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Genomex's Non-Mutant Database Part 2

Genomex's Non-Mutant Database, Part 2

Other Non-Mutants (Continued from Part One)

1. Proxy Blue Proxy Blue was the computer-generated blue newscaster who reported on suspiciously strange events that occurred in the city in the first season. She had an interactive hotline, used by Tony Reese to report Brennan in “Shock of the New,” and an internet search function, used by Jesse and Brennan in “Ex Marks the Spot.” Fed up with her snarky, paranoid take on the news, Shalimar disconnected her video feed to Sanctuary in “Past as Prologue,” and Proxy Blue was no more.

2. Jack Mitchell (“Fool for Love”) was on a date with Donna Morse when Dr. Richard Saunders’s serum caused her to lose control of her feral abilities. She lashed out at him and disappeared into the night. When they came to question him about Donna's whereabouts, Brennan and Jesse were skeptical of his story until Emma convinced them he was telling him the truth.

3. Harve Guffman (“Kilohertz”) was the manager at the WXDV television station, where Barry Sterling was a production assistant. When he refused to be swayed by GS agent Nick Renfield’s fake FCC credentials, Nick froze him so that he could break into the station’s computer database for Kilohertz’s last broadcast.

4. Ashley Elliot's fiance Eric Tanner ("Lit Fuse") conspired with the bounty hunter Neil Cross to bring her to the GSA. Ashley's DNA was actively mutating, forcing her to absorb large amounts of electricity to survive. After Ashley caused a temporary blackout by draining a power station of 400 megawatts, Mutant X brought her to Sanctuary. Ashley then absorbed Brennan in the form of electricity, taking off in the Double Helix to rescue Eric from Neil. She arrived too late, however, for Neil had already killed Eric in a dispute over money.

5. Kidnapper Burke ("Crime of the New Century") was hired by Lisa Valentine to protect her son Joshua from his father Corbin until she could take him away to Switzerland with her. Before the ransom money could be delivered, however, Mutant X managed to locate Burke’s hideout. Brennan chased him into the custody of GS agent Wendy Stone, who crushed him to death once he had spilled Lisa’s plan.

6. Astronaut Corbin Valentine (“Crime of the New Century”) was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor when he saved a shuttle crew after they crashed into a French space station. His wife Lisa attempted to have their mutant son Josh kidnapped to keep Corbin from taking him to Genomex to be “neutralized,” but Mutant X unknowingly returned Josh to his father. Corbin slipped Lisa a sleeping pill and drove him to Genomex, where he quickly learned that they had no intention of helping him. Using his thermal abilities, Josh rescued his father from GS agent Wendy Stone, and the two were reunited with Lisa at Sanctuary.

7. Government scientist Dr. Tork ("Deadly Desire") invented the sophisticated computer virus, anomite. Believing that he was entitled to more money than the government was paying him, Dr. Tork made a deal with GS agent Halloran to sell the anomite to Genomex. When the scorpion feral Lorna Templeton and her gang broke in on the transaction to steal the anomite, Mutant X tried to intervene. Dr. Tork was shot to death in the crossfire.

8. Reporter Jay Minhaus ("Dancing on the Razor") was fired from his journalism job for plagiarism. Dangling a fake new mutant as bait, he tricked Mutant X and two GS agents into confronting one another at Hillside Properties, and then secretly taped their encounter to hand over to Proxy Blue for general dissemination. Shalimar and Brennan saved him from being killed by GS agent Harvey Lanchester, but their interrogations proved fruitless. Jay gave them the slip only to run into Harvey again, who cooked him to death with his microwave blasts.

9. Gabriel Ashlocke's lover Dr. Aziza Deparis ("Past as Prologue") knew that conventional medicine would lessen the pain of his DNA breakdown, but could not prolong his life. Since Gabriel suggested that they try alchemy instead, she reluctantly altered the genetic makeup of the Egyptian alchemist Avaris’s mummified body so that Gabriel could bring her back to life with the addition of living DNA. Gabriel thanked Aziza for her efforts and then shoved the unsuspecting doctor into Avaris’s tank, making Aziza the human sacrifice he required..

