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Assault, The

Mutant X Episode Synopses

The Assault: Episode #322

Tag: The team uncovers many of the mysteries surrounding Mutant X after the Dominion captures Lexa and Jesse. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew Written by Peter Mohan; Directed by Andrew Potter
George Buza....Lexa's Dominion Contact
Chad Camilleri....Scientist
Kevin Hare....Adam's Double
Arlene Mazerolle....Dominique
Don Ritchie....Council Member
Jeff Seymour....Council Head

Official Synopsis: At Sanctuary, Lexa’s (Karen Cliche) Dominion contact informs her that before Adam Kane died, he was working to find a way of preventing the Mutant X teams’ powers from being life threatening. He insists that Adam knew the date that each of the team members unstable genetic structures would cause them to self-destruct, and that Jesse’s (Forbes March) expiration date passed two weeks earlier. Since Jesse survived, the Dominion contact knows that Adam had found a cure and orders Lexa to bring Jesse in so they can run a battery of tests on him. As Lexa downloads all of Adam’s research files, Jesse enters. Lexa removes the disk and hurries out. Seeing her comlink ring on the desk, Jesse decides to find out what she was up to. Meanwhile, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) are playing pool in a bar when the attraction between them becomes too great to ignore. As they move in for a long anticipated kiss, Jesse calls and urges them to return to Sanctuary. There, Jesse reveals that Lexa accessed Adam’s private files that contain research on their genetic structure. He reveals that the Dominion sent Lexa information that shows his mutant powers should have caused him to die two weeks earlier, but one of Adam’s experiments prevented it. Thinking this all has something to do with the “Creator” they were recently warned about, Jesse decides to track Lexa via satellite. Across town, Lexa walks up to her Dominion contact’s car and hands him the disk with Adam’s files. Since she didn’t deliver Jesse, three Dominion operatives wearing strange suits attempt to take her instead. Lexa shoots lasers at them, but the suits reflect the blasts. Just then, Brennan and Shalimar arrive, but when they attack the operatives, they discover their powers are useless as well. Brennan and Shalimar dive for cover as an operative inserts a sub-dermal governor into Lexa’s neck, halting all her powers. She is then handcuffed and taken away. When Lexa is brought to see the Council Head (Jeff Seymour), he tells her that Mutant X is part of an ongoing Dominion experiment. He says the Dominion was created to direct the shape of scientific evolution, but they soon realized they could control human evolution as well. Believing Adam may have fixed her genetic structure, he orders her to be tested. As Lexa is lead by a guard down a corridor, she breaks free and takes him out. She races to a lab and uses a computer to download a virus from Sanctuary. As she types, she looks into the camera mounted on the computer and begins speaking. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Brennan tells Shalimar he’s been reviewing Adam’s files for some proof that the rest of the team is cured as well, but has been unable to confirm which experiment worked on Jesse. Recalling the prophecy of the Seer mutant who recently warned them that a member of Mutant X would fall, Brennan and Shalimar embrace and soon begin undressing each other. Later, when they meet up with Jesse, he immediately notices the new connection between them. Believing Adam may have some answers, Jesse traces his calls to an old air traffic tower. At the Dominion, Lexa is about to enter the Creator’s lair when she is hit in the neck with a hypodermic dart and falls unconscious. She awakens in a cell and is informed by the Council Head that her genetic structure isn’t fixed and they’re now going after Adam. Meanwhile, Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse arrive at the air tower and find Adam working with a holographic image of a DNA strand. He’s shocked to hear that Jesse has passed the date of his death, but admits he doesn’t know which experiment