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Sanctuary's New Mutant Database A-L


Scroll through Sanctuary's encrypted new mutant database to find out about all the new mutants Mutant X has encountered over the years. Clicking on a mutant's name will link you to the actor who portrayed that character.

Part One: A-L
Ashlocke, Gabriel * Bellamy, Rick * Benedict, Daniel * Benedict, Steven * Benedict, Tina * Bennett, Samantha * Berkley, Aldous * Bigelow, Michelle * Bishop, John * Bishop, Ruby * Blake, Lena * Blake, Randall * Block, Nathaniel * Brooks, Laura * Carter * Carter, Charles * Chester * The Child * Clown, The * Conlan, Matty * Cooke, Charlotte * Cuddahy, Neil * Cummings, Johnny * deLauro, Emma * Dennett, William * Dorn, Angel Sgt.* Duchamps, Gia * Elliot, Ashley * Fortier, Morgan * Fox, Shalimar * Friemark, Hector * Fries, Pamela * Griffin, Marc * The Guardian * Hartman, Catherine * Hartman, Danielle * Ivanov, Levak * Josh * Kilmartin, Jesse * Kim * Kristoff * Lanchester, Harvey * LaPorta, Tony * Larkin, Billy * Lockhart, Zack * Longstreet, Lt. Beau * Lynch, Eli

Part Two: M-Z
* MacEvoy, Kendra * Maddox, Nick * Mal * Maria * Marika * Marlowe, Charles * Marshall, Andrea * Mathias, Caleb * Meisel, Vince * Moller, Diana * Morgan, Riley * Morse, Donna * Mulwray, Brennan * Oblivion * Patricia * Payton, Cyrus * Pierce, Lexa * Pierce, Leo * Porter, Calvin * Quintana, Toni * Randall, Clark "The General" * Raymond, Sam * Renfield, Nick * Reynolds, Nathan * Rice, Kelly * Robins, Alice * Robinson, Dr. Olivia * Robson, Mike * Rockwell, Candace * Rogers, Nikki * Rucker * Ryan, Tyler * Saunders, Dr. Richard * Silva * Sterling, Barry "Kilohertz" * Stone, Wendy * Taylor, Diane * Templeton, Lorna * Terra * Terry, Amanda * Thorne, Frank * Turner, Alison * Valentine, Josh * Valentine, Lisa * Valerie * Voight, Henry * Vosberg, Skeet * Ward, Michael * Whitley, Kara * Wiley, Jerri * Wiley, Todd

Sanctuary's New Mutant Database A-L

Gabriel Ashlocke (A.K.A. Patient Zero, Subject 1.0). Mutant Type: Elemental (energy/electrical), Feral (feline), Molecular (force-fields/intangible), Psionic (telepathic/illusionist/telekinetic). First Appearance: "A Breed Apart."
Quote: I was born to rule. It's the ones who get in my way who die.
Details: The psychopath Gabriel was the first and most powerful child of Genomex. Born without a conscience, his aggression spiraled out of control until 1978, when his parents returned the 10-year-old to Genomex for Adam to make him more human. But Adam overlooked a weakness in Gabriel's DNA, and his treatment only made him worse. Gabriel murdered his parents six months later. Adam and Mason Eckhart placed Gabriel in a stasis pod where he remained for 25 years until his release by GS agent Morgan Fortier. He and his group of loyal mutants, the Links, formed an organization called The Strand, bent on world domination. Gabriel placed Mason Eckhart in a pod and took over Genomex. He vowed revenge upon Adam, while searching in vain for methods of stabilizing his DNA. Gabriel's explosive cellular breakdown soon caused his death, but not before he had impregnated one of The Links, Kim. Prior to his death, he set into motion the eventual creation of his successor, The Child. [Bible]

Rick Bellamy. Mutant Type: Elemental (Wind). First Appearance: "The Meaning of Death."
Quote: Brennan: Getting all those new mutants into the underground has made you quite the legend. Rick: Well, I’ve been lucky.
Details: Rick, who had gained fame throughout the new mutant underground for his successes, was the safehouse operator who ushered Jerri and Todd Wiley into a safehouse at the time of the Cladosporium epidemic. He was one of the earliest victims of the disease. [Bible]

Daniel and Steven Benedict. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic). First Appearance: "Russian Roulette."
Quotes: Stephen: Adam trusts me. And I trust my son. I couldn't do this without him.
Daniel: New mutants are a virus. A disease. They're marrying, reproducing. I have to stop that from happening.
Details: Daniel was the son of safehouse operator Steven Benedict and his wife Carol, close friends of Adam Kane. Though Daniel had helped his father hide many new mutants from The GSA, self-loathing of his own burgeoning abilities and jealousy of his father's attention to other new mutants caused Daniel to betray their location to Mason Eckhart. Luckily, Mutant X intercepted the message, and Adam helped Daniel come to terms with his new mutancy in time to reconcile with his father. [Bible: Daniel, Stephen]

