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Sanctuary's New Mutant Database M-Z


Scroll through Sanctuary's encrypted new mutant database to find out about all the new mutants Mutant X has encountered over the years. Clicking on a mutant's name will link you to the actor who portrayed that character.

Part One: A-L
Ashlocke, Gabriel * Bellamy, Rick * Benedict, Daniel * Benedict, Steven * Benedict, Tina * Bennett, Samantha * Berkley, Aldous * Bigelow, Michelle * Bishop, John * Bishop, Ruby * Blake, Lena * Blake, Randall * Block, Nathaniel * Brooks, Laura * Carter * Carter, Charles * Chester * The Child * The Clown * Conlan, Matty * Cooke, Charlotte * Cuddahy, Neil * Cummings, Johnny * deLauro, Emma * Dennett, William * Dorn, Angel Sgt. * Duchamps, Gia * Elliot, Ashley * Fortier, Morgan * Fox, Shalimar * Friemark, Hector * Fries, Pamela * Griffin, Marc * The Guardian * Hartman, Catherine * Hartman, Danielle * Ivanov, Levak * Josh * Kilmartin, Jesse * Kim * Kristoff * Lanchester, Harvey * LaPorta, Tony * Larkin, Billy * Lockhart, Zack * Longstreet, Lt. Beau * Lynch, Eli

Part Two: M-Z
MacEvoy, Kendra * Maddox, Nick * Mal * Maria * Marika * Marlowe, Charles * Marshall, Andrea * Mathias, Caleb * Meisel, Vince * Moller, Diana * Morgan, Riley * Morse, Donna * Mulwray, Brennan * Oblivion * Patricia * Payton, Cyrus * Pierce, Lexa * Pierce, Leo (et al.) * Porter, Calvin * Quintana, Toni * Randall, Clark "The General" * Raymond, Sam * Renfield, Nick * Reynolds, Nathan * Rice, Kelly * Robins, Alice * Robinson, Dr. Olivia * Robson, Mike * Rockwell, Candace * Rogers, Nikki * Rucker * Ryan, Tyler * Saunders, Dr. Richard * Silva * Sterling, Barry "Kilohertz" * Stone, Wendy * Taylor, Diane * Templeton, Lorna * Terra * Terry, Amanda * Thorne, Frank * Turner, Alison * Valentine, Josh * Valentine, Lisa * Valerie * Voight, Henry * Vosberg, Skeet * Ward, Michael * Whitley, Kara * Wiley, Jerri * Wiley, Todd

Sanctuary's New Mutant Database M-Z

Kendra MacEvoy. Mutant Type: Feral. First Appearance: "In the Presence of Mine Enemies."
Quote: Regardless of what the product is, social engineering is just a matter of selling a client what they think they already want.
Details: GS agent Kendra MacEvoy, a social engineering expert, was assigned to keep Proxy Blue from airing broadcasts about Mason Eckhart and the GSA. Pretending to be friends with the computer hacker Toni Quintana, Kendra persuaded Toni to set her up on a date with Brennan Mulwray. Once inside The Data Dive, Kendra kidnapped Toni back to Genomex to hack into Proxy Blue. Toni did create an alternate version of Proxy Blue, but Mutant X rescued Toni and restored the computer program before Mason could use it. As Mutant X left the building, Brennan electrocuted Kendra. [Bible]

Nick Maddox. Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal). First Appearance: "Within These Walls."
Quote: You made me what I am. And then you tried to put me away ‘cause I did what came naturally.
Details: As a child, Nick was sent to Genomex for 6 months of experimental treatment by Adam's one-time lover, Christina. As a result, Nick developed the ability to shoot photon daggers from his hands. Christina recruited him as an assassin for her organization, but on learning that Nick had his own agenda, she had him arrested. She called on Adam to have Mutant X act as security backup during the prison transfer. Nevertheless, Nick’s accomplices Asia and Harris helped him escape. Nick then focused on killing Christina for revenge, drilling his way into the water-filled safe room where she and Adam were hiding. The two fled as soon as Nick’s bomb blew the safe room’s doors open, and Jesse massed to protect them from Nick’s deadly daggers. As Nick stepped into the water for a closer shot, Brennan electrocuted him. [Bible]

Mal. Mutant Type: Feral(?). First Appearance: "Lest He Become."
Details. Mal was one of the imperfect mutants Mason Eckhart created with Adam's experimental research on selected mutations. He joined Silva and Rucker in obtaining genetic samples of certain individuals so that Mason could perfect the process. Mutant X attempted to stop them, but he and Silva were too powerful for them. [Bible]

Maria. Mutant Type: Psionic (Mutant detection). First Appearance: "Lazarus Syndrome."
Quote: Sorry. When you pour drinks for 8 hours and get hit on by anything wearing pants, faces start to blur.
Details: Maria was the new mutant bartender at the nightclub above ‘vampire’ Caleb Mathias’s underground lair. Caleb allowed the frightened woman to remain alive as long as she used her new mutant detection ability to find and lure other mutant victims to him. [Bible]

