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Alvarez, Lucinda

Lucinda Alvarez -- Played by Amanda Martínez

Lucinda Alvarez.

First Appearance: "Understudy."

Quote: Lucinda: "Turn that damn thing off!"
Dylan: "What do you want from them? They've gotta keep the machinery tuned."
Lucinda: "The bikes are fine. Twelve hours from now, they can blow their brains out on them. For now, we sit tight!"

Details: Thieves Lucinda Alvarez and Dylan Carter were hired by German weapons dealer Jergen Bardo to steal a particle decelerator from Walderson Industries. Though they were able to obtain the decelerator, Mutant X was made aware of the break-in, and tracked them down with the help of the feral Nikki Rogers. Nikki then murdered Lucinda to obtain the particle decelerator for her own purposes.

Trivia: Where is Lucinda's hideout actually located? When Nikki threatens Dylan, he tells her it's an abandoned warehouse on the east side. But when Brennan asks her, Nikki tells the team it's an abandoned factory on the east side. Later on, Adam tells Brennan it's an abandoned warehouse on the west side, owned by Lucinda's ex-husband.

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