worked. Suddenly, two Dominion helicopters appear outside and seconds later, a team of operatives burst in. As Adam leads Mutant X out a back door, Jesse masses out to give them more time. The operatives hit Jesse with missiles, which penetrate his massed out form and as he falls to the ground in pain, he’s administered a sub-dermal governor. Later, Lexa is in her cell when her contact enters and demands the access code to Sanctuary. When she refuses, Jesse is brought in, strapped to a torture device, and hit with a powerful current of electricity. Not wanting him to suffer, Lexa reveals the codes and Jesse is placed in the cell next to hers. As the Dominion men leave, Lexa informs Jesse that she downloaded a virus into the Dominion’s system, which will shut down the entire operation, including the sub-dermal governors by the time they realize she gave them fake codes. At Sanctuary, Adam sees the video message Lexa sent from the Dominion on the computer screen. When she says she’s going after the Creator, Adam reveals to Brennan and Shalimar that he is a mythical figure rumored to have been leading the Dominion since the 1800’s. As Adam traces Lexa’s call, Sanctuary’s alarm systems sound and the surveillance camera shows Dominion operatives preparing to blast open the doors. Adam heads for the Helix as Brennan and Shalimar go after the operatives. Taking on the intruders, Brennan and Shalimar once again find their powers are useless. They flee across a catwalk just as an operative fires a missile which knocks Shalimar over the rail. Brennan summons all of his energy into a tower of electricity, which throws the operatives to the ground. The two then race for the Helix and Brennan thrusts the ship out of Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Lexa’s Dominion contact confronts her about giving them false codes to Sanctuary. To Lexa’s surprise, he then reveals that years earlier she was a rival agent of his being controlled by an implant and is the one responsible for him losing his legs. He reassures her that she’s not to blame and that he was actually very instrumental in bringing her into the Dominion, but can no longer help her. Moments later, a scientist and two operatives enter with a syringe in hand and move towards Lexa. Just then, the virus Lexa downloaded infiltrates the computer system and all of the alarms sound. With the sub-dermal governors now powerless, Jesse quickly phases into Lexa’s cell and shields her from the guards. Lexa takes out one of the men with a laser beam. As the scientist and remaining operative close in, they are suddenly shot from behind by Lexa’s Dominion contact, who then informs Lexa that she is now on her own, but that they will meet again. Arriving at the Dominion, Adam places a bomb in the Helix that can be activated remotely if they need a distraction. Using her feral senses, Shalimar leads them to Lexa and Jesse, who are approaching the Creator’s lair. Entering the dark room, the team sees the Creator’s (John Shea) silhouette. He smugly tells them that early in his life he realized humans evolve in uncontrolled ways. Knowing that he had the scientific knowledge to alter genetics, he cloned himself so he could continue his research indefinitely. The Creator then leans forward and the team is stunned to see he is an ancient version of Adam. He claims that every aspect of Adam’s life -- from who his parents were to what he studied -- was under his control. A hologram of the DNA strand Adam was working on earlier appears and Adam soon understands the Creator has what he’s been looking for his whole life. As Adam moves closer, the Creator musters up a force field around Adam and himself separating them from the Mutant X team. Just then, the Council Head arrives and as two guards take Adam and the Creator out of the room, two more open fire on the team. Acting quickly, Adam detonates the bomb inside the Helix, distracting the Dominion and buying the team some time. The explosion starts a chain reaction and the building begins to collapse. Realizing they must get out, Brennan, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa leave Adam and race to escape the crumbling structure.

