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Genomex's Non-Mutant Database Part 1

Genomex's Non-Mutant Database

As Mason Eckhart might say, here is a complete listing of the normal -- excuse me -- the "non-mutant" characters in Mutant X.

Adam Kane is the clone of The Creator, an ancient geneticist who needed an heir to carry on his lifetime goal of manipulating human evolution's course. The people Adam believed to be his parents, Michael and Kara, were actually The Creator's loyal employees. The Creator surreptitiously guided Adam's progress as he began college at the age of 12, won honors for genetics research at Stanford, obtained his medical degree, and became a head researcher at Genomex under Dr. Paul Breedlove's mentorship in October 1978. Failing to impart a conscience upon the first new mutant, Gabriel Ashlocke, the young Adam focused instead on curing childhood disease through DNA manipulation. Once Adam discovered that several children had developed superhuman abilities as a result of these experiments, he continued to work on selected mutations in secret before finally ceasing his work altogether. One of Adam's research subjects was the stealth mutant Danielle Hartman, with whom Adam fell in love before she left him for his friend Mason Eckhart. Mason and Adam would later become bitter enemies; Mason blamed Adam for the destruction of his immune system. Adam's professional rivalry with Genomex's star geneticist Dennis Malone continued until Dr. Malone left Genomex. Adam also made an enemy of his closest professional colleague, Benjamin McTeague, by having a brief affair with his wife Lucy. Another lover, Christina, turned out to be using him to gain Genomex contacts to further her own career goals. Christina did, however, connect Adam with the powerful financial backers who enabled Adam to flee Genomex, build Sanctuary and maintain the mutant underground network. Using the mutant database he had stolen from Dr. Breedlove, Adam recruited the Mutant X team members to help new mutants evade Genomex capture.

Mutant X's non-mutant friends and associates
1. Dr. Paul Breedlove ("Shock of the New"). Genomex's creator, Dr. Breedlove was Adam's mentor. After Adam absconded from Genomex with his roster of new mutants, Dr. Breedlove was forced to rewrite his new mutant database. Once it was complete, he planned to go public with Genomex's secret genetic experiments and compensate the victims. Before he could do so, however, he was murdered by Frank Thorne at the behest of his chief of security, Mason Eckhart.

2. Michael Azzarello and Brad Carter ("Shock of the New") were Brennan's criminal associates before he joined Mutant X; Michael was a member of his gang, and Brad Carter was the man who hired them to rob a bank.

3. Tony Reese ("Shock of the New," "Deadly Desire") was a resentful member of Brennan's pre-Mutant X gang. Once he witnessed Brennan using his abilities, Tony relayed the tip to Proxy Blue, inadvertently alerting the GSA to Brennan’s location. The next time Tony ran into Brennan several months later, he was plotting to steal the dangerous computer virus with the new mutant thief Lorna Templeton. Tony snapped into a jealous rage when Lorna set her sights on Brennan, so Lorna murdered him with her scorpion stingers.

4. Safehouse operator Caroline Benedict ("Russian Roulette") was married to the telekinetic Steven Benedict. Together they harbored new mutants on their way into the underground and raised their son Daniel. She became a foster mother to the amphibian feral Tina.

5. The bartender Axel ("Double Vision") was an old acquaintance of Brennan's from his criminal days. He had quite a bad day when he found himself repeatedly asked about the whereabouts of Maddie Conlan by various members of Mutant X. He revealed Maddie's location to Brennan only after Brennan threatened to reveal his dishonest gambling practices, and he told Shalimar Fox and Jesse Kilmartin where Maddie was only after they soundly thrashed his bodyguards.