Marika. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telepath). First Appearance: "Into the Moonless Night."
Quote: I'm in.
Details: Wheelchair-bound Marika was Mason Eckhart's psionic accomplice. Once Oblivion and Silva brought Brennan to Mason for questioning, Marika painfully ripped into his mind searching for Sanctuary's location and access codes. Mutant X interrupted before Mason could use the information,and Brennan electrocuted Marika once freed from his chains. [Bible]

Charles Marlowe. Mutant Type: Molecular (Regenerative). First Appearance: "The Meaning of Death."
Quote: Shalimar: Back off or he's dead. Charles: Like I give a damn.
Details: Charles's parents brought him to Genomex for Adam's experimental treatments when he was young. The treatments cured his illness, but dramatically increased his cellular regeneration rate, leaving him virtually indestructable. Years later, after surviving a car crash which killed his wife and daughter, Charles became obsessed with death. He was working as Mason Eckhart's second when a Cladosporium plague broke out. Adam discovered that elements in Charles's DNA could stop the spread of the infection, but once he extracted the strand to make the cure, Charles became mortal once more. Returning to Genomex, Charles refused to help Mason exploit the new cure, so Mason had him shot. Charles died in Shalimar's arms, happy to be reunited with his wife and daughter. [Bible]

Andrea Marshall. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telepath). First Appearance: "Where Evil Dwells."
Quote: Shalimar, finding a place in society is more about accepting yourself than looking for them to accept us.
Details: Since Andrea Marshall was a Justice Department profiler, Adam once introduced Andrea to Shalimar to prove that mutants could live relatively normal lives. Andrea later turned to Shalimar for help while investigating murders resembling those of the imprisoned Puzzle Killer, Lee Marker. As the investigation progressed, Mutant X discovered that Lee had contaminated Andrea's mind during her telempathic connections with him, influencing her to murder in his stead. Andrea knifed Lee and went after Shalimar. Mutant X saved her, and Shalimar chased Andrea to the roof where she lost her footing, falling to her death. [Bible]

Caleb Mathias. Mutant Type: Molecular (Regenerative). First Appearance: "Lazarus Syndrome."
Quote: Emma: What are you going to do with us? Caleb: Never ask a question that you don't want answered.
Details: Caleb could regenerate his body by ingesting the lifeforce of other new mutants. With the forced help of the bartender Maria, a psionic with the ability to detect new mutants, Caleb had escalated to killing 6 mutants in 5 months by the time Mason Eckhart assigned GS agent Pamela Fries to end his rampage. Caleb attacked Emma at Maria's nightclub before Brennan Mulwray fought him off. Caleb haunted Emma's mind until she returned to him, but he was again interrupted when Pamela ran over him with her car. Caleb revived, capturing and draining both Pamela and Emma in his underground dungeon. As Shalimar mourned Emma, Caleb was about to attack her as well when Brennan electrocuted him, burning him past resuscitation. Once Caleb's body dissolved into ashes, the absorbed lifeforces returned to their previous owners, and Emma and Pamela were saved. [Bible]

Vince Meisel. Mutant Type: Molecular (Propulsive). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Details: Vince was a safehouse operator with Allison Turner. After Ruby Bishop informed GS agent Frank Thorne of the safehouse's location, he was captured along with the rest of the new mutants in the safehouse, and then rescued by Mutant X. [Bible]

Diana Moller. Mutant Type: Molecular/Psionic (Stasis-Suspension). First Appearance: "Time Squared."
Quote: Gabriel: I don’t have time to play games. I’m dying. Diana: You don’t really think I care, do you?
Details: Diana was a former Link of Gabriel Ashlocke's The Strand with the ability to affect the gravitational dilation of time, create time portals, change the shape of atoms, and alter the space-time continuum. She attempted to hide from Gabriel by becoming a patient in Ellison Psychiatric Ward, but he forced her to send him back in time to October 13th 1978, the day Adam tried to reduce his powers. Before the portal closed, Shalimar and Brennan leaped in after him. Diana, fearing that changes to the past would alter the present, refused to create another portal until Emma mindblasted her into obedience. Once Emma and Adam Kane arrived in the past, Gabriel killed Adam, and the Sanctuary of the present began to disappear around Diana and Jesse. Diana created a third portal to a point in time just before Adam's death, and Jesse stunned Gabriel with his own reflected energy blast. Mutant X dragged Gabriel back to the present through Diana's final portal. [Bible]

Riley Morgan (a.k.a. Isabella Eastham) Mutant Type: Psionic (Telepath). First Appearance: "The Prophecy."
Quote: Stand back and watch, G.Q. You might learn something.
Details: A former Link in The Strand, Riley Morgan was once in love with Gabriel Ashlocke. After Gabriel's death, Riley felt blessed when precog John Bishop declared her one of the four new mutants chosen to contribute DNA to Gabriel's successor, The Child. She soon realized her son's dangerous potential, however, and tried to stop the prophetic omens leading to his ascension to power. When this strategy failed, she and Brennan (another contributing 'parent') found The Child's underground home and fought off the Links protecting him. The Child easily deflected Riley's psionic blast and connected with her, convincing her that he had not yet been corrupted. In turn, Riley convinced Brennan to allow her to raise The Child herself. [Bible]

