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Mutant X Characters: Mason Eckhart

Mason Eckhart -- Played by Tom McCamus

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First Mutant's bio of Mason Eckhart
Mason Eckhart was once the head of security at Genomex. He and the young geneticist Adam Kane began as friends; they were also rivals for the affections of stealth mutant Danielle Hartman before Mason convinced her to leave Genomex for good. As a result of a horrific accident, Incident X, for which he blamed Adam, Mason's immune system was destroyed. In order to stave off infection, Mason was forced to wear a white wig, synthetic protective skin, and gloves (see Why must Mason wear fake skin?). When Genomex's creator, Paul Breedlove, threatened to go public with information about Genomex's new mutant research, Mason had him murdered in order to protect the organization's security. He then officially began expanding The Genetic Security Agency (GSA) to protect the non-mutant world from "genetic terrorism." With the aid of Tricorp Botanical's biogeneticist Dr. Kenneth Harrison, Mason explored several (unsuccessful) avenues for creating mutants that could be controlled, even as his GS agents sought to contain the existing children of Genomex. Dr. Harrison, along with GS agent Morgan Fortier, would later betray Mason by allowing the first new mutant, Gabriel Ashlocke, to place Mason in a stasis pod and take over Genomex. Six months afterwards, Mason's pod automatically reopened, and he returned to his work. He convinced Shalimar Fox's father, Naxcon CEO Nicholas Fox, to provide him with the resources he required to create a mutant army. After the explosion at Naxcon damaged Mason's protective skin, he obtained Adam's research on his condition to construct a device to cure himself. Before Mason was able to locate Sanctuary, however, he was electrocuted by Brennan Mulwray and fell to his death.

Mason's appearances: Episodes 101-122, "Final Judgement" (217), "Reality Check" (220), "Lest He Become" (222), "Into the Moonless Night" (301), "Cirque des Merveilles" (321)

Mason trivia: Mason speaks French. His favorite composer is Henry Purcell; his greatest fear is of infection, and he strongly discourages smoking in his office.

* Mason's eerie resemblance to the American artist Andy Warhol is probably unintentional. According to one interview with Tom McCamus, Mason's white wig was chosen for its creepy appearance:

"The wig is a collaboration idea – FX artists, directors, actor and producers. When we were in the special effects studio experimenting with plastic skin and silicon, we tried on a number of wigs. The white one had the right, creepy feel to it. The one I wear now was made later on, when it was decided that the wig shouldn’t be so wild.”

* Note about Mason's many names. Early casting breakdowns show that the character of Mason Eckhart was originally to be named Albion Magnus. However, once Magnus was considered too similar to the name of X-Men's villain, Magneto, the name was changed, first to Marcus Eckhart (briefly), then again to Mason Eckhart before the show was aired. Hints of that original name "Marcus" tend to pop up from time to time in old articles and websites, and even once in the series itself. If you listen carefully to the episode "Russian Roulette," you'll notice that Sonya mistakenly calls herself "an associate of Marcus Eckhart." And in Mason's biography on the faux website (see below), it is stated that Mason once had a twin brother, Marcus, who drowned in an accident when the two were boys. There are certain fans who subscribe to the theory that the crazy-haired stammering man Brennan killed in the season three episode "Into the Moonless Night" was not really Mason, but in fact his twin Marcus Eckhart.

