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Mutant X Characters: Lexa Pierce

Lexa Pierce -- Played by Karen Cliche

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First Mutant's bio of Lexa Pierce
Lexa and her twin brother Leo were the children of two army intelligence operatives who participated in a government fertility experiment. When Lexa and Leo began to display new mutant abilities, their parents sent them to be raised in a military facility. Leo's powers began to spiral out of control when the twins were 14, so Lexa left the facility to find help for him. She negotiated with Mason Eckhart to obtain free medical care for Leo in exchange for her becoming a GS agent. Lexa tried to leave the GSA when she found that Leo was being tortured instead of being treated, but she was recaptured and surgically implanted with a neural implant to control her actions. Adam Kane failed to remove the implant during her two-year membership on his early Mutant X 1.0 team, so Lexa left him to work as a mercenary. Learning that Leo had escaped from Genomex, Lexa traded her services as a Dominion operative for their help in her search for him, sponsored by her mysterious Dominion Contact. Adam worked through back channels to have The Dominion assign her to Mutant X once again. As a chromatic molecular, Lexa ("Complexa") is able to bend light to make herself and those she is touching invisible. Unlike molecular stealth mutants Danielle and Catherine Hartman, however, Lexa is also able to shoot penetrating lasers from her fingertips, and create blinding light flashes with her hands. Thus some sources list Lexa as an elemental instead of a molecular (read more about the controversy over Lexa's new mutant type here). There is a time limit on Lexa's invisibility, and while invisible her heat outline can still be seen with infra-red goggles or feral vision.

Lexa-centric episodes: Into the Moonless Night (301), The Taking of Crows (305), Brother's Keeper (310), Art of Attraction (313), She's Come Undone (317)

Lexa Trivia: Lexa's biggest fear is of dogs, her drink of choice is tequila, and she used to be quite the party girl before joining Mutant X. Lexa can play a mean game of chess.

* Lexa's age: In "Brother's Keeper," Sanctuary's new mutant database biography of Lexa's brother Leo shows that he is 28 years old. Since the two are fraternal twins, Lexa is also 28 years old.

* In a 2005 interview with fans, actress Karen Cliche mentioned that one of the behind-the-scenes jokes was that Lexa's middle name was 'Disa,' making her Lexa Disa Pierce (Disappears, get it?)

Quotes from Lexa:
~ Wow, you guys give up easy, don't you?
~ What is the 'it' that I want? I want to be back having dinner with a delectable painter named Marco on the Italian Riviera.
~ Little word of advice. Don’t let people in too easy. It’s a good way to get yourself killed.
~ Jesse: Whatever Adam is, he taught me good ideas. Ideas that I’m still gonna fight for. Lexa: Another idealist.
~ Brennan: Yeah, I'll bet you would've done better if you had been there. Lexa: Well, I couldn't have done worse.
~ The Tiger: I think I'm going to enjoy killing you. Lexa: You already missed your chance.
~ The Voice: Don't get in over your head. Lexa: I was born there.
~ Jesse: I'd pay good money to get a look at your Rolodex. Lexa: That's what all the boys say.
~ Shalimar: That smell. It’s like rotting infected flesh or something. Lexa: Now there’s a reason I’m glad I’m not feral.
~ Jesse: He's a Genomex alumni. Lexa: Of course. Damn, I'd love to know what evil juice they put in that water cooler.
~ Lexa: Just remember what Mom used to say when you used to have nightmares: Focus on one good thing.
~ Jesse: Look, we’re not just gonna get in bed with this guy! Lexa: Speak for yourself.
~ Brennan: Dr. Palance, an old psychiatrist friend of mine. Lexa: Wow, I'm impressed. I think it's high time you started to deal with your inadequacies.
~ Dr. Victor Palance: I am not a vindictive person. But I don’t think there will ever be any true justice here. Lexa: Well, I AM a vindictive person. And if it were up to me, I’d pump her sorry ass so full of cortisol, it’d make her hair turn white. But that’s me.
~ Lexa: Your problem is, you're too trusting, Jess. Jesse: I've trusted you since the day we met. Lexa: That isn't exactly helping your argument.
~ Brennan: Did you try to override it? Lexa: No, I thought I'd come down here and whine about it first.
~ Well, nice going, Nerd Wonder. Now delete it.
~ I don't do dog.
~ So far today, she’s helped a murderer escape; she stole classified equipment and kicked my ass. So forgive me if I don’t take everything she says as gospel.
~ I was never average.
~ Dr. Ken Harrison: I loved her. Lexa: That’s too bad. Love hurts.
~ You know what, Shal? If there’s one thing I’ve learned is, never underestimate a feral.
~ Hello? Damsel in distress, aisle two!
~ My God, she gets any more territorial with Brennan, she'll have to pee on his leg... Let's pretend I never said that.
~ Is there any place in this rock where a girl can get a little privacy?!
~ Lexa: Thanks, Jesse. Jesse: For what? Lexa: For giving me faith.
~ You actually thought a subdermal governor was going to make me harmless?
~ Council Head: What did you want with The Creator? Lexa: Oh, I was thinking an evening of candlelight, wine, world domination.
~ Council Head: If you help us find Adam Kane, what time you have left will be spent more comfortably. Lexa: Well, I'd be a lot more comfortable with my foot down your throat.
~ Well, I promise. The next time someone's trying to kill us, you'll be the first to know.
~ Jess, I care about you too. And we are not going to die. We are walking out of here, and I tell you, when we do, we are gonna take this whole damn place down around their ears.