Tina Benedict (formerly Tina Denning). Mutant Type: Feral (Amphibian). First Appearance: "Russian Roulette."
Quote: Jesse: You're sure they saw you using your new mutant abilities? Tina: I mean, there's no way they could have missed it. I was underwater for 20 minutes!
Details: Tina's new mutant abilities allowed her to remain underwater for long periods of time. After Brennan and Jesse rescued Tina from the Russian bounty hunters Yuri Pogrebin and Sonya Barovsky, Tina was placed in the Benedict foster home. [Bible]

Samantha Bennett. Mutant Type: Molecular (Stasis-suspension). First Appearance: "Possibilities."
Quote: I wanted to go back and make things better. Make them perfect. But they only seemed to get worse. I guess this is my way of making up for what I did then.
Details: Samantha could send her consciousness short distances backwards in time. At a young age, she was discovered by the corrupt industrialist Lawrence Bosch, who forced her to use her powers to repeatedly recreate human drug trials of medications with horrible side effects. Once Samantha learned of Bosch's plot to bomb a rival drug company, she attempted to prevent the deaths by traveling backwards time and time again. All trials failed until she called the Dominion to enlist Mutant X's aid and discovered that she could bring Brennan back in time with her. After one of the runs proved fatal for Brennan, she sacrificed herself on the next to save his life. [Bible]

Aldous Berkley. Mutant Type: Feral (Canine). First Appearance: "Whiter Shade of Pale."
Quote: Mason: Does the daughter have stealth capabilities? Aldous: It's possible. We didn't see her. Heh-heh.
Details: Aldous was a not-too-bright GSA informant who aspired to become a real GS agent. He promised Mason Eckhart that he would capture Mason's ex-lover, Danielle Hartman, and her daughter Catherine. After Mutant X foiled Aldous's plans, Mason grew impatient with the GSA wannabe and poisoned him during a pasta dinner. [Bible]

Michelle Bigelow. Mutant Type: Psionic (telecyber). First Appearance: "Interface."
Quote: When I want your advice, I'll beat it out of you.
Details: Best friends in Sloman High School, Emma and Michelle went to the prom together, and used their psionic abilities to get free drinks at Jasper's, the local coffee bar. The two lost touch after graduation. Michelle, the more level-headed of the two, was recruited into the GSA to help infiltrate Mutant X's safehouses. GSA scientists altered Michelle's DNA to make her more machine than human. Mason then allowed the emotion-less Michelle to escape Genomex with Mutant X, so that she could transmit Sanctuary's database to him. But Emma was able to connect telempathically with her friend to release her emotional side, and Adam stabilized Michelle's DNA to give her better control over her emotions. [Bible]

John Bishop. Mutant Type: Psionic (Precog). First Appearance: "The Prophecy."
Quote: There's something evil about all of us. It's our choice which face we show.
Details: John Bishop, the most powerful precognitive psionic on the map, was a member of Gabriel Ashlocke’s group of followers, The Strand. Because John’s consciousness was unstuck in time, he would sometimes speak backwards, and recited prophecies when touched by someone. At Gabriel’s death, John foresaw the birth and rise to power of his successor, The Child. Mutant X found the drugged John in an asylum a year later. After giving Shalimar the information she needed to locate The Child and stop the Links’ plans, John put the asylum’s staff to sleep and escaped...but not before giving Shalimar a prophecy of her own about the fate of Mutant X: Four will begin / True love will call / One will betray / And one will fall. [Bible]

Ruby Bishop. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telepath/ESPer). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Quote: Adam: Ruby's a telepath. Ruby: I prefer ESPer. It just sounds....sexier.
Details: Telepath Ruby Bishop owned the bookstore which served as a front for a new mutant safehouse. He was captured by Frank Thorne, who intimidated him into divulging the location of the safehouse. Mutant X saved him, along with all the other new mutants the GSA kidnapped as a result of his indiscretion. [Bible]

Lena Blake. Mutant Type: Feral (Reptilian). First Appearance: "Presumed Guilty."
Quote: I don’t handle rejection very well. Guess you think a girl could just get lost in those eyes, huh? Guess again.
Details: As a reptilian feral, GS agent Lena Blake could walk up walls and spray blinding green gas from her mouth. Lena was able to capture psionic Mark Griffin for Mason Eckhart because her two pink second eyelids protected her eyes from his memory-absorbing gaze. Once Shalimar turned her own gas against her, Mark absorbed Lena’s memories along with Mason’s and sent both back to Genomex. [Bible]

Randall Blake. Mutant Type: Molecular (Dark Anti-matter). First Appearance: "Art of Attraction."
Quote: The bar keeps me legit, the burglary keeps the doors open, and the painting...The painting feeds my soul.
Details: Artist Randall Blake was a cat burgler specializing in stealing international high-end art and seducing women from his bar headquarters, La Brasserie du Bohême. He could transform himself into a dark gas or create dark matter shields or blasts with his hands. Discovering that he and Lexa were after the same set of artwork, Randall stole the painting she had acquired. He then seduced her before tricking her into being caught while attempting to steal the last painting in the set. But thanks to a tracking device Lexa planted on his earlobe, Mutant X was able to turn the tables on him. [Bible]