Quotes from Mason:
~ I should have killed Adam when I had the chance. And now Breedlove intends to go to the press and expose everything. And I'll never get the chance to bring Adam to the justice that he deserves.
~ Normal people don't want super-powered freaks next door.
~ You can't put the demons back in the box after they've been released.
~ If only you'd kept your mouth shut, everything would've been fine. But you had to beat yourself up with guilt over the mess you've made. And now I have to use your lemons to make lemonade.
~ So much for the paper trail.
~ We have operated under covert conditions since the inception of this project. That need for secrecy has been brought home by this brutal murder. A heinous crime that was committed by a product of the program who somehow managed to break into our archive section and burn that historical landmark to the ground in the process. Genomex will not be cowed, corrupted, or coopted by these creatures. Instead, I have been mandated to create the Genetic Security Agency to protect the world from this rapaciousness. While our pure research continues, this covert force will take these anomalies into custody under a cloak of absolute secrecy.
~ Frank Thorne: They seem...happy. Mason: Don’t get carried away, Mr. Thorne. They're all just easily bought by flattery and bigger paychecks.
~ Mason: You never did know when to stop, did you? Adam: We're both guilty of relentless tenacity, Mason. Mason: True. But while you chase your horrific dreams of rescuing these lab mistakes, my passion is in the service of humanity. Adam: A grim and limited vision of humanity, defined by your narrow mind and your pathetic perspective. Mason: You and your freaks are threats to everything I hold dear. Adam: These so-called freaks are the product of Genomex's recklessness. Mason: Am I supposed to be racked by guilt? Adam: No. I'd never expect guilt from you, Mason. It's too much to ask of a sociopath. Mason: Now, that's what I've always admired about you, Adam. Your utterly perverse sense of reality.
~ Sonya: The Pushka H5B7 works. Mason: Oh, well in that case...where are these new mutants that you brought me?
~ The Pushka. Isn't that Russian for Colossal Error in Judgment ?
~ The GSA's criteria for determining guilt is rather less stringent then you'll find out there.
~ Obsolescence in the wake of total victory is a mixed blessing, but a blessing nonetheless.
~ Charles Marlowe: You've had nothing to do with Adam for years. Mason: I've had everything to do with him. I know the man.
~ It is imperative that you carry no electrical devices on your person when you make the arrest. Make certain you are not within a 50 yard radius of any powerlines, power stations, transformers, or any electrical unit emitting over 500 volts...and you'll be fine.
~ Miss MacEvoy, take your hands off me.
~ The big man, Lieutenant Longstreet, is it? He looks to be the living incarnation of Nietsche's dictum: What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
~ Adam gets the living; we get the dead.
~ As I said, Dr. Harrison, I am not, by nature, an optimistic man. The reason is simply that I cannot bear the disappointment that is so frequently the result of heightened expectations. I have always subscribed to the adage: Hope for the best, expect the worst.
~ There's a long-standing tradition in my world of tampering with human nature to create a more perfect soldier. From the Hashishan of ancient Persia, to the Viking Berserkers, to the MK Ultra, men in my position have sought the perfect way to create the perfect monster in the field.
~ Perhaps the next time you decide to do a hit and run, you'll be prudent enough to pick up the body before you run.
~ So much for the autopsy.
~ I'm torn, Danielle, between the feelings we once shared and the exigencies of the work has thrust upon me. Unfortunately, today's realities preclude yesterday's romances.
~ Eggs, bacon, cheese and cream. Satan's four major food groups. I don't know what's going to kill me first: the nitrates in the bacon, the fat in cheese and cream, or the cholesterol in the eggs. But we only live once, don't we?
~ Well, Mr. Porter. With those outstanding abilities, I assume you'll be able to hear this: Don't ever speak to me directly again.
~ Nicole Carter: Mason, there's been another security breach at Nexxogen. Mason: Yes. I heard they'd installed a revolving door at your facility.
~ Nicole Carter: What am I going to do? Mason: Well, we have some wonderful job opportunities on the Genomex website. Of course, we require excellent references.
~ Mason: And to what can I attribute this rather sudden change of heart? Revenge? Greed? Brennan: Love. Mason: Of course. The most powerful motivator of all.
~ If you think that Adam and his pack of super-powered hoodlums were a pain in the ass, Gabriel Ashlocke gives new meaning to the term.
~ Feeling like a million bucks. It's amazing what a new hairstyle can do for one.
~ When are you going to learn that I really am a step ahead?
~ You always have to screw things up, don’t you Adam?
~ Shalimar: If you harm Adam in any way, I am gonna rip you limb for limb. Mason: That’s what I like to hear. The opening salvo in a negotiation.
~ When are you going to learn there's nothing you have I can't possess?
~ Brennan: You expect me to talk? Mason: No, Mr. Mulwray. I expect you to die.

Official site bio
Mason Eckhart is the head of the Genetic Security Agency - a man who hunts down New Mutants for his conscience and his country. Eckhart blames Adam for the failed experiment that requires him to be forever insulated in an impermeable artificial skin. His distaste for New Mutants grows everyday that Mutant X exists. He won't rest until all these anomalies are under his control.

DVD bio
Mason Eckhart is a 40ish veteran of several Intelligence agencies-with a mysterious past and a reputation clouded by contradictory stories-a legend he covertly encourages in order to maintain his own distance from anyone getting a handle on any vulnerability he might possess.