Official Site bio
Lexa Pierce is a mystery. Her shadowy past includes covert operations for several intelligence and security agencies. Like the members of Mutant X, she was unwittingly subjected to genetic experimentation and as a result, can manipulate light in amazing ways.

First Mutant's Psychiatric Evaluation of Dominion Operative Lexa Pierce. I wrote this for Mutant X Phoenix.

Identifying Data: Miss Lexa Pierce is a single 28-year-old female chromatic molecular mutant with a past psychiatric history significant for paranoid personality disorder and cynophobia.

Chief Complaint: “I feel responsible for my brother’s death.”

History of Present Illness: Lexa Pierce reports symptoms of depression after the death of her twin brother, Leo Pierce. Mr. Pierce was a molecular multiple mutant. When he began losing control over his personalities, the head of the Genetic Security Agency (GSA), Mason Eckhart, agreed to pay for his treatment at a Genomex-run institution in exchange for Miss Pierce’s services as a GS agent. Instead of being helped, however, Mr. Pierce was tortured. 5 years ago, he developed the dangerous alter, Troy, who killed an orderly to escape the facility. Miss Pierce finally found her brother 7 months ago, with the help of The Dominion and Mutant X. She simultaneously discovered that Mr. Pierce was being hunted by her former lover, Charles Carter, who needed a heart transplant from him. Miss Pierce confronted her brother, but was unable to regain his trust before he changed into Troy. Troy threatened to murder her Mutant X teammate, Brennan Mulwray, forcing Miss Pierce to kill her twin to save Mr. Mulwray.

Following this traumatic event, Miss Pierce felt increased guilt, sorrow, and irritability, along with anger directed at Mr. Mulwray for indirectly necessitating Mr. Pierce’s death. She states that her brother was the only person that mattered to her. These emotions made focusing on her job difficult; the death of her brother erased her motivation for being a Dominion operative. Jesse Kilmartin’s assurances that she belongs with Mutant X have enabled her to control her feelings and perform her duties.

Miss Pierce denies current homicidal/suicidal ideation, symptoms of mania, hallucinations, delusions, or anxiety.

Past Psychiatric History:

1. Paranoid Personality Disorder: According to her initial Dominion psychiatric evaluation, Miss Pierce has harbored a deep distrust of others since the deception involving her brother’s mistreatment. She reacts angrily when she suspects that she is being used or deceived, and will readily counterattack. She often fears that information given to others will be used maliciously against her. She can interpret benign remarks as demeaning or threatening. She has an overriding need for control in her relationships in order to avoid betrayal. She bears grudges for years, and will act upon them if given the opportunity. Her revenge “List” includes anyone she feels has wronged her or those close to her. She murdered industrialist Lawrence Bosch for killing her teammates, and nightclub owner Milo Dinovi for poisoning her with DXL.

2. Cynophobia: Miss Pierce has a long-standing fear of dogs. She says, “I don’t do dog.”

Past Medical History:

1. Mutant Classification: Elemental/Molecular, Chromatic. Miss Pierce can shoot lasers from her fingertips, create blinding light flashes with her hands, and become temporarily invisible by bending light around her and those she is touching. Her mutation causes DNA instability which will ultimately prove fatal. Our medical files show that Miss Pierce’s genetic expiration date is rapidly approaching.

2. Poisoning: 11 months ago, Miss Pierce was drugged with the upper DXL, which has deadly effects on new mutants. After experiencing fluctuations of her mutant abilities, convulsions, and heart failure, she was injected with an antidote to the drug. She shows no residual ill effects from this exposure.