Lexa: Uh-oh. I know that look. Who died?
The Voice: Before he disappeared, Adam Kane was working on secret research into the problem of genetic instability, your shortened lifespan.
Lexa: Ah. You mean our death sentence.
The Voice: According to his reports at the time he disappeared, he still hadn't solved the problem.
Lexa: Okay, what does that have to do with anything now?
The Voice: He lied. Not just about his death--and yes, we know about your recent contact with Adam. I'm sending you a dossier. Adam was able to assess, with great precision, an expiry date if you will, for each mutant. A time when their unstable genetic structure would cause them to self-destruct.
Lexa: What does that have to do with us?
The Voice: Jesse Kilmartin passed his expiry date two weeks ago.
Lexa: Does that mean he's cured?
The Voice: So it would seem. The delivery of Kilmartin will be your final assignment with Mutant X.
Lexa: What? So your people can dissect him like some kind of lab rat? No way!
The Voice: His life is a small price to pay to save all other mutants, including you and the rest of Mutant X.
Lexa: So what if I don't let you kill him?
The Voice: You can choose, Lexa. Lose one member of Mutant X or the whole team. You will deliver Jesse in one hour.

Jesse: You're playing a dangerous game, Lexa. All work and no play could make even you a dull girl. You okay?
Lexa: Yeah, just doing a little research. Um. Hey, I just wanted to say...what happened back there at the circus--
Jesse: Don't worry about it. A kiss is just a kiss right?
Lexa: Yeah.
Jesse: Just wanted to help.
Lexa: Well, good. Glad we understand each other.

Shalimar: This is nice. Being here like this, just us. I can almost forget about Genomex, The Dominion.
Brennan: Hm. Well, this night isn't about forgetting. This night is about making memories.
Shalimar: Why does it feel like we are always on the edge of something and never quite there?
Bernnan: I don't know. Maybe we think if we go there, there may not be any going back.
Shalimar: Would going there be such a bad thing?
Brennan: We can go wherever you want.
Shalimar: Where you wanna be?
Jesse: Brennan, Shalimar. Where are you guys?
Brennan: Dude! This is like the worst possible moment!
Shalimar: Can this wait?
Jesse: No, this is serious. Look, I need you back at Sanctuary. On the double.
Brennan: No...
Shalimar: We'll be right there. Looks like fate speaks loud and clear.
Brennan: No. Screw fate. This conversation has just begun.

Jesse: When I came in earlier, Lexa was doing something she didn't want me to see. Now maybe I shouldn't have, but I tracked her activity log.
Brennan: So what was she doing? Raiding your MP3 collection?
Jesse: No. She was accesssing some of Adam's private files. Files I didn't even know existed.
Brennan: Which files?
Jesse: His research on the instability of our genetic structure.
Shalimar: So what? It's not like he ever solved that problem anyway.
Jesse: Well, that may not be true. See, The Dominion also sent her some information. It's about me. I'm supposed to already be dead.
Shalimar: You're looking pretty good for a dead guy.
Jesse: Look, I'm serious. I just dodged the biggest bullet there is. The whole time we were with Adam, he was experimenting on us. Something he did worked, 'cause I'm cured.
Brennan: That's great, what about the rest of us?
Jesse: I don't know. It didn't say anything.
Shalimar: That's comforting.
Brennan: The next question is, what's Lexa doing accessing those files?
Shalimar: It might have something to do with The Creator, that guy she warned us about.
Brennan: The last thing Lexa should be doing is sharing information with The Dominion, especially behind our backs.
Jesse: Look, she wouldn't do anything to hurt us.
Brennan: Jess, even if she thinks she's doing the right thing, that information that she has can be used against us.
Shalimar: Yeah, and Adam. Look, she might be in trouble. We need to find her. Can you get a fix on her comlink?
Jesse: [holds Lexa's ring up] As soon as I saw it, I started tracking the sitecam surveillance system.
Shalimar: She's heading for the city.
Jesse: Yeah.
Shalimar: She's meeting someone. We don't have a lot of time.
Brennan: Okay, let's go. You stay here.
Jesse: No, no, no. I'm in this.
Brennan: Yeah, you're all over this, buddy, from here. They're after your genetic structure; I'm not gonna deliver you up to them.
Shalimar: We'll find her.

The Voice: I don't see Mr. Kilmartin.
Lexa: You don't need him. Here. I brought you everything I could find of Adam's research.
The Voice: That wasn't the arrangement.
Lexa: I'm not giving him up. That's the arrangement. He is not going to dies so The Dominion can control another one of your damn secrets.

Jesse: I should've been there.
Brennan: Why? Those guys had power-proof suits. It wouldn't have made any difference.
Shalimar: Besides, they may have tried to take you too.
Brennan: Yeah. Typical Lexa, isn't it? Don't ask anybody for help, don't tell anybody where you're going...
Shalimar: You know, I just don't understand why she'd give them the information in the first place.
Jesse: Look, the important thing is that we find her. We can ask questions later.
Brennan: Well, unless you saved the return address on the Dominion Christmas cards, it's gonna be a little harder than it seems.
Shalimar: Jess, do you think you can find Adam? I mean, they're after his information, right? That's why she met them, that's why they took her. He's the only one who knows how it connects. Besides, I want to know how you passed your expiry date.