10. The ancient Egyptian alchemist Avaris ("Past as Prologue") was brought back to life by Gabriel Ashlocke, with the unwilling aid of Dr. Aziza Deparis. Avaris promised to help save Gabriel's life in return, but Mutant X discovered the secret crystal which could counteract her magic. Adam read the inscription which caused her to explode before she could keep her promise.

11. Multi-billionaire Neal Varadi ("Past as Prologue") held an ancient Egyptian urn that Gabriel Ashlocke wanted in his wall safe. After Gabriel intimidated him into handing it over, he murdered Neal.

12. Colonel Aaron Gaumont ("Power Play") lost 12 soldiers during a secret government operation in Kyrgyzstan. On his return 5 years later, he vowed to raise monetary compensation for his troops by selling the radioactive compound xiraxium to foreign countries. Knowing that only Jesse could phase through the reactor core’s thick walls to extract the xiraxium, Gaumont lured Mutant X to Twin Creeks by planting a bomb which would put the Newport nuclear power plant into meltdown mode. Adam uncovered Gaumont’s plot too late to prevent him from obtaining the xiraxium, but Mutant X wrested it away before he got very far. Gaumont and his assistant, Private Sophia Taylor, were fried by their own laser security device.

13. Clay Preston and Grady Colt ("Whose Woods These Are") joined the manhunt for ursine feral Michael Ward after he had mauled four people in six weeks. Clay believed his superior marksmanship would protect him against Michael; unfortunately, this mistake cost him his life. Pretending to be a cryptozoologist, Grady plotted to get rid of Michael to keep the lid on Project 318, the space program’s secret experiment to transform Genomex ferals like Michael into ideal astronauts. Angered that Grady had surreptitiously photographed Shalimar and Brennan using their abilities to fight Michael, Brennan blew Grady’s cover and destroyed his camera. Grady tried to shoot Michael with his heat gun the next time he attacked them, but Michael overpowered him and killed him.

14. Hikers Matt and Stacy ("Whose Woods These Are") were victims of the virus-induced murdering rampage of ursine feral Michael Ward.

15. Kovakistan Liberation Army soldiers Irina and Pavel ("No Man Left Behind") shot down the plane that was carrying a phased vibrational generator weapon to aid U.S. troops in the area, and captured the pilot, Daniel Morrison, for questioning. When Mutant X flew in to recapture the PVG, Irina shot down the Double Helix and imprisoned Brennan as well, hoping that one of the two would reveal the PVG’s location.

16. Captain Daniel Morrison ("No Man Left Behind") was delivering a phased vibrational generator weapon to U.S. troops when his plane was shot down by the Kovakistani Liberation Army. He withstood his captors long enough to be rescued by Mutant X and taken home.

17. New Hope citizens Josh Marcus, Lucian, Gerald Gilbert, and Sheriff Zander Delassandro ("Crossroads of the Soul"). The grandson of the renowned scientist who had insulated the entire town of New Hope inside an electrostatic bubble, Josh Marcus had it all: the pretty blonde Miranda Davis, loyal friends like Lucian, and an assured position as future chairman of the town council. Then one day, Brennan fell in from the sky and threatened to ruin it all by romancing Miranda and seeding doubt in the gentry about outside world’s non-existence. Upon learning that Brennan was not the son of Gerald Gilbert as he had claimed, Josh knifed Zander Delassandro, the town’s sheriff. He pinned the murder on Brennan, but Gerald and Miranda saved Brennan just as he was being drawn and quartered by horses. Josh would have taken matters into his own hands, but Mutant X destroyed the bubble’s generator from the Double Helix, freeing Brennan to use his electricity against Josh’s gun.