3. Neural Implant: While with the GSA, Miss Pierce was a subject of Project Nine. Dr. John Gonsalves placed a neural implant in her neck, allowing him to control her central nervous system and her actions. She injured her present Dominion Contact while under this control. Efforts by ex-Genomex geneticist Adam Kane and Dominion doctors to remove or completely deactivate the implant were unsuccessful. Dr. Gonsalves reactivated the implant 3 months ago, compelling Miss Pierce to kill 3 Project Nine doctors and several Dominion employees. The implant has since been removed. Miss Pierce recalls this incident with trepidation, stating that she “would rather die than be someone’s puppet,” and “I refuse to be that powerless. I won’t.”

Medications: None.

Medication Allergies: None.

Travel History: USA, South America, Italy. Vaccinations up to date.

Substances: Non-smoker, no recreational drug use. Miss Pierce used to frequent bars and nightclubs, but now only drinks an occasional tequila.

Family History: Miss Pierce’s fraternal twin brother Leo Pierce was a molecular multiple who could change his physiological appearance to become different personalities. His alters included the dangerous Troy, an Asian man and a little girl named Mary Kate. Mr. Pierce never regained control over his mutant ability before his untimely demise.

Social/Developmental History:

Birth/Development: Lexa and Leo Pierce were conceived as the result of a military genetic experiment. There were no problems with gestation, delivery, or achieving developmental milestones. Both children developed mutant abilities during their pre-teenage years.

Early Family Life: Miss Pierce’s parents were military intelligence agents. When the twins developed their mutant abilities, their parents sent them to a military facility until they were 14 years old. Miss Pierce remains bitter about this abandonment.

Employment: Miss Pierce worked for Mutant X 1.0, the GSA, and the CIA before coming to The Dominion. Miss Pierce claims that she left Mutant X 1.0 after two years because the leader, Adam Kane, was keeping secrets from her. She states that she and Mr. Kane had a “special relationship,” the nature of which she is reluctant to disclose. Miss Pierce left the GSA after discovering the truth about her brother.



1. Dominion Contact: Miss Pierce suspects that her Contact has withheld important information from her about missions and The Dominion’s true purpose. In spite of this, Miss Pierce thinks that he has a personal interest in "one of his best operatives." He warned her about treading lightly when the Dominion Council was "out for blood," lied to the Council to protect her when she was under Mr. Gonsalves's power, and provided her with vital information when a teammate’s life was in danger. These incidences have led Miss Pierce to conclude that their relationship exceeds the professional.

2. Shalimar Fox [Feline Feral, Mutant X]: On Miss Pierce’s introduction to Mutant X, Miss Fox claimed that she didn’t want her in her home, but lately, their relationship has become less rocky. As a feral, Miss Fox will defend her teammates at all costs. She once gave her life to save Miss Pierce from being hit by Mr. Bosch's car, and protected her from The Dominion’s Fixers. Yet, though Miss Fox sees Miss Pierce as a member of her team, the two women are not really friends. Miss Pierce expresses a desire to become closer to Miss Fox, believing that they share strength, independence, and a fierce loyalty to loved ones.

3. Brennan Mulwray [Electrical Elemental, Mutant X]: The most temperamental member of Mutant X, Mr. Mulwray causes much of Miss Pierce’s work-related stress. Like Miss Pierce, Mr. Mulwray always wants things done his way. His willfulness and continued mistrust of Miss Pierce causes conflicts between the two, sometimes jeopardizing missions. He insisted upon being part of her mission to obtain the prion weapon from Kristen Greg, and withheld information from her about incoming calls to Sanctuary during an ongoing Dominion investigation. Miss Pierce is exasperated by his repeatedly questioning the fact that she is “not the enemy,” even after she sacrificed her brother to save him. Despite his continued resistance to her and The Dominion, Miss Pierce calls "Sparky" an asset to the team because of his past criminal connections and versatile mutant abilities.