Shalimar: You're looking at our medical files. You wanna know if we got the same treatments Jesse did?
Brennan: Yeah. Well, it's impossible to tell. He did so many procedures on all of us.
SHalimar: Well, we all knew that this was hanging over us, right? Guess I'd just hoped it wouldn't come back to haunt us 'til we were old and grey. But knowing that Jesse's already passed his expiry date kinda changes all that, doesn't it?
Brennan: Yeah. There's something else on your mind, isn't there?
Shalimar: Remember that precog that was working with The Links?
Brennan: Yeah.
Shalimar: He gave me a prophecy. He said one of us will fall.
Brennan: C'mon. You can't put too much faith in that. His prophecies were all so obscure, you never knew when or where it might happen. We're not gonna sit under a cloud and wait for it to happen, right?
Shalimar: You know, Brennan, if we are dying, I don't want to go withough finishing what we started.
Brennan: Yeah, me too.
Shalimar: Do you think you remember where we left off?
Brennan: I think you could probably refresh my memory.

Jesse: All right. I've eliminated all but one of the possibilities for Adam's location. See, all the others were just--okay, what's different about you two?
Shalimar: What? Nothing.
Brennan: Yeah...what were you saying about Adam's location?

Council Head: Miss Pierce, we are disappointed that you have chosen to side with Mutant X in the current matter.
Lexa: The current matter here is Jesse Kilmartin's life.
Dominique: Which is part of an experiment we brought into being.
Council Head: Some of the consequences of the Genomex project were unforseen.
Dominique: Some were unfortunate.
Lexa: Is that what you call destroying a thousand lives?
Dominique: Overall, the experiment has gone a long way to accomplishing our objectives.
Lexa: Which are?
Council Head: This organization was formed to direct the shape of scientific evolution. Over time, we realized we had a greater responsibility. To direct human physical evolution as well.
Lexa: Tell me, where do you freaks draw the line, huh? Racial cleansing?
Dominique: You see only the tip of the iceburg of what we do.
Lexa: Oh, that's right. I'm just one of the little lab rats.
Council Head: You make a good point. It's good you made yourself available to us. Adam might have worked on your genes as well.
Dominique: I'm going to order up a series of tests on Miss Pierce's DNA.
Council Head: Thank you, Dominique.
Lexa: Tell me, what if Adam didn't work on me, huh? Gonna go after the rest of Mutant X as well?
Council Head: If Adam didn't adjust your genetic code, you should worry for yourself. According to our records, your expiry date is rapidly approaching.

Lexa: You know, for an outfit bent on world domination, you really don't know the first thing about security.
Guard: How's that?
Lexa: You actually thought a subdermal governor was going to make me harmless?

Council Head: Did you really think one person could take down our whole organization?
Lexa: Well, another few seconds, I'd have had a pretty good shot.
Council Head: I have to assume you're working for Adam.
Lexa: I'm not working for anyone. I'm actually doing this as some kind of public service.
Council Head: What did you want with The Creator?
Lexa: Oh, I was thinking an evening of candlelight, wine, world domination.
Council Head: Seems that we're gonna have to acquire Mr. Kilmartin and Adam Kane of our own methods. Unfortunately, their chances of arriving intact are limited.
Lexa: Wait a minute. You said you could experiment on me.
Council Head: Sorry, Miss Pierce. Our findings show that your genetic structure hasn't been fixed. So you're of little use. But if you help us find Adam Kane, what time you have left will be spent more comfortably.
Lexa: Well, I'd be a lot more comfortable with my foot down your throat.

