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Mutant X FAQ: Early Character Concepts

Mutant X trivia: Who was Albion Magnus?

According to early casting breakdowns, Albion Magnus was the character who would later be called Mason Eckhart. Since Magnus sounds uncomfortably similar to Magneto, this name was changed for the same reasons Jesse was divested of his Mystique-like abilities, and Adam Xero lost his surname and genetically altered status to his own X-Men counterpart, Professor Xavier: the Fox vs. Marvel lawsuit which alleged that Mutant X was too simliar to the first X-Men film. Emma's similarities to Jean Grey probably prompted the switch in her own abilities to telempathic instead of telepathic.

From a 2001 article in the Comics 2 Film archive:

"Comics2Film has obtained information which sheds light on the upcoming syndicated Mutant X TV show from Marvel. According to a casting breakdown (given to agencies by casting directors when casting is underway), the show is slated to begin filming in Toronto on June 4 of this year. 22 one hour episodes will be filmed. Jay Firestone, Adam Haight, Avi Arad & Rick Unger are Executive Producers. Jamie Paul Rock is the producer.

Although the show is not based on any existing comics or characters, the producers of the show are trying to link it to the X-Men concept. The breakdown provides this description of the storyline: "The series is based on the feature film X-Men. Different characters, different stories. This series is about 5 genetically engineered humans who were all victims of the Human Genome Project-a top secret experiment on fetus's that created children with enhanced gifts. They were made still very human and yet they have capabilities that far exceed those of mankind. The New Mutants, led by Adam Xero, are a 'family' of outlaws with a mission to find the victims of the Human Genome Project...aid them in mastering their abilities, protect them from those who would exploit or harm them, and to provide a sanctuary where they can rebuild their lives.

"There is a government agency called the Genetic Security Agency (GSA), a completely covert intelligence service under the command of Albion Magnus, that seeks out Mutants to bring them into the government's custody. Our New Mutants heroes are not about to be captured by the GSA. The government agency has converted a team of mutants to work for them in their mission to track down all the New Mutants. Each adventure will pit Mutant X against other equally powerful-or even more powerful-mutants, working for the GSA."

So who are these New Mutants? Here are the five parts currently being cast:

Adam Xero: Adam is 30's, handsome, charming and at ease with everyone. He is the leader, strategist, tactician and all around one-man brain trust of the Mutant X. Adam is simply the smartest man alive-one of the special breed of children genetically engineered within the Human Genome Project - a product of a test-tube baby. He knows everything known to man since the dawn of time and can call upon this information at any time. His extreme intellect is his mutation. Even at the age of 10 he was a published writer in the fields of physics, biotechnology and medicine as well as writing bestseller novels that made him a millionaire. He very sexy and has an excellent body. The call sheet requests a physical actor.

Shalimar Fox (aka Shadowfox): She is a fiery and feral beauty utterly in touch with her primal nature. She is a little wild and completely unpredictable... breathtakingly sensual. Outrageous sexiness, with a dark edge. She has strong survival instincts, all of which are the natural outgrowth of her mutant abilities. She also has strength & speed. This actor must be extremely sexy, have a fantastic body and be an amazing athlete.

Brennan Mulwray (aka Fuse): He is the master of electricity-able to literally throw off sparks with enough power coursing through his body to power a small city. A street-smart guy, he is fast talking and wise-cracking with an ingratiating grin. He is a vibrating mass of nervous energy, jumpy and impulsive. He loves being a Superhero and thinks throwing off sparks is a total gas. He is a good-natured, partying, wiseguy, urban roughneck. He has one weakness.... the Mutant X named Emma for whom is is crazy about.

Emma Desalvo (aka Rapport): She is a telepathic, capable of creating a psychic link with any other living thing, sensing empathetically the feelings of others, as well as plant suggestions in humans that affect and direct their behavior. She is beautiful, charming and saucily sexy with a wisdom beyond her years. She can also manipulate the way others feel. She is a sunny, happy young woman with a sense of mischief and prankish nature. Her psychic powers have also given her too much information at times…which sometimes terrifies her but also makes her a strong survivor in the team.

Jesse Kilmartin (aka Synergy): A very complex guy. Son of a self-made millionaire. He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is a lonely guy who has gone though life unloved and uncared for. He is cautious and defensive. Jesse can literally split his body into three triplicates, each representing a different aspect of his personality. He wants to use his powers to help others in need. He can be aggressive, charming, sensitive and is also able to take on the physical appearance of anyone around him.

The breakdown for the show also mentions that it is "strike proof" making reference to the planned SAG strike. The show is filming in Canada and actors will be required to sign a 5 year option under the Canadian ACTRA union agreement. Casting is expected to be completed in March. Actors are then required to train until the filming start in June."

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