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Mutant X Multimedia : A Virtual Tour of the Mutant Xverse & Technology

The Virtual Mutant Xverse Tour

The sets of season 1 were designed by Rocco Matteo; seasons 2-3 by John Blackie. To admire their handiwork, take a virtual ride on the Double Helix through the world of Mutant X!

Mutant X Set Locations

R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant (Genomex headquarters) | Downsview Park Studios | The Wilson North Bus Terminal | Skywalk Escalator between Rogers Center and Toronto's Union Station ("Shock of the New" finale) | Boyd Conservation Area ("Whose Woods These Are") | National Water Research Institute ("At Destiny's End") | The Ontario Science Centre | The Gardiner Expressway near Cherry Street studios | The Scarborough Bluffs | The Old Don Jail | The Ontario Place Cinesphere | Guild Inn and Park

Sanctuary is Mutant X's secret headquarters, which Adam built inside Stormking Mountain. It is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems designed by Adam and reinforced by Jesse's girlfriend, the expert computer hacker Toni Quintana. More about Sanctuary is here.

Exterior Stormking Mountain | Hangar | Landing bay | 1960's woods above Sanctuary

Season 1 Interior Front entrance | Adam's lab | Back staircase | Main computer | Training dojo | Garden | Reflecting pool | Bedroom hallway | Emma's bedroom | Brennan's bedroom | Dining table | Second floor benches

Seasons 2-3 Interior Layout design blue prints | Hangar | Laboratory | Media center | Ready room | Bedroom blueprints | Emma's bedroom | Shalimar's bedroom | Lexa's bedroom | Jesse's bedroom | Brennan's bedroom | Nikki's bedroom | Shower | Tanning bed

Genomex is the government research facility which is actually a branch of U.S. intelligence. The Canadian R.C. Harris water plant building used to film Genomex headquarters is also used as The Center in the television series "The Pretender," and in some episodes of the television show "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal." Websites with pictures of R.C. Harris plant:,, and More about Genomex is here.

Exterior Arial view | Lakeside buildings | Main building | Roof | 1960's version

Interior Archives section | Mason Eckhart's office | Mason's sterilization unit | Global television screen | Interrogation room | Dr. Richard Saunder's lab | Dr. Ken Harrison's lab | Hallway | Stasis pods | Section 9 | Re-Education Room

The Dominion
Headed by the ancient geneticist, The Creator, The Dominion is the powerful shadowy organization which aims to monitor and control worldwide technological advances--especially in the field of genetics.

Exterior External view

Interior Dominion Council's boardroom | The Creator's laboratory | Holding cells | Torture room

The Mutant Xverse
The world of Mutant X seems to hold an overabundance of nightclubs, research facilities, and abandoned warehouses.

Recreation: Bars and Malls
Emma and Brennan's nightclub | The Skycourse | Donna Morse's nightclub | The Data Dive | Brennan and Jesse's underpass | The Red Bar | Emma and Shalimar's Skywalk mall | Jasper's Coffee Bar | The Gallery of Games | WXTY television station | Web Fusi@n | Crandall Park | Lakeshore Park | Tyler Ryan's beach | Mother's Milk Bar | Mulligan's Tavern | Narrow's Wake | Cirque des Merveilles

Hideouts: The mutant underground and hidden lairs
Ruby Bishop's bookstore | Allison Turner's safehouse | The Benedicts' house | Drexel power plant | Nichols Air Force Base | Angel Dorn's father's West Haven engine plant | Alice Robson's apartment | Lincoln Salvage | Matty Conlan's warehouse | Neil's safehouse | Macklin Exporting | The Museum of Antiquities | The Strand's Headquarters and Gabriel Ashlocke's headquarters | Michael Ward's Cave | Amanda Terry's apartment | Dr. Wolf's Warehouse | Stephan Bailey's Q14 Warehouse | Becky Dolan's apartment | Chadway Insurance | Noel's headquarters | The Tribunal's chambers | Abandoned factory, warehouse, and garage | The Protocanth's cave | MacArthur Electric |Summit Ridge Airport

Science: Research facilities and hospitals
Tricorp Botanicals | Nexxogen | Twin Creeks Newport nuclear facility | Ellison Psychiatric Hospital parking lot | Veteran's Hospital Psych Ward | The Morgue | Chemical Plant | OMDI Chemical Plant | Hillview State Penitentiary | Dr. Louise Koby's freighter | Naxcon Corp | Fort Perry | Dark Waters Psychiatric Prison | St. Pastor's Hospital | Broder Biochem | Loire Industries | Dr. Denise Saunders' office | Jesse's Gadgets Guide

Other locations
Egypt | Hickman & Wrightson Securities Agency | Dombey & Sons Securities | Gabriel Ashlocke's 1960's house | Mutant X's trailer | Patricia's power station | Edgarstown & City Council Hall | Convention Center | Department of Defense | Kovakistan Liberation Army camp | Senator Morrison's office |Claudia Manfred's apartment | Raymond's Courthouse | Raymond's jailcell | Motorola | Billy Larkin's factory | Benjamin McTeague's office | Crowter's Prison

*The pictures used here are from The Official Site, Film Folks, MX French Fan Team, MXL:OS, Roach's Realm, princessbryn, and jesse_connors.

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