Adam: All right, what's going on?
Brennan: Lexa was taken. It might have something to do with Jesse's living past his drop-dead date.
Jesse: Why didn't you tell me you knew the actual date I was going to die?
Adam: Would it have helped? I'm doing everything I can to keep you alive.
Brennan: Well, you could've told us you solved it!
Adam: Well, until this moment, I wasn't sure I had.
Brennan: Now, what about the rest of us?
Adam: Well, it's gonna take some testing to figure out which manipulation of the DNA stabilized it.
Brennan: No. No more tests, no more experiments. We're tired of being poked and prodded.
Shalimar: C'mon, Adam, we can't live like this anymore.
Adam: All right. Look, I understand, but I'm not gonna start throwing out guesses.
Shalimar: You don't understand how any of us feel!
Jesse: Look. The Dominion's after the same information, that's why they took Lexa. Maybe we can use that information to barter her back.
Adam: No. No.
Jesse: No?! Adam, we're not just gonna abandon her! Who gets hurt if they know how to help people?
Adam: They're not gonna help people. This is about total manipulation. This is about giving The Dominion everything they would need to create human beings made to order and extend their lives indefinitely. This is about the end of the human race!
Jesse: This is also about the end of Lexa!

Shalimar: Why did he stop?
Brennan: Did what any of us would do. He gave himself up so we'd have a chance to get away.
Shalimar: Well, we have to go back. There might still be a trail we can follow.
Adam: No, they won't leave one.
Shalimar: So what do you want to do, write him off?
Adam: Is that what you think I'm about? After all we've been through, I'd just give up on Jesse? No. We're gonna get him. But we're gonna get him in the last way they'd expect. We're going into the Dominion's headquarters.

The Voice: Sanctuary. I need to know the access codes.
Lexa: You should know me better than that. Nothin's gonna make me talk.
The Voice: That was before. Unfortunately, you've allowed yourself to become weak.
Lexa: Have I? Bring it on. [Jesse's brought in] Oh my god.
The Voice: He's going to die, Lexa. It can be relatively painless, or it can be very painful. The choice is yours now.

Jesse: You realize they're gonna figure out those codes are bogus in about, oh, 20 minutes?
Lexa: Well, maybe by then we'll have a few more surprises for them. I downloaded a core killer virus into the Dominion's system. Any minute now, every computer controlled system in this building should freak out, including these subdermal governors.
Jesse: Should freak out? You do realize that our lives are depending on this?
Lexa: Do you have a better plan?
Jesse: Why did you come here?
Lexa: They said they'd kill all of Mutant X if I didn't deliver you up. So I figured I'd give them some of Adam's research you know, just to get them off our backs. Once I was in here, I realized the only way out would be to get to their boss, this guy they call The Creator. I was this close.
Jesse: This was a suicide mission to begin with. You should've told me.
Lexa: Now would you have let me go, really?
Jesse: I don't know. But you should have trusted me enough to have the conversation.
Lexa: Well, I promise. The next time someone's trying to kill us, you'll be the first to know.

Lexa: If you got this far, you know where I am and what I've done. And this is what I'm going to do. I'm taking the fight to them. I'm going after The Creator. I wasn't able to save my brother, but I am not going to let them take you. If this doesn't work, don't look for me. Just run far, run fast.
Shalimar: She can't do this alone.
Brennan: Who the hell is this Creator guy?
Adam: Well, he's a mythical figure. I mean, some say that he's been secretly running the Dominion since the 1800's.
Shalimar: That's impossible.
Adam: I know, but look, how can the word impossible have any meaning to any of us? Whatever he is, he's their heart. He's their soul. His principles dictate their actions.

Jesse: Something I want you to know.
Lexa: This isn't going to make me cry, is it?
Jesse: No. But if I die without saying this--
Lexa: See? There you go. And me without my hankerchief, I tell you.
Jesse: You know, every time I try to talk to you straight up, you turn it into a joke.
Lexa: Jess, I know how you feel. You're not exactly a closed book, that's why.
Jesse: Oh, okay. Yeah, so just forget I said anything.
Lexa: Jess, I care about you too. And we are not going to die. We are walking out of here, and I tell you, when we do, we are gonna take this whole damn place down around their ears.