Donna Morse. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Fool for Love."
Quote: Donna: Adam told me entrance into the underground was completely voluntary. Shalimar: So? Donna: So you tell Adam I said thanks, but no thanks.
Details: Donna had contacted Adam about finding a place in the new mutant underground when she met Dr. Richard Saunders from Genomex. Twice a week for three weeks, he began giving her injections of his experimental serum which had the potential for turning new mutants into normal humans. By the time Shalimar came to take Donna into the underground, Donna refused, believing that she would soon no longer be a new mutant. Unfortunately, a flaw in Richard's serum caused Donna to lose control of her feral abilities before succumbing to the serum's fatal side effects. [Bible]

Brennan Mulwray. Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Details: Brennan was the son of a fighter pilot who was imprisoned and killed after his plane was shot down behind enemy lines. Brennan and his step-father never got along. He started boosting cars at 10 years old, and continued to run with the wrong crowd until high school. There, faced with the court-appointed choice between juvenile detention and counseling, he met psychologist Dr. Victor Palance, the first person he trusted enough to tell about his new mutant abilities. After high school, Brennan continued his petty thefts, and was just about to escalate his gang to bank robbery when he encountered Emma running from the GSA. While attempting to protect her, he was captured by Mason Eckhart. Brennan chose to join Mutant X after they saved him from Genomex's employ. As an electrical elemental, Brennan ("Sparky") can throw tesla coils from his fingers, allowing him to jump-start cars and cardiac arrests, open electronic locks, and electrocute enemies. Brennan needs a period of rest between voltage uses, and cannot use his abilities when he gets wet, lest he short out or electrocute himself. Wrapping his arms in chains grounds him. More about Brennan is here.

Oblivion. Mutant Type: Elemental (Wind). First Appearance: "Into the Moonless Night."
Quote: The air is everywhere but in your lungs right now. Don't fight it, Brennan. Just let go.
Details: Oblivion was one of Mason Eckhart's molecular minions. When a disillusioned Brennan temporarily walked away from Mutant X after Adam's disappearance, Silva received word from a bartender about his whereabouts. Oblivion found Brennan in the bar, used her sex appeal to trick him into letting his guard down, sucked the air from his lungs, and brought him unconscious to Mason Eckhart. [Bible]

Patricia. Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical). First Appearance: "The Future Revealed."
Quote: He's in our minds because he loves us.
Details: Patricia was a Link member of Gabriel Ashlocke's group, The Strand. The dying Gabriel chose her to be the instrument of destruction in his "Last Testament" plan to take the entire city with him. His mind control over her was erratic, however, so that when Mutant X came to stop Gabriel at the Club Paradiso, Patricia created an energy wall around Mutant X which slowed down the electrons from The Links' attack. In return, Mutant X took her to Sanctuary for protection against Gabriel, only to find that Gabriel had already taken over Sanctuary with codes from Shalimar Fox's mind. Fearing Gabriel's wrath, Patricia refused to tell them about his plans. Learning that Adam Kane did not intend to cure him, Gabriel telepathically forced Patricia to use her abilities to speed up electrons to blow up the city with a power plant's transformer. Fortunately, Shalimar and Emma were able to convince Patricia to fight his influence, and Gabriel died without seeing his revenge fulfilled. [Bible]

Cyrus Payton. Mutant Type: Molecular (Astral Projection). First Appearance: "Body and Soul."
Quote: You can't stop me. No one can. That's the way you made me.
Details: Cyrus was a teenager involved in The Walker Project, a Genomex research study on astral projection conducted by Dennis Malone, Mark Kearney and Leo McAllister. Dennis and Mark stole Cyrus's soul after they discovered a method for Cyrus to project himself into someone else's body. The two scientists attempted to contain the soul after Cyrus's body died, but he escaped and began to exact his revenge by leaping from body to body, pushing the lifeforce out of each as he entered. In this manner, Cyrus had killed Dennis, a limosine driver, the young bystander Kelly, television reporter Carla and her cameraman Vic, before Emma deLauro was able to knock him out of Carla's body so that Brennan could make him disappear with a tesla coil. [Bible]

Lexa Pierce. Mutant Type: Molecular (Chromatic). First Appearance: "Into the Moonless Night."
Details: Lexa and her twin brother Leo were the children of two army intelligence operatives who participated in a government fertility experiment. When Lexa and Leo displayed new mutant abilities, their parents sent them to be raised in a military facility. Leo's powers began to spiral out of control when the twins were 14, so Lexa left to become a GS agent in exchange for free medical care for Leo. Lexa tried to leave the GSA when she found that Leo was being tortured, but she was recaptured and given a neural implant to control her. Adam failed to remove the implant during her two year membership on his early Mutant X 1.0 team, so Lexa left him to work as a mercenary. Learning that Leo had escaped from Genomex, Lexa traded her services as a Dominion operative for their help in her search for him. Adam worked back channels to assign her to Mutant X once again. As a chromatic molecular, Lexa ("Complexa") is able to bend light to make herself and those she is touching invisible. Unlike molecular stealth mutants like Danielle and Catherine Hartman, however, Lexa is also able to shoot penetrating lasers from her fingertips, and create blinding light flashes with her hands. Thus some sources list Lexa as an elemental instead of a molecular. There is a time limit on Lexa's invisibility, and while invisible her heat outline can still be seen with infra-red goggles or feral vision. More about Lexa is here.

