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Mutant X FAQ: Shalimar's 'Shipper's Guide

Shalimar Fox's Guide to Mutant X 'Ships

Sex, Death and Betrayal: Since two of the oft repeated central themes of Mutant X are trust and loss, the romances featured in the show tend to be short-lived and/or based upon false pretenses. Below, Mutant X's self-professed fool for love, Shalimar Fox, dishes on the main relationships shown during the series...and a few which exist only in the hearts and imaginations of Mutant X fans.
Shalimar: What can I say? I'm a fool for love.

The Canon Romances

Adam and Christina fell in love while Adam was working at Genomex. Their romance was cut short when Christina’s superiors ordered her to use his Genomex connections to begin generating new mutant assassins like Nick Maddox. In return, Christina introduced Adam to the powerful people who financed his escape from Genomex and construction of Sanctuary. Adam continued to keep in touch with Christina in her guise as his pixilated government contact, “Beverly Parrish.” Seeking revenge after Christina imprisoned him for performing unauthorized operations, Nick chased Christina and Adam into a safe room at her headquarters. The former lovers briefly rekindled their past as they awaited death by Nick or rescue by Mutant X. Luckily, the latter prevailed. From Adam's Journal on Mutant X Lives: ...on CHRISTINA (“BEVERLY PARRISH”) So much of my past is present again. It only makes sense that I contact Christina, despite vows that I would never do so again. “Never”, I am learning, is a highly imaginative term. Paul Breedlove, Mason Eckhart, Gabriel Ashlocke, Danielle Hartman, Dennis Malone, Charles Marlowe. They have all come out of the shadows in the past year to remind me that no matter what has happened in my complicated life, they were always in the picture. Dr. Breedlove and Charles are dead and Mason…well, he won’t be the adversary he once was. Still, their impact has been enormous. Danielle, true to form, has vanished again but had the same effect on me she always did. Most of these relationships caused pain, even violence. Yet, I’ve given them my focus once more and grown in the process. Why should I be so hesitant about doing the same with Christina? Possibly because she is just as much an enigma as I am. Adam. Adam Kane, to some. Child genius. Genomex prodigy. New Mutant architect. Rebel leader. Judas. Solomon. Mutant X founder. Yet, the only one who knows the actual truth is my reflection in the mirror. I’ve kept a veil of mystery that any friend, family member or associate has yet to lift. I’ve had to. Only Mason came close. At the same time every person I’ve come across has always been an open book for me to read. Except for Christina. Her actions, motivations and emotions completely took me off guard and still do. Is she just that much like me? One of the most brilliant statisticians I have ever met. A past as dark and obscured as my own. A career in espionage that seems to cross countless boundaries in loyalty and alliance. An understanding of human nature that makes her both compassionate and dangerous. And…an allure that can still keep me up at night if I allow it to. Why am I always drawn to those I cannot trust? And how many, I wonder, have said the same thing about me? In our time together, Christina used me, betrayed me and, for all I know, never spoke the truth to me. I’m not even certain what her actual name is. “Beverly Parrish” is how I’ve been told to address her in all recent communiqués. Before that it was “Scarlett”. My head is screaming to back out before it’s too late but, for once, my heart is louder. I should hate her with every fiber of my being, but cannot. She is an unfinished symphony in my repertoire that I must play again. Mutant X is my life now. We need the ties and lines of communication that Christina (or “Beverly”) can provide. With Genomex gone and the government in flux about New Mutants, we must tread forward with every advantage possible, even if that means getting into bed with a potential serpent. Ironic choice of words, I know. She may very well feel the same. But, then again, I never know with her. Still, “Ms. Parrish”, I’m taking a bite of your apple again. Heaven help us both.