4. Jesse Kilmartin [Impervious/Intangible, Mutant X]: Clearly uncomfortable while discussing her relationship with "Nerd Wonder," Miss Pierce resorts to jokes to avoid the issues. Deeper probing reveals that she sees Mr. Kilmartin as a good man who is too naive. He has reproached her pride as well as her taste for revenge. Miss Pierce values Mr. Kilmartin’s positive esteem, for he "gives me faith." She shares her thoughts with him, feels relaxed around him, and recalls asking his advice on handling her brother. She is concerned that his feelings for her extend further than those of a teammate or friend. Miss Pierce has been repeatedly mistreated throughout her life: her parents abandoned her, Mr. Kane kept secrets from her, her lovers betrayed her, and the GSA controlled her. She has learned that love can only hurt and that trusting others can be fatal. She uses sarcasm in combination with icy indifference as a shield against unwanted personal interest. Miss Fox and Mr. Mulwray take her at face value, but Mr. Kilmartin is not so easily dissuaded. He seems determined to discover the person behind the rigid shell, and will not be put off by her unwillingness to share herself. At every opportunity, he expresses his feelings through words and actions. Like Miss Fox, he has risked his life for hers. After the death of her brother, Mr. Kilmartin expressed caring concern, and persuaded her to stay with her new family, Mutant X. He once asked her for a date, and was jealous of her flirting with thief Randall Blake. He has also called her his “reason for living.” Miss Pierce, conflicted by her wariness of romantic relationships, remains unsure of how to respond to his advances.


1. Charles Carter [Telekinetic, GSA Security Chief]: Though Miss Pierce had an affair with Mr. Carter while her brother was institutionalized, he never told her what he knew of her twin’s situation. Years later, when a bullet damaged Mr. Carter’s heart, he sent men after Mr. Pierce to obtain his heart for a second transplant. He died of heart failure after Jesse Kilmartin took away his anti-rejection medication.

2. Randall Blake [Elemental, Thief/Artist]: Miss Pierce teamed up with Mr. Blake while on a mission to steal 3 paintings. Besides a sexual attraction, the two shared the ability to disable foes with powerful energy blasts, a cocky “my way or the highway” attitude, a talent for thievery, and physical attractiveness along with the willingness to use their looks to get what they desired. Mr. Blake betrayed Miss Pierce twice during their partnership, first switching the painting she held with a fake, and then abandoning her to deal with security after they stole the third painting together. During their last conversation at his bar, she hinted that they might meet again someday.

Religion/Ethics: Miss Pierce is not affiliated with any religion, but she does have strong views about right and wrong. She will do what she must to achieve her goals, even if it requires ignoring others’ interests. She is disgusted with the use of human research for personal gain, as in the cases of Lawrence Bosch and ex-Genomex scientist Dr. Vincent Arrigo. Miss Pierce does not support the use of mutants as guinea pigs or lab rats. She believes that the best way to deal with the introduction of mutants is to let them die out, since mutants can be dangerous, and have special abilities that can overpower non-mutants, perhaps eventually wiping them out. To this end, she thinks mutants should not be allowed to have children.

Mental Status Exam:

Appearance: Miss Pierce is a 27-year-old female who appears her stated age. She is well-dressed, well-groomed, and appears healthy.

Speech: Normal tone, rate and rhythm without mumbling, dysarthria, stuttering, or syntax abnormalities. She gives short or evasive answers at times.

Behavior: Appropriate eye contact. No tremor, tics, or odd positions noted. Normal psychomotor activity.

Mood: Describes present mood as “I feel just fine.”

Affect: Sarcastic, full range. Mood congruent, but at times inappropriate to present situation.

Perception: No hallucinations, illusions, or dissociations.

Thought Content: No suicidal thoughts. Occasional homicidal and paranoid thoughts.

Thought Process: Goal directed, relevant, logical and coherent.

Cognitive: 30/30 on Folstein Mini Mental Exam.

Judgment: Fair. Most notably impaired in the following scenarios: perceived loss of control, loved one in danger.

Insight: Miss Pierce is aware of her depression and paranoid tendencies and understands some of the reasons behind them.

Assessment and Plan:

Axis I (Psychiatric illness):
1. Moderate situational depression status post death of a sibling.
2. Cynophobia.
Axis II (Personality disorder, mental retardation): Paranoid Personality Disorder.
Axis III (Medical illness): Nearing genetic expiration date.
Axis IV (Psychosocial stressors): Recent brother’s death, Traumatic childhood events, Stressful work environment.
Axis V (Global Assessment of Function 0-90): 60 at present, 70 in the past year.


1. Situational Depression. Lexa Pierce appears to be dealing with the loss of her beloved brother as best she can. Ever since her parents abandoned the twins, Miss Pierce dedicated herself to caring for her twin. After his death, she was persuaded to remain with The Dominion because of a burgeoning feeling of belonging with Mutant X. I believe that her guilt and sorrow will ease with time.

