in Disney World.
October '06: Forbes Joined Bree Williamson and Kamar de los Reyes at the 'Who Will Jessica Marry' event.
September '06: September 28th, Forbes's wife Vanessa had a new baby boy, Peter Forbes William March!
August '06: Forbes won Soaps In Depth's outstanding performer gold star this month.
July '06: Forbes will be interviewed on ABC Live on the 17th.
June '06: Forbes appeared on SoapNet's I Wanna Be a Soap Star on the 8th, participated in this month's Tammy Rubin Rice celebrity softball game, and took his wife Vanessa and daughter Marina to the 5,000th Broadway performance of Beauty and the Beast on the 20th.
May '06: Forbes gave the annual MAAI Awards' welcome speech, and a staged reading of Lance Gutterman's LOL at the New York National Comedy Theater May 4th.
April '06: Forbes presented at the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, and won a OLTL Dankie Award for Outstanding Newcomer. Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love, in which Forbes has a small part, earned 4 Razzies this month.
March '06: Forbes attended the Gabriel Project's Daytime at Nighttime this month, and will join ABC's Fun in the Sun tour in May.
February '06: After guest starring on CSI this month, Forbes March created waves of fangirl happiness on The Fire Escape two weeks ago when he emerged to post a thank you to his fans. Forbes continues to be a hit on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, alongside former Mutant X actors Bree Williamson (Miranda Davis from "Crossroads of the Soul") and Michael Easton (Gabriel Ashlocke in "A Breed Apart"). He is currently filming his latest movie, Undone.

Tom McCamus (Mason Eckhart): More about Tom is here.

November '14 Tom's joined the cast of Lenny Abrahamson's The Room.
June '14: Tom plays Dr. Nealon in the season finale of Orphan Black.
October '13: Tom's cast in King John, Through the Looking Glass, and Antony and Cleopatra for Stratford Festival 2014.
July '13: Tom meets Stratford fans for a Q&A session at Tom Patterson Theater the 31st.
January '13: Tom plays Rhett Butler in MTC's Gone With the Wind this month.
October '12: For Stratford 2013, Tom will play the lead in Merchant of Venice and Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet May-October.
August '12: Tom will be reading from Michael Ondaatje's novel The Cat's Table on the 11th.
May '12: Tom and Chick discuss Thorton Wilder's plays with his nephew in August.
February '12: Tom reprises his role in Divisadero at Theatre Passe Muraille's Mainspace, Feb. 8th-20th.
November '11: Chick and Tom will narrate A Westben Christmas Carol Nov. 26-27 and Dec. 3-4 in their hometown.
September '11: For Stratford's 60th season, Tom will play Horace Vandergelder in The Matchmaker at Festival Theatre May 12th, and Iachimo in Cymbaline previewing May 10th at Tom Patterson Theatre.
April '11: Tom has a cameo in David Weaver's The Samaritan, to presented at The Santa Barbara Film Festival Jan. 29th.
January '11: Divisadero will run at Theatre Passe Muraille February 8th-20th.
December '10: Tom will read Wind in the Willows at the Warkworth Town Hall on the 18th.
November '10: For Stratford 2011, Tom will play Jim Casey in The Grapes of Wrath (previews April 23rd to open in June) and Master Page in Merry Wives of Windsor (opens May 30th at Avon Theatre).
October '10: Tom and Chick will narrate O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi with the Westben Choruses Nov 20-28.
September '10: Tom guest-stars in Rookie Blue season finale on the 9th.
August '10: Dangerous Liasons previews at Stratford August 3rd, and opens the 12th.
June '10: Stratford Shakespeare Festival's Peter Pan opens June 5th with Tom as Captain Hook.
May '10: Cairo Time won Best Canadian Film at Film Circuit People's Choice Awards in January, premiered at Manhattan Community College April 25th, moves to Maine International Film Festival in July, and will be released in August.
April '10: Tom will attend a Toronto gala for When My Name Was Anna on the 22nd.
March '10: Tom's film Possible Worlds premieres on the Canadian Sundance Channel on March 1st.
January '10: Tom is in San Francisco for Phedre's ACT premiere Jan 15th - Feb 7th.
December '09: Tom acted in a Toronto stage adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's Divisadero November 6-8.
November '09: Tom will be narrating Wind in the Willows's chapter 5 for the Westben Arts Festival the 21-28th.