Eckhart runs a tight ship at the Genetic Security Agency-assisted by a shadowy group of GS AGENTS-men and women who are frequently on the receiving end of his dry and rather cruel wit.

Eckhart wears a custom designed latex body suit from head to toe-including a mask-under his street clothes. No DNA trace. No fingerprints. No identifying characteristics whatsoever-all as a result of an horrific accident that happened some years back, in which his immune system was destroyed, as he attempted to keep Adam from compromising the secrets of Genomex.

Eckhart is no dry washing, moustache twirling comic book villain, who reveals in his wickedness in that cheap melodramatic vaudevillian manner. Rather, he's a patriot-a man who believes, to the very bottom of his heart and soul, that he's doing the right thing for his conscience, his country, and his world.

It's this commitment that drives him to hunt down the Children of Genomex-ostensibly to protect them from themselves-but more specifically, to create an army of genetic mutants to serve their country as he does-and to decode the mutation that created these anomalies in the first place-to recreate on purpose what occurred at Genomex by accident.

Eckhart's personal and profesional bete noir is Adam-he's committed to destroying Mutant X and everything it stands for-and as each day goes by, his methods become incresingly more brutal. Eckhart will do anything to capture and imprison the wayward Children of Genomex...anything.

Note: From 2001-02 Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X faux websites as part of the Mutant X official site, in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot's storylines, but they disappeared in early 2005. I'm including faux website information here for completeness, but none of the following material is my own.

From Mason's Journal on
Background Check Results: Eckhart, Mason. Genomex Security Check 58A11FT4
To: Bureau Director C. Marston Cc: Ass't. S. Rawlings, Ass't. D. Wall From: Agent N. Hardy (#00247)
Subject: Background Check for promotion of Mason G. Eckhart to Security Head of Genomex.


I added my personal observations here between the lines (noted in YELLOW), as you've requested. As you know, this has been a hard one to piece together.

NOTE: This is the 3rd revision of this document since Eckhart was first recruited in May XXXX. Each background check on the subject has yielded vastly different information that contradicts previous ones. This effort provides the most solid information to date.

Mason Grey Eckhart was born on June 6, 1962 in the marine base hospital of Fayetteville, Arkansas. There are documents that list his birth date as five years older or four years younger, but US Army records state this is the correct data. Eckhart was an identical twin. His brother, Marcus Aaron, was accidentally drowned in 1970. Eckhart's father was Captain Conner Doyle Eckhart, a chief medical officer specializing in the psychiatric care of mentally unstable marines and veterans. He was based out of the military hospital in Washington D.C. from the mid-1970's until his retirement.

The files on Captain Eckhart speak for themselves. A harsh authoritarian with astringent methods and a passion for homicidal straightjacket cases. Not what you'd call a family man.

Two events seem to have shaped the juvenile Eckhart's demeanor. The first was the suicide of his mother, Marilyn Thompson Eckhart, when the boy was a preteen. The second was an incidence in which he was locked in one of his father's wards for a weekend in what was later explained as a disciplinary action.

I find it curious that there's no mention of the twin brother's death here.

Mason Eckhart attended military academies excelling in the top ten percentile throughout his adolescence and teenage years. His contact with his father was minimal. The bureau recruited him from West Point where he was studying military law. He also was a notable athlete in track, rowing and skeet shooting.

I suggest you read the transcripts of the pro-vivisection debate from his junior year. It's so on point I almost wanted to carve up baby monkeys myself. There is also a noteworthy paper advocating permanent institutionalization of the mentally defective. He sent a copy to his old man shortly after the captain suffered a stroke.

Moving his way up quickly in the ranks, Agent Eckhart was noted for his cold efficiency and attention to detail. He kept his personal life as private as possible. A marriage of six years to Jacqueline LaPort, a former Miss Vermont he had met on a security detail, resulted in three children (a son, Grey Eckhart, and twin daughters, Michele and Deidre Eckhart). It has been verified that Eckhart has had little or no contact with his family since his divorce.

Like father, like son. I have statements with women Eckhart was briefly involved with afterwards. All say he was controlling and at times threatening, but nothing more sordid than your average agent. Seems to go with the job. Of course, Eckhart's condition today makes this all mote any way.

Advancing from criminal psychotics to unexplained phenomena and finally to Genomex security directly under Dr. Breedlove in the 1980's, Eckhart gained major respect from every faction.

