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Alexander, Megan

Megan Alexander -- Played by Jocelyn Snowdon

Megan Alexander.

First Appearance: "Presumed Guilty."

Quote: Megan: "The guy's name is Adam. And you're gonna listen to what he has to say."
Marc: "This is a waste of time."
Megan: "No it's not! My mother told me all about him. He can help you. Mutant X is for real."

Details: Megan trusted Adam Kane because he had once known her mother. She and her psionic boyfriend, Marc Griffin, were arguing about whether to enter the New Mutant Underground when he accidentally knocked her off the pier to her death upon the concrete basement below. Megan was killed instantly. When Adam arrived, a grief-stricken Marc absorbed his memories and accused him of murdering Megan. Psionically taking on Megan's appearance, Emma DeLauro persuaded Marc to restore Adam's memories by reminding him of his love for his girlfriend.

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