October '09: Cairo Time won best Canadian Feature at the Toronto International Film Festival, and will be in Canada's Top Ten for TIFF Cinematheque January 14 – 21.
September '09: Tom and his wife Chick will create artwork for The Other Canvas charity auction on the 19th.
July '09: Tom and Jennifer Paterson will meet the public in Stratford's Meet the Festival on the 31st.
June '09: On the 29th, Tom will be presenting at the Toronto Dora Awards.
May '09: Tom will play Vershinin in Chekhov's Three Sisters at Stratford, opening June 3rd.
April '09: Tom was interviewed about Bartholomew Fair for the Stratford Weekly Webcast the 27th.
March '09: Tom plays the FBI chief in John Madden's film Killshot with Diane Lane, Thomas Jane and Mickey Rourke.
February '09: Tom appeared in the CBC's Booky's Crush on the 15th.
January '09: For Stratford, Tom will play Justice Overdo in Ben Jonson's Bartholomew Fair at Ontario's Tom Patterson Theatre, opening May 27th.
December '08: Tom and Severn Thompson will read David Mamet's Oleana Dec. 11th at 8 pm for The Centre's Rehearsed Readings.
November '08: Tom, Sonja Bennett and Ben Bass filmed a pilot for Canwest's drama Clean.
October '08: Next month, Tom will star in Hamlet for Toronto's Necessary Angel Theatre Company's 30th anniversary; he will also play Theseus alongside Seana McKenna in Phedre in Stratford next year.
September '08: Tom and his wife Chick Reid Both will attend the Toronto International Film Festival this month. They will both be in Martha Burns and Susan Coyne's short film How Are You?
August '08: Tom will read The Assistant in Daniel Macivor's His Greatness this month.
July '08: Tom is filming Cairo Time, to be completed July 13th for next September's Toronto and Cinfest International Film Festivals.
May '08: Tom will play novelist Paul Sheldon in Misery this month; he recently workshopped Tracy Dawson's Them and Us in Toronto.
March '08: Tom and his wife Chick will perform scenes from Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet for Art of Time's If Music Be at Harbourfront Centre the 28-29th.
February '08: Tom and his wife Chick Reid will read Albee's The Goat in Ontario on the 10th.
October '07: Tom participated in the William Hutt memorial at Stratford Festival Theatre the 21st.
August '07: Tom and his wife Chick performed Bill Richardson's Glenn's Pets in Stratford this month.
July '07: Tom will join Stratford's celebration of artistic director Richard Monette in September.
June '07: Tom received a Dora Mavor Moore Award nomination for Thom Pain! The ceremony is the 25th at Toronto's Winter Garden Theatre.
May '07: Tom will perform A Comedy of Errors May 17-October 26 for Stratford, and The Ideal Husband at the Festival Theatre starting August 11th.
March '07: Tom and his wife Chick play a husband and wife in Charles Ives's The Unanswered Question this month.
February '07: Tom's Bravo!Canada interview airs Feb. 16th at 8:30, hosted by Mutant X alumna Jennifer Dale.
January '07: Now Magazine named Tom #7 of the top ten theatre artists of 2006. Tom will be Queen's University's Stage and Screen Visiting Artist on the 30th.
December '06: Tom will be in Shake Hands with the Devil, opening at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax Sept. 13th.
November '06: Tom has won a Gemini Award for Waking Up Wally! He has also returned to the stage in Thom Pain (based on nothing).
September '06: Tom is slated to attend MPICA's Lights Camera Auction this year.
July '06: Tom will be in the CBC's Northern Town. He and his wife, Chick Reid, will narrate Notes of Mozart on the 18th in Northumberland.
June '06: Tom received a Dora Mavor Moore Award nomination for Mathilde!
May '06: Black Widow has won a Golden Prague award. Tom is currently playing the jilted husband in Mathilde.
April '06: Tom has a role in Michael Haley's The Innocent Eye Test in Toronto March 11th-April 23rd.
March '06: Tom won an ACTRA award for his performance in Waking up Wally! He also played in the CBC's At the Hotel on the 7th, and Heyday, which aired on the 26th.
February '06: lonelywalker reports on Ground Control's blog that Tom McCamus's latest film, Black Widow, premiered January 19th on CBC Television. Tom also appeared in Showcase's sitcom It's Me Gerald, and starred in the movie The Walter Gretzky Story: Waking up Wally, out on DVD in September. Next month, he'll guest-star in The Comedy Network's show Puppets Who Kill.

Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox): More about Victoria is here.

October '15: Victoria has published a novel, Double Down!
June '14: Victoria will play Casey in the CBC's Homeland.
March '14: Victoria joins Casper Van Dien in the upcoming horror movie June.
January '14: Victoria was at the West Hollywood Martha Davis & The Motels concert the 19th.
October '13: Victoria's been cast in Vic Sarin's A Daughter's Nightmare.
May '13: Victoria attended the La Descarga Cinco de Gato charity event the 5th.
March '13: Victoria's been cast in Thomas Makowski's film, The Virginian.
February '13: Victoria was at the Beverly Hills Verameat store opening on the 12th.
January '13: Victoria appeared in Castle's "Significant Others" episode this month, and the L.A. premiere of Spartacus War of the Damned the 22nd.
October '12: Victoria attended the To Win for Hope charity poker tournament on the 6th.
September '12: Victoria will be in Lifetime's Nanny's Revenge and SyFy's Dracano.
June '12: Victoria stars in Ion Television's telefilm Christmas Twister in November.
April '12: Soda Springs won the Sun Valley Film Festival Audience Award last month.
March '12: Victoria was photographed at the West Hollywood Visual Impact Now charity event the 15th.
February '12: Victoria attended the 84th Academy Awards this year.
December '12: Victoria has been cast in Away and Gabe the Cupid Dog.
Noveber '11: Victoria's posed for her husband T.J. Scott's photo book, In the Tub, benefiting breast cancer.
October '11: Soda Springs won best feature at Louisville's International Festival of Film; it will be released on DVD next March.
August '11: Victoria promoted Not Your Mother's products at the Teen Choice Awards on the 7th.
May '11: Victoria was featured in this month's Oxygen; she also interviewed former Mutant X co-star Victor Webster for her Oh Boy! Glam Couture column.
April '11: Mongolian Death Worm comes out on DVD the 26th; Soda Springs premieres at the Beverly Hills Film Festival this month.
March '11: Victoria attended the Stop Staring! L.A. fashion show on the 21st.
February '11: Victoria will be in the Hallmark Channel's A Valentine's Date/Your Love Never Fails Feb. 4th, out on DVD April 5th.
December '10: Victoria will guest-star on Lie To Me Jan. 10th.
November '10: Victoria and husband T.J. Scott are now regular contributors to Glam Couture Magazine.
October '10: Victoria was spotted at the Hollywood Locks of Love poker tournament on the 6th.
September '10: Hush Little Baby comes out on DVD this month.
June '10: New photos of Victoria are up on her husband's website.
April '10: Mongolian Death Worm premieres on the SyFy Channel May 8th.
March '10: Victoria attended the Night of 100 Stars Pre-Oscars Gala on the 8th.
February '10: Victoria was at the 8th World Poker Tournament on the 20th.
January '10: Victor Webster and Victoria served at the LA Mission Christmas Eve.
December '09: Victoria was spotted at L.A.'s Across the Hall opening on the 1st.
November '09: Victoria will be in the new movie Soda Springs and an episode of NCIS.
October '09: Victoria will be a guest at the 2010 LA Xena Con.
September '09: Fear.Net airs Victoria's Fear Itself episode this month.
August '09: Victoria has a role in the upcoming SciFi Channel's Mongolian Death Worm.
June '09: Victoria's featured on TV Guide's Secrets of the Hollywood Body on the 28th.
May '09: Victoria was seen at the DeLeon Tequila Cinco de Mayo Hollywood celebration this month.
April '09: Victoria's Revel Cardio Dance studio held a Burlesque Benefit last month.
March '09: Victoria will guest-star on the episode "Mind Games" of CBS's Cold Case on the 22nd.
February '09: Victoria attended this year's L.A. Xena Convention Feb. 1st, and the Beverly Hills Night of 100 Stars Gala Feb. 23rd.
January '09: Victoria joins Mutant X castmate Lauren Lee Smith Jan. 22nd in the CSI episode "The Grave Shift."
December '08: Victoria was in the Life episode "Badge Bunnies" Nov. 19th. The Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD will be released January 5th.