Adam and Danielle Hartman Adam and Danielle fell in love at Genomex, when she came to him for the treatments that created her stealth abilities, progressively fragmenting her DNA. She left him per Mason Eckhart's advice, preferring her freedom to constant experimentation. Adam tried to persuade her to undergo more experiments to fortify her genetic code, but Mason convinced her that Adam could not be trusted to treat her as anything but a lab rat. She dated Mason briefly before leaving Genomex to work as at a shipping company upstate. 16 years after her own daughter was also born a stealth mutant, Danielle returned to steal a genetic sequencer from one of Adam's safehouses to cure herself, but then lost it to the GSA. In order to find a treatment that could help her and her daughter, she convinced Adam to try Ephanol, the euphoria from which caused her to seek out Mason's aid. Mutant X saved her from GSA capture, and Adam combined her DNA with her daughter Catherine's, stabilizing both. From Adam's diary on Mutant X Lives: DANIELLE HARTMAN - She still owns my heart and youth. I cannot bring myself to write much about her. She fades from me now, as always, but never goes away. I hope her daughter will not share the same fate.

Adam and Lucy McTeague Despite their ideological differences, scientist Dr. Benjamin McTeague was one of Adam Kane’s closest colleagues for ten years until Adam had an affair with his wife Lucy. Though she ended the affair and returned to her husband, Lucy left her husband shortly thereafter. A broken man who never recovered after the dissolution of his marriage, Dr. McTeague committed suicide. Lucy also died when her son, Benjamin Jr. was 15 years old. Ben Jr. harbored resentment towards Adam for his parents’ fate for years afterwards.

Adam and Serena Serena approached Adam at a fancy pre-conference banquet, pretending to be a genetics researcher. Flirtatiously luring him away from the crowd, Serena pulled off her knife-like bracelet and tried to stab him. Shalimar appeared in the nick of time and saved Adam's life by kicking Serena off a balcony to her death. Adam later learned that Serena was a member of the Blue Bolt assassination ring hired by a former rival's son, Benjamin McTeague Jr.

Brennan and The Girl Of The Month...Week...Day...

Brennan and Ashley Elliot; Ashley Elliot and Eric Tanner Ashley's fiance Eric Tanner conspired with the bounty hunter Neil Cross to bring her to the GSA. Ashley's DNA was actively mutating, forcing her to absorb large amounts of electricity to survive. After Ashley caused a temporary blackout by draining a power station of 400 megawatts, Mutant X brought her to Sanctuary, where she and Brennan experienced an instant attraction. Despite Adam's repeated warnings, Ashley and Brennan kissed. Ashley then absorbed Brennan in the form of electricity, taking off in the Double Helix to rescue Eric from Neil. She arrived too late, however, for Neil had already killed Eric in a dispute over money. Neil took a weakened Ashley back to the power station to strengthen her before delivering her to Mason Eckhart. Using the Double Helix to reverse the polarity of the electromagnetic charges, Mutant X successfully pulled Brennan from Ashley as she absorbed the energy which would have been lethal for him. Adam was able to stabilize Ashley's DNA, ending her power hungry rampage.

Brennan and Becky Dolan Fellow con artist Becky Dolan was the love of Brennan's life in high school. They shared a run-down apartment for a short while before she conned him out of some money and left him high and dry. Becky reappeared years later with her son Connor in tow, pretending that Connor was Brennan's son. With Mutant X's help, Brennan saved Connor and Becky the QJ14 assassins chasing her after she stole a sensitive disk belonging to Senate candidate Daniel Foster. Even once he learned that Connor was not his, Brennan promised to keep an eye out for Becky and her son.

Brennan and Kristen Greg Casino owner Kristen Greg got into the gambling circuit quite young, and quickly developed a reputation as a hard-core risk taker. The geneticist Dominique hired her to set up an auction at her Westlands Casino to sell a dangerous prion weapon to a select group of arms dealers. Brennan went in undercover as a gambler, romancing Kristen to distract her from Mutant X’s efforts to acquire the weapon. When Kristen blew his cover, Brennan pretended to be one of the bidders instead, “The Tiger.” All too soon, this cover was blown as well by the appearance of the real Tiger. Kristen attempted to slay Mutant X with the prion weapon, but unbeknownst to her, Shalimar had previously switched its container with a harmless aerosol. Mutant X absconded with the weapon, and Kristen was called to task by an angry Dominique.