Nathaniel Block. Mutant Type: Feral (Canine). First Appearance: "Whose Woods These Are."
Details: Nathaniel contracted a virus from his friend Michael Ward while a subject of Genomex's Project 318, a space program experiment designed to create feral astronauts able to withstand alien environments. Emma and Jesse managed to get Nathaniel out of the state hospital where he was being held, but Nathaniel died from gunshot wounds inflicted by the hospital guards before Adam could find a cure. [Bible]

Laura Brooks. Mutant Type: Unknown. First Appearance: "In Between."
Quote: Dr. Harrison: "After all the deception and double dealing at the GSA, she was the only one who remained loyal, loyal to me. She can't be dead!" Lexa: "Awww. Did you care about her?" Dr. Harrison: "I loved her."
Details: Dr. Ken Harrison’s loyal lover, the new mutant Laura Brooks was placed in a pod during the days of Genomex. Most pods were destroyed after Genomex's demise, but hers was taken by the military to a government warehouse. Failing to find her on his own, Dr. Harrison shot Jesse with an explosive bullet as incentive for Mutant X to search for her. Unfortunately, by the time Lexa and Shalimar found her warehouse, Laura was already dead. [Bible]

Carter. Mutant Type: Psionic (Freezing). First Appearance: "Wages of Sin."
Quote: "It's frustrating not being able to move, isn't it?"
Details: Carter was a psionic ex-GS agent in the employ of Kristen Greg at the Westland Casinos. When Shalimar and Lexa broke into Kristen's office to find out about the auction she was holding, Carter ambushed them, freezing Lexa in place. Shalimar managed to take him out and hide before Kristen came in to investigate the source the commotion. Lexa called a Dominion cleanup team to remove Carter's body, and The Dominion sent Carter's genetic information to Sanctuary, where Jesse learned that Carter's mutant DNA fragility had been fixed by the geneticist Dominique. [Bible]

Charles Carter. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic). First Appearance: "Brother's Keeper."
Quote: I need your brother's heart. It's almost poetic. The one donor that's a guaranteed match is your twin brother. So after the operation, I'll always have a piece of you right here.
Details: Charles Carter was the chief of Genomex security while Lexa worked for the GSA. During their short-lived affair, Charles lied to Lexa about the torture her twin brother Leo was undergoing at Genomex. When they crossed paths again five years later, Charles had suffered one heart transplant rejection after a gunshot wound had damaged his. To obtain Leo's more compatible heart, Charles facilitated murderer William Bain’s release from prison and hired him to catch Leo. He funded this operation by selling the organs of other new mutants. Lexa stopped her brother’s violent alter, Troy, from murdering Charles, but he didn’t get far before Jesse and Shalimar confiscated his organ rejection medication, leaving him to die. [Bible]

Chester. Mutant Type: Mutant desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria). First Appearance: "Wasteland."
Details: Chester was one of a swarm of genetically modified desert locusts created during the bioagrocultural conglomerate ZDT’s Project Redstock. The locusts were bred to have an insatiable appetite, be resistant to known pesticides, and to prey upon all crops except the type of corn produced by ZDT. Brennan rescued Chester from a breeding warehouses just before it exploded. Brennan decided to keep Chester as a pet, but when he and Shalimar discovered that the locusts’ self-destruct mechanism could be triggered by sound waves, Chester was killed along with his fellow locusts. [Bible]

The Child. Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical), Feral (Canine), Molecular (Intangible), Psionic (Telepath). First Appearance: "The Prophecy."
Details: After Gabriel Ashlocke’s death, The Child was created using DNA from four new mutants: elemental Brennan Mulwray, psionic Riley Morgan, feral Kara Whitely, and molecular Nathan Reynolds. According to the precog John Bishop’s prophecy, The Child would serve as Ashlocke’s second coming and raise his remaining followers, The Links, above all others: 'A child will be born / But for our hold to last / All four signs must come to pass / The moon will fall / Two bloods will be dashed / The child will choose / And the mountain will crash'. The Links raised The Child in an underground lair, protected by the scorpion feral The Guardian. Riley Morgan, realizing the potential dangers of a second Ashlocke, worked with Mutant X in an attempt to derail the prophecy. Once Riley reached The Child, however, he connected telepathically with her, convincing her that he was not evil. She decided instead to escape with him and raise him herself. [Bible]

The Clown. Mutant Type: ?Molecular, (Teleportation). First Appearance: "Cirque des Merveilles."
Details: The Clown was a member of Deklin Charvet's circus, Cirque des Merveilles, when Shalimar and Brennan entered to try to find Dominion operative Tony LaPorta. When Brennan scoffed at her playful flirting, she proved her new mutant abilities by teleporting behind him and bopping him on the head with her umbrella. [Bible]