November '08: Victoria will attend the 2009 LA Xena Con Jan 30-Feb 1, at LAX airport's Marriott.
October '08: The Brotherhood of Blood DVD will be released on the 14th.
September '08: Victoria opened her own California Revel Cardio Dance studio September 2nd.
August '08: On the 3rd, Victoria will play in the Summer Nights poker tournament for disadvantaged youth.
June '08: Victoria presented at the 34th Saturn Awards on the 24th.
May '08: Victoria appeared on the CBC's Test the Nation: Sports the 25th and Ante Up for the Arts the 18th.
April '08: Victoria participated in Hillel’s 5th Annual Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament on the 13th; Victoria will be in Moonlight's "Fated to Pretend" episode the 25th.
March '08: Day Break's 13 episodes were released on DVD the 11th.
February '08: Victoria will be in Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth this year; she attended the Beverly Hills Night of 100 Stars Gala the 24th.
January '08: The 24th, Victoria and her husband T.J. Scott marched with other Xena cast and crew to support the striking Writer's Guild.
November '07: Victoria plays a professor in the "Double Exposure" episode of Ghost Whisperer on the 2nd, and she attended the Hollywood Black Jack II launch party on the 15th.
October '07: Victoria stars in Lifetime's Wednesday's Child/Hush Little Baby on Oct. 27th at 9 pm.
September '07: Victoria will once again attend the Lights, Camera, Auction charity event next month.
August '07: Victoria competed in the 5th annual Bike Ladies Legends Event for breast cancer research.
June '07: Victoria attended Kitson Boutique's Michelle K event on the 15th.
May '07: Victoria attended the L.A. opening of Halo 3 this month.
March '07: Victoria will play Naomi Leeds in ABC's Dirty Sexy Money.
January '07: Victoria made the cover of this month's Stuff magazine, and attended Donald Trump's Trump Vodka on the 17th.
December '06: Victoria attended Carl Lewis and Kelly Hu's Reef Check Hawaii luau on the 7th. Day Break's last 7 episodes can be viewed only on the official site.
September '06: Victoria joined her Day Break co-stars at ABC's TCA this month.
August '06: Victoria's Deadly Waters/Kraken, Tentacles of The Deep airs on the Sci-Fi Channel in November; the title was changed after an online poll.
July '06: Victoria won $2,053 in this month's World Series of Poker charity event, and was at the ABC All Star Party on the 20th.
May '06: Victoria will be in ABC's Day Break with Taye Diggs and Adam Baldwin.
March '06: Victoria attended the Young Hollywood Awards the 30th.
February '06: Victoria met fans at the Xena 2006 Burbank Convention Jan. 15th; she has future roles in Cuba Gooding Jr.'s What Love Is, the Sci-Fi Channel's House of the Dead 2 on Feb. 11 and Brotherhood of Blood to be released next January with a premiere at Spain's Sitges Film Festival next October.

John Shea (Adam Kane): More about John is here.

February '14: John will play President Eckhart in TNT's Agent X.
January '14: Casting has begun for John's film Grey Lady.
October '13: John and Lea Thompson attended The Trouble with Truth's Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival screening the 18th.
June '13: John gave the commencement speech at Nantucket High School on the 11th.
March '13: John will direct Dracula for Theater Workshop of Nantucket's 2013 season.
January '13: John joins Lois & Clark co-star Dean Cain at Comic Con in Albuquerque Jan 12th and St. Louis March 22nd.
October '12: John attended the No premiere in the 50th New York Film Festival.
September '12: John joins the cast of The Good Wife for the fourth season.
August '12: John was emcee for Autism Speaks Nantucket Walk Now on the 18th.
July '12: John performed for Doerte Neuderte at the opening of her new Art Cabinet Nantucket gallery last month.
June '12: John stars in Time Stands Still at TWN this month.
February '12: John will produce some of John Wulp's plays at TWN.
December '11: John and Katee Sackhoff co-star in Lockdown.
November '11: John attended the Forces for Nature benefit on the 14th.
October '11: John performs Safdie’s A False Solution for the 2011 New York Architecture & Design Film Festival on the 28th. He's currently filming Joel Strunk's Anatomy of the Tide.
September '11: John will attend Boston Film Festival on the 21st to promote The Trouble with the Truth, which will also be shown at Naperville Independent Film Festival on the 20th, the Aero Theatre and Sedona International Film Festival next March.