6. Jesse's wealthy father Noah Kilmartin ("Blood Ties") was a decorated hero like his own father William. Though his job as a covert government operative involved a great deal of travel, Noah participated in annual father-son martial arts tournaments with Jesse until he and his wife divorced. Noah was working as the security chief at Nexxogen during the Martez Incident, where new mutants died in an experiment performed at Genomex’s behest. Intending to blackmail Mason Eckhart and Nexxogen’s head, Nicole Carter, Noah downloaded proof of Genomex’s involvement onto a disk, and then went looking for Jesse. Once reunited with his son, Noah surreptitiously slipped the disk into his pocket and then instructed Jesse to leave it for him in a safehouse. Jesse, who had steadfastly refused to believe his father capable of blackmail, was dejected to discover GS agents waiting with Noah at the safehouse. With some help from Brennan, Jesse dispatched the GS agents and destroyed the disk before turning his back on his father for good.

7. Stanford researcher Anthony Cooke ("Altered Ego") and his new mutant daughter Charlotte were friends of Adam's while he worked in the biochemistry department at Stanford until Mason Eckhart convinced Anthony to sell him his formulas for creating dangerous biological weapons. Adam turned Charlotte's father over to the police, but Anthony committed suicide just before the trial. Charlotte harbored this grudge against Adam for 13 years before learning the truth about Mason Eckhart's involvement.

8. Megan Alexander ("Presumed Guilty") trusted Adam because he once knew her mother. She and her psionic boyfriend Marc Griffin, were arguing about entering the mutant underground when he accidentally knocked her off the pier, killing her. When Adam arrived, a grief-stricken Marc absorbed his memories and accused him of murdering Megan. Psionically taking on Megan's appearance, Emma persuaded Marc to restore Adam's memories by reminding him of how much he had loved her.

9. Adam's ex-lover Christina (a.k.a. government contact Beverly Parrish, "Power Play," "Body and Soul," "Within These Walls") fell in love with Adam while he was working at Genomex. Their romance was cut short when Christina’s superiors ordered her to use his Genomex connections to begin generating new mutant assassins like Nick Maddox. In return, Christina introduced Adam to the powerful people who financed his escape from Genomex and construction of Sanctuary. Adam continued to keep in touch with Christina in her guise as his pixilated government contact, “Beverly Parrish.” Seeking revenge after Christina imprisoned him for performing unauthorized operations, Nick chased Christina and Adam into a safe room at her headquarters. The former lovers briefly rekindled their past as they awaited death by Nick or rescue by Mutant X. Luckily, the latter prevailed.

10. The chief of the Office of Defense Testing, General William Sperling ("No Man Left Behind"), fraudulently obtained a phased vibrational generator that Adam had invented, planning to use it as a weapon against the rebels in the Kovakistan Liberation Army. When the general admitted to Adam that the jet delivering the PVG to U.S. troops had been shot down in the middle of the war zone, Adam sent Mutant X to retrieve it before it fell into the wrong hands.

11. Brennan's lover Miranda Davis ("Crossroads of the Soul") cared for Brennan after he crash-landed in New Hope, the mining town which Dr. Alfred Marcus had insulated in an electronic bubble. Fearing that the town council might make him disappear like her father for his claims of being an outsider, Miranda advised Brennan to pretend that he was Gerald Gilbert’s son, Ben. Miranda’s ex-boyfriend Josh set Brennan up for murder after he discovered the truth, but Miranda and Gerald were able to rescue Brennan from corporal punishment. Mutant X saved the day by destroying the force-field generator, yet Miranda opted to remain in New Hope rather than venture out into the real world.

12. Government administrator J. K. Bergman ("Sign from Above") was one of Adam's inside contacts. He promised to deliver Adam's mutant database to the alien Dr. Sarah Wolf so that she could feed from the spinal fluid of the new mutants she found. Dr. Wolf killed him when he started to get cold feet about the arrangement.

13. The Walker Project scientists Drs. Dennis Malone, Mark Kearney and Leo McAllister ("Body and Soul"). The brilliant student Mark Kearney worked under Adam at Genomex for six months before he was reassigned to The Walker Project, headed by Adam's professional rival, Dr. Dennis Malone. Guilt-ridden about his participation in the death of the astral projecting teen Cyrus Payton, Mark dedicated himself to his patients at the free clinic and forgetting Genomex....until Cyrus tracked him down to make him pay for his past sins. Shalimar protected him from Cyrus’s attack, but despite their growing attraction for one another, Mark resisted divulging the details of The Walker Project until the life of another Walker Project colleague, Dr. Leo McAllister, was at stake. Mutant X destroyed Cyrus for good using the information Mark provided. Knowing that her feral nature would only remind Mark of his Genomex days, Shalimar respected his wishes to forego their romance.