2.Low Self Esteem. Some of Miss Pierce’s brassy over-confident manner is an over-compensation for a shaky self-esteem. She believes herself flawed because of her mutation and her failure to save her brother. She says that Mr. Kilmartin once called her a “self-hating mutant.” There is evidence for this observation. Miss Pierce thinks all new mutants are unnatural. Her brother’s mutation contributed to his suffering and ultimate death. Her own mutant abilities were the reason her parents sent her away. She has witnessed many violent mutants in her time with the GSA and Dominion; she remembers the deaths she herself caused under Gonsalves’ control. She knows that her DNA instability has shortened her lifespan. For these reasons, Miss Pierce sees her mutation as more of a curse than a blessing.

Miss Pierce also blames herself for failing to honor her vow to protect her twin. She feels guilty for sending him to Mason Eckhart, for not rescuing him from the institution, for not reaching him before Troy emerged, and for killing him. Her feelings of inadequacy compel her to constantly prove her worth to herself and those around her. The over-confident act quickly falls apart in the face of any failure. When she recently discovered that she sent Mr. Mulwray and Miss Fox to Deklin Charvet on a deadly mission, she was unable to keep her head and form a plan to rescue them. Instead, she immediately lost all faith in her ability to handle the situation.

3. Paranoid Personality Disorder. Miss Pierce is vindictive and suspicious of others. She needs to be in command of every situation at all times; her greatest fear is appearing weak, allowing others to take advantage of her. If she finds that she has lost control, she can act impulsively to regain the upper hand. After DXL weakened her, she rashly decided to enter a prison to find the drug’s designer, Dr. Sara Stanton. When under the influence of her neural implant, she could not sit quietly while her teammates found the doctors involved. She left to handle the situation herself, regardless of the harm that her decision might cause herself and others. Her need for control also extends to interpersonal relationships. She states that Charles Carter “was useful to me once,” when actually it was Mr. Carter who was using her. Sleeping with Randall Blake after his first betrayal gave her a chance to plant a tracking device, but it also let her prove to herself that she could still win the game, and be the best manipulator.

Miss Pierce's instinctual distrust of others is exaggerated by her Dominion training, which strictly forbids personal attachments. Yet she has begun to relax around her Mutant X teammates, showing more interest in their lives, and wanting to be closer to them.

Future Recommendations: I have serious reservations about allowing Lexa Pierce to continue with Mutant X. When Miss Pierce first joined The Dominion, her assets included a daring over-confidence, distrust of everyone, a disregard for others, the readiness to do anything/hurt anyone to complete a mission, and a penchant for working secretly and independently. Her determination to find her brother ensured her loyalty to this institution.

There are now ominous signs that Miss Pierce is becoming a less optimal Dominion operative. Her brother’s death compromised her loyalty to The Dominion. Her growing attachment to her Mutant X teammates makes her vulnerable to exceedingly poor judgment. Despite the strict Dominion policy “We Do Not Negotiate,” Miss Pierce was willing to release a potentially dangerous mutant in exchange for Mr. Kilmartin’s life. She withheld information critical to a Dominion investigation in order to shield Miss Fox from reprisal for aiding scientist Keith Burstyn. She has not yet reported the reappearance of Adam Kane to her Dominion Contact, and she disobeyed his direct order to stay out of the search for Tony LaPorta.

Miss Pierce's evasive answers make it difficult to determine how much she knows about The Dominion's purpose. She knows that her Contact withheld information from her about Project Immortalis and the nature of scientist Illich Sefchek’s invention. Similar concerns about Adam Kane caused her to leave Mutant X 1.0. It is imperative that she not discover the full extent to which her views on human research and the handling of mutants differ from those of this organization.

Miss Pierce’s willingness to sacrifice all to protect those she loves makes her a serious threat to those she deems enemies. I am concerned that she may be substituting her twin with a new family of Mutant X, despite their continued distrust of her and her motivations.

I understand from the Operative Assignments file that Lexa Pierce’s next assignment is to bring Jesse Kilmartin in for examination of his genetic structure. Since Mr. Kilmartin is the teammate closest to Miss Pierce, I advise that precautionary measures be taken in case Miss Pierce fails in her duty. If a subdermal governor is required, I would suggest increasing security, as her overwhelming need to be in control could cause her to become violent. I also advise that her neural implant be studied for possible future use.

Lexa Pierce must not turn her guilt about her failure to save her brother into a crusade against The Dominion. I strongly recommend that this assignment, once completed, be her last with Mutant X

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