July '11: John performs Orson Welles' Moby Dick Rehearsed on the 11-12th at the Nantucket Whaling Museum.
June '11: John's one of 100 stars reading James Joyce's Ulysses for Symphony Space June 16th.
April '11: An Invisible Sign will premiere May 5th, and be released on DVD in June.
January '11: 51 premieres on SyFy After Dark Jan. 28th.
November '10: John attended the We Are Family Foundation gala last month.
October '10: John stars with Lea Thompson in The Trouble with the Truth.
July '10: John read Haruki Murakami's The Seventh Man for Selected Shorts this month.
June '10: John read Tim O'Bien's Ambush for Selected Shorts this month.
May '10: John will perform at June's Isaiah Fest, honoring outgoing Symphony Space director, Isaiah Sheffer.
April '10: John will be filming The Italian Key this summer.
March '10: John conducted a Q&A at an Iona College screening of Missing March 9th.
February '10: Nominated for an Audie for Selected Shorts this month, John will direct Broadway Valentine on the 6th.
January '10: John attended the New York premiere of Loss of a Teardrop Diamond on December 10th. He will star in Noel Coward's Star Chamber for Food for Thought on Jan. 21st.
December '09: John will read four one-act plays for The Different Shades of Comedy Dec. 4th, Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory for TWN on the 4th and 5th, and Yiddish stories for Symphony Space on the 6th.
November '09: John held a TWN meeting at Food for Thought on the 12th.
September '09: John stars in the BBC's The Day Lehman Died on the 5th and reads Mark O'Donnell's Marred Bliss at Food for Thought the 21st.
August '09: John starred in Duet for Nantucket Theatre Workshop last month.
July '09: John read for Symphony Space's Bloomsday on Broadway, and Ann Beattie's "What Was Mine" for Selected Shorts last month. He was also spotted at the Nantucket Film Festival.
June '09: Achamundu, Achamundu screens at Shanghai International Film Festival this month; John plans to direct his own crime thriller in the Cayman Islands.
May '09: John will present at the New York Obie Awards, May 18th, and will direct and act in Susan Charlotte's play, Love Divided, May 31-June 21 in Manhattan.
April '09: John will perform Alethea Black's Marriage and other Odd Occurrences at New York's Rosenthal JCC Theatre on the 18th.
March '09: John has been named the artistic director of Nantucket Theatre Workshop! He will guest-star on the "Olfactus" episode of CBS's The Eleventh Hour on the 12th.
February '09: John's miniseries Kennedy will be released on DVD the 10th.
January '09: John read Haruki Murakami's "The Seventh Man" for Selected Shorts on the 18th, and attended Journey Forward's Boston Four Seasons casino benefit the 23rd.
December '08: On the 15th, John attended the Valkyrie premiere in New York City's Rose Hall.
November '08: John is currently filming An Invisible Sign of My Own in New York with Jessica Alba.
October '08: John's Missing will be released on DVD this month.
September '08: John attended Nantucket's Dreamland Theatre restoration event last month.
August '08: John guest-starred in his 4th Law & Order episode "Legacy" on the 7th and was auctioneer at Mike's Night fashion show August 10th.
May '08: John will play the villain in the Tamil film Achamundu Achamundu (We Are Afraid), featuring Prasanna and Sneha.
March '08: John guest-starred as a psychiatrist in the Law & Order episode "Betrayal" on the 6th.
January '08: John read for Symphony Space anniversary bash on the 10th; his film, The Impossible Spy, is being revived for Israel's 60th Anniversary.
December '07: At The Seafarer's Dec. 7th opening, John announced his plans to direct his screenplay, The Gray Lady.
November '07: John's latest film, A Broken Sole, opens on the 2nd; he starts playing Blair's father in Gossip Girl the 21st.
October '07: John's narration of Reservation Road released this month; he also attended the Nantucket memorial service for his friend David Halberstam.
September '07: A repeat of the Selected Shorts baseball celebration airs the 23rd.
July '07: John wrote an intro for ACK Poetically: A Collection of Poems and Writings by Del Wynn, and on the 13th, attended The Long Island Film Expo's screening of The Insurgents, which won Best Screenplay at the Palm Beach International Film Festival April 27th .
June '07: John will be in the film adaptation of the graphic novel Low Grounds.