Leo Pierce. Mutant Type: Molecular (Multiple). First Appearance: "Brother's Keeper."
Quote: Lexa: Just do like we did as kids, okay? Just think of one good--one good thing. Leo: Lex. My one good thing is you.
Details: As a molecular multiple, Lexa's twin brother Leo could change his physical appearance and personality to become at least 8 different people, including a German police officer, a young black girl named Mary Kate, and an elderly Asian man. Once the twins developed their new mutant powers, their parents sent them to be raised in a military facility. Leo began losing control of his alters at 14, so Lexa joined the GSA in exchange for Leo's placement at a Genomex facility. Instead of receiving the treatments he needed, Leo was brutally tortured at the Genomex facility and warned that they would harm Lexa as well if he told his sister what was happening. Trapped and alone, Leo was forced to develop his most dangerous alter Troy, who murdered two of the staff members in order to escape. Fearing that Lexa would send him back, or that a confrontation with Troy would end in her death, Leo avoided his sister for five years. Lexa tracked Leo with the help of The Dominion, trying to save him from ex-GSA security chief Charles Carter, who wanted to substitute Leo's heart for his own failing one. Before Lexa could reach him, however, Leo once again changed into Troy to protect himself from Carter's pursuit. Lexa tried to reason with Troy, but when Troy threatened Brennan's life, Lexa wounded him with a laser. Troy then morphed back into Leo, who died in Lexa's arms. [Bible]

Calvin Porter. Mutant Type: Elemental (Sonic). First Appearance: "Blood Ties."
Quote: Hold it right there, champ. Hand over the disk, or become an instant orphan.
Details: GS agent Calvin Porter's mutancy had enhanced his hearing to such a degree that he had to wear headphones to block out everyday noise lest he be deafened. When Jesse's father Noah attempted to blackmail Nexxogen and Genomex with information about past misdeeds, GS agent Calvin Porter convinced Mason Eckhart to allow him to procure the incriminating disk. Noah had slipped the disk to Jesse for safekeeping, but once Mason agreed to pay for it, Noah led the GS agents right to its hiding place...and to Jesse. As the GS agents fired on him, Jesse ripped the headphones from Calvin's highly sensitive ears, incapacitating him with the sound of gunshots. Because of his failure to complete his mission, Mason had Calvin podded. [Bible]

Toni Quintana. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic). First Appearance: "In the Presence of Mine Enemies."
Quote: Toni: How come you never told me how much subdermal governors itch? Jesse: Toni? Toni: Any other girlfriends being held prisoner by the GSA?
Details: A former associate of Brennan Mulwray's, expert computer hacker Toni had given up her criminal past to date Jesse and run The Data Dive, a successful coffee/internet bar. Shortly after Toni successfully hacked into Sanctuary's computer system via a picture file she sent Jesse, GS agent Kendra MacEvoy pretending to be Toni's friend, kidnapped her. Kendra cleaned out the Data Dive and forced Toni to create a GSA-controllable version of Proxy Blue. Toni was able to keep Kendra from finding the disk which contained Sanctuary's access codes long enough to be rescued by Mutant X. After upgrading Sanctuary's computer security, Toni disappeared into the new mutant underground. [Bible]

Clark Randall, "The Corporal". Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Dark Star Rising."
Quote: Clark: Leave me. You know I'm dying. Angel: No one gets left behind.
Details: Corporal Clark Randall was one of 14 members of the elite antiterrorist task force Dark Star. When Tricorp Botanicals and Genomex injected the squad's members with an experimental Rafflesia pricei extract to enhance their fighting abilities with feral attributes, only Clark, Beau Longstreet and Angel Dorn survived the drug's lethal side effects. Their vengeance plot to plant a bomb at Tricorp headquarters was foiled by Shalimar Fox, and Clark succumbed to the drug's toxic effects shortly thereafter. After Adam Kane was able to stabilize Angel Dorn's DNA, Angel and Beau buried Clark with fond, honorable farewells. [Bible]

Sam Raymond. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telempath). First Appearance: "Once Around."
Quote: Do me a favor. Give it another once over while I’m on the phone.
Details: Psionic Sam "The Reader" Raymond was a murderer with the ability to tune into the senses of people he had touched. He had managed to evade trial for 10 years before witness Vic Collaruso reluctantly agreed to testify against him. Sam established a connection with Vic’s lawyer, Ronald Silverman, during a handshake. Sam then used Ronald’s eyes and ears to spy on and stay one step ahead of Mutant X’s efforts to protect Vic from his thugs. As Martin, one of Sam’s flunkies, searched Vic’s home, Sam saw a picture of Vic’s girlfriend Claudia through his eyes and ordered Martin to kidnap her for leverage. Emma had warned Adam about Sam’s psionic potential, so Mutant X fooled Sam by altering Jesse’s face and voice to resemble Vic’s. Jesse phased Claudia out of her captors’ room, saving her in time for Vic to testify against Sam. [Bible]

