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Mutant X Characters: Gabriel Ashlocke

Gabriel Ashlocke played by Michael Easton; Young Gabriel Ashlocke played by Max Morrow

Links: Gabriel Ashlocke Myspace | Gabriel the Mutant Menace

Gabriel Ashlocke.

First Appearance: "A Breed Apart."

Also Seen In: "Past as Prologue," "Time Squared," and "The Future Revealed."

First Mutant's bio of Gabriel Ashlocke
The new mutant psychopath Gabriel Ashlocke was the first and most powerful child of Genomex created. Otherwise known as Patient Zero, Gabriel possessed abilities of all four new mutant types: feline feral, gravitative/force-field/intangible molecular, electrical/energy elemental, and telepathic/illusionist psionic. Born without a conscience, little Gabriel's aggressive tendencies quickly spiraled out of control. On October 13th 1978, Gabriel's parents brought the 10-year-old Gabriel back to Genomex so that Adam Kane could make him more human by reducing his abilities. But Adam had unfortunately overlooked a weakness in strand 19 of Gabriel's DNA, and his treatment only caused further fragmenting in Gabriel's genetic structure. Gabriel murdered his parents six months later. In order to protect the world from his malignant potential, Adam and Mason Eckhart placed Gabriel in a stasis pod where he remained in a coma-like state for 25 years until he was released by ex-GS agent Morgan Fortier. He and his group of loyal new mutants, The Links, formed an organization bent on world domination called The Strand. With the aid of Dr. Kenneth Harrison, Genomex's chief biogeneticist, Gabriel placed Mason in a stasis pod and took over Genomex headquarters. He then turned his vengeance sights upon Adam and Mutant X, while searching in vain for methods of stabilizing his DNA. His dramatic cellular breakdown quickly led to his explosive death, but not before he had impregnated one of The Links, Kim. Prior to his death, he set into motion the eventual creation of his successor, The Child, by combining genetic samples from one mutant of each type.

Gabriel trivia: Gabriel suffers from a hacking cough, the result of smoking at an early age.

* Note on Gabriel's mutancy: Gabriel was the first new mutant Genomex created. Though Mason Eckhart says in "A Breed Apart" that little Gabriel's mutant abilities were off the meter since birth, we learn in "Time Squared" that Adam did not first meet the boy until he was 10 years old, in 1978. Therefore Adam was not responsible for making Gabriel Ashlocke a new mutant; the child already had "unlimited powers" before Adam came along. Adam was, however, responsible for further fragmenting his DNA, thus making him more dangerous and considerably shortening his lifespan. In Adam's words:

In October 1978, I arrived at Genomex to work on the Patient Zero project. I was the bright young star working at the hottest developmental facility in the world. And then, two weeks later, on October 13th, Gabriel Ashlocke’s parents brought him back into Genomex. They were convinced that Genomex was responsible for his extreme aggression. And they were right. Genomex had no idea what kind of a child he was until they’d given him unlimited powers. Look at this. He’s out of control. Nobody knew what to do. And then I came along, right? I was the savior. I designed a procedure, a procedure to make him more humane, give him a conscience. I had no idea that my procedure would cause his genes to mutate and make him into more of a monster. 6 months later, Gabriel Ashlocke killed both his parents.

More evidence that Gabriel was already a mutant before Adam's procedure:

1. In "Time Squared," Adam shows Emma a video of young Gabriel Ashlocke having a temper tantrum at the time his parents brought him back to Genomex. During the course of his rant, little Gabriel sends a scientist flying through the air to land on his face. A normal 10 year old boy wouldn't be able to do that; but Gabriel can because he has heightened feral strength. Note that this is *before* Adam does his procedure.

2. The older Gabriel returns to his childhood house to pick up his younger self and take him to Genomex. When the younger Gabriel opens the door, the child's feral eyes flash. This is *before* Adam does his procedure on young Gabriel, which is scheduled to occur later that day, but young Gabriel has already got some feral abilities.

3. In the car on the way to Genomex, older Gabriel's talking to his younger self:

Gabriel: You know how you can walk through walls? Jump off the Hallian’s roof without ever getting hurt?
Young!Gaby: How’d you know about that?
Gabriel: You know about Genomex, what they did to you, right?
Young!Gaby: Just what I stole from my file. I’m supposed to have an appointment there today.
Gabriel: They’re gonna do this procedure. It’s supposed to make you nicer, give you a conscience. The whole thing backfires.