18. Aliens Kyle Strong, Dr. Sarah Wolf, Marco and Brak ("Sign from Above") travelled to Earth seeking the power to take over their homeworld. They found that imbibing new mutant spinal fluid made them nearly invincible, so Dr. Wolf made a deal with J.K. Bergman, Adam's government contant, to obtain Adam's mutant database. When capturing Shalimar failed to yield the database's contents, Kyle tricked Mutant X into bringing him to Sanctuary by posing as a feral victim. Kyle's alien brain resisted Emma's telempathic probe at first, temporarily lulling her into trusting him with some of Sanctuary’s secrets before she realized that he wasn’t human. Using a sample of the aliens’ DNA, Adam created a weapon to counteract the effects of mutant spinal fluid, thus allowing Emma’s psionic blast to prevent Kyle from downloading the database. Emma and Adam then joined their teammates, defeated Dr. Wolf, and blew up her warehouse. The aliens were taken to a secret government containment facility for observation.

19. The innocent bystander Kelly Trask ("Body and Soul") happened to be in the morgue when the astral projecting teen Cyrus Payton found himself in need of a new body. Cyrus transferred to her from the limo driver he had used to murder Dr. Dennis Malone, and then began hunting down his next victim, Dr. Leo McAllister. Once Kelly’s body (and her credit card) had been used up, Cyrus jumped into Vic Morelli, the cameraman of reporter Carla Reed.

20. WXTY cameraman Vic Morelli, and reporter Carla Reed ("Body and Soul") caught Dr. Dennis Malone’s murder on film after interviewing him at a genetics conference. Intrigued by the red light that had pierced his chest, Carla dragged Vic along as she systematically uncovered Dr. Malone’s links to Genomex research, Dr. Mark Kearney, and Adam Kane. Cyrus Payton, the astral-projecting teen who had actually killed Dr. Malone, baited Carla into using her connections to unearth the location of his next victim, Dr. Leo McAllister. Cyrus then projected himself into Vic’s body and accompanied Carla to Dr. McAllister’s hideout to get his revenge. Watching her ‘cameraman’ kill Dr. McAllister before her eyes, Carla tried to escape, but Cyrus leapt into her body to control her. By the time Mutant X was able to drive Cyrus out for good, both Vic and Carla were dead.

21. German weapons dealer Jergen Bardo and thieves Lucinda Alvarez and Dylan Carter ("Understudy") conspired to steal a particle decelerator from Walderson Industries. Shalimar and Brennan had just intercepted Dylan’s motorcycle gang on their way out of Walderson when feral Nikki Rogers appeared out of the blue. Nikki grabbed Dylan’s gun and shot Shalimar in the leg. Once she had infiltrated Mutant X by pretending to be Shalimar's friend, Nikki murdered Dylan to keep him quiet and then Lucinda to obtain the particle decelerator for herself.

22. Senate hopeful Daniel Foster and his campaign backer Stephan Bailey ("The Grift") were headed toward a Congressional seat when Daniel’s girlfriend, Becky Dolan, stole his briefcase containing a disk listing his illegal campaign contributors. In order to retrieve the disk, Stephan sent his army of QJ-14s after Becky -– Black Ops who were technically dead, but in whom Stephan had implanted limited brain function so that he could control them remotely. Daniel, freaked out by the QJ-14s, attempted to withdraw from the partnership. Stephan murdered him and turned his full attention on Becky. Adam was able to hack into the brains of the QJ-14s, turning them against their creator.

23. Environmental terrorists Skye and Deacon ("At Destiny's End") loved nothing more than performing daredevil stunts while surfing, mountain climbing, and bombing polluting chemical plants. Aided by the precognitive gifts of Skye’s psionic nephew Tyler Ryan, they blew up Wyckoff Chemicals before Mutant X could stop them. When Emma showed up looking for Tyler, Skye took her on a wild jetski ride that would have drowned her if Tyler had not saved her. Skye’s jealousy of Tyler and Emma’s budding romance prompted him to react badly when Tyler decided to leave him for Emma. Skye forced Tyler at gunpoint to help them deliver their next environmental “wake up call,” to release petroleum-devouring bacteria into the oceans. Rather than allow Skye to shoot Emma or endanger the lives of millions of people, Tyler locked himself in the control room with Skye, and the two were consumed by the flesh-eating bacteria themselves.