Brennan and Lorna Templeton To bolster her compromised immune system, Genomex scientists spliced Lorna’s DNA with that of a scorpion before she was born. As a result, Lorna could sprout deadly stingers from her wrists and release a pink pheremone gas from neck pores which caused men to become obsessed with her. Shalimar and Jesse intervened as GS agents were pursuing Lorna, who stung one agent to death and gassed a second, Carl Ames. Under Lorna’s spell, Carl informed Lorna of Mason Eckhart’s upcoming plan to buy the valuable computer virus anomite from government scientist Dr. Tork. Mutant X failed to stop Lorna from stealing the anomite because Carl shot Shalimar, but Brennan recognized his former associate Tony Reese among Lorna’s team and tracked him to her apartment. Lorna seduced Brennan and conspired with him to sell the anomite to Mason. When Tony became jealous, Lorna murdered him. After an enchanted Brennan chose to protect Lorna over his former teammates, Adam sent Shalimar to surreptitiously innoculate him with an antivenom he had created from Carl’s blood. Seeing that her charms had become ineffective on him, Lorna stung Brennan as well, only to be knocked unconscious by Shalimar before she could escape. GS agent Halloran captured Lorna, but she gassed him before he could place a subdermal governor on her. The two eloped together, taking the money in Genomex’s safe.

Brennan and Miranda Davis Miranda Davis cared for Brennan after he crash-landed in New Hope, the mining town which Dr. Alfred Marcus had insulated in an electronic bubble. Fearing that the town council might make him disappear like her father for his claims of being an outsider, Miranda advised Brennan to pretend that he was Gerald Gilbert’s son, Ben. Miranda’s ex-boyfriend Josh set Brennan up for murder after he discovered the truth, but Miranda and Gerald were able to rescue Brennan from corporal punishment. Mutant X saved the day by destroying the force-field generator, yet Miranda opted to remain in New Hope rather than venture out into the real world.

Brennan and Riley Morgan A former Link in The Strand, Riley Morgan was once in love with Gabriel Ashlocke. After Gabriel's death, Riley felt blessed when precog John Bishop declared her one of the four new mutants chosen to contribute DNA to The Child, Gabriel's successor. She soon realized her son's dangerous potential, however, and set out to stop the prophetic omens leading to his ascension to power. When this strategy failed, she and Brennan Mulwray (another contributing 'parent') found The Child's underground home and fought off the Links protecting him. The Child easily deflected Riley's killing psionic blast and connected with her, convincing her that he had not yet been corrupted by The Links. In turn, Riley convinced Brennan to allow her to go into hiding to raise The Child herself.

Brennan and Samantha Bennett Samantha was a new mutant with the ability to send her consciousness short distances backwards in time. At a young age, she was discovered by the corrupt industrialist Lawrence Bosch, who forced her to use her powers to repeatedly recreate human drug trials of medications which often had horrible side effects. Once Samantha learned that Bosch was planning to bomb a rival drug company's headquarters, she attempted to find a method of preventing the deaths by traveling backwards time and time again. All trials failed until she called the Dominion to enlist Mutant X's aid and discovered that she could bring Brennan back in time with her. After one of the runs proved fatal for Brennan, she sacrificed herself on the next to save his life.

Brennan and Shalimar (Brenimar, Shalnan) Perhaps the most popular and controversial canon relationship in the Mutant X fandom, the romantic potential between Brennan and Shalimar remains inconsistent until the last season's twilight. Shalimar labels Brennan a teammate and "more like a brother" in the first season, which ends with an almost-kiss between the two. In Season 2, subtle hints of jealousy crop up as Shalimar and Brennan have other romances; sporadic flirtations in Season 3 culminate in a last minute sexual encounger in the series finale, "The Assault."

