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Mutant X Characters: Dr. Kenneth Harrison

Dr. Ken Harrison played by Andrew Gillies

First Appearance: "Dark Star Rising."

Also Seen In: "Double Vision," "Lazarus Syndrome," "A Breed Apart," and "In Between"

First Mutant's bio of Dr. Harrison
The head of agricultural company Tricorp Botanicals, Dr. Kenneth Harrison teamed up with Mason Eckhart to revive Genomex’s Rafflesia pricei Project by testing a serum extract on the members of the anti-drug team Dark Star to produce feral mutants. Though this experiment failed, Dr. Harrison remained at Genomex as chief biogeneticist and Mason’s personal physician. He would unsuccessfully try again to create new mutants by surgically grafting abilities onto a low-level non-mutant, Matty Conlan. After Gabriel Ashlocke was released from his pod, Dr. Harrison betrayed Mason by abetting Gabriel’s Genomex takeover. Ken turned up over a year later, when he held Jesse Kilmartin’s life in the balance in order to force Mutant X to find his podded girlfriend, Laura Brooks. By the time Lexa Pierce and Shalimar Fox found her, however, she had already died. The Dominion's Dr. Olivia Robinson was able to extract Dr. Harrison’s special bullet from Jesse before it exploded, and Lexa knocked Dr. Harrison unconscious.

Quotes from Dr. Harrison:
~Oh, stop goggling, Mason.

Note: From 2001-02 Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X faux websites in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot's storylines, but they disappeared in early 2005. I'm including faux website information here for completeness, but none of the following material is my own.

Bio from
Kenneth Harrison was born in Sydney, Australia, March 20, 1959. He was the middle child of three to Roger Harrison, a structural engineer, and Margaret Krowl Harrison, a botanist. Kenneth and his siblings (brother Roger Jr. born May 1, 1957 and sister Michelle born September 7, 1962) all acceled academically and were extremely competitive for their parents' attention.

In 1969, Roger Harrison was brought up on charges of murdering his business partner (and wife's lover). He was tried and convicted in 1970. Mrs Harrison obtained a divorce and moved with Kenneth and Michelle to London, England (Roger Jr. stayed in Sydney). To protect them from further scandal, Margaret Harrison retook her maiden name and had the children do so as well. She borrowed money from a family friend and opened "Krowl Greeneries", the first in a successful chain of greenhouses near Kew Gardens.

Kenneth Krowl grew into an awkward teenager and lived only for his studies, which followed in his mother's field of botany. Their relationship was a temperate one. The more the plant business thrived, the more strained they became. Kenneth's fascination with hybrids produced many award winning varieties of orchids and fame among the gardening community. Surpassing his mother's skills did not help their personal situation.

After obtaining a doctorate in botanical genetics from Oxford, Kenneth planned to leave England and study prehistoric plant-life in South America when his life took a sudden turn. His brother, Roger, reappeared and demanded a piece of the family business. A botanical genius in his own right, Roger Harrison Jr. was also a wild felon with a juvenile crime record in Australia that left him no choice but to leave the continent. Tensions ran high between the brothers and were pulled even tighter when their domineering mother died from a (presumed) accidental poisoning. The fate of the profitable "Krowl Greeneries" led to many heated, often violent, confrontations between Kenneth and Roger. These peaked in a greenhouse fire that killed the older brother and left Kenneth disfigured (plastic surgery later reshaped his face). He was cleared of all suspicious charges in the incident following a lengthy investigation.

From this point on, the personality of Dr Kenneth Harrison seems to have drastically changed. Besides reclaiming his original surname, he became maniacally aggressive. While "Krowl Greeneries" continued to thrive, he opened a biological research branch (which eventually became TriCorp Botanical) and switched focus from mixing the genetics of orchids to developing rare, dangerous and sometimes man-eating genre of flora. Campaigning for and receiving various government contracts to produce botanically based weapons brought expansion and power to his enterprise on a global scale. It also snagged him the attention of Genomex.

No longer a shrinking violet, Dr Harrison became a well-known figure in the scientific community. His lectures at universities worldwide have been sharp, biting and often controversial. They advocate, "control over freaks of nature" and an "intense connection between human and plant biology that could surpass mere medicine extractions". He has also been deemed quite a ladies man, an arena he had shown no interest in prior to the greenhouse fire. In just over a decade, he was married and divorced from four attractive wives (two sons, Julian Edward from his first and Jerod Roger from his third, are currently in private schools outside of London).

Never slowing down or back stepping, Dr. Harrison is still considered a Jekyll/Hyde figure. He can be an extremely focused scientist, silent like a striking cobra or a risk-taking fiend up for death defying motorcycle rides and high stake gambles. Whatever the venture, he will make his presence known.

An interesting side note concerns Dr. Harrison's sister, Michelle. A few years after the Krowl fire, she was diagnosed with fatal leukemia. Her brother gave her an experimental regime of intravenous medicine derived at TriCorp Botanical. Not only did she overcome the illness but also blossomed from an "ugly duckling" into a famed beauty. The exact nature of the treatments has never been disclosed. The usually boastful Harrison has only said his sister's cure was "a fortunate fluke I would not attempt again". Michelle Harrison now calls herself "Daisy" and owns a notorious nightclub in West London called "The Serpent's Garden" which caters to an exclusive and wealthy clientele. She and Dr. Harrison have little or no contact with each other.

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