24. Nick Maddox's accomplices Harris and Asia ("Within These Walls") helped the elemental assassin Nick Maddox escape from the truck taking him to prison under orders of Nick's former employer Christina. Christina and Adam Kane hid from Nick's wrath in her Chadway Insurance headquarters, so Asia waited while Nick and Harris placed explosives on the door to force the two fugitives out. Impatient with the slow pace of Harris's drilling, Nick killed Harris and took over the drilling himself. In the meantime, Adam broke a water main within the small room, causing a deluge of water to rush out as soon as Nick opened the door. The diversion gave Christina the element of surprise she needed to knock Asia unconscious.

25. Accomplished behavioural psychiatrist Dr. Nigel Rigas and Warden John Wallington ("Hard Time") both used to believe in attempting to reform criminals. Attempting to reverse neurotoxic processes which caused violent behaviour, Dr. Rigas studied the effects of cadmium on aggression at MedTech until they cut off his research funding. He then met Hillview State Penitentiary’s Warden John Wallington, who was a reformer until he was nearly killed in a prison riot. Together, they started boosting inmate’s aggressive tendencies with Dr. Rigas’s experimental ST1277 steroid so they could host private prisoner-on-prisoner gladiator tournaments and turn a profit. Working undercover as a graduate student intern, Emma uncovered the steroid before psionically ‘persuading’ Dr. Rigas to add Shalimar and Adam to that night’s guest list.

26. Hillview State Penitentiary inmate Terry McMullen ("Hard Time") was sent to solitary confinement for fighting Jesse and Brennan in the prison yard. Once injected with Dr. Nigel Rigas’s steroid, McMullen was scheduled to go up against Brennan in Warden John Wallington’s nightly gladiator tournament, but Jesse knocked him unconscious with a massed blow and took his place.

27. Blue Bolt head Brako and assassins Serena and Noel ("Under the Cloak of War") were hired by Benjamin McTeague Jr. to murder Adam. After preventing Serena from successfully dispatching Adam by kicking her off a balcony, Shalimar infiltrated the ring under the guise of a would-be assassin seeking work. Senior assassin Noel, finding himself increasingly attracted to Shalimar despite his distrust of her motives, assigned her to Adam's case. He strapped an explosive weapon Shalimar's arm, which would self-destruct if its missile did not destroy Adam. A massed Jesse was able to protect Adam, but when Noel drew his own firearms to finish the job, Shalimar was forced to kill him.

28. Vic Collaruso and Claudia Manfred ("Once Around") shared a love that changed Vic’s life forever. Vic was laundering money through dummy corporations for the infamous crime boss Sam Raymond when Claudia convinced him to go straight. Raymond took a hit out on Vic in retaliation, so he agreed to testify against his former boss in exchange for witness protection by the FBI in tandem with Mutant X. Raymond’s psionic gifts allowed him to trace Vic and kidnap Claudia for insurance. Adam disguised Jesse as Vic in order to fool Raymond, giving Mutant X the chance to rescue Claudia while Vic was testifying in court. After the trial, Adam sent the reunited couple to the city of their choice.

29. Prosecutor Ronald Silverman and Defense attorney Harry Davis ("Once Around") were on opposing sides, but they had something in common: fear of their defendent, criminal mastermind Sam Raymond. Using his psionic abilities to probe Harry's mind, Sam found out about Harry's marital infidelities and used this information as leverage to ensure that his attorney would do everything in his power to provide the best defense possible--legally or illegally. Having watched the notorious crime boss evade prison 3 times in 10 years, Silverman hired Mutant X to protect his star witness, Vic Collaruso. Thanks to Mutant X's intervention, Silverman finally got his witness to the trial in one piece, and Sam Raymond was imprisoned.

30. FBI driver David Hirschfield ("Once Around") was shot to death while protecting Vic Collaruso from crime boss Sam Raymond’s men. After escaping in the car, Vic picked up his credit card to get a hotel room and send flowers to his girlfriend, Claudia Manfred.