May '07: On the 8th, John and Lorraine Bracco (The Sopranos) will perform Susan Charlotte's Come On at The Player's Club for Food For Thought.
April '07: Dorian Blues, in which John has a small part, was released in France on the 11th.
March '07: John will read Doug McLeod's one-act plays at Northport Reader's Theatre April 13rd.
February '07: John stars in Israel Horovitz's play, The Secret of Mme. Bonnard's Bath, on the 8th.
January '07: On the 30th, John will join NPR host Isaiah Sheffer in Westport, reading Other Persons by Juan Jose Millas.
December '06: John was one of the panelists at the 9th Annual Picture Start Film Festival on the 4th.
November '06: On the 30th, John attended The Vertical Hour's Broadway opening at the Music Box Theatre.
September '06: John will play Robert in The Insurgents.
August '06: John attended the American Ireland Fund's Nantucket Celebration on the 30th, benefiting Autism Speaks.
July '06: John attended the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket's 50th anniversary this month.
June '06: John took part in Nantucket Film Festival's staged Coup de Tat reading on the 17th.
May '06: John will play 'The White Man' in Pitch. He read from Todd John Pierce's "Love" for Mother's Day at WorldTheatre, and attended the Book Expo America's Audio Book Awards on the 24th.
April '06: John was awarded the John F. Kennedy Award for outstanding cultural contribution by an Irish-American.
March '06: John Shea read Willa Cather's "The Namesake" for New York Public Radio.
February '06: John appeared in the Medium episode "Still Life" in November; he will play David Murray in the movie Framed later this year.

Lauren Lee Smith (Emma deLauro): More about Lauren is here.

April '16: Congrats to Lauren on her new baby girl, Tula Ray!
December '14: Lauren will co-star in the Butler brothers' comedy First Round Down.
October '14: Lauren will be in the SyFy series Ascension, premiering next month.
August '14: Lauren joins Jewel Staite in the cast of How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.
April '14: Congrats to Lauren for Cinemanovels' 3 Leo nominations!
November '13: Lauren will play Willow in the film adaptation of If I Stay; she participated in East Main Cafe's Monday Night Live the 25th.
October '13: The Listener's renewed for a 5th season, which will be its last.
September '13: Originally cast in FX's The Strain, Lauren's been replaced by Natalie Brown. She promoted Cinemanovels at TIFF the 6th.
August '13: Lauren met fans of The Listener at Fan Expo Canada the 24th.
June '13: Lauren was spotted at the Toronto CTV Upfront presentation on the 6th.
January '13: Lauren stars in Terry Miles's short They Wore Pink.
October '12: Lauren's featured in this month's Elle Canada Fashion Dare Feature.
August '12: Lauren, Jennifer Beals and Terry Miles have teamed up to create the indie film Cinemanovel.
July '12: Lauren's been cast in Sonar Entertainment's Ring of Fire.
June '12: Lauren attended the Toronto MuchMusic Awards on the 17th.
April '12: Lauren has the lead in Keith Samples's Hunting Season, premiering next September.
March '12: The 8th, Lauren will model in The Heart Truth fashion show supporting women's health.
September '11: Lauren was spotted in TIFF's IT Lounge on the 12th.
August '11: Lauren's been nominated for another Gemini Award for The Listener, Sept. 7th! Crave named her one of the top 10 Canadian actresses to watch.
May '11: Lauren will join her The Listener co-stars at the MCM Expo London Comic Con May 27-29th.
March '11: Lauren will attend the L Word L8 convention in Brighton March 11-13.
February '11: Lauren has been cast in Kathleen Robertson's Three Days in Havana, a.k.a. Gravity's Pull.
January '11: Lauren attended the German Hindenburg premiere on the 18th; the film premieres Feb. 6th and comes to AMC March 12th.
December '10: Lauren debuts in The Listener's 2nd season on Jan. 28th.
September '10: Lauren appeared at the Toronto International Film Festival this month.
July '10: Lauren played Lillian in the Psych episode "Feet Don't Kill Me Now" the 21st; she'll star in Ken Finkleman's HBO Canada comedy Good Dog next March.
June '10: Lauren missed the Starfury L7 Convention, but she was named #56 in FHM's 100 Most Sexiest Girls of the World this month.
February '10: Lauren joins L Word co-star Jennifer Beals in Night for Dying Tigers, to premiere at TIFF, FNC and VIFF in October.