14. Adam's insider contact Holcomb ("Understudy") gave him the name of Jergen Bardo, the German arms dealer who hired Lucinda Alvarez to steal the particle decelerator.

15. Brennan's ex-girlfriend Becky Dolan and son Connor ("The Grift"). Fellow con artist Becky Dolan was the love of Brennan's life in high school. They shared an apartment for a short while before she conned him out of some money and left him high and dry. Becky reappeared years later with her son Connor in tow, pretending that Connor was Brennan's son. With Mutant X's help, Brennan saved Connor and Becky from the QJ14 assassins chasing her after she stole a sensitive disk belonging to Senate candidate Daniel Foster. Even once he learned that Connor was not his, Brennan promised to keep an eye out for Becky and her son.

16. Brennan's friend Denny Logan ("Hard Time") was sent to Hillview State Penitentiary for committing a bank job recommended to him by Brennan. While there, behavioral psychologist Dr. Nigel Rigas drugged him with the steroid ST1277 so that he could participate in the Warden John Wallington’s profitable inmate gladiator matches. Denny managed to escape, but his drugged state caused him to attack Brennan and Jesse when they found him, and Denny was run over by a MAC truck.

17. Adam's former colleagues, The McTeagues and their son Benjamin McTeague Jr. ("Under the Cloak of War"). Despite their ideological differences, scientist Dr. Benjamin McTeague was one of Adam Kane’s closest colleagues for ten years until Adam had an affair with his wife Lucy. Though she ended the affair and returned to her husband, Lucy left her husband shortly thereafter. A broken man who never recovered after the dissolution of his marriage, Dr. McTeague committed suicide. Lucy also died when her son, Benjamin Jr., was 15 years old. Ben Jr. harbored resentment towards Adam for his parents’ fate for years. When he became CEO of the The Phoenix Corporation, he hired the elite Blue Bolt ring of assassins to murder Adam as he was preparing to give a speech to Congress. The operation was unsuccessful, but the insane Ben Jr. lived to plot another day.

18. Adam's top secret contact Marsden ("Final Judgement") attempted to warn Adam that The Tribunal had him in their sights--and got a bullet in the arm for his trouble. Marsden aided Mutant X in their search for Adam after he was captured by The Tribunal, and then disappeared back under his cloak of anonimity.

19. Senator Morrison and her daughter Megan ("One Step Closer") hired Mutant X to protect Megan after the Senator had received death threats. Unfortunately, Brennan's electrical abilities decided to go haywire on the day Christian's men kidnapped her, preventing Brennan and Shalimar from being able to stop them. The Senator retained investigator Simon Fletcher to handle the case, unaware that Simon was complicit in the abduction. Brennan followed up on Emma's intuition that Simon wasn't the investigator he appeared to be, and elicited Christian's location from Simon so that Mutant X could rescue Megan.

20. Adam's friend Dr. Louise Koby ("Reawakening") began her Arctic circle search for evidence of the Protocanth, a creature resprenting a link in the human evolutionary chain, after her father and eight of his crewmen were lost in their quest to find it. Once Louise unearthed a specimen, she relayed the good news to Adam, for he used to work with her father. Mutant X arrived on the freighter only to discover that the hungry Protocanth had actually survived its long icy interment. Sensing the crew’s fear, it tracked down the captain and several crew members, sucking them dry of their bodily fluids. Emma used herself as bait to lure the creature out in the open, where her teammates refroze it with liquid nitrogen. Louise reburied the Protocanth along with a warning to any future explorers.