Nick Renfield. Mutant Type: Molecular (Stasis-suspension). First Appearance: "Kilohertz."
Quote: Kilohertz: I thought you'd be glad to see me. Nick: Glad to see you, Barry? We're thrilled.
Details: Nick Renfield was a promising young GSA trainee whose touch could freeze people in time. For his first field assignment, Mason Eckhart asked him to keep the rampage of telecyber Barry “Kilohertz” Sterling from advertising the existence of new mutants to the world. Pretending to be an FCC representative, Nick visited the manager of the WXDV television station where Barry worked, freezing him just long enough to download some of Barry’s broadcasts. Mutant X got to Barry first, however, and Nick began to get caught up in Barry’s “mutant freedom” messages. Noticing Nick’s changing sympathies, Mason ordered that he undergo negative reinforcement by sensory overload to reestablish his GSA loyalties. Nick had previously told Barry that he would be valued at the GSA, but as soon as Barry materialized in Mason’s Genomex office, Nick froze him so that he could be placed into a stasis pod. [Bible]

Nathan Reynolds. Mutant Type: Molecular (Intangible). First Appearance: "The Prophecy."
Quotes: I'm not on drugs. I'm not crazy, and I'm sure as hell not wrong.
Details: Nathan Reynolds was one of the four new mutant ‘parents’ to donate DNA to the creation of The Child, Gabriel Ashlocke’s successor. Precog John Bishop had foretold that several signs would occur before The Child’s ascension to power, including ‘two bloods dashed,’ meaning two of The Child’s ‘parents’ would die. Knowing that the omens had begun to take place, Nathan called Sanctuary’s private line to warn Brennan Mulwray, the fourth ‘parent.’ Brennan and Shalimar set out to find Nathan, but were too late to save him from a slimy death at the hands of the insect feral The Guardian. [Bible]

Kelly Rice. Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal). First Appearance: "A Breed Apart."
Quote: Morgan: Kelly! C'mon, I thought we were friends! Kelly: Go to hell. And here's a preview.
Details: Kelly Rice was one of Gabriel Ashlocke’s followers who attempted to flee The Links after losing hope that he would ever be freed from his stasis pod. Despite Shalimar and Brennan’s best efforts, GS agent Morgan Fortier captured Kelly, reuniting the rogue Links in anticipation of Gabriel’s return. Once Morgan released him, Gabriel used his psionic abilities to brainwash Kelly into helping him find and recruit more Links. Kelly’s wall of fire prevented Shalimar and Brennan from reaching her while she and Gabriel stole Sanctuary’s new mutant database from one of the safehouses. [Bible]

Alice Robins. Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal). First Appearance: "The Meaning of Death."
Quote: Adam: Alice, what can we do? Alice: Too late. Just go.
Details: Alice was living in the mutant underground when she was infected by the deadly Cladosporium. Adam arrived at her apartment too late to save her, and her rampaging thermal abilities caused her to explode in flames. GS agent Charles Marlowe, protected by his powers of regeneration, remained with her to the end, curious about the nature of death. [Bible]

Dr. Olivia Robinson. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telempath). First Appearance: "In Between."
Quote: Sometimes in cases of severe trauma, the healing of the mind is as important as the healing of the body.
Details: When Jesse was shot with an explosive bullet by Dr. Ken Harrison, The Dominion sent Dr. Robinson to perform the operation to remove it. Unable to reach the bullet because of its special characteristics, Dr. Robinson helped Jesse to control his body’s massing by telepathically linking his mind to Brennan’s. With Brennan calming Jesse, Dr. Robinson removed the bullet before Dr. Harrison could detonate it. [Bible]

Mike Robson. Mutant Type: Feral (Canine). First Appearance: "Cirque des Merveilles."
Quote: "Have you ever come face to face with pure evil?"
Details: Newlyweds Mike and Donna joined Deklin Charvet’s Cirque des Merveilles circus, believing it was a safe place for new mutants. When Deklin wouldn’t stop romancing Donna, however, Mike packed their bags and Donna tried to reason with Deklin in the house of mirrors, The Chamber of Souls. Mike watched in horror as Donna was sucked into a mirror. He attacked Deklin, scarring his face for life. Grieving his wife, Mike returned to his hometown to hide in dog parks, protected by his own black dog. With their teammates inside the circus, Lexa and Jesse tracked Mike to reaffirm their suspicions that the circus was not the safe haven it appeared to be. [Bible]

Candace Rockwell. Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical). First Appearance: "Brother's Keeper."
Details: After five years of searching, Lexa found her twin brother Leo rooming with his girlfriend Candace. Unfortunately, ex-Genomex security chief Charles Carter, who was selling new mutant organs for transplantation, had hired his goon William Bain to obtain Leo's heart. Finding Leo away from the apartment, Bain attacked Candace instead and extracted her liver. Lexa and Leo each heard Candace's screams separately, but both dashed in too late to save her life. [Bible]