So before the procedure, young Gabriel also already had traits of a being able to walk through walls. But if young Gabriel was already a mutant before the procedure, what exactly did Adam's procedure do? Dr. Aziza said in "Past as Prologue" that the reason that the adult Gabriel is dying is because his DNA is breaking down. This is a direct result of Adam's procedure. When Gabriel is speaking with young Adam at Genomex in "Time Squared," Gabriel explains why Adam's procedure didn't work: "You missed the weakness, Doc." Adam's procedure was designed to make young Gabriel nicer, but he missed a weakness in strand 19 of Gabriel's DNA structure. Instead of having the desired effect, Adam's experimental treatment triggered the very breakdown of Gabriel's genes that is slowly killing Gabriel. In fact, the entire reason Gabriel travels back to 1978 is to reverse the effects of Adam's experiment on his DNA. The blue serum he has created will strengthen strand 19 in young Gabriel's DNA, so when young Adam does the procedure on young Gabriel, the child will still maintain the powers he was born with, but he will no longer suffer from the broken DNA that Adam caused. No longer under threat of dying before his time, Gabriel would be virtually invincible.

Quotes from Gabriel:
~ I've been in a Genomex-induced coma my entire adult life. I'll get all the rest I need when I'm dead.
~ I'm so thankful to all of you. For keeping my dream alive. Eckhart has punished us by invading our bodies and our minds. Now they want to use us a weapons of destruction against our own kind. Not here to tell anyone--average or gifted--how to live. I'm talking about a fellowship of like-minded friends. No GSA power trips, no Mutant X invisibility. Just life as it was meant to be lived.
~ Kelly: We have to learn to live alongside the average man and woman. Gabriel: I think it's time the average man and women learned to live alongside us.
~ Something tells me my reputation precedes me.
~ I love it when dreams come true.
~ Think of it as a chance to catch up on some much needed rest and a chance to spend eternity regretting everything.
~ What better place to start conquering the world from than Genomex?
~ You don’t understand. I was born to rule. It’s the ones who get in my way who die.
~ You went behind my back. And let’s face it. In any relationship, trust is everything.
~ Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with? The ten year old boy you used to slap into a box?
~ There are days when I wish I had more patience.
~ I was your one big mistake. And now you’re gonna die knowing I’m gonna live on...and on...and on. And everything I do, I’ll do in your memory.
~ I hate it when people say no to me.
~ I’m sorry. Adam is busy right now. But you can leave a message after the beep. Beeep.
~ You can’t afford too many more failures, Adam. Hell, even Dr. Frankenstein had a better track record.
~ We have built something here the world has never seen before. We have a power that never existed before. Love, devotion, and a loyalty to our own kind that society couldn’t even dream of. You are the chosen ones. You are the ones that are gonna reach out there and grab the destiny that was built inside your genetic structure. Because the ones that are running it now, well they’re only about greed and votes and weakness. But we’re gonna change all that. Because it’s our turn in the big chair. No more running and hiding. We’re the main attraction, top of the bill. 'Cause we can make miracles happen. The kind of miracles that make people want to stand up and cheer. The kind of miracles that will keep down anybody that stands up against us. What’s coming next is gonna take all your strength and courage. So get ready, boys and girls. One way or another, destiny is only a breath away.

Note: From 2001-02 Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X faux websites as part of the Mutant X official site, in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot's storylines, but they disappeared in early 2005. I'm including faux website information here for completeness, but none of the following material is my own.

Gabriel's Bio from My Friend's Bookstore
The Picture of Dorian Gray: This is a record concerning the life of the first Child of Genomex. It is also a warning. Gabriel Ashlocke may be the most powerful New Mutant ever born. He is also the greatest threat to our existence.

Dr. Breedlove, the mastermind behind the genetic manipulation that created Ferals, Moleculars, Psionics and Elementals, overreached his initial unnatural goal of a superior race of beings. Having identified and designed the quartet of New Mutant classifications, he implanted embryos with all four strains together. Of the preliminary subjects, only one survived to be born: a boy named Gabriel Ashlocke.

Unlike later New Mutants, Gabriel's parents were both Genomex scientists and fully aware of the experiment that was to bring the new species into the world. Donald Ashlocke and his wife, Ava de Winter, were both gifted European geneticists who did the bidding of an underground remnant of surviving Axis Powers. Dr. Breedlove was also allied with this evil regime and came to know the young couple through their associated DNA research. They had similar drive to his own and a complete disregard for moral consequences that impressed the impressario to no end.

The Ashlockes became NATO security targets in the early 1970's and were forced to flee their homeland. Breedlove pulled strings and arranged for them to receive asylum in the United States, in exchange for their incorporating their nefarious laboratory skills into the evolving nightmare known as Genomex. At the time, it was masked as an institute to genetically cure and prevent birth defects when, in reality, it was engineering a new breed of empowered infants.

