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Mutant X Crew: Producer Jonathan Hackett

Producer Jonathan Hackett

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Bio from The Official Mutant X Site: Jonathan Hackett, an award-winning producer of both long-form and series television, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to MUTANT X. Specializing in quality drama with significant action/adventure requirements, he has worked extensively with U.S., Canadian and international production companies. Hackett served as producer for two seasons of Relic Hunter, the popular action series from Fireworks Entertainment. Previously, he launched and produced three seasons of Disney’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids and produced the final season of Warner Bros.’ long-running action hour Kung Fu. At the onset of his career, Hackett produced 41 episodes of Adderly for Robert Cooper (CBS/Global) followed by 22 episodes of Paramount Television’s The War of the Worlds. His other television credits include The Adventures of Sinbad for Alliance Atlantis, the NBC primetime show Secret Services, CBS’ Top Cops and Adventures of the Black Stallion. In addition to his series credits, Hackett has also produced numerous TV movies, including The Possession of Michael D., Harrison Bergeron and Blood Sport.

Filmography from IMDb:

The Listener (TV series) (producer - 1 episode)
– The Bank Job (2012) (producer)
2011 Frenemies (TV movie) (executive producer)
2011 Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure (TV movie) (producer)
2010 Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars (TV movie) (producer)
2010 Aaron Stone (TV series) (producer - 5 episodes)
– My Own Private Superhero (2010)
– Face-Off (2010)
– Photography (2010)
– Gauntlet, But Not Forgotten (2010)
– In the Game of the Father (2010)
2008-2009 Fear Itself (TV series) (producer - 13 episodes)
2007 The Dresden Files (TV series) (producer - 12 episodes)
2003 Mutant X (TV series) (producer - 1 episode)
- Lest He Become (2003)
2000-2001 Relic Hunter (TV series) (producer - 21 episodes)
1997 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show (TV series) (producer)
1996 The Adventures of Sinbad (TV series) (producer)
1995 Harrison Bergeron (TV movie) (producer)
1995 Derby (TV movie) (producer)
1995 The Possession of Michael D. (TV movie) (producer)
1992 Secret Service (TV series) (producer)
1990 The New Adventures of the Black Stallion (TV series) (producer - 1 episode)
– Where There's a Will (1990)
1989 Dick Francis: Blood Sport (TV movie) (producer)
1988-1989 War of the Worlds (TV series) (producer - 23 episodes)
1986 Adderly (TV series) (producer)

Director (4 titles)
2003 Mutant X (TV series)
– Lest He Become (2003)
2002 Relic Hunter (TV series)
– So Shall It Be (2002)
– Faux Fox (2002)
1999-2000 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show (TV series)
– Honey, I Shrink, Therefore I Am (2000)
– Honey, I'm Not Just Clowning Around (1999)
1988 War of the Worlds (TV series)

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