21. Shalimar's estranged father Nicholas Fox ("Lest He Become") was the CEO of Naxcon Corporation. In an attempt to calm her wild feral side, Nicholas placed the 10 year old Shalimar in a psychiatric ward, where she was severely beaten. Shalimar was able to fight her way out of the hospital once her powers grew stronger, but her resentment of Nicholas prevented her from contacting him for years. Nicholas struck a deal with Mason Eckhart to 'cure' his daughter's new mutancy in exchange for providing him with money and the use of his research laboratories. As soon as he learned that Mason was using these resources to create an army of made-to-order mutants, Nicholas opened the building's steam valves so that the building would be destroyed.

22. Genomex scientist Dr. Vincent Arrigo ("The Breed") was the director of gene therapy at Genomex until its collapse. Adam pulled strings to get him reassigned to a military bioresearch station at Fort Perry, where Dr. Arrigo developed a parasite which could act as a biological weapon by controlling human hosts. He injected his assistant Rachel Morton with the parasite to test it, but she escaped containment and infected most of the compound. Dr. Arrigo called Mutant X for help in creating a cure. Once Lexa discovered the truth about Rachel's death, Dr. Arrigo was ready to kill her too. Fortunately, Rachel's brother Peter shot him in the nick of time.

23. Physician Dr. Marcus ("Taking of Crows") acted as Adam’s conscience for many years. To show his appreciation, Adam funded his secret advanced genetic laboratory, which was hidden behind a panel of his regular physician’s office. Lexa directed Jesse to take her to Dr. Marcus after she’d been poisoned in “Taking of Crows;” Jesse used Dr. Marcus’s lab to study Eddie Boyle’s ‘alien’ in “Conspiracy Theory.”

24. Genomex scientist Dr. Sara Stanton ("Taking of Crows") developed DXL to control new mutant aggression, only to become addicted to the drug herself. A research subject died as a result of her negligence, but before Adam could turn her in, Sara’s new mutant lover Hector Friemark blew up her lab along with all the evidence. Hector was less charitable after Sara was arrested for drug trafficking, knowing that if she remained in Crowder’s Prison, he needn’t share the profits. Noticing that Lexa was suffering from DXL poisoning, Sara agreed to save her life in exchange for her freedom. Sara reneged on this deal immediately after the jailbreak, ditching the convulsing Lexa to go confront Hector. Sara hit Hector’s face with a brick of DXL, igniting his explosive charges. Both died when the building went up.

25. Nightclub Ceci Luca's owner Milo Dinovi ("Taking of Crows") was an old acquaintance of Lexa's whom she revisited while searching for her brother. Milo spiked her drink with the drug DXL in an effort to loosen her up, causing her lasers to flare uncontrollably before she collapsed. Jesse and Brennan forced Milo to surrender the rest of his vial of DXL so that they could find a cure for Lexa. Once Lexa was back on her feet, she returned to Ceci Luca herself and murdered Milo.

26. Brennan's high school counselor Dr. Victor Palance ("Shadows of Darkness") was the first person Brennan trusted enough to tell about his new mutant abilities. Dr. Palance went on to become the head of psychiatry at St. Pastor's hospital. When ghostly phenomena began happening which culminated in the death of an orderly, Dr. Palance called Brennan to investigate. Mutant X soon discovered that the 'haunting' incidents were caused by Johnny Cummings, a psionic illusionist who had remained in the hospital for ten years after being traumatized there as a child. Dr. Palance suffered a heart attack while viewing one of Johnny's illusions, but lived thanks to Brennan's electrical intervention.

27. The offspring of wealthy families, Alisha Keary ("Wasteland") and Jesse summered together for years before becoming high school sweethearts. They were engaged to be married when Jesse’s new mutant abilities emerged. Unable to hide these changes, Jesse disappeared, fearing that Alisha wouldn’t be able to understand. Circumstances forced Jesse to reunite with Alisha years later, when The Dominion sent Lexa and Jesse to investigate a locust attack on crop fields owned by her company, the bioagricultural conglomerate ZDT. Lexa uncovered Project Redstock, a profitable plot to develop insecticide-resistant locusts which would devour everything but specific ZDT crops. Once Jesse informed Alisha, Mutant X was able to destroy the locusts and save Alisha from the deadly retribution of Project Redstock's creator, ZDT's R&D head, Nate Gilmore. Alisha and Jesse sadly agreed that they were headed down divergent paths.