Hungry with power and wanting to advance the entrance of the new race, the Ashlockes eagerly volunteered to be among the first to parent the implanted embryos. Paternal desire played little or no factor their decision. The couple's knowledge of potential mishap and Dr. Breedlove's constant presence enabled Ava to carry the infant to full term. Patient Zero (Gabriel) was born at the Genomex facility on the 6th of June and appeared to be a normal, healthy baby boy. For years he was watched, guarded and analyzed like a priceless commodity.

All four strains of mutated DNA ran through Gabriel's bloodstream but made no appearance until he reached adolescence. He was a handsome, highly intelligent child and charming youngster despite his parents' cold, clinical approach to childrearing. By this time, Genomex had brought forth each class of New Mutant separately with unmeasured success. Dr. Breedlove reluctantly began to consider "Patient Zero" to be a failure assuming the multiple gene mix had cancelled each other out.

This opinion drastically revised when, in an uncharacteristic fit of teenage anger, Gabriel molecularly caused a nuclear flash that disengrated his overly disciplinarian parents to ashes. He then proceeded to disembowel a task force of Genomex agents with Ursine Feral strength and shut down the entire complex's power grid by absorbing the electronic waves elementally. Both Dr. Breedlove and Security Head Mason Eckhart became Gabriel's thrall-like pawns through Psionic manipulation. It appeared that the fourteen-year-old was about to takeover the entire government operation with a mad agenda to lead his brother and sister mutants into war for global domination. He had possessed the four ranges of mutant power all along but, even as a toddler, had the uncanny inspiration to conceal them. There had never been anything normal about Gabriel Ashlocke.

For weeks Genomex apeared to do Gabriel's bidding. Only one staff member, Adam, was immune to the young mutant's influence. In a courageous move, the scientist planted an untested invention called the subdermal governor on the back of Gabriel's neck. This negated his powers and allowed the boy to be subdued.

Regaining his senses, Mr. Eckhart ordered Gabriel's execution, but Dr. Breedlove intervened. If contolled, Patient Zero could be Genomex's most valuable asset. Since Adam and staff psychologist Laura Varady had diagnosed Gabriel with an irreversible God complex, the teenager was kept in a state of unconsciousness, frozen in the first of Genomex's stasis chambers until an effective method of restraint could be devised.

Gabriel Ashlocke remains under glass to this day under top security. He ages slowly and appears to any witness like a tranquil sleeping pharaoh. But underneath the calm, attractive surface still exists a corrupting power that could devastate mankind.

The first New Mutant is the best and the worst of all of us. We owe Gabriel our existence, but must always remember his lack of humanity could cost us our souls and any future for happiness. Let the dark prince sleep.

From Adam's diary on Mutant X Lives
GABRIEL ASHLOCKE - New Mutant 01 has been released. The world could end tomorrow if we do not battle him back into his tomb. I helped create Gabriel, but I will not let him run amok as a Greek God. If it takes the ultimate price to defeat him, so be it.

Authorities are looking for a "handsome man named Gabriel" whom they suspect is the leader of a new mutant cult.
Washington, DC -- Word has begun to circulate concerning a "cult of dreams" that has invaded the minds of select youths across the nation causing them to leave their homes and gather together in a mysterious underground base of operations. The Midnight Press has not been able to discover the purpose or mission this eerie sect might serve, but can affirm that all the missing dreamers have been of questionable genetic background. Is there a zealot cult of New Mutants forming to spread havoc on the rest of the world? Investigations into other cases of vanished youth (primarily women, but some men as well) who claimed to have visions of a charismatic saviour or the symbol 1.0, all have fit the same portrayal of outsiders with suspicious characteristics. "There are four main classifications of mutants: Elemental, Feral, Molecular and Psionic," defines Dr. Segall. "All seem to have been infected by these religious nightmares." As to what or who "Gabriel" is and the significance of "1.0", the Midnight Press has yet to uncover an answer. While there are many recent rumors of an outlaw band of mutants who have been challenging covert government forces, it is believed that this new cult is not connected to them. Printed flyers that have been circulating around college campuses and coffee houses advertise a grassroots organization called "the Strand". Though the message relayed is obscure and seemingly peace advocating, it calls on "gifted men and women" to come forth and identifies itself with the logo of a "1.0". Police and federal officials have made no attempt to trace the Strand's origins, as it only exists, thus far, on the cryptic discarded leaflets and cannot be connected to any violent or illegal acts. It is the opinion of the Midnight Press, however, that a potentially dangerous devotion has formed that will reveal the mutant population to the public at last in apocalyptic proportions. Our eyes and ears will remain on future developments.