Matty Conlan. Mutant Type: Elemental (Magnetic). First Appearance: "Double Vision."
Quote: Brennan: Don't you think this combination would be kind of...combustible? Matty: Your loss. Where can I go to get a cab around here?
Details: Matty was one of Brennan's former crime associates. When she was caught by the police, Mason Eckhart offered her a choice between prison and the GSA. Dr. Ken Harrison surgically enhanced her fledgling telekinetic powers with new magnetic elemental abilities, and then sent her out as bait to catch Brennan and Emma. When that mission failed, Emma B persuaded Matty to blast the stasis field core, causing everyone in Genomex to fall into comas. Mutant X was able to reverse the effect, and Matty helped them reintegrate Emma. [Bible]

Charlotte Cooke. Mutant Type: Unclassified (Moral Change). First Appearance: "Altered Ego."
Quote: All my life, everybody just--they won't even touch me! They're afraid of me! And you are too.
Details: Charlotte was the daughter of Anthony Cooke, Adam's fellow researcher in Stanford's biochemistry department. Charlotte's strand 17 nucleotide sequence allowed her to secrete a silver substance which would change a person's moral polarity. On new mutants, the alteration lasted a couple of minutes; on others, it was permanent. When Adam uncovered Anthony's plans to sell and distribute biological weapons, he turned him in to the police. Anthony committed suicide, for which Charlotte was cruelly taunted by her classmates. 13 years later, Charlotte contacted Adam with the intention of destroying Mutant X. Adam refused to allow her to join Mutant X, and Charlotte turned Shalimar and Jesse against one another before turning to the GSA. She then used her powers against Adam. Once she had changed him, however, she learned that Mason Eckhart was the one responsible for buying her father's research. Rather than watch Adam defeat his own team, Charlotte touched Adam once again, restoring his moral goodness. [Bible]

Neil (Neal) Cuddahy. Mutant Type: Molecular (Energy). First Appearance: "Whiter Shade of Pale."
Quote: Brennan: If I don't get my double latte before noon, I'm toast the rest of the day. Neil: Not a problem for me.
Details: Neil was a safehouse operator who only needed a half an hour of sleep a night. His new mutant ability of insomnia was a boon in his other job as mutant underground courier, carrying supplies between safehouses across the country. He happened to be stocking a safehouse the night Danielle Hartman stole a genetic sequencer from the facility. [Bible]

Johnny Cummings. Mutant Type: Psionic (Illusionist). First Appearance: "Shadows of Darkness."
Quote: I never meant to hurt the other children. You've gotta believe me. I just wanted it to stop.
Details: Johnny's mother, Wanda Morgan, was being treated for infertility during the time of Genomex's stem cell research program. Johnny was born in the summer of 1980 with the ability to cast illusions. A ward of the state by the age of eight, Johnny was taken to St. Pastor's hospital psych ward to take part in Project I.E.T., an experimental treatment program for his entymophobia. There, he and 7 other children were given daily cortisol shots to increase their fear response when exposed to their phobias. To end this nightmarish experience, Johnny turned on the supply room's gas valves so that the room exploded when Nurse Campbell entered to smoke. Six children died and Johnny was badly burned, but he managed to save his friend Sandy Fetko. Believed to be dead, Johnny spent the next 15 years "haunting" the hospital prevent its reopening. When Mutant X began investigating after he caused an orderly's suicide, Johnny overheard Lexa saying that hospital administrator Dr. Denise Willette was responsible for Project I.E.T. He wanted revenge, but Sandy convinced him not to murder her. Mutant X escorted him to the police station, but he used his abilities to return to the hospital's basement, where he committed suicide. [Bible]

Emma DeLauro (Rapport). Mutant Type: Psionic (Telempath). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Details: Emma grew up in Seattle, Washington. Her parents were two hippy "flakes" who taught her a respect for the spiritual and a distrust of mechanical things. She first discovered her psionic abilities at the age of five when she was able to find her parents telempathically after they had lost her at a rock concert. She was 10 when her parents left her, and she was transferred to a foster home. Emma attended Sloman High School with fellow psionic Michelle Bigelow. She and Michelle would go shopping together, play pranks on the local restaurant owner, steal furniture from the principal's office, and have long philosophical debates. Emma occasionally used her powers to make dates jump through hoops for her, and learned to speak Finnish from a foreign exchange student she dated in high school. After graduation, she lost touch with Michelle and worked at a boutique selling Misses and Petites until the GSA found her and chased her into the arms of Mutant X. During her time with the team, the youngest member of Mutant X learned to hone her telempathic gifts and expand to telepathy, mind control, illusions, and precognition. She developed her psionic blast at the end of her first year, and her personality darkened as she became more powerful and less trusting of Adam. Emma was killed in an explosion at Shalimar's father's plant, Naxcon. More about Emma is here.