January '10: Lauren's 2008 L4 Convention appearance is now available on DVD.
October '09: Lauren will be in a 2010 German tv movie about the Hindenburg.
August '09: Lauren appeared at Comic-Con last month to promote Trick 'r Treat's DVD release.
July '09: One Way comes out on DVD July 14th; CSI's 9th season on September 1st. Lauren leaves CSI at the end of this season.
June '09: Lauren won a Leo Award for best supporting actress last month Helen! She was voted #76 on AfterEllen's Hot 100 list.
April '09: Lauren married photographer Erik Steingroever in Cultus Lake, Canada on April 4th!
January '09: Lauren will attend Helen's Sundance premiere the 16-24th and its Cologne premiere in November; it will screen at Pacific Cinematheque in April before U.S. release next July.
December '08: Lauren participated in a CBS Watch! Magazine photoshoot this month; she'll be on the CSI TCA panel the 12th.
October '08: Lauren attended Trick 'r Treat's Screamfest premiere on the 10th.
September '08: Lauren attended Entertainment Weekly's Pre-Emmy celebration the 20th; her boyfriend Erik Steingroever joined her at the Pierucci opening the 10th.
July '08: Lauren was at the Hollywood CBS/CW/Showtime Press Tour Stars Party the 18th.
May '08: Lauren joins CSI next month; she's been nominated for a best supporting actress Leo Award for Normal.
March '08: Lauren has the lead in a CBS pilot, Can Openers! She will attend the Starfury L4 Event at Heathrow's Thistle Hotel March 14-16.
December '07: Lauren was one of Ask Men's Top 10 Up and Coming Actresses of 2008.
October '07: Lauren's next movie is Ashley Judd's Helen.
July '07: Lauren joins the cast of Pathology at Comic-Con the 29th.
June '07: Lauren was #78 on After Ellen's Hot 100 list on the 6th.
April '07: Lauren will play Juliette in the thriller Pathology, Sherri Banks in Carl Bessai's Normal, and Lea in the drama Late Fragment. Normal and Late Fragment premiere at September's Toronto International Film Festival; Pathology will have a limited U.S. release next April.
January '07: Lauren will play Cynthia Morgan in J.J. Abrams's The Anatomy of Hope. She appeared at One Way's Essen premiere the 23rd.
December '06: Lauren received a Skintastic Award for Lie with Me. She as the small role of Kath in the TV mini-series Dragon Boys.
November '06: Lauren was named one of the top 13 Canadian actresses in October's enRoute Magazine; she is currently filming Trick 'r Treat.
August '06: Lauren appeared in the Blade episode "Hunters" this month.
July '06: Lauren will play undercover operative Tina in the CBC's Intelligence, Tuesdays at 9 pm.
March '06: Lauren will be in Salimbeni's film Blaze/One Way, to be shown at the Hollywood Film Festival in October and premiere in Essen January 23rd.
February '06: Lauren's nominated for a Vancouver Film Critic's Circle Award for Lie with Me, which will be featured at Bergen International Film Festival October 18th! She continues her role as beloved "soup chef" Lara Perkins on Showtime's The L Word, and has completed filming The Last Kiss and Art School Confidential. The latter aired at Sundance and will come out in April.

Victor Webster (Brennan Mulwray): More about Victor is here.

February '14: Continuum season 3 premiers next month.
September '13: Victor's Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators airs on Syfy the 5th; he plays vampire Cole in Carl Bessai's Embrace of the Vampire remake, with DVD release Oct. 15th.
August '13: Victor will reprise the title role in Scorpion King 4; he guest-stars in the Cracked episode "The Light in Black" in October.
April '13: Victor will again attend Fan Expo Vancouver this month.
June '12: Victor guest-stars as Eric Dunham in White Collar.
April '12: Victor will attend Fan Expo Vancouver on the 20th to promote Continuum.
February '12: Victor stars in Benjamin Howdeshell's short Project: S.E.R.A.
January '12: Victor will be in Hallmark's Puppy Love and Jon Cassar's show Out of Time/Continuum.
December '11: Victor guest-starred in The Exes this month.
October '11: Victor attended the Art Mére/Art Pére Hollywood benefit on the 6th.
September '11: Victor was spotted at the L.A. Machine Gun Preacher premiere on the 21st.