Nikki Rogers. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Understudy."
Quote: Nikki: You guys have each other. I never had anyone. And you know what, today was actually the first time in my entire life that I felt like I was a part of something. That I was someplace that I belonged. And for those few minutes, I actually felt good about myself.
Details: Nikki was one of the first new mutants considered for Mutant X along with Shalimar. The two teen ferals became good friends while at Sanctuary, but ultimately Adam chose Shalimar and sent Nikki to a foster family. Nikki’s new mutancy made her a target for her abusive foster parents until she murdered them. Years later, Nikki suddenly appeared while Mutant X was chasing bikers who had stolen a particle decelerator. In the confusion, Nikki covertly shot Shalimar and then helped to defend the team, falsely earning their trust. Back at Sanctuary, Nikki conned her way into the Mutant X members hearts as Shalimar’s suspicion and jealousy of her former friend grew. Nikki killed the biker who had witnessed her shoot Shalimar and tricked Mutant X into searching elsewhere while she obtained the particle decelerator herself. She then returned to Sanctuary to complete her revenge on Shalimar, but Shalimar was able to turn the deadly beam back on Nikki, killing her instead. [Bible]

Rucker. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic Punch). First Appearance: "Lest He Become."
Quote: Rucker: Nowhere to run? Emma: Guess not.
Details: Mason Eckhart used Adam's incomplete experimental procedure to create Mal, Rucker, and Silva with selected mutations. In order to find the DNA Mason required to perfect the process, Silva and Rucker intimidated Dr. Richard Haines into giving them his medical records. The trio were collecting a sample from flower shop owner Elizabeth Burton when Mutant X stepped in. Though Silva and Mal were powerful enough to overcome Mutant X's intervention, one psionic blast from Emma killed Rucker instantly because of his genetic imperfections. [Bible]

Tyler Ryan. Mutant Type: Psionic (Precog). First Appearance: "At Destiny's End."
Quote: Everything’s already decided; we’re just waiting for it to happen.
Details: Tyler was helping a band of ecoterrorists plant a bomb at Wycoff Chemical Plant when he had a vision of Emma. Mutant X arrived moments later to stop the bomb's detonation, but Emma and Tyler's instant connection distracted Emma into letting the band get away. After Adam questioned her judgement, Emma took off on her own to convince the environmentalists' leader, Skye, to bring her to Tyler on his jet ski. When she fell off, Tyler saved her from drowning and their bond deepened. Seeing that Emma might die during his next mission, Tyler warned Emma to stay away and tried in vain to leave Skye's group. Emma learned of Skye's plan to blow up OMDI Corp Plant, releasing a dangerous enzyme into the ocean which could destroy all the oil contamination at once. Mutant X failed to keep Skye from puncturing the gas tank with a bullet, but Tyler pushed Emma out of the containment vault before sealing himself inside with Skye. The deadly enzyme disintegrated both men as Emma watched, helpless to intervene. [Bible]

Dr. Richard Saunders. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Fool for Love."
Quote: Don't you ever get tired of being special? Don't you ever long for a normal life?
Details: A research associate at Genomex, Richard created a serum which had the potential to eradicate the genetic abnormalities in new mutants' DNA after six biweekly treatments. Richard tried the serum on himself and had begun treating another feline feral, Donna Morse, when she suddenly disappeared. While searching her apartment, he ran into Shalimar, who was trying to find out why Donna had refused the new mutant underground. The strong feral attraction they shared as they fought quickly blossomed into love. Shalimar decided to leave Mutant X and take the serum with Richard so that they could stay together after he became human. Yet just after Shalimar's first dose, Richard began experiencing cramps. Shalimar brought him to Sanctuary, where the two learned that a flaw in the drug had proved fatal for Donna. Rather than allow both of them to die, Richard asked Adam to save Shalimar with an extract of his own blood, hastening his own death. [Bible]

Silva. Mutant Type: Molecular (Pain). First Appearance: "Lest He Become."
Quote: Brennan: Let me guess. We can do this fast, or we can do this slow. Silva: No. I only do slow.
Details: Silva had the ability to transmit concentrated waves of pain. Silva, Mal and Rucker were collecting blood samples to futher Mason Eckhart’s Naxcon genetic research on selective mutation. Silva was able to drive Mutant X away twice, but Shalimar finally convinced her father that he was working for the wrong side. After Mason’s protective skin was breached during the explosion at Naxcon, Silva helped him obtain the results of Adam Kane’s past studies about a cure for his illness. Once Mason’s condition had been stabilized, Silva brought in and tortured Brennan to discover Sanctuary’s location. His methods failed, leaving his psionic co-worker Marika to pry the information in Brennan’s mind. Mason had just ordered Siva to kill Brennan when Mutant X arrived to save him. As payback for what he had done to Brennan, Shalimar disemboweled Silva with her hands. [Bible]

Barry Sterling, "Kilohertz". Mutant Type: Elemental (Cybernetic). First Appearance: "Kilohertz."
Quote: Haven't you heard? Resistance is futile.
Details: A telecyber whose DNA was in a constant state of flux between matter and energy, Barry Sterling was working as a WXDV production assistant when he grew power hungry. Transforming himself into energy waves, Barry transmitted himself by satellite to homes across the city, inciting new mutants to take control and demonstrating his power by affecting the stock market, knocking out the city's power grid in the process. Mason Eckhart, preferring to keep new mutants' existence a secret, sent GSA trainee Nick Renfield to capture him. Mutant X caught Barry first, but Adam failed to convince Barry to cease his harmful actions. Barry managed to escape Mutant X's containment twice, and after nearly suffocating them by withdrawing Sanctuary's air, Barry sent himself to Genomex. When he materialized in Mason's office, Nick froze him in time and Mason podded him. [Bible]