I've been told, off the record, that Mason's appointment to Genomex was strictly to off-balance the rising influence of Adam and kept Breedlove center in his judgments on Mutant research.

Eckhart kept in peak physical and mental condition during his Genomex duties until the incident code-named "X" (see reference file) in which his immune system was destroyed resulting in his present condition and medical limitations. Dr. Breedlove's exo-skin and supplement treatments have allowed him to continue in his high-ranking position since that time. Bi-annual psychiatric exams have proven that Eckhart's mental capacity has increased since the incident, eliminating any question of his removal.

You'll note my indication to reference Breedlove's recommendation at this point. It practically glows with loyalty and praise. My instinct says this is 100% guilt on the old man's part, but knowing what we do of Ol' Paul, this would be a first. Don't get me wrong. Eckhart's physical condition might be bizarre, but I don't feel this limits him. He's proven adept at choosing support staff and has a knack for delegation that would have made FDR jealous. Breedlove's fatherly report, however, just seems odd to me.

Eckhart's devotion and diligence to rebuilding Genomex's database since "X" has been commendable. His laser focus and untiring drive to regain control of the mutant situation has been noted and detailed by every level of the bureau on multiple occasions.

Check out some of his daily memos. He doesn't miss a dot.

In conclusion, Mason Eckhart's actions point to a patriot and man of business who has sacrificed much for both the agency and his country. In background, no one else matches his profile and expertise in this unusual area. His unique past and eccentricity seem to work to an advantage in this assignment. Pending further investigation, there is no reason to block his advancement to the top seat at Genomex.

No argument from me either. I wouldn't want to grab a drink with this guy, but as far as zookeepers go, he's got the right stuff and then some. Face it, this is not a job I'd wish on anyone, even my lousy brother-in-law. If Eckhart is crazy enough to accept it, let him.

Laura Varady's psych profile from
I find Mason Eckhart's reserve of inner strength remarkable considering his medical condition. Most men in his state of health would have been invalids after the first few months of infection, but he has survived years and barely missed a beat. In fact, after scanning Dr. Varady's bi-annual psychiatric report on Mr. Eckhart, he seems to have increased his productivity. There must be a personal drive within him that bypasses modern science. It would not be the first instance of inspiration, positive or negative, fueling a failing vessel to conquest.

Eckhart's precise biological situation is this: he has no immune system. Additionally, as the result of "Incident X," his cellular structure is permanently damaged, leaving it incapable of regeneration. If not for Dr. Breedlove's intervening genius, Eckhart would have aged and decomposed within hours of the biological attack.

I've viewed the security tapes on record of "X". There is no doubt it was brought on by the confrontation with Adam, but the actual damage done to Eckhart appears to have been a freak accident that could not be replicated. Hence, no remedy. In fact, Adam is fortunate he did not share the same fate but, from what I understand, this kind of outrageous luck is typical for him.

Eckhart must wear an exodermis body suit of translucent, bio-treated latex at all times and replace it at least once a day depending on the physical strain of his activities or environmental conditions. His own sweat can be an enemy to his health. The hair follicles on his body have been entirely removed due to the hazards oil and dirt particles could cause him not to mention any type of abrasion or laceration (from shaving, etc…). He must limit his contact with water necessitating laser bathing and all food and external intake must be purified. A heavy regime of nutritional supplements is administered three times a day orally and any waste from when he does partake in a meal is dissolved before it can reach the intestinal tracks through a separate (and certainly painful) x-ray/laser procedure.

The cost of this care giving is astronomical but has been budgeted and approved by Genomex and the federal bureaus involved unanimously. I suppose this is a testament to Eckhart's character and performance. He has taken devastating vulnerability and turned it into a reserve of cold steel and efficiency. I cannot help but speculate, however, that Mr. Eckhart operates in a state of denial of his illness fueled by hatred he keeps under his surface. Dr. Varady's reports do not back this up, but I suspect she is a victim of his mesmerizing hold like so many others on the Genomex staff. It would be fascinating to explore whether Mason Eckhart's source of effective power is also his Achilles heel but, of course, I'd have to proceed with utmost care investigating this theory. Post-Trauma Report
Eckhart, Mason re: attack by subject, Voight
TO: Bureau Chief C. Marston CC: D. Wall, E. Brody FROM: Dr. Laura Varady, Genomex Psychologist

After studying a week's worth of data and examining Mr. Eckhart on three different occasions over the last few days, I can safely report that the psionic invasion of his psyche did no permanent damage. He is in complete control of his faculties and should have no problem resuming his full roster of responsibilities at Genomex.