August '11: Victor's on the celebrity host committe for the Diamonds Not Fur award ceremony on the 27th.
July '11: Victor appeared in the Necessary Roughness episode "Habit Forming" on the 21st.
March '11: Victor will be in an episode of Drop Dead Diva soon.
February '11: Victor will guest-star in the NCIS LA episode "The Job" March 29th.
January '11: Victor attended the Hollywood Burning Palms premiere on the 12th.
November '10: Victor will play the lead in The Scorpion King 3: Rise of the Dead, to be released on Blu-ray Jan. 17th 2012.
October '10: After screenings at the 2007 Shanghai Film Festival and 2008 Paralympics, Rick Hansen, Heart of a Dragon will finally be released on the 29th.
September '10: Victor has a recurring role in Castle as Beckett's boyfriend Josh Davidson.
August '10: Victor has been cast in the upcoming horror movie Growl.
July '10: Victor's Funny or Die short Idiots will air July 14, and play at the LA Shorts and Hollyshorts film festivals.
May '10: Victor has a cameo in Toni Braxton's Hands Tied video.
April '10: Victor will appear in the Bones episode "Death of the Queen Bee" on the 15th, and this year's Anaheim Comic Con the 16-18th.
March '10: Victor won a gold at the San Francisco Grappling X Tourney on the 14th!
February '10: Victor will be in the Criminal Minds episode "Parasite" on the 2nd.
January '10: Victor and Victoria Pratt served at the LA Mission Christmas Eve.
December '09: Victor won the bronze for ultra heavy/open classes at the World Jiu Jitsu No-Gi Championships last month.
November '09: Victor attended Hollywood openings of Assassin's Creed, HeadCount Organization, Samsung Behold II, and Ninja Assassin this month.
October '09: Victor was sighted at Night Vision's Pandora opening at Vibiana in LA, the 27th.
September '09: Victor has announced upcoming roles in "Why Did I Get Married Too?" and "Coming and Going."
August '09: Victor will play Caleb in the new Melrose Place this month.
June '09: Victor attended VH1's Save the Music Hollywood Launch party the 17th.
May '09: Victor has 4 upcoming films: Lifetime's Killer Hair and Hostile Makeover June 21 and 29; Surrogates with Bruce Willis; and Burning Palms with Dylan McDermott.
April '09: Victor will play Hunter Jennings in CBS's Harper's Island, premiering the 9th and out on DVD September 8th.
November '08: Victor joined Adam Shankman at Criss Angel Believe's premiere gala October 31st.
July '08: Star Search is casting a reality dating show, possibly to be hosted by Victor next year.
April '08: Victor guest-stars in the Dirt episode "And the Winner Is" on the 6th.
November '07: Victor plays Owen Haggan in the Moonlight episode 'Fleur de Lis' on the 23rd.
July '07: The 28th, Victor plays Mark in the Sci Fi Channel's Sands of Oblivion with Adam Baldwin and Morena Boccarin, with a longer international version in October. Available on DVD next March.
May '07: Victor was voted #17 on Vanishing Tattoo's 101 Hottest Tattooed Men in the World.
February '07: Victor attended an Aquamantra promo at Melanie Segal's Platinum Oscar Luxury Suite this month.
January '07: Victor guest-stars in the NCIS episode "Sharif Returns" on the 23rd.
December '06: After filming Rick Hansen: Heart of a Dragon in China, Victor starred in a CSI: Miami episode and Ian Ziering's Man versus Monday.
November '06: Victor played a trainer in Reba's "Let's Get Physical" episode the 19th, and volunteered for Kirk Douglas's Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless the 22nd.
October '06: Victor participated in the Billion Dollar Babes Sample Sale on the 2nd and Dressed to Kilt the 14th.
August '06: Victor went to Playboy's Girls Next Door celebration on the 15th.
July '06: Victor partied with L.L. Cool J at the Las Vegas Tao Nightclub</a> and the Weeds premiere on the 20th.
April '06: Victor will join Mario Lopez at the Actor's Expo in Florida on the 29th and Las Vegas in July.
March '06: Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love, in which Victor played her boyfriend, earned 4 Razzies.
February '06: Victor's won a recurring role as Cupid on Charmed; he was also recently in Heather Graham's Emily's Reasons Why Not, the Related episode "Hello, Deli," and pre-production for the horror pic Primal Scream.

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