28. Jesse’s grandfather, Major William Kilmartin, was a decorated navy fighter pilot in the Tomcats unit. In 1943, Colonel Henry Burns began Operation Immortalis, experimenting on Tomcats members to create an anti-aging serum. When Henry and Dr. Francis Gallant restarted the research 60 years later by injecting a dying William with the serum in “Age of Innocence,” Adam warned Jesse to extract his now youthful grandfather from Henry’s reach. William aided Mutant X in uncovering the truth about Operation Immortalis, then prevented Henry from continuing his studies by shooting him just as he was beginning to de-age. Despite his desire for an ongoing relationship with his grandson and a cure for his lymphatic cancer, William refused to take any more of the serum, thus reverting to his previous age.

29. Cole Thatcher ("Divided Loyalties"). Cole Thatcher was Brennan’s former crime associate. As kids, he and Brennan pulled dangerous stunts like racing stolen cars on a frozen lake. Believing that Brennan had just been released from prison, Cole introduced Brennan to a gang of thieves which was stealing a disk containing The Dominion’s genetic research. The deal went sour when the gang’s leader, Ethan, shot another gang member to keep the profits for himself. Brennan saved his friend’s life by electrocuting Ethan before giving him the money from the job so that he could sever ties with his life of crime and set up a bar of his own.

30. Dominion operative Michael Hayes ("Divided Loyalties") was an old friend of Adam's who defected from The Dominion at Adam's request, with a disk containing all the Dominion's genetic research. Michael had hoped to use the information to prove his suspicions of corruption deep within the organization, but The Dominion murdered him before he could get the disk to Adam. After some persuasion, Michael's widow told Lexa what she knew of her late husband's plans.

Mason Eckhart. Mason Eckhart was the head of security at Genomex. As a result of a horrific accident for which he blames Adam, Mason's immune system was destroyed, causing him to have to wear a white wig, synthetic skin, and gloves to prevent infection. When Paul Breedlove threatened to go public with information about the new mutant research at Genomex, Mason had him killed and began The Genetic Security Agency (GSA) to protect the non-mutant world from genetic terrorism. After the explosion at Naxcon damaged Mason's protective skin, he obtained Adam's research on his condition to construct a device to cure himself. This was successful, but before Mason was able to locate and take over Sanctuary, Brennan Mulwray electrocuted him, causing him to fall to his death. More about Mason is here.

Non-mutants on the GSA's payroll
1. Russian bounty hunters Sonya Barovsky and Yuri Pogrebin ("Russian Roulette") were hired by Mason to capture new mutants. Sonya’s father had developed the first version of the mutant-detecting Pushka during the 1980's; its failure led to his untimely death in the Gulag. Sonya, determined to reestablish her father’s good name, worked to improve the Pushka’s effectiveness and moved to America. Mason sent her and her partner Yuri to meet mutant safehouse operator Daniel Benedict, who had promised to reveal safehouse locations to the GSA. Mutant X intervened, however, and Jesse managed to trick Yuri into explaining how to reverse the Pushka’s effects on Brennan. Sonya and Yuri were then arrested by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

2. Accountant Karen Bell ("Fool for Love") found evidence of Dr. Richard Saunders’s unauthorized Genomex research while performing a routine audit. She persuaded Mason to allow her to try to apprehend Richard, but he managed to elude her grasp with the help of Mutant X. Once she had recovered consciousness after Emma DeLauro’s high kick, Mason had Karen podded for ineptitude.

3. Bounty hunter Neil Cross and Eric Tanner ("Lit Fuse"). Mason pulled strings to get the convicted murderer Neil Cross an early release from prison to work as a GSA bounty hunter. In order to capture the mutating electrical absorber Ashley Elliot, Neil promised to pay her fiancé Eric 50 thousand dollars to bring her to him. Mutant X rescued Ashley in the nick of time, however, so Neil pretended to kidnap Eric, holding him as bait to ensure Ashley’s return. When Eric begen to complain about the size of his reward, Neil shot Eric so that he could keep his share of the bounty. Ashley returned too late to save Eric’s life, but as soon as Cross encouraged Ashley to draw energy from a nearby electrical tower to keep herself alive, he was struck dead by a stray electrical bolt.