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Emma and Caleb Mathias Caleb was a molecular with the ability to regenerate himself by ingesting the lifeforce of other new mutants. With the forced help of the bartender Maria, a psionic with the ability to detect new mutants, Caleb had escalated to killing 6 mutants in 5 months by the time Mason Eckhart assigned GS agent Pamela Fries to end his rampage. Meanwhile, Caleb met Emma at Maria's nightclub and attempted to make Emma victim #7. Brennan fought him off. Caleb haunted Emma's mind until she returned to him, but their next face-off was interrupted by Pamela's running Caleb over with her car. Caleb revived himself from the dead, capturing and draining both Pamela and Emma in his underground dungeon in the process. As Shalimar mourned over Emma's body, Caleb was about to attack her as well when Brennan electrocuted him, burning him past resuscitation. Once Caleb's body dissolved into ashes, the lifeforces he had absorbed returned to their previous owners, and Emma and Pamela were saved. From Adam's diary on Mutant X Lives: CALEB MATHIUS - John Steinbeck wrote that some people are born monsters. It also applies to New Mutants. They can be as evil and twisted as Eckhart and it has nothing to do with genetics. Mathius was, for lack of a better word, a vampire. He knew right from wrong and still enjoyed the seduction and killing of his victims. There was help available to control his powers but he chose the life of a predator. Fortunately for us, Emma was not among his casualties.

Emma and Tyler Ryan Tyler was helping a band of hard-core environmentalists plant a bomb at Wycoff Chemical Plant when he had a vision of Emma. Mutant X arrived moments later to stop the bomb's detonation, but Emma and Tyler's instant connection distracted Emma into letting the band get away. After Adam questioned her judgement, Emma took off to convince the environmentalists' leader, Skye, to bring her to Tyler on his jet ski. When she fell off, Tyler saved her from drowning and their bond deepened. Seeing that Emma might die during his next mission, Tyler warned Emma to stay away and tried in vain to leave Skye's group. Emma learned of Skye's plan to blow up OMDI Corporation, releasing a dangerous enzyme into the ocean which could destroy all the oil contamination at once. Mutant X failed to keep Skye from puncturing the gas tank with a bullet, but Tyler pushed Emma out of the containment vault before sealing himself inside with Skye. The deadly enzyme disintegrated both men as Emma watched, helpless to intervene.

Gabriel Ashlocke and Avaris With the aid of the unwilling Dr. Aziza Deparis, Gabriel revived the body of the powerful ancient Egyptian alchemist Avaris. In return, she promised to help keep him alive. Before she could make good on her promise, however, Mutant X discovered the secret crystal which could counteract her magic, and Adam read the inscription which caused her to explode.

Gabriel Ashlocke and Dr. Aziza Deparis As Gabriel discovered that his genetic instability was hastening his demise, Dr. Deparis did her best to help Gabriel more comfortable. In return for her loving ministrations, Gabriel drowned her as a sacrifice so that he could raise an ancient Egyptian sorcerer. Let this be a lesson, ladies. Never get involved with a powerful mutant psychopath.

Gabriel Ashlocke and Kelly Rice Kelly Rice was one of Gabriel Ashlocke’s followers who attempted to flee The Strand after losing hope that he would ever be freed from his stasis pod. Despite Shalimar and Brennan’s best efforts, GS agent Morgan Fortier captured Kelly, reuniting the rogue Links in anticipation of Gabriel’s return. Once Morgan released him, Gabriel used his psionic abilities to brainwash Kelly into helping him find and recruit more Links. Kelly’s wall of fire prevented Shalimar and Brennan from reaching her while she and Gabriel stole Sanctuary’s new mutant database from one of the safehouses.

Gabriel Ashlocke and Kim Kim was the Link who helped Gabriel Ashlocke to get into Sanctuary. She escaped while Gabriel was being 'cured' by Adam, but was pregnant with Gabriel’s child. It's unlikely that Kim's child was the same as The Child from "The Prophecy," since the latter was created after Gabriel's death...but you never know.