31. The Tribunal's Judge and counselors John Warren and Janet Nicholls ("Final Judgement"). The Tribunal’s defense attorney Janet Nicholls wasn’t enthusiastic about defending Adam against charges of attempting a world take over with an army of made-to-order mutant abominations...until her client persuaded her to research Genomex’s background. The Judge ruled this new evidence inadmissible, but Janet was staunchly on Adam’s side for the rest of the trial. John Warren was the Tribunal’s prosecuting attorney. Using information he had obtained from Mason Eckhart, John selected images from specific times in Adam’s history engineered to condemn him as a criminal for his actions regarding new mutants. When Mutant X arrived to save their leader, Adam forced John into the hot seat to find out who had set him up. Janet boarded the Double Helix and left with them.

32. Fire Marshall Ray Larkin and his wife Lisa ("Inferno") were a happy couple. Ray considered himself safe while entering dangerous situations because Lisa was the "angel on his shoulder." One day, Ray was burned to death in a fire during an arson investigation. Emma, who was psionically connected with him at the time of his death, retained some impressions from Ray’s mind for a time. With Lisa’s help, Emma was able to use Ray’s knowledge to find and confront the arsonist, Ray’s thermal molecular brother Billy. Though she was unable to save Billy's life, a grateful Ray released her and moved on to the next dimension. Afterwards, Emma returned to Lisa's home to tell her what had happened and to present her with Ray's watch.

33. Ray Larkin's friends Frank Sanders and Chase ("Inferno”) were working with Ray in the fire department at the time he died while investigating an arson case. Frank had graduated from the academy at the same time as Ray, and when he discovered Ray’s watch at the fire’s source, he hid it until he could find further evidence to clear Ray’s name.

34. Kidnappers Christian and private investigator Simon Fletcher ("One Step Closer") conspired to abduct Senator Morrison's daughter, Megan, for ransom money as they had with a governor's son a few years before. Shalimar and Brennan were guarding Megan when Christian's men came for her, but Brennan's electricity suddenly escalated out of control, electrocuting Shalimar and allowing them to escape. After Christian misdirected Mutant X by rerouting his calls to the senator, Brennan followed up on Emma's hunch that Simon was behind the scheme. He forced Simon to divulge Christian's true location, and once Emma had helped improve Brennan's mental control, the team was able to rescue Megan.

35. Physicist Dr. Dominic Rydell ("Reality Check") had been on the verge of splitting the light particle when he was kidnapped by the powerful Russian psionic Levak Ivanov from a Bower University conference. Levak used images from Dr. Rydell’s memory of a maze experiement he had witnessed in college to convince him that if he tried to escape, he would be sacrificed like a rat. Once Emma entered his mind to pull him free of Levak’s influence, Dr. Rydell recalled a lightning bolt on the building where he had been held, thus allowing Mutant X to locate Shalimar.

36. Dr. Polly McWilliams ("Reality Check") was caring for the seemingly psychotic physicist Dominic Rydell after he was rescued by police from the Russian psionic Levak Ivanov and his men. Stumped by the aggressive nature of his symptoms, Dr. McWilliams contacted Adam to take over the case.

37. Prime Minister Jerzy Novatny ("Reality Check") had an eye for the ladies. When he organized a party at the Balkistan Embassy for attendees of Dr. Dominic Rydell's conference shortly after the physicist's disappearance, Shalimar and Brennan crashed it, pretending to be husband and wife. Shalimar attempted to coerce Novatny into confessing what he had done with Dr. Rydell, but she was drugged by Russian psionic Levak Ivanov.

38. Captain Martin Freeman and crewmen Owen Taylor, Jock McAllister and Menotti ("Reawakening") became increasingly jittery when bad luck ensued after Dr. Louise Koby brought her Protocanth specimen onto their arctic freighter: communications malfunctioned while the ship became mired in its surrounding ice, and the wench lifting the specimen aboard almost bisected a man. Unfortunately, the beast awakened during Owen and Martin’s preparations to throw it overboard, sucking the captain dry before going after the rest of the crew. Though Jesse was able to save some by leading them to a cooler part of the ship, Jock, Owen, and the others insisted upon remaining to face The Protocanth, which wasted no time in returning to slaughter them.