4. GS agent James Henshaw ("Lit Fuse") was assigned to retrieve the electrical absorber Ashley Elliot from the bounty hunter Neil Cross. He wounded Neil when he demanded more money, and managed to place a subdermal governor on Ashley before Mutant X grabbed her from his grasp. James returned the bounty money to Genomex, only to be sent out once more when Neil alerted Mason that he had recaptured Ashley. Unfortunately for James, Mutant X got to her first.

5. GS agent Mr. Ledeker ("In the Presence of Mine Enemies") was assigned to search Toni’s Data Dive machinery for any usable data. After looking for hours, he did manage to uncover the software Toni used to infiltrate Sanctuary’s computer, but Toni mauled him before he could alert Kendra MacEvoy. When Jesse rushed in to rescue Toni, he saw Ledeker strangling her, and knocked him into some live wires in an open computer panel, which electrocuted him.

6. Dr. Kenneth Harrison, the head of agricultural company Tricorp Botanicals, teamed up with Mason Eckhart to revive Genomex’s Rafflesia Precei project by testing a serum extract on the members of the anti-drug team Dark Star to produce feral mutants. Though this experiment failed, Ken remained at Genomex as chief biogeneticist and Mason’s personal physician. He would unsuccessfully try again to create new mutants by surgically grafting abilities onto low-level non-mutants like Maddy Conlan. After Gabriel Ashlocke was released from his pod, Ken betrayed Mason, abetting Gabriel’s Genomex take-over. Ken turned up over a year later, when he held Jesse’s life in the balance in order to force Mutant X to find his podded girlfriend, Laura Brooks. By the time Lexa and Shalimar found her, however, she had already died. Dr. Robinson was able to extract Dr. Harrison’s special bullet from Jesse before it exploded, and Lexa knocked Dr. Harrison unconscious.

7. Nexxogen's head Nicole Carter ("Blood Ties") conducted deadly experiments on new mutants at the behest of rival company Genomex, in exchange for money to remain solvent. When her head of security, Noah Kilmartin, blackmailed her with a disk full of information implicating both companies, Nicole demanded that Mason help her retrieve the disk. Noah used his son Jesse as a shield against their attempts, but luckily for both Nicole and Mason, Jesse destroyed the disk before Noah could make good on his threats. Mason obtained a federal mandate to overtake Nexxogen in order to avoid similar incidents in the future...and withdrew Nicole’s job security.

8. Mason's second-in-command, Mr. Delay trained telecyber Michelle Bigelow to break into mutant safehouses. Michelle revealed his incompetent strategies to Mason Eckhart in the hopes of procuring his job for herself. Delay was only allowed to hold onto his job after Michelle was lured over to the side of Mutant X by her friend Emma deLauro.

9. GS agent Artie Hill ("Ex Marks the Spot") was assigned to obtain a Fabrege egg containing a disc with the genetic code for free will. After his expert burgler, Zack Lockhart, abandoned him for Mutant X, Artie broke into Dombey and Sons himself...and would have succeeded were it not for Brennan’s setting off the alarm at the last second. Artie’s pleas fell on deaf ears when he contacted Mason for a get-out-of-jail card.

10. GS agent Carl Ames ("Deadly Desire") inhaled a potent pheromone from the scorpion feral Lorna Templeton when he attempted to capture her. As a result, he fell madly in love with her, agreeing to help her steal the valuable anomite computer virus from the GSA. Before too long, the fickle Lorna ditched Carl for her new companion, Brennan, who knocked Carl unconscious when he protested. Jesse and Emma carried Carl to a safehouse, where Adam’s anti-virus cleared Lorna’s pink clouds from his eyes.

