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01 January 2016 @ 12:05 am
Arrigo, Dr. Vincent  

Dr. Vincent Arrigo -- Played by Ron Lea

Dr. Vincent Arrigo.

First Appearance: "The Breed."

Quote: Dr. Arrigo: "This discovery could change the face of war. It would make this country invincible."
Lexa: "What, by infecting people in someone else's country?"
Dr. Arrigo: "Just think of all the lives we could save here!"
Lexa: "Why don't you think of the people you've killed today?"

Details: Scientist Dr. Vincent Arrigo was the director of gene therapy at Genomex until its collapse. Adam Kane pulled strings to get him reassigned to a military bioresearch station at Fort Perry, where Dr. Arrigo developed a parasite which could act as a biological weapon by controlling human hosts. He injected his assistant Rachel Morton with the parasite to test it, but she escaped containment and infected most of the compound. Dr. Arrigo called Mutant X for help in creating a cure. Once Lexa Pierce discovered the truth about Rachel's death, Dr. Arrigo was ready to kill her too. Fortunately, Rachel's brother Peter shot him in the nick of time.

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