39. Dr. Richard Haines ("Lest He Become") contacted Adam when Mal and Rucker continued to harass him into giving them medical records. Mutant X failed to protect him; Mason Eckhart's accomplice Silva overloaded his pain centers.

40. Flowershop owner Elizabeth Burton and Christopher Darnell ("Lest He Become") were two of the three people from whom Mason needed DNA samples in order to create made-to-order mutants. Mason's crew of mutants, Silva, Rucker, and Mal successfully obtain samples from Elizabeth despite Mutant X's attempt to intervene.

41. Eduardo Cruz and Carlos "The Tiger" Lavista ("Wages of Sin") were two of the men vying for ownership of Dominique's prion weapon.

42. Rachel and Peter Morton ("The Breed") were assigned to Fort Perry, where Dr. Vincent Arrigo was developing a parasite which could control the actions of its human host. Dr. Arrigo used his research assistant Rachel as his first test subject, purposefully infecting her without her consent. Unfortunately, he was unable to create a cure in time to prevent her from breaking out of containment. Under the influence of the parasite, Rachel attacked her brother Peter, who was forced to hurt her in order to survive. Mutant X helped Peter to the safety of Dr. Arrigo’s lab, where they successfully aided Dr. Arrigo in testing a cure on Peter. Dr. Arrigo tried to kill Lexa after she discovered the truth about Rachel’s demise, but Peter shot him with his own gun.

43. Major General Kline ("The Breed") was in charge of maintaining the quarantine around Port Ferry after Dr. Vincent Arrigo's parasite began infecting people within the base. After persuasion by Lexa's contacts, he allowed Mutant X access to the compound, and was able to call off the bombers just in time to prevent them from destroying the site once the infection had been eradicated.

44. The Puzzle Killer Lee Marker ("Where Evil Dwells") brutally murdered 30 women before he was arrested by psionic profiler Andrea Marshall. His signature was to leave puzzle clues about the identity of his next victim on their bodies, taunting the police to catch him. During his subsequent meetings with Andrea in prison, he somehow infected her mind so that she began to murder women in his stead. Upon learning what he had done to her, Andrea opened the door to his cell and stabbed him to death.

45. Ed Graydon ("The Taking of Crows") was one of the prison guards at Crowter's Prison who had a reputation for raping the female inmates. When Lexa Pierce and Shalimar Fox entered the prison in order to find Dr. Sara Stanton, Ed took Lexa back to the solitary confinement cell for his usual dalliance. Waiting until his back was turned, Lexa turned invisible, and Ed panicked, believing that she had escaped. The other guards came running, only to find Lexa sitting quietly in the cell. The frustrated Ed was forced to give up his planned night of fun.

46. Ruth Martinez (Taking of Crows) was the Crowter's Prison inmate hired by Hector Friemark to keep his girlfriend, Dr. Sara Stanton, from telling the DEA about their drug trafficking business.

47. Nurse Donna Campbell ("Shadows of Darkness") worked in the children's psychiatric ward at St. Pastor's Hospital, injecting phobic children with cortisol to increase their fear reactions as part of Project IET. One of the research subjects, psionic illusionist Johnny Cummings, opened the oxygen tank valves in the supply room one day so that when she went in for her usual smoke, the room exploded. The resulting fire destroyed the psych ward, killing Nurse Campbell and six other children. 15 years later, when the hospital was being reopened, Johnny used Nurse Campbell's image as one of the illusions with which he "haunted" the hospital.

48. Agoraphobic Sandy Fetko ("Shadows of Darkness") had the room next to entymophobe Johnny Cummings when they were both children in the Project IET study at St. Pastor's Hospital. After their horrific daily injections with cortisol to increase their fear responses, Sandy would sing "Hush Little Baby" to Johnny for hours until he fell asleep. Though Johnny was himself badly burned in the fire which killed the other children in the psych ward, Johnny helped his friend Sandy escape. 15 years later, Shalimar and Jesse brought Sandy back to St. Pastor's to convince Johnny not to exact revenge upon the woman responsible for Project IET, Dr. Willett. She was able to save Dr. Willett's life, but Johnny used his psionic abilities to give the police the slip. He gave Sandy one last farewell wave before returning to the hospital's basement to commit suicide.