11. GS agent Vance Halloran ("Deadly Desire") set up a transaction with disgruntled government scientist Dr. Tork to purchase the valuable anomite computer virus. The meeting was ambushed by both Mutant X and the scorpion feral Lorna Templeton’s gang; the latter group stole the anomite and shot Dr. Tork. Vance recognized the shooter as Carl Ames, a GS agent who had fallen under the spell of Lorna’s pheromones. Vance attempted to buy the anomite and Carl from Lorna, but Mutant X intervened once again. Once they were able to extract Brennan from Lorna’s hold, Vance captured Lorna and brought her to Genomex. However, his delay in placing her subdermal governor allowed Lorna to ensnare him with her pheromone. Vance absconded with Lorna and the money in Genomex’s safe.

12. St. Pastor's Hospital administrator Dr. Denise Willett ("Shadows of Darkness") worked in conjuction with the hospital's owner, Trendal Labs, on Project IET , an experiment where children were injected with Trendall's cortisol in an effort to cure their phobias. Fifteen years after one of the experiment's subjects, psionic Johnny Cummings, destroyed the children's psychiatric ward in a fire, Dr. Willett reopened the hospital, unaware that Johnny had been 'haunting' the hospital with his illusions since the fire. Though Dr. Willett attempted to keep the hospital's ghostly apparitions out of the press, Mutant X was called in to investigate. Johnny learned that she was involved in Project IET and vowed revenge by setting Dr. Willett on fire. Fortunately, Mutant X was able to persuade him to let her face justice in the conventional way.

13. Four Project Nine doctors: Drs. Remy Arnot, Beatrice Lang, John Gonsalves, and Samuel Howell ("She's Come Undone"). Dr. John Gonsalves was the Project Nine surgeon who installed Lexa’s neural implant once she attempted to leave the GSA. Years later, he reactivated the implant, forcing Lexa to murder the other three Project Nine doctors and several employees at the Maxxlon Dominion facility. Jesse and Adam teamed up to remove the implant before Mutant X took Gonsalves down.

14. Ex-Genomex scientist Nolan Blackledge and nanobot Sebastian Conway ("Dream Lover"). Nolan Blackledge combined his research in nanotechnology and genetics to create synthetic clones of the women he hired to work in his gentleman’s club, Narrow’s Wake. Along with his nanobot partner, Sebastian Conway, Nolan sold the clones to weathy men to use for their pleasure, while keeping the real women sedated in his laboratory. After Shalimar’s friend Gia fell prey to Nolan’s establishment, Mutant X infiltrated the club. Sebastian’s plot to replicate Shalimar and Lexa backfired when Shalimar freed herself, saving Brennan from drowning in time for him to destroy Sebastian with electricity. This put Nolan out of business.

15. Deklin Charvet ("Cirque des Merveilles") was the sleeper agent Mason Eckhart brainwashed to destroy all new mutants in the event of his death. Together with molecular Diane Taylor, Deklin established Cirque des Merveilles in order to send many new mutants (including Tony LaPorta, Shalimar and Brennan) into alternate dimensions, trapped in mirrors in his Chamber of Souls. After Jesse and Lexa convinced Diane that Deklin was only using her, Diane released all the new mutants and trapped herself with Deklin forever.

The Creator. A geneticist obsessed with controlling the path of human genetic evolution, The Creator began his research into DNA manipulation in the mid-1800's before founding The Dominion in order to further his work. He was able to keep himself alive by means of anti-aging injections, but as this began to fail, he created a clone of himself, Adam Kane, to carry on his legacy. Adam was raised by Michael and Kara, loyal employees of The Creator whom he believed to be his parents. The Creator followed Adam through his life, arranging job opportunities and associates to initiate him into The Creator's world of genetics. Before The Creator could inform Adam of his plans for his future, however, Adam disappeared. The Creator initiated a search for him, eventually using Lexa Pierce and Mutant X as a lure to bring Adam to The Dominion in "The Assault" so that he could "fulfil his destiny." As The Dominion headquarters exploded around them, Mutant X watched helplessly from behind an energy shield as The Creator's security team dragged Adam away with them.