William Dennett. Mutant Type: Psionic (Cybernetic). First Appearance: "No Exit."
Quote: I say when the game is over.
Details: Brennan and Shalimar chased William Dennett onto a rooftop when they discovered he was selling military secrets. Brennan’s shock threw him over the edge, and the injury left him paralyzed from the eyes down. Using his cybernetic abilities, William had himself transferred to the posh Sanctuary Gardens private hospital in which he had the computer access he needed to study Sanctuary’s defense mechanisms. Once Jesse downloaded the Tunnel Quest 2 internet game, Dennett hijacked the uplink to transmit his signal through Sanctuary’s satellite. He separated the team, sent the FBI after Shalimar and Lexa, electrocuted Brennan, shot a laser beam at Jesse, and finally pumped the deadly nerve gas BZ into Sanctuary to paralyze Brennan and Jesse. Lexa and Shalimar found his hospital room and cut off his access, eaving him trapped in his own mind. Ever resourceful, William soon connected himself to the nearest conduit in his new hospital room, the radio. [Bible]

Sgt. Angel Dorn. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Dark Star Rising."
Quote: Shalimar: We just want to talk. Angel: People who just want to talk don't make that kind of entrance.
Details: Angel was a member of the elite secret international anti-terorrist unit Dark Star. Dr. Kenneth Harrison of Tricorp Botanicals teamed up with Mason Eckhart to test the mutating properties of the Rafflesia pricei plant on the members of Dark Star. Instead of vaccinating the troops, researchers injected them with plant extract, imparting feral abilities. 9 of the 12 died, but Angel, Lt. Beau Longstreet, and Clark "The Corporal" Randall lived. On returning to the U.S., these three hid in Angel's father's abandoned engine plant in Westhaven, but Shalimar stopped them from bombing Tricorp. After the General died, Shalimar and Brennan convinced Beau and a weakening Angel to come with them to Sanctuary for treatments. Adam was able to save Angel's life just in time. [Bible]

Gia Duchamps. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Dream Lover."
Details: Gia and Shalimar lived together on the streets for a time before Adam found Shalimar and brought her to Sanctuary. Gia became addicted to drugs and repeatedly contacted Shalimar over the years for help before inevitably sliding back to her old life. Straight at last, Gia and her friend Britney acquired jobs as call girls at Narrow's Wake, the high class gentlemen's club owned by ex-Genomex employee Nolan Blackledge and his synthetic partner Sebastian Conway. Once Gia saw that Britney had been altered, she called Shalimar for help and tried to flee, but was captured by Nolan's men. Nolan and Sebastian cloned Gia with nanobots and sold the synthetic version to millionaire Kevin Gitre. They held the real Gia hostage in the laboratory until Shalimar entered the club to rescue her. Shalimar gave her money and a place to stay to give her a chance to start a new life. [Bible]

Ashley Elliot. Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical Absorber). First Appearance: "Lit Fuse."
Quote: Jesse: Ashley, have you seen Brennan? Ashley: He’s around.
Details: Ashley's boyfriend Eric conspired with the bounty hunter Neil Cross to bring her to the GSA. Ashley's DNA was actively mutating, forcing her to absorb large amounts of electricity to survive. After Ashley caused a temporary blackout by draining a power station of 400 megawatts, Mutant X brought her to Sanctuary, where she and Brennan experienced an instant attraction. Despite Adam's repeated warnings, Ashley and Brennan kissed. Ashley then absorbed Brennan in the form of electricity, taking off in the Double Helix to rescue her boyfriend from Neil. She arrived too late, however, for Neil had already killed Eric in a dispute over money. Neil took a weakened Ashley back to the power station to strengthen her before delivering her to Mason Eckhart. Using the Double Helix to reverse the polarity of the electromagnetic charges, Mutant X successfully pulled Brennan from Ashley as she absorbed the energy which would have been lethal for him. Adam was able to stabilize Ashley's DNA, ending her power hungry rampage. [Bible]

Morgan Fortier. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic). First Appearance: "A Breed Apart."
Quote: Gabriel: I read you like a book, and I'm not talking about psionics. Morgan: In that case, you know exactly what's on my mind.
Details: Morgan was the GS agent who released Gabriel Ashlocke from his stasis pod at Genomex. Mason Eckhart assigned her to capture and bring Gabriel back to Genomex, but she joined The Strand instead, helping Gabriel recruit new mutant Links. She had hoped to become Gabriel's right hand woman in his new world order, but his womanizing tendencies did not support her desires. After she aided Gabriel in his successful quest to take over Genomex, Morgan was never mentioned again. [Bible]