Drs. Ken Harrison and Laura Varady's emails from
> TO: Dr. Kenneth Harrison, Biology
> FROM: Dr. Laura Varady, Psychiatrics
> RE: Confidential Report

> Kenneth,
> I felt it my obligation to break patient/doctor confidences and report to you a disturbing trend I have recently discovered in several female GSAgents. After reviewing the latest round of psych evaluations, I find five (Cornell, Hennessey, Fortier, Stein and Liddell) have had similar recurring dreams. They all involve a tall, handsome man named Gabriel who woos them and promises a utopian future at his side. Of course, I instantly thought of mutant: 1.0.
> While I do not have many details on the subject (Ashlocke, G), I know he ties into Stasis Pod #21801, which is vital to Genomex security. In my opinion, it is no coincidence that all five agents have had the same figure wandering through their subconscious thoughts. If 1.0 is a powerful enough Psionic, he may be communicating with them even though he is technically comatose.
> Of all the haunted employees, only one is a New Mutant (Morgan Fortier, telekinetic, GSA file #GS0069PTF). Ironically, she is the most stable of those involved, so I do not detect a pattern except for age, physique and gender. They're all in their twenties, all attractive and all female.
> I am tempted to feel that Mr. Eckhart should be alerted of the situation. As his time is always at a premium, however, I am conferring with you first. Do you think we should we put this to Mason or would it be wasting his time?
> Please respond as soon as you can.
> Laura
> TO: Dr. Varady
> FROM: Dr. Harrison

> My Dear Laura,
> You were right to bring this to my attention before going to Mr. Eckhart. It is indeed a curious phenomenon, but nothing I feel we should disturb him with at this time.
> Instead, I will look into the matter personally. It may be some kind of empathic invasion from Mutant X (please note security file #MX999PDE on DeLauro, Emma). I feel, between the two of us, the matter can be handled discreetly without wasting Mr. Eckhart's resources. After all, it only involves dreams at this point. Nothing tangible.
> As for Mutant 1.0, I am afraid I know even less about the subject than you do (Gabriel Ashlocke, correct?). Security on Stasis Pod #21801 is a tight CODE RED as always, so let us just trust everything there is under control.
> Your diligence, dedication and sense of ethics are always appreciated, Laura. Why don't we have dinner soon?
> Kenneth

Mail-Pseurver Document HIS ROYAL STUDLINESS
SUBJ: HIS ROYAL STUDLINESS, EMPORER GABRIELDATE: Monday, ***. 1, **** 02:44 PMTO: Bloody Nose Marston the BunnyFROM: Laurelee VaraDeeDee, Headshrinker Inferious
The temperate drippings off the iron mountains flow freely and I am in a state of ecstasy over the golden eagle's voyage round the anthill which I understand is built of Lincoln's molecules and sits all purple by the Viking Sea as the hoards of unenlightened suffragettes wait for the polished staff of the Chosen One to inflict gnarled welts upon their wingless backs as they cry, O how they cry, for the unanswered answers that only the Breedlove motherless can sing to them in a silver bell pitch that peals from the exhausting heights and bounces (bouncy, bouncy, bouncy) off the walls in IntoLand for which there is no key but mayhap open its spongy gates if prayers are irreverent enough like a lizard's whose sapphire scales flake off like day-old buttermilk biscuits from the tube (turn oven to 350 and cook 15 minutes or until golden brown, but not golden like the eagle) and served to a Senator who always trusted Mr. Nixon but never Miss Monroe of "Something's Gotta Give" that made no dollars and pounds…pound, pound, pound…the railroad spikes, Bunny, the railroad spikes that cannot forget when Daddy came in the room late at night and had peanuts envy until we primal screamed and took the trays out of the ice box, which would have been groovy except I stuck my tongue on the frosty metal and it ripped with scarlet tears that Mason could not shed but they drip now OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD….



I am retiring sweet Dr. Varady and suggesting she be permanently committed to the finest mental asylum your government care can afford, as she won't be practicing the psychiatric arts again. It seems that the poor dear just could not keep her mind together after our little session this afternoon. Silly cow even spilled her tea. Please note that if she had not been such an ignorant tool of Eckhart's, you would be receiving only her brain on a platter. That is what the rest of you non-Mutant professionals can expect should you interfere with my business any further.

Gabriel Ashlocke

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