49. Kristoff's group members Burke, Wayne and Carl ("The Hand of God"). Kristoff's follower Burke brought Shalimar to the healer mutant Kristoff when he found her impaled on a tree limb. Shortly thereafter, Burke stumbled onto his fellow followers Carl and Wayne, as they plotted to betray Kristoff's secret location. To protect himself, Carl convinced Kristoff that Burke was a traitor who should be murdered with Shalimar's transferred wounds. Mutant X was able to prevent Terra from taking Kristoff, but Brennan was shot in the process. Kristoff absorbed his deadly injury, finally transferring it to Carl as he reached down to drag off Kristoff's body.

50. Terra's accomplice Cody ("The Hand of God") helped her find and capture the new mutant Kristoff. When Mutant X showed up to intervene, he discharged the laser cannon which brought the Double Helix down. Luckily, Jesse Kilmartin managed to repair the Helix before Cody could reach him.

51. Nate Gilmore ("Wasteland") was the head of research and development at ZDT, the bioagricultural conglomerate run by Jesse's ex-fiancee Alisha Keary. Seeking to increase his profit margins, Nate spearheaded Project Redstock, creating genetically altered locusts capable of devouring everything but specific ZDT crops. Mutant X was alerted when he began testing the locusts on ZDT's fields, and they were able to destroy the bugs before the could damage the crops of Nate's competitors.

52. Hospital employee Barry ("No Exit") was on duty in the medical records room the day Shalimar and Lexa were searching for hard copies of William Dennett's past records. Shalimar 'kept him busy' while an invisible Lexa found William's chart.

53. Nurse Helen Gamble ("No Exit") was the sadistic nurse in charge of paraplegic cybernetic William Dennett at Woodbridge Gardens hospital. When she threatened to disconnect his scalp feeds, William pretended to go into cardiac arrest, and then electrocuted her with the electroconversion paddles when she picked them up.

54. William Bain ("Brother's Keeper")was the convict Charles Carter bailed out of jail in order to help him capture Lexa’s twin brother Leo. He murdered six mutants, including Leo's girlfriend Candace, taking her liver to sell on the black market. But by the time William found Leo with the aid of a tracker Lexa had pinned to her brother, Leo had already turned into his dangerous alter Troy, who was more than a match for William. Lexa then tortured William into telling her where her brother had gone.

55. Lawrence Bosch ("Possibilities") was the CEO of drug company Loire Industries. Infamous for his cruelty towards competitors and research subjects alike, Bosch hired two mutants to plant a bomb in the boardroom of a rival drug company when it seemed their newest drug might overshadow his own. His former employee, the time-travelling mutant Samantha Bennett, overheard his schemes and contacted The Dominion for Mutant X’s help in disarming the bomb. After several failed attempts after which Samantha continually took the team back in time to try again, Jesse was eventually successful in deactivating the bomb. Lexa then killed Bosch with a laser, avenging the earlier death of two of her former team members at Bosch’s hands.

56. Conspiracy nuts Leon, Silver, and Eddie Boyle ("Conspiracy Theory"). Eddie Boyle was a respected journalist–until he took a picture of Brennan using his abilities. The photograph made him a laughing stock, and Eddie lost job, family, and professional integrity as he became a conspiracy nut obsessed with investigating the truth about what he had seen. Shalimar and Brennan met him shortly after Eddie stumbled onto evidence of a government program creating bacteria-wielding assassins called Project Contact. Eddie's friend Leon was shot to death to cover up the information, but using Silver and their combined resources, the three uncovered a plot to assassinate Senator Richards, a staunch opponent of government genetic research. In the board room, Eddie heroically blocked the assassin’s blow, absorbing the bacteria intended for the senator. Brennan showed him a tesla coil as Eddie lay dying, allowing the reporter to finally find the truth he had been seeking.