Shalimar Fox. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Details: Shalimar was the daughter of Nicholas Fox, the head of Naxcon Industries. He placed her in a psychiatric ward when she was 10 years old, where she was repeatedly beaten. She escaped and lived on the streets with Nikki Rogers and Gia Duchamps until she was 15. Adam found her in an old motel and brought her and Nikki to Sanctuary. She remained a part of Mutant X after Adam chose to send Nikki away to a foster home. At some point in time, Shalimar had a romantic affair with the unscrupulous thief Zack Lockhart; he once stashed his loot in her freezer, leaving her to face some time in jail. As a feline feral, Shalimar has glowing cat's eyes and enhanced senses of smell, sight, and touch. Because of her enhanced hearing, loud sounds can cause her to have migraines. Her heightened strength and reflexes allow her to make magnificent leaps and powerful combat moves. Like all feline ferals, Shalimar is very territorial and has an intense fear of fire. Unlike her animal counterparts, however, Shalimar does prefer her meat medium well. More about Shalimar is here.

Hector Friemark. Mutant Type: Molecular (Explosions). First Appearance: "The Taking of Crows."
Details: Hector was a research subject in Dr. Sara Stanton's Genomex lab, where she was developing the drug DXL to control new mutants. Sara herself became addicted to the drug, and she and Hector began a romantic affair which evolved into a business partnership. After she was arrested for drug trafficking, Hector promised to get her out of jail, but instead hired the inmate Martinez to "protect" and keep Sara in prison so that he could horde the profits for himself. Tired of waiting for Hector's aid, Sara escaped with Lexa Pierce and confronted Hector at gunpoint. As Hector attempted to grab the gun, Sara threw a DXL block in his face, causing him to lose control of his mutant abilities. The sparks he emitted ignited the warehouse explosion which killed them both. [Bible]

Pamela Fries. Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal). First Appearance: "Lazarus Syndrome."
Quotes: What do you want, sympathy? You filthy parasitic freak.
Details: Pamela could alter her body temperature to high enough to boil water or low enough to freeze it. Because of her expertise in the criminal mind, Mason Eckhart assigned her to stop Caleb Mathias’s murderous rampage. Pamela ran Caleb over with car, but he had revived by the time she went to collect his body at the morgue. He held her in his underground prison, along with Emma. Emma’s psionic images bolstered Pamela’s abilities enough for her to freeze off her metal handcuffs. When she returned to throw Emma the key to her own handcuffs, Caleb caught her and drained her life force. The GSA traced her tracking device and brought her in for an autopsy...which was cut short by her life force’s restoration at Caleb’s death. [Bible]

Marc Griffin. Mutant Type: Psionic (Memory Absorption). First Appearance: "Presumed Guilty."
Details: On their way to meet Adam Kane, Marc and his girlfriend Megan were arguing about the new mutant underground when Marc accidentally pushed Megan down a stairwell, killing her. When Adam arrived, the grief-stricken Marc absorbed his memories and attempted to convince him that Adam had actually murdered Megan with his gun. GS agent Lena Blake then captured Marc so that Mason Eckhart could force him to access Sanctuary's location from Adam's absorbed memories. Once Mason found Sanctuary, however, Emma deLauro used her psionic abilities to impersonate Megan, persuading Marc to take responsibility for her death and restore Adam's memory. [Bible]

The Guardian. Mutant Type:Feral (Whip Scorpion/Spider). First Appearance: "The Prophecy."
Details: The Guardian was the member of The Strand assigned to protect Gabriel Ashlocke's successor, The Child. The Guardian was a rare form of feral, a combination of whip scorpion and spider. He had increased strength and secreted poisoned acidic mucus which was deadly to his victims. According to precog John Bishop's prophecy, The Child would not rise to power until 'two bloods were dashed,' that is, until The Guardian had killed Nathan Reynolds and Kara Whitely, two of the four new mutant 'parents' who had contributed DNA to The Child's genetic code. Nearly indestructible, The Guardian's one weak spot was between the exoskeleton plates of his lower back. Once Shalimar hit him there with a shovel, he melted away into a pile of goo. [Bible]

Catherine Hartman. Mutant Type: Molecular (Stealth). First Appearance: "Whiter Shade of Pale."
Quote: Whatever my mother's done, she did it for me. So I guess that makes this as much my fault is it is hers.
Details: Catherine was the daughter of Danielle Hartman, the former lover of both Mason Eckhart and Adam. Just as Catherine turned fifteen, her mother's genetic structure began to rapidly deteriorate, prompting Danielle to steal a genetic sequencer in an attempt to cure herself. Adam successfully combined Catherine's DNA with her mother's to stabilize them both. Though Danielle told Adam that Catherine was not his daughter, she assured Catherine that her father was "very smart, and that, for a short while, they loved each other very much." [Bible]

