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First Appearance: "Deadly Desire."

Details: Developed by government scientist Dr. Tork, anomite was a computer virus capable of infecting and destroying any online computer system...including Sanctuary's advanced security system. GS agent Vance Halloran made arrangements to buy the anomite from Dr. Tork, but it was stolen during the transaction by feral Lorna Templeton and her gang of thieves. She then attempted to sell the anomite to Mason Eckhart, with the help of the artificially besotted Brennan Mulwray. Mutant X were able to retrieve both Brennan and the anomite before the deal could go through, and Adam Kane disposed of the anomite.

Emma: "What's anomite?"
Adam: "Where are you reading?"
Emma: "Something about the GSA arranging to acquire a stolen supply of anomite. Uh-oh, that's your serious look."
Adam: "Yeah, try very serious. Imagine Eckhart with the ability to render the most sophisticated cyber security system completely ineffective."
Emma: "Even ours?"
Adam: "Yeah, well, anomite's a virus. It can be introduced into any connected computer. If he gets his hands on it, he'd have the ability to compromise any safeguard I could come up with."

Trivia & Nitpicks: In real life, anomite is not a computer virus, but a rare type of biotite, a subgroup of the mica minerals.

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