57. Dr. Robert Harrow and Nick Benedict ("Conspiracy Theory"). Dr. Robert Harrow created bacteria-carrying assassins in Project Contact, then grew nervous as he learned how the assassins were going to be used. Fearing that Dr. Harrow might expose his future plans, Nick Benedict used him as the first test assassination victim.

58. Senator Daniel Richards ("Conspiracy Theory") was a staunch opponent of human genetic research. He used his political influence to shut down Project Contact, but the research continued subversively without his knowing. Years later, he was on the verge of announcing legislation which would decrease funding for future projects as well as an investigation into present projects. Mutant X, with the aid of ex-journalist Eddie Boyle, was able to halt an assassination attempt by one of the Project Contact assassins.

59. Russian environmental scientist Illich Sefchek ("Art of Attraction") hid his formula for a safe non-polluting fuel in three paintings. His family liquidated his estate after his death, and The Dominion assigned Mutant X to gather the paintings.

60. Gang members Ethan Poe, Nick, Einstein, and Brennan’s former associate Cole Thatcher ("Divided Loyalties") were hired by Adam to steal a disk containing The Dominion’s genetic research. Brennan, unaware of Adam’s involvement, took the fatally wounded Einstein’s place in the gang in order to uncover the buyer’s identity. Walking out with the prized disk, Ethan demonstrated his unwillingness to share the profits by shooting Nick. Brennan quickly pulled Cole out and electrocuted Ethan before he could harm anyone else.

61. Tomcats unit member Peter Hansen ("Age of Innocence") was another victim of Colonel Henry Burns's Operation Immortalis. When Burns's serum rejuvenated him for a short while, Shalimar and Jesse saved him from capture by Burns's men, but he died shortly thereafter of cellular degeneration.

62. Colonel Henry Burns and Dr. Francis Gallant ("Age of Innocence") began Operation Immortalis in 1943, attempting to create an anti-aging serum by transferring the genetic vitality of one person to another. Henry used Tomcats fighter pilots as guinea pigs until The Dominion learned of the gruesome deaths and shut the project down. As Henry’s heart began to fail 60 years later, he and his personal physician, Dr. Francis Gallant, restarted his work with the last surviving Tomcats, including Jesse’s grandfather William. Though the serum was effective on William and Henry, Jesse intervened, and William shot Henry in order to prevent him from continuing his research. Jesse snapped Dr. Gallant's neck while rescuing his grandfather from the lab.

63. Patty Paxton ("Age of Innocence") was a resident of Clark Port Veteran's Hospital along with Jesse Kilmartin's grandfather William. After William was injected with Colonol Henry Burns's anti-aging serum, he frightened Patty out of her wits by coming to visit her looking 60 years younger. Once the effects of the serum had worn off, he returned to the nursing home for a more tender reunion with "my gal back home."

64. Britney Zadora ("Dream Lover") and her feral friend Gia Duchamps found jobs as high-priced call girls at Nolan Blackledge's gentlemen's club, Narrow's Wake. Unbeknownst to them, Nolan was in the business of drugging the women and holding them in his lab while he created nanobot clones of them to sell to his clients. When Gia discovered that something funny was going on, she tried to convince her friend to leave the club with her, but it was too late. Clone!Britney did not recognize Gia, choosing instead to leave with the client who had bought her.

65. The ebullient Tiffany ("Dream Lover") was one of the high-priced call girls at Nolan Blackledge's gentlemen's club, Narrow's Wake. When Shalimar Fox approached her for information about her friend Gia Duchamps, Tiffany was more than happy to tell her about Gia's fortune and effusive in her enthusiasm about her job.

66. Wealthy industrialist Kevin Gitre ("Dream Lover") bought a clone of feral Gia Duchamps from the gentleman's club Narrow's Wake. When Shalimar Fox showed up at their love nest to rescue her friend, Kevin protested, and clone!Gia stabbed him to death.

67. Dooley ("The Prophecy") was the drug dealer Riley Morgan and Brennan interrogated about the location of his client, feral Kara Whitely. Though 'shocked' by the encounter, he lived to tell the tale.

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