Danielle Hartman. Mutant Type: Molecular (Stealth). First Appearance: "Whiter Shade of Pale."
Quote: I knew you'd never accept the inevitable. I wanted to enjoy the time I had, not pine away over some miracle cure that wasn't going to happen.
Details: Danielle Hartman first came to Genomex for medical help 15 years prior to season one, where she met and fell in love with Adam. Unfortunately, the treatments she received caused her DNA to fragment, and she became a stealth mutant with the ability to become invisible by creating a shield around her body to block light. Adam tried to persuade her to undergo more experiments to fortify her genetic code, but Mason Eckhart convinced her that Adam could not be trusted to treat her as anything but a lab rat. She left Genomex to work as at a shipping company upstate until she couldn't hide her symptoms. She returned to steal a genetic sequencer from one of Adam's safehouses to cure herself, but then lost it to the GSA. In order to find a treatment that could help her and her daughter Catherine, she convinced Adam to try the drug Ephanol. The euphoria from the drug caused her to believe she was strong enough to leave Adam's lab to seek out Mason's aid. Mutant X saved her from GSA capture, and Adam combined her DNA with her daughter's, thereby stabilizing both. [Bible]

Levak Ivanov. Mutant Type: Psionic (Illusionist). First Appearance: "Reality Check."
Quote: Oh, to crawl inside your head.
Details: A graduate of the Soviet version of Genomex, The Tretiakova Institute, Levak was the powerful psionic agent assigned to interrogate physicist Dominic Rydell. Though Mutant X saved Dominic from capture, Levak maintained his hold by making Dominic believe he was trapped in one of his own experimental mazes, where the rats were killed when they reached the exit. When Shalimar and Brennan attended a Balkistan Embassy party to find Dominic's assaulters, Levak captured Shalimar and trapped her mind in a world where Brennan was her husband. Then pretending to be Brennan, Levak attempted to trick her into revealing Adam's location. Emma telepathically connected with Dominic and led him out of the maze. She then engaged Levak in a psionic battle which rendered him unconcious, freeing Shalimar. Levak was subsequently admitted to a mental institution. [Bible]

Josh. Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal). First Appearance: "The Future Revealed."
Quote: I don't know what happened. It used to be about all of us working together, you know? Now it’s just all about Gabriel.
Details: Josh was the member of the Links who warned Mutant X about Gabriel Ashlocke's "Last Testament" plans. In order to keep him quiet, Gabriel turned Josh's thermal new mutant abilities against him, resulting in his firey death. [Bible]

Jesse Kilmartin. Mutant Type: Molecular (Impermeable/Intangible). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Details: Jesse Kilmartin is the son of manipulative covert operative Noah Kilmartin. Both his wealthy father and his grandfather William had won medals for their military service, but Jesse rarely saw his grandfather because of animosity between the two men. Though Noah’s work habitually kept him far from home, Jesse remembered occasional pizza parlor visits and yearly father-son martial arts competitions until his parent’s divorce. Jesse first discovered his abilities in high school, while engaged to Alisha Keary, the daughter of the wealthy industrialist family with whom he used to spend summers. Fleeing from a life where he could not fit in, Jesse joined Mutant X to find a new family and sense of purpose. As an intangible/impervious molecular, Jesse can alter his body’s density to intangible enough to walk through walls (phasing) or dense enough to stop bullets and cars (massing). By the end of the third season, Jesse can also phase and mass other objects and people by touch. Jesse can only remain massed for as long as he can hold his breath, and if he remains phased for more than 30 seconds, he may not be able to reform. More about Jesse is here.

Kim. Mutant Type: Unknown. First Appearance: "The Future Revealed."
Quote: I love you, Gabriel. I mean, we all do. But especially me.
Details: Kim was the Link who helped Gabriel Ashlocke to get into Sanctuary. She escaped while Gabriel was being “cured” by Adam, but was pregnant with Gabriel’s child. It's unlikely that Kim's baby was the same as The Child from "The Prophecy," since the latter was created after Gabriel's death...but you never know. [Bible]

Kristoff. Mutant Type: Molecular (Regenerative). First Appearance: "The Hand of God."
Quote: If I'm to be cursed with this gift, I'll be the one who decides who lives and who dies.
Details: Kristoff could absorb a person’s wounds and then heal himself or transfer them to another through touch. His parents used him in a roadside ministry until he was trapped for three years in a private clinic where prisoners were tortured in an effort to discover his healing limitations. Kristoff escaped with a band of followers to a hideout in the woods, where they were still hiding from bounty hunters when The Dominion sent Mutant X to capture him for study. After Shalimar was injured in-flight, Kristoff’s follower Burke brought her to Kristoff to be cured. The traitorous Carl falsely accused Burke of working for the bounty hunters, so Kristoff transferred Shalimar’s wound to Burke, killing him. Kristoff refused to leave the woods with Shalimar, so Carl seized the opportunity to hand Kristoff over to the bounty hunter Terra. When Brennan was shot in the struggle to free Kristoff, Kristoff absorbed the fatal wound himself. He then transferred it to Carl when the traitor reached down to drag his body away. [Bible]