The Voice: I just wanted you to know, I'm not happy about the way things turned out, Lexa.
Lexa: I thought you were the one who was supposed to stay away from personal feelings.
The Voice: I guess no one's immune.
Lexa: You can stop this, you know.
The Voice: It's out of my hands.
Lexa: I guess the ends don't matter if you're all about doing the easy thing.
The Voice: The easy thing would have been to kill the rival agent who took my legs. Instead I took into account the fact that her mind was being controlled by an implant and worked to bring her into this organization.
Lexa: You're lying.
The Voice: I never blamed you, Lexa. I've given up much for this organization and for you. I won't do that anymore.
Jesse: Okay, now can I worry?
Lexa: Yeah, maybe a little.

The Voice: I guess doing the easy thing will have to wait for another day. You're on your own now, Lexa. I have to be far away from here.
Lexa: Hey, wait a minute. You know, I just realized... I never knew your name.
The Voice: Let's not spoil a good thing. We'll meet again.

The Creator: Part of the price we pay for chasing immortality. I think of how hard I try to get you here. Now here you are. You've delivered yourself.
Adam: I'm harder to kill this way.
The Creator: No, no, no. Believe me, no one intended to kill you. We're trying to deliver you to your destiny.
Adam: And what would you know about that?
The Creator: I've shaped every facet of your life. Everything you've studied, everywhere you've worked, everyone you've worked with.
Adam: I don't believe you.
The Creator: The human race is an imperfect thing, Adam. Weak creatures evolving randomly in an uncontrolled way without any order at all. But I knew we could do better. But I was running out of time, you see. That's why I cloned myself. I've spent 160 years working on this project alone, but I needed help.
Adam: I had parents!
The Creator: Michael, Kara. Loyal employees. And just when I was ready to call you and let you take the next step, you disappeared. Now you know the past. But from here, we create the future.
Brennan: Adam, we've gotta get out of here.
Adam: We've got to take him with us. He's got what I've been working toward my whole life.
Shalimar: He's lying to you, Adam! You don't need him.
Jesse: Adam, watch out! [a force-field divides them]
Council Head: Kill them. Get The Creator and Kane to safety.
Adam: Jesse! [he blows up the Double Helix] Go, run! Hurry!

Jesse: Where the hell do we go now?
Lexa: We need to find Adam. I mean, everybody here except Jesse's living under a death sentence.
Shalimar: Yeah, but Sanctuary's gone, the Helix is gone, the Dominion w--
Brennan: No, no, they think they've won. It's not over yet.
Jesse: It will be if we don't move. C'mon.

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode was disappointing on many levels, most notably the Shalimar/Brennan quickie, the inexplicably out of context 'plot twist' in the form of The Creator, and the unexpected cliffhanger which would end the series.

This is the first time Jesse masses objects outside of himself.

This is the first time we see geneticist Dominique since "Wages of Sin."

Adam had calculations of the expiry dates for the new mutants to the day of their death.

Adam was raised by Mike and Kara, employees of The Creator.

The Creator directed all the events of Adam's life from behind-the-scenes.

As Lina has pointed out, the helicopter shot at the beginning of this episode is the same as the one in “No Exit.”

It really is too bad that the GSA never developed mutant-resistant suits like the invaders from The Dominion. That would have been smart.

We've known since "I Scream the Body Electric" that comlink rings are keyed to the user's particular DNA strand. In previous episodes, the ring's owner had to be wearing the ring (or, as in the case of Adam in "Presumed Guilty," at least the owner's blood) in order for it to turn on. Why, then, after Lexa abandons her ring in Sanctuary does it turn on when Jesse touches it?

Brennan: "Typical Lexa. Don't ask for help, don't tell anyone where you're going..." Brennan, it seems, has forgotten all about his own conduct in "The Grift" and "Divided Loyalties."

The room in which Shalimar and Brennan make love suspiciously resembles Mason's office from the first season.

In "I Scream the Body Electric," Mason Eckhart explains that subdermal governors connect to a new mutant's DNA, so that when he uses his abilities without the controller's permission, he experiences debilitating pain. Brennan demostrates that he can form a tesla coil with his governor in place, but soon collapses with abdominal pain. Thorne later explains that the second feature of the subdermal governor is that the controller can turn it on and off at will. In Season 3's "The Assault," however, when Lexa Pierce attempts to produce a laser after being fitted with a subdermal governor, she is clearly not in any pain. She is simply blocked from using her abilities. Perhaps The Dominion has developed a newer version of the original Genomex governors created by Adam Kane.