Gabriel Ashlocke and Morgan Fortier GS agent Morgan Fortier released Gabriel Ashlocke from his stasis pod at Genomex. Unaware that she was the cause of his escape, Mason Eckhart assigned her to capture and bring Gabriel back to Genomex. Instead, she betrayed Mason and joined Gabriel's movement, helping Gabriel recruit new mutant Links for his group, The Strand. She had hoped to become Gabriel's right hand woman in his new world order, but his womanizing tendencies did not support her desires. After she aided Gabriel in his successful quest to take over Genomex, Morgan was never mentioned again.

Gabriel Ashlocke and Patricia Patricia was a Link member of Gabriel Ashlocke's group, The Strand. As his death approached, Gabriel chose her to be the instrument of destruction in his "Last Testament" plan to take the entire city with him. His mind control over her was erratic, however, so that when Mutant X came to stop Gabriel at the Club Paradiso, Patricia was able to create an energy wall separating Mutant X from The Links' attack. In return, Mutant X took her to Sanctuary for protection from Gabriel, only to find that Gabriel had already taken over Sanctuary with codes he had extracted psionically from Shalimar Fox's mind. Fearing Gabriel's wrath, Patricia refused to tell them any more about his plot. Learning that Adam Kane did not intend to cure him, Gabriel telepathically forced Patricia to use a power plant's transformer to blow up the city. Mutant X convinced Patricia to fight his influence however, and Gabriel died without seeing his revenge fulfilled.

Gabriel Ashlocke and Shalimar (Shalash) Gabriel first met Shalimar at a mutant safehouse as he was recruiting new mutants for his band of followers, The Strand. Gabriel knocked both Shalimar and Brennan unconscious when they attempted to prevent him from stealing Adam's new mutant database from the safehouse. Gabriel then brought Shalimar back to his headquarters and used his powers of mind control to turn her against Mutant X. Emma was able to restore Shalimar's will with a psionic blast of her own, but Gabriel would continue to menace and haunt Shalimar's mind until his death.

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Jesse and Alisha Keary The offspring of wealthy families, Alisha and Jesse summered together for years before becoming high school sweethearts. They were engaged to be married when Jesse’s new mutant abilities emerged. Unable to hide these changes, Jesse disappeared, fearing that Alisha wouldn’t be able to understand. Circumstances forced Jesse to reunite with Alisha years later, when The Dominion sent Lexa and Jesse to investigate a locust attack on crop fields owned by her company, the bioagricultural conglomerate ZDT. Lexa uncovered Project Redstock, a profitable plot to develop insecticide-resistant locusts which would devour everything but specific ZDT crops. Once Jesse informed Alisha, Mutant X was able to destroy the locusts and save Alisha from the deadly retribution of Project Redstock's creator, ZDT's R&D head, Nate Gilmore. Alisha and Jesse sadly agreed that they were headed down divergent paths.

Jesse and Amanda Terry Amanda Terry, who worked by day at a music store, was the attractive feral whom Jesse Kilmartin was dating. Once Jesse had walked her home from after a night of dancing, Amanda was attacked by insect-like aliens who harvested her spinal fluid and dumped her body in the river.

Jesse and Lexa (Jexa) She’s sarcastic, she’s secretive, and she’s definitely not a team player. But rather than take Lexa Pierce at face value, Jesse digs his heels in, determined to get her to open up to him...whether she likes it or not. As a result, Jesse is responsible for a significant portion of the blossoming emotional evolution that takes place in Lexa's character over the course of the third season. Though it is readily apparent that Jesse has feelings for Lexa by the fifth episode of the third season, in which he risks his life for hers, it isn't entirely clear why (aside from the obvious physical attraction). He trusts her long before he has reason to, asks her out just before she blows him off for another man, and repeatedly attempts to get close to her despite her dismissive attitude. As a result of Jesse's persistence, Lexa does begin to relax around him by the end of the third season, as evidenced by two kisses and a reluctant admission of "caring about" him in the last episode. She does, however, continue to stave off his sentimental expressions to the very end.