Wendy Stone. Mutant Type: Molecular (Gravitative). First Appearance: "Crime of the New Century."
Quote: You vultures make me sick. Souvenir hunting in the midst of someone else's tragedy? Beat it.
Details: GS agent Wendy Stone could increase molecular density by touch. After Joshua Valentine, the son of famous astronaut Corbin Valentine, was kidnapped, Mason Eckhart persuaded the FBI to let Wendy take the case and instructed her to bring the boy to Genomex for study. Wendy did not get to Josh before Mutant X, so she tortured his kidnapper into confessing that Josh's mother Lisa had had him kidnapped to protect him from Corbin. Once Josh was returned to his parents, Corbin brought him to Genomex, thinking Josh would be 'cured' of his new mutancy. Wendy tried to keep Mutant X from taking Josh away a second time by holding Corbin at gunpoint, but Josh used his thermal abilities to make her gun too hot to hold, allowing them to escape. [Bible]

Diane Taylor. Mutant Type: Molecular (Dimensional Transfer). First Appearance: "Cirque des Merveilles."
Quote: I never cared about them. I only care about you!
Details: Diane Taylor could to send matter into alternate dimensions. Predicting that new mutants would ultimately overrun the world if he were not around to control them, Mason Eckhart brainwashed sleeper agents like Deklin Charvet to destroy all new mutants in the event of his death. After Brennan killed Mason, Deklin created a circus, Cirque des Merveilles. He hired Diane to create a house of mirrors, The Chamber of Souls, where she used her abilities to trap any new mutants who joined the circus inside the mirrors. After she sent Brennan and Shalimar into the mirror dimension, Jesse convinced her that Deklin was only using her to fulfill his mission of genocide and that he would kill her too once it was completed. Realizing that Deklin did not share her love, Diane released the mutants before sending Deklin and herself into the alternate world to be together forever. [Bible]

Lorna Templeton. Mutant Type: Feral (Arachnid). First Appearance: "Deadly Desire."
Quote: Nothing like cold, hard cash. Well...almost nothing.
Details: To bolster her compromised immune system, Genomex scientists spliced Lorna’s DNA with that of a scorpion before she was born. As a result, Lorna could sprout deadly stingers from her wrists and release a pink pheromone gas from neck pores which caused men to become obsessed with her. Shalimar and Jesse intervened as GS agents were pursuing Lorna, who stung one agent to death and gassed a second, Carl Ames. Under Lorna’s spell, Carl informed her of Mason Eckhart’s plan to buy a computer virus anomite from scientist Dr. Tork. Carl shot Shalimar as Mutant X attempted to keep the anomite from Lorna, but Brennan recognized his former associate Tony Reese among Lorna’s team and tracked him to her apartment. Lorna seduced Brennan and conspired with him to sell the anomite to Mason. When Tony became jealous, Lorna murdered him. After an enchanted Brennan chose to protect Lorna over his former teammates, Adam sent Shalimar to surreptitiously innoculate him with an anti-venom he had created from Carl’s blood. Seeing that her charms had become ineffective, Lorna stung Brennan, only to be knocked unconscious by Shalimar. GS agent Halloran captured Lorna, but she gassed him before he could place a subdermal governor on her. The two eloped with the money in Genomex’s safe. [Bible]

Terra. Mutant Type: Feral (Lupine). First Appearance: "The Hand of God."
Quote: Cody: No one could have survived the blast from that canon. Terra: I could've.
Details: Terra was the bounty hunter trying to capture the life-giving new mutant Kristoff before The Dominion. She and her partner shot down the Double Helix with a microwave weapon and paid one of Kristoff's followers, Carl, to betray the location of Kristoff's hideout. Tracking the scent of Shalimar's blood to the camp, Terra reneged on her deal with Carl, shooting him rather than paying him as promised. She fatally wounded Brennan as he and Lexa attempted to prevent her from kidnapping Kristoff. As Kristoff healed Brennan, Shalimar defeated her in hand-to-hand combat, but Terra awoke and was about to shoot Shalimar in the back when Lexa killed her with a laser. [Bible]

Amanda Terry. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Sign from Above."
Quote: Jesse: We’re not freaks, Amanda. Amanda: Yeah, but we’re not entirely normal yet either, are we?
Details: Amanda Terry, who worked by day at a music store, was the attractive feral whom Jesse was dating. Once Jesse had walked her home from after a night of dancing, Amanda was attacked by insect-like aliens who harvested her spinal fluid and dumped her body in the river.[Bible]

Frank Thorne. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Quote: Gosh. You're such a hot-shot telepath, you should've seen that coming.
Details: Frank Thorne was Mason Eckhart's right hand man at the time that the head of Genomex, Dr. Paul Breedlove, decided to give a public apology about his involvement in new mutant research. To preserve Genomex's veil of secrecy, Mason allowed Frank to murder Dr. Breedlove so that he could take control of the organization and officially create the Genetic Security Agency. Frank captured Brennan and Ruby Bishop, frightening Ruby into revealing the location of the mutant safehouse behind his bookstore. Frank brought all the mutants in the safehouse to Genomex, but Adam and Shalimar rescued them and deactivated their subdermal governors. Once again fully charged, Brennan chased Frank out of Genomex, never to be seen again. [Bible]