The above might also explain the fact that although this represents the third frickin' time Jesse has received a subdermal governor (fourth if you count the Genomex abduction Jesse refers to in "In Between"), he is still unable to deactivate this one himself...though Adam clearly showed him which part to press to turn them off in "Russian Roulette."

It is so easy for Jesse to track Adam down that you would think The Dominion, with all of its resources, could have accomplished it much sooner. For all his high-tech knowledge, you would imagine that Adam would have developed a means of deflecting a simple thermal scanner. Thicker walls, for instance.

Adam claims that he did not know that his research in prolonging Jesse's lifespan had been successful until the moment Mutant X informed him of it. This can't possibly be true, since he was the one who had calculated Jesse's expiry date in the first place, and Mutant X did not contact him until two weeks later. Seeing that Jesse lived even the day afterwards should have been sufficient indication that something had worked.

In "Wages of Sin," Jesse found that Dominique had already discovered how to stabilize new mutant DNA. If she was indeed working for The Dominion, then why was it necessary that Lexa bring Jesse to The Dominion for study after he passed his expiry date?

Also, why does The Dominion need Lexa to give them Sanctuary's access codes? They have been closely monitoring Mutant X months, not to mention completely funding the maintenance of Sanctuary since the beginning of the season. Plus, they helped build the place (and thus should know about that underground cave Jesse discovered in "The Future Revealed"). How can they not know the access codes already?

Lexa: "You know, for an organization bent on world domination, you sure don't know the first thing about security." No kidding. Why does Lexa have only one guard, and why is he unskilled in martial arts? Lexa strolls in and downloads her virus with a keystroke; why aren't the main computers locked down when there is no one in the computer lab? Why are there no security cameras in Jesse and Lexa's holding cells to watch them, since they are indeed next to one another and capable of speaking? And why aren't the walls of their cells molecular-proof?

Thanks to the hair, the clothing, and the voice, The Creator looks like something from a really bad B horror film. Wouldn't someone who needed to give himself daily injections cut his nails once in a while, or at least wash his hands?

Speaking of which, now we know why The Dominion wasn't so keen on shutting down Burns's de-aging serum research in "The Age of Innocence."

The Dominion murdered Michael Hayes in "Divided Loyalties" and Tony LaPorta in "Cirque des Merveilles" in order to keep Adam from learning information about The Creator. But if The Creator was merely looking to find Adam so that he could continue his genetic research, what was the big secret they were killing to protect?

What is the logic behind Adam’s blowing up the Helix? Who plans to destroy the getaway car in the process of a rescue mission?

Jesse's DNA has supposedly been stabilized. Nonetheless, he appears to have experienced another growth spurt by the end of the episode, now having acquired the ability to mass other people by touch. Does that mean the fix on his DNA was only temporary?

The obscure prophecy John Bishop gives Shalimar in "The Prophecy" was: Four will begin / True love will call / One will betray / And one will fall. Perhaps this dreaded 'fall' was a reference to Shalimar's plummet from Sanctuary's catwalk at the beginning of the episode. Or her plummet from the circus's rafters in "Cirque des Merveilles." Let's face it, Shalimar plummets on a fairly regular basis; the prophecy could be referring to anything, really. The betrayer could be Lexa (betraying The Dominion), or Adam (betraying his team to fraternize with The Creator). And true love...well...this was probably supposed to be Brennan and Shalimar, but it could have meant Jesse and Lexa as well. In the end, we're really no closer to knowing what Bishop meant than we were to begin with.

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  • Voltage Detector

    Voltage Detector. First Appearance: " The Breed." Details: Jesse Kilmartin used this small device to determine the deadly amount of…

  • Walker, Paul

    Paul Walker Details: One of only four surviving molecular stealth mutants, Paul Walker was the first to inform Adam Kane of the true nature of…

  • Laser, Healing

    Healing Laser First Appearance: " Dark Star Rising." Details: This hand-held penlight emits a laser beam that can heal superficial wounds…

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