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Jesse and Toni Quintana A former associate of Brennan Mulwray's, expert computer hacker Toni had given up her criminal past to date Jesse Kilmartin and run The Data Dive, a successful coffee/internet bar. Shortly after Toni successfully hacked into Sanctuary's computer system via a picture file she sent Jesse, GS agent Kendra MacEvoy pretending to be Toni's friend, kidnapped her. Kendra cleaned out the Data Dive and forced Toni to create a GSA-controllable version of Proxy Blue. Toni was able to keep Kendra from finding the disk which contained Sanctuary's access codes long enough to be rescued by Mutant X. After upgrading Sanctuary's computer security, Toni disappeared into the new mutant underground. From Adam's diary on Mutant X Lives: TONI QUINTANA - I must say I am not all that disappointed Ms. Quintana is on her way via the Underground Railroad. Her talent for computer hacking combined with a heated curiosity and telekinetics made her a liability to our security. Are all of Brennan’s associates this shady? I must speak to him about it. Of course, Jesse will suffer the most now that Toni is gone. She was his first passionate romance. Being young and separated from love is a pang I too have experienced. Perhaps I need to be more of a big brother to him than a mentor to him…until the next Juliet comes along.

Lexa and Charles Carter Charles Carter was the chief of Genomex security while Lexa worked for the GSA. During their short-lived affair, Charles lied to Lexa Pierce about the torture her twin brother Leo was undergoing at the hands of Genomex researchers. When they crossed paths again five years later, Charles had suffered one heart transplant rejection after a gunshot wound had damaged his. In order to obtain a more compatible heart, Charles had helped facilitate murderer William Bain’s release from prison, hiring him to catch molecular multiple Leo Pierce. He funded this operation by selling the organs of other new mutants. Lexa stopped her brother’s violent alter, Troy, from murdering Charles, but he didn’t get far before Jesse Kilmartin and Shalimar Fox confiscated his organ rejection medication, leaving him to die.

Lexa and Randall Blake Artist Randall Blake was a cat burgler specializing in stealing international high-end art and seducing women from his bar headquarters, La Brasserie de Boheme. His new mutant ability allowed him to transform himself into a dark gas or create dark matter shields or blasts with his hands. Discovering that he and Lexa Pierce were after the same set of artwork, Randall stole the painting she had acquired. He then seduced her before tricking her into being caught while attempting to steal the last painting in the set. But thanks to a tracking device Lexa planted on his earlobe, Mutant X was able to turn the tables on him. Lexa left Randall in his bar, promising that they would meet again someday.

Mason Eckhart and Danielle Hartman Adam and Danielle fell in love at Genomex, when she came to him for the treatments that created her stealth abilities, progressively fragmenting her DNA. She left him per Mason Eckhart's advice, preferring her freedom to constant experimentation. Adam tried to persuade her to undergo more experiments to fortify her genetic code, but Mason convinced her that Adam could not be trusted to treat her as anything but a lab rat. She dated Mason briefly before leaving Genomex to work as at a shipping company upstate. 16 years after her own daughter was also born a stealth mutant, Danielle returned to steal a genetic sequencer from one of Adam's safehouses to cure herself, but then lost it to the GSA. In order to find a treatment that could help her and her daughter, she convinced Adam to try Ephanol, the euphoria from which caused her to seek out Mason's aid. Mutant X saved her from GSA capture, and Adam combined her DNA with her daughter Catherine's, stabilizing both.

Marc Griffin and Megan Alexander On their way to meet Adam, Marc and his girlfriend Megan were arguing about the merits of the new mutant underground when Marc accidentally pushed Megan down a stairwell, killing her. When Adam arrived, the grief-stricken Marc absorbed his memories and attempted to convince him that Adam had actually murdered Megan with his gun. GS agent Lena Blake then captured Marc so that Mason Eckhart could force him to access Sanctuary's location from Adam's absorbed memories. Once Mason found Sanctuary, however, Emma used her psionic abilities to impersonate Megan, persuading Marc to take responsibility for her death and restore Adam's memory.