This diagnosis comes as a huge relief considering the potential destruction New Mutant Henry Voight (Genomex security file #EOG7713PVH) could have inflicted on anyone's mental health with the ability to takeover a victim's subconscious and trigger their inner most fears. Mr. Eckhart was subjected to an ongoing onslaught of psychic assault from which he was not able to awaken.

Psionic Empath Voight played out Mason's recurring nightmare of having his vulnerable immunity system exposed to devastating filth and squalor over and over in his head. A lesser man would have been emotionally crippled and risked, at the very least, heart failure. I am pleased to state, however, that Mr. Eckhart seems to have bypassed all of this. Aside from his out-of-character edict not to have the GSA pursue Mr. Voight, leaving capture status at CODE YELLOW, there is nothing usual or effected in his thought processes.

While on the subject, should New Mutant Voight ever return to Genomex, I would certainly like a crack at examining him. His psionic prowess is extremely rare and could be immensely valuable, if conditioned to be used with discrete purpose. Henry Voight can dictate an average man's dreams, which are a dangerously underrated state of behavioral. consciousness. He is every psychiatrist's aspiration.

Concluding, let me reaffirm Mr. Eckhart's complete recovery over would-be emotional wreckage. This solid inner core should, once again, prove he is the right man to head Genomex. Not many could survive nightmare rats crawling through their skulls. Mason has and appears to be stronger for it. As usual he has refused any stress medication, but I believe has asked Dr. Harrison to reline the layers of his daily exo-skin. If that is the extent of his post-neurosis, we are all in safe, gloved hands.

Dr. Laura Varady

Notes from There's a Genetic Conspiracy (TAGC)
Who is Eckhart? The plasticene face that is evil. The man I think I should know more about is Mason Eckhart.

CORRECTION: The man I think the world should know more about is Mason Eckhart.

He wasn't happy his computer was busted and even less thrilled to see me. What a freakshow he is.

He's in charge of GENOMEX now and his tactics make Ol' Dr. Breedlove's look like the "Donna Reed Show".

Eckhart came on board nearly two decades ago as Security Chief. To say he abused his power is a no-brainer. He abuses everything he touches. Not that he can touch much these days.

Let me explain. Following some highly classified incident known only as "X", pretty-boy Mason has to wear a latex body suit or he'll die. It's supposed to be a secret- but come on! The guy's got shinier skin than a Hollywood Blvd Wax Museum display.

I would give plenty to find out exactly what "X" was, but the files are protected by some serious encryption. If I can't crack it, I doubt it's ever going to be public knowledge.

Whatever the truth is, I'll bet that smarmy Adam was involved. Smug, GQ, mutie lover. Seems he worked in these labs until the very time Eckhart started wearing his saran suit.

Proof there is no coincidences. To even mention Adam's name in Genomex territory can lead to getting canned…or worse. Yeah. That's how it is here. One nervous tic from Eckhart and you're a Popsicle.

By now, you've probably put together that I'm operating out of a Breedlove/Genomex facility (if you haven't, you don't deserve to be on my site). It's the only way I can bring everything out. We're living among monsters and these bloodsuckers are responsible. Especially Eckhart.

You should read his memos. They're a step away from mind control. He passes you in the hall (always with a different bodyguard or assistant) and it's like a snake crawled across your foot. He keeps the room temperatures cold and the comfort zone even colder. It's like working in Siberia!

Yet, I have to move slowly. This guy has no sense of humor and strikes at a whiff of suspicion. Take Breedlove, for instance. He was Eckhart's supposed mentor and the white toupee-wearing ice pick had him rubbed out. It's in the Emails I grabbed between him and that psycho mutant Frank Thorne (my good buddy ... NOT!). They talk about gardening but it's really about offing the old Nazi whose conscience was finally kicking in (AWWW…). Maybe they'll do in each other and take the mutants with them. We can dream.

First Mutant's Psychological Profile of Mason Eckhart. I wrote this in 2005 for Masonesque.