Allison Turner. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic). First Appearance: "Shock of the New."
Quote: Allison: So what's your power? Emma: I don't have any power. Allison: Ah. The power of denial.
Details: Allison was the safehouse operator who was assigned to escort Emma into the new mutant Underground...until Emma used her powers to give her the slip. After being captured by The GSA, Allison was rescued by Mutant X. [Bible]

Joshua and Lisa Valentine. Mutant Types: Elemental (Thermal tranfer) and Psionic (Telepath). First Appearance: "Crime of the New Century."
Quotes: Lisa: I’m not strong. I’ve spent my whole life denying I have any power. I’m not like you, Emma.
Mason: What do you think of my world? Josh: I think it sucks.
Details: Josh was the son of the famous astronaut Corbin Valentine and his telepath wife Lisa. Fearing that Corbin's discomfort with mutants might lead him to harm Josh, Lisa hired a kidnapper Burke to keep him from his father. Unaware of this, Emma used Josh's psychic connection to Lisa to locate the boy, returning him to his parents before GS agent Wendy Stone could catch him. Corbin, hoping that his son could be 'cured,' drugged Lisa and took Josh to Genomex, where he was placed in special observation clinic 6. Emma and Lisa once again combined their psionic abilities to track him. When Jesse and Brennan arrived to rescue Josh, Wendy held Corbin hostage, but Josh made the gun too hot to hold by channeling his abilities as he had watched Brennan do. Josh was reunited with his family, looking forward to reconciliation. [Bible]

Valerie. Mutant Type: Feral (Feline). First Appearance: "Past as Prologue."
Details: A faithful follower of Gabriel Ashlocke, Valerie attacked Emma and Jesse when they broke into Gabriel's home to obtain a sample of his blood. Emma repulsed her with a psionic blast, but Mutant X encountered Valerie again as she and two other mutants attempted to steal an ancient Ouija board from Manhattan's Gallery of Games. Psionically sensing that she had failed in her mission, Gabriel punished her with bodily convulsions. Mutant X brought her to Sanctuary, but the dying Gabriel's powerful mind connection to Valerie caused her death before Adam could save her. [Bible]

Henry Voight. Mutant Type: Psionic (Telempath). First Appearance: "Nothing to Fear."
Quote: Are you ready for your nightmare?
Details: Henry could infect a person's dreams through touch. His intense vendetta against Mutant X was born when his GS agent wife Brianna vanished after an encounter with them. Mason Eckhart harnassed his anger, hoping to obtain Sanctuary's access codes by encouraging Henry to draw the Mutant X members one by one into terrifying dreamscapes where each faced his or her worst fear. Adam's frantic research revealed that Brianna was in fact alive and podded in Genomex's Section 9. Once Henry confirmed that fact by pulling Mason into his own nightmare, he released Mutant X. [Bible]

Skeet Vosberg. Mutant Type: Elemental (Botanical). First Appearance: "Altered Ego."
Quote: Defoliation. It's no big deal in the city, of course, but...
Details: A new mutant who could defoliate plants, Skeet was the high school acquaintance of Charlotte Cooke whom she bullied with her morality-altering abilities. Mutant X saved Charlotte when the GSA burst into the apartment the two shared, but Skeet was taken for questioning. Threatened with suffocation by GS agent Lynch, Skeet obediantly delivered Charlotte's whereabouts. His cooperation was not rewarded with freedom, though he did gloat when Charlotte realized the truth about the GSA. [Bible]

Michael Ward. Mutant Type: Feral (Ursine). First Appearance: "Whose Woods These Are."
Details: Michael contracted a virus while a subject in Project 318, a Genomex experiment funded by the space program to produce enhanced feral astronauts who could survive alien environments. His inner beast freed, Michael murdered several hikers and infected Shalimar. After Adam failed to find a cure, Shalimar attempted to appeal to Michael's humanity, but was forced to shoot him when he threatened Adam's life. [Bible]

Kara Whitley. Mutant Type: Feral (Canine). First Appearance: "The Prophecy."
Quote: I know who you are, and I know what you've taken from me. And I know what you want.
Details: Kara was one of four new mutants who contributed DNA to create Gabriel Ashlocke's successor, The Child. Despite Brennan and Riley Morgan's attempted intervention, the insect feral who protected The Child murdered Kara when The Child reached a certain age, as forseen by the precog John Bishop. [Bible]

Todd and Jerri Wiley. Mutant Types: Molecular (Propulsive) and Molecular (X-ray vision). First Appearance: "The Meaning of Death."
Details: Todd and Jerri Wiley were unhappily married when Brennan and safehouse operator Rick Bellamy ushered them into the new mutant underground. As they waited in a safehouse, Rick developed the first signs of the deadly Cladosporium illness, so Adam advised that Brennan remain in quarantine with the couple. During the course of their internment, Brennan discovered that each had unwittingly been carrying on an extramarital affair with a GS agent. By the time a cure had been found for the disease outbreak, the couple had reconciled their differences and went into the underground ready to give their marriage another try. [Bible: Jerri, Todd]

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