Mike and Donna Robson. Newlyweds Mike and Donna joined Deklin Charvet’s Cirque des Merveilles circus, believing it was a safe place for new mutants. When Deklin wouldn’t stop romancing Donna, however, Mike packed their bags and Donna tried to reason with Deklin in the house of mirrors, The Chamber of Souls. Mike watched in horror as Donna was sucked into a mirror. He attacked Deklin, scarring his face for life. Grieving his wife, Mike returned to his hometown to hide in dog parks, protected by his own black dog.

Nick Maddox and Asia When the elemental assassin Nick Maddox was being sent to prison for disobeying his employer Christina's orders, his girlfriend Asia and her accomplice Harris organized his escape from the transfer truck. Asia and Harris accompanied Nick as he hunted Christina down and trapped her with Adam Kane in her safe room. As Harris and Nick drilled their way through the door, Adam flooded the room with water so that when they opened the doors, Asia and Nick were knocked off their feet by a surge of water. The diversion gave Christina the element of surprise she needed to knock Asia unconscious. Brennan then electrocuted Nick.

Ray and Lisa Larkin Fire Marshall Ray Larkin and his wife Lisa were a happy couple. Ray considered himself safe while entering dangerous situations because Lisa was the "angel on his shoulder." One day, Ray was burned to death in a fire during an arson investigation. Emma deLauro, who was psionically connected with him at the time of his death, retained some impressions from Ray’s mind for a time. With Lisa’s help, Emma was able to use Ray’s knowledge to find and confront the arsonist, Ray’s thermal molecular brother Billy. Though she was unable to save Billy's life, a grateful Ray released her and moved on to the next dimension. Afterwards, Emma returned to Lisa's home to tell her what had happened and to present her with Ray's watch.

Shalimar and Dr. Keith Burstyn Keith Burstyn was the one-time Dominion scientist working on suspended animation in order to preserve his dying wife. Disillusioned by his wife’s death, Keith hid from The Dominion until council member Anthony Gervais used his research to suspend five of his fellow council members, holding them for ransom in “A Normal Life.” Adam sent Shalimar to prove Keith’s innocence and help him develop a reanimation process to save the hostages. Keith and Shalimar discovered a shared romantic interest as they worked, and as soon as she had released the hostages, Shalimar raced to protect Keith from The Dominion’s assassins. Adam beat her to the punch, however, fooling the Dominion by blowing up Keith’s apartment building and escorting Keith into the mutant underground. Shalimar reluctantly turned down Keith’s offer to begin a new life with him there.

Shalimar and Dr. Mark Kearney The brilliant Genomex student Mark Kearney worked under Adam for six months before he was reassigned to Dr. Malone’s Walker Project. Guilt-ridden about his participation in the death of the astral projecting teen Cyrus Payton, Mark dedicated himself to his patients at the free clinic and forgetting Genomex....until Cyrus tracked him down to make him pay for his past sins. Shalimar protected him from Cyrus’s attack, but despite their growing attraction for one another, Mark resisted divulging the details of The Walker Project until another colleague’s life was at stake. Mutant X destroyed Cyrus for good using the information Mark provided. Knowing that her feral nature would only remind Mark of his Genomex days, Shalimar respected his wishes that she stay away.

Shalimar and Noel Noel was a senior member of the elite Blue Bolt assassins ring. After one of his colleagues, Serena, failed in her quest to murder Adam, Shalimar infiltrated the ring under the guise of a would-be assassin seeking work. Finding himself attracted to Shalimar despite his distrust of her motives, Noel assigned her to Adam's case. He strapped an explosive weapon to her arm, which would self-destruct if its missile did not destroy Adam. A massed Jesse was able to protect Adam, but when Noel drew guns to finish the job himself, Shalimar was forced to kill him.