Psychological Evaluation of Mason G Eckhart by Laura Varady, PhD

I.D.: Mason Grey Eckhart is a 38 year old divorced white male with no past psychiatric history.
Chief Complaint: Depressed mood after a severe health reversal
History of Present Illness: Following a work-related incident that left him immunocompromised, M.E. reports suffering from decreased sleep, decreased energy, decreased appetite, and moderately depressed mood. He also admits to some difficulty with concentration. However, he remains focused on his daily job, and has been able to perform his duties competently. He denies having feelings of guilt/anxiety/hopelessness, racing thoughts, suicidal ideation/intent, or hallucinations/delusions, obsessions/compulsions.
Past Psychiatric History: None.
Family Psychiatric History: Mother—depression, committed suicide. The patient is unsure of whether she was being treated or had ever been hospitalized for her depression.
Medications: Exo-skin, vitamin supplements, blood product infusions to offset bone marrow destruction
Medication Allergies: None
Social/Developmental History:
Birth/Development: M.E. and his identical twin Marcus Aaron were born 6/6/62 in a marine base hospital to Captain Conner Doyle Eckhart and Marilyn Thompson Eckhart. Though a multiple birth, it was a normal, uncomplicated vaginal delivery. M.E. and his brother reached all developmental milestones on time, there were no major infant illnesses.
Early Family Life: M.E. describes his father, a marine psychiatrist in Washington D.C., as "distant," and "a strict disciplinarian." He recalls a traumatic childhood incident where his father locked him in a ward with his patients for a weekend as punishment for some misdeed. M.E. had minimal contact with his father over the years as he attended military school and grew into adulthood. His father died of a stroke.
The patient recalls being closer to his mother while he was young, but felt betrayed when she committed suicide before his teen years, "leaving me solely in my father's custody." He denies any history of physical or sexual abuse.
M.E. was also close to his twin, Marcus, who accidentally drowned at the age of eight. The patient refuses to talk about the circumstances of this incident, which has clearly impacted his psychological development.
Education: M.E. maintained a status of top tenth percentile at his military academy and studied military law at West Point. Extracurricular activities included track, rowing, and skeet shooting.
Employment: M.E. joined the Bureau directly from West Point and advanced rank quickly. He began working at Genomex in the 1980's, and now maintains a high-ranking position. He describes his work persona as private, efficient, and dedicated, with a singular attention to detail. His main goals in life are all career-related.
Relationships: M.E. is currently divorced after a 6 year marriage to Jacqueline LaPort Eckhart. From this marriage, he has a son Grey, and twin daughters Michele and Deidre, with whom he has had little contact since the divorce. He denies any serious romantic relationships since the divorce, and is currently sexually inactive. M.E. has no close friendships.
Religion/Spirituality: None.
Mental Status Exam:
Appearance: The patient is a white male who appears his stated age. He is thin, but well-groomed with straight posture. He maintains a reserved but polite attitude towards the interviewer.
Speech: Soft-spoken, normal rate and rhythm. The patient gives full and complete answers without mumbling, dysarthria, stuttering, or syntax abnormalities.
Behavior: Appropriate eye contact. No tremor, tics, or odd positions noted. Normal psychomotor activity.
Mood: The patient describes his present mood as “fine.”
Affect: Reserved, somewhat restricted affect. Mood congruent, and appropriate to present situation.
Perception: The patient denies hallucinations, illusions, or dissociations
Thought Content: The patient denies suicidal, homicidal, or paranoid thoughts
Thought Process: Goal directed, relevant, logical and coherent
Cognitive: 30/30 on Folstein Mini Mental Exam
Judgment: Good
Insight: The patient is fully aware of his present condition and reasons behind it.
Assessment and Plan:
Axis I (Psychiatric illness): Mild-Moderate Situational depression status post suffering a major illness
Axis II (Personality disorder, mental retardation): None
Axis III (Medical illness): Immunologic compromise
Axis IV (Psychosocial stressors): Medical illness, traumatic childhood events, stressful work environment
Axis V (GAF 0-100): 85 at present, 90 in the past year
M.E. suffers from mild-moderate situational depression without suicidal ideation, manic symptoms, anxiety, or psychotic features. He is presently stable, and his mood disturbance has not affected his judgment or ability to work. I am worried only that he appears to have no real support structure in place to help him deal with his present medical condition. His main coping strategy appears to be intensifying his focus on his work. Since the patient has refused medication to improve his sleep and concentration, I have recommended weekly-biweekly counseling sessions as he deems necessary.

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