Harvey Lanchester. Mutant Type: Psionic (Combustion). First Appearance: "Dancing on the Razor."
Quote: Where'd he think he was going?
Details: A psychotic psionic with the ability to propel microwaves from his brain, Harvey Lanchester was the GS agent who could quite literally “cook you from the inside out.” Mason Eckhart assigned him to destroy reporter Jay Minhaus’s recording of Brennan and Jesse using their abilities against GS agents–before Jay could send it to Proxy Blue as proof of new mutants’ existence. Unsure of which reporter had created the disk, Harvey murdered everyone at Jay’s workplace and torched the building. On learning that the perpetrator was still alive under Mutant X protection, Harvey tracked Shalimar down and tortured her until Emma intervened, pretending to be Mason. When Jay appeared, Shalimar crushed the disk and Harvey killed him. Harvey then turned his deadly microwaves on Shalimar, but Emma used her psionic blast to reflect them back to him, burning him to death. [Bible]

Tony LaPorta. Mutant Type: Molecular (Force-fields). First Appearance: "Cirque des Merveilles."
Quote: Lexa: Who did this? Tony: It's the Creator. You have to stop him.
Details: Tony was a top Dominion operative who was forced to flee the Dominion after uncovering forbidden secret information. In order to eradicate him, The Dominion allowed him to believe that Deklin Charvet’s Cirque des Merveilles was a safe hiding place instead of the new mutant death camp it was. Mutant X tried to save Tony by infiltrating the circus, but moments after they had convinced Diane Taylor to release him from his alternate dimension prison, a Dominion sniper shot him. With his dying breath, Tony warned them to beware of The Creator. [Bible]

Billy Larkin. Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal). First Appearance: "Inferno."
Quote: Ray!Emma: Tell me why you set those fires.
Billy Larkin: Because I can. Because it’s something I can do. You were the hero and I was the wannabe. Do you know what it’s like, living under that shadow day in and day out? Constantly being reminded what a failure I am? Until one day I discovered there’s something I can do that no one else can. And it feels good. And for once, something feels good.
Details: Thermal elemental Billy Larkin was the brother of arsonist investigator Ray Larkin. Jealous of the hero status his brother had attained, Billy believed that his ability to create fires was the only thing that made him special. He had lit several fires around his own home, and was spreading out around the city when Ray became obsessed with finding the mystery arsonist. After his brother was killed in one of the fires he had started, Billy's activities escalated. Emma, who had established a psionic connection with Ray which continued after his death, finally wrung a confession from Billy by questioning him in Ray's voice. Refusing to turn himself in, Billy tried to burn down Mulligan's Tavern around them. Shalimar was able to save Emma from the flames just in time, but Billy was engulfed in fire and perished. [Bible]

Zack Lockhart. Mutant Type: Psionic (Image projection). First Appearance: "Ex Marks the Spot."
Quote: Shalimar: The genetic code to manipulate free will is in that egg. Zack: It's amazing what they can do with eggs these days.
Details: The professional thief Zack was a psionic with the ability to see through solid walls and then project images of what was behind them. He and Shalimar had a brief affair which ended abruptly when Zack abandoned her to take the rap for one of his heists. [Bible]

Lt. Beau Longstreet. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Dark Star Rising."
Quote: The feral thing's not half bad.
Details: Beau was a member of the secret anti-terrorist military unit Dark Star. During a mission in the jungles of Bogotá, he and his troops were given experimental Rafflesia pricei serum injections instead of vaccinations by Tricorp Botanicals/Genomex in order to heighten their combat reflexes with feral DNA. After all but three of his soldiers were massacred by the enemy or the drug's influence, Beau returned home with Angel Dorn and Clark Randall to bomb Tricorp. They were interrupted by Shalimar, who later persuaded them to come to Sanctuary so that Angel could be treated. Beau and Shalimar were captured by the GSA while stealing a Rafflesia Pricei plant from Tricorp for Adam. At Genomex headquarters, Shalimar was able to disuade Beau from strangling Mason Eckhart, and they both returned to Sanctuary for a joyous reunion with a recovered Angel. Beau and Angel buried their fellow soldiers with military honors. [Bible]

Eli Lynch. Mutant Type: Elemental (Wind). First Appearance: "Altered Ego."
Quote: Let's get something straight. You've got raw talent and that's all you've got. I convinced Eckhart to give you a chance. Don't make me look bad.
Details: An elemental who could vaccuum the breath from his victims, GS agent Eli Lynch manipulated Charlotte Cooke into helping the GSA destroy Adam. He carefully instructed her about how best to impress Mason Eckhart, but Charlotte resented his superior attitude towards her. When the time came to prove her worth to Mason Eckhart, Charlotte unexpectedly turned her powers against Eli, releasing his violent urge to strangle a nearby agent with his hands instead of his own abilities. Once she had completed Adam's reversal, Eli merrily injected Charlotte's subdermal governor. [Bible]

*Inspired by Proxy Green and Mutant X-Treme; additional pics from The Official Site, MX French Fan Team, MXL:OS, Roach's Realm, Jesse, and princessbryn.

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