Shalimar and Dr. Richard Saunders A research associate at Genomex, Richard created a serum which had the potential to eradicate the genetic abnormalities in new mutants' DNA after six biweekly treatments. Richard tried the serum on himself and had begun treating another feline feral, Donna Morse, when she suddenly disappeared. While searching her apartment, he ran into Shalimar Fox, who was trying to find out why Donna had refused the new mutant underground. The strong feral attraction they shared as they fought quickly blossomed into love. Shalimar decided to leave Mutant X and take the serum with Richard so that they could stay together after he became human. Yet just after Shalimar's first dose, Richard began experiencing cramps. Shalimar brought him to Sanctuary, where the two learned that a flaw in the drug had proved fatal for Donna. Rather than allow both of them to die, Richard asked Adam to save Shalimar with an extract of his own blood, hastening his own death.

Shalimar and Zack Lockhart The professional thief Zack was a psionic with the ability to see through solid walls and then project images of what was behind them. He and Shalimar had a brief affair which ended abruptly when Zack left stolen goods in her freezer, abandoning her to take the rap for one of his heists. Needless to say, she wasn't happy to see him when he appeared five years later to help Mutant X, but agreed to work with him.

Stacy and Matt Matt and Stacy were two hikers who were making out in the woods when they were attacked by rogue feral Michael Ward.

Todd and Jerri Wiley Moleculars Todd and Jerri Wiley were unhappily married when Brennan and safehouse operator Rick Bellamy ushered them into the new mutant underground. As they waited in a safehouse, Rick developed the first signs of the deadly Clodosporium illness, and Adam advised that Brennan remain in quarantine with the couple. During the course of their internment, Brennan discovered that each had unwittingly been carrying on an extramarital affair with a GS agent. By the time a cure had been found for the disease outbreak, the couple had reconciled their differences and went into the underground ready to give their marriage another try.

Vic Collaruso and Claudia Manfred Vic Collaruso and Claudia Manfred shared a love that changed Vic’s life forever. Vic was laundering money through dummy corporations for the infamous crime boss Sam Raymond when Claudia convinced him to go straight. Raymond took a hit out on Vic in retaliation, so he agreed to testify against his former boss in exchange for FBI witness protection in tandem with Mutant X. Raymond’s psionic gifts allowed him to trace Vic and kidnap Claudia for insurance. Adam disguised Jesse as Vic in order to fool Raymond, giving Mutant X the chance to rescue Claudia while Vic was testifying in court. After the trial, Adam sent the reunited couple to the city of their choice.

William Kilmartin and Patty Paxton Patty Paxton was a resident of Clark Port Veteran's Hospital along with Jesse Kilmartin's grandfather William. After William was injected with Colonel Henry Burns's anti-aging serum, he frightened Patty out of her wits by coming to visit her looking 60 years younger. Once the effects of the serum had worn off, he returned to the nursing home for a more tender reunion with "my gal back home."

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Emma and Jesse (Jemma)
Fanfiction: JesseEmma Forever.
Links: Light My Way, Smoke on Water, Underestimated, Jesse and Emma, Waiting in Vain: Emma/Jesse.

Emma and Shalimar (Shalemma)
Fanfiction: Crimson Redd, Emma and Shalimar Fic Heaven, Emma/Shalimar Fanfic, ES Stuff, with Forum, Mutant X Femslash, No Other Way, Notable Emma and Shalimar Fiction, Onça's Dreams, Passion and Perfection: Mutant X. *Warning: mature content

Gabriel Ashlocke and Jesse
Fanfiction: Behind the Shelf. *Warning: mature content

Jesse and Shalimar
Fanfiction: Revelations

Lexa and Shalimar (Shalex)
Links: Shalex, Sisterly Love: Lexa and Shalimar

*Pics used here are from The Official Site, MX French Fan Team, MXL:OS, Pink Hearts, and Roach's Realm.

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