Dominion Employees
1. Lexa's unnamed Dominion Contact "The Voice" first met Lexa when she was a rival GS agent being remotely controlled by a neural implant. Lexa’s attack left him crippled. Nevertheless, he worked to bring her into The Dominion once she left the GSA, promising that her implant would be deactivated. Throughout her stint with Mutant X, Lexa’s Dominion Contact advised and encouraged Lexa while protecting her from his superiors and from the truth about The Dominion’s goals. He followed orders to imprison Lexa and Jesse in order to gain access to Adam’s genetic files, but helped them escape at the last minute. He maintained his anonymity to the very end.

2. Geneticist Dominique ("Wages of Sin," "The Assault") was the shadowy Dominion geneticist capable of stabilizing new mutant DNA. Mutant X first encountered her in "The Wages of Sin," when she hired casino owner Kristen Greg to auction off a deadly prion weapon. Dominique made a final cameo as Lexa was being interrogated in Dominion headquarters in "The Assault."

3. Casino owner Kristen Greg ("Wages of Sin") got into the gambling circuit quite young, and quickly developed a reputation as a hard-core risk taker. The geneticist Dominique hired her to set up an auction at her Westlands Casino to sell a dangerous prion weapon to a select group of arms dealers. Brennan went in undercover as a gambler, romancing Kristen to distract her from Mutant X’s efforts to acquire the weapon. When Kristen blew his cover, Brennan pretended to be one of the bidders instead, “The Tiger.” All too soon, this cover was blown as well by the appearance of the real Tiger. Kristen attempted to slay Mutant X with the prion weapon, but unbeknownst to her, Shalimar had previously switched its container with a harmless aerosol. Mutant X absconded with the weapon, and Kristen was called to task by an angry Dominique.

4. Dr. Bellows ("Wasteland") was The Dominion entymologist who helped Mutant X identify how Project Redstock's desert locusts had been genetically altered to efficiently consume crops and reproduce abundantly. With some detective work, she figured out that they could be killed with a certain frequency of sound waves.

5. Scientist Keith Burstyn ("A Normal Life") was the one-time Dominion scientist working on suspended animation in order to preserve his dying wife. Disillusioned by his wife’s death, Keith hid from The Dominion until council member Anthony Gervais used his research to suspend five of his fellow council members, holding them for ransom. Adam sent Shalimar to prove Keith’s innocence and help him develop a reanimation process to save the hostages. Keith and Shalimar discovered a shared romantic interest as they worked, and as soon as she had released the hostages, Shalimar raced to protect Keith from The Dominion’s assassins. Adam beat her to the punch, however, fooling the Dominion by blowing up Keith’s apartment building and escorting Keith into the mutant underground. Shalimar reluctantly turned down Keith’s offer to begin a new life with him there.

6. The Head of the Dominion Council ("A Normal Life," "She's Come Undone," "The Assault") takes his orders from The Creator himself. His main goals are to ensure The Creator’s safety and further his interests.

7. Dominion Council member Anthony Gervais ("A Normal Life") used his knowledge of Keith Burstyn’s research to hold five of his fellow council members hostage in a suspended state of animation. He killed two and captured Brennan after the Council refused his demands for money, but Jesse was able to reveal his true identity. Shalimar then used Keith’s reanimation process to release the hostages, and Brennan electrocuted Anthony.

8. Dominion Council member Miranda Dennis ("A Normal Life") was one of the five Dominion Council members taken hostage by Anthony Gervais and held in suspended animation. Shalimar accidentally triggered a booby trap Anthony had installed, causing a bowling ball to shatter the physicist’s body into pieces.

9. Dominion assassins The Fixers ("She's Come Undone") were a man and woman assigned by The Dominion Council to kill Lexa after they learned that she was behind the murders at Maxxlon. Brennan electrocuted both...eventually.

10. Physician Dr. Denise Saunders ("Age of Innocence") was the Dominion doctor who examined both Jesse's grandfather William and the less fortunate victim of Project Immortalis, Peter Hansen.
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